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Every time you stand behind me I wish you would kiss my neck,

Every time you sit beside me I wish you would take my hand,

Every time you look me in the eye I wish you would see how hard it is to hold myself together!

I’ve fallen as hard for you as anyone ever could,

And every thought of you makes my eyes light up,

Every look of you makes me melt,

Every touch of you starts a fire in my heart!

—  Alias
Sail vs Gravity Falls
Brad Breeck vs AWOLNATION vs EnlightenedRobot

So I was literally inspired late last night to make this, and now I have a complete song.

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Here’s a little sample of my samples while I make a visualizer and an album cover.

The banjo is chopped from Soos and the Real Girl from when GIffany takes control of the animatronics. The guitar is taken from The Love God and the clap is actually a sample of McGucket’s hamboning in Society of the Blind Eye. Theres also a bit of The Hand that Rocks the Mabel at the end, replacing  reversed cymbal.

If you guys like this, I’d like to recommend both my Star’s Boy mashup and Blood Moon Ball mashup.

Cards Against Humanity

Another fic with Mark, Ethan and Tyler. 
You’re simply playing the infamous card game and you are stuck with the same topic of cards for the whole game.  

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You could already tell this was going to be a terrible video. 
Already Ethan was giggling uncontrollably and you were hiding your own smile behind your cards. After the terrible intro at the start, you were already shaking your head and gently banging your head on the desk. 

“Mark, you’re the Czar,” Tyler pointed out, his sighs already becoming frequent. Mark quickly picked up a black card and you readied yourself, already peeking at your choices fanned out in your hand. 

“What is society currently lacking?” Mark read out loud. 
You were already stifling your laughter behind your hands, and Ethan joined you as the two of you collapsed on the table in a heap of breathless pants. 
“We just started!” Mark exclaimed with false anger. “Stop laughing and give me your cards!”
Your hand was shaking as you slid the white card across the table in front of Mark. 
“No looking!”  You snapped as he peeked between his fingers. 
“Fine, fine! Hurry up!” He called, covering his eyes with his hands. 
Tyler shuffling through his hand, taking his time with his choice. Ethan rolled his eyes and you reached across the table to flick Mark’s ear. 
“Oi!”  He yelled, jerking back in shock. 
Finally, Tyler slapped his card on the table and Ethan scrambled the three cards together. Adding a fourth for “rando”
“Alright,” Mark started as he removed his hands from his eyes. “What is society currently lacking?” 
“A towering mountain of dildos.” Ethan’s cheeks puffed out with silenced laughter. 
“A sea of your victims children?!” Mark looked over at you with a horrified expression. 
“Why are you looking at me?” You yelled. “What makes you think I would have a sea of my victims children?” 
“Cause you have victims!” Tyler and Mark replied in unison. 
Ethan threw back his head and laughed, “Why do you have victims?” 
“Because (Y/N) is a monster!” Mark hissed dramatically. “If you’re not careful, they’ll eat your spleen and pull your stomach out through your di-”
Mark couldn’t finish his sentence as his body started bubbling with laughter. You and Tyler shook you heads, grinning. “Just read the cards!” Tyler half yelled. 
“Alright, alright! What is society lacking? A lovely garden of Hell’s ghouls.” Mark made a face at that. “And finally, society is lacking….well-written Septiplier fan-fiction.”
Tyler and Ethan roared with laughter and you slid down your chair as Mark’s narrowed eyes turned to you. 

“This one is yours!” He accused, frantically tapping your card. 
“Possibly,” You said with a grin.
He shook his head and looked down at the cards. You could see the argument raging inside his head between his pride and his sense of humor. 
Finally, he sighed and slid the black card over to you. With a wide grin, you happily accepted the black card and picked up another. 
You smiled and bit your lip before reading; 
“What is Septiplier made of?” 
Mark looked like he was going to murder you on camera. The other two men were chuckling, looking for the perfect card. 
“You’re making that up,” Mark said and you shook you head. 
“No, look!” You turned the black card so the YouTuber could see it. He made a face and grumbled as he turned to his hand of cards. 
You covered your eyes with your hands and titled your head back. 
“I ship it,” You quietly whispered. 
“Silence!”  Mark bellowed and you chuckled. 
Ethan tapped your arm and you removed your hands to gather the cards in your hands. 
“What is Septiplier made of?” 
“A false sense of security,” 
“Whatever Lily makes it. Who the fuck is Lily?” You asked and the boys shook their heads. 
“Your Mum!” You read loudly, with a over-exaggerated flick of your head.
“And finally, Septiplier is made up of old men in sweat-pants.” 
You shook you head, another wave of giggles over-coming you. 
“I have to go with old men and sweat-pants.” 
Tyler reached over and plucked the black card from your fingers.
Mark sighed, “I’m feeling s attacked right now.” 
“Get over it,” Tyler said as he smugly waved the black card in front of Mark’s face.

When after a few rounds of CAH, you found a trend in your hands. It seemed to never end. Every time you picked up, it was another Septiplier card. 
You sighed and rolled your head back, groaning dramatically. 
“Another bad one?” Ethan asked and you shrugged. 
“I wouldn’t consider it bad,” You said. 
Tyler picked up the black card and cleared his throat before reading, “Blank plus blank, equals blank.” 
Your mind had already made up the sentence before Tyler had finished and you let loose a loud bark of laughter, making Mark and Ethan jump in their chairs. 
“Akuma-your-tatas, (Y/N).” Mark hushed, reaching over to stroke your shaking shoulders. You only responded with a breathless shake of your head. 
You slid your three cards over the table to rest in front of Tyler, who was using his beanie to cover his eyes. 

When rando’s cards were put in place, Tyler removed his beanie and picked up the first set of cards. 
“Anus plus glue, equals a sticky situation” Mark giggled loudly, obviously marking the sentence as his. Tyler read it with a stone face as always.
“A whale plus a dog, equals satanic rituals.” The thee of you made faces and Ethan raised his hand and innocently squeaked. 
“I had to get rid of some cards.” 
Tyler picked up another trio of cards, and by the look on his face, he had picked up yours. 
“Hot, sweaty bodies plus a choir of moans, equals a sexy night with Jack and Mark.”
“(Y/N)!” Mark hollered and you quickly fled from your chair as the man leapt at you.
“I had to get rid of some cards!” You squealed as his arms snagged your waist and lifted you into the air. Tyler and Ethan were slapping the table, their faces scrunched up with laughter as Mark spun you around, yelling unintelligible curses at you. 
“I ship it!” You cried out, “Accept your fate, Mark! Be with the one your destined for!” 
“NEVER!” Mark yelled, throwing you into the couch.


My copy of Aún no (2004) by Esdras Parra just got here, and I’m really happy! It’s the first time I’ve ever owned one of her books. I wanted to share high quality scans of the covers of the book since I couldn’t find any before; plus, there are hardly any high quality photographs of Parra at all online. Which is strange - I know she was written about a lot in the media, her life dissected for being one of earliest, most prominent trans women to transition in the eye of Venezuelan society, and a handful of articles about Parra from Venezuelan papers and magazine have been digitized or transcribed and posted online, yet it’s incredibly hard to find any good images of her. I mean, there’s a small picture of Parra on the cover of the poetry book she published in 1995, which has been called a major work of Venezuelan poetry by some of her country’s prominent critics and writers. So I don’t think this is due to an aversion to having the images shared on her part; I think it comes down to the punishing contradiction where the world couldn’t stop talking about her, could not leave her alone to do her work, but rather attacked and dehumanized her for decades (even in her death this continues through cis people that make a joke of her life through their shitty literature) while simultaneously denying the impact her life had on them, denying the significance of her work and her strength, denying future generations images of her and access to her memory.

Anyway, Aún no was Parra’s last book to be published; it was released the year she died, and though neither the lengthy biography nor the notes on the back cover mention her passing this book at first glance reads like a work of uncollected poems, an unfinished book. The poems feel sharper, less restrained, they’re more expansive than before, both in terms of her writing at greater length on the page and in terms of inserting blank space more consistently between words and lines in the poems. From a poem in the middle of the book, untitled as it seems all her poems are: “I’m not staying here / there’s no place for me in the crowd / I am the threshold / the threshold detains me / this condescending country / the country where applause does not exist…”

Te Rog

Name: Te Rog*

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader; Newt Scamander x reader

Theme: Soulmate AU. An old Chinese proverb says that an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break. ANGST.

*Te rog from romanian means “Please”

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floating out to sea,
becoming one with the water.
liquifying your body.
clearing your mind.
letting the current
swim away
and pull you with.

surrounded by your loved ones.
tears of happiness
spilling from the crinkles
of your eyes.
crowded by smiles.

touching skin,
rushed heartbeats,
heavy breathing.
desperate hands,
passionate eyes.

august 18th, 2017

Bud and Mrs. Gleeful


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We good? Great.

Okay, first off, I’m sure many of you were shocked to find out that Bud Gleeful is/was a member of the Society. I know I was. But after reading the cryptogram at the end of the episode…





I realized that it actually fits in really well with Bud’s characterization.

External image

I mean let’s look at the guy: He’s a happy car salesman, friendly to everyone he meets, even (at times) Stan, and doesn’t seem to have a malicious bone in his body. Compare this to his frazzled wife and (in Mabel’s words) “child psycho” of a son. 

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For the longest time I, like most people, thought that Bud was a show parent in denial of Gideon’s true nature. But now we learn that this theory is only half right: Bud’s in denial alright, but it’s self-inflicted via memory wipe. 

External image

And in an odd, twisted way that makes me happy. Why? Because since her first appearance I assumed that Mrs. Gleeful, Gideon’s mother and Bud’s wife, was nothing but a doormat for both her son and her husband, given the way Bud seems to be an enabler for Gideon, who just acts coldly toward her.

Now we learn that Bud is fully aware of how much of a terror his son is, and was finally driven to erase his memories in order to carry on.

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We also see in a freeze-frame that Mrs. Gleeful’s Memories are also in the Hall of the Forgotten. Presumably, Bud is responsible for this, which most likely means he tried to do the same for her. But, given the state she’s in…

…we can assume that she was affected by the procedure the same way McGucket was: badly. 

But at the same time, just the idea that Bud would try to help his wife, to make her as blissfully ignorant as he is, shows that he must care for her a lot. And there’s something nice in knowing that they aren’t on opposite sides of the Gideon situation, but rather in same boat.

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I really hope the show exhibits this family again, because their dynamic is interesting. Especially now that we know the main reason Bud doesn’t try to discipline Gideon is most likely because he knows that it’s useless, and he can just forget about it later anyway.

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Maybe things are better now that Gideon’s in prison? I’m not sure. Hopefully we’ll see in later episodes. 

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Now all we can do is hope that these two can manage to escape from this baby-faced demon they somehow spawned.

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Good luck bbys!

I wish I’d never shown you that part of me
that I can’t take back
and put into the secret place it used to live in.
Cocooned in the protective shell I built,
safe from splintered egos and fractured beliefs,
shaped and crafted in such a way
that prying eyes and hands and hearts could never find it.
—  ‘prying eyes and hands and hearts’ by A.J. Brodie  (originally posted 28th September 2014)