the hand of the king and i

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I have absolutely no self control. All this talk about a Viking!AU has got me intrigued, yes, but @kingofmalta essentially swooped in and was THREW IDEAS AT ME so I just had to do somethin.

Since I’m currently with the Space!AU I might not do anything else for this AU until later but like…. King suggested the Viking!AU had Centaur Twi and regular anthro Rarity and I kinda…. I’m very intrigued, not gonna lie. :/

So, I drew Centaur Twi viking because my hand decided to slip. RIP ME. ;_;

I love old things. Book pages turned yellowish, smelling sweet from all the fingers that have turned them. A wooden jewelry box carved by a lover for his beloved. Dried flowers, kept by a widow years after the funeral. Rugs woven by hand, a little worn from all the feet that have walked upon the millions of threads strung together. Paintings portraying a lifetime so different from our own.

  I feel at home in castles haunted by the ghosts of kings and queens that inhabited them. I feel at peace in forests where the roots of trees have staked their claim, dancing high above the soil in which they’ve been planted.

In this day and age, where everything is made out of concrete and plastic, where we have lost the true meaning of a meaningful life, I’m convinced my soul was meant to live through another era.

—  Yasmin Ali

list of songs from reputation that i want music videos for:

  • i did something bad
  • dont blame me
  • delicate
  • so it goes…
  • gorgeous
  • getaway car
  • king of my heart
  • dancing with our hands tied
  • dress
  • this is why we cant have nice things
  • call it what you want
  • new year’s day

list of songs the general public deserve to hear as singles (aka the only songs we would get videos for):

  • none of the above


T'challa x reader

@guineapigzwei : can you do a black panther x reader fluff?

T'challa couldn’t find you. Nope not at all. He had looked and searched for you ever where but he just couldn’t find you. You have always been the type to wonder around, to explore the unknown to understand it better. That’s what he loved about you, but he really did wish you would tell at least one of the Dora Milaje. He remembered having this conversation with you multiple times, but always getting the same response in return. “I’ll be T'challa no need to worry about me.” With a kiss on the cheek. But he did anyway. “My king. We couldn’t find her either. Shall we continue to look?” Okoye asked. T'challa waved his hand in a dismissive motion. You would be found when you wanted to be that’s what he also learned. T'challa walked out of his throne room and began to think about the first time he meet you. You had worn your glasses that day, a messy bun and lipstick the shade of soft pink. It was one of those days were he had decided to take a break from Wakanda a bit and just stroll around different town’s and cities, he had chosen London that day. You hadn’t been watching were you were going and knocked into him.“Iamsosorryididntmeantoknockintoyouohdergodmomwasrightimsuchacluzt.” T'challa had put his hand on your shoulder to calm your rambling. He chuckled. “Its alright..but of you don’t mind me asking what had you so hypnotized into not looking in the proper direction.” Your eyes had glistened as you whispered. “Everthing. I mean I’m not from here there’s so much to see.” T'challa smile grew bigger at your endearing curiosity and at a chance to get to know you better. “I guess we have that in common. Mind if I tag along with you.” You blushed a soft shade of pink that looked nice on your s/c. “Sur-r-re.” The rest of the day had been magical, filled laughter and fun.

T'challa found that he liked three things about you mostly, your eyes, seemiling unending knowledge, and your curiosity. Even though you wondered all the time he still loved it. T'challa entered your shared room to be greeted with a smiling and jumpy familiar face that he oh so loved. He sighed. “ Y/n I-” “ “Before you say anything else.” You interrupted face still bright as ever. “ I want to show you something really exciting..but.” T'challa raised his brow “but what?.” “But were gonna need a jet.”

Ramonda was going to kill T'challa if she found out he used the ship for his own personal desires, come to think of it Shuri might too. To the right of him you were fidgeting in your seat looking out the window. “T'challa isn’t the veiw so beautiful up here?” He looked to the side of the jet for a spilt second and agreed. “Yes, indeed it is but I’ve seen much more beautiful things.” T'challa could feel your smile grow bigger and your cheeks growing warmer. “Oh park it right here.” “You don’t park a jet Y/n you land it.” You smacked his head softly and rolled your eyes. “Fine. Land it.”

T'challa was awe struck and apparently so we’re you even though you had been here for a full 2 hours. The trees were a shocking bright green that matched the even brighter grass. The river flowed with such purity that it clearly has never been touched but human skin. The flowers with shades of Amaranth, Fuchsia, Electric Cyan, and Amethyst. ( you had pointed out and named each shade.) Birds chirped songs clearly and loudly each one mixing together perfectly into a symphony. It was breath taking, and as were as you walked around pointing out things and explaining or asking questions. “T'challa isn’t this place just so mystical? It seems so unreal to perfect to be here.” T'challa nodded his head. “ Its is. I’m glad you found it.” T'challa thought that if you hadn’t been such a curious person this place would be found, if you weren’t so curious you wouldnt have went to London and you wouldn’t have meet him and fall in love. It’s funny really. “Never stop being curious.” You turned and looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Didn’t plan to, but thanks for the concern…I love you.” T'challa leaned forward and kissed you on the lips. Hard. He drew away and said “ I love you too.”

Yea I’m done

I do not like Red Queen. I could barely get through the halfway mark without wanting to punch Mare in the face. All she does is COMPLAIN. We get it your life sucks, stop being salty and go do something that doesn’t involve fucking up and making terrible decisions that could ruin your families life. Like, why the hell didn’t you bow to the King and Queen??? What did you have to lose by doing so. We know you don’t like her but you’re families life is in their HANDS you dumbass. And why are you always salty? We get it you hate the silvers. Guess what you’re not special. You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to help your family and you have the nerve to be disgusted by the fancy clothes they gave you? And what’s with all the dumb metaphors and analogies? “The silvers hide behind red shields” “the silvers are sacrifice red blood” “reds and silvers blah blah blah” Mare is literally retarded. Like that time when she actually tried to pickpocket the Silvers??!! I get thats she wanted to save her friend but damn girl wtf?? They could easily annihilate her and she still tried. What. The. Fuck. I love tortured or suffering characters but I hate whiny babies. Kvothe (from the king killers) had a TERRIBLE life, but he never complained to her extent. Or Cinder (From Cinder) also had to deal with a very similar situation to Mare ( probably worse tbh) but she was at least mature about if and made the best of her situation and stayed grateful for what she HAD while at the same time raising a rebellion and being a badass mofo.

I just feel like the main character is super annoying and the writing is kinda bland. Reminds me of the twitter dystopianya. Too many over used tropes and capitalized stuff lol. It’s not very…original. And if really that’s not much of a problem with me but the bland writing and bland characters kinda drag it down

Honestly though 7th grade me would have probably would have been fangirling over this book. Thank god I didn’t. Thank GOD.!

In the meantime I’m gonna read a book that’s actually worth reading and enjoyable. Byeee.

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Rank your favorite FF15 boys in order!

aaaayyy hi there anon i like you EXCEPT WAIT what kind of… torture… is this… ok i still like you even if this question brings me existential pain

i mean i have like. a million different ways to categorise these idiots (and less-than-idiots) so i’m going to give you a couple of different rankings just because i can and because i literally cannot choose otherwise:

top 5 ranking of dudes i’d go fishing with (aka the most important ranking)

- noct gar (the king of gars)
- cor (idk i feel like he has mad skills at catching fish with his bare hands)
- ravus (would probably stare the shit out of fish)
- ignis (backseat fishes which is nagl but also will cook said fish to perfection)

prom doesn’t make the list cos he would probably not even care about my great catches, i s2g half the time he goes “woop de do congrats bro” in the game and the camera loops back and he’s actually just staring at his phone

top ranking of dudes i’d go backpacking in kazakhstan with

- gladio (bc DUH)
- ignis (bc i can’t actually take care of myself for shit and he’d feed me)
- nyx (he seems like the kinda guy who would ride a motorbike across mountains)
- cor (again he probably has this shit covered but he might also make me drink horse milk or smth for vitality and i’m not about that life)
- noct (but only because he stands maybe 1% a better chance at not dying as opposed to prom bc he can warp-strike out of a ravine)

top 5 ranking of dudes i’d marry

- prom (I HATE THIS!!!)
- ignis (i mean DUH who wouldn’t)
- kenny the crow
- ??????
- idk gladio probably

hmm okay maybe this is enough, feel free to ask more about my completely bizarre and possibly regrettable choices in life

Tsukiuta Coincidences: 5 Nov 2017- 12 Jan 2018

As the title says~Hajime and I were talking about how there are so many coincidences surrounding us and the Tsukiuta characters and so the Black King asked me to make a post! Ah the Black King is getting a bit tooooo cooooool lately *sparkling eyes* so who am I to resist~? 

Your wish is my command, Ou-sama.

While the previous coincidence post was more of dates and numbers, this will be more of happenings~in no particular order. Some happened before the above stated period but was discovered during~

@saikiyuuki @kirakirafairyprincess @judaiteitoreokou @tsukiuta-obsessed @minazukirui-pluviawaltz@stupendouscollectionkoalafan @aina-akabane @zeru99 @starshipology @nageki-yuki @thiz-is-fun 

- There was a tweet where Tsukiuta Iku joked that he and Shun would cheer up if they held hands and Iku really held Shun’s hand in real life to cheer Shun up~

- Shun’s snuggles, cuddles, hugs can give good luck~and lucky vaccum is a hug

- Iku said similar things as Tsukiuta Iku in his Drama CD, and complained about Shun too~Aoi also said similar things as Tsukiuta Aoi is the Black Rabbit Kingdom Drama CD.

- In Tsukiuta You’s Drama CD he complains about it being too hot to swim. You coincidentally complained about being sunburnt from swimming~

- Tsukiuta Aoi’s father is a vet and Tsukiuta Aoi loves animals. Aoi is taking a course to become a vet in university and he also loves animals (nope he didn’t know about Tsukiuta Aoi loving animals Aoi so cuteeeee)

- Koi has a similar outfit to New Year Koi~~~~Koi met Hajime in real life with that outfit and Tsukiuta Hajime has New Year Koi on his team~

- Tsukiuta Kakeru’s songs reflect Kakeru’s life and luck (*snuggles snuggles snuggles Kakeru*)

- In the past, Hajime had a black and white rabbit whose names were close to Kuroda and Shiroda.

- Shun discovered Shun was Shun at 23 years old. In the 24 (Tsukiuta Shun’s birthdate) hours clock, 23 is 11.

- According to Haru and Hajime, Procella is all talented and Gravi is all hard working, like in Tsukiuta.

- In TsukiPARA, the New Year cards have good luck charms (omamori). Tsukiuta Aoi, Koi, Iku and Haru’s reflect the things they need for what they’re going through. Good luck, connection, good health, accomplishment in studies. You can refer to the post here~ *smiles* Ganbatte Aoi, Koi, Iku, Haru. Good luck.

- Shun learnt about communication being important and Tsukiuta Shun said in a tweet that in the entertainment industry, communication skill is important 

- 2017 = 10, Shun’s birth month, the year Shun discovered Shun was Shun. 2018 = 11, and who knows what will happen?

- 2018 is also the year of the Dog. Shun was born in 1994, which is also the year of the Dog

- Tsukiuta series started at December 7th, 2012. 2012 adds up to 5 (Procella Post). December (12) and 7 adds up to 19 which adds up to 10 (Shun’s birth month and Hajime’s birth date) and altogether adds up to 24

- This was also announced in a post on Twitter for Tsukiuta’s 5th Year Anniversary

- Shun and Hajime coincidentally said similar things as Tsukiuta Shun and Hajime in their birthday bromides. Shun wished Hajime happiness on his birthday and Hajime said to Shun to face the new year on Tsukiuta Hajime’s birthday (well one day after~fitting with the one year age difference between Hajime and Tsukiuta Hajime).

(It was announced that they had made a mistake with the kanji for Tsukiuta Hajime’s birthday bromide. The announcement was made on Hajime’s birthday. Our Hajime)

TsukiPARA coincidences:
(separate because there are so many wwww)

- Haru calls Shun snuggly wolf and Haru got Circus White Wolf Shun in TsukiPARA. Haru’s first impression of Hajime when they talked to him was that he was professional, and Haru got Gravi Work Hajime in TsukiPARA.

- Hajime got Circus Black Wolf Hajime in the Revival gacha and Shun got Circus White Wolf Shun in the Revival gacha

- Shun got Circus You, Circus Haru, Circus Iku while trying for Circus Shun and Shun knew You, Haru, Iku (before they became You, Haru and Iku)

- Iku got New Year Haru and New Year Rui in the confirmed to get one New Year gacha. Iku also got New Year Iku later on~

- Rui got New Year Kai and New Year Aoi~both of whom Rui knows

- Shun’s TsukiPARA ID starts with 11 (5+6) and ends with 24 (literally 24)

- Tsukiuta Kai and Shun had a tweet where it was Shun’s unlucky day and Kai’s lucky day. Real life Kai was lucky on the day real life Shun was unlucky – 1 day (22 -23 age difference) after Tsukiuta Shun’s. Kai got New Year Shun and New Year Kakeru (representing bad luck) from the confirmed to get one 10 roll on the day Shun told him it was his lucky day because it was Shun’s unlucky day. Unfortunately the first day of the new year (but I got my luck back so it’s okay~)

- Kai usually prefers Shun from the gacha but this time he wanted New Year Kai~it’s interesting as Kai’s first coincidence as described above was on the first day of the new year, and the start of the gacha. Kai also got 4* Soushi who’s born in July.

- Shun got Christmas Shun on the 23rd (Shun’s rate up day and Shun’s age) of December (12) after reading Tsukiuta Shun’s Drama CD and Christmas Aoi (one roll) on the 22nd (Aoi’s age) of December, not on Aoi’s rate up day…during a conversation with Aoi.

- What’s amazing is that Aoi also got Christmas Shun and Christmas Aoi – from one roll…like Shun (My Aoiiii~~~~*hugsssss*)

- Tsukiuta Hajime is missing Arata and Haru from his team in TsukiPARA. Hajime is missing the opposite – Koi and Aoi 4 stars in TsukiPARA.

- Tsukiuta Shun has a whole team of You. Shun is close~4 Yous.

- Tsukiuta Shun’s rank is 66, Shun’s rank is 75 (max level). 66 and 75 both coincidentally add up to 12

- Tsukiuta Shun’s time in TsukiPARA was 23:05. 23 is Shun’s age and 5 is the date of the Procella Post (5 November). Shun rolled at 23:05 on Shun’s rate up day and got New Year You.

- In another screenshot, Tsukiuta Shun’s time in TsukiPARA was 23:48 – which adds up to 17 (Shun’s birthdate)

- In the screenshot for Tsukiuta Hajime getting New Year Kai, the time was 17: 24. (Shun’s birthdate: Tsukiuta Shun’s birthdate). The numbers add up to 5 – date of the Procella Post

- After clearing the idol boards, Shun had exactly the same amount of jewels as Tsukiuta Shun – 303 (coincidentally adding up to 6 – Rui whom Shun got from the confirm one gacha)

- After finally getting New Year Shun on the last day of the gacha 9th January, Shun had 17 jewels left over (17 is Shun’s birthdate) after the 10 roll (10 is Shun’s birth month) at 23:58 (ends up to 9 – 9th of January)

- In one screenshot of their ten rolls, Shun had 17 jewels and Hajime had the reversed, 71 jewels

- Shun got New Year Shun but not New Year Hajime (my credit card rejected!!!), Tsukiuta Shun (from the screenshot he showed of his Hajime and Shun team) is the opposite – New Year Hajime but not New Year Shun (Hajime don’t laugh)

- Shun and Hajime both got New Year Shun. Shun got New Year Shun with New Year Haru after (my fluffy fox Haru~), and Hajime got New Year Shun with New Year You.

What is interesting is the order~ it’s confusing in words so have pictures for clarity (to show the amount of scary coincidence w Ou-sama encouraged me to show~)

Hajime got Shun in the 7th slot and You in the 10th slot in 10 roll.

Shun got Shun in the 6th slot and Haru in the 7th slot in 10 roll.

Shun got Shun in the 6th slot perhaps because Shun got Rui (6th month) in the confirmed to get one gacha. Hajime got You in the 10th slot because my You knows me so well~and Shun is close with You

But the interesting thing is the crossover coincidence~Hajime and Shun share a number in the 10 roll – 7th. Shun is in the 7th slot for Hajime and Haru is in the 7th slot for Shun. Both Haru and Shun know Kai (7)

(This amount of accurate coincidence is almost scary…….)

So I was preparing to work on a new edit and going back into Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell to read the whole mural scene and, then I ran acoss this part again:

“I see. It is something, I suppose, that he still has a place of honor in the King’s House. But they put him in Roman Dress and made him hold hands with an actress. I wonder what he would say to that?”

And actually, Jonathan, I think you might be right to wonder? Not perhaps about the whole ‘holding hands with an actress’ bit, obviously, I don’t think John Uskglass would care one way or the other about that, but there is something to be said for the place of honor the Raven King is kept in both parts of England, and how that’s shown through the artistic representations of him that exist in both regions.

In the south, the main representation of the Raven King that we see is in the mural from the very scene I was looking at:

“…the painting which caught Strange’s eye was a huge mural which stretched the entire length of the north wall.In the Middle were two Kings seated upon two thrones. On each side stood or knelt knights, ladies, courtiers, pages, Gods and Goddesses. The left-hand part of the painting was steeped in sunlight . The King upon this side was a strong, handsome man who displayed all of the vigour of youth. He was dressed in a pale robe and his hair was golden and curling. There was a laurel wreath upon his brow and a scepter in his hand. The people and Gods who attended him were all equipped with helmets, breastplates, spears and swords, as if the artist wished to suggest that this king only attracted the most warlike men and gods to be his friends. In the right hand part of the painting the light grew dim and dusky, as if the artist meant to depict a summer’s twilight. Stars shone above and around the figures. The king on this side was pale skinned and dark haired. He wore a black robe and his expression was unfathomable. He had a crown of dark ivy leaves and in his left hand he held a slim ivory wand. His entourage was composed largely of magical creatures: a phoenix, a unicorn, a manticore, fauns and satyrs. But there were also some mysterious persons: a male figure in a monklike robe with his hood pulled down over his face, a female figure in a dark, starry mantle with her arm thrown over her eyes.”

Both Edward III and the Raven King here are portrayed as near mythical figures, surrounded by gods and goddesses of ancient times and mythological, magical creatures. Everything from their dress and the weaths about their heads to their surroundings  is meant to frame them in this light. And yes, while that all may be very flattering, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is a novel which takes place in post-enlightenment England. This is an age of rational, scientific men, not of the wild myths and magic of times long past. That is actually one of the main conflicts of the book? And between Strange and Norrell? Presenting the Raven King actually does, in a way, what it is Norrell has been attempting to do from the start. It takes John Uskglass and places him in a place far removed from the modern magic that is practiced during the time of the book, it places him in a past that not only is, as the saying goes, a different country from the present of the book, but a past that might not have even have been real.

Speaking of things being far removed, it is interesting to note how removed from the rest of the country and from the Raven King himself that this mural is. The painting itself was done by  Antonio Verrio, an Italian painter who was born a good two centuries after John Uskglass and his Court left Northern England and who grew up outside of the country. For him, The Raven King would have seemed as much a myth or fairytale as any of those Gods or Goddesses he painted in his mural.

 Compare this to the statues of the Raven King seen upon the Kings Roads, or at the Shadow House, or perhaps most importantly, in Newcastle, the King’s Capital, itself. “This Door is a copy of one you will find on every corner there.” Strange says of the doorway at the Shadow House where we first encounter these statues, “The first in this fashion were made when the King was still in England. In that city it seems that everywhere you turn the King steps out of some dark, dusty archway and comes towards you.” These statues are far different from the mural in Windsor Castle. They don’t glorify the king in the same manner,they’re not of the Raven King in some glorious pose out in the open for all to marvel at. John Uskglass’s face is hidden. And as strange himself put it, they are located in those dark, dusty corridors. There are clearly enough of these doorways and statues as well that one would grow up used to seeing them, they became a part of the fabric of life in John Uskglass’s Newcastle. Familiar and yet mysterious at the same time, like the Raven King himself. And that is important.The Raven King is much more accessible in the north, much more there. You have evidence from a time where he was in England staring you directly in the face, and are surrounded by stories that not only glorify him, but laugh at his follies from the day you are born. As Childermass said to Lascelles: 

“You are in the North now. In John Uskglass’s own country. Our towns and cities and abbeys were built by him. Our laws were made by him. He is in our hearts and minds and speech. Were it summer you would see a carpet of tiny flowers beneath every hedgerow, of a bluish-white color. We call them John’s Farthings. When the weather is contrary and we have warm weather in winter or it rains in summer the country people say that John Uskglass is in love again and neglects his business. And when we are sure of something we say that it is as safe as a pebble in John Uskglass’s pocket.”

John Uskglass is more real in the north and that is both a result of and reflected by the representations of him. 

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entertainment has such a specific and genius vibe now, like i know it was meant to be a sarcastic title, turning his personal feelings into public entertainment, but now everything sounds so bitter, like it was always meant to be a commentary on his relationship drama and hurt being our entertainment. idk on the one hand i'm sad bc no one deserves that but on the other hand i'm happy for him because he's so good at turning it into excellent art


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6 (with ya boooy kihyun) and 10! ❤️

Oh man, Okay. Here goes…

6. Favourite outfit worn by Kihyun?

You had to ask the impossible… the boy looks good in everything - I kid you not. It’s kind of sickening. And then it hit me - the Mirotic performance. Hands down, best outfit. Followed in close second by everything else he’s ever worn, ever!

10. Favorite underrated group/s?

Underrated is a tricky/relative concept, so here’s a list of artists I wish got some more love!)

The Legend. I was gutted when this group disbanded - to quote you, Jo, “when shitty companies happen to good people.”

Lim Kim. Lim Kim needs more love. Her voice is so unique and her music is so good! 

The King. Damn-Oh Tape is a great album!

NELL. NELL always need more love. Whilst they’re not “underrated”, I just think they need more love. They’re a group I buy albums for upon release, no listening required. They actually do really well here in Korea, but they’re not mainstream. If your into your coldplay, snow patrol or similar you’ll probably enjoy NELL.

Dickpunks. Another non-mainstream group, and sadly one on hiatus due to military service, but I have to wonder if more love would have led to more music. 

CRA’BEAT. 잠깐만 is a tune and it seems to have been slept on by everybody! 

anonymous asked:

George has said the Lannister troops are the best trained in Westeros. Is it the Westerlands wealth that allows Tywin to pay for the troops to be trained so well or is it more just his commitment to see House Lannister as tops in every category?

Well, if I had to pick reasons why Westerlands troops are good, I would think it’s regular pay plus good equipment thanks to the mineral wealth and craft expertise.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

Music Shuffle

Your playlist is being invaded. What are the first 20 songs that come up from your entire library? Make a list and tag 10 people to do the same.

I was tagged by the lovely @letsby. Thank you, Vicky! <3

1. Eminem ft. Rihanna - The Monster
2. Linkin Park - New Divide
3. Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
4. Pink - Sober
5. Demi Lovato - Yes, I Am
6. G-Eazy ft. Anthony Stewart - Shoot Me Down
7. Ramones - You’re Gonna Kill That Girl
8. Kings Of Leon - Notion
9. Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself
10. Karol Conka ft. Tropkillaz - Tombei
11. The Weeknd - Ordinary Life
12. Catfish and The Bottlemen - Business
13. G-Eazy ft. Kehlani - Crash & Burn
14. Rixton - Make Out
15. Rihanna - Complicated
16. Banks - Goddess
17. Zayn - TiO (Take It Off)
18. Interstellar (OMP Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer) - Detach
19. Racionais - Mil Faces de Um Homem Leal
20. Troye Sivan - The Quiet

I’m gonna tag: @androgynoustyles, @grimes-slut, @mydragulesebastian, @myriadimagines, @underratedcharactersimagines, @un-kinder, @buchonians, @musikat18, @poealsobucky and @that-oboist <3

Ghost of the Sun, ch 2

Title: Ghost of the Sun
Chapter: 2/4
Fandom: FFXV
Pairing: Prom/Noct lol
Rating: M
Word count:  5175

On this morning Noctis Lucis Caelum is twenty-nine years, eleven months and fourteen days old, and in two weeks he will become King; but sometimes his mind is lost in the static like a distorted feed, and the whole world feels as though it lingers.


“…Hey, Prom, you ever feel like… you remember things that didn’t actually happen?”

[canon compliant + alternate reality]

Click to read

Hey ho here we go!

The first two chapters were originally supposed to be one big chapter but then it became 10k and things got out of hand, so. But who doesn’t love a good cliffhanger, anyway?

Thanks to anyone who’s reading this (+ sending kudos and/or comments or just tumblr tags haha), considering i haven’t written much in ages it means a lot!