the hand with inherited rings

This is a ring I made myself a couple weeks ago and I am completely in love with it. I created it as a companion piece for the antique turquoise ring I wear on my right hand, inherited from my grandmother.

The malachite cab was cut by a gentleman who lives in my parent’s retirement city. He belongs to a senior citizen lapidary group and they’re all rockhounding and shaping stones just for passion, not for profit. The tree bark texture on the band and stamped copper leaves are inspired from growing up in the forest. I spent a lot of my childhood alone, barefoot in the trees (my mother was always brushing twigs out of my hair) and it’s my experiences in nature as a child that influence all of my jewelry.


Dead to Me – The Hand With Inherited Rings

I looked this song up after I saw The Flatliners tweet “Holy shit this is good.” Good bands tend to like other good bands. Check it out.