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Any ideas what Ui might be doing next time we see him?

I just made a pretty comprehensive post on that, but I have more to say so consider this a summary and follow up to this post here:


I think both Ui’s nature as a stand in for the CCG, and also his own self awareness of the nature of the CCG right now including realizing the organization is at death’s door, makes him a natural contender to be the one to unravel the mystery surrounding both V, the Washuu and the garden children. I especially think though, he will follow up learning the origin of the garden children because that is the one most connected to his relevant area of interest, ie: Hairu. 

Therefore his pursuit of the truth in the CCG, will actually be more like a motivated search for Hairu. Furuta however, puts him in prime position to do so by choosing to make him his chief advisor and giving him the second highest non V ranking in the CCG right now. If you believe that Furuta is purposefully flubbing this so that V’s secrets will be revealed and acting to highlight the darker side of the CCG, placing the hope at his side and dangling bait to investigate while at the same time pretending as if he’s doing it to blackmail and control Ui is a pretty smart way to do it. 

Remember in Furuta’s attempts to buy Ui’s loyalty he reminds Ui of what he really cares about, not the CCG, not Furuta, but Hairu. Furuta would be under no illusion of Ui’s loyalty though, he would know that Ui’s loyalty ultimately lies with Hairu and not himself. Also what is a better stageplay twist than the villain being foiled, because his most loyal right hand man choosing the woman he loves, over him. 

The question is what is Ui going to investigate, and what will he find. Then the end result of what his investigations lead to a change in him. The matter he will investigate is mentioned by Okahira, as stated here by @kingkishou there may be a link between the Sphinx trading company liquid, the medicine keeping the Q’s alive, and the older members of the garden. 

The ultimate end result however is this investigation will inevitably lead to the garden, which is where Ui learns the truth of Hairu and Arima’s lives, shattering his projected images of them. That they lived miserable lives as half ghouls who were treated only as disposable tools in a conflict. Even if you believe that Marude is going to be the one to expose the Washuu, I think Ui’s investigation will be a necessary plot thread because what Marude was tied to was the Washuu, and the chain of command in conflict. His primary emotional tie was to Chika his best friend. Ui’s primary emotional tie is to three garden members, Arima, Furuta and Hairu thus it makes sense he will be the character to investigate and learn the secrets of the garden. 

Finally two hints of foreshadowing I picked up on in the chapter. First is the way they Hairu and Arima are drawn here could indicate Ui’s intention only to revive Hairu. He’s made no mention of reviving Arima so far, and Hairu is drawn smiling and facing the camera, while Arima is drawn with his back facing the camera. it’s simple visual language to show that one has passed and one has not. There has been speculation that if Hairu is revived than logically Arima should be revived as well, but I personally doubt that. There were five chapters specifically about his death, while on the other hand Hairu died in a blink of an eye and was immeidately hidden for future plot thread purposes. 

Ui could also have personal motivation for only reviving Hairu, but not Arima. After all the decision to revive somebody you loved from the dead is a bit of a selfish one considering you make it without their choice. Hairu didn’t love Ui. She loved Arima. If Ui truly revived Arima and Hairu at the same time, she wouldn’t love him, but Arima. 

Considering Ui has already made the decision to be selfish and cling to the god of death, it’s possible he could have already made such a choice. Okahira seems to ackonwledge it as well, he asks the obvious if he’s just going to revive his beloved superior Arima first, but then realizes Ihei is the more likely target, and muses talking about her in a crush like fashion for a few moments. Second is this, Urie is drawn with two eyes whited out, Ui is only drawn with one eye whited. 

This one is pretty obvious, Urie Kuki is now a ghoul with two Kakugan. Ui Koori seeks to restore Hairu by making her a one eyed ghoul, thus she would only have one kakugan. 

Ui’s eye is drawn that way specifically when asking of Kanou, so perhaps it’s a sign of his newly gained knowledge of the nature of ghoulification. Finally, we see this image of Ui specifically calling Furuta a god of death.

It could just simply be Ui Koori alligning himself with the masses in saying that any god is better to worship than no god at all, even if it is specifically a god of death. However, there’s additional meaning if you consider Ui’s relationship with Arima.

It’s an amazing sign of Moon stagnation, despite all of the circumstances in his life Ui hasn’t truly changed, he’s still worshipping a god of death. Arima was a mass murderer who stood on piles of corpses that he himself stacked up, and was referred to by all around him as a god of death and yet Ui still worshipped him and aspired to be like him. 

Even in this supposed radical shift in his character, Ui is doing as he always did and worshiping a reaper. You could also use this to tie a line between our two most major garden children, Furuta and Arima. Who seem radically different on the surface, but both of their forms of rebellion come at the cost of ghouls, even when done for the sake of ghouls. The only way that Arima could see himself helping ghouls was making himself the greatest villain, a threat to them all to be exterminated. It’s likely Furuta’s rebellion is the same, but his makes him a threat that threatens both ghouls and humanity so both sides have to come together to defeat him. 

However it also says something about what the conditions of the garden must have been like, to raise such thoroughly damaged people that even when they want to help all they can do is spread death. They must have grown up completely surrounded by it thus it is all they ever knew.