the hand of fear


Hey guys…

I could use your help. Gibby’s my brother’s red throated conure, he’s been with us about two years and was supposed to be going back to college with my brother this year. However, that’s not going to happen since my bro has to take a year off for surgery, the problem is it’s not very safe here for Gibbers (my dad can be unpredictable when he’s drunk and yells at Gibby when he screams, I’m worried this could turn into violence…)

Gibby was previously abused and is pretty sensitive about things like being yelled at, he has a horrible fear of towels and hands and won’t step up just yet. He does fear bite occasionally still, but for the most part he avoids biting if he has to. He’s not a bird for someone looking to have a care free pet, he’s incredibly intelligent and you have to be patient with him. As with many previously abused animals, he has special needs and can’t just be with anyone.

Although he won’t step up, he will come chill with me on my shoulder, he loves to dance with everyone, and just being near people and interacting with them, he’s very agreeable and will bob his head at everything you say! He plays a tapping game where if you tap on a table or furniture he’ll tap back!

He’s still recovering but the situation at our home is just making it harder on him, we’re trying to get him into A Helping Wing parrot rescue but they’re pretty full up and he won’t be able to get in for a while. Not only that but because of his trauma I doubt he’ll be adopted quickly, this bird needs a home of his own that he feels safe in to recover.

I refuse (as does my brother) to post an ad on Craigslist so I’m just going to go ahead and make a post @birblr, if anyone is looking to help a birdie out could you message me? I can give you all the details. We live in the northern NY area.

You can look at my #Gibby to learn a little bit more about him :)

maggyfall  asked:

Can I just say how I love how you guys bring to light the wonderful character Guts has become!

Don’t give me too much credit. I just realized that I left out a very important detail of Guts’ character, the very bane of his existence and a source of anger but also fear.

Not apostles, not the God Hand or even Griffith.

… Needles.



(Fans don’t seem to bring up that weakness in Guts.)

But seriously, I try; even though this is a Casca blog, I still love Guts.

And Godo.

A Hospital Visit | Short Tinlamp story

“Have you seen Spinach!?” A voice echoed filled with fear, it approached with the slam of a door opening. Spinach can opened eyes to see Larry by the door with her dad and one of the nurses. The steady beat of her heart on the screen soothing her, Larry looked at her in distraught, eyes welling with tears. He rushed over to her, looking her straight in the eyes as he held her small hand, his body shaking violently from fear. Meat man stood by her side, putting his hand on her boiling head. “S-Spinach…” He spoke softly with a cracking voice, she turned to look at him. “Yes Lar?” She replied quietly, her head thumping, feeling like a knife had hit her. “You’re g-going be alright-t.” He reassured her with his voice sinking into sadness, hot tears running down his face and splattering onto the White bedsheet, staining it. He embraced her into a hug and she gladly excepted it, rapping her weak arms around him and keeping him close. Soon, her limbs where dying in weakness and she let them go limp, her whole body went limp as her heart rate slowed to a deafening silence as she closed her eyes falling into eternal slumber. “S-Spinach?” Larry spoke finally, his voice fading to darkness as her whole body went limp as all life drained from her.

Sleep it Off

@legendofgrump wanted some fluffy fluff to make her feel better. I know I’m a lil late, but I thought you’d like it anyway.

Ross didn’t want to talk to anyone. He didn’t want to look at anyone. He didn’t want to think about anyone. If he opened his mouth, he felt like he would start screaming and never stop. If he moved his hand, he feared he’d break every action figure sitting on his desk and Arin’s too. He wanted to smash something. He was absolutely livid right now. His blood was boiling, his face was red, his heart was pounding, and he could almost feel the steam spewing out of his ears.

He had spent the last nine and a half hours on this animation. Nine and a half hours hunched over a computer, drawing frame by agonizing frame. Nine and a half hours of destroying his wrist to get the character to move as fluidly as he wanted it to move. He spent nine and a half hours creating ten seconds of a two minute battle scene.

And then the critical moment. He moved his mouse over to click save. Just as he was about to, the computer froze. It stayed frozen for a good two minutes, then it flashed a blue screen, an error sign, and turned off.

Ross couldn’t get it back on. He tried for twenty minutes. He knew he could probably ask Barry for help, but he didn’t even want to open his mouth, afraid of all the swears and yells that would escape in front of his coworkers.

Instead, he stood up, and walked into the grump room, closing the door softly behind him. The grump room had sound proofing in there, so no one could hear him screaming.


Dan may not be the most attentive guy in the world, but he sure as hell noticed when a couch cushion went flying across the room behind the window that faced the grump room. Had someone gone in there? Dad didn’t remember. Maybe Matt and Ryan had come over to record? But no, they were coming over tomorrow. So who was in there?

Dan got up from his perch on the couch, and peeked in through the window. Inside the room was Ross, surrounded in couch parts on the floor, swearing like a sailor. Tears were falling down his face. He looked horrible.

Dan walked around and opened the door to the room slowly. “Ross, buddy? You alright?”

Ross’ head jerked up to see Dan, and he quickly wiped the tears off his face and sniffled. “I’m fucking pissed. No.”

Dan stepped inside all the way, closing the door behind him. “What happened?”

Dan came into the room fully, picking up the cushions and pillows strewn about the room. He put them back as Ross explained.

“All my work from today is fucking gone Dan. All of it. I didn’t leave my fucking chair all day for ANYTHING, and it’s all gone. All of it!”

Dan extended a hand down to Ross, who took it and stood up. Dan sat Ross on the couch.

“Do you want to take a nap or something in here? I’ll have Barry and Jack help try and fix it. I can give you my blanket to use.”

The thought of a nap sounded really appealing right now. Especially if Ross got to use Dan’s legendary blanket. Ross nodded.

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

Dan patted Ross’ head, then went out to get his blanket and pillow. He caught a weird glance from Arin, but no one questioned him.

“Here you are.” Dan put the pillow down on the end of the couch, and Ross laid on it. It was soft. Then Dan covered Ross with his blanket, tucking him in in a motherly way. Ross took in a huge sniff. It smelled like Dan, which gave him immediate comfort.

“Now you take a nap, okay?”

Ross nodded. Dan smiled, giving Ross a ruffle of his hair before exiting the grump room, closing the door gently behind him.

imagine: i open up for her the way the ground opens up to embrace the rain. she holds my beast of a heart in her soft hands, and her eyes hold no fear when they meet mine.
imagine: we make paper airplanes in the setting afternoon sun. the open window lets the room dance in pinks and oranges, and we laugh over the sounds of the city below us.
imagine: i come to the realization that i am a whole person, all on my own. but things are a little softer when i hold her hand, i breathe a little easier when i see her smile.
—  rain, paper airplanes, realization || suggested by steebucks
send me three words and i’ll write a poem with them!
I noticed the little things in you.
I saw your smile, pasted on with a dab of hope but still crooked from the fact that it wasn’t real.
And I saw your hands, trembling with the fear that maybe that feeling in the pit of your stomach was actual happiness and not what you pretended to feel for the longest time.
And I saw your nose, still red from the winter air and still twitching from the way you worry.
And I saw your eyes, glazed over with tears filled with stars as you looked up as if the comets could come down and take you up there far away from all of the things that made you cry and all the things that made you scared.
I noticed the little things in you because the little things were what made me want you to be the biggest part of my world.
And I saw the way you shook in my arms, not from fear but from shock that someone was holding you tightly and in a way that made you feel like all of your demons would never touch you.
And I saw the way you looked at me, noticing all of my little things as I hoped that you loved mine just as much as I loved yours.
—  Dakota Moon, Little Things