the hand is pinker than the eye

2AM - part 8 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Angst / perhaps a bit o’ fluff(??????)

Characters: Minseok X You

2AM [M] - Canon AU - Angst / Smut part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11

“Ahh,” you saw the pink in Kwangseok’s cheeks as he looked beyond you at Minseok, processing the words he heard as he came through the door before looking back into your face with a tiny grimace on his handsome face.

“Have I made a mistake? It’s just–” He rubbed his hand over his neck and looked at his feet. His shoes were left behind at the door out of habit, “–you told me last night to just come in.”

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Kiss Me.

Spencer loved kissing, in fact it was one of his favorite things to do with you. But different kisses meant different things, and you’d become an expert at figuring that out.

based off of this request sent in by @jedireid <3 i hope you like this, it’s a little different than my usual thing. i hope i didn’t stray too far from the request! 

warning: use of a razor (like when you shave) (i don’t know if this needs a warning but better to be safe than sorry!)

Originally posted by mentallydatingspencerreid

Spencer Reid was the type of person who strangers automatically thought was a weirdo, they assumed he was alone and didn’t have much of a life– but that was surely not the case.

Because aside from having an important job and amazing friends, he had you as well. You’d been together for a year, meaning that not only were you in love with each other, you were comfortable and knew him more than even his best friends did.

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Because it’s all I’ve been able to talk and think about today…

Up. Down. A little twist to the side. Now a large ‘O’. And a small pinch.

If you were being honest, you had no idea what he was saying. Not because of his strong accent that you loved, or the fact that he spoke lowly and slowly, which would drive you absolutely insane if it were any other person. No, you had no idea what he was saying because his lips were moving and once more you were in a trance. 

It was fascinating to look at, his mouth. How you could even put your headphones on and block out the sound and still see his accent. His lips were… Something else entirely. 

It’s a bit embarrassing, you had to admit. If he were to direct the word straight to you, you would need him to repeat himself over and over before properly being able to answer him. You were glad he was speaking to the group of people gathered in your living room, and not just to you. In fact, you didn’t know how you had managed to become and stay friends with him when all you could do was get hypnotised by his lips every time he talked. 

The way he said his ‘Buh-’ sounds. The fact that he never pronounced the ‘tt’s in ‘better’. The pout he pulled when he got stuck in his ‘uhmmm’s. The little bites when he was paying attention to someone else speak. No wonder they are such a vibrant shade of pink. They were soft, you knew that. The cheeky British charm he carried seemed to come with a proper kiss to your cheek when he greeted you, and nothing like the semi awkward cheek-touching-cheek-hello ‘you americans’ - as Harry put it - would do.

There goes another pinch at them. You remind yourself to nod and look around the room to try and hide your pointed looks, but you weren’t being as sly as you thought you were. Not knowing whatever was your friends kept babbling on about, your eyes soon found their way back to the thing they love to look at the most.

“You’re doing that again” the words knocked you out of the trance you were in. Your friend had leaned over and whispered to you as discreetly as possible, which you were thankful for, as she pushed an empty bowl of chips to your chest. Right, time to act like the host you were. She got up and followed you to the kitchen continuing the hushed conversation.
“Doing what?” you ask legitimately confused.
“Staring at Harry’s face” Ah, so it was that obvious. Whoops. You made a mental note to stop that and try to join the conversation when you eventually went back to the living room, in hopes to avoid the absentminded stare. 
“I’m not looking at his face” you started but decided to cut yourself. The only thing worse than your friend thinking you stared at Harry’s face cause you liked him, was for her to know that you didn’t stare at his face, but just at his lips cause they piqued your interest in ways you couldn’t comprehend yourself. Pouring whatever was left of the chips into the bowl, you quickly returned to the relaxing get together in your living room. At least your best friend knew to stay quiet in front of the others, and wouldn’t bombard you with more thoughts in the matter while the rest of the gang was around. 

Joining the chat was easy, staying in it was a different feat. The lads varied from topic to topic, dominating the direction the small reunion took, mostly with jokes and football talk. It wasn’t your fault the topic was so boring to you that you had to busy yourself with studying Harry’s lips from across the room once again. It wasn’t your fault he was the only British guy in the group which made his accent interesting and amusing, specially when he called soccer football or footie, and defended his position whenever the other guys would transition to american football
“Noo. ‘Mean ‘soccer’. Real football tha’ is. Played wif’ actual balls and feet, innit?” it was something no one in the group would let him live down. Same with the word trousers which made you giggle, and the way he introduced himself something more like “ ‘M ‘arry.” instead of  “I’m Harry”.

In all honesty, it made you even more captivated by his lips. And today specially, for some unknown reason, you were very very fixated on them. More than usual. And you swore that one day you would grow used to them with him being your close friend and all, but that day didn’t seem to be today. So you just resigned to stare silently and hope no one noticed.

Having little get togethers at home meant you had to do the cleaning after, but luckily your best friend had stuck around, and so had Harry with whom you fell into a nice ‘you rinse, I dry’ system while your best friend attended a seemingly very important phone call out in your backyard. Your attention was fully set into drying and stacking plates and utensils. Harry’s attention was halfway set on washing, halfway set on trying to stop a telling smirk from forming on his face

You didn’t know but Harry knew. 

He had known for a while now. At first he noticed only slightly that you weren’t fully there when he spoke to the whole group. He noticed how you would sometimes fidget and ask him to repeat somethings when he spoke to you alone, pinning it on his accent and the way he annoyingly slurred words. And slowly he found himself glancing at you only to see you were already looking in his direction. He never mentioned anything, slowly coming to the conclusion that for some reason you were looking at his lips.

And for some reason he liked that. 

After the last plate Harry leaned over the counter peeking through the small window in your kitchen at your friend pacing and chatting away on her phone.
“Wha’ do yeh reckon ‘s so important?” he puckered his lips in her direction, as if he was pointing to her without his hands, and you were gone. His bottom lip jutted out only a tad more than his upper lip. You hadn’t noticed that before.

Harry looked at you from the corner of his eye, only to catch you once again. Ok this was beyond his control. Today had been the day. You weren’t doing a nice job at being sly about it and he wondered if maybe you meant for him to notice. He doubted it, knowing you he was sure that you would be completely terrified about him knowing you look at his lips because… Because what? He didn’t know why you did that. He licked his lips self consciously, just to get whatever it is you could be staring at off his lips, if that was even the reason you stared. But you pressed on for a second longer before turning to look out the window as well.
“Yeh know…” Harry started, turning around and resting on the counter smugly. Arms crossed over his chest as he pouted, bit and licked his lips over and over, like a person who’s thinking hard about what to say next. Your attention was on him, his eyes this time. You knew better than to just straight up glare at his lips when it was only you and him. “Yeh do tha’ an awful lot”
“What?” your eyebrow raised in confusion.
“Look at m’lips” the smirk that accompanies the sentence is not lost to you, and you find yourself getting warm cheeks and taking a small step back at the mention.  


What?” this time your what was more of an incredulous, surprised ‘what.’ As if you couldn’t believe what he was saying, or better yet that he noticed. Harry only nodded slightly, turning to face you.
“I do notice…” he bites back “s’okay… though I’d love t’know why”
“There’s no why because I don’t look at your lips all the time” In Harry’s head it was futile for you to try and defend the point. He knew you did and that was final. You didn’t know why you did it – deep down maybe there was the thought of wanting to properly kiss him but you always shook it off, – so you can’t really give him an explanation. In the midst of your thoughts he had somehow gotten closer.
“I mean, if yeh want to kiss me” there’s suddenly no space between his chest and yours, and at this distance all you can do is stare at his lips, because who wouldn’t “all yeh hafta’ do is say the word”
“H-harry, get off y-your high horse” you’re able to spew out with a whispery thread of a voice. The chuckle that leaves his pinker than life, softer than a cloud lips throws you off. This is the cockiest you’ve seen Harry act, and right now you can’t decide if you’re okay with it or want him to back off. 
“C’mon now”
“Harry…” his hands, which also fascinate you - he can’t keep them still, and seems to always have more rings than it would be socially acceptable if it wasn’t cause his boyish charm just seems to go perfectly with 7 rings and helps him get away with mostly everything- come to thumb at your lower lip. 

His eyes were fixated on them since the moment he got this close, but there was no way you could realise that because your eyes were already trained on his cupid’s bow and light stubbly shadow of a moustache. He also liked how plump they were and if you didn’t greet him with the cheek-touching-cheek bullshit, he would know just how soft they were too, except now he could tell because he was touching them. This close, you can definitely see a freckle on his lips and quite frankly you didn’t know his mouth could get anymore hypnotising… But here we are. And his lips move but you do catch the sounds as he opens and closes his mouth in the most endearing of ways.
“S’okay. I stare at yours an awful lot too…”

I do NOT know what this was. It certainly turned out longer than I expected (I didn’t even expect to write anything) and took another direction than I imagined (it was just supposed to be you thinking about his lips, none of his perspective type of thing. But here we are) So… Yeah… Here’s something. IDk. It’s not a blurb and it’s not a fic either. Just a group of words.

part 2 here:)

kay, bye.
Iv. xo.

Imprint (A V x Reader Drabble)

A/N: Inspired by a scene from a drama that I’m currently watching! :3

P.S. I wrote this under the pretext that V is pretty much completely blind. 

“Have you ever… tried imagining how I look like?”

Your question comes out as a small, tiny whisper, softer than the delicate classical music playing in the living room of his house.

His sensitive ears catch your words nonetheless, and his fingers that were tracing the painting that you just bought for him come to a halt. Your breath stills for a moment when he slowly raises his head and turns to face you, his eyebrows quirked up slightly in puzzlement… and surprise. His lips are parted, though no words come out.

Your heart rate picks up when he withdraws his hand from the painting and rests it back on his lap, balling it into a loose fist.

“Of course I have…” he says carefully, leaning back on the leather couch from next to you. Then he gives an awkward laugh. “I tend to do that when speaking to people in general.”

“What I mean is,” you say, eyes darting to the napkin where he has drawn a remarkably accurate picture of the painting after simply examining it by touch, “have you thought about imagining how I look like in greater detail?”

He seems to catch on to what you mean now – although you suspect he already knew what you were hinting at the first time.

His smile falters, and his face dips downwards. “Ahh… so that’s what you meant.”

You put your glass of wine down on the table, twisting your lips wryly. He doesn’t answer the question. It’s not as if he ever does, when it comes to questions like these: questions of a more intimate nature, questions that attempt to catch a glimpse of the millions of thoughts in his mind and feelings in his heart that he hardly gives voice to.

At least, that’s how he is when the subject shifts towards you and him.

Frankly, it’s getting tiring. It’s hard to suppress your feelings for him, so hard that you feel like your heart might burst each time you’re seated so close to him, and yet feel the sizeable distance between the both of you. What makes it worse is that you’re certain that he feels the same way… somewhat. Only, he’s holding back. Out of fear or because of something else, you’re not sure. But he’s always holding back, keeping a clear boundary between the both of you, like a clear glass wall.


He turns toward you at the sound of his name. “Yes?”

You’re not entirely sure why you do what you do next. A surge of courage granted by the alcohol maybe. Or perhaps you’re just tired of playing safe. It’s time to break some rules, time to test the boundaries.

You take his hand, uncurling his cool fingers and placing his open hand against your cheek.

You sense some resistance from him, but it lasts no longer than a split second.

He hesitates a little, cheeks flushing just a tad pinker, before allowing his thumb to brush tenderly along your cheekbone. It’s a feathery light contact of skin, an experimental touch that sends pleasant shivers through your spine and a warmth that surges through your veins.

Your hand stays on his wrist, silently encouraging him to take his time, before your eyes flutter close and you slowly release it, allowing him to do as he wishes.

You’re both exploring in the dark now, senses heightened and both acutely aware of the other’s presence. Him still cupping your cheek, you focusing on the warming skin of his hand and the faint scent of his cologne in the few inches of air left between the both of you.

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GOT7: confessing when they think their crush is asleep

Oooooohh I had fun writing the other one so I’m excited and !! thank you very much wow


Mark couldn’t explain why he had said it, but when he saw you sleeping so peacefully, something tugged in his heart and those three fatal words slipped out before he could catch them. Immediately, your eyes shot wide open and found him standing over you and he’d feel his stomach drop. He’d manage to offer a small smile through his internal panic and shyly ask, “…So?” and pray to every deity he’d ever heard of that you wouldn’t reject him of course you wouldn’t. If you told him you returned his feelings, I’m fairly confident he’d crawl beside you on whatever you were ‘sleeping’ on and have a little mini cuddle session awww mark ily


Jaebum’s heart would stop when you opened your eyes and gaped at him, but only for a second. After all, he’s always made his feelings really obvious, subtly not taking your hand in his and staring at you admiringly even after you blushed and asked him what he was doing. So when he figured out that you were awake to hear him say he loves you, he’d think well, now that’s out of the way. He’d shoot you a small smirk and say, “It’s true, if you were wondering,” and watch your face closely to gauge your reaction. If you said you loved him too, he’d feel a massive weight lift off his shoulders as a smile broke over his face, which was slightly pinker than it used to be 


Jackson would hate that he confessed like this, accidentally. He’d probably have a mini-freak out when you opened your eyes and gaped at him, making a panicked high-pitched noise and waving his hands around to try and tell you to forget about it. He’d probably stutter something out about he was going to confess to you next week, so maybe you could just wait until then because he really put a lot of work into it and you’ll like it, he swears omg calm him down. Truthfully, he’s dying to know if you return his feelings or not and the curiosity/agony would eventually get the better of him and he’d stop his panicking to ask if you do with a serious expression on his face


Jinyoung would freeze when you ‘woke up.’ His heart would stop for a second and then it would beat faster than ever before, the only thoughts running through his brain would be curses. He would’ve wanted his confession to you to be perfect so you’d remember it forever and, more importantly, he’d know what to say and do. He’d just sort of stare at you with his mouth hanging open before clearing his throat and deciding to just go with it. He’d tell you it was true, that he really cared for you, but if you didn’t return the feeling or needed time to think, he understood. If you told him you felt the same why wouldn’t you tho he’d blush and do his precious eye-smile thing before asking you if you wanted to go for dinner tomorrow night again why wouldn’t you


Dead. Please help Youngjae, okay. He’s always more reserved and awkward around you because he likes you a lot and doesn’t want to make a fool of himself, but now he feels like he’s gone and done exactly that. His eyes would get wider than you’ve ever seen them and he’d blush and try to stutter something out about how he was sorry, so sorry, and will be leaving now, so you can go to sleep for real he promises he won’t bother you again save him. He probably would get up to leave run away but if you told him you liked him a lot, too, he’d stop and laugh a little because wow he cannot believe his luck


When you suddenly opened your eyes after his ‘confession,’ BamBam would try his hardest not to let you see how much he was freaking out. He’d probably try to play it slick and tell you there were a lot of things he cared deeply about: dancing, food, music, animals, whatever. Basically, he’d be trying to cover his ass but it would not work because his hands would shake and he’d have a panicked look in his eyes as he prayed that you’d either buy his flimsy excuse or see through it and say you returned the feelings. If you did accept, he’d let out a little laugh and shriek of joy, then go back to trying to play it cool and say, “Of course, why wouldn’t you?” hit him


Nope. He’s not prepared at all. Yugyeom would’ve been planning to confess to you soon, but not like this. He’d blush when you looked at him, a few nervous laughs escaping his mouth. He’d probably run his fingers through his hair and try his hardest not to look at you because he’s terrified of what you’ll say. “Honestly,” he’d explain, “I mean it, but it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. I’m sorry for that.” When you say you feel the same way, it would be like five seconds before he actually processed that fact and allowed a big-ass smile to take over his features

a/n: I thought I posted this hours ago but my dumb butt saved it as a draft oops

A lil hurt comfort for a friend

This is for @the-sanders-sides bc they have a lovely voice and was responsible for this idea. It’s not my best, (I’m kinda running on fumes atm and this was hard to write for some reason haha) but it is finished! so that’s something.

If someone asks, I can probably edit it to be spoiler free!

Descrip: logxiety, background morince, they watch frozen and it’s real fluffy

Warnings: swears, insecurities

Anxiety had made an art of avoiding Disney night, if he could help it. It started out as movie night, which quickly devolved into musical night, then Disney night. Of course, they still had regular movie night at least once a night, which was fine, since it usually didn’t involve all that… singing, but disney night was hell. Not because of the movies, but because of the company.
The other sides were probably the worst people you could imagine to watch a movie with. Roman, predictably, knew every second by heart, and insisted constantly that “OH! This next bit is my favorite! Anxiety, are you watching? Are you watching it? You better be watching it-”
As if Anxiety didn’t know the movies twice as well as he did, anyways. But even worse was the singing. Constant. Singing. He was nearly convinced that Roman had choreography for every single number from the golden age to now.
Roman was the worst, but Patton was a close second. Patton… was a crier. He was also completely complicit in Romans choreography plot.
Anxiety pulled his legs up onto the couch to avoid getting twirled into by both of them. It was frozen night.
It was definitely Anxieties guilty pleasure musical, one of the ones that he sang to himself when he couldn’t sleep. Unfortunately, Patton caught him watching it. Now they HAD to have a ‘bonding experience’, apparently. They had actually made it all the way to 'Love is an open door’ before Roman actually started dancing.
(He took hans’s part, while Patton took anna’s. Anxiety would never let him live this down.)
Now he was huddled in a corner, hiding in a cave of blankets, trying to see the screen around Roman swinging Patton around the coffee table.
Thank god for Logan, the only not-dancing-idiot in the room. Logan didn’t usually come to these either, or at least he multitasked. (Annoying in its own way, but less so.) Anxiety got the feeling that Patton had given everyone the 'now, we’ve got to try to include him’ talk, which made him a little sick to his stomach.

Trying to ignore the bitter taste in his mouth, he turned to Logan. He was watching the other two dance around the room, a small smile on his face. Anxiety knew from the way he sat up a little every time Roman almost flung Patton across the room, or Patton tripped a little on the carpet, that he was trying to keep them safe, without ruining their fun. His tie was loose, his eyelids drooping. Anxiety pulled the blanket closer around him like a fuzzy fortress.
/conceal don’t feel- holy shit that’s cliche I need to stop./
His could feel his face heating up, and tried to focus back on the movie. It was almost time for the big number. He expected Roman to stay standing, but he flopped down on the other sofa, pulling a giggling Patton down with him. Watching the other two sides curl up next to each other made something deep in his chest start hurting. He ignored it, focusing on the song.

/The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a foot print to be seen.
A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen/

He knew it was cliche. He knew it. But something in him really loved the song. It was… lonely. He could understand that.

/The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside. Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I tried./

He saw Logan turn to him out of the corner of his eye. By the time he realized he was singing, it was too late. Everyone was looking now. The song went on with out him. He sat petrified on the couch, face turning red.

/conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know./

He really hated dramatic irony.

Logan was the first to speak. “Anxiety-”

Every atom in his body was filled with nope. He was 100% nope.
He shot out of the room like a rocket, nearly tripping on his blanket. He didn’t want to stick around to hear them laughing at him. He locked the door to his room as fast as he could, and collapsed against it.
Anxiety did not sing. It wasn’t his job. If he did sing, it definitely wasn’t disney. It was like, evanescence or something. Not frozen, of all things. He burrowed further into the blanket. Someone knocked on the door.
Logan. Great. They had just started getting along. Now Logan hated him as much as he hated Princey. Probably more. Anxiety wiped his eyes on his sleeve.
“Did I… did we do something wrong?”
Great. Now they thought it was their fault.
“No. Go away.”
He sounded like a child. He heard something move just outside the door, and something put a gentle weight on it, like Logan was sitting on the other side. But sitting on floors was not a thing Logan did. Right?
“Look, I embarrassed myself, ok? You can all make fun of my later, for now just… leave me alone.”
He swallowed as many sobs as he could, waiting for the other side to go away. Just when he thought Logan might be asleep or something, he heard a quiet voice.
“do you want to build a snowman?”
Logan was… singing? His voice was rough, and a little off key, the words too formal for the character.
“Or. Uh, something something… halls…”
Logan cleared his throat awkwardly.
“I’ll- I’ll just go-” Anxiety whipped the door open, causing Logan to fall flat on his back into the room. “Are you making fun of me because I will not hesitate to crush your skull like a watermelon.”
Logan looked up at him, blinking. “I am not.” He said firmly, readjusting his glasses. Anxiety narrowed his eyes. “Then why’d you do it?” Logan looked… pinker than before, but it may have just been the light. “I… came to the consensus that you may have been… vulnerable when you sang. The best way to lessen vulnerability in others is to open up yourself… Was I… was I correct?” Anxiety rubbed the last of his tears off his face with his sleeve, extending the other hand out to help Logan up.
“…..Yeah. Got it in one.”
“I still don’t understand that saying-”
“Shut up and watch the rest of the movie with me.”
“Vocab word?”
“Vocab word.”

An Image To Protect pt.3

Matthew Tkachuk x Reader

Team: Calgary Flames

Warnings: Cheese

POV: First

part three for an image to protect!!

maybe in the next part you could have them become official?

About the part 3 to tkachuk, maybe something where you officially meet the wags as his gf or his fam?

Here are part one and part two!

I decided to go for a first “I love you” thing because I really dislike writing about meeting families and in the first part, it was a possibility the reader had already met the WAGS just not as a love interest. 

Originally posted by kevinhayes

How did I end up here? Sat on the couch, late one Saturday night, some random episode of Catfish playing on the t.v. while my fingers were playing with Matthew’s curls. The both of us were basically half asleep, Matthew even dozing off every now and then but jumping back awake. 

It seemed like just yesterday when I attended the family skate for the Flames and Johnny had dragged me along to meet his friends. 

Yet here we were.

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I Am An Alpha Ch 9: The Rest Of The Pack

“So who were those other wolves out there?” I wonder as I peek out behind Kris. The four wolves that had peeked out of the forest have now collected the alpha I fought with and returned to the forest, not before giving me a dirty look. At the same time my other mates appeared their alpha pheromone dominates the air, making me feel like I’m suffocating. The six of us are still standing inside, we had decided to at least go into the living room to let the others catch more of my scent. My hyungs are close by, I can smell them but they must have noticed the new wolves and decided to hang back.

“They are our brother pack,” Kris tells me.

“They must not be too happy that I attacked their pack member are they?”

Yixing growls, “I don’t give a fuck about how they feel, they’re just lucky we didn’t tear him to shreds for touching you.”

I cling to the back of Kris’s shirt when I begin sensing Yixing’s anger, “Hyung.”

“Sorry,” He takes a few deep breaths in a sad attempt to calm himself down.

I glance around, “Where is Baekhyun hyung?”

“He went out to talk to your pack, we were planning on having them here before the others returned but I guess that isn’t going to be happening,” Tao sighs.

Kris groans, running his hands through his hair he decides, “We should do this now, they are going to get mad.”

“Suho and Minseok hyung are already fuming,” Kai clucks his tongue.

“Someone go grab them some clothes, we don’t need them flashing her the first time they meet. Yixing, keep an eye on Chanyeol, I’m expecting him to be the most eager to get closer to her. I’ll keep an eye on Minseok hyung since he might be pretty bad too.”

Kai sets off in search of clothing.

Sehun scoffs, “Are you really going to try and get in between Minseok, Luhan, and Suho hyung and our mate? They are going to fight you hard on that one.”

“How do you think they are going to react to my past and my pack?” I wonder, feeling uneasy about these new mates.

“I didn’t even think about telling them about your past,” Yixing sighs in obvious frustration.

“Let us take this one step at a time, starting with walking out there,” Kris officially decides. “Open the door back up.”

Tao sighs but obeys, he slowly unlatches the door and pushes the massive wall of windows to the side, opening the room to the cold. Kris forces himself to step aside but keeps his arm around my shoulders. My eyes go wide at the sight of six beautiful wolves sitting in the snow. I don’t feel scared as bad as I did yesterday, but it’s still there gripping my heart, ready to send me into panic mode.

“They are so pretty,” I mumble softly, unconsciously reaching out my hand to run it through their fur but I notice and pull my hand back. “Sorry, most alphas probably don’t want to hear that.”

Kris chuckles, “So bashful again aren’t we?”

“Do you want me to start fighting again?” I tease.

“Please no, someone is going to loose it.”

“Can I go touch them?” I look to him for permission, which he gives me with a gentle nudge forward. I take a deep breath and step out onto the cold stone patio. A few more steps and I’m back in the snow, I should have asked for shoes but I’m this far, no going back. Unconsciously I approach one specific wolf, his scent draws me in, coffee. “You are the one who distracted me during the fight,” I note mostly to myself but they hear. The caramel colored wolf looks away from me to glare at the head alpha. “Don’t be mad at him,” I quickly defend, “I was just causing trouble. I tend to do that.” I’m trying my best to be playful but he just continues to glare, actually making Kris gulp. I cock my head, “You must be Minseok hyung.”

His head snaps back to me.

“So is that a yes?”

A nod.

“They actually haven’t told me much about any of you, or the fact that any of you existed but they mentioned a few names. Who is Luhan hyung?” I’m trying so hard to be warm, and I’m actually really impressed with how little my hands are shaking and that my heart hasn’t pounded out of my chest. Hesitantly a pretty auburn wolf comes forward, I give him a small smile and a bow. “And than I think it was Chanyeol hyung?” A silver wolf steps forward, this one with much more excitement, he makes me think of Baekhyun but Baekhyun has a much pinker tint compared to this new wolf. “Who was the scary one you mentioned? Soo hyung?” I nervously scan the three other wolves, none of them look particularly scary in fact one stands out to me. His big eyes lock with mine making my heart melts. “So cute!”

Jongin sees me take a few steps toward the wolf, “That is Kyungsoo hyung, or Soo hyung. He doesn’t like being petted.”

“Oh, thank you for letting me know,” I bring my hands to my chest to keep myself from touching them recklessly. But out of the corner of my eye I swear I see Kyungsoo giving Kai a death glare. “After that I think they mentioned Suho,” I watch the last two and see a tan wolf nod his head at me. I bow back before looking at the last one. With an encouraging nod of Kris I approach the last wolf who is a beautiful dark shade of brown, “I’m sorry they didn’t mention your name, you must be the well behaved one, from what I’ve heard in these brief ten minutes is that all the others are trouble.” The wolf laughs making me smile.

“I have clothes for them,” Kai mentions with a giant stack of clothing in his hands.

“Could I go talk to my pack so you can have a good talk with yours?” I ask Kris with a big smile. A chorus of growls erupt from the wolves sending me back on to the patio and into Yixing’s arms.

“They probably don’t like the idea of you leaving at the moment,” Yixing informs me.

“I think they are coming our way again anyway,” Kris sighs, “They must have felt your fear spike suddenly.”

“There they are,” Tao nods toward the forest where a black wolf appears. “Or at least one of them.”

Without a thought I book it pass my mates and right into the snow without a single thing on my mind other than for, “My pup!” I basically scream when Kookie and I get closer. I didn’t realize how much I missed him, I know it has only been a day but that is a long time for us. He tackles me to the ground and licks my face all over, making me a giggling mess beneath him. “Kookie!” I scold through my laughing.

“Hyung!” Jimin and Taehyung yell as they also bust out of the forest, behind them is the rest of my pack and Baekhyun who is just glaring at our touchy interactions.

He pushes through my pack to get to Jungkook and I, “Unless you want your throat ripped out, I suggest you remove yourself from her. We may know what is going on but our other pack members don’t and they are not in the best mood right now.”

Kookie growls.

Baekhyun’s sweet playful demeanor from yesterday seems completely different as he grabs Jungkook by the back of the neck and pulls him off me. “Come with me little wolf before the backyard becomes a battle field. You will be able to talk with your pack after we explain things,” He offers me a hand.

“Please go with him Insoo,” Namjoon quickly encourages me. “I would prefer not to fight with the black dragons.”

“I’m with Namjoon on this, please,” Yoongi almost begs, looking to the house with worried eyes. I follow his gaze back to the house to see eleven of my mates staring us down with angry blood red eyes. Jungkook whimpers with his head bowed to the obviously more powerful group, in fact looking to my pack I see that they are all backing down with their eyes to the ground. I gulp nervously but accept Baekhyun’s hand, he surprises me by just scooping me up.

“It’s freezing cold and you are out here dressed like this, what kind of mates let their mate out like this,” He mumbles mostly to himself as he carries me back across the field. “We should take this inside before she catches a cold.” He doesn’t even bother to wait for his brothers he just carries me inside like I’m a fragile little egg that is going to break. He sets me down on the cold couch before wrapping me up in the blanket that one of the others brought. Kris is kneeling in front of me peeling off the socks he had just put on me that are now soaking wet.

“No more going outside until we have proper clothes for you,” Kris declares. The wolves come in, two of them rush passed with their clothing in their teeth, Minseok and Suho, while the others stop by me. Chanyeol is the first to come right up to me, he sniffs my clothes, his nose wrinkles.

“Do I smell like my pack again?” I sniff my sleeves and only find Yixing’s sweet scent now mixing with another sweet smell, like fresh cakes.

“You reek of Yixing hyung since you slept in his room and his clothes,” Baekhyun explains as he fetches me a mug of tea. “Even thought he is also your mate, we don’t like any other alpha smell near our mate.”

“Sorry Hyung,” I reach other without a thought and stroke the silver blue wolf’s fur. He cocks his head in confusion, “Ah, the hyung thing, we will explain that when everyone is here.”

“So you need to go upstairs and get dressed,” Kris commands. I’m surprised when the big wolf just comes closer and nuzzles his snout into my stomach. “Chanyeol,” The head alpha tries again, making the younger whine.

“Don’t you want to be able to talk to me?” I tempt the wolf with a smile. He groans but quickly heads off towards the stairs, leaving the other three behind. They stare at me, Chen and Luhan are closer, within touching distance while Kyungsoo is far out of my reach. “Are you all going to transform? I actually kind of want to see you react to my past, I didn’t get to see yesterday because I passed out.”

All eyes go to Kris who already has his hands up, “It was an accident.”

“We were gone for a week and all hell breaks loose,” An unfamiliar voice snaps from the hall. Two men come in, they are about the same height but one looks much younger than the other. The last three wolves are off to transform so they can join the conversation as well. One with cat like eyes glares at Kris for a moment before looking down at me huddled on the couch and his face softens. “Hello little wolf.”

I sniff the air, “Coffee,” I hum. “You must be Minseok hyung.”

He smiles cutely, “I am, I’m very happy to meet you my lovely little wolf.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” I try to stand to greet him properly but the second I try Kris’s hands are on my shoulders pushing me back into the couch.

“Your feet are freezing, how can you not notice?” The older scolds as his large hands gently massage my shoulders.

I look down at my feet, “I haven’t really noticed, I think they are numb.” I try to curl my toes with little to basically no response at my brain’s command, “Yep, they are completely numb.”

“Can you feel this?” Minseok is suddenly a lot closer, his hands are on my ankles, his touch sends a shot of electricity up my leg making me jump away. He holds his hands up, showing me that he means no harm but it’s not that I’m scared, my heart is just racing.

“I can feel that,” I whimper.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you,” He stands up and takes a few steps back.

“You didn’t frighten me, you shocked me,” I look down at my hands nervously.

“Do you want another bath?” Yixing offers, he joins me on the couch, sitting as close to me as possible. I see the way Minseok watches our physical interactions with irritated jealousy.

I pout, “Another one? I guess, just to warm me up, but only if you sit with me again.”

“Why him again?” Sehun pouts.

Tao joins in on the whining, “Why not one of us?”

“Because from what I’ve heard you guys can’t control yourselves around me, but lets say I give you the benefit of the doubt, do you think you can handle being locked in the same room as me while I’m completely naked and basically defenseless?” I cock a brow at them, “Kai saw me in just a towel and went complete alpha on me, do you think you can handle it?”

The two boys share an angry look but say nothing more. Baekhyun steps forward, “I can do it.”

“Okay, lets go Hyung,” I try to stand up but Yixing has his arm around my shoulders in and instance.

“She asked for me,” The older of the two snaps.

“Can both of you just come along? The more the merrier,” I suggest, hoping to defuse the situation.

“Where are we going? Can I come too?” A tall man bounces into the room, silver hair a ruffled mess, a massive smile on his handsome face. The scent of cake tickles my nose.

“Chanyeol hyung?” The other three come into the room, one with big round eyes catches my eye, “Soo hyung?” The man stops, his eyes seem to get bigger when he sees me. I can’t help but smile at him, something about this man makes me feel more warm at just the sight of him.

“Hello,” He bows his head, “I am Kyungsoo.” He makes me think of hot chocolate. From his dark brown hair to his chocolate colored eyes, heart shaped lips make me think he is a soft person but I remember Jongin’s words and curl back into myself.

“Of course, I’m sorry for speaking so informally,” I bow my head apologetically.

“Ignore him Love,” Yixing guides my gaze back to him with a soft caress of my cheek. “You look cold, lets get that water going.”

I’m about to agree when movement on the edge of the forest catches my eye, “What about my pack? Aren’t we going to explain everything?”

“What do you need to explain?” One steps forward, “Did something happen?”

I look to my six mates who already know, “Should I just say it?”

Kris sighs, “Might as well, Tao, can you go get her pack in here? Take them in the front go and down into the basement to hang out while we talk about this.”

“Why do I have to take them?” Tao pouts, earning himself a dirty look from me.

I narrow my eyes at him, “Do you have a problem with my pack?”

“Of course not!” He replies quickly followed by soft words that melt my heart, “I would just rather be up here with you.”

“How about if you are nice to my pack I’ll let you come in when I take a bath too?”

His eyes light up like fireworks, “Really?”

“Yes, but only if my pack gives you a good review so be nice.”

He nods eagerly before rushing outside. I chuckle as I watch him go to my waiting pack.

“Now what is the world is going on?” Minseok asks as he sits on my other side.

I look at Kris, “Any suggestions on where I should start off?”

“How about your name?”

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Sav where is the 'light angst' niall fic based on too much too ask??? Where is it?????

well, since you asked…

we both knew the cost (2k, narry, light angst) 

Niall passes the salt shaker from hand to hand, thinking idly about Denise’s Christmas dinner, and Theo’s squeals of delight Christmas morning, and his da’s moist eyes and his hand on Niall’s shoulder. His family always makes him a right soppy mess, Christ. 

Under the table, his knee gives a twinge of pain; Niall reaches down and massages the tender muscles with his fingertips. He turns his grimace away from the sweet elderly waitress who’d taken his order of a water with lemon and catches sight of Harry waiting to cross the street. His face is pinched against the cold, sunglasses slipping down the bridge of his nose, hands stuffed deep into his pockets and shoulders curled in on himself.

Niall lets out a quiet laugh. Harry’s a sight for sore eyes, no pun intended. 

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Discovery Bound - Snowbound Part 010

It’s quick, but this one was all but finished save for editing and the like. I need to update the lists, but in the mean time…. x

Dad Masterlist

It’s so early the bedroom still has that hazy, new-morning light look to it. There’s a stillness in the air from being undisturbed all night, and everything is quiet.

Quiet except for the soft kisses that are being pressed against your cheek, into your neck, and grazed along your shoulder through the shirt you’re sleeping in.

They’re soft, and innocent, even when they suck or there’s a nick of teeth. Occasionally he stops and buries his nose into whatever part of you he’s focused on now and he just breathes in the scent of you mixing with his after spending all night in his bed. It’s an endearing sign of the way he’s absorbing every bit of you, but you think you’d laugh if you were nearer to a proper state of consciousness.

Harry moves his body closer and the kisses move to the other side of your neck and face. He sighs contentedly and you smile softly behind closed eyes when he squeezes you with sleep-weakened arms.

“Gonna open your eyes for me, pet?” The question is scratchy and full of sleep and you sink momentarily into the pillows when you stretch.

“Mmm,” you muse. “Maybe.”

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Ethan Nestor Collection!

Request: “I’d like to see you write for Ethan more! I don’t know if you wanted like exact requests, I could give a few requests if it is what you were wanting.”

There ya go fren!


Ethan had been relatively quiet today, only speaking up to ask you to come home with him after class. It had been a while since you’d been in his room, surprised to find that most of his things were packed away, give or take a pile of clothes or school books. 

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Essays in Existentialism: Scars

Can you write canon where Clarke and Lexa are laying in bed (naked of course) and Clarke asks Lexa about the battle scars all over her body. And Lexa tells her of all of her experiences. 

The quiet that came in the middle of the night was addictive. It made the bed an entire sun, with the bodies wrapped in galaxies of sheets, with stars twinkling in fingertips and the low orbit of hips and palms orchestrating entire constellations with deft, god-like movements. 

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BIRTHDAY BLUES {Yoongi Fluff One Shot}

Author’s Note: @killer-kittens1 I’m sorry to hear about your birthday not going too well and I’m glad that you like my fics so much to ask for a one shot. So hopefully this can cheer you up a little. 

You walked into the coffee shop like every other day, but this time you felt a little bit of dread as you made your way to the counter. Usually you were excited to see the cute barista behind the counter, his platinum blonde hair laid messily on his head, while he gave each customer an aloof gaze, but today you were in a bad mood. Everyone seemed to be against you and a gloomy dark cloud just seemed to follow you like an omen of bad luck. As you walked up to the counter, you tripped slightly, almost faceplanting as you scolded yourself.

The barista, whose nametag read Yoongi, changed his aloof stare to one of concern as he looked at you.

Are you alright? He asked and you gave him a quick nod, not wanting to make an even larger fool of yourself. Sighing once more, you looked at the menu and just as you were about to state your order, a booming voice came from behind the counter.

There’s the birthday girl! Tae screamed and you jumped slightly. Looking at the tall, happy man, his rectangular smile shining at you, you forced a smile on your lips.

Ah, yea, thank you. You murmured and Yoongi looked over his shoulder at the younger employee.

How do you know it’s her birthday? He asked and Tae shrugged.

She mentioned it the other day when she came in, uhm Y/N, right? Tae asked and you blushed a little before tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. She usually gets, oh god. Tae looked up at the ceiling, then closed his forcefully and thought for a moment. Yoongi looked from him to you, as you stared at him with a furrowed brow. Suddenly, Tae opened his eyes and punched Yoongi’s arm. Iced Americano with one sugar packet! He yelled and you looked at him in disbelief.

Uhm, that’s right. You mumbled and Yoongi shook his head, looking at Tae.

Alright, well go make it then. Yoongi commanded the younger employee, who nodded quickly and began running around the espresso machine. You pulled out your wallet, but Yoongi held up his hand. On the house, it’s your birthday. He murmured and you smiled for the first time all day. Although it was supposed to be a celebration about you, it felt like your birthday was becoming a day where everyone was pissed at you for one reason or another. So to have this small act of kindness was enough to warm your cold and broken heart. You bowed slightly and moved to find an open table. Far back in the café, there was a table for two people open, you scurried up to it.

Placing your purse down and shrugging off your jacket, you allowed yourself to relax for a moment. It had not been a good day, and being here helped wash away some of the bad feelings. The smell of coffee, mixed with the constant buzz of conversation and a light hum of a melody in the background, set the mood for a perfect afternoon. Because your day had not been going to plan, you didn’t even reach for your phone, you were sure you would find a million messages from friends and family that were anything but nice. Sighing for what felt like the millionth time that day, you thought back. Wasn’t today supposed to be a happy day? You asked yourself as you leaned your head back against the brick wall behind you.

The table nestled in the corner allowed you to have a certain level of privacy so you could have a moment’s thought to yourself as you thought about the various things that needed to get done before you went home. You were so hung up in your own mind that you didn’t hear the light calling of your name that your drink order was ready. Sitting in that little corner, you let minutes go by without a second thought. Finally, a plastic cup with your coffee was placed in front of you. Looking up, you saw Yoongi’s eyes staring down at you.

We’ve been calling your name. He said, his crisp white shirt had the first two buttons undone, and it was in stark contrast to the black apron that he had tied around his hips. The black jeans he wore beneath seemed to fit him perfectly and your cheeks tinted as you realized you had been staring at the barista’s physique for far too long.

Uhm, I’m so sorry. You murmured and Yoongi shook his head with a small chuckle.

What’s going on? Too many birthday plans? He asked and you tilted your head.

Actually the opposite. You replied, your shoulders slumping as you reached for the coffee. All of my friends are mad at me about something I didn’t do, and my family isn’t being too kind either. You murmured, then looked at Yoongi. But I really shouldn’t bother you with all of this. You mumbled, trying to hide your blushing face with your hair as you took a sip of your coffee.

Yoongi stood there for a moment, before abruptly turning on his heels. You watched him leave and felt your heart break once again. It seemed like no matter what you did today, you were fucking it up. You stood up from your spot and started to pack up your things, thinking it would be better to just leave as quickly as possible, when you heard footsteps once more in your secluded part of the café. Turning around, you were again, face-to-face with Yoongi. However, this time, he held a small plate in his hands.

The plate had a tiny cake on it, the white frosting was simply decorated with a single fondant rose on top and a singular candle. You looked from the cake to the barista, it looked like his cheeks were slightly pinker than usual, but that could have been your imagination. He reached in his back pocket and took out a lighter, igniting the wick of the candle.

Happy birthday, Y/N. He murmured. Blow out the candle and make a wish.

You looked at the flame, its brightness cutting through your gloomy day as you closed your eyes. I wish this birthday would get better. You thought to yourself before blowing out the candle. It was a simple gesture, but it brought so much happiness to your heart as Yoongi gave you a small, gummy smile. Leaning towards you, he placed a small kiss on your cheek.

Uhm, if you don’t mind waiting. I get off in a few minutes. Maybe we could go for a walk? He asked and your eyes went wide as you nodded frantically. Awesome, you just eat this. He said as he placed the cake on the table. I’ll just go clock out and stuff. Yoongi murmured and turned on his heels. You watched him leave and felt your heart race.

Only a few moments later, Yoongi walked up to you, his button down was ditched for a simple white t-shirt and a black leather jacket. You tried to calm your speeding heart as you watched him walk towards you.

Maybe birthday wishes come true. You thought to yourself as Yoongi offered you his arm. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad birthday after all.


Another submission! Hiii Raven! I re read the whole Tickle Monster thing and thought I should write it, as I just reeeaallly like the idea.
Hope you like it!

Prompt: Jack targets Mark in Dead By Daylight, and manages to kill him early in the game. Little does he know, he’s created a monster out of him by doing so.

Jack cackled close to the mic, the others groaning and chuckling nervously.

“Jack, whatcha ya doooin?” Bob asked, hiding his uneasiness in a playfully chipper voice.

“I’m invisible! Aaand Stalking someooone. And It Could Be Any Of You.”
Jack growled. He smiled as the others murmured in slight fear.

“I bet it’s me.” Mark chimed, “He can’t resist taking a sneak peak at my hot ass!”

The others laughed, Jack pouting at Mark ruining the tension. Ding Ding!


Jack laughed manically as Mark’s character began running away, upon quick realisation he was right. SLASH! Mark yelled again as his poor character got smashed, jumping through a window quickly.

“Get back here Markipoooo, I ain’t finished with ya!”

Wade chuckled, “Keep distracting him with your ass! me and Bob will deal with the generators!”

“Shut it Wade! AH!”

Mark hastily changed direction as Jack came storming around a corner, narrowly missing a hit.





Wade and Bob laughed at the somewhat violent flirtation, one accidently exploding a generator while doing so. Mark jumped through another window, pretending to go one way then quickly swapping direction when seeing Jack go the same way. He hobbled to a closet, hiding just before Jack passed through.

“Where oh where has that delicious boo-tay gone?”

Mark laughed, mostly out of nerves.
“You’ll never catch me now! I’m completely gone! Ran right out of that place!”

“Oh really? So, you aren’t crying somewhere?”

Mark’s heart skipped a beat- he forgot injured people sobbed in closets. He watched, helpless, as Jack opened the door to his hiding spot.

“Time to come out the closet Mark! We knew you were gay as fuck anyway!”

“NOOO! Why do you target me you potato bastard?!”

“Because he wants that ass, Mark, I’d think you’d know by now.”

“You’re not helping, BOB!”

Unknown to Mark, Bob had actually helped. While trying to find something witty to say in the conversation, Jack walked the killer right into a tree. This gave Mark just enough time to wiggle free before being set on a hook. Mark set to running for cover, hollering in temporary triumph. Jack howled out in frustration, resetting his sights on catching his boyfriend once more.

“Oooh, this ass too good for yooou!”

“I WILL have that arse! Your glorious arse is mine, I won’t rest til I have it!”

“Haha, I can see Mark running away from Jack! Bob get off the generator and look at them!”

“No! Wade! Get ON the generator and hurry up! If I die and you both don’t escape I’m blaming Jack AND you!”

“I can live with that- Wait don’t come this way!”

“Hurry up with the generator, Wade, or Jack might come after your ass!”

“Nah, I’m getting a perfect view of my fave ass from chasing yooou, Mark.”

“Stop Targetting Me!!”

“Why would I do that if it’s irritating you~?”

“That’s a good poin-”


Mark ran through the area Bob and Wade resided in. Bob got off the generator and run by Wade’s side, but despite the easy pickings they could have been, Jack carried on charging towards Mark, slowly gaining on him.

“OH COME ON! You could have got them, this is so unfa- NOOOOOOO!!”

Jack laughed as he hit him, picking up the fallen body to put on a hook.

“Swiggit swooty, I got the boo-tay!”


Mark raged, the violent tapping on his keyboard proving his anger true. Even more unfortunately for Mark, a hook hung nearby and he was quickly stabbed through one, ready for in-game sacrifice.

“Waaade! Boooob! Heeeelpp!!!”

“No one can save you! Now I can finally get a piece of dat ass!”

“Oh my god Stop.”

“You’re the one who said you had a nice ass in the first place!”

“Correction, I said Hot ass. HOT. And I didn’t hear aaaanyone disagree so. There.”

“Ok sure but lemme watch you struggle.”

The long spider legs generated forth, Mark groaning in frustration as he started to mash the keyboard once more.


“Boy we wish we could but it seems your ever so loyal boyfriend won’t leave your side.

“Uuugh! Jack! Go away, stop camping, that’s lame!”

“Yeah, it is, but it’s annoying you so guess what I’m gonna do.”

“Go away?”


“Dammit! DAMMIT!”

Mark pushed himself away from the computer, throwing his hands up in the air to show how done he was.

“Mwah hahahaha! One down, two to go!”

“Well, we have three to go generator wise so good luck with that!”
Wade interjected. Mark scoffed in reply.
“so you only got two during all that? Really? I think you and Bob are the ones who needs luck right now.”

“Hahaha! You can’t stop me! I’ll kill you all!”

Jack cackled manically, setting out to look for his next victim.

“You monster!” Bob gasped dramatically.

Mark’s sat up straight. Monster.


“… You monster?”

“Brilliant! Bob you’re brilliant!”

“Oh well thank you.”

“Why is Bob brilliant?“ A confused Wade questioned, “Did he find another generator?”

“No, he has given me an idea!”

“Mark with an idea? That dangerous!” Jack snickered.

“You’ll regret that! Just like you’ll regret killing me!”

“I’m confused, how are you supposed to help us when you’re dead?”

Mark leaned into the mic dramatically. “You’ll see.” and with that, he left his room.

There was a moment of silence among the others. Then…

“Heya Wade, is that you?”


Mark creeped down the hall, peering into Jack’s room. He had his eyes glued to the screen, a shit-eating grin on his face. Mark crept forward, hand curled like claws, teeth flashing in a dangerous grin. He was nearly upon Jack.


Mark froze, fearing Jack had seen his in the camera.

“Oh, Wade, I have the prettiest hook friend, they’d love to meet you!”

Phew. Mark took one last step forward hands at the ready to strike, waiting for the perfect moment. He watched Jack hook Wade, noticing Bob in the background, unnoticed by the Irish who had his sights on smacking Wade.

“Haha, got another! Hey Maaark, did ya see that?”

“Oh, I saw.”

Jack gasped, but before he could turn around Mark dug their hand into his sides. Jack let out an ear-ringing shriek, dissolving into panicked cackling. His hands left the keyboard, shooting to Mark’s arms in a futile attempt to pull them off. Mark called out.

“Bob, quick, get Wade off the hook! This monster is being held hostage by an even more horrifying monsteerr! The Tickle Monster~!”

From the headphones, knocked to Jack’s (Slighty pinker than usual) neck, Mark heard Bob laughing and saw him running to Wade’s aid on screen. Mark smiled. This was pretty funny; Mark was getting revenge in a very petty and ironic manner.


“I thought I was an ass! A fine ass!”


“Well you’re an ass with a fine-eeeh I won’t go on.”

He winked at the camera, hand moving to Jack’s tummy. Jack let out a yelp, kicking out on instinct and eyes shutting tight as he laughed louder and more hysterically. Mark smiled, drilling his thumbs along the bottom of Jack’s ribs while scratching ruthlessly at his poor tum. Too quiet for the camera, he murmured into Jack’s ear.

“The tickle monster says if you stop being such a rude, mean monster to our friends he’ll stooop~”

He chuckled softly as he watched Jack’s face erupt in dark blush. His one true weakness, the tickle monster. He’s so cute.


Whoops. Look like he said it out loud. Eh, more fuel for those shippers. He went back to a whisper.

"Let us win, it’s the least you could do for your dear strong boy… The tickle monster~”

“Shuhuhut uhuhup!”

“Ah, I see, you want me to use my voice for something else~”


Mark giggled, leaning down and settling a kiss to Jack’s neck. Then another. And another, and another and another and another. Jack leaned away, dissolving into giggles. His gentle giggling quickly went hysterical as Mark started kneading his hips, the merciless bastard. Jack wiggled his hips, throwing his head back as he succumbed to the tickling.
Mark huffed a chuckle, knowing how much Jack was enjoying himself. The adorable irish mess loved a little laughter. And a lot of laugher. Mark glanced at the computer screen. While Wade and Bob had taken the chance to heal and do all the generators, they had obviously gotten bored and started dancing around the motionless brute that had previously hooked Mark to death. Mark huffed at them.

“Bob, Wade, stop trying to sacrifice Jack and get out of there!”

Jack opened an eye, realising the situation. Without thinking he lurched forward, tapping the necessary buttons. The monster onscreen hit Bob, Who yelled in surprise and took to running away. Jack reached forward, trying to retake control over the game, but Mark pulled him back, hands digging into his right side.



“I’ve been deafened, now I’ll need to learn sign language, thanks Jack.”

Jack took no notice of the small voices coming out of his headphones. They were drowned out by his hysterical laughter anyway. He was in ticklish agony. His whole body buzzed as Mark’s skilled fingers drilled into his side, and the fact Mark was blowing noisy raspberries into his neck was no help. The sheer intensity of the tickling was enough to drive Jack insane. He desperately pushed at the strong arms incasing him, but they would not budge. He thrashed and kicked but Mark wouldn’t move.
The chair did though.

“Oh god, they died didn’t they.”

“Well Bob, at least we won the game.”

“Eh, without a monster chasing us it loses purpose. Hearing Jack being tortured was pretty funny though.”

“Too bad they died.”

Mark got up, hand on the mic. Giggles could still be heard, but they were quietened by the exhaustion after a tickle attack.

“We’re fine! No one died.”

“Sometimes I can still hear Mark’s voice.”

“Woow Bob. I’m not dead. Jack toppled the chair trying to escape my clutches.”

“You mean the Tickle Monster’s clutches! Of all things to fear, Jack, of all things to fear.”

“Wade, you can’t say much, you were begging me to stop when I got you in the Don’t Laugh challenge.”

“I no longer judge you, Jack, I no longer judge you.”

Mark chuckled, then helped a smiling, wary Jack up.

“I fooking hate ya.”

“You love my sweet ass though, right?”

“That’s the only redeeming quality about you, I swear.”

“Well your redeeming quality is how sensitive you are~ And how red your face gets when that’s pointed out… And your adorable need to hide your fac-”

“YES! OK! We get it, you’re an absolute douchebag! You can stop now.”

“Yes, but it annoys you so guess what I’m gonna do?”
Mark’s mocking voice and shit eating grin was the last straw for Jack.

“Take a fooking BAYTIN!!”

With that, Jack leaped at Mark, the shocked, darked haired man yelling out before breaking out in deep, melodious laughter, Bob and Wade groaning and deciding amongst themselves to cut the video short. The two dorks forgot about the game, wrapped up in each other as they playfully fought, not aware and not worried of the still recording camera. Mark was right, plenty of fuel for the shippers.


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Could you please add Libra to the waking up for the first time together prompt? Also, congrats on your impending graduation! I'm almost there myself, so I know how hard it is.

Thank you! Ahh the last stretch is always the hardest, so good luck~ I’m bummed out cause we were supposed to have a senior sendoff for our major ;-; but we got ghosted, no chicken wings for me ;;

Libra: He gives a long prayer of thanks when he opens your eyes. You’re awake already, and have been idly stroking along his skin and hair, thankful that you’re the only one that’s been ever allowed such close proximity to him. You wait patiently until he finishes his recitations, and smile as he kisses you squarely in the forehead.

“I had to thank Naga for blessing me with you as my companion…” he says sweetly, and a little shyly as well. You cover your face and use your free hand to tug his ear, much pinker than he is.

“Oh you. Here I thought this was your morning routine.”

“It is but it used to be shorter–you’ll have to bear with me love.”

“If I make you so happy, I don’t mind, dear.” You smile and happily climb on top of his chest. You clasp your hands with his and intertwine your fingers. “Do you really love me that much?”

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Bohemian rhapsody gone wrong

Ok so trigger warning before we start, there are mentions of PTSD, it’s not specifically said but symptoms are talked about, not sure how many words it is

Prompt: Hey if you’re taking prompts can you do a stafou (stanfou?) Where LeFou is afraid of thunder (it reminds him of the war) and doesn’t tell Stanley so one day thunder wakes Stanley up and LeFou is just like sobbing or freaking out on the floor so Stanley comforts him. If you’re not taking prompts than just ignore me

Thank you for the prompt!!!

Ok so here we go

Stanley is sleeping and when he wakes up finds that Lefou is no where to be found, after investigating, he finds him afraid

Lefou had always been afraid of thunder, it was something he just couldn’t seem to stand, even before he had gone off to war. When he came back, it seemed to have become a mimic of sounds he wished he could forget. Every crash reminded him of the sound of the mighty cannons ripping their troops apart, and the rumbles and growls the rattling of the drums.

Of course this didn’t seem to be such a problem when he slept alone, his sleepless nights being only noticed by him, Gaston didn’t really pay attention to anyone but himself as it turned out, and of course when Stanley asked Lefou to move in with him, Lefou jumped at the offer, forgetting completely about his fear, however whenever thunder struck he was all too aware of the sleeping man who rested himself just inches away from him.

On one night, the thunder got particularly bad, with rain almost flooding the village, and rattling the windows like small bullets hitting the glass, each of them with as much force as the last, however Stanley didn’t seem to stir. It was only when a large crash emanated from right above the small cottage was he finally woken from his deep sleep.

Blearily, he wiped his eyes to rid them of the slumber which had just left him, trying to fully gain function of his brain.

He yawned and stretched his arms across the bed, expecting to find a torso, hand or hip blocking him, however when nothing seemed to greet his extending arm, he halted. Wasn’t Lefou living with him? Of course he was, he had been since Noël.

Stanley shook his head gently and yawned once more, pushing himself to turn away from the comfort of his bed in order to investigate the mystery of the missing lover. The wooden floor beneath his feet felt colder than usual, yet he was glad that there was the comforting trickle of rain that would gradually lull him back to sleep when he finally found Lefou.

As he opened the door to the main room, he became aware of a sort of whimpering sound which seemed to carry from the kitchen, almost like a lost child trying to dull their cries.

Curious, Stanley crept past the bookcase and slid between the dining table and the wall, as the steady whimpering grew louder. Just as Stanley was about to enter the kitchen a loose floorboard creaked.


A shaky breath from around the corner.

“Hello?” A hoarse voice muttered from just out of sight, a hiccough following suit.

“H-hello? Is, is someone there?” Stanley let out a breath he was holding in, it was Lefou.

Turning the corner with a smile, it was instantly wiped off his face when he saw where Lefou was. Hiding between the meeting of two walls with a blanket covering his shoulders. His eyes were bright red and puffy whilst thick streams of tears fell freely down his face. His bottom lip, as well as his left hand, seemed to be shaking uncontrollably and his right was gripping the blanket in such a desperate way that stanley was surprised that it hadn’t split at the seams already. When their eyes met Lefou’s seemed to widen in panic and he pushed himself further into the small nook, and began whispering under his breath erratically, whilst also avoiding looking stanley in the eyes.

Stanley took a step forwards and saw Lefou visibly pause, holding his breath and tightening his eyes shut, as his body went rigid, as if expecting a blow.

“Mon amour?”

Lefou’s eyes opened gently, yet still faced the blackened window which showed the pair a view of the village centre.

“Mon amour are you ok?” Stanley whispered, trying not to alarm or scare Lefou in any way, afraid that he might go back to muttering under his breath.

Lefou replied with a soft mumble.

“Lefou, are you alright?” Stanley got down onto his knees and sat a short distance away from where Lefou was, just within reach if necessary.

“I’m sorry.” Lefou said, looking down in, was that, shame?

“Why on earth would you be sorry?” Stanley replied, gently inching towards him, as if trying not to startle a deer.

“For waking you.” Stanley paused, stunned,

He had just walked in on Lefou crying in a corner, clearly distressed for one reason or another, and instead of seeking comfort, he apologised for a small inconvenience which he may not have even caused.

“Darling, you didn’t wake me, L'orage did.”

Just in that moment, a brilliant arch of lightning illuminated the sky, twisting and turning through the clouds as if it had a mind of its own. Each tendril extending further and further until finally, the longest of them all reached Père Roberts steeple, and met with the metal on the top, flashing dangerously. Just as it made its way to return to the heavens, a momentous bang was heard from above, thundering above the clatter of the heavy racing which hammered against the roof and windows.

In that moment, Stanley felt Lefou tense up next to him.

Turning to look at him, Stanley noticed Lefou’s face had gone sheer white, whilst his eyes held a vacant expression, yes also seemed to move faster than he had ever seen. His breathing had become erratic and his hand had begun shaking again, this time joined by his right. Sweat had formed above his brow and his bottom lip trembled dangerously. The tears which had previously formed a trickle now flowed faster than before, dripping onto Stanley’s hand.

He had never seen anything like this.

Of course he had heard of the wive’s in the village talking about how their husbands didn’t seem right when they returned from the war, how they sometimes got angry outbursts and how they seemed to be unable to focus completely when perhaps a door slammed or a horse whinnied. What had Madame Michelle called it? Being triggered.

It slowly dawned on stanley what was happening to Lefou, and panic began to settle in. No-one ever said how they solved this problem or if it could be solved.

Turning back to Lefou he gently pushed his hand under his trembling one, whilst also placing another hand atop it. He gently moved them up his arm, wrist, elbow, shoulder, before both his hands came to rest on Lefou’s frigid cheeks, tear-stained and pinked than usual, and looked into his eyes, before letting out a breath, and humming.

For all Stanley knew, he could have just made it worse, as he began to hum the tune to Au Claire De La Lune and Lefou seemed to hold his breath, for all stanley knew, he could have been trying to block him out by causing himself to faint, however he did know that the trembling of his lip had slowed slightly, and the tears that had flowed so freely seemed to be holding back ever so much. So he continued.

By the time he reached the second verse the hands had stopped trembling, by the time he reached the last chorus Lefou’s breathing had resumed at a normal pace, and by the time he reached the last note, the only sign of any problem was the slight shake he had in his breath, and the pinker than usual cheeks. His head was hanging slightly and his eyes were barely open, only just letting the last tear fall before shutting with finality.

“I’m sorry, it’s usually not this bad.” He whispered, his eyebrows furrowing in anger towards himself.

He felt a sudden warmth on his forehead, as well as a pleasant fanning of air across his face, and as he opened his eyes, he saw a concerned pair peering into his, forehead to forehead.

“Lefou, if you are afraid of thunder, tell me, I can help.”

Lefou have a small chuckle and purses his lips slowly, before letting out a sigh of relief, and letting himself finally relax.

Stanley brought Lefou closer to him, his hand sliding behind his neck, before his lips met Lefou’s and tenderly embraced each other.

The rain may have been silenced to the pair, yet outside it still thundered on, howling and wailing, thrashing and thrusting through opened doors and windows, yet the inside of that cottage remained silent, comfortable and isolated to the world of misery which the elements gave to the world.

Don’t laugh at my stupidity (but I know you will anyway)

Prompt 79 - I was angry, I punched a tree, my hand hurts, please don’t make fun of me. (requested)

Paring: Jikook (with Tae and Yoongi mentioned)

Word count: 1189

Jungkook stood with his phone with one hand and the doorknob in the other, Taehyung still gabbing away on the other line.

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Klaine Valentines Challenge - “Come up to Meet You: Chapter 6/6 *COMPLETE* - Tell You I’m Sorry” (NC17)

Now that Kurt is getting better, Blaine wonders if staying together is the best thing for the man he loves. (2598 words)

Written for the @klainevalentines prompt “I Will” by The Beatles.

Chapter 1 - Come up to Meet You

Chapter 2 - Nobody Said It Was Easy

Chapter 3 - You Don’t Know How Lovely You Are

Chapter 4 - Tell Me Your Secrets, And Ask Me Your Questions

Chapter 5 - I Had to Find You, Tell You I Need You

Read on AO3.

“Hey, Blaine! Nice to see you back!”

“Hey, Maureen. How’s your afternoon been so far?” Blaine asks, approaching the nurse’s station with a brown paper bag in hand.

“Pretty good. No real complaints,” she says, smile widening when Blaine hands the bag over. She unrolls the top and takes a sniff of the freshly baked cronuts inside, the scent of sweet, warm pastry making her eyes twinkle and her stomach growl. “Better now, though. Three of us on shift haven’t had anything to eat since breakfast, and that was about eight hours ago.”

“Well, hopefully those will tide you guys over till you can take a break,” Blaine says, tapping out a cheerful rhythm on the counter with his index fingers.

“They will.” She cinches the bag at the top to keep the cronuts toasty. “Thank you so much, Blaine. You’re a life saver.”

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Why Did the Cat Run Across the Road?

Leon Gortezka Imagine 

Y/N’s lips chattered relentlessly as she rubbed her hands together, trying to bring some warmth to her body which was prickled in Goosebumps. The chilly air seeped through the cracks and into the banged up car, feeling like you were sitting inside a freezer. Her breath fogged up in a white mist in front of her every time she exhaled. The windows too were clouded and she passed some of the time by drawing random patterns on it.

Her whole body was shivering yet, it didn’t radiate the heat which her icy body was crying out for. She looked out the window to where Leon was pacing on the side of the road as he spoke to the car insurer on the phone. She couldn’t quite work out if he was trying to keep warm or if the person on the other end of the line was giving him the information he didn’t want to hear and he was agitated.

They were coming back home from a cute little date when a stray cat jumped out onto the middle of the road for a stroll. It happened so quickly, but Leon swerved the car and the next thing they knew the front of the car was slammed against a tree and with a large percentage of the right side banged up too. Fortunately, the cat survived but Leon’s black Mercedes (which he liked to call Louise) didn’t quite make it. The bonnet was completely mangled and the windscreen had cracks spread right across it. It was a miracle that both of them made it out without any scratches. 

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Mat (Trolls Fanfic)

Here I come with another! I wrote this last night and just finished with the editing! This one takes place some years BEFORE the movie, so they are teenagers because why not?

Did somebody say KISS?!


Summary: It came to my attention that Poppy seemed to know exactly where Branch’s bunker was, but the others probably didn’t. It was Poppy who led them to the bunker and Creek had to lure them out with Poppy’s cowbell. So, for this fic, have some tsundere, teenager Branch (and Poppy).

Before he lost his colors, Branch really liked the rain. He liked to jump into the puddles while breaking into songs. Now, he realized rain just meant cold feet, frizzy hair full of static and mud.

And while other teenager trolls were acting still like children, rolling in the dirt, singing cheesy songs, and dancing their way to pneumonia, he was recollecting berries and leaves to make some warm tea. Thanks to his carefulness and foresight, he had enough dry wood in his bunker. A bunker that every day was closer and closer to what he had envisioned. Sure, he still had to build some other rooms to store more food and a gym would be nice, but he was certain he could make it.

He was heading back to his bunker and not very far when he heard his name being called by a very cheerful, very familiar voice.

“Branch!” Poppy’s voice rang in his ears. “Branch! Branch, where are you?! BRAAAAAAANCH!”

When her pink form finally came to his line of sight, he discovered she was not only wet but also muddy, and walking straight into a trap he had hidden between the heather.

“Poppy!” he shouted, and dropping the berries, he ran to her and tackled her out of the way. They rolled by the filthy felt just in time before the catastrophe could happen. The trap had activated, though. Branch sighed, knowing he would have to come back and fix it when the rain stopped. Poppy saw it and gulped, still pinned to the ground by the stronger teen.

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