the hachet


Jacky Vincent (from Falling In Reverse) interview with Rock Forever Magazine!

bisexualmomfriend  asked:

You probably wont be able to help, but... There was a book I read in middle school and it kills me that I never know what it's called. It's about kids who are on a plane and they get into this weird world where they're given houses and there's a parade? *SPOILER* In the end of the book you're told tht they've been in a plane crash but it doesn't say whether the world was a hallucination or not. I don't know how many times I've tried to google it. The title may have had the word... (pt 1)

Part 2: … “passengers” in it. I’m not sure. I wil bow to you if you know what this is. If not it’s totally cool. Thank you :D

Hey there!! First I thought it was The Hachet because I read the same book in middle school but now I have no clue haha. Sorry!!

If anyone knows what this book is or has an idea what it may be please reblog this with the title. Thanks!!