the hand placement in 3 sorry

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dailyexo(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)75351045565(/)baekhyun-chanyeol-140126-oak-valley-winter Chan did the 1-4-3 gesture again >"< i don't khow whether he intentionally did that or not but i think that's cute a~ (≧▽≦) sorry for my bad English.

I going to put the picture for everyone to see:

What you mean by 1-4-3 gesture though? As in ‘I love you’ sign we have talked about before? Because it does look a bit like that, but since we can see only the back of Chanyeol’s hand and only 4 of his fingers are visible, it’s hard to tell. May be just as well a completely random finger placement.

They both look totally cute though. I love that little dance that they did as a part of First Snow performance.

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Other angle!

External image

Totally adorable. Like admin MTL has mentioned, we can’t see his other finger, so it could be random finger placement. Suspicious though, no? Either way, that performance was hella cute. One of my faves, just look at how adorable it was!

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The lyrics don’t help at all TO THE FEELS OMG

/chokes on tears

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