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Imagine the grief I’d get if my daughter shared these on her Instagram, how long before the school would call.
Thing is I use moments like this to teach her proper handling of a weapon. Prior to these photos she checked to verify the handgun was unloaded and knows how to clear it if it wasn’t, she did not touch the trigger, she kept the weapon pointed in a safe direction. She fully understands what a firearm can do and that they are not a toy. She also knows how to use one and that she doesn’t have to be a victim. She can also ring steel at 300 yards with my AR15.
Most people would see a post on gun safety and not pay attention to it, maybe by being a bit controversial with having a young girl holding a pistol somebody may take the time to read this.

Teach your children gun safety!

Rule 1- Treat every gun like it’s loaded
Rule 2- Keep your finger off of the trigger until your sights are on target
Rule 3- Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction and never at something you aren’t willing to destroy
Rule 4- Know your target and what is in front or behind it.

The rules are setup so 2 need to be broken for someone to get hurt.