the hand thing urghh my heart

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ahaha yay! okay so i'm the anon that asked abt advice and so the thing is my friends have been leaving me out of a lot of things, like not inviting me but still sending pictures of it and talking abt in the group chat + only 1 of my friends has apologized & idk i'm very hurt and kinda wanna drop them but i can't tell if i'm overreacting or not. thank you! sorry if this is super vague ah

urghh that’s one of the worst feeling it’s genuinely heart breaking, the best thing to do would be to ask the group in person why this is happening but i know from first hand experience that, that is incredibly difficult and honestly i couldn’t do it. If you can do it that’s amazing but not being able to face the possibility of direct rejection from multiple people is completely understandable, in that case maybe ask the one good person to ask the others what the deal is and why it’s happening and take it from there. I wish you the best and this too will pass <3333