the hair that curls over his forehead just so

Imagine Yurio getting drunk one time after a skating competition, accidentally bc he didn’t realise just how much alcohol were in the drinks he had or something, and going over to a slightly more drunk Yūri with an angry expression and yanking him down so he can plant a kiss on his forehead gently but still with the angry expression and tells him to take good care of Victor, and Yūri just starts crying and hugging him despite them getting along for like 2 yeats at this point and Yurio just strokes his hair looking really pissed off but still being kind. (Victor and Otabek find them curled up later and don’t even bother to question it)

Enough to Grab Onto

I got sad talking to @inkedferns about his hair last night. So I woke up and spat this out. I also definitely got teary eyed over one line (EMBARRASSING MUCH!?) – guess which one! x. (I was going to wait to post it until more of the world was awake, but I CAN’T!)

“It’s just hair,” Harry tells you with a heavily lined forehead.

“I know,” you say. “It’s just… it suits you, you know?” You reach up and run your fingers through the curls that nearly go to his shoulder blades now. “And I’ve gotten used to it. I like them.”

“All this time,” Harry says with a shake of his head, “I thought I’d have to worry about someone loving me for m’money. I was wrong.” He kisses you pertly and you scowl. “It’ll grow back, won’t it?” he soothes you. “Didn’t you say it was looking a bit tattered anyway?”

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His head hurt, his whole body ached, and he had a terrible thirst, like a camel on the desert as he opened his eyes wearily. Turning to the side, he saw the familiar figure of Uruha. After 6 months of dating, waking up to the other curled against his side was something so comfortingly familiar, and he put his arms around the smaller male, feeling at once just how naked they both were. 
So it hadn’t been a dream, but at least he remembered it all. Their first time, wasted on a night where beer was 2 for 1. It made him sad even to think of that fact.

Reaching out, stroking his hand sweetly along the other male’s cheek, stroking over his hair, he pressed a little kiss to his forehead, just careful, though, wanting to let him sleep a little longer. 

Sleeping Love. A Bam  Brown story

For @confusinglump

The long busy day was finally over.

Bam had stripped down to his underwear and had fallen into bed even before you were fully undressed. He always worked so hard and you didn’t blame him at all for not waiting for you this time.

You stood quietly for a few minutes watching him sleep. His hair was loose and the soft curls framed his face and spread over his pillow like a fan. His brow was smooth and unlined and you leaned over and gently pressed your lips to his forehead. A slight smile touched his lips and he rolled over onto his side, opening up a warm spot just right for you to slip into. Your body fit perfectly behind his and you moved close to smooth your thighs against his thighs and your breasts to his back. Sighing with content, you drifted into a deep sleep.

How long had you been sleeping? It seemed like only minutes and your mind had finally unwound and let you rest after a long day of working hard in  Brown Town. The sound of your name being spoken was quiet in the still room and you thought at first that you were dreaming. Hearing Bam’s voice in your dreams was nothing new. Bam was your dream come true and your heart sang whenever he spoke your name in your dreams or when you were awake. But as you heard your name again, you realized you weren’t dreaming. But Bam was.

As you heard him speak your name in his soft, deep voice, you had a moment of panic that something was wrong. You sat up a little so you could lean over and see his face, but his eyes were closed and that small, sweet smile was still there. As he whispered your name again, his lips barely moving, his eyes beneath his lids moved back and forth. You dropped your chin to his shoulder as you realized he was dreaming of you and when you heard him mumble the words, “love you forever”, the tears slipped from your eyes.

You didn’t want to wake him from the dream that held you so close to his heart, so you gently rolled back and settled yourself against his back. Just as you drifted off to sleep, his love for you warming you throughout, Bam whispered your name one more time as his hand slid back to caress your bare leg.

“Love you forever, Bam.” You sighed as you slept.

Day 4: Valentine’s Day Countdown (Baekhyun)

We are really happy to know that you guys enjoyed the Halloween and Winter scenario specials. So we are happy to continue it for Valentine’s! <3

-Admin Kat

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Zayn takes a step back, further into the shadows backstage as he watches the boys. He sucks in a breath, eyes on Liam as he wiggles his hips and fuck -

Zayn swears he does this shit just to mess with him - the unbuttoned shirt, revealing a smatter of hair and that chest that Zayn wants to mark up because jealousy curls in his belly thinking about how thousands of eyes are on him right now -

And that hair, curling over his forehead and so soft looking that Zayn has been struggling to keep himself from running on stage and brushing his fingers through it.

The wiggle of his hips and the grin on his lips, amused and cocky because he fucking knows the effect he has on everyone (and especially him). The little wink he does, where both of his eyes flutter shut and it confuses him because he doesn’t know if he wants fall onto his knees for Liam or pinch his cheeks and pepper kisses to his face more -

He sighs, dragging a hand down his face to get himself together. He swears one day, he is going to overdose on the feeling he gets in his chest when he looks at Liam.

Liam jogs over, cheeks bunched up and eyes falling closed as he smiles. An energy radiates off of him and Zayn’s got his fingers curling into Liam’s shirt before he even is fully off stage.

“What?” Liam breathes, brows pushing together as he eyes Zayn’s overwhelmed expression.

“If you don’t kiss me right now,” he starts dramatically, sliding his other fingers through the curly mohawk on the top of his head before cupping his palm around the back of it. “I might not make it.”

Liam snorts, rolling his eyes but his grin only quirks up more before he presses it to Zayn’s lips.

no okay but curly haired calum is my literal weakness cause everytime I just imagine waking up on a Sunday morning, white sheets draped over his bare back as he sleeps on his tummy, face turned towards you with gentle breaths blowing up and moving his little curls on his forehead and he can feel you watching him so he smiles and peaks one eye open and says “what’re you lookin at” and lifts an arm up so you can snuggle up next to him and kiss him and he gets more heated and your hands go up the nape of his neck and tangle in all those curls and they only get more messy and beautiful as he rolls over so you’re on your back and he’s grinning down at you in the morning sunshine coming in the window, the light sparkling in his eyes bye I love curly calum