the hair dame

Frank Dicksee (1853-1928)
“The Beautiful Lady Without Pity (La Belle Dame Sans Merci)”

The painting is inspired by “La Belle Dame sans Merci,” a ballad written by the English poet John Keats, originally in 1819.


Aries - Rent || Hairspray
Taurus - Anything Goes || She Loves Me
Gemini - Hair || Big River
Cancer - The Producers || Kiss Me Kate
Leo - Pippin || The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Virgo - Les Miserables || Chicago
Libra - SpongeBob the Musical || Cats
Scorpio - Grease || 13
Sagittarius - The Color Purple || Fun Home
Capricorn - Once || Bare: A Pop Opera
Aquarius - Spring Awakening || Newsies
Pisces - Hamilton || Next to Normal

Number 20! >:D (Disney ladies at least) EDIT: Erase that! I cannot count for shit!! XD

I had actually started on Esme weeks ago, but I lost the Photoshop file. Finally felt like giving her another shot. :3

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 NON-Disney ladies:



This video is relevant to my interests for two reasons:
1.) This is ABSOLUTELY how I imagine Newt and Theseus get on, and;
2.) My Saturday Smut for tomorrow begins in the Paris Catacombs!

Also, that sound when Quasi slaps Phoebus on the back–how the hell would you describe that? Because I’ve struggled for 21 years to figure it out!

Tale as Old as Time

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Request: “ Au where Ben is Adam and Kylo is the beast from beauty and the beast???”

Summary: Ben Solo was long a well known and handsome prince, given the throne by his doting parents Han and Leia, until one fateful evening, his 22nd birthday, when an older woman casts a curse upon him. Disgusted by his new appearance and his seemingly uncontrollable rage as a result of this curse he locks himself in the castle, changing his name, insisting Prince Ben had been killed by the masked monster known as Kylo Ren. Leaving his past life behind, he joins the Dark Side, along side the First Order, as he tries to permanently erase Ben Solo from his mind. Upon imprisoning an intruder to his personal residence he receives a highly unexpected guest who tries to strike him a deal.

A/N: Have I told you guys how much I really seriously love Disney? Cause if not, let me tell you, I do. Haha, just a note for reference, in this story Ben is not force sensitive until that evening, so essentially a part of his “curse”. Also thanks to the anon who requested this! I really enjoyed writing it. Hope you like it!

The night was young, the party bustling with dignitaries and royalty alike crowded into the grand palace. Drinks of every strain were flowing, gut deep laughter echoing through the vast grand halls, lively music floating through the air as the guests swayed across the marble floors. Almost every square inch of the grand palace was illuminated with elegant and overwhelming chandeliers, or the romantic hues of candle light. It was a grand sight to see, and the perfect setting for a grand ball. The grand celebration of Prince Ben Solo and his 22nd birthday. 

Ben was quite the prince to say the least, aside from the legacy he had to live up to from his parents. He seemed to be the type of prince people only saw in their mystical fantasies. He was handsome, charming, witty and athletic. 

Aside from that however he was also the negative conotations with royalty. He was notably selfish, a little too lax about serious matters time and time again, and he was seemingly engulfed in his own world, never taking note of the struggles of those around him. Though his kingdom would never say it, they all fell somewhere between admiring him and absolutely despising that a man this irresponsible was in charge of them now.  

With his muscular bicep draped over the shoulders of some red haired dame he couldn’t recall the name of, Ben took a sip of his drink. He wasn’t sure what number it was at this point, but it was reaching a significant amount. As the girl looked up to him with glittering eyes and giggling like a child, obviously drunk, Ben smirked.

“You are certainly easy on the eyes your highness.”

“I’ve been told. You’re not too bad yourself.”

Chuckling obnoxiously the girl winced her eyes shut, as she leaned forward. Holding a hand over her heart, as if she was laughing that deeply, Ben arched a brow at her. For a moment he was suddenly regretting his decision to let her accompany him, he took another sip of his drink. Hoping to the stars that with another swig of his drink she would somehow disappear, or pass out. Suddenly in front of him a droid rolled forward.

“Sir, your presence is requested on the balcony.”

Quickly sliding out from the girls tight grip Ben sighed as he walked up closer to the droid.

“Of course, excuse me.”

Sighing with relief, Ben followed behind the droid as it whirled around the dancing feet of the hoards of guests. Running a hand through his hair, Ben weaved his way through the guests from near and far as he made his way to the grand balcony overlooking the courtyard. 

Seeing the hooded figure leaning against the balcony Ben clasped his hands behind his back as he brought himself closer. His curiosity was brewing as he tried to get a glimpse of the person or creature beneath the hood. 

“I was told you were looking for me?”

“Yes your highness, I would like to offer you a gift.”

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