the hair is growing on me

Huntress in the Castle: Part One

This is a very special story to me I wanted to share with all of you. I’ve been working on it for a long time  and I’ve been too nervous to share it. I think now is the right time.

           Once upon a  time, my Granny told me my fate rested in the forest. It was where I would find an evil meant for me. Now, every family had a different story they told their wee ones on why they should never ever go into the forest. Unlike those tales though, my Granny’s story turned out to be true. My Granny, you see, was an oracle. She could see into the future. She could see the things that other people couldn’t.

           She told me, many a time, that I should never ever go into the woods, that was until I turned seventeen. She would tell me, “then, and only then will you be ready for what the forest holds. Because it is there, my precious child, that your destiny lies.” She smiled comfortingly, her gold tooth glinting in the light of the fire.

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So I am thinking of departing with my half and half hair tomorrow and going all black for awhile. All the love and compliments I have gotten with this hair has boosted my self esteem and has made me so happy, I know you guys loved it and I did too but it’s time to move on for a bit. I really don’t want to depart with my half and half but my hair really needs a rest and if I continue to keep my half and half my roots will need to be bleached and I really do not want to do that at the moment because my hair is in bad enough condition as is. So I am probably going to go all black for awhile, let it grow out, then probably later on I will do the ends of my hair lime green with the black then in the future I will come back to my half and half. ❤️🖤

backseatpocket replied to your post “you can tell shawn has taken tips from niall in terms of how to handle…”

oh please 35+ yr old niall bringing his wife and baby on stage would KILL ME

gratitudecafe replied to your post “you can tell shawn has taken tips from niall in terms of how to handle…”

The day he brings his surprise kid/toddler/baby girl/boy on stage will be the best day of my life

picture this: it’s 2027, niall can finally grow a full beard and mustache, he’s had two additional knee surgeries but his hair is still, thankfully, thick and dark. he’s waiting for the crowd to shut up. they won’t, so he says, ‘shut up,’ and it quiets down a little bit. ‘there’s somebody i want u to meet.’ he turns, and toddling across the stage is a BABY. he has a baby? nobody even knew he was seeing anyone. wtf. ‘you said you were single,’ all the interviewers say in follow-up. ‘yeah,’ says niall. ‘i lied.’ 

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Going from ur natural color to blonde/ white is not gonna happen in one weekend unless you are ready to sacrifice ur hair. You’d have to bleach it and your hair will be like straw. Hav fun. Following trends and all.

I have naturally blonde hair so the regrowth wouldn’t be too bad & it wouldn’t bother me to have it grow out naturally. I know the texture of my hair will change so I would have to be very careful with it! I have an appointment tomorrow so i will see what my hairdresser has to say

I made the decision to grow out my hair

i need to hold myself to it because I lose resolve when I get to the awkward middle stage. But I like having medium-to-long hair and finally have overcome the “but what if I don’t pass” fear.. long hair has no gender and I can’t even tell when I’m passing to people anyway, or what ppl see me as these days. Anyway it doesn’t matter what they think I can’t wait til it grows out

happy bday to the loml

N icest

A mazing

D arling

A ngel

happy birthday nada ! i love you so much and hope your day is filled with nothing but love and happiness~ you bring me so much joy and you deserve the world honestly, please continue to be the angel that you are ! i hope even better days are ahead, and that you are surrounded by warmth, always. and did you know i’m in love with everything about you? you make me laugh and smile so much! i love talking to you and you’re so genuinely kind that it makes me warm and i’ll probably end up repeating myself but oh god i love you so much!! your eyes your hair your smile your everything….you’re just stunning i can’t believe it~~~ thank you for being such a dear friend! enjoy your year queen!

p.s. not to be gay but i would grow an entire field of flowers just for you :/



In which Lance is a diva and wont let anyone but a professional hairdresser cut his hair.

You guys!? Thank you so much for 900 followers! This is absolutely insane and wonderful <3 Have this crap as a token of my appreciation!

Still unsure about whether I prefer the idea of him dyeing it red now or using to dye it black then, but, you know… before Horikoshi gives me a definitive answer…


I’ve seen a lot of post episode 12 fanart of Yuuri and Yurio growing their hair out so naturally I had to do a ton of hairstyle doodles.

(On another note, thank you for 2000+ followers on my fanart blog *sobs*)

Bonus: the man who started this hair growing/cutting craze:

BTS Answers Fans’ Biggest Burning Questions – And RM Reveals Why He Changed His Name From Rap Monster!

It’s all about ARMY!

ET’s Denny Directo sat down with BTS on Wednesday at rehearsals for their upcoming performance at Sunday’s 2017 American Music Awards, where they spilled on love, world tour plans, new music, and answered some of their fans’ most burning questions.

From what’s on their playlist, to pet peeves, to J-Hope’s upcoming mixtape, scroll down to get all the BTS scoop!

1. What’s your favorite song right now?

SUGA: “Havana” [by Camila Cabello]!
RM: Me and J-Hope’s favorite song [is] “Gucci Gang” [by Lil Pump].
JUNGKOOK: “Perfect” [by Ed Sheeran].

2. Have you been to In-N-Out?

RM: We did like, four years ago. The first time in L.A., we just arrived in the airport and then we had to go to In-N-Out right away.

3. You guys are like brothers. Is there a habit someone has that gets on your nerves?

RM: [V] always plays games, but with the microphone. He’s always like, “Ahhhh!” or something like that.
V: “Ah!” or “Yay!” or “Wow!” or “Uh!”
RM: He really does that, and I’m sharing my room with him. Yeah, it’s annoying, so I think we got to move onto a better apartment or something.

4. Where do you see BTS in 10 years?

J-HOPE: Happy birthday, BTS!
RM: Maybe like, Bulletproof Adults or something.
JUNGKOOK: Uncle. Uncle!
V: BTS uncles!
JIN: Yeah!

5. Any plans for solo projects? What about J-Hope’s mixtape?

RM: It’s coming. It’s coming.
JIMIN: J-Hope!
J-HOPE: It’s coming home.
RM: There will be a like, huge surprise for everyone. Like, I know. It’s coming. [Jungkook] just got his studio room. He started to produce some beats, so maybe we can expect some stuff from JK.

6. If you could say anything to your younger selves, when you were just starting the group, what would it be?

RM: Please change your name! Please change your hair. Put away those sunglasses.
JH: J-Hope, you everyday awesome!

7. Why did you change your hair?

J-HOPE: I did it for AMAs! Red color, fire!
V: I’m grey hair color.
RM: He said his color just got some darker, so he did it again.

8. RM, you mentioned your name change. What does RM mean to you?

RM: [Rap Monster] came from a song that I made from like, 2012, there was some phrase like Rap Monster, and I just, I thought it was so cool. But as I grow up, and as I came to America, I think it felt like too much. So I just abbreviated it to RM, and it could symbolize many things. It could have more spectrums to it. I don’t know [what it means], like “Real Me” or something.

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