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Hey good luck on your new bog!! Can I get fluffy cuddling hcs with caesar and joseph?

Thank you!

Damn am I in love with Caesar, we’re just gonna. Pretend he’s alive and well. Caesar is perfectly fine.

☆ Caesar Zeppeli ☆ 

  • Caesar loves cuddling. So much. Once he knows you’re okay with it he’s not gonna be able to keep his hands off you.
  • That being said, he’ll respect any and all boundaries. If you don’t like something, let him know and he’ll never do it again.
  • Caesar is actually kind of cold to the touch; it was surprising the first time around, because you’d assume somebody like him would be really warm.
  • He smells like melon soap. It can be kind of overwhelming, but he can’t really help it; after all these years of training, it’s soaked into his skin and hair and every shirt he owns.
  • You know how some couples are always hanging off each other? Especially if they work at the same place and can stay close together? Yeah, he’s actually not like that. Caesar would much rather save the more major pda for being at home, but he’s definitely willing to intertwine your arms or keep a hand on your hip.
  • Once you’re at home, all bets are off. If he wants cuddles he’s gonna get ‘em. You could be in the middle of washing dishes and he decides he wants your attention, so he’s gonna wrap his arms around your waist and just lean into you. Doesn’t matter if he’s distracting you, he wants attention.
  • He really loves it when the two of you are sprawled on the couch together. You rest your head on his chest and he plays with your hair as one of you reads to the other. He also really likes to kiss your hair while you’re cuddling too.

☆ Joseph Joestar

  • Joseph loves attention in general, but he definitely loves your attention.
  • He’ll cuddle all day every day. It’s often difficult to get out of bed because he’s completely wrapped his strong arms around you and doesn’t want to let go.
  • He’s really, really warm. If you’re sensitive to heat, you probably can’t stay in his arms for more than a few minutes- which is unfortunate, because he wants you in his arms for hours. He smells like cinnamon too; this man is very reminiscent of a fireplace decorated for Christmas.
  • If you’re sitting on the couch doing something, he loves to sprawl over your lap, often wrapping his arms around your hips. Makes it difficult for you to keep doing whatever you were doing, but that’s clearly his plan- don’t give in to him!
  • He likes to use Hamon while holding you, tracing tingling patterns into your skin or sending it flowing through your hair in a soothing manner.
  • He respects boundaries too, but is more likely to whine about them for a bit. And when it comes to pda, well, you can’t really tell him no. If you’re in public he’s gonna keep his arm around your shoulders or a hand on the small of your back. You’re his and he wants everyone to know it.
  • He’s fairly likely to fall asleep while cuddling, and at that point, it’s all over. Get comfortable bc you ain’t waking him up, you’re here all night.
Back To You – J-Hope

Characters: Hoseok X Reader
Rated: H for #HappyHOPEday

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The screen goes blurry for a minute, lagging something awful from their crappy connection, and you take the time to adjust your shirt and hair in the little display screen where you can see yourself on the top right, before hugging the teddy bear closer to your chest, propping your chin on its fluffy head as you wait.

It takes another moment but then, Hoseok comes into frame, properly now if only the slightest bit distorted by the phone camera. Still, the grin that spreads across his lips is completely legible and you dip your own head a little to hide your own bashful smile.

“Hey, princess,” Hoseok raises a hand as he hums and you wave back, already feeling your heart heavy in your chest just thinking you’re both so close now and yet so far away in reality but you try not to let it bother you too much. Instead, you let yourself be distracted by the way Hoseok’s eyes flicker down a little with beaming eyes, “Hello, Little Seok.” Hoseok is addressing himself to the stuffed animal in your arms – the one he had won for you at a carnival and taken the rights to name it as well, giving you something to hug when he can’t be there. It’s sweet and all but you can’t help but blush bright red, wrapping your arms around the head of the bear as if it’s a person that can speak and hear.

"No, don’t, makes me feel silly.” You whine and duck your head again, reaching a hand up to scratch at your head because it does. You feel silly at the fact that you can’t even fall asleep without your teddy and have to kiss it goodbye before you leave or else your whole day feels wrong but it’s enough of a replacement as any and you will take anything you can get.

You peek up when you hear soft chuckling but it isn’t mean so you don’t mind, especially not with the warm smile playing on Hoseok’s lips alongside it. "I’m sorry, princess.” Hoseok shrugs a little but he’s not too apologetic with the way he shakes his finger teasingly at the camera. "I still love you more than he does, you know?”

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