the hairs are plastic


Pyrrha being really bad at throwing non-metal things. Like she turn around and throw a wrench into a basket on a moving target. She can flip a ring with two fingers while blindfolded onto the bottle tops to win the grand prize at the fair. She throw a dart under one arm and make a perfectly good bullseye six times in a row. Team JNPR has a vine account dedicated for this reason only.
But she cannot coordinate non-metal things. It’s like a bad infomercial. She’ll toss the pancake mix to Ren and it’ll explode all over him. She’ll pass Nora her scroll charger and it’ll land five feet away from her. She’ll toss Jaune a snack after training and it’ll land on the roof. Team JNPR has dedicated a vine account for this reason only also.

Things You Might have Forgotten About PJO

- the Stolls aren’t twins
- Thalia has freckles
- Nico almost told Atlas to shove his army up his ass
- Thalia is afraid of heights
- Sally turned Gabe into a statue and sold him
- Percy always got jealous when Annabeth thought/talked about Luke
-Hedge wrote a letter to Grover
- Grover wore a wedding dress
- Rachel threw a blue plastic hair brush at Kronos
- Nico raised the dead with McDonalds
-Black Jack was originally written as a girl
-Annabeth kissed Percy in the fourth book
- Annabeth was really good at hacky sack

things abt dallon when u see him live
- v expressive
- looks like he’s horny all the time
- goes between cute movements singing along etc. and being Hot
- waves to fans
- smiles at fans
- v beautiful and angelic
- sticks like 12 million picks to his forehead Boy I am healed just by watching him lick a piece of plastic
- has The Best jawline
- sweaty floppy hair he likes to push back and let Flop in front of his eyes
- such a sweet gentle boy he’s too good
- So Fucking Attractive

Since I’m such a big fangirl of Dad Might, I’m all here for Toshi’s and Izuku’s relationship becoming something daily, casual, and easy.

Like, sending each other texts at any time of the day. Sometimes with photos attached for emphasis. For example,  Izuku sending a picture of merchandise that is created after Toshinori’s true appearance, not his All Might personality, and it’s completely accurate from the unruly hair down to the little trickle of plastic blood in the corner of his mouth. Izuku just sends the picture and a bunch of smileys with it and Toshinori types back “Well, I know what you’re going to buy today -.-“ but he’s laughing as he does so.

Or the two of them sitting together over some tea, Izuku talking about his day with wide gestures, arms flailing and expression bright and open as he gushes about something amazing while Toshinori listens, grinning, only asking questions or stating his opinion when it’s right.

Also, the both of them teasing each other – Toshinori’s age and Izuku’s fanboy-ism being common topics for this – and Izuku spluttering over it or Toshinori slightly shoving his cheeky student away in good humor for it.

Or Izuku watching a movie, legs pulled up and the boy tucked safely against Toshinori’s side – the man’s reading something or grading papers. It’s the middle of the night, but neither of them can sleep – Toshinori’s old injuries did flare up once again, and Izuku had another nightmare, and it has become common between them to keep each other company during nights like this.


Just give me some casual, yet happy and healthy Dad-and-son-relationship. The both of them deserve it.

Date a girl with concave eyeballs

Layers of teal rubber skin

Standing in your kitchen doorway

Tall vines growing from her shins

Date a girl with fluffy cloud hair

And a chartreuse plastic face

Shiny tar inside her eyeballs

Pupils made of empty space

Date a girl moist eyelashes

Fingernails of plexiglass

Blood vessels made out of wire

Short hair that grows roots like grass

Date a girl whose leafy eyebrows

Produce their own chlorophyll

When she needs to absorb sunlight

She stands on your windowsill

Date a girl who has a body

That compacts into a sphere

When you see her rolling toward you

You know she will soon be near

Everyone always tells you about those weird and kind of annoying things that cats do while still being cute when you’re planning to get one but then there are those things that are individual that you can’t prepare for…

Saki likes eating dust, hair and plastic (because she’s an idiot). One time when she was a kitten, she couldn’t poop out this long red string she’d found somewhere so she dragged her ass along the floor leaving skidmarks everywhere and by the time I got to her, she had bit a hold of the string and pulled it out of her ass so it was now stuck in her mouth.

I had to pull 10 cm of shit stained red mystery string out from my cat’s throat while breathing in her poopbreath

Making a foam wig head bigger for better styling!

Most cosplayers know that store bought wig heads are usually undersized. Like, really undersized. So after getting fairly frustrated while trying to style a ponytail wig or two on a too small foam head, I decided to add to mine so they match my head circumference. The end product assumes you have the ability to sew, but you can also finish with a tape-only version if you so wish.

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sunlit baby blue bedroom, picking dandelions, running through sprinklers in wet grass, fluttering white butterflies, lemonade stands, chlorine scented skin, sidewalk chalk scrawlings on the front steps, a barbie jeep in a sunny backyard, watermelon lip smackers, plastic butterfly hair clips, blockbuster dvds, capri sun and fruit snacks, air conditioner humming, barefoot on hot pavement, skip it, america online, nickelodeon’s day of play, bouncy balls in the driveway, a rumble of thunder in the sky