the hand and racquet


Kevin stood calm and quiet until a referee opened the door for them.  Before he stepped on Kevin tapped the butt of his racquet against the floor and passed his stick to his other hand. He strode to half-court head high and left-handed, and the crowd went wild.

(100 years later I finally got to your prompt, mac-noa ! I wasn’t explicitly lovey dovey bc I didn’t want to be ooc and it’s only actually from Matt’s POV, but I hope it works for you!!!)

Matt and Dan walk in late, strung together by the hands, still flushed from kissing in the car pre-practice. They go sheepish when they see the unimpressed look on Wymack’s face. Renee smiles brightly at them and Allison gives them a brisk nod, but the monsters are in more disarray than usual. Bits and pieces of their group are missing, and it leaves Matt with the peculiar feeling of looking at a familiar photograph that suddenly has the faces scratched out.

Their ringleader is absent, for starters, couch conspicuously empty beside Kevin — who looks unmoved and stoic and nauseated as usual.

It’s not unusual for Andrew to do things just because it’s inconvenient for others, but it’s a little weird for Neil to skip out as well. It’s a lot weird that he’s late at the same time as Andrew when Exy hangs in the balance. 

Any association between them feels like something Matt has to fix, like he set something bad in motion by meeting Neil later than Andrew did in the fall. They’re probably off having one of their weird, close, angry looking conversations that always end in agreements Matt doesn’t understand.

Wymack waits thirty seconds past Matt and Dan’s arrival, and then he looks at the couch like it’s causing him pain, and starts delegating tasks for the day. He only asks once where the missing links are and there’s a lot of shrugging and staring straight ahead before he gives up.

They’re less rowdy than usual, and Matt thinks they’re all individually trying to solve Neil and Andrew’s absence in their heads. (As soon as they get up to move to the court, Allison starts whispering numbers for their betting pool until Dan bats her away.)

Matt squeezes Dan’s hand until she looks at him, and they have a brief conversation in smothered smiles.

They split up to change, and Matt straps into his gear feeling vaguely ill at ease. He keeps glancing at the door between straps and tugs of his uniform, and he notices Nicky doing the same thing. He smiles awkwardly when Matt catches him, and Matt feels a rare pulse of kinship for him. Both Andrew’s lot and the upperclassmen seem equally confused, so they have something in common for once.

The strange feeling follows Matt all the way to the court and through the first set of drills before Neil finally shows up, looking harried and flushed and all sorts of things Matt doesn’t usually associate with Neil.

He pushes into the court straight past Wymack’s blustering reprimand, and Matt catches the tail end of a flippant apology before Neil’s sprinting to centre court.

Matt stares at him. Neil waits, twisting his racquet in his hand, shoulders tense like he expects someone to toss him into the gameplay by force.

“What?” Neil asks, annoyed.

“You’re late,” Matt says stupidly.

“Twenty minutes late,” Kevin interrupts. “Almost like you’re trying to get worse.”

“He was with me,” Andrew says suddenly, breezing past them towards goal looking impossible to have spent twenty straight minutes with. Neil sort of jolts at the sound of his voice, and Matt eyes him narrowly.

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ways andrew and neil show affection:

  • andrew helping neil out of his gear when he blows his arms out during a game and can barely lift his racquet anymore
    • if neil notices how andrew’s hands linger a little longer on his skin than they should, he doesn’t mention it
  • andrew waking up to the smell of coffee, and a just-came-out-of-the-shower-and-dripping-wet neil, messing around in their kitchen making breakfast for them both
    • he’ll never admit it, but neil does it mostly so he can have andrew’s silent thank you kiss on the back of his neck
  • sitting on the couch or in a booth or anywhere just a little too close, just so that their thighs touch and neil can remember that this is home
  • andrew letting neil’s head loll on his shoulder when they’re in the bus back from a game and neil is too exhausted to stay awake 
  • ‘i hate you’
  • walking side to side close enough that their shoulders bump every few steps
    • on the best days, andrew holding neil’s pinky with his own
  • neil leaving notes every morning before going for a run, and ending them with ‘i’ll be back’ everytime
  • when they’re watching tv, andrew letting neil lay his head in his lap and carefully running his fingers through the mess of his hair, brushing his bangs out of his face and tucking them behind his ears
    • (neil has never been able to tell who doing this calmed down more)
  • the familiar weight of andrew’s hand on the back of his neck, and a calm but strict ‘abram’ spoken into his ear
  • neil sleeping on the couch on nights andrew can’t stand having him close, and never asking for more than what he’s given
  • ‘yes or no?’
  • the weight of the name ‘neil’, pushed into his mouth along with andrew’s tongue, grounding him and making his head spin 
  • sharing cigarettes and kisses on rooftops in the cold and dead of night until neither of them can feel their lips or fingertips
  • ‘stay’

thoughts on Aaron bc i think he has a lot of potential as a character also im emo

  • he hates andrew
  • he hates that he took away the chance to reconcile with tilda
  • he hates he never got to confront her like he dreamed of doing
  • he hates that he couldnt save himself
  • he hates that andrew so often turns to violence. it takes him back to days he wants to forget.
  • he doesn’t hate andrew. he’s just so angry. all the time. andrew changed his life so he’s the easiest to hate
    • its complicated, though, because half of the hate is for himself. because he wasn’t there. he doesn’t understand. he feels like andrew is light years away, at times. 
  • sometimes he catches himself thinking of Tilda again. these are the worst days, when he tries to rationalize what she did to him. he can’t help it. she was his mother.
  • he knows his remarks hurt nicky and remind him of the unwelcoming home he grew up in
  • he doesn’t mean it. he only means to hurt nicky enough to push him away. family has been a source of pain for him as long as he can remember.
  • nicky is just so bright and persistent and he can’t stand it. he feels hollow and broken and he wants nicky to just leave him be, he wants his entire family to disappear and leave him be, but he made a deal. 
  • he loves katelyn because it seems like none of his impurity can touch her
    • she smiles and he feels he can too, and it won’t feel fake this time
    • when she holds his hand he doesnt see scars on his knuckles or the racquet that killed drake, he sees the ring he wants to give her on graduation
  • he wants to be a doctor because he spent so much time patching himself up, covering up bruises from home by telling people that exy is just a rough sport
  • he knows the signs of hiding hurt and he wants to help people so they don’t have to do that
    • him and katelyn’s first child is adopted. a little girl came in with a broken arm and fear in her eyes and a father who didnt let her speak.
    • aaron thought he knew anger before, but that day? he felt like he would gladly kill a man. again. 
    • that little girl smiles so much now and looks at aaron like he hung the moon and stars. he makes blueberry pancakes for her every saturday.
  • he works in the ER/trauma ward as a surgeon. he deals with some of the worst injuries but he loves what he does because he gives people another chance
  • he volunteers in the attached rehab center. he attends addicts anonymous meetings there as a guest speaker. 
    • there’s a boy there who mustve been the same age aaron was when he started, the lonely dead look in his eyes haunted aaron after the first meeting he saw him in
    • he’s in recovery and babysits aaron’s daughter now and loves her like a little sister
  • at nicky’s wedding he doesn’t make a speech, no huge fancy present. he walks up to nicky, he says “i’m sorry, and i’m glad you’re happy”
    • nicky cries
    • its the first time erik smiles at him
  • he doesnt give andrew presents, but he knows the cats birthdays and sends really obnoxious toys for them
  • him and katelyn have two boys with bright blond hair. they smile so much, and them with their daughter is always his phone background.
    • they go on play dates with matt and dan’s kids. their daughters are connected at the hip (aaron’s daughter gets the guts to ask her out in high school. they’re married when they graduate college).
  • the boy from the AA meetings comes over for holidays, is the kids honorary big brother, and goes to palmetto state university not to be a fox, but just to get his degree.
  • aaron and katelyn grow old together
  • he never  bothered hoping for any of this. he thought he deserved every hit his mother dished out, everything life threw it at him. but he grew up, he fell in love, he found a family in the foxes and made one of his own soon after.

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here's a prompt where instead of neil getting hurt in a game, it's andrew

this turned into fluff????? mark this down on the calendar, guys, because I never turn angst into fluff at least not like this

Neil isn’t on the court when it happens, so he sees every second. It’s not the first time a team got it in their heads that the way to win the game was to sacrifice a striker in order to take down Andrew. But it’s the first time they’ve decided to sacrifice two strikers and a defensive dealer.

Andrew gets the ball out of the goal and then braces for the impact of the striker. If it had ended there, Andrew would have been fine, brick house that he is. But the other striker, in a blatant foul, rams into Andrew as well, and then the fucking defensive dealer piles on as well. Whistles blow and the buzzer goes off, calling the game to a halt as red cards are thrown and the referees make their way onto the field.

Neil is on his feet and running without remembering to tell his body to move. Wymack and the referees try to stop him, but Neil ducks and shoves past them. The other players are already on their feet, but Andrew is still on his back, racquet laying a foot from his extended hand. 

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pastelynch  asked:

Hi!! if you are still doing prompts: Neil overworking himself and blowing out his arms again? and Andrew comforting him? i'm jumping on the angst train. Also i love your writing! it's so nice to read :)

(thank you darlin, sorry it took a while!)

Neil’s vision judders a little bit, like exhaustion is picking him up and shaking him. He can feel the sharp sting of sweat in his eyes and the open wound of his lungs, and the net looks farther away every time he blinks.

“Again,” Kevin calls. “But without your form crumpling in on itself.”

Neil grits his teeth. “I don’t see the point,” he says for the dozenth time. Kevin’s getting him to run drills with his left hand, and missing easy targets is starting to run cold and tedious. It’s a lesson in humility, maybe. Some sort of sociopathic vindication on Kevin’s part.

“You’re only half an athlete,” Kevin replies firmly. “Half your potential is squandered every time you hit the top of whatever box you’ve put yourself in and just accept it.”

Neil twirls his racquet and tosses it from one hand to another. He doesn’t like the weight of it in his wrong hand. His left bicep is screaming at being used so much, and his stronger arm is twitching jealously. He feels like he’s trying to talk without his tongue for no reason.

“If I’m using the wrong arm I’m just making myself a smaller box,” Neil argues. “It’s not necessary. Just because you have a handicap doesn’t mean you should impose it on everyone else.”

Kevin stiffens in the goal, and Neil can see his fingers spasming from halfway across the court.

“Fine. Limit yourself. You’ve never used even a fraction of your potential.”

“Then teach me,” Neil challenges. “Stop trying to prove something about your own versatility and help me hone my strengths. Or do you want to lose, next month?”

Kevin drops his racquet and it makes a wrenching clatter. “I’m going to win. If you’re not going to put in the effort then you can teach yourself.” He collects his fallen equipment on his way out of the court, the tendons in his neck straining the whole time. Neil looks back out towards the outer court where Andrew is watching, sprawled backwards on his hands with his head cocked.

Kevin meets up with him and jabs one hand back towards Neil, speaking in intense sentences punctuated by backwards looks. Andrew accepts whatever he’s saying by refusing to react, his face a perfect balance. Neil tries to watch the shape of their mouths but he can only see Andrew properly, and he’s not talking.

After thirty seconds of one-sided bitching Kevin makes a production of stalking off, and Andrew quietly follows behind. Something annoyed throbs in Neil’s stomach. He foolishly expected Andrew to come and confront him instead, maybe even end up taking his side.

He tightens his grip on his racquet and seethes in frustration, testing his left grip then right, left then right, until the difference feels too huge to be real, an uncrossable gulf.

He remembers detachedly when his now preferred racquet felt impossibly heavy. He remembers when he would rather have seen Andrew gone from the team than in his bed.

He looks back at the bucket of balls and the empty court, and everything tightens up: the muscles in his left arm, the walls of the court, that uncrossable gulf. Ichirou’s warning — the barbed wire around his heart —tightens too.

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kevin day… taking time out of his day to treat himself because just for one second he thought he deserved it

  • his anxiety gets to him; we all know this. it creeps up and him screaming at the foxes at practise is usually just him taking out his own self-doubt on them
  • he knows its not healthy and he feels guilty whenever he does but he knows none of them take it to heart because its just kevin being kevin
  • when it all gets too much, kevin grabs his textbooks or at least something to keep him occupied and just walks

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this is more time travel fic

The first time Andrew sees Neil, Andrew is eight and Neil is a strange man handing him a bag of Skittles at the bus stop before school.

“I’m not supposed to take candy from strangers,” Andrew says.

“Yeah, but strangers aren’t the problem, are they?” the man says.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The man stares at him, and then, abruptly, he looks away. Andrew knows about that kind of looking away. It’s the kind adults do when they see Paul dragging him by the wrist, or when Andrew shows up at school with a black eye and an attitude problem.

But then the man looks back.

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neil and any of the fox fam with #1? i live for angst

01: “I’m sorry.”

In retrospect, they really should’ve hired some sort of security for the court. It sits nestled into campus like Palmetto’s gaudy oversized jewel, bright bright white like glaring snow, impossible to pass by without some part of you wanting to deface it.

It’s also like a neat little box with Neil’s name on the label. Even though his biggest enemies are mercifully holding back with an open palm and a cocked gun, he has a host of new people to fight since he’s been in the news. A thousand more misguided fans trying to come calling.

A year ago he would’ve understood that staying at Palmetto is like a wanted man staying in a burning house, waiting for the smoke or the police to get him first. But Neil has a taste for smoke, now. It’s so easy to stay at the court, where he’s surrounded by family — most of whom have mile long protective streaks and criminal records like the markings on poisonous snakes.

He’s not worried. He has Andrew simmering at his side with the best right hook he’s ever seen and a clinical willingness to kill someone if the occasion should call for it. He’s wasn’t worried. He should’ve been worried.

It’s a former Raven who ends up coming for him; someone who took the tyranny of Riko’s regime and tried to shrug the crown on himself. Someone who got a taste for the sweet, dark paralysis of a life that’s never yours.

Neil never leaves a door to close without waiting for the click of the latch, so he can’t imagine how this bulky, wild-eyed person came to be facing him in the heart of the court, palming a gun from his pocket into a threat at half mast.

Neil’s head is a full suitcase. He can’t even see through the panic. There’s stuffing coming out of his eyes and all he wants to do is gather it up and run.

It’s stupid, really, that he hadn’t properly tried to see this coming. He’d discarded the possibility and settled into the flames.

The guy— Spencer?— is a raven dealer with an upper body that could incapacitate Neil with one well-placed collision. He watches the old raven line number shift on his chest as he shoulders the door to the court open. Neil considers the heft of a ball still in his racquet. His aim isn’t precise enough to take out the gun if Spencer still has the presence of mind to be a moving target. Kevin would know how to calculate his odds and find an angle that works, but all Neil has is his nerve and his speed.

“If rumour serves, you’ve changed a lot, Nathaniel.”

Neil shifts backwards, adjusting his grip and breathing through the familiarity of the gesture. Hunted, defended, retreating.

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on kevin’s birthday
  • he wakes up like its a normal day, but ofc neil knows his birthday, neil knows the size of the big toe on his left foot
  • “happy birthday” neil mutters, an offhand comment
  • andrew overhears, and he freezes like hes just remembered something. his eyes slide over to kevin. in that one exchanged stare, kevin sees his own demise predicted. empires rise and fell, fire reins, andrews eyes are glinting, kevin is fucking screwed.
  • the foxes think theyre coy, but theyre so fucking not. kevin doesnt comment, and they dont comment. (mostly they dont comment. nicky cant help it. he offers a birthday lap dance and kevin swings for his head)
  • fast forward, its 5 pm, and kevin is cautiously optimistic that the day will go by without—
  • “SURPRISE” is not a thing a grown man wants to hear shouted from a dark room when he gets home. since his exy racquet never leaves his hand, he is Ready To Go, and Nicky, being closest, has to duck for the second time that day to avoid having his head taken off
  • Dan forces him into a chair and puts a party hat on his head, then threatens to have him benched if he doesnt stay put
  • kevin slouches and sulks bc he is kevin & he will never be happy
  • the foxes give him a horrendous rendition of happy birthday, but instead of kevin they say “fuckwit” (this is the only word andrew contributes) and then he blows out candles
  • he wishes they would all go away & not talk to him again until they knew how to play exy
  • the cake is chocolate w/ white frosting, and everyone has a piece. for most ppl, that means, like, u know, a reasonable amount for the size of the human. andrew consumes about half of the cake on his own without comment.
  • wymack shows up w/ a bottle of vodka not even wrapped halfway thru cake
  • kevin doesnt take the hat off bc he doesnt want to waste time being yelled at by dan, but he rambles to allison for a solid 10 minutes about george washington bc they happen to share a birthday
  • at one point, she cant take it anymore and walks away while hes mid-sentence
  • they dont leave him alone or talk about exy, so hes crabby, but he also doesnt admit that its overall not the worst birthday hes ever had

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andreil + 121? i think itd be so funny and maybe neil accidentally blurts it out in front of the foxes and andrew mocks him for it later

I am so so sorry that this took so long, but its finally here [along with the strength to write all of the other generous prompts I’ve received :) ]

From here.

Summer was just beginning for most high schools and even for some college students when the Foxes were called back to PSU to continue training once again. Not that Neil minded in the slightest, but this year was going to be different, what with the girls on their last season and the new recruits already being a pain in his ass.

They started up pretty easy, much to Kevin’s anguish and Nicky’s delight, going through basic drills that tempered footwork and stamina before moving onto stick work and fundamental technique. And surprisingly, the new kids had gotten on pretty well, with the exception of one who did everything in his power to try an outdo the rest, both in performance and problems on and off the court.

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Omg could you do a sequel to that car accident fic of neil and andrew? that was written so beautifully!!!!!!!!!!

Ask and you shall receive anons! Also I hope when you both said “part 2″, you meant “Andrew’s POV” because that’s what this is. Enjoy! :) 


Every muscle in Andrew’s body aches. His leg muscles are knotted and tight, and his racquet feels like lead in his hands, his fingers screaming in agony when he tightens his grip. He rolls his shoulders to try and displace some of the invisible weight digging into the tissue there and looks up just in time to see Neil bounding over towards him. Even through the cage of his helmet, Andrew can see the wide smile plastered across the striker’s face. 

“We did it! We fucking did it!” 

Andrew glances up at the score board hanging above the court, the bright red 12 and 11 glaring back at him. When he brings his eyes back down, Neil is standing in front of him. The striker’s cheeks are tinged pink from exertion and a few strands of his bangs are plastered to his forehead, but his eyes are bright and his grin is wide. 

“I don’t know how you saved that last shot, but I think it might have been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” 

Andrew rolls his eyes and pushes past Neil, but the striker merely turns on his heel and falls into step alongside him. 

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“Fuck Kevin Day...”

to quote whixky:

“Fuck Kevin Day… But also like fuck Kevin Day.
— Neil Josten at some point probably”

If Kevin had been a young female instead of his six feet, all toned muscle and powerful male Exy grace, Neil would have joined in the Foxes custom and bet twenty bucks that the striker was on his period. The bright orange number two flashed angrily in his direction, as the striker had another face-off pissing contest with Dan –the third during this practice.

“There they go again,” Nicky said in a sing-song voice. Matt was jogging across the court to lend moral support to his girlfriend. Neil guessed the man would have liked to add a different kind of support at this point.

“What’s his fucking problem,” Allison grumbled. Kevin’s ‘fucking problem’ was another surge in his superiority complex. It wasn’t the Foxes day to be honest. 
All of them were a little less energetic than usual –all but Kevin, who seemed to have made it his purpose in life to rub it in their faces just how far below his standards they were right now.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your blog! I was wondering if you had any stereo ficus where they are professional athletes either on the same or different teams and they hook up or are in a relationship but still in the closet and have to hide it?

Hey there Nonny!  Going to assume you meant Sterek, NOT Stereo (mostly because there are no hidden relationship sports au Stereo fics, someone fill that void!).  I am SO not a sports person, but somehow love sports aus?  lol  All of these should have a secret relationship, or at least on the downlow, and have both of them playing sports.  Enjoy!  -Emmy

Originally posted by somanysituations

Sox and Bombers by Nanoochka 

(17,449 I Explicit I Complete)  *baseball au

They didn’t normally discuss their games in deference to the sanctity of their respective teams and the ancient Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, but Derek had to admit it was nice to combine shoptalk and pillow talk with someone who understood. Still, Stiles was the enemy, even if Derek did spend an awful lot of time consorting with him. If by consorting you meant fucking him into the mattress.

Extra Innings by tuesdaymidnight 

(37,641 I Explicit I Complete)   *baseball au

Stiles Stilinski is a minor league baseball catcher who just got promoted. Derek Hale is a star major league pitcher with a knee injury who just got sent down to the minors. Stiles is drawn to Derek, but the further invested he gets, the more questions arise. Why does team owner Chris Argent have it out for Derek? Why is Derek so emotionally constipated? And what the hell is Coach Finstock going on about? Minor league baseball has more intrigue than Stiles ever imagined.

Goal Line by TyReed

(39,069 I Mature I Complete)  *football au

After losing a bet with his best friend, super-dork Stiles Stilinksi is forced to play one semester of football for the Beacon Hills High School “Silver Wolves”.  While reluctant, Stiles is never one to go back on a deal, and follows through with the bet.  After all, it’s just for one season.  

The only problem?  

Stiles is apparently the best kicker the school (or state) has seen in over 50 years.  

With the town, the coaching staff, the school, and his team all cheering him on and giving him a circle of friends he’d never though possible before, how is Stiles going to fit in with this new crowd of people he’d always hated?  How is Stiles going to live through this season, the training, and is he going to be the player everyone thinks he can be?   What happens when the season is over, and Stiles can leave the team with the bet ended?

Though at the forefront of his mind, how is he supposed to keep his life-long crush on star Quarterback (and one of his newest friends), Derek Hale, in check?

Love All by tattooedsiren 

(47,602 I Explicit I Complete)   *tennis au

When Stiles Stilinksi steps foot onto Court 8 at Roland Garros, it’s everything he’s been dreaming of for the last nine years, and everything his life has been building towards since the first time he held a tennis racquet in his hands fourteen years ago.

It’s kinda funny, Stiles thinks, that his first game in a Grand Slam (that’s right, he’s playing in a freaking Grand Slam) is against a fellow American. Hell, he’s a fellow Californian. Derek Hale is slightly taller than him, his face is stubbled and just as grumpy in real life as he’s seen in numerous photos and video coverage. And yeah, in any other circumstance Stiles might admit that the stubble and general sense of ‘stay the hell away from me’ totally works for him. But right now it’s just intimidating as fuck.

Versus by secondstar 

(94,521 I Explicit I Complete)  *football/soccer au

At age nineteen, Stiles Stilinski was the next big thing, according to The Guardian. It was surreal, not being able to turn on Sky Sports without hearing his name mentioned along with the names of players he grew up idolizing. Stiles couldn’t believe that this was his life. 

Two Minutes and Holding by captaintinymite (augopher) 

(117,988 I Explicit I WIP)  *hockey au

There were three things college hockey players Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski knew for certain. 1) Their lives revolved around hockey, 2) They were madly in love, and 3) Derek was so far in the closet he might never find his way out.

They’d been together for two years now, and for two years they’d been a secret with only a few people knowing about them. Yet Derek’s fear kept them from moving forward: fear of his family’s rejection, fear of his sexuality tanking his father’s career, fear of the rampant homophobia in professional sports. The ruse was growing thin.

Something had to give.  

Or: The story of how one epic NCAA Championship run and college, served as the backdrop for some of life’s great hardships.

I prompted myself two weeks ago with a tired Neil and bridal style carrying while talking to @petalloso and this is what happened. pls excuse any ooc-ness its my first time eep

Neil yawned as he watched Kevin take another shot at the goal.

All he wanted to do was sit down and rest his shaky legs but as soon as it even looked like he was about to, Kevin would shoot him a glare, so Neil silently stayed on his feet.

The sky was starting to lighten, telling Neil that they’ve been practicing for far too long.

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Jack is a certified douchebag

     Neil could handle Kevin’s condescending critiques toward his exy’s performance. He could stomach Aaron’s resentful glares and could even deal with hates and sneers from public. But he couldn’t stand anyone shit talked on Andrew. Especially when it was Jack.

     Jack had been in the foxes’ team for months. Most of the foxes could barely stand the sight of him. Jack’s first day being recruited and he already rude to the original foxes.

     He said “I’m not a fag” to Nicky when Nicky greeted him and killed his enthusiastic smile right away.

     "Women should not be the lead of a group. They should stay quietly behind.“ Such an insolent remark almost earned him a backhand from Allison but Renee stepped in front of her just in time. He even dared a daring once-over to Andrew which Neil thought was stupid and brave both at the same time. Thanked to Andrew’s indifferent manner, he didn’t give a shit about it. 

     And Neil, too, had gotten low blows from Jack. He and Sheena, another exy player of Palmetto State University with vulgar mouth, always sneered whenever Neil opened his mouth and snickered at Neil during scrimmages. He snapped at some point but he would calm down later. 

     But that didn’t happen on one Thursday afternoon when Jack had gone beyond the limits. 

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Clipped Wings

Fandom: All For the Game - Nora Sakavic

Rating: M


Riko Moriyama/Kevin Day, Neil Josten, Ichirou Moriyama, Andrew Minyard


Graphic Depictions of Violence, AU


Riko Moriyama survives the meeting of Neil and his brother after the Raven’s lost game - but at what price?   Kevin would never accept that some people declared a life not worth living anymore - least of all the young man he had grown up with. 

Chapter One - Broken crown

“Riko Moriyama is Not suicidal”, Kevin Day said with conviction.

“Well, seems he is”, Matt answered, “Did you seen his interview? He stepped down. Looked like a ghost.”

Last week, the Ravens had made it public: Riko Moriyama was stepping down as team captain and leaving the Ravens. All hell had broken loose on social media. Watching the interview had made Kevin’s skin crawl, but he had spoken to no one about it. His own team was still celebrating their well-deserved victory and Neil’s freedom.

This evening, the Exy sports community had held its breath when the news about Riko Moriyama’s suicide attempt had gone viral. The young striker had been found near death after OD’ing. Riko Moriyama doesn’t do drugs, Kevin thought bitterly. Something was very wrong here.

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But what about Andrew/Ichirou/Neil in which Ichirou is a hopeless romantic and basically a giant nerd, Neil is generally clueless and Andrew just likes gifts.

Like when Neil signs for his pro team Ichirou sends him hand made chocolates. Hand made chocolates shaped like exy racquets… Andrew eats them all.

When it starts getting colder he sends them these ridiculous sweaters and hoodies with prints and slogans on them and Andrew’s are slightly too big and Ichirou is so upset about it until Neil chokes on his food over how good Andrew looks.

Neil gets injured in a game and Ichirou is instantly calling private doctors making sure Neil will be look after to his satisfaction and Andrew gets as much access and visitation rights as he desires

Ichirou touching Andrew early on in the piece, only a few months after the contract has being signed and Andrew flinching. It’s subtle but Ichirou keeps his hands firmly behind his back in Andrew’s presence as much as is reasonable and demands his personal do the same

Ichirou buying two tickets to anything either of them mention being intetested in so Neil and Andrew can go together, Neil complains about it but Andrew just shrugs and marks the calender.

The cats are actually gifts too. Ichirou is very very fond of the cats and cites correct animal care as an excuse for stopping by.

Andrew grabbing the back of Ichirou’s jacket as he’s leaving one day and stating yes or no at him. Ichirou saying yes in a confused voice and having tickets to some opera he’d mentioned shoved in his hands. Three tickets.

“Go curl up with Neil, you’re staying”

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Dear Haven, why is Captain Conrad playing tennis with a katana in his hand instead of a racquet? All I can think of when I see the green smoke gifs (after "yum", I am human after all) is 1. Perfect Serve and 2. Agassi worthy backhand. Am I imagining things?


Because Tom Hiddleston is a frustrated wannabe Tennis Pro.   

Racquet, katana, tie - doesn’t matter.  

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So, no.  You aren’t imagining things.

Actually, he’s a grown man who gets paid to play Dress Up Make Believe.  So.  There ya go. But I’m sure he’d give you a full speech about how a katana is the only proper weapon when one is battling such aggressive prehistoric flying creatures and how he created a backstory of Captain Jimbo either a)having Samuri in his family tree or b)having some kind of tragic romance that led him to seek solace with a raggle taggle band of fellow weary fighters from all over the world in whose company he learned how to wield pretty much every possible weapon.