the haircut is perfection on her

It makes me kinda sad to see how other girls put each other down. “Ew have you seen her eyebrows” “omg she should just stop doing makeup, she’s so bad at it” “what an ugly haircut” “she looks horrible in that top” and blah blah blah. We need to stop with the hate and negativity and love each other more. Heck I’m still learning makeup techniques and trying new trends everyday. Nobody is perfect. We are all a team & should be supporting each other 💕Spread the positivity around :)

sp scenarios and headcanons 2.0
  • short kenny mccormick.
  • clyde donovan is that one fucker who chews on the end of a pen/pencil that someone loans him, and returns it.
  • jimmy is such a band kid and has so many ‘what happens at band camp, stays at band camp’ stories. 
  • people go to bebe when they want a haircut. butters’ undercut? the work of bebe. heidi turner with her cute pixie cut? also bebe. wendy’s bangs looking perfect? thank bebe. 
  • butters coming into school late covered in pastel smudges on his fingers, arms, and face. he didn’t mean to nod off at 4 am because he was drawing beautiful pictures.
  • red tucker is the most powerful lesbian. 
  • ok but now imagine red letting her girlfriend (of your choosing) wear her really expensive leather jacket and being so smitten and wanting nothing more than to spend more days with the person wearing her jacket.
  • craig’s gang and the main four teaming up for pokemon go hunting.
  • jimbo and ned talking to each other at night going “i’m so proud of stan, he sure has grown up to be a fine hunter. just yesterday he told me he caught himself a real beast, something called a blastoise.” and they’re both so proud but they don’t even know what a blastoise is. 
  • karen learning how to sew from her mother and offering to patch up princess kenny’s dress if the dress were to accidentally rip.
  • craig hates long car ride because he gets carsick.
  • ike starting his own gaming channel on youtube. 
  • jimmy and clyde become super close in middle and high school. they text each other memes, cat photos and misc weird shit. clyde’s profile picture on fb is PROBABLY a photo of them. 
  • tweek wearing his hair back in a little ponytail. 
  • tweek not wanting to take over the family business but instead go to school for mechanical engineering.
  • the marsh and broflovskis having summer family bbqs. 
  • ask anyone at school who gives the best hugs and they’ll probably reply with stan marsh.

I really like the idea of’s prodigy status extending to her ability to learn languages. She’s the youngest in the group which means she’s going to have the easiest time picking up new languages, and we can assume she’s already fluent in English (which is such a fucking hard language damn!!!)

Living with Pharah and Mercy, she’s conversationally fluent in Arabic (can’t read it to save her life though, Fareeha has given up), and has perfect German. When Mercy and Reinhardt go drinking and reminisce about the old days of Overwatch, she’s the only one that can understand their nostalgic slurring. 

Lucio’s taught her a lot of Portuguese slang via Brazilian music. Any attempts of conversing in Portuguese are absolutely foul and the two often break down into giggling messes before can really learn any actual grammar. 

Reaper hurling insults at Soldier 76, who is notoriously bad at languages. She eagerly mistranslates the Spanish, and tells Jack that Gabriel thinks his new haircut is stupid but handsome, cue both grown ass men getting flustered. 

Embarrassingly enough,’s Japanese was all learned from Shonen anime. Her sentences are…technically correct, but she uses masculine form, and the most casual, insulting verb conjugations. When she asks Genji if he wants to spar, she yells  きさま、かけてこい!(Come at me you son of a bitch). The Shimada brothers are too amused/awkward to correct her. 

tldr; Hana “” Song is a terrifying 19 year old with the ability to pick up any language she hears and no one in Overwatch is safe. 

T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Apollo

It is with the sun that she rises, her morning breakfast perfected before it is documented for everyone to see on instagram. She carries around an entire flock of notepads, all fit to burst with poetic musings and dreamy scribbles. They say that her head is in the clouds and that she can speak nothing but the truth, and perhaps it’s true. She doesn’t care about being nice, doesn’t lie through her teeth and tell people that their new haircut suits them when it doesn’t. But she glows, radiant and golden and warm, enough to make the gloomiest of days a little brighter.

The Duke’s Perfect Wife

Just going on the title, I have a sinking feeling.

He’s not wearing a shirt, but going on the photoshopped kilt it might be that he’s got photoshopped skin. 

There’s two words I’d never thought I’d sandwich together.

With all the photoshopping going on, you’d think they could have photoshopped him a less modern haircut.

Having inherited his father’s dukedom, Hart Mackenzie must find himself the perfect wife to advance further among Britain’s elite. When fate reunites him with his ex-fiancee, Lady Eleanor Ramsay, he plans a seduction to win back her heart, as well as her hand in marriage. Victorian romance among Britain’s high society.

“I need a perfect wife!  Where will I find the perfect wife?  I know!  MY EX!  We didn’t break up for any reason at all!  IT WILL WORK OUT FINE.”

Let’s instead see what Wikipedia has to say about ‘Hart’ -

Hart is an archaic word for “stag” (from Old English heorot, “deer” – compare with modern Dutch hert, German Hirsch and Swedish/Norwegian/Danish hjort, also “deer”).  Specifically, “hart” was used in medieval times to describe a red deer stag more than five years old.

I’m guessing that’s not why he’s called Hart.  She’s the one with the rack! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

I’m guessing Hart is short for Hartholomew.  

Further, do not be confused as to why our dashing hero is dressed like that when he is a Victorian!  We all dress like that in Scotland!  In fact, the English, Scots and Welsh never made it out of the 16th century, fashion wise!  You’ll find everyone in Scotland wears this sort of thing (unless it’s an informal occasion, where the man will of course be topless):

The men are ALL mistaken for barbarian brutes until a Feisty Englishwoman discovers they’re actually rather noble and, just as importantly, sensitive lovers.  Can’t move for Feisty Englishwomen in the summer months.  

The Welsh, meanwhile, all invariably dress like this -

Less buckets on heads, these days, but the Welsh aren’t as traditional as the Scots.

You can’t move for Morris Dancers in England, by the way.

About Fem!John’s haircut. Agaaaiiin.
It will never be boring. ;D

By the way, there was a headcanon (not mine, but I think it also would look awesome) there she didn’t just grow her hair but also dyed. But I have no idea which colour might it be, though I do really want to draw it. Actually I’m just too shy to ask the person I’ve heard this headcanon from, hehe…
So… I will just let it be so for now.

Besides, she’ll be perfect with any haircut, won’t she? <3

the signs as things i've heard at the hair dresser
  • aries: "It's not my fault she had her hands in my pasta salad"
  • taurus: [a woman pointing to my recently cut off ponytail] "Can I have this?"
  • gemini: "Use that tone one more time and you're getting a mullet"
  • cancer: "This is the perfect potluck dinner haircut"
  • leo: [the hairdresser about cutting my hair too short]"I'm a little afraid your mom's gonna beat me up behind the dumpster"
  • virgo: [an old lady looking at my haircut] "You look sexy"
  • libra: [my mom] "HE'S NOT SEXY HE'S 15!"
  • scorpio: "I'm on husband number 3 I can't afford to have messy roots"
  • sagittarius: "I want this haircut to tell everyone that I'm hip and up with it"
  • capricorn: " on a pirate ship?"
  • aquarius: [an old lady after hearing about the flooding in texas] "Good"
  • pisces: "Worse comes to worse they sell a lot of hats around here"
(Don’t) Hop on my Back

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Paring: Eren/Levi

Summary: Based off the AU: I mistook you for my best friend and jumped on your back in public and now I’m embarrassed.

Eren never said he had perfect vision. (Eren’s text name is based off of this video starting at 1:45)

For Ereri Week Day 7: Soumates

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Eren never said he had perfect vision.

To be completely honest he was a step below being called legally blind, so looking back on the incident, it wasn’t entirely because he was texting Armin about snemes (snail memes).

What also didn’t help was Mikasa decided that her long hair, which was then reaching the middle of her chest, was making her become unbearably hot and since it was the beginning of summer she might as well cut it off into a bob-styled haircut.

Long story short; this lead up to Eren being slammed to the ground by the not-so-Mikasa-person.

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Yesterday when I was trying to sleep and thinking of touken, I realized how beautiful their relationship would be all because of Kaneki. He’s the sweetest guy ever. If something ever happens between them in the future, he’d literally treat her as a queen. He’s the romantic type, the sweet guy, he would not hesitate to tell her how beautiful she is (and I find this extremely sad/romantic considering how she felt when Kimi told her that she looked beautiful). He would wake her up every morning with butterfly kisses and a mug of coffee by her side. He would rest his head on her tummy while reading a book. He would brush her hair with his fingers and pretend that he likes the new haircut she did to him, smiling and saying “it looks perfect, touka-chan” even if it’s a disaster. I think he would try to make her life as human as posible. I don’t know, despite how stupid he can be sometimes, I find in Kaneki the perfect lover. Always caring, always patient, kind, thoughtful, indulgent. Cuddling her in his arms in the most random moments, like taking her by surprise and resting his chin on her forehead (he’s way taller than her now huehue), the lack of love in Kaneki’s life would make him give his heart away all the time. I think Touka is so lucky to have him, and he’s lucky too because she’s always so pure and honest and raw and she never hesitates when it comes to tell him the truth, to put his feet on the ground again, both complement each other so well. 

Proper Love

I decided to write something longer. This has two prompts: “Not exactly proper, is it darling?” and “Love isn’t perfect and that’s okay.”

Very minor spoilers for Nick’s questline. Timeline is kept vague. Feedback would be awesome. Enjoy!


Cherry stared in the mirror, almost unable to recognize herself. Six months in the wasteland had changed her appearance dramatically, and she wasn’t sure what she thought of that. She had tanned, obviously, which somehow made her freckles stand out even more. Her hair was longer, since she had better things to do than get a haircut. She had lost some weight in her face, and her eyes were dark from improper sleep. Her glasses usually hid that though. Makeup was still available post-apocalypse, but she used it sparingly. Generally, her looks were low on her priority list.

That was about to change.

They were in Diamond City, on invitation from the mayor. He was hosting a birthday party, a swanky over-the-top affair, and had insisted on her being there. The downside was, she had to fit in with the city’s elite, and the “wandering wastelander” look was not going to get her through the door.

“Is this really necessary?” She asked for the fifth time. She was seated, watching her companion move around her. If she was going to get all dolled up, she needed help.

“Hey, if mayor asshole doesn’t want me there singing happy birthday to him, the least I can do is help you get ready before I go out snooping for a scoop.” Piper winked down at Cherry. “Now, which shade of lipstick do ya want? Sexy red, or slutty red?” The vault dweller cringed, not liking the devious glint in Piper’s eyes.

The upside was that she was going with Nick. The thought made her heart flutter. She was in a constant state of confusion about her feelings towards him, and she didn’t know what to do. Her life had been turned upside down in the course of a day- a 200-year-long day- and as much as she missed her family, at least she’d found a new one. Nick was important to her, he understood what she went through. But more than that, he was a kind, honest man with a heart of gold (literally, he’d joked one time; most of his circuits were made of the metal). She still loved Nate, but he was gone, forever. The only way for her to survive was to adapt and move on. Day by day it became a little bit easier. Nick made it easier.

As Piper helped her get dressed, Cherry was quiet. She’d almost messed up their relationship that time in Sanctuary when she almost kissed him, the last thing she wanted was to make another awkward situation. They were more or less going on a date, and it had been a while since she’d last gone on one.

As Piper finished up, Cherry smiled. She looked like she did back in her university days. Maybe she had a shot at pulling this off after all.


“Is this really necessary?”

Ellie giggled as she finished adjusting Nick’s bowtie. “You know it is. There.” She stepped back, admiring her work. “You look so handsome. I’m sure a certain vaultie will approve,” she said with a wink.

Groaning, Nick reached for his fedora. “Not you too,” he muttered, annoyed. Gossip at Sanctuary Hills lately had revolved mostly around he and Cherry. People had finally noticed their… connection. How she mostly took him out on missions and spent more time with him than anyone else while they were home. Now word had made its way to Diamond City, Piper’s doing no doubt.

“I think it’s romantic,” Ellie said as Nick shrugged into his trench coat. “Now, remember to open the door for her, and pull out her chair. There will be flower vendors near the front gate, I put a few caps into your coat pocket for that. And you have to ask her to dance, don’t leave her stranded for the mayor or some other bozos to hit her up.”

Nick rolled his eyes. “Just because I don’t date doesn’t mean I don’t know how to behave during one,” he answered testily, turning to look in the mirror. He had never been a vain man, nor a vain synth, but even he could admit he cleaned up nicely. He was wearing a tuxedo, in good condition for how old it was. Ellie had used agency funds for it, on the grounds that he had to look good to build up his reputation. He knew her real motives, and would never voice that he was actually touched by her enthusiasm.

“Ha! So it is a date! Wait till I tell Piper!” Ellie clapped her hands together and Nick cursed to himself. He really didn’t like people talking about him. “Don’t read too much into it,” he grumbled, more for his own sake than Ellie’s. “It was a slip of the tongue.”

There was a heavy pause. Nick knew exactly what Ellie was thinking, and he glared at her with all his strength. “You should be saving those tongue slips for Cherry,” she finally blurted out, and Nick threw up his hands.


Nick paced outside the gate, lit cigarette in one hand and a red rose in the other. Roses were rare, and more expensive than the other flowers the vendor had. But as long as they were having a night out, he might as well spend big.

And it was worth it. When Cherry approached Nick let out a low whistle. Her dress was floor-length, navy blue, and she had bright red heels that matched her lipstick. Her hair was up in an elegant bun, some curly strands framing her face.

She stopped a few paces away, and Nick eagerly- too eagerly, What am I, a teenager?- made up the gap. “You uh, come here often?” he asked, breaking the ice. It worked, and Cherry smirked. “Only when I’m treated to a night out by a handsome man.” She ran her gaze over him. “You look great, Nick,” she said more seriously, and Nick smiled. “Thank you,” he replied sincerely. “I… I got this for you.” He held out the rose, and Cherry blushed, making Nick’s smile wider. Oh yeah, definitely worth it.


As the party dragged on, Cherry tried to get a moment to herself. Social niceties had to be met, and many people wanted a chance to say they met the woman out of time. Others had problems they needed solved, and were practically throwing caps at her for her services. She was finally able to get away when it was time for the mayor to lead the first dance of the evening.

“What a bunch of vultures,” Nick complained as he moved to stand beside her. “I mean I’m used to it, but not like this. My office is much too small to have this many visitors at once. Thank God.” The music started up, the band playing a waltz that she recognized from the classical music radio.

Cherry glanced sideways at her companion. “Wanna dance?” she asked slyly.

Nick chuckled. “A woman asking a synth to dance? Not exactly proper, is it darling?”

Cherry grinned, her cheeks warming at the endearment. “Then let’s cause a scandal, shall we?” Nick nodded, holding out his arm, and he lead her onto the dance floor.


Nick was nervous. He only knew how to dance because Nick had known how to dance. The synth himself had never applied those skills. And now he was about to, in front of a crowd of people, with a beautiful woman he had feelings for. Clearing his throat, he gingerly gripped Cherry’s left hip, and took her hand with his left. She wrapped her other arm around his shoulder, smiling up at him. They both heard curious murmuring around them. Two of the most famous people in the city were about to dance, and everyone wanted to see it.

Normally Nick would have made some kind of quip at a moment like this, but words were failing him. So he let his feet do the talking as he took the first steps, smoothly leading Cherry through the first part of the waltz. She was graceful on her feet, a natural dancer. He knew she had been a lawyer, but he wondered if she ever danced professionally, or took lessons. She also looked happier than she had in a while, almost joyful. Her eyes never left his.

His reverie was broken when she spoke up. “The last time I danced like this was at my wedding,” she said wistfully. Nick twitched but stayed silent. It would be ugly for him to admit he didn’t want to hear about the love of her life… he had told her about Jenny though, so he had no right to complain.

“He stepped on my feet. More than once,” Cherry continued. “The first time we met, he tripped and spilled coffee all over me. And when he proposed, he somehow managed to set our apartment rug on fire.”

“Gee, it’s a miracle you survived long enough to get married. He’s lucky you fell for his seductive skills.” Nick tightened his arm around her as the dance sped up.  

“Love isn’t perfect and that’s okay,” she answered, laughing when Nick shot her a confused look. “Nate said that in his wedding vows. He insisted we write our own, but then he lost his cue cards and had to make something up.”

“I take it he wasn’t a man of words,” Nick replied, and Cherry laughed again. “Nope. It took him six months to write those vows. He never did find them.”

They fell into a comfortable silence as they twirled their way across the dance floor. They were no longer the center of attention, and as they danced, Nick’s focus narrowed until all he could think about was the woman in front of him. He began to tune out the music, instead listening to the swishing of her dress across their feet, her quickened breath, the thrum of her pulse. In this moment, he’d never felt more alive.

I’m in love with you.

The words were on the tip of his tongue. He wanted to say them, needed to, even though it was the worst idea he’d ever thought up. Cherry’s husband was murdered in front of her, her son kidnapped and still missing. He wasn’t sure if his feelings were genuine, or a jumble of old memories and experiences that were from another life. He had to be sure a romantic relationship was even possible before pursuing it. He owed it to her.

They stopped with the music, and Nick dipped her, causing a gasp of surprise. He pulled her back up, pleased that he made her blush again. “Thanks for the dance, doll,” he said smoothly, kissing her hand. She giggled, and Nick held her a moment longer before slowly letting go.

“Anytime,” Cherry answered, breathless. She knew now that she had more than mere survival to look forward to. And it was thanks to one detective.

I love you, Nick.


Ok but Wes said that the death cure movie would take place a whole year later, and that they are going to make Rosa grow her hair out so it looks like it’s been a whole year, but what im questioning is… what about the other gladers??? are they all just gonna magically get haircuts like Newt did in the helicopter? or will we see their hair a little longer? I feel like that would be a perfect time to allow the book fans to FINALLY have a long haired Newt.

If they all just magically appear to have short hair that looks nicely cut, it’s going to be a little weird, like ok who the hell has a pair of scissors, who has the time to cut the gladers hair in the middle of a post apocalyptic world 

R.I.P Christina Grimmie

One of the first song covers I ever listened to was by her. It was beyond perfect. I loved everything about her. Her beauty, voice, talent, family, and more. She was one of my biggest inspirations. She rose to the top from just making song covers into an international superstar. She was kind and always gave to charity. I remember being so excited seeing her videos in my subscription box on Youtube when I was 13-14 years old and listening to all her perfect song covers and loving her haircut. It’s so sad to hear that she passed away so suddenly. 

And so, God has received another talented angel.

Rest in peace, Christina Grimmie. We will never forget you. 

You rawwked.

Taking a post hair cut selfie moment to reflect on the best hair cut and eyebrows since I got an email today saying my stylist left the salon I go to!!! How I will miss her!

The silver lining is that I get 50% of my first haircut with who I pick for my new stylist and Sarah and I Zumba with the owner so we know she’s good peoples and I’d like to stay at the same salon.

Fingers crossed the next stylist I get is just as perfect!

A MCL AU where Candy is a hairdresser and all the boys are her clients. She’s gained a reputation for always giving the perfect haircut, whether you want to maintain a look or get a new one. Castiel even trusts her with dying his hair, a task previously delegated to his romantic partners.

Part of why everyone loves Candy so much as a hairdresser is that when she shampoos, she gives the most heavenly head massages. It doesn’t hurt that she’s cute as a button