the haircut that could have been

A the barber shop
  • Barber: would like a haircut
  • Me: yes I would love A hair cut
  • Barber: haha classic joke
  • *barber then realizes my entire head of hair is just one single long peice of hair of wrapped around my noggin
  • Barber: y did u do this
  • Me: so I could make this post
  • Barber: you could've just said that you had but you didn't have to do it in real life
  • Me: but I've been working on this post for years
Secret Companions

Character: Credence Barebone

A/n: This was a request but whenever I post it the text got all messed up and I had to delete it but thank you very much to whoever requested it!

Ever since you graduted from Ilvermorny and moved to New York City, you were always weary of the New Salem Philanthropic Society. Keeping a considerable amount of distance whenever you saw them protesting in front of whatever building they could get find throughout the city.

But one day as you were walking back your apartmet, you caught sight of the young man who always stood off to the side as the NSPS lady gave her usual speech, timidly passing out flyers to the crowds.

You debated on wither not to say hello, but didn’t see any harm in a minor interaction with him. Unlike the main lady of the group, he didn’t give you the same vibe as she did.

So you plucked up the courage and jogged across the roads to where he was standing, walking up to him slowly so as not to startle him.

“Hello.” You said quietly once he was in earshot, even though it wasn’t your intention, he jumped and turned to look at you with wide eyes, hands flinching upward so as to defend himself.

You put your hands up. “Woah there, I’m not gonna hurt you. I just wanted to say hello, you’re usually at those protests with the New Salem people aren’t you?”

He stood there for a minute or two, just eyeing you curiously as if trying to decipher to why you were speaking to him. “Yes.” His voice was very quiet and shaky, but you heard him nonetheless. “My mother’s the one that does most of the talking.”

“Ouch.” You muttered under your breath, but knowing it was too late to just duck out of the conversation. “That so? Well she seems very…passionate about what she does.”

He nodded, eyes casting downward as he held his hands tightly together. When he didn’t say anything you decided to push the conversation yourself. “What’s your name?”

“Why do you want to know?” His tone sharpening ever so slightly.

“Easy there.” You said tucking your hands into your coat pocket to warm them a little. “Just seemed like a common thing to ask for a person’s name, considering we’re having a conversation and all.”

“Credence.” He said simply.

“Credence.” You repeated, nodding at the sound of it. “My name’s (F/n) (L/n). Nice to meet you.” You said, offering your one hand to him.

He stared down at it, eyes meeting yours for a fleeting moment and then returning to your hand.

“You shake it.” You said, your tone slightly amused that you had to explain it him, gently taking his hand and placing it in yours, moving them up and down.

Once you released his hand, he continued to just stare at you curiously. “You never said why you were speaking with me.” His voice had gotten louder, but the shakiness still obvious.

“I wasn’t aware I had to have a reason, if I’m bothering you I can always leave.” You offered, making your way to do so but he stopped you.

“N-No, it’s not like that. People don’t tend to talk to me unless they need something or just want to insult me.” He explained.

“Oh.” You said, his responce taking you back a little. “Well I was only saying hello because you don’t give off the same vibe as your mother.”

“You think?” Credence asked, his tone raising ever so slightly.

You smiled at him and nodded. “I know.”

The two of you continued to meet every now and then, stopping to chat whenever you managed to see each other out on the streets. You still kept your distance from NSPS gatherings, but if you ever caught yourself in the crowd of people, rest assured Credence would manage to find your face and hold your gaze until you left the scene.

However this changed once you noticed Percival Graves started meeting with Credence every now and then.

For awhile now Graves gave you the wrong kind of feeling, his aura felt off and you tried to keep your meetings with each other as scarce as possible.

You had always suspected he had the wrong intentions with Credence, but this was further confirmed whenever you managed to listen in one of their private meetings.

This lead to an internal struggle for you, you wanted to tell him about your recent discoveries, but this would mean revealing yourself as a wizard.

Your decision came rather quickly because the next day you ran into Credence again, taking notice of the troubled look in his eye.

“I have something I need to tell you.” You started, keeping your eyes anywhere but on him.

He eyed you curiously like always, but this time it was more out of intrigue than anything. “Tell me.” He encouraged softly.

You really couldn’t figure out how to word the sentences you needed, so instead you carefully looked at your surroundings and took your wand from your coat pocket, placing it in his hand.

Credence’s eyes went wide and his hands slowly wrapped around the wood. “You’re a witch.” He said, looking up at you whenever you nodded for confirmation. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

You shot him a look. “Do you really need to ask that question? It’s not like you’re family is part of a fanatical group that wants to expose and exterminate my kind.”

“I’m not like that.” He argued, his voice becoming bitter and quiet. “I don’t really have a choice.”

You sighed and took the wand from his grasp. “Well I know that now, I just had to be sure I could trust you. But that’s not it, I know Percival Graves has been seeing you lately.”

“What about him? He’s my friend.” Credence said almost defensively.

You nodded. “I know, and I’m not gonna tell you what to do. But take my advice and be careful around him, he gives me a bad vibe.” You warned, meekly smiling at him before you turned in the other direction and walked away, feeling his eyes on you.

While you desperately wanted to tell him that Graves only wanted to use him for whatever plan he had in his head, but Credence was a fragile man and you feared the reaction you would have gotten had you told him the full truth.

However, you would keep a very close eye on the two of them from now on.

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Credence Barebone - Pirouettes

It was a late Sunday afternoon. Having just woken up, lazily showered, and eaten lunch, I was dancing. Not the kind of groovy, jumping-around dance that the youth in the 1920′s are prone to do. It was good old ballet, with all the graceful twists and turns that I had spent years practicing.

Having lived with the Goldstein sisters for a few years, I had gotten used to not having an audience for my dance, as Queenie had discovered that it was a private affair for me, and since then, the two had left me to it. But today, I could see him standing there in my peripheral vision. The young man with the ebony hair and terrible haircut and deep sad eyes, hunched over as if to compact his lanky frame to occupy less space. He was… beautiful, and he was all mine.

Credence and I had been together for a few weeks now, and he was perfect. The only real pity was that he hadn’t seen that yet. I smiled gently at him, and continued stretching.

As I was halfway through a pirouette, I felt breath on my neck. Not realizing how close he had gotten, I shrieked and lost my balance. Brushing myself off and getting up, I saw him standing there with a red mark on his cheek. 

“Oh, Credence, did I hit you while falling down? Sorry, I’m just a flailing mess most days, you know that,” I laughed.

No response. I looked up, to see him backing away, his walls back up, curling in on himself. I stepped towards him, confused.

“Stay away from me.”

“Huh? Credence, are you alright?”

“Please leave,” he whispered.

“Crede, what-”

“NEWT!” He never yelled, never raised his voice past a barely audible level. Newt came running, a questioning look on his face. “I want her gone.”

“Credence, she’s a guest of the Goldstein sisters, and so are we. We can’t just demand things like that, can we? Let’s go meet the mooncalfs, maybe that’ll make you feel better, yes?”


This gave Newt pause. With tears in my eyes, I said, “I don’t want to be a bother, Newt. I have an aunt who lives near Central Park, I’ll be out of your hair by today evening.” Mustering a fake smile, I pushed past them and went straight to my room.

True to my word, I had left before Tina returned from MACUSA, or Queenie from the bakery. But there was one flaw in my plan- I had fibbed about the aunt bit, so as not to upset Newt. He spoke to me before leaving, apologizing profusely and saying he didn’t know why Credence was acting like that and if I wanted them to leave instead, all I had to do was ask. I hugged him, effectively shutting him up, and walked out, my head held high.

Turning in a full circle, I pondered where to go. Maybe I could visit that ex’s flatmate from college? He lived nearby, I was sure of it…

~A few weeks later~

It had been too long since I last saw Newt, the sisters, Jacob… and him. Having just returned from work, exhausted, I sat down to write a letter.

“Dear Newt,

                  How’s my favourite magizoologist? I hope you’re doing fine, what with Pickett breaking a leg and all. Speaking of, are the creatures doing okay? Is Dougal still missing Frank terribly?


I think you know why I’ve written to you. I’m safe, don’t worry. I made it so Queenie can’t hear me anymore, and that must have had you all worried. But I’m fine- physically.


The fact of the matter is, I miss him. The way those lazy little early morning smiles would light up his face. The way he’d watch me dance, like I was the only thing in the world that mattered. The way he’d always jump in to be my knight in shining armour even when he didn’t know what was going on.


I loved him, Newt. I still do. I would die before hurting him, and that’s not a sentence spoken lightly by me. But just being around me is going to hurt him, and I don’t want that.


So, although I love all of you, I’m going to have to move on. It was fantastic getting to know you, and even though this hurts terribly, I wouldn’t trade in the experience for the world.


Let’s meet up one last time, for old times’ sake, shall we? Let me know a time and place.


Lots of love,




P.S- Please don’t bring him. I don’t think either of us can handle seeing each other, and I don’t want him to get more upset.


P.P.S- I would absolutely love to meet Jacob, the girls, and your creatures, however.

(A/N): Part Two? What’d you think? I need feedback, guys!

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Part Two.

Daily Self-Care Routine

I’ve been struggling with depression lately so one night I decided to make this list of 10 simple and easy things to do each day. I thought maybe it could help other people too, even if you don’t have depression.

1. Read (some of) a book. Even if it’s just one chapter, or 10 pages.

2. Go outside (most people would do this anyway, but I’ve been out of uni and out of work for the past month and have a habit of staying inside all day alone)

3. Do one thing to make your room tidier (could be simply making your bed, hanging up some clothes, putting old rubbish in the bin, throwing out an old pair of socks)

4. Give yourself a compliment (eg. I have nice eyes, I made myself a good breakfast today, I like my freckles)

5. Give someone else a compliment (eg. you’re really funny, nice shirt, I like your haircut, etc.)

6. Moisturise (when you wake up, after a shower, before bed, etc.)

7. Work out. Even one sit-up counts, or 20 star-jumps (jumping jacks?)

8. Massage your feet (I do this before bed and it always relaxes me right before I try to sleep)

9. Do something in Norwegian, German, and Zulu (still counts if you just listen to a song or watch a video). Or, if you’re not into languages, make at least a few minutes for your hobby or something related to your hobby.

10. Stay hydrated (sorry for the cliche but hydration is super important)

You could spend hours doing these things, or you could get all of them done in half an hour, so it doesn’t really matter how full (or not-full) your schedule is.

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Hi! Could u pleaaase write a drabble about modern! Credence being bullied and Graves being a teacher who does whatever idm. Thank you!!!!!

Mr Graves didn’t know how the lunch time club he ran started but he knew it probably had something to do with Credence Barebone. 

The young boy had always been pegged by the teachers as someone who was vulnerable, his demeanor and often dreadful haircuts made him a target and one that the bullies had noticed quite soon into his first year at MACUSA high. 

Strictly speaking teachers were not supposed to intervene with students lives outside of school but Percival knew that if he hadn’t, it could have ended much worse than it had. The bullies had been suspended but he still offered for Credence to come to his office every lunch time if he needed a safe space to sit and eat where he wasn’t going to be targeted by anyone. Credence visited every day. 

What started off as Percival doing work while Credence ate became them chatting, advice and help being offered where necessary as he tutored him through his classes. It didn’t take long for other people to catch on. Next was Tina Goldstein. She was a bright girl and she enjoyed learning enough to decide that coming to listen to Mr Graves teach during the lunch hour would be good for her education. Inevitably she dragged along Newt Scamander, the boy from another class that he had heard so much about, a troublemaker but one with seemingly good intentions. 

Eventually there were about five or six students visiting him at lunch times and they would sit around, debating topics or discussing issues that they might have, creating a support group that they could all be involved in. Their lunch time discussions quickly morphed into trips on the weekends where Percival took them to locations in the city that were of educational interest, sometimes accompanied by ice cream. He knew it was perhaps wrong as a teacher to have favorites, but he knew that these kids had perhaps helped him as much as he was helping them. 

shessuchalauren  asked:

Painting, cats, and Polaroids (I don't think those have been mentioned yet!)

If I could dye my hair any color, what color would it be?  I’m far too lazy to maintain any haircolor!  Geez, lately, it’s all I can do to brush my hair once I get out of the shower. ;)  I’ve only had blonder highlights once because my sister-in-law needed a live model for her beauty school class.  I only get a haircut once a year–anything that requires more effort than that, I’m out! :)

What do I like to do on lazy days? I love to read (shocking, I know ;)) and catch up on the few tv shows that I do watch (Grey’s and This is Us).  :)  There might be one other thing…it involves the fabulous man that I married… ;)

What is my favorite thing about myself? I think my willingness to be open-minded and to always try to practice kindness. :)

Thanks for the questions!! <3

  • Lyanna Stark, after being crowned Queen of Love and Beauty: So...why is everybody stressing over this thing? I mean, it's just flowers. Could really just... *breaks it*
  • Robert Baratheon : *gasps in shock*
  • Lyanna Stark: Share it. A piece for Elia Martell, a partial Queen of Love and Beauty. A piece for Ashara Dayne.
  • Ned Stark: Seriously, most people just take the crown and go.
  • Lyanna Stark: And a piece for King Aerys. He hasn't had a manicure and a haircut since Aegon's Landing and he still looks like a rockstar. And some for everybody else. All right, have a good time, everyone thank you!
Truth Is Now Acceptable

Pairing: none

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @bipolardonnie. “could i request a oneshot with an ftm reader who is drummer of mcr? where he comes out to the whole band and they all receive it well and cuddles ensue? xx”

“You cut your hair,” Ray noticed as he brushed past you on the tour bus, trying to reach the cabinet where the band kept their food,  so he could have breakfast before you arrived at the next venue.

“…..Yeah,” you shrugged vaguely.

“Well, I like it,” Ray smiled. “I think the pixie cut thing suits you a lot more than long hair, anyway.”

“Thanks,” you smiled back, unsure whether to say more. The haircut was the first step in the beginning of something you’d wanted, but been terrified, to do for a long time now. If your friend and bandmate was accepting of this first change, that was a good sign….right?

Better be brave, you decided, and move on to phase two.

“Is Frank awake yet?” you asked curiously.

“Yeah, I’m up,” Frank mumbled sleepily as he got out of his bunk. “Shit, where are we playing today?”

“Chicago, I think?” you shrugged. You’d had a lot more on your mind last night than the upcoming concert.

Maybe I should have rehearsed my drumming more, you thought with a hint of self-doubt. Is it selfish of me to do this now, when it could distract from my music career? If what I’m about to do causes drama within the band, how are we going to perform together?

“Anyway, Y/N, why were you looking for me?” Frank wondered.

“Oh……..” Maybe I should just forget about it, you thought with a frown. You could wear the skirt that’s been your ‘uniform’ for this whole tour one more night. You were used to living a lie.

No, you thought. The dysphoria it gives me is too damn much. You told yourself, firmly, to man up.

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It’s weird, isn’t it? I’m from Mars, you’re from Venus. I do things, you worry about them. I sleep with girls, you persuade them to attempt suicide.

NT Moments - It’s less effort

ENTJ was lying faced down reading on bed. INTP leaned over ENTJ and put her hair over his head like it could have been his hair.

INTP: How do you like having long hair?

ENTJ: So annoying. I don’t know how you do it.

INTP: You get used to it.

ENTJ: The only reason you have long hair is because girls are expected to have longer hair.

INTP: Also because I only need to get a haircut every 6 months.

ENTJ: That’s actually the only reason, isn’t it?

INTP: *laughs*

anonymous asked:

have you ever lose the curlyness of your hair by dying/bleaching it? i used to have really curly black hair, but i tried to bleach it two years ago with a cheap platinum blonde dye (i saw a youtuber do it and it worked for her) but i got an ugly tone of brown and i dyed it black again. and now i dont have curly hair anymore :c i even got a haircut with layers but its still straight.. is there any hope for me?

i feel like the quote “i saw a youtuber do it and it worked for her” could be on so many tombstones lmfao

ANYWAY though–the first time i bleached and dyed my hair i had no idea the effect it was going to have on my hair texture. like…i’ll illustrate with some pictures, lemme put this under a break…

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Thorin x Reader

Author: Me :)

Summary: During the journey to Erebor, it wasn’t an uncommon sight to see dirty, knotted hair. But what about after the city has been reclaimed? And the hair belongs to one of the most stubborn dwarves alive?

Warnings: Mentions of blood, fluff (is that a warning? Oh well)

“How could you betray me like this?”

“It’s for your own good, Thorin.”

He eyed the metal blades in your hands, attempting to determine if you would actually use them. “Have we not lost enough to this war? Or are you restless for more blood?”

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les mis tropes I like:

  • joly likes dinosaurs and combeferre likes space. like, a lot. i bet they have sticker collections and they compare.
  • bahorel claims to have participated/seen events that, technically, occured way before he was born. or his friends think he was born. how does he know so many details? what is bahorel?
  • prouvaire looks high 95% of the time. probably is, actually.
    • chances are he was in a weird café trying out something new and very fragrant, probably with grantaire and/or bahorel just before the meeting.
  • enjolras has no fucking clue what to do with babies. do they drink coffee?? … with milk?
  • eponine flips everyone off indiscriminately.
  • feuilly could have been a hand model, probably. also has a ton of freckles, and needs a haircut probably. no, feuilly, the hat doesn’t fool anyone your hair is too long.
  • courfeyrac never needs haircut because he always looks good, no matter how tired or stressed or whatever he is.
  • marius is super hot and he doesn’t know it - oh wait that’s canon.
  • bossuet is sunshine in human form, if the sun really liked making puns.
Imagine if you got caught fooling around with Juice.

It had been going on for a few weeks now, ever since you first brought your car into Teller-Morrow for a routine oil change, you were finding any excuse you could  to come back and flirt with the adorably sexy Puerto Rican with the silly haircut. Maybe it was the big brown puppy eyes, or the giant goofy smile he would give you every time you made him blush, wither way, he had you hooked, and from what you could pick up, he was feeling you just as much. 

The last time you had came the two of you were only inches away from each others face, his eyes on your lips, that was, until someone called out for him. Both of your sighs could have been heard clear across the lot,

“Duty calls.”

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Week 6/7 (?) of @purple-stripped-mistress tasks.
I’m not sure of the week number so I’ll just call it 6/7.
If only the best and worst list had been this week than I could’ve said New Gorillaz song and new president. But you do the tasks you’ve been given and this week were:
1) New Hair style:
I don’t a lot with my so I just fooled around with it. I have a partially shaved haircut so did a comb over and got what I call “Forgotten Flock of Seagulls member”. The other was a simple slick backing. And here’s part where I brag:
I’ve already messaged @purple-stripped-mistress with the pictures and she called me cute and it was so awesome that it totally made my week. /\°○°/\
2) New peice of clothing:
This isn’t a new piece of clothing (I know cheating cheating) but I would like to say that to pink looks good on my so I’ve buying more pink shirts over time (picture shown above because neck down is less…obvious? I guess)
3) Obedience:
Google search that Obedience is:
“Compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority.”
But like an good relationship it entirely sexual. It isn’t all lick x, kiss y, insert z. It can be eat your vegetables, stop smoking, clean the dishes, watch this show I like, compliment the thing I made, etc. etc.. You can be Submissive to you domme wether it be to make them orgasm or smile.

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What's your take on Coran's appearance in the S2 clip?👀

If it is just de-aging, I am hazarding a guess that it’s post-betrayal and he hasn’t changed uniforms or haircuts yet. His outfit is ill-fitting in a way that suggests he just needs to fill it out with a little extra bulk, not any height growth, and since we have no idea how long they were on the run from Zarkon, the lost weight could easily be explained by lack of food/rationed food. 

In other words, pre-betrayal Coran might have actually been built more like Alfor, based on that uniform tailoring. Oh my my.

what does strength look like to her

to bright-eyed, impressionable, pink dress
there is no one cooler or prettier than princess Ariel
for she did not live with two-legged creatures
who could be capable of saying such cruel things
to a little girl who plays with tiaras, where
recess becomes a time to hide tears
and wait for a prince Eric

to choppy haircut, pudgy framed, pigtails
the last twelve years, she would say, have not been very kind
boys have been boys, she says. what has she been, she wonders.
often she does not understand words that can come out of mouths
that hold positions of authority. what does it mean, exactly
for your religion teacher to say a woman “is asking for it.”
do not talk back, they huff in response to her questions
eventually, all she asks is to be sixteen so that in time
her face will grow to accommodate
her stupid nose

to unapologetically bold, impatient, dark eyeliner
nothing is scary very much at all, she says to her friends
freshman year is exciting; how refreshing it can be to restart.
she tells him of heartwreck, is met with “attention-seeker”
and loud scoffs at her interest in eyeliner and summer dresses.
bury the things you love, she learns, and adopt his instead.
she wonders if it is wrong to enjoy newfound attention
she receives from the male gaze, makes decisions to appease
those who seem to be screaming, “just give him a chance,”
and finds herself suffocating in illness larger than her body.
she repeats: nothing is scary very much at all

what does strength look like to her
picture this: something stronger than words from her 7th grade teacher
have permeated into the layers of her skin, stronger than those of
mean six year old girls and bitter ex boyfriends
wherein she finds it is not wrong to want attention
to be simultaneously vulnerable and strong
or to still. love. pink. fucking. dresses.

what does strength look like
after reclaiming a bruise
i’d say, to her
it looks an awful lot like you

—  be kind to your past self

A Card for the General

For, obviously, @hollyhark​‘s genre-defining Children, Wake Up, which weekly makes me wish that you could sue fic for emotional damages because every Friday I am emotionally goddamn compromised and this is no way to live.

You can see that I started drawing this way back before Elan got his terrible haircut. It was originally supposed to be all flat colors like a Bicycle playing card and then I got Medibang and shit immediately spiraled out of control.

Ren next? I’m waiting to have a better idea of where he is now, Under The Ruins has really been Hux’s trip so far. But there’s some very interesting visual possibilities in those folded hands.


Today I got me thinking about how good this year has been for me. I moved to a new house. I started the last year of high school and I’ll finish it very well (I hope so 😂) I’ll finish my english course this year. I got a new haircut twice in this year. I didn’t fall in love. I have amazing friends and I’m closer to them each day.I have the most wonderful family who supports and love me. I have my swiftie family ( I love you guys 💖). I have Taylor, the best idol I could ask for (She helped me to get through the past three years and I wouldn’t be writing this text without her too,so,thank you Taylor. I love you ❤️). I found myself and I love me. I know 2016 isn’t over yet but I felt I should write this text showing how grateful I am for this year.

Theory about Bucky in CACW (aka bucky’s hair pt 2)

ok so i noticed people talking about how if Bucky had changed his appearance to not “scruffy [sexy] hobo,” he would have never been found. But like that shit costs money, and things like razers and haircuts are already kind of a luxury expense if you’ve ever lived below the poverty line, and if that wasn’t hard enough, imagine trying to make money to afford haircuts and razers if you’ve been “dead” for 70 years and have no means of legitimate identification or credit in order to attain a job, or have any means of wellfare to help you get by from the state. Like Bucky is probably thanking his lucky stars for being able to find a place to live (which for all we know it could have been an abandoned apartment and he’s been living as a sqautter

 And ya he could probably forge shit, being a highly trained super-assasin does have its perks, but doing so would leave a trail. He’s also probably terrified of anyone [especially Hydra] getting any hints that he’s still lurking around. In the modern day its extremely easy to track credit/debit, checks, any transaction really, unless whatever is bought is paid with cold hard cash and no identifation or signing needed; which doesn’t make for easy shopping in Bucky’s case. 

However, that doesn’t mean that Bucky is wanting to live in a trashcan like Oscar on Sesame Street. Like Bucky has been legitimately doing his best to lead some form of a descent life.Like you can tell he actually tried to give himself a haircut. I give the Russo brothers so much credit because they really pay attention to even the smallest details. I had made a post previously about Bucky’s hair in CA:WS which can indicate the accumulated amount of time Bucky has been unfrozen over the past 70 years.  Between this and coming from a family hairdressers and cosmetologists, one of the things i noticed right off the bat in CACW was Bucky’s hair again. First lets take a look at Bucky in CAWS:

Aside from his hair being naturally wavy,  from a hair dressers perspective we can also easily see the uneven outgrowth from the former layering of the hair, a bit of bulk in the back, a couple of split ends, yatta-yatta-yatta, basically dude could use a spa/hair day with a 30-minute deep conditioning treatment. Now lets take a look at CACW:

Now i would post that lovely l’oreal like commercial vine here if I knew how, but for now this will have to do. Notice that his hair is significantly shorter in the front, aside from letting his bangs grow. Also his hair is very choppy and the ends aren’t feathered which make the trim appear so straight, something typically seen with people novice to haircutting. 

A side note: Bucky seems to not be a fan of his wavy hair since we can tell that this poor precious pouty-puff has tried cutting it [in an albeit amateur] way that counters the curl, given the angle of the cut.There’s a certain texture to his hair as well, which may allude to the fact that Bucky has gone so far as to even find styling creme to keep his poof from getting too wild and in the way(*as what happened frequently in CAWS*cough cough*)

Granted sexy asf, its hard to be “combat-ready” with your hair always smacking you in the face.

But if you want some headcanons just imagine Bucky going into like a drugstore, trying to figure out which is the cheapest-yet-best hair products to keep his hair from flying everywhere. Or imagine him with whoever you ship him with commenting about how he/she thinks his hair is beautiful, or catching him in the bathroom with like a million hair products and tools, looking up how-to-tips in those “womens” magazines from the supermarket check-out. Or maybe some pre-WWII Bucky headcanons about him waking up at 5 am just to comb down and style his hair with enough mousse to stop a car in its tracks, or steve breaking down laughing cause Bucky wakes up with the worse bedhead known to man.