the half drowned dog

meet cute au where dean’s having a really bad day and it’s pouring out and the impala got towed and he’s sulking on a stoop waiting for a cab and grumpy businessman! cas really needs to get to work but dean’s sitting there looking  like a half-drowned dog so cas ends up awkwardly standing next to him, holding his umbrella over their heads, sneaking looks at each other in between cas frowning at his blackberry

meet cute au where actor!dean just landed the breakthrough role of a lifetime, but he keeps on getting distracted by extra!cas standing in a crowd behind the film’s romantic lead and blushing and fumbling his lines (and eventually has his PA slip cas his number for him)

meet cute au where cas is the frazzled owner of a falling-apart B&B, and handyman!dean honestly would have rather stayed at the motel in town but since he’s here he’s taking it upon himself to fix a squeaky faucet or three and oops he somehow decided to stay for the whole summer to help renovate in exchange for room and board (and as the summer progresses he finds that cas’s bedroom especially will require a lot of his time) dean + toolbelt OTP

meet cute au where hunter!dean has to go to yale’s rare book library do some research for a change because sam’s sick, and is quite frankly not feeling it until  disheveled librarian!cas snaps on some gloves so he can touch the rare manuscripts and dean realizes that research does have some perks. (dean finds out what kind of monster they’re facing and then goes back to cas’s apartment so he can fuck cas into the bed. sam starts wondering why dean has found so many cases in the connecticut area lately)

reunion cute au where sam’s determined to throw dean a kickass bachelor party without running into cas’s, and to his dismay they bump into each other at 3 AM  because of fucking course (dean secretly texted cas the itinerary), and in between gabriel’s drunken antics and anna and jo eyeing each other, dean and cas reunite like drunken heat-seeking missiles, mumbling schmoopy things to each other in the corner of the bar about how they can’t wait to be finally married

(i’m FINALLY almost done with chapter 2 of ARH and i have so many ideas floating around in this noggin. thoughts? :) )