the hair makes me do things

calciite answered your question “ok, i am thinking of making su redesigns today. who should i go for…”

how abt blue diamond? :00

good suggestion, thank you! i forgot i commented on her design earlier. this isnt 100% bc i tend to draw instinctively but this is more what i would enjoy from this character (which would also need to be changed presentation-wise)

i think her grief and sadness over pink diamond’s death shouldve been saved for a later, more built up review. starting a character off immediately sympathising her when it’s already establish this is a dictator and an enemy doesnt really come off v well to me.

i muted her colours a lot, bc i enjoy the idea of BD being washed out and miserable and that translating into her design. her eyes are smaller and i tried to make her face shape a little more distinct. i also imagine her hair being really flowly, and doing the ghibli thing when she’s angry bc how sick and awesome and intimidating would that be man…

Hey guess what when you make an art tutorial, you don’t use that as an opportunity to shit talk and bash other people’s choice of art style; you simply inform people of your method on how you do things

And fyi, hair does weird shit. Mine gets anime highlights sometimes depending on the light and where it’s hitting me so IDK why the fuck exaggerating that is such a fucking crime fuck it’s a part of the genre

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Hello and thank you for answering my last question! Here's another: Is there anything a criminal can do to leave ZERO evidence at a crime scene? Is it even possible to leave no evidence at a crime scene?

Hey @kinda-real-awkward

In the real realness of the world, it is very much possible to minimize the amount of evidence left at a crime scene. But it is pretty much impossible, as far as we know, to leave ZERO evidence behind. There are a few things to consider here, which may make this answer contradict itself, but bear with me. It will all make sense in the end.

Right now, wherever you are sitting, whenever you are doing literally anything, your body is shedding. Skin cells, hair cells, sweat, maybe you sneeze and send some boogers onto your keyboard. Every single second of every day you are leaving little bits of yourself EVERYWHERE. Some factors make you leave more or less of yourself. If you have eczema, for example, you will shed more skin cells than the average person. If you are like me and hate things on your hands, and are constantly rinsing stuff off your hands, you may leave less immediately after a wash, but more as constant soaping up makes your skin dry which leads to more shedding. Long story short here is that every one leaves some part of themselves behind, to varying degrees.  This is where Locard’s Exchange Principle comes into play. Every contact leaves a trace. This principles maintains that the perpetrator of a crime will leave something of themselves behind at a crime scene, and also pick up something FROM the crime scene and carry it home with them.

Knowing that there is another point I would like to make- everything, including you, is covered in various bacteria and other peoples’ cells. If you shake hands with some one you get a little of them, and they get a little of you, as well as a little microflora. Some of these bacteria and other microbiota have DNase and proteinase properties- meaning they are enzymes that denature DNA or protein on contact. Meaning while you are leaving little pieces of yourself behind, that microbiota is also breaking those little bits down.

Microbial forensics is an emerging field, and is gaining more sensitive techniques and traction in court every day. The aim of microbial forensics is to detect all those little pieces of you (read ‘a criminal’) and the environment around you, and use those to place you in a crime scene. Or to connect you to a victim or a get away vehicle.

So while your character can wipe fingerprints away, and tie back their hair and wear gloves and any number of things, it really is not feasible to remove every last trace of yourself from a crime scene. Some kits these days are sensitive enough it is really easy to contaminate your sample. Real life story from a prof: at a lab, the DNA sample being examined got contaminated with boar DNA and no one knew how it got there. Eventually it was figured that the lab tech was visiting the supervisor’s office, which coincidentally had a boar head in there for some reason or another, and the DNA was transferred over somehow.

On the flip side, if your character is very careful, the evidence they leave behind would not be enough to gain a conviction. Because of the CSI effect (we have a post here) juries are often times set on there having to be some kind of DNA evidence left at the scene, and that just isn’t the case every time. Sometimes the only physical evidence of a criminal is some fibres, or a finger print, and I kid you not, special glitter. Some cases are based around a series of circumstantial evidence that all adds up to pointing to this one person, while there is no physical evidence of that person having been to the crime scene.

So in short, it is impossible to leave ZERO evidence behind, but it is 100% possible to leave so little evidence behind that the police never ever put your character in jail.

Also on another note, if you have to leave behind physical evidence. It makes it harder to trace down individual characteristics if the item left behind is mass produced. Let’s say you accidentally left behind a shoe print. It is really easy to track down say a size 16 limited edition men’s boots based on unique soles, as opposes to a regular Chuck Converse. Basically mass production makes it hard to differentiate between individual items, and makes it statistically more likely for other people that are not the criminal to have to same item as the criminal.

The Fair Ones Don't Play Fair (Elsewhere University x RPDR Crossover) 1/8 - Wednesday Angeline

A/N: crossover fic, university and fantasy AU. The Elsewhere University universe (by Sam, @charminglyantiquated, official blog located at @elsewhereuniversity) but with drag race characters, because Elsewhere University has absolutely sucked me in. I also threw in a few of my OCs, I hope that’s okay :) I’ve tried to make everything as accurate to Elsewhere U as possible, but I may have missed a few things, please do correct me! Feel free to message me with feedback or questions @wednesday-angeline :)

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  1. I’m doing a thing this year where I aim to listen to a new album every single day (so if you have any suggestions then hit me up)
  2. Carmex is my favourite item of skincare/make up
  3. I became a vegetarian again
  4. I’ve been told that I come across as intimidating (lol) and confident (lol)
  5. I am 100% team city 
  6. I love spicy food 
  7. I’m trying to grow my hair out finally
  8. I have an interest in high fashion 
  9. I love incense 
  10. I would love to visit Jordan one day

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Tangled!AU Cast Extras I actually wasn’t planning on doing but anywaYS HERE THEY ARE and now with captions!

Yurio and Yakov are the most disturbing thing I’ve drawn in a long time. Also: Phichit as the Hook guy who wants to be a concert pianist, and Chris as Gunther, who wants to be a interior designer.

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Finally got to do a quick Yurio drawing! Unfortunately I tried to go for a low light but colorful look so.. his blonde hair looks more brown here heh. Anyways, 2016 was a very trying year for me (and for many other people as well), but I’m also so glad that there were things like YOI and tumblr to help make everything a little better. Here’s to 2017! Take care everyone!

*edit* I will get to the ASKS as soon as I can! >_< Thanks for your patience guys ahhhh

After the heartbreak, I promised to never be that girl again.
I fulfilled the cliche-
I cut my hair short.
Something to mark a new beginning.
I got a tattoo with no real significance.
Most things in life don’t make sense anyways.
I moved further away from my parents and it was more than a metaphor.
I’ve learned that life is harder without the people who love you and returned to sleep in the bed that held me far longer than you ever did.
I don’t miss you anymore.
You still act weird around me, sit in the corner of a room and pretend that I do not exist.
Some days it feels as if I don’t.
There is no one here to love me like I deserve to be loved.
My voice is still not loud enough to be heard over all the background noise.
My friends are fixated on superficial things.
A love that doesn’t last.
A party last weekend where they fooled themselves into thinking alcohol tastes better when you are hurting and fell asleep on the couch of a stranger.
This is a measurement of how much ache we fail to acknowledge.
How many things we kick underneath our doormats just to prove that there is a way to keep moving forward.
If there is a way to keep moving forward,
for me, it has never looked like this.
Things Nico has definitely said to Will at some point

-You have a cute nose, Solace. Don’t make me break it.
-Get that out of my cabin, right now!
-You still sleep with your baby blanket?
-I’m average height for my age.
-How’s it going up there?
-I’m totally a glass half full kind of person.
-No, Will. It’s not your jacket.
-It’s not that cold outside.
-That was one time!
-Why do you keep putting my hair in a ponytail?
-I’m not ticklish. You can’t prove anything.
-I didn’t get it from your cabin


the calendar // panic! at the disco


Valentine’s Day passed but I still drew my ships so have some gross fluff <3

Things i like in little space

-regular diaper checks
-eskimo kisses
-calling me baby names
-motorboat my tummy
-tickle monster
-talk to my stuffies
-bed time stories
-make me hold your arm in public
-pop a paci in my mouth
-play with my hair!!!!
-diaper pats
-tell me what to do and dont give in to my cuteness!!!

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Mysme react to MC being a youtuber and join MC for a video? Like a boyfriend tag video?

Some of the questions in the boyfriend tag, we all know the answer and some of them have a different answer (like the hair color)
To make things more interesting she’ll pick a paper with the question randomly
Thank you for your request!
I hope you like it!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • What is a youtuber? You’ll have to explain to him.
  • He doesn’t think it’s a good idea such exposure
  • But when he sees you doing a video, he’s happy about it
  • You seem so happy, so energetic
  • It’s a good sight.
  • You asked him to appear in the “boyfriend tag”
  • He sees it as one opportunity to show everyone that you’re his
  • After some questions, you picked one and read out loud
  • “What is my best friend’s name?”
  • “Elizabeth the 3rd”
  • You laugh, it’s better to not say anything
  • Ok, another one
  • “Complete this sentence “My girlfriend is…”
  • "You’re my wife, not my girlfriend”
  • He’s no fun


  • He knows he has seen your face in some place!
  • He’s subscribed to your channel, he thinks you’re pretty funny!
  • He’ll secretly want to appear on your videos..But will not say anything
  • When you ask him to do a boyfriend tag
  • He’s so happy!t’s his dream!
  • After a lot of questions that Yoosung answered without hesitating 
  • “If i go away to some place, where would i go?”
  • “Mc…Are you leaving?”
  • Yeah, he’ll cry
  • He will take this questions too seriously


  • “This is like..Your fan club?" 
  • No, it’s my subscribers Jaehee
  • She doesn’t want to appear in a video, it’s too personal
  • She’ll know everything that you asked her, but she wasn’t comfortable knowing a lot of people are watching it
  • Please, respect her privacy
  • She can answer anything that you want
  • But the camera can’t be here


  • He’ll spread your videos like a virus
  • This work, your subscribers are only going up!
  • This is good!
  • When you asked him to appear in the boyfriend tag,  he’s not sure about it…People cannot see him like that
  • Then he put a bag on his face
  • Problem solved!
  • Hey, guys, this is my boyfriend bagged face
  • 10/10 
  • "Ok Seven..Next question.What is my eyes color?”
  • “Do you have eyes?”


  • Well …He doesn’t watch your videos, he can see a little, but this is not enough
  • He feels bad for it, it’s something that you love to make and he’s not even watching it
  • So when you asked him if he could be in the video
  • He agrees without thinking, he feels good about it
  • V is such a good person, he answered  everything correctly
  • “Do I often make you angry?”
  • “You never made me angry love..”
  • Is this possible?This guy is calmer as shit


  • Oh, you’re famous on the internet
  • An opportunity to appear on a video?This is good
  • He loves to make an appearance at everything
  • But he doesn’t know…Why is this all about you?
  • People want to know about him!
  • No Zen.
  • “Ok Zen..What eyes color did you wish I had?”
  • “I think i’m perfect like this”
  • “It’s about me..Not you”
  • “Next question.” He says,smiling to the camera
  • While you’re looking at his face, wanting to cut that damn rat tail off


  • NO
  • He isn’t going to be in this ridiculous thing
  • He doesn’t like those people that watch you..Those comments, compliments, he hates it
  • Yeah, he’s jealous
  • But you’re insisting and insisting
  • He says that he’ll do it, but only if the video was live
  • And then it was, you were picking some papers, he’s answered (But he doesn’t say how you two met, you must know why)
  • Then HE picks up one paper
  • “What is our favorite sex position..This is an easy one”
  • “Saeran, this is not on this pap—”
  • “I like when MC is bending over–”
  • You finish the video
  • “Never call me for this again. I warned you.”
And they say,“Don’t regret anything because at some point it was exactly what you wanted.”
But when I saw you across the hallway I thought you had a nice smile and good hair.
When I asked you to come over it was because you could make me laugh and said nice things to me.
When I stood on tiptoe to kiss you that first time, missing your mouth completely, it was because my stomach had been doing little flips as we sat motionless on the basement couch.
When we started dating it was because you were exciting to me, you were something I wasn’t ready to lose.
When I told you I loved you it was because I had made so many mistakes already and it was time for me to be the one to make you smile.
When I fell in love with you, so in love and so fast and so hard, it was because you were the first real thing to ever happen to me.
You were exactly, what I thought, I wanted.
But I didn’t ask for your jerky friends, your roaming hands every time you were blackout drunk, your inability to explain why you decided to break my heart so spontaneously, your cruel words and cold shoulder, your skill in pulling me back in just as I began to let go, and your impressive aptitude for making me feel completely worthless.
No, that was never what I wanted, no question about that.
That’s the thing about advertisement, what you see isn’t always what you get.
So forgive me for regretting you.

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Questions 💘

👀 Are you physically or romantically attracted to someone at the moment?
💎 If you had 200000$ to spend within one week, what would you buy?
💇 Hair color you’d like to try?
🎶 Your favorite song this month.
🔮 Tell me your sun,moon and rising sign.
🍉 What is your favorite thing to eat?
🎬 What movie have you watched more than 3 times?
🍸Have you ever got really drunk? What crazy things have you done?
🌾 Are you more of a city or countryside person?
🏞 Are you more of a forest or beach person?
💝 Describe your ideal date.
🗡 Say five things that people do that make you irritated.

grown-up Mikasa lovingly protecting her precious heicho, just the way he used to in their early days (ch 30 edit)

for rivamika week, dedicated to fuku-shuu: it’s ages I wanted to make something special for Mika involving the strongest fierce majestic Ackerman duo.. it’s a simple edit but I hope it will make you smile (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧