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13 Reasons Why (Daveed x Reader)

Sooooooo this took me literally forever to write, but I’m happy with the way it turned out!! Lil shoutout to Becca ( @angeilca-s ) helping me with some of the reasons ;) feedback would be lovely, and enjoy! 

Warnings: ANGST, swearing, it gets a little heated at one part but other than that I think it’s all good?

Words: 5447 (dang this took forever)

One - Constantly distracted

You mindlessly scraped the food around on your plate, your eyes glancing from the food up to your boyfriend, who obviously had something much more important than your three year anniversary on his phone.

“Babe, can you please put that away?” you hinted, glancing down at his phone when he looked up at you.

“Oh, yeah, mhm,” he nodded, sliding it into his back pocket and looking at you. That’s one of the many things that killed you, was the way he looked at you. No matter what you looked like, what you were doing, it didn’t matter. His chocolatey brown eyes bore into you like you put the stars in the sky and made the earth spin on its axis. You sighed and continued eating.

“Babygirl,” he strung out, letting the word slide right off his lips like music to your ears.

“Yes?” you responded, once again giving him your attention.

“I love you, I promise. So much,” he grinned, reaching over to take your hand. He rubbed his thumb across the back of your hand, something that you had always found calming.

“I love you too,” you replied, smiling back. It was a truly genuine smile. You couldn’t be more in love with the man sitting across from you.

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Time for Bed (a Like She’s Mine short story) - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by stilesstilinski37

word count: 1562
warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, old feels returning again
okay, so if you haven’t read Like She’s Mine, you might want to to understand this story better.  You don’t have to, but it won’t make too much sense I would guess.  You can find the series in my masterlist if you’re interested :)

I was almost asleep as I rocked in the chair, back and forth, humming a melodic tune that ten minutes ago I was singing to my little girl in my arms.  But I was far too worn out to continue singing the words.

“Baby please” I whine softly, looking down at the girl’s wide brown eyes.  “If you go to sleep now, I will buy you a knew dolly, please” I bounced her slightly, but she only began to giggle uncontrollably.

“Mama mama!” She said excitedly, and I frowned, going back to rocking her back and forth.  But her big toothless grin remained present.  Still.  My eyes were slipping shut again.

“Please… please sweetheart for mommy just-”

“Mommy!” She squealed excitedly, her hands even flying up in the air.  Tears were threatening to well in my eyes.  I was so tired, today had worn me out completely, and Stiles wasn’t home from work yet so I desperately needed her to go to sleep.  I sighed, beginning to coo softly as I stroked over the barely there but soft little strands of hair on her head.

“Mama?” I looked over with half lidded eyes to see Madi standing at the entrance to the living room, a stuffed animal tucked between her elbow in her hand, her other hand tiredly rubbing her eye.

“Madi sweetie go back to bed it’s alright” I tried to say as calmly as possible, but she walked into the room, crawling up onto the footstool in front of the chair I was sat in.

“Is Claudia not sleeping?” My three year old asked, and I gave in, giving her a small nod.

“No, she is not”

“I-I’m not sleeping neither” She said, sitting her legs criss cross and placing her animal in her lap.  I recognized it now as the pink elephant Stiles had gotten her, what seemed so long ago.  I smiled slightly at the now worn thing, but it still made me smile, and Madi can’t sleep without it.

“Did you have a nightmare honey? It’s late” I dared myself to glance at the clock, and winced as I expected.  It was already eleven, and two of my kids weren’t even asleep.

“No I-I just wanted Daddy you tuck me in” I smiled sadly at her.

“Daddy left for work two hours ago, have you been awake this whole time?” I asked worriedly.  I had really not been a good parent today, I’m not sure what had gone my way.

“No, I watched Thomas sleep for a little bit”

I sighed, hanging my head in my hand at the mention of the middle child.  At least he was asleep though.

“You didn’t get d sleep?” I asked, and she proudly shook her head, before petting over the elephant’s head.

“I’m waiting for Daddy!” She squealed happily.

“Who’s waiting for me?” Stiles’ voice rang, followed by the opening of a door.  I turned my head to see Stiles walking in, all decked out in his deputy uniform as he took off his coat.

“Dad!” Madi yelled, abandoning her animal on the stool and jumping off to awkwardly run to him.  I watched as his exhausted expression changed into something brighter, as he stooped over to lift the girl up in the air, grinning as he jostled her around a little before setting her on his hip.

“How’s my girl?” He asked, and she answered through a fit of giggles.  He chuckled, dropping his keys onto the table and walking further into the room.  Stiles’ eyes landed on mine, then traveled down to see Claudia in my arms.  “All my girls are up I see?” I quirked half a smile, slightly embarrassed that I was unable to put them to sleep.  But Stiles’ smile widened, and he dropped a kiss at the crown of my head, before sliding Claudia into his arms, and lifting her carefully while setting Madi back down.  The three year old sat on his foot and held her arms and legs around his calf.

“Last I checked, Thomas was sleeping, I swear” He laughed again, then walked into the girls’ room.

“I’ll take care of them babe, you rest” He said, disappearing into their shared bedroom.  But I couldn’t help getting up, wandering over to the open door.  I leaned against it and watched sleepily as Stiles set Claudia down in her crib while Madi crawled up onto her bed.  

“Daddy” Claudia called in a quiet but delighted tone, the kind that makes anyone smile, and Stiles sure did.

“Alright sweetheart, let’s get you to bed” He said softly, leaning over the wooden side of her crib, and placing a gentle kiss on her head.  No other sound came from her as he went to the other side of the room, and pulled the blankets over top of Madi.  “Now, I’m sure that you weren’t trying to be bad for mommy-”

“I wasn’t the one who colored on the wall!” She squeaked out, making Stiles look back at her in shock.

“Uh, okay, I believe you” He stammered out, and I put my hand to my forehead.  “But when I tuck you in and leave to work, when it’s late at night?” Madi nodded.  “You gotta try and sleep, okay? Mommy’s swamped with Claudia and Thomas, but you’re a big girl, you don’t need to be babied like they are” He told her, and Madi grinned.

“Okay Daddy, I’ll stay in bed” He smiled, and stood up straight.

“I’ll go get your elephant” He said softly, and headed out of the room.  He winked at me and took my hand, pulling me with him away from the door.

“Okay yes, Claudia got a hold of a marker while she was sitting on her blanket and playing and maybe just a little bit got on the wall, but I wiped it all off! It’s clean I swear-” Stiles cut me off, turning to me and pressing a sweet kiss on my lips.  When he pulled away I couldn’t help the smile he left behind.  “What was that for?”

“You’re the best mom, I love coming home to you” A blush rose on my cheeks now while he grabbed Madi’s treasured toy in his hands.  “I love coming home to all of you” He corrected, squeezing a hand on my shoulder then going into our daughter’s bedroom to give Madi her animal.  I dragged myself back over to the rocking chair, and fell onto it.  The plush cushions never felt so good as my eyes drooped shut, even better than our bed.  Probably just because it was closer and I could sleep faster if I just stayed here.  “Baby what’re you doing?” I didn’t even open my eyes when I heard Stiles’ voice.

“Nothin” I replied, still trying to doze off in the seat.  I heard Stiles let out a soft laugh, before his footsteps neared closer to me.  I didn’t get the chance to see what he was doing before he lifted me up with ease, and sat where I’d been resting, setting me on his laps, my legs hanging over the armrest of the chair.  “Stiles,” I giggled slightly as I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck.  “What’re you doing?” My voice came out in a mumble as I snuggled further into him.

“Momma’s always rocking the kids, rocking daddy-”

“Stiles” I said in a more scolding tone as my hand smacked at his chest, but he just smirked playfully and continued.

“Someone’s gotta rock momma” He said in a quiet tone, holding onto me as he moved the chair back and forth, just as I had previously gotten Claudia to fall asleep.  I was smiling as I buried my face into the crook of his neck.

Stiles and I have been married for a year, and after Madi had two amazing children.  Thomas, who was sort of my surprise present for him at our wedding, and after him came Claudia.  All three of them were bundles of joys, although sometimes could be a pain in the ass.  But I wouldn’t ask to change a single thing.

“How was work?” I asked him softly, and he just hummed.  My eyes opened so I could look at him, concern taking over.  “What’s wrong? Did something happen?” My fingers nervously began to play with the buttons of his brown uniform.  Somehow over the years we’d spent together I could read him better than myself, or even Allison.

“Fine I’m just… tired of this missing person’s case is all” I frowned, leaning my head back on his chest, my hands still holding onto his shirt.

“You’ll figure it out, you always do” I told him, and he smiled down at me, his arms tightening a little and pulling me impossibly closer.

“I love you” He murmured, and kissing my head.  I tilted back slightly, so he could see my grin before I kissed him properly on the lips.

“I love you more” I whispered back, then leaned against him to try and sleep again.  “And I hate when you work late” I muttered more angrily.


“Mhm” I hummed against him.  “Claudia and Madi aren’t the only ones who can’t sleep without you here” I said before falling asleep there in his arms as he cradled me.

I really did love the life we were living together.

i’m really happy to be sharing mini stories with you, and i hope i can get madi herself, @celestial-writing to make some with me :)

xoxo ~ jordie

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asfgdhjdak I NEED ANSWERS!!! I wish I could look into Iwa's mind in the fighter Au!! And see his thoughts!! He spent the whole night with Oikawa and took care of his drunken ass! Listened to his rambling! Heard all the complains!! So how does his day go now?? Does he think about? what does he do? He will only see Oikawa that night for the fight so what about his hours until then? What doe she think?? Any thoughts?

Iwaizumi has a lot to think about following Oikawa’s drunken night in chapter 8. 

I’ll put this below the cut, because some of this might be spoilers for those not caught up on the You’re now rockin’ with the champion/it’s a bit of insight into Iwaizumi’s POV, so if you want to be totally surprised with the coming events, don’t read this!

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"I can't do this."

Her hand wrapped around him and it felt glorious. Mulder hissed in a breath. It had been too long since any hand but his own had been down there. 
He closed his eyes for a minute as she began to move her hand up and down his shaft. An image began to form in his mind of Scully’s small hand wrapped around him and he felt himself grow harder at the though of her kneeling before him. He was surprised to feel her mouth around him and his hips jerked forward a bit. 
“Scull-” He started but cut himself off as his eyes flew open. It wasn’t Scully. He’d known that the whole time but now the reality hit. 
It felt so good to have Diana’s hands and mouth working on him but in that moment he realized he didn’t want it if it wasn’t Scully. 
She’d taken her mouth off him when he’d said Scully’s name but she was still running her hand up and down his shaft. 
“I can’t do this.” Mulder said without moving.
Diana’s eyes flashed, “Because of your partner?”
Mulder gave a noncommittal shrug but when her hand started moving again he stopped her.
“I don’t want to do this.” He amended his statement. Because he found that he actually didn’t want to do this. Without the physical stimulation his dick began to soften. 
Diana smirked at him, “You can pretend I’m her. I don’t mind.” 
God it was tempting. He knew he’d be able to close his eyes and imagine Scully and it would feel so damn good but he couldn’t. 
“But I do mind. Do you really want that Diana? You really want me to have sex with you but picture someone else?”
“Well ideally I’d like you to be thinking of me but I’ve missed you Fox. I’ll make some sacrifices. I bet I could make you forget all about her.” 
Her hands began to trail back up his thighs and he stopped them and took her hands in his. 
He shook his head at her.
“I’m sorry Di.” 
And he was. Once upon a time he had loved her. Not long after she’d left he’d dreamed of her coming to him like this but now it just made him feel sick. 
Her eyes turned cold in an instant and she snatched her hands away from him, stood up, and turned away. 
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have let it go this far…” 
She wheeled around and the look in her eyes made him stop.
“She will let you down. And when she does just look me up.” Diana said cooly before taking her purse and leaving. 
As if on cue Mulder’s phone rang. He stared at it for a moment before picking up.
“Mulder, it’s me.” 

Monsta X reaction: Their girlfriend catches them masturbating

 I realized after finishing this that I might have misunderstood your ask, and if I did, feel free to request again, anon! Slightly nsfw obviously 


He’s embarrassed. So embarrassed. You caught him just as he moaned your name and your gasp immediately caught his attention. He covered up, blushing furiously. He’d politely ask you to leave him alone so he could calm himself down. He’d have a hard time looking you in the eye for the rest of the day. If you offered to help he wouldn’t say no, though.


He meets your eyes and gives you a mischievous grin, still moving his hand slowly. He probably is a bit embarrassed, but he’s putting on a confident front, asking whether you’d prefer to keep staring or help him out. He’s finishing no matter what.


He screams and freaks out, almost falling off the bed trying to cover himself up. He whines at you, putting the blame of the situation on you. This is where there’s two ways he’d like this to go. Either you leave and forget the whole ordeal happened or you help him out with his problem. He’d want to finish, but it might be hard for him after being caught, the embarrassment killing his boner.


He’s as embarrassed, if not more embarrassed, than Hyunwoo. His face goes bright red, but he’d still try to keep his pride intact. He’d cover himself up, glaring at you and giving you a piece of his mind. He’d want the same as Minhyuk, but he’s a bit more vocal about it, telling you sternly to either leave or help him out.


He covers himself up quickly, blushing and laughing, flustered by you suddenly appearing. He goes quiet, before quietly asking if you’d like to help him. He’s embarrassed, yes, but he’s also horny, and if you say yes he’d lose the embarrassment pretty much right away.


He covers himself up so fast, you barely see anything. His cheeks are bright red and he looks close to terrified. While he’d love your help, I doubt he’d ask for it, the embarrassment killing his boner in a second.


He wants to act cocky and confident like Hoseok, but it doesn’t go as planned. He stutters his words and ends up embarrassing himself even more. He’s still shameless enough to ask for your help, even pouting at you to get your pity. He just really want to finish.

Reaction: You Have Shaky Hands

Request: BTS reacts to you having naturally shaky hands.


Seokjin: Jin was talking about him day while you were attempting to paint your nails. It took him some time to notice, but it was hard to miss how much nailpilish got on your fingers. He’d be a bit worried, and he’d ask to make sure that you weren’t sick or anything. “Y/N, are you okay?? Your hands are shaking so much!!”

Namjoon: As someone who didn’t have the steadiest hand, Namjoon would only chuckle as he watched you paint uneven strokes of grey paint across the living room wall. You had both decided on taking a few days off to renovate the living room, and by the looks of your shaky hands, the walls were going to be the worst part. He didn’t mind, though, and silently watched you paint with a massive smile.

Yoongi: Yoongi would quirk an eyebrow at you as you held up your hand, your fingertips fidgeting relentlessly. “Do I make you that nervous?” Yoongi would ask, a slight smirk appearing on his face as you rolled your eyes. Yoongi wouldn’t think anything too serious of it.

Hoseok: He held your hands close to his chest on a particularly heartfelt night, having just gushed about his recent worries to you when he noticed your hands were almost bouncing in his own. He’d look at you in questioning, glancing from your hands to your face. Finally, he’d speak, somewhat jokingly. “Y/N! Its not even cold! Why are your hands shaking??”

Taehyung: Taehyung would be worried about you, no doubt, but he wouldn’t want to comment on it in fear that it may be a medical condition or something serious that may upset you. Instead, he’d hold your hands tightly in his when he noticies your shaky palms, a bright, boxy smile coating his featured as he looked at you.

Jimin: Jimin was never too concerned with it. He figured it was just a little quirk you had. He’d hold your hands if he happened to notice it on a cold day, but Jimin would never think too much of it.

Jungkook: Jungkook would be the last to notice your hands shaking, and would do little to nothing once he found out. He would throw his coat ovev your shoulder or ask if you’re cold, but nothing extreme.


Author’s Note: This is all my personal opinion. Please do not take this as fact.

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I'll be your forever friend for some Ladynoir action for the prompt: “I want to go on a date! I demand it!” <3

@seasonofthegeek, this is not the drabble that you deserve, but it’s the drabble I wrote!  I hope you like my humble offering.  ;) <3

“I mean, it’s ridiculous, right?”  Ladybug stalked across the roof in frustration, gesturing wildly with her hands as she spoke.  “Is it really so unreasonable to want to go on a date?  I am eighteen fucking years old, and I’ve never been on a single date.”  

Chat Noir smirked at her in amusement from his perch on the ledge of the next building.  “Never?  Not even one?”

She slowed her steps and glanced at him with a blush that showed even beyond her mask.  “Well, sort of, but only if you count the time that—”  She cut herself off abruptly, and her eyes widened in dismay.

His head tilted curiously.  “Yeah?  ‘The time that’, what?”

“Uh, n-nothing,” she replied, waving her hands dismissively.  “It was just a fake date, it wasn’t important.”

He shrugged, smirking again.  “If you say so.”

“Well, I do say so.”  She finished pacing to the opposite side of the roof, and swung around to stalk back towards him.  “And if anything, it makes this even more ridiculous, that the closest I’ve ever gotten to going out with someone was a pretend date!”

“You do see the irony here, don’t you, Bug?” He asked, his voice tinged with faint amusement.

“What irony?  There’s no irony.  I want to go on a date!  In fact, I demand it!”

“No irony, huh?”  The amusement was gone now, and he voice had turned strangely neutral.

She stopped in front of him, confused.  “What irony, Chat, what are you talking about?”

“I’ve been asking you out for years, Ladybug.” He smirked again, but this time it carried a bitter edge.  “You shut me down every time, so many times that I lost count, and yet you see nothing ironic in the fact that you’ve been standing here, ranting to me, about how you’ve never been on a date?”

Her eyes were wide behind her mask, and her skin had paled to stand in stark contrast to it.  “You mean, you were serious?”  She whispered incredulously.

“W-what?” He hopped down from the ledge to stand in front of her.  “What in the world made you think I wasn’t?”

“You—You’re always so over-the-top and dramatic, Chat, I thought you were just flirting!  How was I to know you were being sincere?!”

He took a few steps away from her, rubbing the back of his neck in frustration.  “Well, at least I know you weren’t being cruel.”

“Cruel!  Chat, no, I’m sorry, I—”  She bit her lip uncertainly and  followed him to put a tentative hand on his arm.  “Did you really want to go out with me?”

He turned back to face her, his expression inscrutable.  “Yeah, I did.”

She gulped.  “D-do you still?”

“I don’t want a pity date, Ladybug.”

“Neither do I,” she rejoined tartly, and then her expression softened again.  “But I never thought…”  She trailed off, studying his face.  “Now that I am thinking about it, though, I’d like to find out.  Can I take you on a date, Chat Noir?”

“No,” he said simply.  Her expression fell, and he tilted her face back up to his with a clawed finger beneath her chin.  “But I’d like to take you out, if you’ll let me.  I did ask first, if you recall.”

“You ass,” she giggled.  “Yes, I’ll let you.  But then it’s my turn.”

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yo! could you do a scenario for bakugou, kirishima, and mina where their friends accidentally spill to their crush that they have feelings for them but it ends up workin out in the end? love your blog btw~ ❤️❤️❤️

Oh thank you! I hope you enjoy these! :D All three are below! 

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Teddy Bear Birthday


~Jonathan’s POV~

Today was my birthday and I was waiting for my friends to head over as I sit in the living room. Lately I’ve been feeling…off…I just shrugged it off as a normal thing though. A knock at the door brings me out of my thoughts. I get up and open it being greeted by a happy brown hair male wearing glasses.

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The Price of Love

Originally posted by hwoaarang

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the story itself. Please do not copy or credit this as your own. Photo above is not mine.

Pairing: Haytham Kenway x reader

Requested by @sailingalongchampagneshores : OKAY TUMBLR SUCKS. My request: you’re Haytham’s lover and you’re at his funeral. Feel free to add your flare to it. Just hearing Charles’ words kills me. I’ve had to watch Haytham die countless times and I cry every time. UGH.

Warning: none

Words: 737

Tagging: @writingsofawaywardnerd @bunnyyumyum @sailingalongchampagneshores @thepandadrawer @romancingthecreed @rooks-and-blighters @kebeo @freedomaboveallelse @amarabliss @imakemyownblog @scarlet-marionette @thehalodiaries @an-order-of-fryes @liamobrienswife

A/N: Ahem, I have only one thing to say. I am not sorry.

You look up to see gray clouds slowly rolling across the sky as a soft tug at your skirt alerts you back to the ground.

“Are we there yet, Mama?” Your daughter asks as she pulls at the black sleeves of her dress.

“We’re almost there, sweetheart.” You tell her as the church finally comes into view.

“Is Papa there?” She inquires and you want to wail in anguish right there, spectators or no.

“Yes, he is, sweetheart. Yes, he will be.” You reply softly as you lead both you and your daughter into the church. As the priest began speaking, you glance down at her and examine her features. Y/D/N had her father’s hair, nose, and cheekbones, but everything else resembled you. However, you could’ve sworn that there was a small hint of Haytham Kenway behind those E/C irises.

“Did Papa go somewhere?” Your daughter whispers faintly amongst your thoughts and you pull yourself out long enough to hear rain being to fall outside the church.

“Yes. He’s somewhere safe and he’s happy.” You answer and she settles back into the wood and starts to play with a loose thread on her dress.

You manage to pry your eyes to the coffin behind the priest and try not to tear up in front of the small crowd gathered inside the church. You remember when you first met Haytham after he had returned from London from whatever horrors he had endured on his mission, the night he took you to the opera as a sign of courtship. Memories of informing him of your pregnancy with your daughter and him holding her a few hours after you had given birth, her wails echoing inside the room as the sun rose higher into the sky. However, you could never recall a time when he told you what business he truly had with an organization under a red cross.

Somehow you find a way to separate your thoughts from reality once again for the third time today as a gentle tap on your shoulder draws you back and the mellow footsteps surround you. You turn around slightly and you see Charles Lee, Haytham’s right-hand, stand behind you with a concerned look on his face.

“Y/N?” Charles asks and your daughter takes a hold of your hand.

“Yes, Charles?” You inquire as you try to shake off your grief for a moment.

“Do you need accompanying back to your home? I wouldn’t mind sparing a bit of my time to help out.” He offers and you smile but shake your head gently.

“No, it’s okay Charles. Thank you for your generous offer though.” You answer. “Come on, Y/D/N. Let’s go.”

“Yes, Mama.” Y/D/N replies and you escort the two of you out of the church as the rain begins to fully pour.

You dust your hands off after lighting a fire in the fireplace of your parlor.

“Is the hot chocolate ready yet, Mama?” Y/D/N inquires as she plays around with a doll that you remember Haytham gifting her on her fifth birthday.

“Not yet, darling. Anna will let me know when it’s done, alright?” You tell her as a rap on your front door takes your attention away from your daughter. “Stay here, okay?”

“Okay, Mama.” Y/D/N replies and resumes playing with her doll as you answer the front door. In front of you stood a tall Mohawk man with a bow and quiver on his back and an insignia on his belt that resembled an A, slightly damp with rain.

“Y/N L/N?” He asks.

“Yes, that’s me. Who are you?” You answer hesitantly.

“My name is Connor. I believe we have much to talk about. It concerns Haytham Kenway.” The man, Connor, responds.

“What was your business with Haytham?” You question as you clench a tight hand within your skirts.

“I’m his son.” He informs and you feel your heart drop into your stomach. But somewhere within you, you believe him. He had the same cheekbones as Haytham, the same nose and jaw as well. You glance over your shoulder at your daughter and you see the similarities there as well. This man, Connor, was truly Haytham’s son.

“Come on in then. We do have much to talk about.” You say and step to the side before closing the door on a cold rainy night.

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where does the word "kiss" end up??? anywhere..... i wonder.....

There is one instance In Sui Generis:
“Knew you’d get there,” Mary whispered into Sherlock’s ear before brushing a kiss against his cheek, and he looked at her sharply as suspicion blossomed.

Annnd there are several in All Is Bright:
- She cut him off with a kiss, and it was as if he’d been waiting his whole life for that kiss, even though they’d greeted each other with one only half an hour before.
- “Shh,” she said, and put her hands on either side of his face to draw him down to her and kiss him again. 
- She felt unsettled and even a bit unnerved by the raw, unprecedented, unfiltered emotion he was pouring into every movement, and every deep and reverential kiss.
- She pressed her lips into his, then began kissing him a ferocity that seared away the pain and terror in her heart.

Gang Band Smut Part One.

The past hour was filled with silence, besides the sound of a page turning, or a pencil tapping the large wooden table i sat at. I had a huge exam to study for and i needed to get an A. due to the silence filled hours, it was a surprise when the door swung open and the gang burst inside.
“Y/n!! Come on!! Lets go to the dingo!!” They hollered, still by the door.
“Guys, im sorry! I got a huge exam to study for on monday-”
“Its Saturday though!!” Two smiled.
“Yeah, but i really need an A…Im sorry guys..another time.” I shrugged, looking back at my book. Even within my protests the gang stayed. Dallas and Darry sat at the table while the rest of the boys sprawled out on the floor. They let me study for a bit but around twenty minutes later they began to whisper, causing you yo get distracted.
“Guys!!!” You yelled, causing them to all look at you.
“Alright, y/n. Were gonna quiz you.” Darry began with a smirk.
“Uh….fine…?” You tilted your head a bit at them, waiting for the catch.
“Theres a twist though. We go clockwise. Every question that each of us ask you, well, if you get it correct…we pleasure you.” Thus caused you to swallow. You knew they all had a crush on you but you never-ever—thought something like this would happen.
“Every question you get wrong-well….” Soda started.
“You punish me..” You bit your lip watching all the boys nod. Your stomach twisted in sick excitement as you sat on the floor with the rest of the boys who sat with you. Dallas took your textbook and glanced around at it.
“So, y/n. What are five symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning..?” He bit his lip, almost tripping over a few words.
“Uh…uh……headache, dizziness….bone weakness….” Dallas laid his hand on your thigh and you began to tremble.
“Ch-chest pain….confusion….” You finished, eyes not leaving Dallas’s hand.
“Good girl, y/n…” He smirked, quickly pushing on your chest causing you to fall back on your back. Dallas smirked widely as in one slick move, he tossed your shirt and bra across the room, pretty much attacking your left breast and massaging your right. You could tell how he wanted to do this in his movements. He never started easy.
“O-only three m-minutes Dallas…” Pony choked out, watching along with the rest of the gang. Moans spilled out of your mouth as Dallas’s tongue swirled around your breast before the sensation was pulled away.
“Me next.” Darry smirked as he practically ripped the book from Dallas’s lap.You sat up, breathing hard, not caring about being topless. soda, Johnny, Dally, Darry and Steve were hard already. Did it matter?
“Okay, an arson is creates to…?” Darry began. Great. You knew this.
“An arson is created to-” you stopped just as Darry let his tongue swirl around his lips.
“Come on, baby…you got this…think of all the pleasure ill give you…”
You couldn’t think though. The way Darry was using his actions was unbearable. After a minute of silence, Darry smirked.
“On your back, Y/n.” He whispered, causing you to obey. Once you laid down he crawled over you, hovering your lower body.
“We don’t need these.” He tugged at your skirt and in a flash- they were gone.
“Oh, y/n…” He began, starring at your black lace thong that you smartly decided to wear.after he bit his lip to the point where blood would show, he pulled them down and off. Your eyes quickly left Darry though and sprang to the moan that left the young blonde’s perfect pink lips. Pony couldn’t handle this. He was already jerking off to the thought—and view of you.
“Oh, y/n…” Darry shook his head a few times as your eyes flipped back to yours. His hand skimmed your heat quickly.
“Who made you this wet, y/n?” It was true. You were absolutely bit your lip and thought. Why not edge him on more.
“D-dally did….” You whispered innocently. Darry’s eyes immediately filled with domination and rage.
“Thats gonna change, y/n….” He smirked, before you could react, Darry slammed roughly into you. His sharp nails dug roughly into your hips as he pushed into you at a inhumane speed.just as you couldn’t take it anymore the pleasure left you as Darry took his seat again, leaving you in a sweating mess on the floor.
“Y/n, I’m making you answer this. What is an arson?” Sodas slick words rolled off his tongue softly, causing you just to want more pleasure.
“I-its u-used to cover up a crime…” You whimpered just as soda rose.
“Correct. Now, give me a minute.” He slowly walked out of the room with a smirk leaving you still breathing hard, nervous for whats to come.


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Ok, but can we talk about Harry and preggo dancer y/n who is determined to dance as long as possible and is stressing Harry out immensely


You looked up to see a very concerned Harry, looking more weary than anything, “I know, I know, I shouldn’t be dancing anymore but–,”

“But the doctors said that it was nearly time that the contractions could start, and this intense of exercise could start off false labor,” he explained.

Your hands stopped putting your dance shoes into the duffel bag you’d been using for years. You thumbed over the lace of your tap shoe, mulling over his words.

“…how about just one more rehearsal?” You asked sheepishly, “They need me to go through final spots today with the understudies.”

Harry sighed, defeated, “Only walk-throughs today though,” you grinned and reached up for his hands, needing a bit of help to get off the ground these days, “But I’m coming’ with yeh to make sure that’s all yeh do.”

You pouted playfully, bottom lip stuck out, and Harry stopped down to steal a quick peck off of your lips. The smile you’d held onto earlier made its way back to your face and the two of you walked towards the door, dance bag in hand and ready for rehearsal.

Another Mask - Part 4

Seven had assumed with his calmest mind that the world hadn’t just turned to shit, that you were still sleeping gently in his previous, now your current bed. He had only looked down for what had seemed like a few minutes, yet hours had flown past. It was only supposed to be a short break to restore his energy supply, if you were still awake when he walked in, he was desperate to tease you a teeny tiny bit like he had used to, hoping you’d just brush it off as a dream in the morning. If you were asleep though… he blushed as he imagined sitting beside you, stroking his fingers through your hair, leaving kisses against your forehead… it wasn’t supposed to turn out like this!

He heard his heart beat echo through his ears as he felt the sinking weight of dread. There were too many possibilities in his head as he ran through them with not enough good outcomes. Where is she?! His hands started to shake, a nervous tick that always surfaced when something was wrong. When something involving you went wrong. As he walked into the room looking around blindly, he couldn’t help the fleeting memory tug at the back of his mind, not now, not now, but the memory would not waver in his mind, drawing him down into the sea of his past and away from the terror of the present.

I love you. She said looking right into his eyes, seeing him through the dark, her voice soft as she reached out and placed a hand against his cheek, the other holding her phone closely to her ear.

He felt like a balloon, so light filled with her words, her affection, her undying love that threatened his balloon-like existence, if she uttered one more caring word he would explode. He couldn’t resist picking her up in the darkness, to hold her close to him, no matter how the danger of him falling over increased tenfold. She rested her head against his chest, giggling softly as he walked into the room and laid her down gently on the mattress. The comforting feeling of the mattress dipping under his weight beckoned him as he settled close beside her, his arm protectively wrapping around her as she nuzzled into him. Nothing was said as he lay there with her in his arms, her fingers splayed over his heart, his own gently stroking her hair.

As he reached the bed, the empty sheets snapped him back into consciousness. Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT! His mind raced, all the warning signs had been there but he didn’t listen. You always used to push him to value himself more and yet, you were now the one throwing yourself into harm’s way without letting him in, without relying on him to protect you. It’s happening all over again!

He scrambled to his laptop to trace your phone, only to find it had gone dead 20 minutes ago after sending a message through the app. The message was encrypted and he knew that wasn’t of your doing. Whatever that message was, no matter what it was, the timing was uncanny, you’d sent it to the hacker, you’d sent it to this Ray and then your phone had gone dead.

His blood boiled in his veins, throwing his laptop under his arm he ran outside and threw himself into the driver’s seat of his car. ‘Not again, never again am I letting her go’ he said with a shaky breath before slamming his down foot on the acceleration and speeding down the driveway into the early dawn.

You were still freezing as the ground around you began to lighten with a faint golden hue of the morning. You felt tired, not daring to move too far you had used almost all of your strength to prop yourself up against a tree stump which was now seeming like a reasonably comfortable living arrangement where you would spend the rest of your life with little animals bringing you berries and nuts… heh. Who were you kidding. That fake sense of assurance faded away almost as quickly as you had thought of it at the reality of your situation, maybe you were becoming delirious?

Everything ached, not only your body but your heart, the guilt and pain merging with the reality that he may not have gotten your message. Or worse yet, ignore it completely. You pictured the image of his white hair, so bright in the darkness as you had typed in the message. You had only sent a two-worded plea, simple, so simple and clear. ‘Help me.’ praying that he still had it in his heart to save you, that you had not betrayed all of his fragile trust. ‘Ray… Please…’ you whisper in a strained voice, even though no one would even hear you. ‘I need you here… Please Ray… I’m scared… I’m scared that I will die here and never see you again’, tears began to fill your vision but you would not let them fall, your head becoming light as the delirium set in again.

You tense up as you hear multiple branches snap around you, almost simultaneously too many to be real, maybe only one sound amplified by your delirious state, amplified by your fear. Your body trembles as the branches snap again, their pace fast as they head towards you. You quiver and shake, taking a hefty stick in your hands as a form of defense from whoever was coming your way. You pleaded with all your heart that it would be Ray but as a hooded figure stepped out in front of you screamed and swung.

 The hooded figure didn’t seem too badly affected, stumbling back only slightly to regain their step. They stepped forwards toward you again as you continued to scream waving the stick wildly keeping them at a safe distance. Amidst your languished screams you heard a familiar voice yell out. ‘Stop! Get away! Don’t you dare touch her! She’s mine!’ The hooded figure withdrew bowing his head as a familiar hue of magenta appeared standing beside you.

You look towards the hazy figure… towards Ray. He was on his knees beside you in an instant, prying the stick from your shaking hands and throwing it away. You could see him wince as he looked over your body, you were a mess. Your clothes torn and disheviled, cuts and bruises covering your exposed skin. His gaze hovering on your ankle before he returned to look at you with a broken smile. Your heart wrenched at the sight, there were tears in his eyes threatening to spill as he brought a trembling hand to your cheek, the warmth of his palm a welcomed comfort. 

‘MC… Your cold!’ He quickly shifts, pulling off his coat and placing it over you. He takes your hands in his, tracing gently over the closed cuts across them as he avoids looking you in the eye. ‘MC… I… I’m sorry… I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner…’ You try to reply but your throat is dry, you look at him and feel the tears that you had held back finally fall freely from your eyes.

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Bucky and trombone

Bucky wasn’t very good at, well, anything. No, actually. That’s a lie. He was very good at sports. However, after a car accident, his left arm had to be amputated. So now he had a metal prosthetic limb. Many of the guys from the football team thought that it helped Bucky become a better player. They were wrong, but the coach decided to kick him off the team anyway.

Bucky was trying to find himself again. Football was all he knew. Luckily for him, you were by his side the entire time.

You suggested he’d dabble in music. He knew a little bit. His mom had put him through piano lessons when he was younger. It didn’t stick though.

Bucky came into the library and walked to your usual spot. A large case in hand. You eyed it, “What the hell is that?”

Bucky smiled proudly, “My new trombone.”

“You got into band?”

“Yeah! Aren’t you proud of me?!”

You shushed him, slapping a hand over his mouth. You giggled, “Yes, Bucky. I’m very proud of you.”

But with so many marriages, pregnancies, and off-to-colleges going on, it also stands to reason that throwing parties is Dixie’s bounden duty!

“Do you need any help, Dixie?”
“No, thanks, I’ve got it in hand, though I doubt they’ll be as good as your pork chops.”
“Oh, I’m sure they’ll be every bit as good.”
“Now, Mary, what’d I tell you about tooting your own horn? Everybody knows you’re the best cook in town. You got to learn to roar, little darling!”
“Like this?”

Max watches in bewilderment as couples blatantly flaunt their coupledom. They’re so - aggressive about it! 

He’s glad that’s not what Virginia wants from him. She’s fine with the occasional dirty joke, and keeping the mushy stuff private.

“There’s really not a videogame in the world can compare.”
“Certainly not with my old reflexes. Now, let’s see, I had a plan when I moved that one -”

“We always knew Scot’d make the grades and could be whatever he wanted to be, but it’s only in the last few years that River’s stepped up his game. If he can knuckle down at college the way he has for high school and the General Store, the sky’s the limit!”

“What do you think, do those clouds have one more snow in them, or is it time to plant?”

“Go at it, Mary! Higher!”

The bitch about being in a camp was.. a good chunk of the shit Cassie found, she had to relinquish. So that meant that when it came to her own self interest, she occasionally had to get creative. Though, with the redhead, getting creative was rarely a problem. Honestly, only when she got caught. Speaking of.. The redhead gave a blank, almost bored stare toward her accuser as she stood in the caked mud just off the road. Eventually, she cut across what the other was saying, lifting a hand between them. “..Yeah look. You’ve said that I stole it from you about twenty fuckin’ times.” She bit out, her tone husky and lazy. “But the thing is. I’d like to see you prove it.”

After a minute, she recanted that. “In fact? I’d like to see you take it from me.”

au where im rich and go to aglionby and am also gay

Marsh slouched in their seat, fumbling with their hands in an almost impatient manner, even though they were only watching the teacher lecture. They weren’t waiting for class to end. They weren’t nervous at all. Yet, their leg bounced up and down under the desk, and they pressed their finger tips together. It hurt, but it was fine. They raised a hand to their lips and bit their finger.

They didn’t remember, at the present time, that they’d sworn off biting their nails some odd week ago. It’d stuck with them for too long. Gansey offered to buy them that terrible tasting nail polish before. Instead of accepting, Marsh had gotten embarrassed that their friend had noticed this habit of theirs, and wasn’t able to formulate a reply for a good fifteen uncomfortable seconds. Gansey took it back instantly, and they accepted his apology, but they were now forcing their fingers under their suddenly noticed too-short sleeves. They never actually accepted his offer. They never didn’t accept it either.

“ I’m gonna stop,” Marsh said one day, looking at their hands, their fingers spread out. “ It’s so gross, isn’t it? Yeah. See, yours are so nice,” they continued, taking hold of Ronans hand and examining his fingers. He let them. “ I wish my hands looked like that. Shit, you’re hands are freezing, though.” Then they held hands until they went home. They’d obviously forgotten their “promise to quit” since then.

Ronan, honestly, didn’t see what was so bad about it. Or, mostly, why they were so embarrassed about it. He thought maybe they got beat up on it as a kid. Maybe by their fellow classmates, or parents. He never liked their parents. They seemed like the type to do that. He never asked, though. It never came up.

He watched Marsh put the tip of their thumb in their mouth and reached over to grab their wrist. They jumped slightly in their chair, obviously having been lost in thought, and looked at him; Not so much questionably as tiredly. They must not have gotten much sleep the night before. He could relate. He looked at them momentarily, wondering if he should say something. He looked from them to their hand. They noticed and clenched their fingers into a ball, looking embarrassed now.

Ronan hesitantly leaned forward and kissed their knuckles. Why did he do that. He looked back at his boyfriend to see if it was okay. Marsh was busy hiding his face, very obviously grinning behind their hand. Ronans upper lip twitched and he held their tiny hand in his. thats gay 🅱 but same tho