the handmade loaf


The ghosts are here! For October I will be selling my handmade Gengar and Drifloon loafs! They are made-to-order and super cuddly! I’m very happy with them.

They are based off of Teacup Lion’s dragon loaf pattern. I also use her embroidery pattern for the Drifloon’s face. The Gengar’s face is my own design.

You can check them out here!


Making a lovely crusty seeded loaf for the boy. This one has gluten but I’ll be making a gluten-free crusty loaf for myself too, soon, as I have a recipe I like. White bread isn’t ‘the best’ nutritionally but at least with a handmade loaf you know exactly what went into it (flour, yeast, water), the seeds add nutrition (and deliciousness) and it was kneeded with love 😊


first neko atsume plush of likely many! bandit in a kitten loaf pose with green cushion.

the kitten loaf pose seemed popular, so i went with that for the first plush. chose bandit mainly because they were colors i had on hand and i had other poses in mind for other cats whose fabric i had too. i love giving little accessories to plushies so neko atsume is right up my alley (besides the fact that i’m a crazy cat lady)

bandit is made from ash and pumpkin minky. the green cushion is lime minky. bandit has an embroidered face and feet. his spots are appliqued on. entirely machine sewn except where his tail was hand-tacked onto his body. measures 10″ long by 6″ tall, not including his ears.

i am giving away his prototype for the cost of shipping and paypal fees. enter here:

bandit is for sale on my etsy: