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Is there anyway to get some TanaYama headcannons

TanaYama is hot honestly~

  • Tanaka shamelessly strolling around shirtless and Yama just stares approvingly at his muscles (its canon honestly)
  • Tanaka likes to whispering “no homo” when they kiss sometimes and Yama gives him the look
  • Tanaka trying to convince Yams to get some sort of piercing or dying his hair and yams is like “I’m not cool enough” BUT HE IS COOL ENOUGH
  • Motorcycle rides, thats important, yams always wears tanakas helmet
  • Tanaka making sure Yams isn’t haven’t a bad day, and picking him up when he is (emotionally and physcially, he picks him up and places him in his lap so he can cuddle and tell him how important he is)
  • Yams is super cheesy and surprises tanaka with picnics and tanaka just goes crazy and just peppers yams face with kisses
  • Yamaguchi always wearing a sundresses and hats and tanaka is flustered af EVERY SINGLE TIME
  • they love slow and quick kisses outside the gym every morning practice
  • Tanaka hears some angelic voice coming from inside his apartment one day when he gets home and hes all like wtf is that, so he explores a bit and finds Yamaguchi in the shower singing
  • Tanaka gives Yams flowers for every single celebration, birthday, christmas, valentines day, HALLOWEEN
  • Tanaka being a huge prankster and his favorite subject to prank is hams and yams always gets super angry at him (putting ice down the back of his shirt, suddenly playing never gonna give you up, etc)

Man it is SO hard to focus on anything else these days… I just realized this mornin that goin thru Tumblr every mornin flooding my brain with all pics of muscle and bodybuilders… then I get up and make my shake and my lunch for the day and I pack my gym shorts and tank in my gym bag and I head out to the world sure yea I gotta go thru work first, and thats changed alot too, but then I get to hit the gym and its fuckin arm day!  I fuckin love arm day.  I love tearin the mucle of my biceps and feelin it stretch n grow and stretch n grow.  I look around n see other dudes muscles and I think to myself how did they get that way what did they do.  I watch a fuckton more sports now, every time I can, hockey and football, and I got some fantasy teams too, and so all I talk about at work is sports and the gym.  Eventually Ill be like this guy.  Bulked n shredded.  I got alot more work to do but Im gonna keep doin it.  I gotta do my work I gotta get more muscle I gotta lift weights.

Sometimes it surprises me how much bro I already am.

transviktor replied to your post: mom: u should come with me to the gym!!! no one’s…

the more you talk about your therapy group the more im sure NT’s shouldn’t be allowed to study psychology/psychiatry/counseling

lmao if it werent for the sake that the therapy sessions take place at a psychiatric center or whatever its called in english i woulndt even think these ppl HAVE studied psychology, the End Goal of this program is to get us into work and not actually help us with our issues, we have a “no oversharing” rule thats not even specified what it Meams but i have noticed on my one-on-one convos w my counsellor that im not allowed to talk about like……self harm and trauma and stuff so like………..Why Am I Even Here if i’m not allowed to talk about…my mental illness………….

  • they used to get really annoyed at each other when one would start doing girl group dances backstage while the other was getting his makeup done so they had to promise to wait until they could both participate
  • jungkook does girl group dances in his underwear for jimin when jimin is sad
  • jimin does girl group dances in the shower while jungkook is trying to shampoo and jungkook laughs so hard he gets shampoo in his eye
  • everyone can always hear them laughing in the shower together
  • they rarely shower apart anymore
  • jungkook started going to the gym with jimin bc he wanted to make sure jimin didnt push himself too hard
  • jimin used to complain bc he liked going to the gym alone but jungkook always makes it fun and sometimes they make out on the equipment even though they know thats gross
  • they really like buying each other snacks as surprises
  • jungkook never sleeps in his own bed bc hes always sleeping in jimins
  • jungkook thought jimin was really hot while they were shooting danger (like have you seen the behind the scenes video where he claps for jimin and hugs him after hes done filming) and jimin knew how aroused he was and kept doing stuff that he knew drove jungkook crazy and jungkook eventually had to drag him into a closet and made the mv shooting run late because of it
  • jungkook is way touchier off camera and literally everyone complains about it and tells him to get a room including jimin even though he likes it and thinks its really cute
  • jimin always wakes jungkook up in the morning with kisses
  • hobi and taehyung are fucking sick and tired of hearing jikook sing duets in their dorm room while they’re trying to sleep at night
  • they are also sick of seeing jikook huddling under a blanket with their cellphones lighting up beneath them and they’re sick of hearing them giggle
  • namjoon has seriously considered switching beds with jimin just so those two idiots can have their own room but tbh he likes basically having his own room more than he dislikes taehyung and hobi complaining about the couple being loud and annoying while theyre trying to sleep
  • how is this getting so long im sorry im still not done
  • sometimes jikook get kicked out to sleep on the couch and they usually end up staying up all night talking and cuddling and being dumb and cute
  • they cuddle in the car. always.
  • jimin really likes helping the stylists put jungkook’s makeup on and likes to help them do his hair bc jungkook gets giggly and tingly when jimin touches him so gently
  • jungkook always takes jimins phone case off to hide little slips of paper w cute drawings and messages in it
  • jimin keeps all of the notes and his favorites usually stay in his phone case and jungkook gets really happy when he sees them and knows that jimin keeps them all

The finished doodle! A few things changed from the sketch, but i might tr it again with the original expression on tony’s face, idk. ^^

I think they’re in some sort of training room/gym/workout space and Tony is at a punching bag. And both boys are amazed the other is flirting w/ them :v

I’m sure there’s a betting pool on who’s gonna ask out who first ;D 

Actual thing I just witnessed at the gym
  • Girl: *staring over in the general direction of dude*
  • Dude: *grins and dramatically flexes* you giving me a once over, trainee?
  • Girl: oh, haha, awkward. Um, no, I was checking out the girl on the treadmill behind you.
  • Dude: oh (looks behind him) You sure?
  • Girl: pretty sure.
  • Dude: well (still grinning)... I'm pretty sure she's single. I mean, ask just in case, but I think she is. (goes back to workout)
  • Girl: (laughs and goes about her thing)

People are intimidated by the gym because they aren’t sure of what to do. And THATS OKAY! But don’t be afraid to get serious help ! If your looking to see a difference. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile for YOURSELF. I’ve gone up to people in the gym who seemed unmotivated and uncertain on certain machines or maybe using it wrong. That’s what I’m here to share with the world. Health and fitness . Don’t be afraid of the gym ! Don’t fear the gym and don’t fear a challenge. Everyone can go on the Internet and look up ideas but it’s ALL ABOUT MOTIVATION , EXCITEMENT , & that EXTRA PUSH! if you can’t have fun doing it .. It won’t last. I’m willing you. I make fitness fun ! that’s what I DO! Stay posted for part 2 😍🙏🏾

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So here is the plan, and I’m posting this here so yall can yell at me and make sure im doing this because I can’t be a little bitch.

My new years resolution was to take more photos, and then to also become more fit so my esteem is better! I plan on swimming 3 days a week and doing abs three days a week (same day as swimming) and then i will do other workout stuff twice a week. I plan on getting to below 8% or so body fat and get more muscle and then I will be content. I also plan on trying to eat more healthy as well and just being an overall better human being with this stuff. I plan on starting this week or next week if the gym place is annoying me. But i want to have a goal to see difference by the end of February.

SO I want to make sure that happens and idk yeah thats my current life goal lol.