the haiti kid

White people are so evil

Watching law and order and these white people took and “adopted” these kids from Haiti, but really they bought them as slaves, and I’m literally crying because you know this shit is based on real shit thats happening and there are kids rn in the US that are in this situation and hidden and no one who can help them knows in order to do anything about it and i can’t stand it!!! This kid doesn’t go to school, didn’t have a bed– nothing!!! And they’re over here styling their selves as humanitarians and thats the most sickening part to me, that they claim they’re doing this out the goodness of their heart, because they saw the disparity and poverty there and has to do something —the whole white savior narrative.


New Kids jump. Tobin had a minor ankle issue and wasn’t able to play :( (at USWNT World Cup Victory Tour: Birmingham)

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Vickie is a disgusting pig and a whore. Thank you for promoting the wrong day for her birthday which resulted in Misha calling her a taliban spy and connecting her to the murder of hundreds of children which made him look like a fucking dickwad whose privileged lifestyle doesn't allow him to have even one fucking ounce of humanity when it comes to kids that aren't his two spoiled brats or the kids in haiti he uses to get "saint points" and have his ass kissed by minions. Good job. Seriously.

Whoa. Just Whoa. 

How exactly should I address this? Insult by insult, I suppose.

Victoria Vantoch is a Goddess. She is a smart women with a PhD who has written TWO BOOKS and gives lectures and tours NASA. 

Yeah I promoted the wrong day. Because three different sources told me today was correct.

Misha DID NOT call her a taliban spy. He deleted the second part of the tweet and then tweeted his sympathies. TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. 

Misha. Privileged? Not caring about humanity? Sir/Madam you more than obviously do not know anything about Misha Collins. 

He grew up with nothing and worked his way through college. Hell when he was in High School his house burnt down. He does more with Random Acts than any other celebrity governed charity ever. 

West and Maison - spoiled brats?! Oh hell no! More like the sweetest kids ever. 

And yeah we Minions kiss his ass but hey don’t you of what ever celebrity you love? 

I think I do a good job. Thanks.

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I have some words on this too.

First things first, do not ever call someone a whore or a pig, you honestly think that your horrid opinion means anything? That’s a horrible thing to say. 

Two if you know anything about Misha you should know he love to JOKE around, it is Vicki’s birthday today, Misha is a jokester,

He didn’t know what was going on, he apologized almost right after the second part of the first tweet. 

Three, people are aloud to love someone, Misha had nothing growing up and now all he does is give back, he is honestly the most giving person I’ve ever met and you need to back off, and another thing, attacking his kids, is low and you should be ashamed

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Im truly curious from my understanding creoles especially from Louisiana are of French,West African,and Spanish descent. West Africans captured in the slave trade intermixed ( not willingly mostly) with the french and spanish creating an entire population of mixed kids in Haiti and after L'Overture's revolution they left to Louisiana creating the Gens de couleur of New Orleans. So would saying that you are African American and Haitian be wrong?

We have Native ancestry too. But no it wouldn’t be wrong to say we are AA and Haitian cause technically it’s true.