the halliwell manor

So I never thought about this before but can we talk about how ridiculous the Halliwell kitchen setup is? They have a full oven… and then they have four more burners in their countertop??? 

Like I understand why they put them in the “cooking island” because facing forward just looks way better for exposition in all of those potion-making scenes, but then why put a stove with burners directly behind it???? It’s not like the kitchen was built with Piper growing up to become a professional chef in mind…

And in the episode where Prue becomes a ghost, we get a good look at the structure of the kitchen island and….

It’s literally just a table???? Like where is the electricity/gas hookup for that thing??? How does any of this work, Charmed??

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the double stove. I mean, their bathroom has two toilets


(This is a slightly edited version of a previous post that I’ve now deleted since it pointed to a download that contained several mods from different creators.) 

I’m sorry, Anon - I’m not taking requests right now, but the good news is that this house is a popular build in the Sims community, so there are a kajillion of them out there! Try searching on “charmed” or “halliwell” for the Item Name or Hashtag search in the Gallery (as I did in the pic above - you can click to see the larger version). I found a ton of CC free ones just by doing that. I narrowed it down by “Lot” and “Residential” as well. If you don’t mind CC, you can click on “Advanced” and check “Include custom content”. You could also try googling “Sims 4″ “halliwell manor” - just be careful not to download any that include the mods, since that goes against many creators TOUs. Hopefully you can find one that you like!

Pack Mom:Part 7

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Liam, Malia, Lydia, Allison, Kira, Peter, Jordan, Natalie

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series) Liam x Y/n(mother/son bond)

Word count: 1398

Warning: Pure fluff. Nothing else at all. Just the most adorable fluffiness there is. Adorable Derek and clingy Liam

Summary: Derek and Y/n’s engagement is discovered by Lydia


Pack Mom Masterlist

Y/n hadn’t announced her engagement yet. 

The only people who knew were her hunky ass, stunning and perfect boyfriend. 

Her little cutie pie son and her best friends, Jordan and Peter, both of whom had helped Derek pick out the ring. 

He thought about asking Lydia, but honestly, y/n had been shopping with the red head a lot less. 

Now, she usually dragged Peter along with her, wanting to help him accustom to society after the fire and hospital and going slightly crazy. 

She was determined to help him actually be able to speak to other people, without scaring the shit out of them.

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Meeting The In-Laws

Pairing : Wyatt Halliwell x Reader

Summary : Imagine going back in time to meet Wyatt’s parents after he lost his powers.

You had heard all the stories about the Charmed Ones from Wyatt and his brother Chris. It was an honour to be able to meet them, but at the same time it was incredibly nerve-wrecking. 

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misscoffeeapple  asked:

Hey, Im planning a fantasy Novel and I need a bit of a hand in one area, if you don't mind. There is this one thing (object/person/idea/whatever) that has been protected by one family for generations, and they've gone to extreme measures to protect it. But... I dont know what it is... I dont want it to be obvious like "the most powerful thing ever" or "the thing that gives you immortality", I want to be different. I was thinking either something dangerous, valuable, or secret. Any ideas, please?

So, for this one I kind of want to talk about some examples from fiction because this is a plot device that you can do a lot with, as evidenced by the fact that there are a lot of cool examples. Spoilers ahead.

There are two really good ones in Charmed: The Book of Shadows and the Halliwell Manor

Let’s start with the book.

Books are a good choice because they contain knowledge and information rather than inherent power. Yes, the demons and warlocks are always going after the book because it can help them become more powerful, and the book itself is enchanted so that only a Halliwell can access it, but the real power of the book is what their ancestors have collected, the spells and creatures they have encountered and collated over the years.

Now, onto the Manor.

Ok, so my memory of this is a little rusty, but basically, the manor is located on top of a spiritual nexus, which means it is very powerful. People born in the house (Wyatt and Phoebe) are capable of swinging either way, good or evil, and both do turn evil at different points.

Going back to the written idea, in the Swan Princess films, the bad guys are always practitioners of the forbidden arts.

 The spells to activate and harness the power to create, change and destroy are written on pieces of paper. Derek, thinking that the forbidden arts could be used for good (???), keeps the spells but rips of the bottom corner of the final piece so that it can’t be used to destroy if it ever got in the wrong hands. So that’s another cool way to have an object like that, to have the last piece missing and your protagonists (or antagonists) go on a search to find it.

Then there’s The Key from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Dawn herself has absolutely no power. Seriously, she’s just a teenage girl. But the energy used to create Dawn is one of the most powerful things in the multiverse. It’s a key that open’s a portal to a hell dimension, ad once it’s open, the dimensions bleed into each other. Hell on earth, basically. You see, these monks thought they could use the Key for good (Seriously, what is up with that?) so instead of destroying it, they hid it in a teenage girl they created from the blood of the slayer, and built entire memories and essentially a new universe that Buffy and everyone else would think Dawn was her sister, so that she would protect the key.

By making the object a person, there is a lot of potential for interesting character and relationship development. Ok, moving onto Harry Potter.

Alright, there are way too many to go into all of them  into here. I’ll just go through the highlights:

The Deathly Hallows

First, you have the Invisibility Cloak that protects you and others. Then you have the resurrection stone which have the ability to bring back the dead. Finally, there is the Elder Wand, known as the unbeatable wand. Of course, the Invisibility Cloak won’t actually stop you from dying. The resurrections stone doesn’t actually bring back the dead, merely an echo of their personalities. And the Elder Wand isn’t unbeatable or else there would be no way to claim mastership of it. 

The moral of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - one of many of the whole series, really - is that the only way to become the master of death is to accept your own death. Death can’t hurt you if you’re not afraid of it. It’s just a part of life. And so here we have the opportunity to convey your message or theme through your objects.

Voldies’s Horcuxes

Similar to the way dawn was created to hide the key, Voldemort uses already existing objects in which to encase his soul. The most interesting of thee (Harry isn’t technically a horcrux before you butt in, merely an accidental vessel for a piece of Voldemort’s soul) is the first we encounter: Tom RIddle’s Diary. Through the diary, the piece of Voldemort’s soul is able to communicate to anyone who writes in it and even possess them. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

There are so many more like the hat and the sword of Gryffindor and others but this gives you a general gist and you can always read the books to get more ideas

Some more tips

  • If this object is the thing that helps/allows the characters to get out of a tough spot, or resolves a major conflict in the story, you need to establish what the object can do earlier in the story.
  • The main advantage of selecting a  seemingly mundane, every-day looking object to actually be this secretly powerful thing is that it can hide in plain sight. The disadvantage is that anyone could just pick it up with dire consequences. This gives the potential for suspense and tension in your story.
  • Think about making the object appear differently to different people
  • Remember that no matter how powerful or awesome your object is, that this is a story about people. Write interesting characters, with strong motivations who care about protecting the object, not because of the object but because of some trait or quality within them (eg greed, thirst for power, grief, love, fear, etc)


I was going to make this post about Phoebe coming to terms with the evilness inside her and how not being able to control it becomes her worst fear when I realised -