the hand holding goes for longer than this


Swan Queen + holding hands.

Dating Theo Raeken Would Include:

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•Having a secret relationship.

•Meeting up without the pack knowing.

•"Theo,I really have to go"

•"Y/N,please just stay for a little bit longer"

•Him teaching you how to skateboard

•"Theodore Raeken! Don’t you dare let go of me!“

•"Babe,relax you’re going to be fine”

•Holding hands 24/7 in school,in the car,in the shower…hahaha jk…no but seriously"

•Showering together.

•You and him “doing it” in weird places(Like REALLY weird,I’m talking under the bleachers,under a tree,under a table,on the floor…(shit goes crazy in your relationship)

•"You and Theo look hot together"

•Studying together at the library(but really more making out than studying.

•(Idk why but I feel like Theo would be a really kinky person)

•Him protecting you from The Dread Doctors.

•Late night calls(at freaking 3am)

•ass grabbing

•Lazy days

•"Theo,can you please get the remote?”

•"You have hands too Y/N"

•"But it’s too faaarrrr!“

•Him giving death glares when a boy stares at you.


•"I told you not to call me that!“

•Arguing about little things.

•Hugs from behind.