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I Tried

So I had this idea to create a poster for the episode Starcrushed since we didn’t have one (though we did have some nice title cards). I remember moringmark had made one for Raid the Cave, so I figured I could try my hand at it.

I bit off more than I could chew. (Also I’ve had a stomach flu for the past two days, so finishing this was twice as hard!)

I’m not very creative with certain things, like backgrounds or special effects. All I could muster was a bunch of medium-shot pictures of the cast and a giant wand in the middle. I tried. No regrets.

I’d like to dedicate this piece to Skleero, Seddm, and Mr E. I always have something new and exciting to view on my dashboard because of you guys. It’s never boring with you around!

13 Reasons Why (Daveed x Reader)

Sooooooo this took me literally forever to write, but I’m happy with the way it turned out!! Lil shoutout to Becca ( @angeilca-s ) helping me with some of the reasons ;) feedback would be lovely, and enjoy! 

Warnings: ANGST, swearing, it gets a little heated at one part but other than that I think it’s all good?

Words: 5447 (dang this took forever)

One - Constantly distracted

You mindlessly scraped the food around on your plate, your eyes glancing from the food up to your boyfriend, who obviously had something much more important than your three year anniversary on his phone.

“Babe, can you please put that away?” you hinted, glancing down at his phone when he looked up at you.

“Oh, yeah, mhm,” he nodded, sliding it into his back pocket and looking at you. That’s one of the many things that killed you, was the way he looked at you. No matter what you looked like, what you were doing, it didn’t matter. His chocolatey brown eyes bore into you like you put the stars in the sky and made the earth spin on its axis. You sighed and continued eating.

“Babygirl,” he strung out, letting the word slide right off his lips like music to your ears.

“Yes?” you responded, once again giving him your attention.

“I love you, I promise. So much,” he grinned, reaching over to take your hand. He rubbed his thumb across the back of your hand, something that you had always found calming.

“I love you too,” you replied, smiling back. It was a truly genuine smile. You couldn’t be more in love with the man sitting across from you.

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EXO French-Kissing Their S/O for the First Time


Xiumin and you had exchanged many cute, light kisses, however they never went as far as french-kissing.  Once you shyly told him what you wanted, he smirked, eyebrows raised, and initiated it, causing you to fall into a hazy bliss.


Chen noticed how whenever he stuck his tongue out–laughing, licking a crumb off his lips–your eyes always followed it. He decided to tease a bit first, exaggerating it when the two of you went out for ice cream. Later that night, you could still taste the flavor of vanilla ice cream on his tongue. 


Baekhyun, though a gentleman, would have fun with it as well.  He’d start by kissing everywhere but your mouth: your cheeks, your hands, your neck. When he did finally kiss your lips, he kept his mouth closed, prompting an annoyed groan from you. It wasn’t until you verbally asked, blush filling your cheeks, that he let you get what you wanted.


Completely clueless, Chanyeol would have no idea why you would shift so noticeably whenever he would lick his lips.  It wasn’t until you pulled him into a passionate kiss and surprised him by quickly turning into a french-kiss that he put two-and-two together. 


When you told Lay that you wanted to take a small step forward and try french-kissing, he wouldn’t be able to hide the pink hue that spread across his cheeks. A bit of a traditionalist, he’d be embarrassed at how forward you were and, admittedly, a bit turned on.


D.O would be taking things slow and, like Lay, would be unsure how to handle you telling him you wanted to french him. He’d smirk, flattered that you had even been thinking about him like that, and readily agree. 


There wouldn’t be a lot of build-up to your guys’ first french kiss, it would happen naturally. Afterwards, it would be impossible to get Suho from making cocky dad-jokes. “It’s okay, jagi, no need to be shy. I always knew I had a talented tongue,” he’d joke, causing you to hit him playfully.


French kissing with Kai would be as normal as holding his hand.  It first happened at the end of your second date, full of passion; you had been hooked on the taste of him ever since.


It was obvious how interested you were in Sehun’s tongue, and he’d openly tease you about it: making sure to lick crumbs off his fingers, lick his lips, and always make eye contact while doing it. It was only after a week of his teasing that he finally let you get what you wanted.

miracle | isaiah jesus

@thebakerstreetdragon requested isaiahhhhh

“My dad’s gonna kill me”

“My dad’s dead but I’m sure Tommy’ll do his bit”

“Fucking hell. I hadn’t thought about Tommy yet”

Isaiah pulled his cap off, covering his face with his free hand. He stood fidgeting for a few moments, his fist kneading at the cap, before he dropped his hand and walked over to you.

“Are you alright, God sorry, I didn’t even ask. What a fucking idiot. I didn’t mean, I’m sorry – thinking of-“

“Zia, shut up. I’m fine”

“Are you, though? D’ya need a doctor or something, do I-what do I?”

He reached out for your still flat stomach, realising he still had his cap in hand, and shoved it into his pocket.

“I’m likely pregnant, but I’m not dying. You might be though, do you want to sit down, love?”

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Animation loosely based on this scene:

He frowned at the projectile in his own hand and took a deep breath, turning and aiming at one of the arena walls. Softly, he hummed in concentration, the mass of energy starting to glow brighter. He held his hand out, the wavering ball of energy suddenly looking a bit… off.
As a sharp yelp echoed around the arena, Hema was suddenly left flat on his back, arms splayed out at his sides. His legs were up in the air, though they quickly flopped to the ground.

Teddy Bear Birthday


~Jonathan’s POV~

Today was my birthday and I was waiting for my friends to head over as I sit in the living room. Lately I’ve been feeling…off…I just shrugged it off as a normal thing though. A knock at the door brings me out of my thoughts. I get up and open it being greeted by a happy brown hair male wearing glasses.

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bringingyaoiback  asked:

# 16 with nail and piccolo!

“I need a place to stay.”

Everything was still a bit woozy on Piccolo’s end. He’d expected as much; it wasn’t as though he defused with somebody every day. He had hoped the effects of his fission with Nail would wear off quickly, but apparently not.

Dende’s hands glowed with healing light, and he chattered away to Nail as he healed his physical injuries and some of his exhaustion. Piccolo tuned most of it out, but every so often he’d catch bits and pieces, stories about what had happened since Nail had been gone. He noticed Nail tense when Dende mentioned the rest of their people, and he frowned. “Dende.” The boy looked up at him, biting off his words mid-sentence. “That’s enough for now. You must be tired. Go rest.”

Dende bit his lip and glanced at Nail, who sat up from the too-small cot he’d been lying on. “He’s right,” Nail rasped. His voice still wasn’t quite right, rusted from years of disuse. “You’ve taken excellent care of me, and I thank you. But you’re the guardian of a planet, now. Your responsibility is to those who live here, not me.” Piccolo held his tongue. “Go rest. My injuries are no longer so severe as to require your constant attention.” With a small smile, he shooed Dende away. “And I’d very much like to speak with Piccolo alone for a minute.”

Piccolo cleared his throat. “Yes. We need to talk. And you need to rest.”

Dende hesitated, but finally nodded. “Alright. If you need anything, please let me or Mr. Popo know immediately. I’ll be under the sun lamp if I’m needed.” And he disappeared out the door to the Lookout’s building.

Nail gingerly shifted so he was facing Piccolo, legs dangling from the edge of his cot. “What happened?” he asked. “Our fusion was supposed to be permanent.”

Piccolo shrugged. “Honestly? I have no idea. I’ve been getting headaches lately and then during one particularly awful one I passed out, and when I woke up you were there.” It had unnerved him at first. He’d had no idea what had happened, and Nail’s physical injuries that he’d had when Piccolo first fused with him were still there. He hadn’t panicked, exactly, but there had been a lot of yelling. “But here you are, and you’re not dead. So. Congratulations on that, I guess.”

To his surprise, Nail laughed, then winced and grabbed at his ribs. “Ah, it hurts to laugh. Well, thank you for this second chance. I’ll have to thank Dende too, later.”

“Don’t thank me.” Piccolo shifted uncomfortably. “I still don’t know what happened. Or why it took us ten years to defuse.”

Nail’s eyes widened. “Ten years? It’s been that long?”

Piccolo grimaced. He’d forgotten that no one had told Nail that. “About that, yeah. Couldn’t give you an exact number, but–”

“Where are the others?” Nail demanded. “The other Namekians, are they safe? There were so few left when we fused, and I don’t–I don’t really have your memories, just a few vague concepts. What happened to them?”

“I’ll tell you, but you won’t like it,” Piccolo warned. “Good news is that everyone was revived with the dragon balls. They’re all alive and kicking, save the Grand Elder and a few who weren’t brought back due to a technicality.” He grimaced. “Moori’s the new Grand Elder.”

Nail nodded. “He was…on his way out. He was so much older than any of the rest of us and–I suppose it was just his time. Moori is a good choice.” He fixed his eyes on Piccolo’s. “So what is the bad news?”

“Bad news is that they live on a planet way out in the middle of nowhere. So if you were planning on going to live with them you might have a problem.”

“I see.” Nail went quiet for a moment. Piccolo said nothing, letting him digest what he’d just heard. He couldn’t be sure how Nail would react. “Is there any way to get me to them?”

“Probably.” Piccolo folded his arms. “If Goku were around, we could ask him to teleport you, but that’s not an option right now.” Stupid, selfish Goku, deciding to stay dead for no reason. “So our options are finding the dragon balls of Earth and wishing you there, or seeing if Bulma has any more spaceships she can reverse-engineer for you. Either way, it’s going to be a while.”

Nail was silent again. Piccolo waited. “I’ll need a place to stay,” he finally said quietly.

Piccolo waved him off. “You can stay here. Dende will be happy to have you. And I’d be happy to have a new sparring partner, and an adult I can talk to without wanting to rip someone’s arm off.”

Nail laughed again, and it was stronger this time. Something fluttered in Piccolo’s stomach and he immediately quashed the feeling. “I’d be delighted.”

Don’t Ever Leave Me (Throbb)

Robb and Theon find themselves in yet another argument caused by Theon’s father, but before Theon manages to apologise Robb gets himself into a car accident and Theon is left with the guilt of thinking it’s all his fault.

Warning: Major Character Injury/Accident! Little bit of angst, fluff, sadness, character guilt. Multiple P.O.V’s.

Word Count: 8k+

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Rorschach. Photo by @afraidtowant; text by me.

We step on holding hands. We’ve been out on that date you wanted – wandering for beers and ice cream, fucking around in alleys and side streets. We’re a bit over warm, a bit tipsy, giddy off one another’s skin.

I’m going to fuck you when we get home.

I’m going to fuck you first though.

We laugh and I squeeze your hand as I lean back from your ear. A whim hits me.

Close your eyes, boy. Keep them closed until I say otherwise.

I let go of your hand. We’re about a third of the way up the escalator. I gently body check you into the standing side of the step, kiss your nose and I’m gone. You can’t feel me. Can’t smell me. Can’t hear me. Your eyelids tremble with the effort of staying closed.

At the top, I grab your hand just before you’d have tripped at the end of the conveyor. We walk home arm in arm and your eyes never once open. I fuck you. You lay between my legs and fist me by feel alone, begging to open your eyes and watch me cum. We curl up to sleep; you’re my little spoon.

You can open your eyes when you wake up in the morning, boy.

Whatever You Do Don’t Think About These FAWL Wedding HC’s With Me.

It’s a huge amalgam of gender norms, culture, and ceremony.

The night before neither Otabek nor Yuri can sleep. Yuri walks outside to the date tree barefoot and in his oversized pajamas. Otabek is already sitting under the date tree. Of course, Otabek gets real self-conscious and uncharacteristically flushed when Yuri walks into the garden. And Yuri’s just nonchalantly like, “Oh yeah, I forgot I’m not to see my bride the night before,” and smirks at Otabek. Of course Otabek fucking melts, and they have to sneak away somewhere so Yuri can fuck him.

They’re pretty young when it happens like 20-21 and 23-24, but they’re also really sure about it.

Viktor tries to attempt to kidnap the bride by grabbing Otabek and make him go out drinking with him and Yuuri. Except that Otabek doesn’t drink much, basically has a hard time, and oh yeah. Viktor forgets to text Yuri and ask for “ransom”. So Yuri shows up at the bar furious and refuses to play along.

It’s held at Otabek’s parents house in Almaty in the orchard. The only people in attendance alongside the grooms are Otabek’s parents, Farida, Nikolai, and maybe Viktor and Yuuri if they behave (the whole bridenapping thing pissed him off real good).

Two words: succulent corsages 

Somehow an upright piano gets dragged out to the garden. Farida plays Canon in D (because Mendelssohn’s wedding march is a bit too much). Yuri cannot stop sneaking furtive glances at it and blushing, but Otabek has no idea why.

Even though there is no bride, Otabek’s mother paints Yuri’s right hand and Otabek’s left hand with henna because she remembers it being such a fun and integral part of her own wedding.

They hold candles like in a Russian betrothal ceremony. Nikolai reads a litany and wraps a stole around their hands together as is also Russian tradition. Otabek kisses Yuri three times on the cheek and once on the forehead, which is Muslim tradition.

Yusef does a reading of poetry, ancient text, or scripture about love/marriage. Otabek translates it for Yuri by whispering it in his ear. Yuri blushes the whole time.

The final part of the ceremony is completely non-traditional. There’s a hole dug in the ground and cloth placed on the ground near it so they can kneel without ruining their wedding clothes. Together, they plant an apple tree a tasteful distance from the date tree.

It’s really fucking sappy, and Yuri does not give a single fuck.

Gang Band Smut Part One.

The past hour was filled with silence, besides the sound of a page turning, or a pencil tapping the large wooden table i sat at. I had a huge exam to study for and i needed to get an A. due to the silence filled hours, it was a surprise when the door swung open and the gang burst inside.
“Y/n!! Come on!! Lets go to the dingo!!” They hollered, still by the door.
“Guys, im sorry! I got a huge exam to study for on monday-”
“Its Saturday though!!” Two smiled.
“Yeah, but i really need an A…Im sorry guys..another time.” I shrugged, looking back at my book. Even within my protests the gang stayed. Dallas and Darry sat at the table while the rest of the boys sprawled out on the floor. They let me study for a bit but around twenty minutes later they began to whisper, causing you yo get distracted.
“Guys!!!” You yelled, causing them to all look at you.
“Alright, y/n. Were gonna quiz you.” Darry began with a smirk.
“Uh….fine…?” You tilted your head a bit at them, waiting for the catch.
“Theres a twist though. We go clockwise. Every question that each of us ask you, well, if you get it correct…we pleasure you.” Thus caused you to swallow. You knew they all had a crush on you but you never-ever—thought something like this would happen.
“Every question you get wrong-well….” Soda started.
“You punish me..” You bit your lip watching all the boys nod. Your stomach twisted in sick excitement as you sat on the floor with the rest of the boys who sat with you. Dallas took your textbook and glanced around at it.
“So, y/n. What are five symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning..?” He bit his lip, almost tripping over a few words.
“Uh…uh……headache, dizziness….bone weakness….” Dallas laid his hand on your thigh and you began to tremble.
“Ch-chest pain….confusion….” You finished, eyes not leaving Dallas’s hand.
“Good girl, y/n…” He smirked, quickly pushing on your chest causing you to fall back on your back. Dallas smirked widely as in one slick move, he tossed your shirt and bra across the room, pretty much attacking your left breast and massaging your right. You could tell how he wanted to do this in his movements. He never started easy.
“O-only three m-minutes Dallas…” Pony choked out, watching along with the rest of the gang. Moans spilled out of your mouth as Dallas’s tongue swirled around your breast before the sensation was pulled away.
“Me next.” Darry smirked as he practically ripped the book from Dallas’s lap.You sat up, breathing hard, not caring about being topless. soda, Johnny, Dally, Darry and Steve were hard already. Did it matter?
“Okay, an arson is creates to…?” Darry began. Great. You knew this.
“An arson is created to-” you stopped just as Darry let his tongue swirl around his lips.
“Come on, baby…you got this…think of all the pleasure ill give you…”
You couldn’t think though. The way Darry was using his actions was unbearable. After a minute of silence, Darry smirked.
“On your back, Y/n.” He whispered, causing you to obey. Once you laid down he crawled over you, hovering your lower body.
“We don’t need these.” He tugged at your skirt and in a flash- they were gone.
“Oh, y/n…” He began, starring at your black lace thong that you smartly decided to wear.after he bit his lip to the point where blood would show, he pulled them down and off. Your eyes quickly left Darry though and sprang to the moan that left the young blonde’s perfect pink lips. Pony couldn’t handle this. He was already jerking off to the thought—and view of you.
“Oh, y/n…” Darry shook his head a few times as your eyes flipped back to yours. His hand skimmed your heat quickly.
“Who made you this wet, y/n?” It was true. You were absolutely bit your lip and thought. Why not edge him on more.
“D-dally did….” You whispered innocently. Darry’s eyes immediately filled with domination and rage.
“Thats gonna change, y/n….” He smirked, before you could react, Darry slammed roughly into you. His sharp nails dug roughly into your hips as he pushed into you at a inhumane speed.just as you couldn’t take it anymore the pleasure left you as Darry took his seat again, leaving you in a sweating mess on the floor.
“Y/n, I’m making you answer this. What is an arson?” Sodas slick words rolled off his tongue softly, causing you just to want more pleasure.
“I-its u-used to cover up a crime…” You whimpered just as soda rose.
“Correct. Now, give me a minute.” He slowly walked out of the room with a smirk leaving you still breathing hard, nervous for whats to come.


Doppelgänger Lavellan

Dedicated to @slothquisitor who has to contend with end of semester stress and obligations. I wanted to write fluff but this silly idea came to mind instead so I hope shenanigans works to lift your spirits. I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your lovely Mara. Alternate modern AU where Kaeran and Mara meet. Also Sera’s involved because I love her too. 1430 words.

“So when are ya gonna tell me the naughty bits about yer date?”

Kaeran huffed, not even taking her eyes off the book she was assessing. She already had one book wedged to her chest and though she could get away with buying one more book, it was a foolish to think that she’d leave the bookstore with two books. Three if she restrained herself, at worst, maybe six or seven. She tried to ignore her bank account and reread the back of the book. She hoped Sera backed off.

“Soooooooo….” Her companion pushed the book out of her hands. So rude.

“So what?” Kaeran sighed, bending over to pick up the book, fearing that one of the employees might see the offense. Maybe if she pretended to not know her friend, Sera might be forced to leave the place; on second thought, probably not the best idea. Sera held grudges for a frightening long time. There was no use begging, she would only stop when it pleased her.

Kaeran shelved the book. It wasn’t as intriguing anyway. From the corner of her eye she can see Sera bouncing from one foot to the other, clearly vibrating with excitement.

“You like him,” she said. Sera screwed up her face and made a disgusted noise loud enough to ruffle the feathers of another patron. Kaeran snorted, “OK, OK. I didn’t mean it that way. To be honest, I’m actually surprised that you know someone like him.”

“Wot ya mean?”

“I don’t know…he doesn’t strike me as someone who you’d have in your very eclectic circle of friends.”

Sera snorted this time. “Yeah, that’s a fancy way of puttin’ it. I don’t know, he sort of gets my humour, get him sloshed and he can tell a few dirty jokes. One time I laughed so hard, I had beer comin’ out my nose. Bloody hurt but couldn’t stay mad at ‘im, it was a good joke.”


“Seems impossible, ‘ight? Him looking serious and all, but he’s funny in his way even though he’s so Ferelden-y.”

Kaeran smiles fondly at Sera’s openness. It’s obvious that she looks up to the guy, somewhere between a confidant and a brother. Kaeran didn’t realize that she was lost in thought until Sera grinned widely, like a cat that ate a canary or three.

“You liiiike him,” she singsonged.

Kaeran spared a side-glance at her friend before moving to the next aisle over. Just because that last book wasn’t interesting didn’t mean that her search was over. About five minutes of relative silence passed, Sera poked her arm repeatedly to grab her attention.

“Ugh, Sera! If you’re so desperate for details—“

“Nevermin’ that! Look!” It wasn’t enough for Sera to be gawking, she had to also point at the person across the bookstore, arm fully extended and wagging her index for added emphasis.

Kaeran smacked her arm down; the sound was violent and the action even had another nearby patron audibly gasp. Kaeran internally groaned. This was the absolute last time that she was going to bring Sera to a bookstore. She looked at the blonde that Sera pointed out but could only make out that it was a woman about their age and had pointed ears. She couldn’t see what was so particularly special about this particular patron, not with the way her face was downturned and very much engrossed in a book she was holding.

“Really, Sera? Another elf in a bookstore, not a rare sight.”  

“No,” she emphasized by grabbing Kaeran’s shoulders and shaking her with some restraint, “it’s her! That doppel-thingy I keep telling you about!”

“Doppelgänger?…oh!” It finally dawned on her. Apparently Sera kept on seeing the mysterious woman and constantly confused her for Kaeran.

Curious, Kaeran began to walk down an aisle towards her supposed doppelgänger. Sera pulled her to the side.

“’Ey! Wot’re you doin’?” she hissed.

“What you think? You’ve been going on about this double-me you keep seeing and now she’s here, wouldn’t hurt to get a closer look.”

She’s about to get closer when Sera pulls her back yet again, a scrunched up look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I’m thinkin’…” Sera said, “isn’t it bad luck or somethin’?”

Kaeran rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry, I won’t touch her if that’s what has you concerned. Wouldn’t want to have our reality collapse if she’s another me from a different timeline.”

“I hate you,” Sera huffed.

“Aww, no you don’t. You looove me.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi, about your recent Nanaba post. I'm a bit surprised you didn't include Annie into abused female characters list. Wasn't Annie's father extremly abusive? Imo he heavily traumatized her even before she was given into a warrior programm. I'd love to hear your thoughts on a matter, though.

Honestly, I just forgot about Annie. And I can’t remember off-hand what Annie’s situation was with her father. I’ll have to pull out the manga and re-read what we get of him, which IIRC is like…a page, right?

But then, didn’t one of the…VNs or something give us more information on it? My brain is telling me it’s something about…extensive training–like all day every day for years? Which could classify. I mean, forcing your kid to train in and out is pretty terrible. Also, if he was raising her to be a child soldier, his words about always being on her side or whatever don’t really hold much weight. Like okay, sure…but you still signed her life away. (Why though.) (I wish we knew for sure.)(I wish we knew for sure why all these kids’ parents put them in the programme tbh…)

Annie was also bullied by her supposed allies.

The list wasn’t mean to be a complete one but I’m glad that people looked at it and noticed that there were female characters missing from it that should be there. Which just goes to prove it is most assuredly a re-occurring theme in this series. :/

delphine-le-dauphin  asked:

(@the-crow-prince) Goro's hands trembled a bit as he undid the last of his shirt buttons, swallowing a bit as he slowly let the garment slid down his shoulders, arms and back, giving Akira the first glimpse of his naked, scarred back. He tossed the garment aside once it was completely off, laying on his stomach on the mattress to give Akira full access to his back. He never showed his back to anyone. Akira wasn't just anyone though, And deep down, Goro knew that he'd understand...

In the twilight Goro’s skin is pale. Akira let his eyes roam over his back, to the muscle tone of his arms. As his gaze rises to take in the scars, he takes note of the other’s shaking form. His hands fall to the center of Goro’s back. Akira loved the way his skin felt, so soft, perfect. Then in an instant Akira straddled Goro’s back and he feels their body heat combine.

How is it that his feelings for Goro traveled from his heart into his blood? That it flows through Akira’s skin that touches his. He adored Goro’s mind, his soul, it makes this body connection explosive beyond reason. It’s there in everything they do, everything they say, even in their silences.

His lips trail up the detective’s back slowly, until they reached his shoulders. “Why did you hide this from me?” He words barely come out in a whisper. “These scars….” His lips pressed against the scars, “They’re beautiful. How could you ever hide these? I adore them….” 

He paid each and every scar his special attention. Each and every one of them. No scar went untouched by his lips. The scars covered his back like a hundred silvery pink lines. Some might find it unpleasing to see, but for Akira it was quite the opposite. Scars meant pain. And pain was the most pleasurable thing to Akira. The more the better. He even would go as far to say that he had a fetish for them. 



Dean looked up from his drink with a grin. “Erm. Not sure how to tell you this, but I’m pretty sure that I am Dean.”

He shrugged. “Of course, that could be good news, if you’re really looking for me.”

He handed Seamus the drink he’d ordered him. It was water. “I feel like you might need to hydrate a little bit, Shay. Here. And maybe don’t wander off again just yet.”

“I think I need to sit down maybe a little.” Seamus decided–though he also seemed keen on just grabbing Dean’s arm and spilling half his glass of water all the way down Dean’s front. 

Or maybe it wasn’t exactly Dean. Because Dean was a little blurry and he sort of slipped a little–when he sort of seemed like he should have been stationary.

expletiives  asked:


Send 🖐 to bend my muse over the kitchen table as they clean and get a little frisky

Atlas was collecting textbooks off of the dining room table. It was late and he was planning on spending the night at Hakeem’s place since he was tired and well, cuddling with Hakeem for the night sounded a lot better than trudging home in the humid night air and losing precious sleeping time. The studying session had been successful, though, and he felt confident in the test he had a few days so there was that. He’d just stacked up the last book when he felt a firm hand pressed on the small of his back and easing him onto the table with just a bit of force to catch him off guard.. “Hakeem, c’mon, I want to go to bed!” He whined, his hands reaching out to hold onto the other end of the small table. “It’s late!” Nevertheless, he felt the familiar press of Hakeem’s hips against him and a tremor ran down his spine, teeth sinking into his lower lip and legs spreading just a little. 

continued from here with @bloodiedrequiem

Reno didn’t know what Rufus was dreaming about, and to be fair he was pretty sure he was better off not knowing. Yet he couldn’t just stand there as he twitched either, clearly in the throws of some kind of a nightmare anyway. He leant a bit closer so he could reach out, even though he was asleep Reno still moved slowly. Like you would if you were faced with a monster. Hell no, he’d run for the hills (not the point). As his hand made contact with Rufus’ shoulder and he opened his mouth to say something to wake him up, something else happened that he was not expecting.

Rufus went for his gun.
         Oh shit.
                      Not the worst part!
          A hand clasping around his neck.
                                 Oh shit!

He choked for a moment, though he felt the cold barrel of the gun against his temple and though he had two hands he could use himself, he barely got a chance. He wasn’t quite sure what happened but somehow he ended up underneath Rufus. On the bed.

                      Then he woke up.
                      Double awkward.

“ Y-you were, ” He gripped the hand at his neck, trying to move it yet still pinned beneath him. “ Nightmare.” He managed to gasp out.

                       God, he had a deathgrip.

“ Jus’ tryna help… ”

ofmagnhild  asked:

*smooches Pyrrha on the cheek*


    She can’t help the way her heart beats a bit faster in that moment, as her teammate’s lips brush her cheek, cutting off the sentence which she had just barely begun. A blush quickly takes up residence in the small bit of warmth left behind, a hand coming up to touch it.
               ❝…T-thank you?
    She’s uncertain of what to say, but thinks this might suffice.
      (After all, it isn’t as though she can return the gentle brush with something… more. She’d never allow herself to possibly hurt the ginger in that way.)

anonymous asked:

when will links to posts for descforstb be posted? i'm excited to help!

Oh, anon! Anon! All the internet hugs, okay? All of them. I apologise if I accidentally poke your eye from the excited hand flapping, though!

Tomorrow. (It’s nearly 10 PM here in Australia. I don’t know … fourteen, fifteen hours from now? Something like that?) My hands are a bit rough tonight, so I’ll go through another anon addition of awesome and two submissions of awesome tomorrow and then put up the post once I’ve finished going through my drafts. I’d really like to put some of the older posts up first, because there’s some great stuff that’s been waiting quite a while for descriptions.

But, anon, thank you. Thank you so much. *hugs*

I was tagged by @whimsybrain​ who is a highkey delightful person. I, on the other hand, am a highkey indecisive person so enjoy my rambling.

Name: Lara

Nicknames: My mum named me specifically so that I couldn’t get a nickname but I woundn’t mind if Larz or Larzie would take off.

Zodiac: Sagittarius. Actually surprisingly accurate about me, though I’m not a believer. 

Height: 5'8 
and a bit. Like 174cm.

Orientation: Bi as bi could be. 

Nationality: Australian & German

Fave Fruit: Fresh berries of all varieties

Favourite season: Summer. Give me alllll the sun. 32C/90F and up is heaven.

Favourite Book: If you could see my bookshelf you’d know I can’t choose so I’m just going to say I like fantasy and stuff that’s over 400 pages.

Favourite Flower: Sunflowers/Roses/Daisies

Favourite scent: Books & leather and the way the air gets on a really hot day when even the breeze is warm and it hasn’t rained in a month.

Favourite colour: Grey, Black, Blue, Red.

Favourite Animal: BEES!!!!!!! Also snakes and horses and dogs and big cats.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: I’m a coffee snob but I’ll never turn down a good cup of tea.

Average hours of sleep: 9.5

Cat or dog: Dogs without question

Favourite fictional character: *pained smile* Steve Rogers,

# of blankets u sleep with: 3 minimum

Dream Trip: Road trip through all of North America

Blog Created: 2016 (Converted to a Twenty One Pilots blog like 2 weeks ago though whoops)

Followers: 51 but like 5 are actually active bless.

Like I said I have like 5 active followers so I’m going to tag @soupy-chicken​ because Suz has put up with me for like 3 blog topic changes can you even believe and @spookyjazzhands​ bc her blog is even cooler than her url and so is she.