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I was going to make this post about Phoebe coming to terms with the evilness inside her and how not being able to control it becomes her worst fear when I realised -






You were dirty, dried blood clung to your body, and dirt clung to that. Wyatt was in no better shape, but he was able to orb the two of you out and back into the Halliwell manor. 

As soon as you saw the familiar walls of the attic you were grabbed and pulled into a tight embrace. You hissed out in pain, but the person who’d assaulted you didn’t seem to care. “You almost died!” Ah–Chris, that’s who was putting you in unnecessary pain. “Yeah, I did, but so did your brother, maybe you should also show him how much you missed him.” You said trying to get out of his hug. 

Chris pulled away and held you by your shoulders. “Don’t do that to me again.” He said. “Well–” His lips covered yours and you found yourself responding to his kiss. “You know I don’t need the same greeting, I’m fine, I’ll be down stairs drinking a healing potion.” Wyatt said as you and Chris broke apart. “You weren’t gonna get the same greeting.” Chris told him. 

“Yeah, well as much as I’d want to stay here and continue this, maybe we can just pause it for a moment, because a healing potion does sound like heaven at the moment, maybe toss in a shower and some food and then we can continue this. okay?” You said as you slipped out of Chris’ arms and made your way toward the potions. 

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Anonymous Asked: Charmed - Is There A Woogy In The House?

Short Opinion: One of my favourite Season 1 episodes.

Long Opinion: I have such a soft spot for Season 1 episodes (and Season 1 in general, it really is the best season of the show) and this episode is a particularly fun one, opening up ongoing threads involving the Nexus, the power of the Halliwell Manor and Phoebe’s fear of becoming evil (a theme which follows her character through most of the show). It’s also a well-paced and well-written episode, with some genuinely funny situational comedy thrown in.

I always loved the concept that the Halliwell Manor itself is a source of power, and this becomes a running theme in the series, with demons and magical beings alike being drawn to the Manor due to the pull of the Nexus, not to mention the sisters stating that they are at their strongest when in the Manor. This episode really explores this idea well, explaining how it’s not necessarily the house itself, but the ground it’s built upon supplying the source of power. Piper and Prue discover that their ancestors built the Manor in that spot specifically due to the convergence of energy, with the house being built in the centre of a spiritual and Wiccan nexus. This is one of the wonderful Wicca-based sources of magic the first season is so apt to display, tying the girls’ supernatural powers into the natural world of Wicca.

Phoebe’s ongoing arc of flirting with the Dark Side has its’ beginnings in this episode, and is directly tied to the Manor’s power, as Prue mentions that Phoebe was actually born in the Manor meaning, like the Nexus, she has the potential to go either way, to be good or evil. This theme follows Phoebe for the next several seasons, but this episode is the first to explore this potential for darkness which resides within her.

I have actually always found this aspect of Phoebe very interesting, and I love any episode which explores this side to her personality. This episode kicks it all off, with the Woogie choosing Phoebe because her bond with the Manor is the strongest of the sisters, not to mention that she is the only sister to actually believe in the Woogie. But given that Phoebe does seem to have a dark streak in her, I’m betting the Woogie also chose her because it could recognise this. As seen in episodes such as Pardon My Past, when Phoebe goes dark she really goes dark. Apocalypse Not re-visits this idea, with one of the Horsemen asking Phoebe if she’s ever been a demon, noting that he detects something dark in her. And then, of course, we see her succumb to Cole’s darkness and become Queen of the Underworld in Season 4, probably the farthest she ever falls off the wagon.

I’ve always wished that the show had explored this side of Phoebe better, and had Constance M Burgess stayed on, I believe it would have. The idea that Phoebe has a true darkness in her which can emerge and be exploited could have made for some amazing storytelling, even outside of her storyline with Cole. I really would have loved to see the show dedicate an arc to Phoebe’s darkness, to her exploring her “dark” power (pyrokinesis) and learning what it means to tread the line between good and evil, as the early seasons definitely seem to be laying the groundwork for this kind of exploration. But, alas, it was not meant to be.

Themes aside, this episode is still really fun. Prue’s work-related panic and Piper’s kitchen meltdown are nicely juxtaposed with Phoebe’s blasé demeanour, as the Woogie wreaks havoc through her. Their teasing of Phoebe early on the in the episode is also pretty funny, and very much a sibling thing to do, with the two older sisters ganging up on and lightly condescending the youngest. The climax of the episode, with Phoebe fighting through the darkness and the Woogie’s hold to defeat him is wonderfully played. And the final scene with the girls adding their entry to the Book of Shadows is very sweet and also significant, as they make their first contribution to the source of their family’s power. All up, just a great episode, and definitely one of my faves of the early seasons.