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Title: Innocent Boy

Peter and Y/N can’t get their hands off of each other at school and end up having a make out session in the janitor’s closet.

Words: ~1800

Make out session! What a surprise…

A/N: I originally wrote this as Life Changing Part 4 but somehow I wanted this to be this to be a oneshot too but… Idk. I made it both. It’s a continuation of Life Changing but you can read it without the other parts, too. So… yeah. Enjoy! :)

( Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 )


Making my way through the overcrowded hallway, I could already see Peter and Ned standing next to Peter’s locker and walked towards them.
A smile crept on my face, thinking about this makeout session from last week before I reached them.
“Morning, boys.”, I greeted them, my hand reaching out to take Peter’s to interwine our fingers. While Ned had greeted me with a tired “Hey, Y/N.” Peter gave me a huge smile and planted a kiss on my lips.

“Aww, you guys are cute. It’s almost disgusting.”, Ned chuckled and made a face, causing me to laugh.
“You’re just jealous that you don’t have such a beautiful girlfriend.”, Peter replied proudly, releasing my hand to put his arm around my shoulder and pressing me into his warm side. Slowly I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks and turned my head to smile at my boyfriend.
“At least I’m not the one being so mushy all the time.”, Ned shot back playfully, while we were heading to our first class.
I saw Peter roll his eyes, quietly groaning in annoyance before he took my hand again.

Chemics was boring. Also, I was too dumb for this… Peter wouldn’t talk to me during class, his eyes glued to the teacher. I couldn’t help but stare at him, admiring him and his interest in school. It was hard to understand what was going on in his head.
Slowly, my hand roamed over the table to take Peter’s left hand and pull it towards me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Peter looking at me briefly but he turned back when I started playing with his fingers. My fingertips brushed over his soft hand, drawing lines over his palm and fingers. Pushing his sweater up his forearm, I freed his wrist to draw on it too. A sun, a flower, a house, a heart.

“You’re distracting me.”, he whispered softly without looking at me and continued making notes.
“That’s the plan.”, I responded quietly and saw the corner of his mouth slightly go upwards.

Still getting no attention from Peter, I let go of his hands and placed my hand on his knee. “Don’t.”, he mumbled, his jaw clenching as I tightened my grib. With a smug grin on my face I started caressing his tigh, making him shift around on his chair.
His left hand went under the table to take my hand away, placing it on the table and holding it firmly. His hand was warm, almost hot, filling me up with warmth like always.
I freed my hand again, holding his with my other hand before my right hand disappeared under the table again. This time I put my hand on the inside of his tigh, my thumb rubbing against the rough material. He tensed up visibly when my hand wandered closer to him before he finally looked at me. My hand stopped as soon as I saw his dark eyes staring into mine, this usual cute, innocent expression not being there anymore.
“I can’t… concentrate.”, he breathed out shakily and took my hand again, this time interwining our fingers.

His face was flushed and he ran his fingers nervously through the locks on his forehead. Being satisfied with this flustered version of Peter, I quit teasing him.

It wasn’t very long until the bell rang and I quickly stood up, innocently smiling at Peter. “See you later, Peter.”, I chuckled before ruffling his hair and leaving the class room to get to my next class.

English. Even more boring than chemics At least I was able to understand something but it was still boring as hell. Time didn’t seem to pass while I tried to participate but my mind always went back to Peter.

After the bell finally rang, I put my books in my locker before walking over to Peter’s. I could already see him stand in front of the locker and Ned was nowhere to be seen. Approaching Peter from behind, I covered his eyes and whispered “Guess who?” In his ear before pressing a kiss on his neck.
“It’s Ned! Who else would it be?”, he answered sarcastically before closing his locker and turning around to look at me. “Maybe your gorgeous girlfriend.”, I laughed playfully, throwing my hair back with a swift move.

He chuckled softly but then we were silently facing each other before he nervously spoke up, “Why did you touch me in the middle of class?”
“I was bored.”, I simply said with a sly smile on my lips, my hand brushing over his arm. “B-But you can’t… just… touch me like that in public”, he claimed, stuttering and watching me with a flustered expression.
“Why not?”, I chuckled, stepping closer to him so that our faces were a few inches apart.
“It m-makes me… want to kiss you.”, he admitted quietly, his breath hitting my face gently. “You’re my boyfriend. You can kiss me whenever you want.”, I whispered back before pecking his lips briefly.

“But I really want to kiss you. Like really… like last week! And we’re at school… that’s…”, he stumbled over his words before I interrupted him, “…not a problem. Follow me.”
Grabbing his hand, I pulled him with me around the corner and he realised that I was heading for the janitor’s closet. “Oh, no. He’ll catch us.”, Peter objected but let me push him inside after I checked the hallway for anyone paying attention to us.

I closed the door behind us before I noticed Peter being extremely tensed, looking at me in shock. “Relax, Petey.”, I teased him, my hands wandering over his arms to his neck. “Ugh, don’t call me that.”, he mumbled in annoyance, the dimmed light making his eyes look even darker. “I don’t want to be late for class.”, he mumbled, his eyes already closed before he took a deep breath and suddenly wrapped his arms around my waist to pull me closer.

Our lips collided shortly after, so hard that we both groaned but neither of us cared. He breathed in loudly when my hands went up to the back of his neck, drawing circles through his strands. Our wet lips moved together perfectly even though our noses kept getting in the way.
His hands grabbed my waist tightly, pulling me against him over and over again but we couldn’t get any closer. I moaned loadly when he bit my lip rather harshly and he pulled back in shock but I only pushed myself forward, pressing him against the cupboard and making him groan.

When our lips met again, Peter’s grib tightened and seconds later he pushed his tongue between my lips before our tongues touch. Both of us moan while our hands were constantly wandering of each others body, not being able to touch something else.
His hands stop at my hips, his fingers nervously fiddling with the hem of my shirt. “Ugh, Peter, just touch me!”, I mumbled against his lips, impatiently putting his hands under my shirt and on my stomach. His hands were extremely warm and my body would’ve heated up if my skin wasn’t already on fire.

“You’re so soft.”, Peter moaned while his hands continued stroking my abdomen and my sides before I realised that this was the first time that he was actually touching my lower body with his bare hands. That was why he was so nervous…
“Peter!”, I gasped when he turned us, harshly pushing me against the wall next to the cupboard. With his hot body pressing against me and the cold wall against my back, I moaned again when Peter’s lips withdrawed and placed themselves on my neck.
“Aunt May won’t interrupt me now…”, he mentioned quietly, his breath causing a tingling feeling.
My hands ran through his hair over and over again while he made my flesh crawl, working his wet lips on the sensitive skin under my ear.

I moaned again, rather loudly this time, letting my head fall onto his shoulder when his teeth grazed over my skin.
Mindlessly pulling on his hair, he groaned before he slightly tugged down my shirt over my right shoulder to suck on my collar bone.
“Peter, wait…”, I started and he pulled himself back, causing me to whine at the loss of his contact. “Hmm?”, he raised his eyebrows. “Did I do something wrong?”
“No… GOD NO. It’s just… we should get back.”, I pointed out and Peter’s only reaction was the cute pout on his lips.
“But we’re having so much fun!”, he objected, his lips stayed apart while he looked at me.
“What happened to my innocent school boy?”, I gasped dramatically, making him chuckle.

His lips attached themselves to the left side of my neck this time, peppering it with kisses. “Puperty. I guess it’s the fucking hormones!”, he mumbled in annoyance, his cursing shocking me. He never cursed!
I slightly pushed him away from me, instantly missing the feeling of his wet lips against my skin. “Honestly, Peter, as much as I love making out with you in the janitor’s closet… we should go to class.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”, he mumbled but pressed his lips on mine again.
After I straightened my shirt, I noticed Peter’s hair sticking out in every direction and I tried to fix it before we left the closet, slowly opening the door and closing it again.

The hallway was even more crowded then it was before and now a few pupils turned their heads to look at us, confused expressions facing us.
A look at Peter told me that he was uncomfortable, his cheeks blushing while he was nervously avoiding eye contact. It was like something had clipped in his head and was now the shy, innocent boy again.

I grabbed his hand, interwining our fingers, and grinned at him. He smiled back after he looked up from the ground, looking around almost proudly.
I small giggle escaped my lips before Ned suddenly ran towards us and stood in front of us.

“Where we’re you guys? I’ve been looking everywhere for you…”, Ned panted and Peter and I only exchanged a look before Peter cockily answered, “Well, you didn’t.”

Ned rolled his eyes before his gaze stuck on my neck, his eyes widening. “You didn’t?!”, he gasped as my hand shot up to my neck, covering it awkwardly. “Yeah, we did.”, Peter exclaimed proudly and I hit his chest playfully.

He gave me one of his loving smiles before we started to go to our next class.

“Way to go, bro!”, I heard Ned whisper to Peter, who just grinned even wider, his teeth grazing over his still swollen lips that I wanted to kiss again so badly.

Gosh, I really love this boy.


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Inferno (Peter Parker x Reader)

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Warning: Swearing. This story is… this is actually pretty depressing. So if you’re looking for a happy ending to this part of the story, you won’t get one. Maybe if I make another part, that would end happily. Just angst, angst, angst. The ending is a bit optimistic, if you squint and look at it upside down. Enjoy? 

                                                     Dear child

You stood at the entrance to the school library, waiting for Peter to come, checking your watch every now and then. It had been thirty minutes now and your legs were tired from standing. A rational person would have walked in and sat down in one of the overly cushy chairs, but you were waiting and angry and you were beyond rationality. Today was supposed to be a study day with him, like every Wednesday was. It was how you kept your grades the perfect A’s they were. You tapped your foot for another five minutes before giving up and walking back to the bus stop. Sure, you could have went and studied in the library anyway, but the librarian was giving you overly sympathetic looks and that made you want to throw up.

You sat on the cold wooden bench as far away as possible from the weird man who eyed you like a piece of meat. In the back of your mind you blamed Peter’s absence on some small thing like an unexpected errand, but it still hurt that he didn’t bother to text you in advance. At the time, you were only a bit mad with Peter and forgave him very quickly because he apologized the next day. You didn’t know this would be the first time of many.

                                    You are so kind and brave

Flash’s party was too much of everything. Too much loud music, too many people, too much alcohol hidden in the punch. Most of all, there was too much commentary between songs, done by Flash himself. He didn’t hate you that much, but your nerdy personality and defensive nature made you a target of his occasional taunts. For example, the moment you entered the house Flash took the opportunity to announce your arrival.

“Hey, (Name)! Did those anger management classes help or are you going to go Hulk and trash the party?”

The red heat seeped from your ears down to your neck at his comments. Flash never forgot the one time you almost lost it in front of the entire cafeteria. Loud air horns blared when he was done “roasting” you, ringing in your ears like alarms.

“Oh shit, it’s Parker!” Flash announces over the mic. He must have seen Peter trying to hide. “Still pretending to know Spiderman or have you accepted that you’re a fake?”

“Fuck off Thompson!” You yell over the music and air horns. Bad idea. Now the attention was fully on you.

“Make me. C’mon (Name), turn into a rage monster again!”

The crowd laughed, nudging you out of the little circle around the DJ booth. You didn’t know whether to let the anger get to you or to cry. It was like everyone was staring at you, laughing at you, mocking you.

“Hey, thanks for sticking up for me.” Peter says, him and Ned approaching you. You didn’t have time to say anything before Peter saw Liz Allan across the room and almost sprinted in her direction. The little bit of quiet that came when Ned or Peter talked to you was gone as they left, allowing the loud music and louder teenagers to fill your hearing. I can’t do this.  

You felt the pocket of your jeans to see if your phone was still there and when it was, you didn’t hesitate to walk right out of the party. I try to help someone and what happens? They ignore me to talk to a hot girl.

                                      So forgiving and merciful

“I… can’t make it.”

You narrowed your eyes at Peter.

“Say it again, Peter. Say it again so I can hear you.”

He avoided your eyes, shoveling books from his locker to his backpack. You rapped your knuckles on the locker next to his, trying to get him to look at you. “This is the Stark Internship again?”

Peter nods without looking at you. Stark internship my ass. You think, by now convinced he was lying. This happens too much.

You sigh and lean with your back against a locker. “Fine. I-I’ll see you later.”

Fast forward to the end of the day, you were actually happy. The day had gone great, no one bothered you, it was peaceful. You were walking past the library and heard laughter, but dismissed it for an annoying couple until one of them spoke.

“Thanks so much for helping Peter.”

You froze in place. You didn’t dare move closer to see who was in the library, you didn’t need to. That was Liz Allan’s voice, and she only knew one Peter.

“It-it was n-nothing.”

Definitely Peter. Fuck. You squeezed your eyes shut and kept walking, your movements robotic and forced. He ditched me. He fucking ditched me. You felt sick, actually, physically sick to the stomach. How many times had he left you to hang out with Liz? I don’t know. Your mind says. How many times has he made an excuse to bail on you? At least twenty. That made the nausea ten times worse. Has Peter really been making things up to talk to Liz?

He’s not a jerk. You reason, almost pleading for your mind to stop adding to the pain. Peter probably had a good reason to ditch me some of the time…

How do you know? Your mind argues. How do you know he doesn’t make things up just to get away from you?

He’s not cruel! You yell back at the negative thoughts. He-he likes being around me!

Wow, that sounded desperate. Why would he want to hang around you as opposed to the Liz Allan? Your mind says, like it was actually sneering down at you. What have you got on her, huh? Your amazing sense of style?

You tugged at the hem of your oversized graphic tee and your gaze darted down to your favorite worn out converse that were originally supposed to be white, but were now a disgusting muddy brown with puke green grass strains.

Do you have an amazing personality like Liz? Your mind offers. No, you don’t. You’re negative, antisocial, selfish, quiet , pessimistic, rude, weak willed… She’s a leader. She’s nice and helpful and kind.

I can be nice! You argue. I can be-

A roaring car horn and loud screeching of brakes interrupted your thoughts. You whipped around to see your bus. You had unknowingly walked onto the lane the school buses use to leave. Inside the bus, the driver was clearly muttering curses. He yanked the lever to open the doors and you took his hint, rushing inside and sitting in an empty seat near the front. You could hear see people rolling their eyes and whispering things in the drivers mirror, the heat rushing to your cheeks.

                               Sympathy and good intentions 

                         Was what you paved your road with

“I’m going to talk to her.” Peter says, gripping his backpack strap tightly.

You smiled widely and nodded enthusiastically like always. Sure, you could have slapped him and ran away crying, but that only happen on TV, and this wasn’t a romantic drama, even if it felt like one. Instead, you pushed him lightly in Liz’s direction and smiled until your cheeks ached. You were his friend. This was your job.

“Go get her, Peter.” You encourage, reaching up to ruffle his hair. “Don’t mess up thought, okay? I can’t afford to have you look like an idiot in front of Liz Allan again. I’ll wait for you here so you can tell me how it goes.”

Peter grins at you and darts into the crowd, towards Liz. You leaned against your locker, pretending to look at your phone even though the battery was dead, looking up every now and then to see how Peter was doing. So far so good.

Yup, only one step closer until he abandons you completely. Your mind says. You internally groan.

Please go away. You think, trying to focus on being Peter’s wing man. Wing woman? Same thing.. Your mind was silent. Thank god.

At that very moment, someone chose to ram their shoulder into you, causing you to drop the book you were holding on the floor, bending it’s pages. You yelped and were about to chase after the person but noticed that your book was being trampled over by the passing flow of students and you bent down to pick it up. Someone’s foot collided with with your gut and they stumbled away, yelling curses at you. Another shoe stepped on your finger as you were reaching for your book, which was being kicked around like you weren’t even there. You grabbed the book and bit your lip to keep from cussing at the sharp pain.

The crowd was almost gone by the time you had unfolded the bent book pages and readjusted the cover. Mostly everyone had left, including Peter and Liz. But I asked him to wait for me…

Why would he wait for you? Your mind says. He was with Liz. That’s enough of a reason, isn’t it?

Fuck off. You think. Stop thinking like this.

The shrill sound of tire on asphalt was heard from outside, meaning the buses were leaving. The noise got smaller and smaller as you sprinted to the front doors. By the time you were outside, the buses were all gone. Guess I’m walking home, then.

                                    You gladly took the match 

                    And lit yourself ablaze to keep others warm

School wasn’t remotely enjoyable anymore. It days and days filled with having to see Peter with Liz together. It was a way for kids bigger and stronger than you to make your week miserable with taunting. Peter wasn’t there to even try and defend you like he usually would, and you didn’t want him to come to your aid anyway. He still hung out with you sometimes, but after another month you decided that a life without him would be the healthiest for you. Ned was still your friend, but the two of you had never been as close as you had been with Peter. Therefore, Ned became the awkward middle man. Some parts of your life were more unbearable now that you were avoiding Peter, some were more endearing. You were friends with Michelle Jones now, and that was definitely a bonus.

Make it through high school and leave as soon as possible, you told yourself. Most of your classes were with Peter though, making them awkward on your part. He always seemed to be in his own world, a world you were not a part of. The sad part was that he barely noticed your absence…

Or so you thought.

  And burned to the ground in an inferno of your own misery              ,crushed under the burden of other people’s torment

Drabble #8

Beck x reader

“Do you think Watneys okay?” You asked softly, curled in a wooly blanket with a mug of hot coffee grasped close to your chest.

“I’d like to think so,” Beck replied, “He’s using his botanist powers, Y/N.”

You let out an airy laugh, glancing over at the man sharing your blanket. His hair was ruffled and fluffy, reminding you of a baby duck. He lolled his head to look at you, giving a wide smile. You snorted again and looked away, partly to hide your blush and secondly to stop yourself kissing him.

He had one hand hooked on your thigh, his fingers trapped in the crease of your bent knee while his thumb rubbed circles by your knee. The little action was causing your heart to pound. He followed your gaze to the window where countless stars glowed in the blackness of space.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” He said softly, nodding to it.

“Yes,” You agreed.

Beck didn’t speak again, lost in a daze as if he was hypnotized by the little lights. You glanced over, shocked to find his eyes fixed on you. When he realized he’d been caught, he gave a toothy grin and brought a hand up to further ruffle his hair while looking away. You noticed the light dust of pink on his cheeks, the minute detail sending your heart into another rampaging fit of infatuated fury.

“What’s the first thing you’re going to eat when you get back to earth?” You blurt suddenly.

Beck took this into serious consideration, tilting his head as he chewed on his bottom lip. He looked over at you and gave you a long look before answering.

“I really want fresh fruit,” He said, shockingly dull compared to what he was acting like it’d be.

“I really want bread,” You said mournfully.

Bread wasn’t allowed. It crumbled and could damage important equipment.

Beck groaned in response, “I forgot about bread… I change my answer.”

You chuckled as he dropped his head onto your shoulder, acting like your heart wasn’t doing a gymnastics floor routine in your chest. Beck yawned quietly, reminding you of a kitten. He was bundled in a NASA sweater and warm sweatpants. His feet clad in large wooly socks. Beck didn’t like being cold, if it wasn’t obvious.

Conversation didn’t start up again, choosing to sit in a comfortable silence. Beck hadn’t moved instead wiggling closer against you. You gave him a questioning quirk of the eyebrow.

“I’m cold,” He explained.

“How?” You asked incredulously.

“Dunno,” He shrugged pulling the blanket close to his chin.

You huffed softly, gulping quietly when the cold tip of his nose grazed your neck.

“Jesus, Beck, do you wanna cuddle?” You asked suddenly and more sharply than you had intended, your pent up frustration obvious.

“I’m sorry,” He pulled away, eyes downcast.


“No, it’s fine. Do you?” You softened your voice.

It wasn’t hard to figure out Beck was a sensitive soul. He was quiet, soft and introverted. He would talk, sure, but only when he had to. Every time he cracked a joke it sent Watney into a fit.

“I’d like it,” He hadn’t met your gaze.

“C'mere,” You wrapped your arm around him and pulled him down to lay on top of you.

He was quick to find a comfortable position, face pressed to your neck, one thigh between yours, the other against the outside of your hip. One of his hands softly cupped the side of your neck his face wasn’t against.

He had a ghost of a smile on his lips as he laid there. You glanced down and saw it, the small quirk once again sent your heart pounding away.

“What’s the smile for?”

“Your heart is beating really fast.”

Of course he could hear it.

“Huh,” You responded vaguely in hopes that he’d just drop it.


“No reason,” you had tried to respond in a casual, airy voice but it came out as a choke.

Beck turned and propped his chin on your chest to see you better.

“Well don’t lie, just tell me,” He insisted.

You remained silent, averting your eyes. The blush on your cheeks was enough to tell Beck what he needed but he wanted to hear you say it. So he sat there, staring at you. The intensity of it made you twitchy.


“Stop what?” He replied quickly and cheekily.

“Stop looking at me like that,” You snapped.

“Why?” He grinned.

“Because it makes me want to kiss you,” You felt the air rush from your lungs as the words left your lips.

Beck was smiling like the cat the ate the canary as you gaped like a fish. He hummed in satisfaction, pleased the words were finally out in the open.

“I know, love.” He pressed a kiss to the corner of your mouth, effectively cutting off your stammering.

“You’re evil,” You said softly.

Beck laughed loudly, “I am not!”

“Are too! You knew!” You argued playfully.

“I just wanted to hear you say it, in case I was wrong,” Beck defended himself.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. Beck nuzzled back into your neck, fingers painting patterns on your exposed collarbone. The comfortable silence resumed.

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3+29 with Jooheon please ๐Ÿ’˜

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

“Y/N!” the whisper of your name pulls you from staring at the pages full of notes that were spread infront of you. You narrowed your eyes and looked from where it came from, spotting your boyfriend peaking at you through the shelves. “Jooheon? What are you doing here? You can’t be here…” your boyfriend offered you a smile and left his hiding place. 

“Don’t tell anyone,” his lips pressed against your temple. “And they won’t know,” he whispered, settling down next to you and handing you lunch box. “I need to make sure you eat while working. You’re no good to me without energy,” he teased, ruffling your hair. 

“That’s sweet. Thank you,” you opened the box, greeted by your favourite food. “So can I stay for a bit?” he asked, hand now resting on your back. “You can stay but your clothes must go,” you giggled, taking a sip of your coffee. “If it wasn’t for the creepy old woman that walks around here, I most certainly get naked for you,” he laughed.  

The Pre-Homecoming Chat
  • Peter: these suits were ... his, right?
  • Aunt May: yes sweetheart, and it's okay. (she wraps her arm around his shoulders) you can say his name it won't upset me.
  • Peter: i thought it might... saying it still upsets me sometimes.
  • Aunt May: it's good to say his name so you don't forget how it feels.
  • Peter: (after a silent moment of contemplation) these were Uncle Ben's suits right?
  • Aunt May: (kisses his temple as she ruffles his hair) mmhmmm...

omg-edzia-stuff  asked:

How the Italian Brother be around NyoPoland? I mean whit her sister like personality, she would comfort them or cuddle?

Italy, Romano & Seborga: (That’s right, why does everyone forget this boy?) 

  • They have a very strong bond with Nyo!Poland both as nations and friends! They both treat her like a sister and are always welcoming her over with open arms! Well…crossed arms in Romano’s case.
  • Italy will act like the the older, less mature brother. He isn’t afraid to come screaming and crying to her when he’s upset, nor is he above having flowers braided into his hair by her!
  • Romano is the lazy big brother that’s protective, the poor girl will have to deal with his “You better not be going out looking like that” attitude. Also hair ruffles, hair ruffles exist.
  • Seborga is the little but most reliable brother. He’s probably the one she would go to for gossip and general chatting, he’s pretty good at just taking a seat and having a chat!
  • When it comes to dating, poor girl. She’s got not one, not two, but THREE Brothers to deal with. What’s worse is that whoever she decides to date will be questioned to hell and back.
  • She will be treated like a queen 60% of the time, She’s wined, dined and as a giggle with them most of the time! The other time it’s like a war zone in their house, no games, pure pillow wars
  • The amount of gossip and rumors fluttering around the house is oddly extraordinary, not a soul is safe from the secrets and information they can get out of people. It’s quite fun on their part~
  • Fashion senses between the four are on point. Like, seriously. You wouldn’t catch any of them dead in a cheap remake, they all have quite the passion for passion.
  • I don’t know the proper name for this, but the lads will probably do alot of respective flirting? (I call it a cheeky chuckle but I dunno) So, they’re telling her she’s beautiful but in a mutual way.
  • It’s all very much a strong bond family like relationship, they’re all there for each other and will always help in whatever way they can! It’s all for one and one for all if you ask any of them!

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Oh stars, I can't resist sending you a prompt now. XD May I request Yulma for "When are you going to tell them you love them?"


Thank you very much for the ask. I hope you like the ficlet.

I threw some supportive (and tipsy) Lavi in there, because I love him.

Summary: Yulma, modern au.

The music is too loud, the air too stifling and the little apartment too crowded. Kanda moves through dancing bodies, carefully balancing two full plastic cups in his hand. He already sees Alma. Heโ€™s talking to Lenalee, cheeks flushed because of the heat. Kandaโ€™s eyes wander over his ruffled hair, his smiling mouth, his neck and somebody knocks into him and the cups out of his hands.

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would you ever consider trans gam? i can imagine you forcing him to take off his binder after he wears it too long and ruffling his hair.

my gam isnt even cis tbh gdsnjkss i’ve drawn some stuff with trans boy gam before tho buT ITS KINDA OLD SO EHHh,,

anyway tho,, y’all know i love every gam i want ‘em all to be Safe!! that includes binding safely not just. staying away from fridges