the hand of fear

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sophiam is so fake did you see how happy liam was at the us open without her

What are you talking about, nonnie?  Liam always looks happy with Sophia!

Liam always carries Sophia’s things, stands right next to her, and gives her his undivided attention like a chivalrous boyfriend!  He never makes his bodyguard Paddy carry her things or help her out of boats or hold her hand for him because of the fear of being “mobbed by fans.”  And he definitely never keeps neglecting her for his friends and not acknowledging her even in private areas with no fans around!

You can tell Liam loves Sophia so much that when they are together it rubs off in his photos with fans!

Even Liam’s mom and dad love beard worshippers’ favorite #mom and #dad!

Liam’s sister Ruth has never incited the wrath of Sophiam stans by shading her on social media by implying she is a cardboard cutout:

Sophia is such a supportive girlfriend!  She never looks dead ass bored and contemptuous of her boyfriend’s charities for their hometown!

Liam never shows this kind of affection for anyone else whom he misses.  He certainly never gives them unscripted shoutouts at OTRA Dubai after singing their parts in “Little Things,” or at award shows in front of millions of viewers:

He certainly has never cried on stage for anyone other than Sophia:

So I have no idea where you are getting these ideas, nonnie.  Liam was not happy at the US Open without Sophia.  You can tell he was absolutely heartbroken without her:

In fact, Liam missed Sophia so much he forgot to plaster on his bitchy stank face for hours on end like he did at the Queens Tennis Open, when Sophia did join him.  You know, when he looked so miserable that 1DHQ never released any official photos of him and Sophia there:


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picture, fear

Picture- Post a pic of your lovely face

Here you go :)

Fear- Tell us three fears

-An unstable government

-Getting arrested

-I have a very irrational fear that if I dangle my hand over the side of my bed late at night, something/someone will grab it from underneath

Thanks for asking x

Reminder of the Day

Survivors exist in every community. The asexuality community needs to be inclusive of its survivor population. We often worry too much about how people will perceive our community, if there is validity in the idea that one’s asexual identity stems from traumatic experience. In actuality, the impact of trauma on one’s identity does not make that identity any less real and one doesn’t need to deny themselves said identity in order to heal from traumatic experience. Instead of rejecting the idea that survivors can be asexual due to trauma, we need to work on giving survivors a voice in our community. This will only make our community stronger and more receptive to people’s needs. If we continue to push survivors away from our community in fear of invalidation, we’re actually handing over power to those who try to use experiences such as trauma to invalidate our identities. We’re valuing the opinion of non-asexuals over asexual survivors, and that needs to change. 



The air had finally began to clear from the blow that both Ricky and Dorian had gone through, though the memory of losing their child still lingered like a grey cloud in a storm. It had been months now and to this day Ricky still would sit outside by that old tree and look over the spot where they had buried the box.

 At least now he could speak and smile again, unlike the days he’d completely shut off and do nothing but lay in bed and sleep. When that unbearable pain had hit him again a couple months after the incident, he immediately ran into the guest bedroom and locked himself away, refusing to let Dorian lay a hand on him in fear that he’d end up carrying, and losing, another child. He couldn’t be blamed of course… He just didn’t want to go through that heartbreak again.

 Now here he was, a month later standing in the kitchen, finishing off the peanut butter and jelly sandwich he made for himself before he chugged down the last of his milk with a sigh. “Babe, you sure you’re not hungry?” He asked curiously, wanting to be sure that Dorian was content before he began putting things away. “I can make you a sandwich.”