the hands on the pocket

The Prince by Elicia Donze. Drawn in PS. Please do not remove caption.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Will Smith circa 1991. Portrait is from the waist up. Will is standing with one hand in his pocket. He’s wearing a dark gray suit jacket with a silvery sheen over a black-and-white tropical leaf patterned button down shirt. Some of the leaf patterns are glowing yellow and red as if lit from within. His hair is styled in a high top fade, and he’s gazing at us with a soft smile. The background is a gradient from soft yellow to deep rose with a border of jagged yellow loops.]

(Based on the Anon prompt (that i accidently deleted) “People lie all the time. Cecil To Carlos)

Carlos tried desperately to get his “non” writing utensil to work again and groaned as the paper towel pushed further up into the straw. He loved night vale with all his heart, but their ban on writing utensils did not make his note taking easy by any means.

He glanced around and when he felt fairly confident his hand would be blocked from any surveillance that was most certainly going on, he turned slightly to the right and slipped his hand into his bag. He dug for a few minutes trying to make his other hand busy to make it seem as though he wasn’t doing anything else.

His lips twitched into a smile as he felt the pen with his finger tips and he pulled it out in a fluid gesture slipping it into his coat pocket before using the searching hand to scratch his stubbled jawline.

He glanced around again Cautiously. After a solid two minutes of not having his home raided and being dragged off to reeducation he pulled the pen out and held it against the makeshift straw soy sauce pen in his hand so it could be seen, but not the pen. He grinned triumphantly and began to take notes.

He was almost done with a full page when he heard the front door fly open. He jumped and in trying to slip the pen into his coat he fell to the floor.


Cecils voice filled Carlos with relief and he sighed rubbing the back of his head as he sat up.

“Quierdo, you scared me.”

He started to pull himself back up but cecil’s hands found him first pulling him into a too tight hug.

“Woah! Cecil please let go!”

Cecil let go immediately of course. He knew Carlos didn’t always feel like being touched, and he respected that. But right now, he obviously was scared for some reason.

“Oh Carlos I’m so sorry! You had me so worried!”

Cecil’s eyes were wide and he fidgeted with the end of his braid nervously.

“Worried, why did I have you worried?”

He touched Cecil’s fingertips and Cecil grasped his hand gratefully.

“You had a…”

His voice trailed off to an almost silent whisper.

“Writing utensil.”

Carlos furrowed his brow.

“You saw that?”

Cecil nodded fervently.

“I was just checking to make sure you were safe! I promise I don’t do it that much…”

Carlos chuckled and pulled Cecil into a hug.

“It’s ok honey, It’s sweet you check on me.”

Cecil relaxed a little at that.

“You can’t do that Carlos. you can’t break the laws.”

Carlos pulled away worried as well now,

“Are you going to turn me in?”

Cecils eyes went wide and he shook his head so hard Carlos was concerned he might hurt himself.

“No never! I’d never do that my dearest Carlos!”

Carlos smiled and looked down blushing a little.

“You’d lie for me?”

Cecil smiled and pulled Carlos’ head up to look Him in the eyes.

“People lie all the time. Especially in a place like Night Vale. But for you Carlos, I wouldn’t just lie. I’d do anything, even if that meant fighting a librarian!”

“And I love you Carlos. Even though you use…”

Carlos grinned.

“I love you Cecil.”

He whispered again.

“writing utensils.”

Carlos laughed and embraced his boyfriend again. He loved Night Vale, despite all its oddities. But he loved Cecil more than anything.

(Oh these boys are gonna kill me. I hope y'all like it!!)

I’m No Hero

A/N: Whoops this wasn’t requested just wrote it for fun! I live for Diana Prince, love of my life xx Requests are open and go check out my instagram @arrowguyxx so you can vote on plots, and keep updated on what I write. Love you all!

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You cheated on me|Shawn Mendes

“It’s not my fault you cheated on me.” You bit your lip in an attempt to ease the tears.

Shawn rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I never said it was-“

“But you made me feel like it was my fault, I didn’t deserve that Shawn. I loved you.”

He laughed bitterly, “you didn’t love me y/n.”

“I did, so much Shawn.”

“But you weren’t in love with me.” Shawn wasn’t angry anymore, he didn’t pass snarky remarks or give you dirty looks.

He had his hands in his pockets and looked to his feet, you could see the tear slip from his eye before he quickly rubbed it away, clearing his throat.

“What are you doing here y/n?”

You took a deep breath, placing your hands on your lap. Playing with the ring on your finger.

“I’m seeing someone.”

Shawn shook his head, taking in the information.

“I just wanted to you know. I’m happy now Shawn, you should be happy too. Move on.”

“What if I can’t?” Shawn’s heart was slowly breaking, it had been doing that for months.

The first time when you caught him kissing another girl, the look on your face was enough to shatter his soul.

The second time, when you ended things after yet another cheating incident. Though this one was intentional, he did it to prove a point. You loved him, but you weren’t in love with him.

And now, the third and final time. You’re letting him go. You’ve found someone who you love and who loves you back. That’s all Shawn’s ever wanted for you, he just wishes that he could’ve been enough.

Drabble #1



Prompt: Spencer and his father-in-law


You father and Spencer talking was one of the funniest thing ever. Even if you two were married for almost a year, Spencer was so scared of your father and you thought your dad found this funny too and he didn’t miss a chance to make your man more scared. In fact, while you sat down next to Spencer, he accidently lied his hand on your small back.

“Hey, even if she’s your wife now she is still my baby girl. Keep your hands in your pockets.”

Your father was kidding and even if he told Spencer he was, he couldn’t help but laugh at your husband’s scared face.

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Dancing with our hands tied

I, I loved you in secret

First sight, yeah

We love without reason

Oh, twenty-five years old

Oh, how were you to know?

—– who’s 25 years old atm? Karlie. She loved her in secret cause she couldn’t come out.

And my, my love had been frozen

Deep blue, but you painted me golden

Oh, and you held me close

Oh, how was I to know?

—— this you painted me golden thing I posted about it a few days ago (it could be referring to the tattoos they both had at Drake’s bday party)

I could’ve spent forever

With your hands in my pockets

Picture of your face in an invisible locket

You said there was nothing

In the world that could stop it

I had a bad feeling

——– invisible locket… Hmm… Karlie and Taylor both posted about a locket last year and the year before. Karlie wrote the caption “locked down”.

And darling

You had turned my bed into a sacred oasis

People started talking

Putting us through our paces

I knew there was no one in the world

Who could take it

I had a bad feeling

———- people started talking when Taylor and Karlie were caught kissing (kissgate)

But we were dancing

Dancing with our hands tied, hands tied

Yeah, we were dancing

Like it was the first time, first time

Yeah, we were dancing

Dancing with our hands tied, hands tied

Yeah, we were dancing

And I had a bad feeling

But we were dancing

—— but they kept dancing inspite of the fear that someone would publish videos about them dancing like that. And that happened.

I, I loved you in spite of

Deep-Fears that the world would divide us

So, baby, can we dance

Oh, through an avalanche?

—- wait a second here. I know what an avalanche is but what if she meant the quantity of snow that came down last year in New York? Remember all the traffic disasters and stuff cause there was too much snow?

And say, say that we got it

I’m a mess

But I’m the mess that you wanted

Oh, ‘cause it’s gravity

Oh, keeping you with me

——- this means that they were almost on the point of a breakup but they stayed together

[…] I’d kiss you as the lights went out

Swaying as the room burned down

I’d hold you as the water rushes in

If I could dance with you again

I’d kiss you as the lights went out

Swaying as the room burned down

I’d hold you as the water rushes in

If I could dance with you again

——- I like the fact that she uses conditional here “I COULD dance with you again, I WOULD hold you”… Meaning that she can’t do that (probably in public) but she really wants to. Nd why couldn’t do it with Joe…? It’s a public relationship now…. oh wait because people think Kaylor is over but bitch this is just the beginning. (Or the end of all the endings)

i was going through my pics and stumbled over a picture of baekhyun in jeans and….ohmygod. i say this all the time but he really looks the best in jeans. when he wears light coloured jeans and the make his thighs look extra thick or when he wears black jeans with a shirt tucked in and you can see how good they hug his hips and thighs. or him putting his hand in his pocket looking like a king with just a jeans and tshirt on☹ like jeans really hug his legs and ass and everything so good in every colour and every angle he just ??? he was made for jeans no wait jeans were made for him.

beautiful “dancing with our hands tied” things
  • the repetition at the beginning of each line of the verse: i, i loved/my, my love
  • “first sight, yeah we love without reason” is SUCH a beautiful line
  • “my love had been frozen, deep blue but you painted me golden” what a beautiful way of saying that she hadn’t really loved for a while but he lit her up
  • “how were you to know/how was i to know” they were so in love that they were clueless about what could happen
  • “could’ve spent forever with your hands in my pockets” queen of saying simple things in a beautiful way
  • “picture of your face in an invisible locket” one of my favorite lyrics EVER, she’s saying that due to the nature of their secret relationship she couldn’t wear a visible token of him/their love but with how much she loved him it’s like she was wearing one anyway
  • she repeats “i had a…bad feeling” throughout the song, and every time there’s a slight pause before bad to show her hesitancy and anxiety; also it’s always the only line not to rhyme with what came before it showing how throughout their relationship the bad feeling never stopped and may have held them back
  • “dancing with our hands tied” on its own is an amazing phrase, showing the happiness but how it was held back
  • “i had a…bad feeling, but we were dancing” she’s talking about how the dancing was still more important to her than the bad feeling, everything they went through was worth it
  • “i, i loved you in spite of deep fears that the world would divide us” a RHYME a LYRIC i have nothing to say because this line says it all
  • “baby can we dance through an avalanche and say, say that we got it” another RHYME but she’s gaining confidence and saying i love you enough we can survive anything, daring the world to try and stop them
  • “i’m a mess but i’m the mess that you wanted”
  • “i’m a mess but i’m the mess that you wanted”
  • “i’m a mess but i’m the mess that you wanted”
  • “i’m a mess but i’m the mess that you wanted”
  • “i’m a mess but i’m the mess that you wanted”
  • when she sings “”oooooh, cause it’s gravity, ooooh, keeping you with me” this is the only line in the song where her backing “oooh”s come in early and i think it’s because they’re mimicking what she’s saying, they’re inevitable just like the two of them, they fall together
  • the entire bridge is so lyrically amazing oh my god i have no words
  • “agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin”
  • “if i could dance with you again/dancing with our hands tied” she’s saying she would go back to that place even though they were filled with so much anxiety, because it was worth it
  • “ahhhhhhhhhh” all the background vocals >>>>
  • the piano chords fit so perfectly with the song and i hope she does a piano version
  • it’s a total bop like yes the lyrics are amazing but it could easily be a dance song
  • the fadeout production is so…sparkly, @in-her-wildest-dreams described parts of this song as “ethereal” and i think that’s the perfect word
  • this is an absolutely incredible song and if i see one more person listing it in their bottom 5 this will become a full time dwoht stan account

Dylan x Reader

Requested by @united-fandoms-in-one-home

Christmas Prompt List

Christmas Prompt Masterlist

“It’s so cold.” You complained and Dylan smiled as he fumbled in his pocket to hand you a tiny bottle. “I can’t drink this I have to go to work!”

“I spiked the hot chocolate and you didn’t mind.” He muttered and your mouth fell open at the thought of Norman down at the Motel serving families spiked Hot Chocolate. “I didn’t, I didn’t! I was just checking how you’d react.” He chuckled.

“You can’t put alcohol in the hot chocolate.” You said firmly and he shrugged. “It’s reckless and not thought out.”

“But you love my reckless not thought out behaviour!” He called after you as you started to leave, jogging so he could catch you up and kiss you. “And besides it’s christmas, who’d care?”

“Sometimes. And everybody would care and Norma would kill you!” You admitted and he smiled as he grabbed the flask you’d gotten from the kitchen.

“I think that’s my coffee.” He muttered and sniffed it, pulling a face as he nodded. “Yeah… I’ll bring you some more.” He promised when you rolled your eyes at him and rushed down to your car.

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ik this was said abt Harry but sweater stealing is my everything and the sweaters i see Sam wearing look comfy as hell

i L I V E for stealing sweaters!! and sam’s sweaters + hoodies always look so nice, cuddly and soft i want to steal all of them
but one day he knocks on your front door and you open it to reveal yourself wearing one of his hoodies and leggings and he gives you a once over with this big grin on his freckled face and goes “is that mine?” and you dig your hands into the pocket of his hoodie while your cheeks flush and you peek up at him through your lashes and rock on your heels dragging out a “maybe….” and he just scoops you up in a big hug and kisses your temple and tells you “i think you should keep it, it looks better on you”


I'm weak, but what's wrong with that? ~Drarry Fanfic~ (Probably a one shot)

Listen to the song please! It fits!

(P. S. This is my first TUMBLR fic. I usually write for myself, or for wattpad. I’ll try to be writing all kinds of fanfiction so expect to see AU’s, Oneshots, full fics, and definitely multi-fandom things! Enjoy! My wattpad user name is Foxxtropical. And I have one Septiplier fan fic there. Enjoy! But temptations of trouble on my tongue, troubles yet to come" Those song lyrics echoed in my head, as I strode down the great hall, heading back to my common room. I shoved my hands, wrist deep into pockets, the paper in my hand crunched as I shoved it deep down, hoping my feelings would do the same. I still felt the lump in my throat as I passed by Harry Potter. Precious Potter, with his crooked glasses, and unkept hair, his scarf almost sliding off! Doesn’t he know dress code?! Was their a dress code for scarves? No? Okay, I was wrong. But it was… Artistic. In way. How could I say that?! I shuddered. Me, having feelings for Potter? Psh, please. But I reluctantly pulled out the same paper I had been carrying around all day. It was for Harry. But I didn’t entirely know what to write. But, you could tell by my scraggly nervous chicken scratch. Ink smudges covered the page, along with scribbled out words, like; “Like,” and “love,” and “boyfriend.” I sighed. I did like that Potter boy, but I didn’t have a shred of courage to tell him. I had carried this weight all of my 3rd year of Hogwarts, and today, was the day I planned to tell him. I couldn’t do it. I sighed, still rushing towards my common room. On my way there I saw peculiar Loony Lovegood. That’s what everyone called her, except for Harry and his friends. I usually would mock her, but today, not in the mood. Instead, I should ask her a question. She was skipping, her long, white blonde hair traveling behind her. Her weird golden spiral blue and pink glasses placed crookedly on the bridge of her nose. “H-hey, Luna!” I waved, giving her a light gentle smile. She stopped without blinking. “Hello Malfoy!” She said in her dream-like voice. I took a breath and finally said it. “Do you know how to confess to someone?” I said without faltering. Her light laugh was like a bell. “Why would you be asking me? Is another Slytherin into you? Or are you into them?” She said it all quite quickly without a single breath drawn between a sentence. “I’m asking—For a friend,” I said hesitantly. I didn’t want to give too much away. “And no, not a Slytherin. A—” I stopped myself. Do I say it? Sure, fine! “—A Gryffindor.” I finished. Luna raised her eyebrows. “I’m surprised. I thought you’d go after a pure blood, you know, to carry on a full wizarding family. I’m not entirely sure who it is, so I guess it would depend. Just tell them how you feel. That should go well.” After finishing her long-drawn sentence, she skipped off, her jingle bell earrings jingling on her way towards the great hall. “Thanks Luna!” I hollered. “Don’t mention it!” She hollered in return. “One sip, bad for me” I drew a breath. “One hit, bad for me” I messed around with my hair, hoping to look presentable. “One kiss, bad for me” I reached into my pocket, pulling out the note. “But I give in so easily. And no thank you, is how it should’ve gone. I should stay strong.” I wiped the sweat from my brow, shoving the note back in my pocket. I should take Loony’s advice. Easy, just— Tell him how you feel. Oh, no! He was already leaving the great hall! I should have been in bed by now! Honestly, I wouldn’t have to do this right now if I— “Hey Malfoy.” Harry said casually without looking at him. How did he do that?! How was that so causal? I took a breath, scratched my neck, and reached out to touch his shoulder. Harry turned to me, his emerald green eyes wide with curiosity. Ummm, he’s looking at me! Say something idiot! “Pott— Harry,” I cleared my throat. “Harry, I like you. I’m not entirely sure what to say to you… I even asked Lovegood for advice! I like you… A lot. I don’t think you even care for me but…” I stuttered, I began to feel tears brimming my eyes. I was at my breaking point. Harry looked bewildered. “Draco… I don’t know what to say… Are you asking me…?” I fell to the floor. I let my tears spill as Harry crouched down next to me. “But I’m weak, and what’s wrong with that? Boy, oh boy I love it when I fall for that!” I finally let go of what I wanted to say. Harry lifted my chin to look at him. I could get lost in those eyes… “Draco, you’re NOT weak. Loving someone is normal. You actually had to courage to tell me, and… I wanted to answer your question like this…” Harry leaned in close to me, I could feel his warm breath on my cheek, his lips then sloppily crashed into mine. I felt warmth envelope me. I had never felt so amazing in my life. This boy— actually loves me… My fingers interlocked with his, Harry then pulled away. “I love you too, Draco.” He said helping me up, and giving me a kiss on the cheek. “See you tomorrow!” He said, smiling from ear to ear. He let go of my hand and headed to his common room, walking calmly, but until he reached the corner I heard a yelp of victory. I smiled. I loved that boy. “Brilliant, I love you too… Harry James Potter.”


my hands are soft,

maybe from the way

I wipe them on my shirt

when i’m around you

my hands are shaky,

probably from how much

I talk about you,

scared of being obvious

my hands are cold,

maybe from the way I never

wear gloves just in case

you want to hold my hand

I wonder if your hands are warm,

because they always seem

to be in your pockets,

far too hidden for me to reach

I imagine your hands are calloused,

from the way you pluck

on my heartstrings

as if I am a violin to be played

I know your hands are taken

from the way they stray

towards someone else,

someone that’s not me

I wish your hands

were more delicate.

maybe then you would’ve

seen my heart sitting in them

before you dropped it

When You Know You Know Chapter 22 Preview:

“I’m at work,” Aaron mumbles into his mobile as he shifts it between his shoulder and his ear. “Uhh staring at Katie’s engine if you must know.” He smirks at Robert’s obvious gulp at that bit of news which draws a look from Katie and Cain both.

“You gonna be chatting all day there sunshine or are you actually gonna do the work I pay you to do?” Cain glares at him, arms crossed over his chest.

“Right, I’m fine Robert. Bye,” Aaron says as he lets the phone slip from his ear into his hand, shoving it into the pocket of his overalls.

“You two have sorted out your little tiff then?” Cain asks, mocking tone dripping with sarcasm.

“Don’t know what you’re on about,” Aaron plays dumb.

He’s been doing it all week, even though he feels bloody awful about the whole thing. Every reminder of it just makes him feel worse too. Though he jokes to himself now and then that he might punch him again if it would get him to shut up and leave him alone for five seconds. As it is, he calls him at least three times a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once at night. He texts him too, like he’s afraid that if he leaves him alone for a second that he’ll end up on the edge of that quarry again. When he really thinks about it, he’s not sure if he would have actually jumped or not but he’s glad he didn’t. He told Robert the worst thing and he didn’t leave. Even if he is driving him nuts right now, it means everything.

FFXIV Writing Challenge - Entry #17: Fate

Packing was not an easy prospect.

Once upon a time, it was as simple as bringing the clothes on her back and the means to survive. But different circumstances demanded different measures, and in truth she no longer knew the extent of things she’d need.

But she knew one thing she wanted above all to take.

Ojene’s hand closed on the pocket chronometer tucked away atop the mantelpiece. And on the edge of the bed, she lowered herself down.

Lamplight played over the trinket’s silver edges as she turned it over. She’d practically memorized the feel of its delicate design, rough beneath her sweeping thumb. So many times she’d tucked it in her palm, clasping it tight in deepest recesses of her pockets as if it were a hand. And one she chose to take, time and time again.

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okay but imagine this: you and sam curled up on his bed, watching la la land. you're wearing one of his sweatshirts and his hands are around your waist, his hands tucked into the sweatshirt's pocket so he can lace his fingers through yours. and then the "a lovely night" scene starts and sam gets the brilliant idea to dance with you. so the two of you (badly) imitate the choreography from the movie in the darkness of the room, with only the laptop screen and the moon as light

idk if you meant to make me cry or not claire but you did i need this so bad


Junker Wives are best wives

The ballroom of the swanky hotel was a dazzling sight, with sparkling chandlers and the bewitching dance floor, the rich and famous all dolled up and the sound of soft music and chatter filled the room.

Molly absentmindedly slipped her hands into pockets of the violet gown her mother had made her wear, as she waited for the tipsy rich people in front of her to finish giving the bartender their order. After another ten seconds of drunken giggling, her cowlicks began to go wavy with her impatience, the rest of her hair safely pulled back into a slightly messy bun, lest it follow their leads. Her hands slipping out of her pockets as she crossed her arms over her chest, her aluminum bracelet (made for nullifying her powers in crowded spaces like these) reflecting the light off the sparkling lights above. She had been tempted to shine the light reflecting off of it in one of the nearly wasted guests’ faces, but remembered Winston’s warning about not being rude or disrespectful (even if they started it) because she wasn’t a little girl anymore and they wouldn’t find it charming. And while she insisted that her rudeness could be passed off as ‘just a phase’ since she was thirteen, but Winston had been firm and so had her parents, so that also took away her option to tap her foot in irritation, but in these heels, as low as they may be, she was not used to them and would probably fall flat on her face without her powers to keep her steady.

How she wished they had let her wear her favorite combat boots! Other women here were wearing boots, so why couldn’t she?! But she had sucked it up, mainly because her mother had wisely chosen shoes that were the same basic style on top as the one she had placed on her one year old little sister, Wilhelmina.

Meaning they would match.

Using her adoration of doing cute things with her little sister to make her wear things she wasn’t fond of. Clever. 

Cruel, but clever.

The tipsy messes finally moved out of the way with their drinks, nearly spilling it on her as they passed, but she passed it off with elegance, grace and a quick middle finger at their backs when she was sure that no one but the bartender could see. After that little slip up, she quickly walked up to him, to make sure she would not be stuck behind indecisive adults and spoke, “G’day! May I please have one orange juice, one grapefruit juice, ‘n two Mountain Dews?”

“Coming right up!” the bartender said as he began pulling out several containers from under the bar, “’N can I please have them in champagne glasses?” she asked, feeling a bit sheepish, “Easier ta carry those then regular glasses, ya know?” The bartender nodded but warned that there would be less to drink out of them then just a regular glass. 

“Tha’s foine,” she assured him, “Two of th’ glasses are fer women drinking fer two, figure they’d appreciate not havin’ ta go ta th’ bathroom in a tick.” The man smiled and carefully handed her her drinks and told her to pass his congrats to the two lucky families.

“Cheers! Ta!” she called before heading back to her group, doing her best to stay balanced on her own feet as well as not bumping into anyone, but finding it tricky to do so when people kept throwing their heads back to laugh as if they had something to prove. And others not paying attention to those around them and flinging arms and hands out and nearly making her spill her order all over herself she scowled at the group only to see that they were all wearing a familiar logo.


“You know, it’s polite to say excuse me.” The guilty man said lightly, making his fellow knobs chuckle while the woman he was talking to seemed surprised by his harsh words.

“It’s also polite ta ‘pologize when ya nearly knock a kid over while she’s bringin’ drinks ta pregnant shelias.” she countered, her tone light, but pointed, making them quickly clam up as she passed, “But no worries, no one expects any better from you lot anyways.” she purred before picking up her pace and reaching her objective before they could retaliate. The woman they were talking to quickly taking her lead and slipping away from them. 

She finally let out s sigh of relief when she reached Genji and his little two year old girl, Henrietta. He wore a dark suit and had most of his face plate off, his daughter wearing a cute little seafoam green kimono with a dragon similar to her father’s and uncle’s tattoos on it. “Are you alright?” he asked her, his little girl smiling at her and waving. Molly wiggled a finger back at the toddler before saying, “I can handle them, it’s Satya ‘m more worried ‘bout. She don’ need them makin’ ‘er stressed, ‘specially not now.” He nodded, concerned, because, while both her Mum and her Aunt were pregnant, Satya could pop any second while Angela was only a few weeks in. They didn’t want her going into labor with those bastards so close. “I’ll keep an eye on them.” he promised, his expression serious and stern as he bounced his daughter, making her laugh and clap with absolute glee.

“Ta.” she said before walking towards a large open glass door that opened onto a garden. She glanced around, her cowlicks pointing towards them like dousing rods when she finally spotted them and carefully made her way over to them.

Hana “” Song, Satya “Symmetra” Fawkes and Dr. Angela “Mercy” Rutledge stood by the edge of the garden, chatting with a reporter about Hana’s recent collab with her boyfriend Lúcio to help raise money to purchase supplies for Junkers to decrease the crimes they needed to commit to survive, and how excited Angela and Satya were about the new incoming additions to their families. 

Lúcio Correia dos Santos, Jamison ‘Junkrat’ Fawkes and Mako “Roadhog’ Rutledge not too far from them, Lúcio signing an autograph for a boy who was probably close to Molly’s age who was in a wheel chair while Mako carefully lifted a girl who had to be no more than six to see little Wilhelmina and little Aarush cradled in his and his partner in crime’s arms, the little girl’s eyes bright with awe, just as her own had been when she first laid eyes on them. The two children’s parents seeming a bit uneasy, but slowly becoming more comfortable with it as they spent more time in their presence and chatted. Torbjörn being with them with his own wife and children probably helped a lot with that too. 

Molly walked over to the women, holding out the glasses as she closed the distance, “Sorry ta interrupt.” she said to the reporter, “But I figured tha’ since some of them is drinkin’ fer two…” The woman smiled in understanding and motioned her forward. Molly giving her a nod of her head and a ‘Ta’ in return before informing them that, “I got Aunt Sat th’ orange juice, dunno if it’s pulp or not, but I can always strain it out if ya want.”

“Thank you Molly.” Satya purred, leaving her flesh hand to continue to rest on her belly, where little Eva currently resided, while she took the champagne glass full of orange juice, “But I think I can handle whichever one they have on hand tonight.” She said warmly. She wore a sapphire blue sari with golden accents, a pair of large golden earrings, matching blue heels, her hair pulled back into a beautiful braid, her make up, flawless as always. But the thing she was obviously most proud about was how her entire outfit matched her boys’ tuxedos, but also her homemade engagement and wedding rings that her husband had added to her metallic limb, the actually purchased and not stolen sapphires sparkling beautifully whenever they caught the light. 

“I got Hana ‘er favorite, cause hashtag guilty pleasures.” The Petite Korean laughed as she took it, “I can always count on my sidekick, Lightning Bug, to get the job done!” she said, her tone teasing. Molly quickly following up with, “I ain’ a sidekick! ‘M a partner in croime!” Before sticking her tongue out at her, making her laugh even harder. She wore a pink cocktail dress from her new clothes line (Angela, Molly and Wilhelmina’s dresses that night were also from her collection, mainly so they could match and show their support, but also cause it meant that Molly would wear it to be supportive and not go at it with anything sharp or that would stain it on purpose before the event), her hair curled and cascading down her back and shoulders, her jewelry was gold and her make up was light but made her face pop a bit more. Her shoes of choice were platform heels (something that you couldn’t bribe Molly into wearing for nearly anything in the world, not even a billion jars of strawberry jam or tons of tiny parts for her mechanical lightning bugs or anything else she liked… okay maybe she might if she could get another little one to snuggle out of it, but that was it), probably so she could smooch her boyfriend’s cheek with no troubles, which was great for photo ops since he was wearing a nice dark green tuxedo from her collection as well, so it was great for ads and for fans to gush over. 

Finally, the girl held out the glass of pink juice out to her adopted mother, “‘N they had grapefruit juice so I got it for ya, Mum.” she said, a bit shy. Angela smiled and took the glass and thanked her in a soft, warm voice. She wore a white gown from Hana’s new line, the same basic style as Molly and Wilhelmina’s, and matching white sandals, her hair was down and she actually put make up on, but somehow she managed to still look like an angel, even without her Valkyrie suit’s iconic halo and wings… which made people give her looks when she came in on the arm of an enormous mountain dressed in a dark suit with his stupid flashy ‘roadrage’ belt buckle, while keeping their seated teenage daughter balanced on his other arm while she held her baby sister, whose gown was pink to match the scrunchies that held up her little pig tails.

“So who is that last glass for?” The reporter asked, “I assume that it’s not for me since I didn’t ask for a drink when you offered.”

“This one’s fer me!” She said, holding up the glass filled with neon green liquid, “I stayed up late doin’ homework yesterday ‘n had to get up early ta get ready fer this party! I need all th’ help I can get stayin’ awake roight now!” She then chugged the whole glass, just to prove her point, making the women laugh before chatting a little bit about what Molly thought about the topics she had discussed with the three women of Overwatch beside her, the women weighing in a bit when they felt it was necessary. 

Lúcio walked over with Torbjörn’s wife, apologizing for the interruption and informed her that a photographer wanted to take an ‘Overwatch Dad’ picture featuring the dads of overwatch with their kids and Molly quickly nodded and raced over, handing him her empty glass as she passed him.

The dad group had been joined by Reinhardt and Fareeha (since he was married to her mother and had been a father figure to her growing up), Genji and Henrietta, and Old Jack Morrison.

“Why am I here?” The old soldier asked, “Isn’t this supposed to be a picture of Overwatch fathers with their kids?”

“Yeah,” Genji replied, “But you’re like, the grumpy grandpa of Overwatch, so you have to be in the picture!” 76 scowled at him, but Molly decided to cement it in by running over and grabbing his side, “Grandpa Jack! Grandpa Jack!” she chanted through laughter. The old man narrowed his eyes at her, but she quickly handed her dad her bracelet so she could lift up some nearby glitter off of a table and have it ‘blow’ over towards her face, making it extra sparkly and desu, “Pllleeeaaasssee Grandpa won’ ya be in th’ picture with us?” she said, giving him a pout that was supposed to be far less teasing than it probably was. He sighed and grumbled in defeat as she cheered before letting the glitter get ‘blown’ back onto the table. Reinhardt, Torb, Hog, Rat and Fareeha snickering as the photographer instructed them to come back inside so he would have better lighting, after the Junkers and Torbjörn quickly took a glance back to check on the three mothers in their families chatting with the reporter and seeing that they were fine, they joined them inside.

They took a few pictures of the group before exchanging thank yous and the members of the original Overwatch spread out with their charges, Morrison, who had no children, simply walked back with Genji and lightly smacked him on the back of the head for getting involved.

Wilhelmina began to fuss and a foul smell began to fill the air and her Dad excused himself to take care of her. As if on cue, the moment the mountain of a man was out of sight, Aarush coughed a bit and, after some soft words from his daddy and gentle and careful pats from his metal hand, the little guy nearly barfed onto his dad’s back, Molly catching it in mid air with her hands, her powers keeping it from escaping her grasp or touching her skin, almost acting like a plastic wrap like layer around the mostly fluid waste, so Satya wouldn’t flip out about the state of his clothing or anything else later and so Winston wouldn’t get mad at her for using her powers like he told her not to. He excused himself to go clean his son up, leaving Molly to search for a place to dump the barely floating baby vomit in her hands. 

After vetoing the bathroom since she couldn’t just dump it without explanation, she caught sight of Lúcio and Hana walking back inside… and catching sight of a man from the group of Vishkar agents slipping out the door behind them and walking towards her mother’s group and felt her blood turn to ice before she felt it turn to fire.

No. Nuh uh. No way was she letting these bastards ruin anyone’s night! Not after all the time and effort both Satya and her Mum put into getting all three junkers prepared, dressed and making sure they knew how to slow dance for this! (Not that Molly was probably going to dance with anyone outside of Overwatch if she even danced at all, but that was apparently besides the point to them.)

She raced outside, somehow managing to keep her balance in her stupid shoes, not registering a tray covered in champagne flutes suddenly exploding behind her on a table set up near the doors as she made her way towards the two women, who were cheerfully chatting amongst themselves, not noticing the man wearing Vishkar’s V-logo approaching them. 

Molly let out a few choice swears under her breath (another thing Winston had told her not to do, as well as her mother and aunt, but in this case, she figured that they’d all be understanding about it) as she did the only thing she could think of to stop the man in his tracks;

Fling Aarush’s vomit onto his back.

She felt the weight of the warm liquid fly off of her finger tips as she did so and watched as she ran around him in fascination as the light colored puke splattered down the back of his head, jacket and trousers, the man freezing in place as if he was someone who hadn’t expected to be stabbed in the back in a movie. His hand slowly reaching up towards the back of his immaculate hairdo, horror etched onto his features as his fingers touched the upchucked bits in the dark strands of his hair. 

Molly practically skidded into a stop between the women, who had either heard the glass blasting apart, Molly running towards them or the man’s now very audible gasps of disgust and dismay, or some combination of all three, they never really managed to ask.

“Is that…” Satya’s eyes widened as she seemed to recognize the rebranded logo of her old employer.

“Vomit?” Molly finished, hoping to change the topic from the panicking grown man in front of them, “Yeah, Aarush had some tummy troubles, but Rat’s cleanin’ ‘im up, so no worries.” Satya’s concern seemed to be refocused on her boys at that while Angela quickly pulled out some wet wipes from her purse to clean her hands with, only for her eyes to narrow when she saw that her adopted teenage daugher’s hands were spotless, “And where, may I ask, is your bracelet, young lady?” she asked in a tone that set off many red flags in the girl’s head, “I took it off fer th’ pictures, Da’ left ta change Willi’s diapers before I could get it back!” she explained, holding out her guiltily clean hands out as if to surrender now, “Aarush got sick after tha’ ‘n I didn’ want Sat ta freak out, so I caught it ‘fore it got on Rat’s suit.”

“And brought it out here?” her mother clarified.

“Wasn’ gonna leave you two alone with one of these bastards.” she said plainly.

“Bastards?” The man repeated bitterly as he stomped forwards and held out a throw up tainted finger at Molly, “I’d say that the two junker men these women married are far more qualified for that title than we are!”

The three females stiffened, the teenager’s cowlicks tapered into sharp points and sliding down opposite sides of her head while Satya handed the girl her half full glass of orange juice before she started fiddling with her metal arm, catching the man’s attention as more Vishkar reps, who Molly assumed heard one of the previously mentioned things above and began crawling outside to join him as he began weighing on his former co-worker, “You used to be the top architect of Vishkar, the best of the best! And now look at you! Pregnant with another child of one of those barbaric-” Angela handed Molly her glass of grapefruit juice before she reached alongside her upper thigh, her fingers sliding up her own dress as if to reach something attached to her leg.

“Chaotic-” The glasses in Molly’s hands began to crackle and shatter, and the juice began to flow out of the cracks and seemed to be forming shapes behind the glasses.

“Idiotic-” Junkrat and Roadhog seemed to come back from addressing to their toddlers to see Vishkar employees harassing their girls and began pushing their way through the crowd to help them, other members of Overwatch following suit as a cylindrical wireframe began to take a more familiar shape.

“Disgusting-”  Mercy slowly pulled a fairly large (considering where it had been and how it hadn’t really seemed to be there) gun, similar to her Mako’s from her thigh.

“Criminal…” the man’s voice began to waver as Satya finished making a grenade similar to the ones her Jamie made. 

Junkers…” he squeaked as he took in the sight of the three very angry women;

Satya had a bomb in her hands, her cool, calm air of superiority as regal as ever, Angela had a big ass gun in her hands and looked like she was a Charlie’s Angel with the way she held the gun, her expression confident and determined. And Molly was giving them all a wide, slightly demented, smile and had tilted her head, the hovering bits of glass and juice forming Junkrat’s smiley face and Hog’s pig icons. “Ya got a problem with Junkers, mate?” the teenage girl challenged with impish delight, as if saying, “Yes, please give us an excuse ta slaughter ya, it’ll be ‘nother hoighlight of th’ evening!” 

Junkrat, Roadhog and the other members of Overwatch were standing just outside the doors, most of them trying to either not laugh hysterically or not have a panic attack, the little ones in the Junkers’ arms not really knowing what was going on other than, “Mummy, Auntie ‘n Molly are outside.” (Which was probably for the best, honestly)

The Vishkar employees looked at the women, looked at each other, then booked it through the garden, the last man looking like a skunk with the white stripe going down his back.

Winston walked up to them, furious, “You two made and brought weapons?”

The other members of Overwatch (sans the two daddy Junkers who quickly and eagerly rushed over to their brides, babies in hand) then began breaking up the crowd and stuffing everyone else back inside to give the angry gorilla and the families some privacy.

“Of course not.” Satya explained coolly as her boys finally reached her and she carefully scooped up her son from her husband and handed the grenade to her freckled Aussie, “I’ve only made a shell, it won’t work without the components that make it explode.” 

“She’s roight ‘bout tha’, mate.” Junkrat confirmed, opening it up, “Without th’ roight mix, it ain’ blowin’ up any toime soon.” 

Rat gave his wife a peck on the head, “It’s a beauty of a shell, though, love. Then again, everything you do is perfect.” He purred, pulling his family into a gently hug and pointed to Aarush, “Got all the proof I need ‘ere.” he then placed his flesh hand on her belly, “‘N ‘ere.” 

“Awww…” Reinhardt said from behind them, Winston reeling around to watch his co-workers flee from the windows, not that the Fawkes family had noticed or really cared, but Angela giggled while holding her one year old while Hog inspected her gun, making him turn his attention to her.

“I cannot believe you brought a gun to a party, what if it went off by mistake and…”

“It ain’ loaded.” Hog interrupted, revealing no bullets in the chamber, “A gun without bullets is jus’ a blunt instrument, one tha’ ya have ta be close enough ta use. Besides, it ain’ loike she can’ patch ‘um up after she was done with ‘um. Hell, she could patch ‘um up after me ‘n Rat would be done with ‘um.” She nodded cheerfully, “As a doctor it is my duty!” she reminded him, gently leaning against him with a wide smile on her face.

“That’s besides the point!” The silverbacked scientist then caught motion out of the corner of his eye and stared at Molly, who gave him a very unconvincing innocent smile as his scowl deepened.

“I’m wearing my bracelet!” she said, holding up her wrist to see that, it was, in fact, there. He then glanced around to see that, there was no broken glass or splattered juice in sight. Knowing her, there would be no physical evidence of what she had done left behind for anyone to find. 

He sighed and glared at her, “I’m taking your jam off the supply list for the next year for the cost of needing Athena to erase any video anyone here might of taken and the hotel’s security cameras.”

Molly scowled, “… fine…” she relented, knowing just how long the lecture would be if she tried to fight him on this. 

With that settled, he sighed and went back into the ballroom, the two families waiting a moment before following suit, Rat and Hog gently herding them inside, making sure their wives and children were comfy by the buffet and busy chatting with the others before fist bumping with huge, proud smiles on their faces, not needing to say what they were thinking as they quickly passed their toddlers to a eagerly accepting (with grabby hands) Molly before whisking their wives onto the dance floor to throughly adore them. 

Molly slipped off her bracelet for a moment, a giggle bubbling up from her stomach as those unspoken thoughts came to her, loud and clear before putting her bracelet back on and cuddling her sister and cousin;

“Fair dinkum, our wives are crash hot!”

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