the hand of mystery

Imagine Flowey trying to own up to his being a prince and deciding to court Frisk like a real Prince Charming, basing his actions on a mixture of things read in fairytales or other stories, and things he knows or thinks his parents used to do. Little things like kissing Frisk on the hand, nuzzling their nose, and getting mysteriously upset when Frisk walks through a puddle, because he’s supposed to put a coat or something down so they don’t need to get their shoes wet but he just doesn’t have one.

Bonus round: imagine it’s Omega Flowey trying to do the hand kiss, but because of the size difference between the two of them, he has to prop them up with one cactus paw while using the other to hold their hand. It’s really hard to actually kiss Frisk’s hand without smooshing them with his screen.

So I did Antisepticeye today and I wasn’t gunna sleep till I did darkiplier XD I love these two side by side! I know mark came out with the darkiplier recently and he has all black hair but for color and balance it was a lot nicer with his red hair. Also his suit is a big darker then in the video but I didn’t have ink for that grey :( oh well I’m really happy how this one turned out as well! Anti is definitely more animalistic and darkiplier is more human. Also mark was talking about how he invisions darkiplier is manipulative and cunning so I went for a sly mysterious look with his hand out like he’s making you choose. The glitches are also from Mark talking about how he’s bleeding into this world and is breaking because of that.

anonymous asked:

According to wiki there is no max who has ever acted in newsies. It was the opening night at papermill so maybe a stage hand, costume person, lighting or sound or the stage manager is the mysterious max. @akb who is max

r e v e a l t h e m a x

But are we not gonna talk about

^^^ that mysterious hand in Kubo’s art for Chris’s birthday?

Could it be Chris’s beautiful mystery (boy)friend?

You decide!

(If that hand belongs to who we think it belongs to and if he is who we think he is then goddamn, that’s so sweet.)


BLACK SISTERS + doodles.

In Alchemy, The Hand of Mysteries holds the keys to divinity and invites you to discover great secrets! All the symbols represent different elements, their various abilities, and spiritual significance. Very cool stuff. 

This art blog is nod dead I swear! <3 I’ll try to step up my game with posting and sharing the remainder of the year. 

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Audrey Benjaminsen 2016

  • Gavin: I don't feel good.
  • Ryan: You don't?
  • Gavin: Nah, Michael made me feel all funny earlier.
  • -Ryan and Geoff laugh-
  • Michael: Woah, Woah! Woah! Woah! What the hell does that mean?!
  • Gavin: You made me feel all sort of...-gagging noise-
  • Michael: What does that mean??
  • Ryan: Was it a finger or something?
  • Geoff: What did you do to him man?
  • Ryan: Was it odd positioning?
  • Gavin: Nah, he just put me in a...ya, know.
  • Ryan: What??
  • Geoff: Gavin, did he touch you?
  • Michael: Stop stop stop
  • -Gavin laughs-
  • Michael: Use more words!
  • Geoff: Can you draw a picture of where he touched you?
  • Michael: What is going on here?!
  • Gavin: I like that I can use less words, it makes you sound worse.
  • Michael: No! I know what I've done sir, and it's not what you're making it out to be.
  • Geoff: Was it in the bikini area?
  • Gavin: Nah it wasn't as bad as that.
  • Michael: I did you a fuckin...I did you a favour.
in another universe

there are five different universes and one gets it right. [slightly inspired by igyts and this quote]

In another universe, Dipper chooses Wendy over Waddles. He doesn’t say anything when Mabel bangs her head against the pole repeatedly. He just takes her hand and drags her back inside the Shack.

She’s quiet for days. Mabel doesn’t speak or do anything productive; she just lies on her bed, every ticking second passing by without a single word. She doesn’t go outside or design sweaters or work on her scrapbook. She’s quiet and numb and she feels like she just lost her soulmate.

Dipper doesn’t notice any of this. He’s too busy with Wendy, too busy caring about a girl who will never see him anything more than a friend, and too busy trying to be cool and something he’s not. He sleeps with a content smile every night and doesn’t bother to ask his sister how her day went. He’s too high up in the clouds to notice how low on the ground he’s left his sister.

Days pass and not a single word breaks their silence and Dipper is too happy and Mabel is too sad. As much as it pains her, she tells herself to suck it up because her brother deserves to be happy. She’s always wanted him to be happy, right? But why did it have to come with such a huge price?

It hits her one night. A plan formulates itself in her mind and part of her feels guilty for doing it. Maybe Dipper will be happier if she does it. Maybe he’ll realize that him and Wendy aren’t really going anywhere. Waddles can make him happy, right? She wants to be happy. She deserves to be happy, too, doesn’t she?

With newfound determination, Mabel grabs the time measuring tape and goes back to the day he didn’t pick Waddles.

She changes his past, like how he changed her future.

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