the hallucinations

ellioness  asked:

Hmmm, what was your first edit you made on MMD/pmd editor???

OOOO damn ur like making me go through my dark days of life

but i recall vividly, my first ever “edit” was a recolour of miku into zatsune LMAOO HAHAHA but!!!! it was LAT miku and, it was someone else’s edit of LAT miku in kanihira’s Rhea’s clothes??? i didn’t understand the concept of rules bc i was like probs 11 and so that was pretty dang illegal and probably the most illegal thing ive done in my life except drink before i turned 18 and jaywalking

the thing is, like when u recolour something u’d normally edit the textures but i recoloured the materials bro HAHAHAHA, just changed the colours of the subset over the greens of miku omg what a challenge who was i

and then after that my “official” first edit that i uploaded to deviantart for the first time ever was a download set LMAO branding myself as an editor-w-downloadables from the very beginning and it was a set of all the female animasa models (and some i edited i.e. teto who i put gross 3DCG hair on giza’s animasa rin model) in these yukatas that i cut just mid-thigh and recoloured the textures for hHAAH sik man…………….. just to give u an idea this is teto from the set bc i no longer have that entire set anymore, just all my tetos for some reason

ye good times, i didn’t even know what headswapping was bc i literally tried to find bases and put the yukatas on every base so they were all funky in terms of rigging full 10/10

i was so good once what happened 2 me