the guys move and look around when they speak

Confessions in Jamaica (h.s.)

so my friend, @dunkirkc had requested this so long ago but i’ve been so busy writing other stuff but i’ve finally pushed myself to finish writing this. i’ve also been super busy with school ugh. the next writing i’ll be posting soon is the part 2 of Forbidden. hope you like this xx 

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i love how he jams out to his own music. precious baby he is. 

You were on your way to the studio straight from the airport in London. You anxiously tap your foot against the floor of the car, the cab driver honking at other cars through the crowded traffic. 

It was pouring outside, the same old gloomy and cold weather in London. You remember it exactly how the last time you came. 

You stomach swirled in nervousness and excitement when you got closer and closer to the building. 

You were on your way to see one of your closet friends, Harry, who you missed dearly and have known for about three years now. He had no idea you were coming. He thought you were still back in your home town on the other side of the ocean when he talked to you on the phone earlier. He kept mentioning how he wanted to fly out to see you before he left for two months to work on his album, hidden away from the world. 

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Notes- Tate is upset with Violet and you comfort him. You both realize that you share feelings for each other. Fluffy, there’s a cute kiss and cuddles. There’s like two curse words because it’s Tate. 

Words- 842

Requested By-  @justagirlwithblog

“I can’t take this,” Tate yelled as he stomped up the staircase. You had just gotten home from college that day. It hadn’t been that long ago since you bought the notorious so called “murder house”. You had just turned nineteen and had to get away from where you were. Your parents had died in an awful accident and you were left with all of their things. You pack some up and sold the rest which gave you the amount needed to buy your current home. Most nights you weren’t studying, you had to work until at least midnight to make sure you could keep up with the money needed to take care of your home. It was a good thing you didn’t have work tonight, seeing as how Tate is acting.

You threw your bag down on the floor racing up the stairs and calling out his name. A door into one of the rooms was suddenly slammed shut. You walked over to it and carefully opened  the door. No one appeared to be in the room, yet you could feel the ghost boy’s presence. “Tate, if you want to talk about this we can. I’m here for you,” you softly said aloud. Tate appeared in front of you. He looked angry and completely overwhelmed with emotion.  “What’s wrong,” you tentatively asked.

“She won’t stop being a bitch. Every time I try to do anything she just pisses me off or makes me feel like shit.”

“I’m assuming you’re talking about Violet.”

“She just treats me like I’m God awful and acts like I don’t already know that.”

Tate’s voice quivered as the sentence left his lips. He sat down on the ground and drew his knees to his chest. You could hear him start to cry and sat down next to him. “Tate, from what you’ve been like for the short time I’ve lived here you haven’t seemed like a bad guy.” Tate still sat there crying and didn’t even look at you like he normally does when you speak. 

You placed your hand on his back and started to rub up and down his spine. If he wouldn’t listen to words right now you’d just show him comfort instead. He moved closer to you and looked up at you before he wrapped his arms around you. Tate buried his face in your chest and continued crying. You played with his hair and waited for him to calm down enough to talk again. “You really don’t think I’m horrible,” Tate asked as he wiped his nose off.

“Why would I? You always let me vent to you and try to help me study and cheer me up.”

“You don’t know much about me though.”

“I don’t need to,” you said,”I only care about how you act now.”

Tate sat in front of you and looked you up in down. It was almost as if he was studying you and stopped to take in your eyes. Your eyes didn’t compare to his deep brown ones. They were beautifully dark and full of emotions. His hands slowly moved to yours and he gave you a glance as if asking to hold them. You nodded your head and he wrapped his hands around yours. “Maybe instead of worrying about Violet, I should worry about you,” Tate said.

You could feel the heat rising to your cheeks and you looked down at the floor. Tate pulled you into his lap and caressed your face as he placed his lips on yours. The kiss was soft and tender, which you didn’t expect from the usually snarky boy. You could feel your body give into him as you let out a low moan and parted your lips. His tongue found it’s way around your mouth leaving you to do the same to his. You parted so you could take in breath and Tate pulled you against his chest. 

“ I want you to be mine and I don’t know for sure if you feel the same way, but gauging by that kiss I’d say that answer is in my favor,” Tate said.

“Yeah, I do,” you answered back.

“Can we hangout for the rest of night,” Tate questioned.

“Of course, but let’s go lay on the couch and watch tv or something.”


With that, you both walked downstairs and took your places on the big, comfy couch. Tate laid down in front of you. Your body shaped around his and he pulled your arm over his side. He played with your fingers as you watched the television. He rolled over to face you and placed a lingering kiss on your forehead. 

You could feel yourself getting sleepy and cuddle as close as you could against Tate. As you began to fall asleep you could feel Tate lift you up. He carried you to your bed and laid down next to you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped his around your waist as you feel asleep with him carefully watching over you.

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Bad Meets Evil ~ Void smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Void Stiles


Word Count: 3794

Synopsis: You are on a mission of sorts when you cross paths with Void Stiles

A/N: I’m sorry this is so full of smut I needed to do a Void smut. There’s some Latin in this, because I love me some google translate. If you’re like me and like to listen to music while reading, I highly suggest anything by Massive Attack, it just fits so well with this. Enjoy the trash ya heathens 

WARNING: This is the first time I’m putting a warning on my smut. This gets kind of intense. A little choking, definitely spanking, hair pulling, rough fingering and penetration. I’m sorry if I haven’t done the warnings quite right but if any of this makes you uncomfortable DON’T READ IT!

When vengeance takes over your life, it’s hard to think about much else. Most people my age would be having fun in their freshman year of college. Going to parties, dating, being your normal youth of today. But my life is not like the average nineteen or twenty year old. It never has been and somehow, I’m completely okay with that. Right now my focus is on one thing, well, one person. I came to Beacon Hills to kill Peter Hale, to make sure he suffers until his last dying breath. He has no idea. Why would he?

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Jealousy Doesn’t Match Your Suit

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“Would you mind writing a UNCLE imagine? Where the reader and solo are undercover as a rich engaged couple and Illya’s cover is their butler or something and he gets jealous of solo and the reader because he and the reader have a thing for each other and the reader knows it’s making Illya jealous so she’s laying it on thick with solo, so Illya sneaks into her room late one night and they kinda fight at first but then end up all fluffy and at the end Illya is like “your mine"and then solo walks in”

Warnings: Fluff, kinda sexual scene I guess

Note: woooo! first man from uncle imagine (hopefully the first of many more *hint hint*) hope you all like it :D

“That dress looks…” 

“Spit it out Solo.” You huff in annoyance.

“Hideous.” He finishes and you roll your eyes as you look at it in the mirror. 

“Well what do you have in mind?” You ask sarcastically.

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(notes! Almost done with seventeen! Whoop whoop! Request please!)

•Okay so this is the one that is that one day, for 24 hours you switch bodies with your soulmate
•you never know what day, it happens randomly

•okay so you’re literally terrified of switching bodies one day
•the day your grandma told you about her experience, how when she was thirteen she woke up in a prison cell
•that she never tried to meet her soulmate because he was years older then her, and a murder
•and she was told when she had tried to reach out to him, years later, had Killed himself
•you sobbed to say the least
•what if you got stuck, in your soulmates body
•or if he did something terrible in your body
•what if your soulmate had just murdered somebody???
•in order to fight this dumb fear, but somehow valid fear
•you learned a bunch of skills
•learning Korean, Chinese, cooking, karate
•when you mastered something, you moved on
•you took singing classes too, but in your words, ‘the guy looks like he’d slice my throats if I sang the wrong note’
•but you’re thirteen, and your voice is pretty scratchy and breaks
•so you’re just like ????
•what else is he expecting???

•the fear gets better as you age
•but you still feel a little strange
•and you never know when it’ll happen
•or what language they speak
•so you’re learning a few more
•and you have post it notes stuck around your house in the languages you do speak
•little notes next to the bed, saying your name, age, and preferred pronouns
•notes in the kitchen saying what to eat, if you’re on diet
•and directions to where you work
•and where you go to school
•and emergency phone numbers in case something happens
•your friends all like to make fun of the neon post it notes strung around your apartment
•but you shrug the jokes aside
•"better safe than sorry"

•so one day as you’re walking back from your part time job
•you feel off somehow
•like you’re on auto pilot
•as if someone else is controlling your body
•shaking it off as tiredness
•you hurry to get home, and sleep
•once you get inside and lock the door behind you
•you hurry up and eat dinner
•and go into the bedroom
•throwing yourself on the bed
•feeling yourself drift off, you curled yourself up under the blanket

•sitting up as you hear a bunch of movement around
•someone whined
•making you realize 'oh shit’
•throwing your legs over the side of the bed
•you sat up, looking around at your surroundings
•there was another boy on next to you on the bed and two talking in the doorway
•you asked the boys, hoping that they spoke one of the languages you did
•"hyung is speaking English?“
•the boy from the hallway questioned
•so it was Korean, and luckily you did speak it
•and there were Korean post it notes hung around the house
•so he should be fine
•standing up, you walked to where a bunch of other males were fooling around
•"wow! Hyung is actually up”
•there was sounds of teasing
•but you were only slightly amused
•since you were in a whole other country!!
•"uhhh I’m not your hyung.“
•you spoke slowly, not used to this voice
•"yeah right”
•a boy with black hair said, with very muscular thighs said
•shaking your head at his response
•"I’m really not, my name is y/n, I’m twenty one years old.“
•you told the seven males in the room (not counting yourself)
•causing them to laugh at your apparently funny joke
•"if you guys laugh one more time, I’m going to go explore wherever this is by myself, exactly how I am now”
•you said in English, kind of angry at the males
•making two of the males in the kitchen stare out you with wide eyes
•looking at the two of them with your eyebrows raised at them
•"I guess you’re not jeonghan.“
•a boy with kind eyes smiled at you
•causing you to smile at him
•waving at the other males, now that you’ve got two of them to believe you
•the boy kind eyes explain the situation
•"I’m Joshua.”
•kind eyes greeted, waving
•"that’s seungcheol, hoshi, jun, Minghao, mingyu, and wonwoo,“
•"the one sleeping in the room, was jihoon, chan and seungkwan were in the doorway. There one more called dokyeom”
•Joshua said pointing at the males
•waving to the males
•you asked what they were doing at the table and what jeonghan usually does
•they laughed when you asked at that
•Minghao said, still laughing

•one by one the males left the apartment
•leaving you and jihoon left
•by your count, you had roughly seven hours left
•having slept most of the day
•you were no longer tired
•and jihoon was in the bathroom now
•walking to the bedroom, you looked for some paper, and a writing utensil
•writing your social media on the paper so he could contact you when this was over
•sitting on the bed, you waited for jihoon to get out of the bathroom
•looking at the beige walls
•which had framed pictures on them, most being with the boys you met today
•hearing jihoon’s footsteps coming out
•you asked him if there was a gym, or a library nearby
•making him raise an eyebrow at you but nodded nonetheless
•standing up, you walked out of the room
•and put on a pair of sneakers that he had thankfully
•according to Seungcheol and Joshua
•your soulmate was lazy and mischievous
•he was in good shape so you figured he went to the gym
•your thoughts had been proven true when you looked through his wallet to find a membership card
•the green haired male put on his shoes and lead you out of the apartment
•you were told not to leave unless you were with someone
•when you arrived at the gym, you waved to jihoon and thanked him for bringing you here
•he smiled and waved, leaving you there
•you walked up to the desk, and showed her the membership
•and then you worked out, hoping that would tire you out
•because you really did not want to be awake while the switch happened
• working out for two and a half hours
•you decided you were finished
•walking into the locker room
•trying to figure if you should shower or if you should stay sweaty
•taking a really quick shower should be fine you decided
•standing in the shower, feeling the drops of water trail down your, jeonhan’s body you showered
•when you finished, your shower you dressed back in his clothes
•leaving the gym, you tried to remember the way to his house
•luckily you weren’t too far away and made it
•you had been at the gym for three hours
•you only had four hours left
•so you decided to clean up
•mopping, sweeping, dusting
•not in that order
•you cleaned the whole apartment
•going to the kitchen, you looked around to see what he had
•quickly making some pancakes, leaving some in a plastic container
•putting the extra in the fridge
•walking to the couch, you eat the pancakes while watching tv
•on tv was a show called produce 101
•getting caught into the show, crying when some of the boys cried
•when the episode finished, you put the plate in the sink and washed it, along with the others
•trudging to the bed, you pulled his sweaty gross pants off and threw it into the hamper
•taking off the shirt too and doing the same
•you curled up with the blanket
•falling into a deep sleep quickly

•when you woke up, you quickly sat up
•patting your body, you made sure it was you
•not the male from yesterday
•letting out a sigh of relief when you realized it was in fact your body
•laying back down, you turned to your side
•noticing a neon pink post it next to your yellow ones
•'hello! I’m jeonghan, your soulmate~ thank you for leaving notes~ it helped a lot! Tweet me cutie!’
•under that was a twitter handle
•giggling at his way of writing
•you went back to sleep
•dreaming of the boy with long hair
•playing pranks and cuddling together

•"it’s not fair how pretty you guys are!”
•"shut up seungkwan!“

Plush Heart

(Eeeeyyyy it not Robbie’s Awakening but what should be a one shot unless I wanna write more):

At first, Sean had never been one to play with or even necessarily like dolls, plush, glass or anything. He didn’t like the way they looked, always staring, unblinking with stitched smiles and held together poses. He hated how they looked human yet were so far from the flesh and blood they were made of.

So when his mother gave him a whole box of them, he didn’t know what he was going to do with them. Especially when he found out that they looked eerily similar to him. His mother had told him that she found them at the store while shopping and had gotten them for him because of their similarities.

Sean didn’t like that.

But, he still accepted them and decided to try and give them a chance. Wary and suspicious as he may be.

The first one he pulled out is soft and a plush and wears a blue jacket with a white undershirt and a pair of flamingo covered shorts. Which he found utterly ridiculous. Who would want to wear something like that? The doll’s eyes are a light blue just like his and there is a brown facial hair around its mouth. And, Sean actually quite likes its hair. It’s hair is a light green and he instantly wants his to be just like it. And it’s at this moment that he notices the word stitched out across the shirt which reads: “Jack”. He likes that name. Maybe he’ll name this doll Jack. He also likes how it comes with two more pairs of clothing which he uses as soon as he sees them, ripping the ugly shorts off to replace them with a pair of black jeans. Once that’s done, he sets the doll he’s going to call Jack aside.

The next one he pulls out he has to laugh at. It’s not made of the same material to Jack in the slightest- it seems to be made of glass or ceramic yet still be able to move. It’s glossy surface gleams in the natural light pouring in through his windows and he looks it up and down. This one has a white at mask on and a wide smile. It too has green hair, but this ones is a darker and more solid shade. It wears a blue shirt and black jeans but the only piece of clothing Sean can actually move on it is the long black cape hanging from it’s shoulders. He likes it. It reminds him of a magician, almost.

He sets the magician beside Jack, not yet knowing what to call it.

He grabs one that feels of plastic this time and pulls it out, finding this one to be more of an action figure than the last two dolls. This doll has a cool hat sat upon his head and is holding a small nerf gun in one of his hands, currently angered to be positioned over his chest. He has a large grin on his face. His clothes, a grey t shirt and black jeans, are just like the last one’s- unable to to be removed. His limbs and head can be twisted or angled however Sean pleases, however.

He places this one, having no idea what to name him yet, in the middle of the magician and the one called Jack.

There’s three more dolls left in the box and the one he grabs next is another plush- though it’s not as loosely stuffed as Jack. It’s stuffing is much more firm. Sean smiles when he sees the cool outfit this newest doll is wearing: a red onesie with a hood and everything as well as a cool blue mask that covers his eyes. He even has green hair just like the rest. Though, like the action figure’s, his green is more faded and dull.

With the thoughts of superheroes in his mind, Sean places the red plush beside Jack and reaches in to grab the next doll.

This one is also plastic but as Sean pulls it out he doesn’t think he could call it an action figure. It looks more like one of those glass dolls you place in a safe cabinet for viewing pleasure just made out of the flimsier substance. This one is wearing a long and white lab coat and a blue undershirt and Sean is instantly reminded of doctor’s. It even has on the blue cap and face mask with a stethoscope around its neck. It’s hair is a mix of the two shades of green he’s seen thus far- not being to dull yet not being too deep.

He places the doctor by the hero and reaches in for the last doll.

This last one is like a plush but it’s stuffing is thin. It’s fabric is rough as well and Sean does not like how it looks at all as soon as he pulls it out.

It’s appearance is too similar to the voodoo doll pictures Sean has seen rarely. It sends shivers down his spine as he takes in its black button eyes, it’s stitched up smile and thin neck. It’s head droops because the neck is so thin and Sean can just make out more stitches in the center of its neck, almost like it had been cut there. It has on a black t shirt and black ripped jeans but he thinks they’re supposed to be like that. It’s hair is the deepest and darkest shade of green he’d seen this entire time.

Sean does not like this doll in the slightest. And as he stares at it he only wants to call it one thing: “Anti.” And so, that becomes its name. He none too gently tosses Anti to the ground as though it had begun to burn his hands. It continues to smile up at him. He feels repulsed.

He looks to the rest of the dolls he’d gotten today and smiles, liking them much more than the Anti doll. He gathers them up in his arms and begins to carry them, deciding to take them to his room. He could get Anti later.

But when he steps into his room and looks down to set the dolls he’d been carrying onto his desk, he began to feel as though he was being watched. His head snapped up and he turned quickly, gasping when his eyes landed on the Anti doll he thought he’d left in the other room sitting on his bed, head leaned against the wall and that gross smile only seeming to be larger than before.

Sean ran over and grabbed the doll before throwing it back out of the room, quickly slamming the door. No way is he letting that thing stay in here after that.

If only he could have kept it out.

There are things he began to realize each day as he played with each doll. The magician could actually disappear from the place he left it only to reappear in the same spot later in the day, the action figure can actually shoot nerf darts, he could remove the lab coat from the doctor and the hero can move on its own when he’s not looking.

And Anti will appear in random places in house, smiling up creepily at him. He had even once found it with a large knife from the kitchen.

He really didn’t like the Anti doll.

His favorite still had to be Jack. He loves the name Jack and has begun to want it to become his actual name. Who would want to be stuck with the boring name Sean when you could have an awesome name like Jack? Also, the Jack doll never seems to move unlike the rest of them. He likes this fact.

Each day he will come up with new names for each of the dolls. One day his father took him to see a magician perform and Sean fell in love with the magic tricks including the name of said magician: Marvin the Magician. Inspired, he named the ceramic doll with the black cape and cat mask Marvin and in his little toy adventures he’d always make it where Marvin saves the others with his amazing magical feats.

“Your name is gonna be Marvin the Magnificent!” He informed the ceramic doll, straightening his cape out. “You can do all kinds of cool spells and stuff!”

Marvin stopped disappearing as much as soon as he named it. Maybe to keep the dolls from moving he had to name them.

Well, aside from Anti. But Anti is different.

One day as he’s playing with his dolls, this time all of them, even Marvin have fallen into danger, Sean remembers that one of them is a hero. He lifts the doll dressed in red and grins, egging an idea for a name from Jack.

“You’re gonna be called Jackieboy Man, best hero in the world!” Sean declared, and uses Jackieboy Man to run forward and save the other dolls.

Jackieboy stopped moving too, now. The names really do seem to please them.

Up next is the cool action figure with the nerf gun. One day as Sean is running from his brother he recalls how this little “game” is called chase. Loving the sound of that he goes back to the action figure and picks it up, looking it in the eyes and informs: “You’re gonna be called Chase, the coolest dude around! You can shoot all the bad guys in the face with your rad gun!”

Now Chase isn’t moving or shooting randomly as much. Just one more to go.

This last one is a hard one for Sean to name. It’s a doctor that he normally gives a German accent but he doesn’t really know any German words. He knows French but that’s only because his mom speaks it sometimes when they’re playing around. He doesn’t know what to name it for the longest time until one day as he’s watching TV he hears a funny word he believes is German:


Thinking it’s funny but having no idea what it means, he adapts a funny name from it: Schneeple. At first it is only Schneeple until he decides to add stein at the end to make the doctor sound more professional.

“You’re gonna be called Doctor Schneeplestein, better known as the best doctor in the world!” Sean told the doll as he pulls its lab coat back on. “None of your patients ever die cause you always save them!”

After that none of his dolls move. They all stand still how he leaves them until he plays with them and that makes him happy.

Well, all of them but Anti no longer move. No matter what Sean tries, Anti always seems to end up back in his room. He’s tried throwing Anti away, leaving him at school, and even tried burning him in a fire.

The doll simply hadn’t caught fire when he tried. He’d thrown it into the fire place when there were lit flames, but they didn’t seem to touch it. It just continued to stare out at him throw the flames, the terrifying smile still in place.

He never did play with Anti.

He has a best friend named Mark who also has similar dolls to him. The dolls Mark has all have similar features to their owners with slight changes. They always discuss the strangeness of the dolls. Sean even tells Mark how to get them to stop moving. Mark comes the next day and tells him that naming the dolls worked, none of his but Dark or Wilford move anymore.

Sometimes, Sean and Mark play with each other’s dolls. In this little game both Dr. Iplier and Dr. Schneeplestein are trying to help the one doll called the Host with his eyes which always seem to go missing.

“Hey, Sean,” Mark said randomly, breaking out of character. Sean pauses in his terrible German scent and looks up at his friend questioningly. “I made you something. Let me go get it.”

Mark sets Dr. Iplier down and stands, disappearing into his room. Sean stays sitting on the floor to wait, glancing over at Mark’s doll called Dark who is still staring at him. The Dark doll gives off the same scary vibes that the Anti doll does and Sean doesn’t like it one bit.

Mark returns a moment later holding another doll in his hands and Sean gasps. He can tell his friend had made it because of its poorer quality of stitching but he’s already falling in love with it because his friend had made it for him.

“I was out of green hair like the rest of your dolls so I just used purple,” Mark told him as he hands him the slightly torn and bent homemade plushie. Sean takes it into his own hands and looks it over. It does indeed have purple hair. It also has large and white eyes and almost grey skin with a black and white striped shirt. The black jeans it wears are similar to Anti’s, torn but Sean thinks they’re supposed to be like that.

“I love it, Mark!” Sean exclaimed and stands up to give his friend a hug. As he pulls the homemade plush back he notices that an arm had come off. Mark runs from the room and returns with a sewing kit. “He can be a zombie!” He exclaimed his idea. “He does fall apart like one! Yeah, I’ll call him Robbie the Zombie! You know, like the singer?”

“Awesome, dude!” Mark said with a grin and hurriedly sews the plush’s arm back on. He doesn’t do too good of a job and so the arm still hangs a little. “I’m so happy you like it!”

Sean takes Robbie home with the rest of his plushies that day.

His collection of dolls is quite large for a little boy’s. Most of the other boys he knows at his age only have action figures because any other kinds are “too girly”.

Sean doesn’t care. He loves his dolls.

Well, all of them except for Anti.

That one can get torn apart for all he cares.

So yeah, @sweetapple01 here’s the fic that’s based off of your doll idea. I hope this is what you were wanting ^~^

So uh,,, @noxatn and @richietoaster were talking about this prompt for love sick Richie (I’m gonna write another part too, one about how he was before him and Eddie got together) and I made am attempt at writing it for them, so uh, hope it’s not awful. Basically it’s just fluffy, sentimental reddie so like, hope it doesn’t suck.


Pairing: Reddie

Word count: 680

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Reaction to You Having a Past Violent Relationship and Sometimes Flinching Away From Their Touch. . .

A/N this is a sensitive topic and I know some people will feel offended or hurt, but this could also help someone feel better about their situation. If this may upset you, please do NOT read further! I wish every one love, comfort and happiness.

Kai ~


Namjoon would be cautious whenever he would touch you. However he would make it his mission to get to the point where you would become so accustomed with his touch that you would never flinch from his touch or be slightly frightened when he suddenly touched you. He would never push you because he wouldn’t want you to be scared of him. He would also speak to the other members about your sensitivity to touch and would make sure they know to be cautious around you whenever you went visit them at the dorm. However he wouldn’t give them the details about it for your own privacy. He would be very protective of you and would hold you close to him, by the waist, when you guys are out in public.

*gently intertwines his fingers with yours and looks to you to see your reaction*

“This okay baby?”

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He would move slowly with you. He would always make sure you were comfortable with what he would do. If he saw fear in your eyes or you slightly flinch, he would retreat his touch and make sure he reminds you that he would never lay his hands on you like that. He would then probably continue to pull you into a hug gently or lightly kiss your cheek. He would watch you closely with the other members and make sure you are comfortable at all times. If he sensed you were uncomfortable he would move you guys into his room or tell the guys to settle down more.

“I love you and would never hurt you. You know that right?”

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Amazingly, with his persistence and patience, you were already comfortable with physical contact with him. It took a long time for him to get you completely comfortable with him and to never flinch when he would touch you, but you still had a hard time with other people, especially with men who reminded you of your ex (even being in their presence would upset you). So while waiting for him backstage after BTS’ performance, when you saw a man who looked distinctly like your ex, you froze up while your heartbeat sped up. When he came back, seeing the state you were in (pure panic) he pull you close to him, blocking the man out of your view and whisper in your ear.

“You’re okay. Just breath in and out. Just listen to my voice baby. Just listen to my voice.”


He would treat you normally, knowing that eventually you would get used to his touch. He wouldn’t push you though, he knew his boundaries and would never go past them. He would be so in touch with your moods and emotions that he would know when and when not to touch you. However, he is protective of you and wouldn’t let anyone get too close to you in public, and he would remind the other members to be aware of your discomfort with touch.

*holds your hand without warning and smiles to you

“I love yooouuuu~ And you love meeeeee Jagi~!”

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This boy is practically your personal guard dog. He made sure that even his band members wouldn’t get too touchy with you. Whether it was a hand on your shoulder or a friendly arm around your shoulders. He would force you to show him a picture of your ex so he would know what he looked like, from then on, he would keep an eye out for anyone who looked even slightly like him. If there was someone who looked like him he would make sure to distract you and keep you from looking in that direction. If anyone did get too close to you he would call you over to him, pull you over to him or put himself between you two and simply smile down at you with his award winning smile.

“Jagiiiiii~ look at meee~ am I cute?”

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He would never push you, and was very cautious with you. He would never take your hand of put his hands on you unless you gave him permission. Even if you told him were already comfortable with his touch, he would still ask for your permission to touch you. The only time he wouldn’t ask is if you guys were out in public, or he could see you were nervous about something. Afterwards he would apologize for holding your hand or touching you without asking first.

“Ah, sorry, you just looked uncomfortable. Are you okay? I didn’t startle you too much, did I?”

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This scared little bunny would not touch you. He would be too terrified. He would be too scared that he would scare you, and that would be the last thing he would want. For you to be scared of him. However, he would be patient and you would be patient with him, and over time you would eventually become accustomed with his touch and he would notice. As soon as he notices you are comfortable with his touch, he would always have you close to him ready to protect you from anything that would seem harmful to you in his eyes, even if you had no problem with it.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe with me Y/N.”

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{Hope this is what you wanted Anon! Keep the requests coming in!

Kai~ }

Concussion (PT Diaries, Episode 16)

Requested by anon: Would you please do a PT diaries where you make an unpopular decision and pull Crosby out of a crucial game because of an injury he gets in the game. He and some of the team are pissed, but Geno stands up for her and tries to comfort her when she gets upset at the team’s over reaction when she was only trying to protect Sidney’s health.

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about it. I hope you like it though.

Word count: 998

Warnings: Angst (just a lil)

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“No Sidney, you can’t go back.” I say, turning the small flashlight off.

First game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and of course Sidney Crosby has to be checked head-first against a wall. Dr. Wright has done a concussion exam as soon as the Captain left the ice, but he wanted my opinion on the matter too, and my answer was no. Sidney has had many concussions in the past, way too many for me to just let him get on the ice again before getting a CT scan to check that everything is in order.

“But (y/n) –” Sidney starts to complain, but I stop him quickly.

“Sidney, this is serious.” I tell him, sitting next to him on the stretcher. “You cannot afford to play with a concussion. A bad hit would end your career… and that would be the best scenario.”

“But it’s the Playo –” He starts again, but I cut him out just as fast.

“I’m sorry, Sid. I’m not going to clear you out.” They are my final words, nothing is going to make me change my mind. “I’ll call the hospital. They are going to be waiting for you.”

Sidney sighs and lowers his head, defeated. I know that some people are not going to be happy about my decision, but I can’t risk it, I care more about the players’ health than I do about the Stanley Cup.

“Have Coach tell the team.” Sid says suddenly, holding himself on my shoulder to get up. “They are gonna want your head and you are just doing your job.”

“I’ll tell them.” I say, shaking my head. “It’s my choice and I stand by it.”


“Where is Sidney?” Matt Cullen asks as I walk in the room. The first period is over and we are down by two goals.

“On his way to the hospital.” I say, leaning against the wall, looking around at the guys.

“But Coach said that the doctor cleared him out.” Phil yells from across the room and I chew my bottom lip for a second.

“Dr. Wright did the concussion examination and determined that Sid didn’t show any symptoms of having a concussion –” I explain. “But I sent him to the hospital to get checked out.”

I’ve known the guys for a while now, I know the way they move, what are their weak spots and also when they are mad, and most of them are really mad right now.

“You did what?” Phil is the first one to speak, but I know that he won’t be the only one to do it. “This isn’t a regular game, (y/n). This is a Playoffs game.”

“We need our top scorer.” Justin Schultz says and I run my fingers through my hair. “You don’t get it, we need him.”

“If we lose tonight it will be your fault.” I don’t even know who says it, but his words go right where it hurts the most.

I don’t want to make Playoffs more difficult for the team, I really want them to win the Cup. I know how much they have worked to get here, I was there to see it, but Sidney’s health matters to me more than a spot on the Cup, so I stand my ground and swallow my tears before they even begin to form. I’m about to defend my choice when someone starts talking.

“Hey, hey.” Geno says, standing up and walking to the middle of the room. “It’s not her fault. We have win for Sid.”

“Geno, stop defending her.” I hear another voice, but my brain forces itself to not recognize it. It just hurts less that way. “If we lose it’s because she sent our best player to the hospital when he was fine.”

“If you don’t shut up, you’ll be with Sid in the hospital.” Geno’s voice is low and raspy, and no one says anything else.


I sit on the stretcher swinging my legs back and forth, deep in thought. I never went back to the ice to watch the game, but by the screams of the crowd I can tell that Geno and the others turned the game around, winning on overtime. I’ve always taken pride on standing by actions, owning my mistakes, but I really think that what I did was the right thing to do; which doesn’t stop me from being upset about how the guys reacted. I’m so deep inside my head that I don’t realize that someone has come in the room until he shakes me by the shoulder.

“You good?” Geno asks, sitting next to me on the stretcher.

“I guess.” I say, not taking my eyes off my shoes. “Tell the guys that I say congrats on the win.”

“You tell they.” He says, his grammar making me chuckle slightly. I’ve always found those small mistakes adorable.

“I think that they are not too happy with me right now.” I shrug it off and he sighs.

“They love you, (y/n).” The way my name plays on his lips make me shiver. “They feel bad.”

It’s probably true, we all say things that we don’t think when we are angry or frustrated and we just need to pour that anger onto someone, so I nod quietly, accepting the ‘apology’.

“Is Sid good?” His next question surprises me, making me look up at his face. He seems genuinely concerned about his Captain.

“I think so, yeah.” I say. “He has had so many concussions… I just needed to know everything was fine. A bad hit and he could be done with hockey for good.”

Geno nods, but doesn’t say anything. He seems to be thinking about what I’ve just said, so we sit on the stretcher in a comfortable silence. He has just been cleared out to play after what it felt like an eternity.

“(y/n).” He says and I look at him again. “Thanks for take care of us.”

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HELLO I'D LIKE TO PITCH A STOZIER IDEA. it's not good or anything but imagine ; stan works at a bookstore and richie comes in to look for a book for bens birthday, he's obvs completely out of his element and he's rly loud bc he's talking to himself (the adhd ya feel) and stan is just like can i help you, and richie falls in love with stan bc boi is he blunt and he comes back every single day to see him


  • Stan works in the bookstore and he loves it. He loves the atmosphere, the smell of new books surrounding him and the fact that he can organize everything the way he wants (his boss let him do whatever he wishes to, when he saw that Stan’s ideas brought more income). This is basically his small heaven.
  • The only thing he doesn’t like about it are customers. Most often they’re loud, they leave mess and they are rude and obnoxious. There are also really nice people, quiet, the ones that respect workers. And there is third group, people that don’t really fit into stereotypes mentioned before. 
  • And one of them enters the shop that one summer day and brings with him the “pinch” of chaos that this very moment makes Stan’s brows furrow. His bird sense tingles so he decides to watch the guy.
  • He looks lost. Yes, that is the best word to describe it and it makes Stan chuckle inside. When the door closes behind, he just looks around him, trying to figure out where exactly he should move. He runs fingers through his thick curls and lets out loud groan earning few looks from people around him. 
  • Stan wonders for a moment if he should approach him or let him be, but the longer he observes him the more he feels that this guy needs help. He moves from behind the counter and wearing his special smile, he asks “how can I help you, sir?”
  • The guy, who is now busy reading book titles out loud and speaking to himself things like “no, it’s not it”, “maybe this one?” etc, jumps startled and quickly turns around to face Stan. As soon as his eyes lays on him, he freezes with his mouth open.
  • Stan is wondering if his eyes are this big because of the situation or if it’s just his glasses.
  • The whole situation is uncomfortably funny for Stan. Time passes by and no one says anything. For a moment he’s afraid he broke this guy with this stupid question. He clears his throat and repeats his words, trying not to think about the way this guy is looking at him. 
  • This seems to bring back life into this customer, as he quickly moves his eyes away and says “yeah, sure, I think so.”
  • “What are you looking for?”
  • “Ummm, a book.”
  • “So you’re in the right place, this is bookstore.” Stan couldn’t help himself but be a little mean. This customer doesn’t look like one easily offended and he proves this when a wide smile grows on his face and pats his face with his palm.
  • “Right, sorry. It’s my friends birthday today and I, of course, left the shopping for the last minute.” he says, looking sheepishly at Stan, making his heart melt a little. 
  • “Do not worry, my friend. Tell me something, what does he like? I’m sure I will be able to help you choose.” he says, smiling softly. 
  • “Um, he likes…books.” Is all he receives as an answer and now he can’t control the small laughter that escapes his mouth. 
  • “Aw fuck, I did it again!” the customer says laughing as well. Then he quickly remembers that his friend (Ben is the name he mentions) told him about few titles about DIY he would love to have in his collection.
  • Stan guides him to the right section in the store and shows him those. The guy chooses two of them and can’t stop thanking him on their way to the check out. 
  • After Stan gave him his change and receipt, the customer looks at him with his big eyes and suddenly asks “If I come here next time, will I find you in the art books section?”
  • This time it’s Stan’s turn to feel broken. He doesn’t know how to react and before he manages to do anything else than raise his eyebrows, the guy is gone.
  • Fast forward to the next day, Stan still remembers this weird guy and he find those memories really pleasant. They make him smile and that feels good. About half an hour before the shop closes he hears the bell, meaning someone enters and he sees familiar mess of dark locks.
  • The guy looks around, clearly less lost than the day before and the moment he notices Stan he smiles widely and comes to him. “He really liked them” he says. Stan has never had the situation when the customer came back to thank him, so he just answers “I’m glad.” and kind of wants to go back to his duties.
  • “I’m Richie, by the way. Richie Tozier.” the guy follows him and Stan has no other option than to answer “I’m Stan.” 
  • “Thank you so much again, Stan. See you!” and just like that the guy is gone. Stan can’t really comprehend what the hell has just happened, but decides to brush it off.
  • But the next day he sees him again. He stepped by looking for a good horror story and Stan recommends him the new book by aspiring author Bill Denbrough. 
  • They engage into a small talk and Stan feels uneasy with the way he enjoys hearing Richie’s voice, even when he throws not funny jokes, and tries not to look too long into Richie’s eyes when he takes his glasses off finally showing how beautiful they are.
  • The next day, fourth as Stan counted, Richie enters the shop and looks nervous. His hands tremble slightly so he hides them in his pockets and when he says “hi” his voice cracks. Stan wonders for a moment if he should ask if everything is okay, but before he can open his mouth he hears one word.
  • “Coffee?”
  • He doesn’t know how to treat this, and how to respond. The first thing that comes to his mind is to just ask “A book? A book about coffee?” and so he does. Richie who up to this moment seemed like he was about to faint any second, lets out heavy breath and smiles weakly. “Yes.” he says and in no time he’s back onto his usual tittle-tattle.
  • Stan really feels the weird tension between them this day. He isn’t stupid, he knows what this “coffee” was supposed to mean. It has just happened so fast he was stunned. After this no moment feels okay to bring back the topic so they just move to the check out. Richie seems like he wants to say something, but just looks at his feet and says quick “bye”.
  • On the fifth day Stan catches himself on looking through the window, searching for the familiar locks. He worries that Richie won’t come back and is not happy about the way it makes him feel. He can’t focus on his work, so his coworkers force him to stay behind the counter all day. 
  • Everytime he hears the doorbell he looks there with hope, but after 6 hours of nothing he almost gives up on waiting. 
  • He’s so busy with doodling in his notebook, he doesn’t notice the last customer that enters the shop. He hears footsteps approaching him but doesn’t move his head from where it lays on his fist. It takes the guy to clear his throat loudly to finally attract his attention and as soon as he raises his eyes, he feels like the sunshine has been poured into his heart.
  • He quickly stands up, almost too eagerly, so he clears his throat as well and tries not to smile so wide. Richie greets him and hands him a note, saying his father wants him to buy this. “After you” Stan says, pointing into the right direction. When Richie turns his back on him, Stan quickly takes a pen and scribbles something on the back of the note, and then rushes to his favourite customer.
  • After they find the right book and Richie pays for it, they stand on the both sides of the counter a little bit awkward. Stan slips the receipt and the note Richie gave him earlier into the book and hands it to Richie. 
  • When Richie leaves the store he closes his eyes and pats his head with hand, saying “stupid stupid stupid!”. He accidentaly bumps into someone and the book falls from his hands. He quickly crouches to grab it and then he notices the note that fell out of it. 
  • On the one side there is what he wrote to pretend he has a reason to come to the bookstore.
  • On the other there is written in the neat hand writing telephone number and one word.
  • Coffee?

okay, I really hope it didn’t turn out as messy as I’m afraid it did? I think this is closer to badly written fanfiction instead of headcanonns, but this is really the closest I can get to right now and it really helps me to fight my writing block so I think it’s okay? :”D

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Love your blog btw! :) Could I pls request a scenario where the boys get jealous seeing their crush or s/o talking to another fellow classmate who is too close for comfort? Kasamatsu, Izuki, Himuro, Midorima and Takao. Thank you!

Thank you very much C: Of course I can write jealous boys! Such cuties!

Himuro: For the most part, Himuro is calm and collected. He’s a charmer when it comes to the ladies, and makes friends easily with the men.. But when the new guy, a player, starts to make a move on you, he slowly feels his face turn into a frown. Granted, you’re not his.. YET, but he still looks out for you, keeping a poker face whenever others were around to keep his true emotions hidden. 

He easily walks over, placing a hand on your shoulder and gives him a fake smile, but his eyes speak volumes.

Touch her, you’ll regret it.”

I’m sorry to interrupt, but me and ____ have somewhere to be..”

He knows you’re feeling grateful, because he was able to sense the uneasiness coming from you, and guides you towards the gym, where he knows it’s safe. 

He’s startled when you hug him, gripping the back of his shirt as you bury your face in his chest.

“Thank you Himuro-kun.. He wouldn’t stop…”

He feels his eyes soften, and he rubs your head, giving you that special smile which makes your heart race in your chest.

“You don’t have to thank me ___-chan.. I’ll always come running.”

Izuki: “____-chan! What’s wrong?”

You open your mouth, wanting to express your discomfort about the new basketball player on the team, but finds the words dying in your throat.  Izuki, who has excellent perception, can tell something’s off, so he easily loops his arm around your shoulder, sending the newbie a glare, before walking you to a secluded part of the gym. 

He bends in front of you, rubbing your leg as he watches you closely, noticing your body is visibly calming down from the uneasiness. You tried once more to think of the words to say, but just shake your head, giving him a soft smile.

“It’s fine now Shu-chan.. He was just starting to ask some… personal questions..”

He moves to stand, but your hand stops him, and he looks at you with wide eyes, 

“Please don’t cause a scene… If you have to, make him do more training than necessary..  But I don’t want this to escalate..”

He sighs, but nods his head, lightly pecking your cheek before going to Hyuga, explaining what happened. Riko, who overheard, did her job as coach, and made all the newbies do triple the amount, as well as the regulars, to make the point get across..  

Picking on girls is wrong.

Kasamatsu; He notices it across the courtyard, and feels his jaw clench. He’d heard about the bad-boy of Kaijou, how he hits on women only to dump them when he’s finished.There’s evident fury in his eyes that makes Moriyama pause,  and he follows his line of sight, feeling his breath hitch.

No one fucks with Kasamatsu, but this boy clearly didn’t understand, because there he was, flirting with you, and holding your face in his hand.  For the most part, it looks like you’re fighting back, eyes hardened from the inappropriate touches that made your boyfriend oh, so very proud. But there was insane jealousy eating at him because NO one should be touching you like that.

Moriyama follows quickly behind, watching as Kasamatsu rips you away from him, placing you behind his back as he stands in the middle. He doesn’t want this to turn into a blood-bath, so he casually takes the playboy, mentioning something about lots of models at the mall, which easily gets rid of him.

You don’t have much time to react, because Kasamatsu has your arm, dragging you to a secluded back lane behind the school where he pins you against the wall, inspecting every inch of your body. You feel a hint of irritation take over your body, because you know how insecure he can be, but you want him to know everything’s fine

“I’m not fragile you know….” you mutter, watching his eyes harden, “I can take care of myself.”

He grits his teeth, knowing you’d react like this, but he didn’t care… You were HIS. You were dating HIM.  It’s only natural he’d be defensive over you..  Even if you weren’t dating, you were one of the only girls he’s comfortable with.. He doesn’t want to lose that.

“If you thought I’d go with that idiot, you’re dumber than Kise.” 

He doesn’t like how that sounds, so rather than speak, he crushes his mouth to yours, cupping your cheeks as if to wipe his germs off your face. The kiss doesn’t last long, because you’re out in public, but when he pulls back, his face is red, and he makes a grunt when he picks up your things, grabbing your hand in his.

“….Let’s go…”

You only roll your eyes, but smile at his affection, squeezing his hand in understanding. He was still awkward with explaining his feelings, but his actions made up for it, and seeing your boyfriend jealous was something you adored.

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truth or dare - j.m.r.f.

A voice that I’ve heard all over social media for years screams through the Team 10 house. I smile to myself, realizing I’m going to meet Logan Paul today. “What’s up?!” Logan yells. He enters the main room, vlog camera in hand. “Here’s baby brother Jake,” he shrieks, smacking hands with his sibling. He will no doubt add a loud slap sound effect to it later on while editing. I’m extremely surprised when five teenaged boys follow him in. After a second of pondering, I remember them to be the Why Don’t We boys. Logan reached out to them after attending one of their concerts and they hang out together all the time now. I don’t recall his name, but the tallest one standing in the back of the group locks eyes with me. I look away, praying he doesn’t notice my face flushing red. “Yo, bro, I hope it’s alright if the boys hang out here while we record,” Logan says to Jake. He then flips the camera around, talking to his audience. “Record what?! You’re gonna have to wait and see! Yaa YEET!” he shouts. I have to hold back a laugh at how fired up he is during literally every second of the day. “Yeah, the boys hanging out is fine. Everyone else in the house is out right now, so feel free to do whatever,” Jake tells the boys.  I’m hoping that he doesn’t remember that I’m here, but his eyes flick around the room and he spots me sitting on the floor against the wall. “(y/n), come here! Wow, I feel like a total jerk for not introducing you yet.” I’m hesitant in standing up, feeling the eyes of the tall - and very hot - stranger watching my every movement. “Come on! Get up and over here!” he says, waving me over. I rise and make my way over to the younger Paul brother. “Logan, boys, this is (y/n) (y/l/n).” I send them all a closed smile and raise my hand in greeting. Dang, why are you so awkward? “(y/n), this is my older brother Logan.” I nod, even though I already know. “And then you’ve got Daniel, Jack, Corbyn, Zach, and Jonah,” he recites, pointing to each as he goes along. Jonah. The boy grins at me when I make eye contact. Just like before, I look away, flustered.

“I pretty much made the team leave so that she could look around the house in a calm environment and see if she wants to join our little family,” Jake says. The boys nod, understanding why I’m here, before Logan reminds his brother that they need to get a move on with recording the video they have planned together. Jake agrees and they move to the backyard. Logan pauses in the doorway and yells, “Yo, (y/n)?” “Yeah?” I call, speaking for the first time. “Always be aware of your surroundings. The guys lose control when they’re in the presence of a young girl.” I hear him laughing before the door slams shut. A chorus of scoffs and chuckles sound from the group to my left. I look at them, wide-eyed. Most of them send me reassuring smiles. “Seriously, don’t listen to what he says. We can control ourselves,” the one in the front with short brown hair and stunning blue eyes says. He walks past me, probably going off to explore the house. The boy with a head of curly hair starts to follow him, but stops in front of me. “Most of us can control ourselves. I would watch out for the baby-” he points to a boy with brown hair- “and the giant-” gesturing to Jonah. He smiles and sets his hand on my arm, probably noticing the uncomfortable look on my face. “I’m kidding. We’re all kidding. They’re really sweet; don’t be scared of them,” he says gently. Then he walks off, leaving me with the youngest boy, Jonah, and Corbyn. Corbyn and - I think his name’s Zach -start a live stream on YouNow so Jonah and I are left alone to sit on the couch. He begins talking to me, and little by little, I feel the outer shell of my shyness slipping away. When the Paul brothers come back inside, Logan announces that he and the boys need to leave. I’m extremely disappointed by this; two hours was not nearly enough time to spend with the boy I just met. “Dang,” Jonah says as everyone grabs their belongings and heads to the front door, “time passes too quickly. I wish I could talk to you more.” I surprise myself when I say, “Do it, then.” He looks confused by my statement. I pull out my phone, open a new contact, and hand it to him. Catching on, he takes my offer in stride and enters his number, grinning. “Don’t leak my number,” he says. I laugh gently. “I won’t,” I assure him. “If I decide to join Team 10, don’t leak mine.” About a minute later, we’ve said our goodbyes and Jonah joins his friends. I don’t look over to them, but I catch when Logan grabs Jonah’s upper arm, stopping him.

“You gettin’ it on with her, bro?” I hear him say. Jonah laughs and hits the older boy in the chest. Out of the corner of my eye, I see him lean forward and whisper something to Logan. I wish I could know what he’s saying. The group walks out the front door in a mess of chaos and noise. They’re laughing and talking, hooting and hollering. Just as I think the door is going to close, Logan shoves his head back in and grins at me. “By the way, Jonah thinks you’re hot.” He slams the door shut. *** Over the next few weeks, Jonah and I talk over text almost every day. From the moment I saw him, I was attracted to his sense of style, smile, and the overall charisma of his personality. As the hours of getting to know him pass, I’m drawn to his humor, kindness, and care for others. I’ve never been one to fall for guys quickly, but I fall in love with Jonah like I’ve known him my entire life. *** Somehow, the Why Don’t We boys and I happen to arrive in the parking lot belonging to Logan’s apartment at the same time. I’m shaking with anticipation by the time I get out of my car; this will be the first time I’ll see Jonah in person in a month and a half. The boys stumble out of their car. I walk across the pavement towards them, awaiting the moment when the boy I love appears. Finally, Jonah climbs out of the vehicle, shoving Zach’s shoulder playfully and telling him to hurry up. He’s laughing when our eyes meet. He rushes to me, picks me up, and spins me around twice. I’m grinning and laughing like an idiot when he puts me back down on the ground. “I missed seeing you,” he says. I stare up at him, at a loss for words until someone nearby clears their throat. I pull away from Jonah to see all four of his best friends staring at us with expressions mixed between shock and amusement. Minutes later, the six of us are sitting in Logan’s living room while he vlogs and explains the basic rules of the truth or dare game we’re about to play. Let’s just say, I’m not thrilled. It doesn’t turn out to be as bad as I thought it would be. I laugh to the point where I’m crying so many times, I don’t think it’s healthy. Jonah’s turn has come and gone several times without any mention of me or relationships, so I don’t worry when it comes again. That is, until Logan declares himself to be the one to think up the next set for him. “Alright, Jonah. Truth or dare?” The young man with the mess of blonde hair looks at me and I catch the glimpse of a smirk on his face. If Jonah says dare…. Oh- “Truth.”

I let out a silent sigh of relief, but then realize, you know what, this option may not be much better. “Do you think (y/n) is hot?” Logan asks, no hesitation whatsoever. Oh. My. Gosh. My mouth drops open. I expect Jonah to be embarrassed, but instead, he laughs. “Yeah, I do,” he says. The boys flip out, yelling, jumping over pieces of furniture, and running around in an eruption of madness. Jonah doesn’t look at me as he laughs at his friends, probably on purpose. He knows me well enough by now that his attention on me would only turn me a brighter shade of red than I already am. It takes a very long time for everyone to quiet down and when they do, it’s my turn. “(y/n),” Corbyn says, “truth or dare?” I shake my head. “Truth,” I sigh. “If you could date Jonah, would you?” The room drops into a silent spell. My throat swells and my heart rate quickens. I clench my fists and train my eyes straight in Corbyn’s direction. “Yes, I would.” I’m not surprised when the room spirals into chaos once again. *** Night has fallen by the time the boys and I leave Logan’s. I walk across the parking lot in the dark, hearing the sounds of the boys getting into their car. “(y/n)!” I hear. Jonah. I turn around just as he stops jogging, reaching me. “What I said back there… I hope that didn’t offend you or anything. I didn’t mean to degrade you by saying you’re… well, hot. You are. You’re beautiful, but you are so much more than just that. I also really hope that if you don’t feel the same way as I do-” “Wait, what?” I cut in, taken aback. “You… do you have feelings for me?” He rubs the back of his neck and smiles. “I have since the day I met you.” I can die happy now. “Me too, Marais,” I say. His eyes light up and he moves closer to me. “So, about what you said earlier… if I asked you out on a date, would you be interested?” He grabs my hand and slowly intertwines his fingers with my own. “I wouldn’t just be interested; I’d say yes,” I say, my voice quavering. This is not happening. “Well, then, I think I should take up on that offer,” he says with a grin. All I can do is nod, stupidly and beautifully taken aback.

“Also… I really want to kiss you right now.”

Somehow, I find my courage.

I cup the back of his neck with my hand and pull him even closer to me than before.

“Then do it,” I whisper against his lips.

He wastes no time getting rid of the small distance between us.

we’re running with blood on our knees (1/1)

summary: all everyone seems to talk about these days is this cool superhero type guy who runs around at night to protect people. but how can alec possibly be interested in the dude, when magnus bane is right here in front of him?
pairing: magnus bane/alec lightwood
tags: vigilantism, alternate universe - college/university, lit nerd alec gets a mention, pre-relationship, alternate universe - human

a birthday gift for the wonderful elle @magnusragnor <3

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“Guys, you won’t believe what I just heard!”

Jace throws himself down into one of the free chairs, leaning across the table in excitement while attempting to keep his voice down so as not to disturb the rest of the library.

Alec looks up from his copy of Hamlet to raise an eyebrow at his brother. Beside him, Simon seems way more enthusiastic about the sudden interruption to their study session, happy to get a break from his Accounting homework.

“That guy, the Knight Rider - you know the guy who’s been keeping people safe at night in some of the more risky neighbourhoods nearby?”

It’s a ridiculous question really - of course they know. It’s the only thing anybody on campus has been talking about for the last month: who is the mysterious vigilante running around and fighting bad guys like some sort of Daredevil? What’s his deal? Has anybody seen anything?

None of them answers Jace’s question, but that has never stopped him from continuing a story in the past and it sure as hell doesn’t stop him this time, either.

“Well, rumour has it that he was seen beating up a couple of guys on campus a few nights ago because they tried to attack a girl who was walking by herself!”

“On campus?” asks Simon, looking at his boyfriend with such excitement that you’d have thought Jace just told him that Star Wars was real.

“Yeah, dude.”

“Do you think this means that he goes to NYU as well? Maybe he lives on campus?”

Alec can’t help but roll his eyes at the two. He might love his brother and his best friend with all his heart, but he’s still very grateful that they have each other when they start talking about superheroes, even the real life ones.

Jace and Simon are in the middle of discussing theories about the mystery guy when Alec’s attention is caught by something else. Or rather someone else.

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Cheer Up Buttercup

  Prompt: Grayson’s been down lately so you spend the day showering him in compliments

  Genre: Fluff

  Pairing; Grayson Dolan x Reader

A/N: So I’m a totally Dolan Twins fanatic and their Coachella posts have got me in my feels so I decided to write an imagine based on Grayson so, I hope you guys enjoy ♡

warnings: Pretty crappy and horrible time skip transitions so my apologies. 

You sat at the counter, twisting left and right as you ate your bagel. You kept glancing up at Grayson who stood at the stove, making pancakes for him and Ethan with his back to you. 

The twins had asked you the week prior if you would go shopping with them for Coachella, and you accepted, always grateful to help people out. But, as soon as Ethan let out inside the apartment and you caught a glimpse of Grayson, you automatically knew something was wrong, by the way his shoulders slouched and his eyes were constantly looking down.

You of course asked him if he was okay and he mumbled a yes, kissing your head before going to make breakfast; you didn’t believe him one bit. 

Through the whole time of dating Grayson, you have never seen him upset. You’ve seen him angry, embarrass, and of course those occasional sad moments while watching a movie, but him and Ethan both were always so upbeat and happy. This, was something new for you. 

You sat your bagel down, taking your phone out your pocket and opening snapchat. 

“Whoa Gray! Look at you cooking without your shirt!”

Grayson turned around at the sound of you speaking his name, seeing you sitting there with a grin as you angled your phone at him. He couldn’t help but to grin back, a spike of happiness at your compliment and happy face.

“Thanks babe,”

Graysons happy mood lasted through breakfast, but it quickly vanished when you guys slid into the car. You sat in the back, laughing as Ethan went crazy with his dace moves, doing his best to keep control of the wheel in the process. 

Grayson was leaning against the door, gazing out the window silently. 

You guys pulled up the mall and you all got out. Ethan went ahead of you two, excited to shop. Grayson slowly followed him and you ran up, grabbing a hold of his hand.

“You look good today,” you said, “I mean, you look good everyday. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you not looking good. Even in those horrible looking screenshots, you look good,”

Grayson smiled, looking at you as you stared in front of you, rambling on about his appearance. He squeezed your hand, planting a kiss on your cheek.

“You look good too Y/N,”

The shopping portion went rather well. You gave the boys your opinions on their outfits and helped them throw some stuff together, while finding some stuff for yourself; you also made sure to throw compliments at Grayson about his hair every now and than just to see him smile at you. You helped take pictures of them with some fans and some even asked for you to join in the photo as well, which made you happy.  Now, the three of you were sitting in the food court. 

“Thanks for tagging along Y/N,” Ethan said through a mouthful of food. You smiled at him, shrugging a bit.

“Yeah of course. I’m always glad to help. You guys, are gonna look great at Coachella. Cameron too,” 

“And, it’s all because of you,” Grayson said making you smile at him.

“It’s a shame you can’t go with us, but I’m sure New York will be even better,” Ethan said before standing up, “I gotta pee so I’ll be right back,” 

You watched as he walked away before looking back at Grayson who sat across from you. He picked at his food, his mood and expression changing within a second. You pulled out your phone, doing your best to not make it noticeable when you snapped a few pictures of him; of course he noticed.

“Why are you taking pictures of me?” He asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked up at you.

“I couldn’t help it, you’re very pretty,” You said still looking down at your phone. 

Grayson grinned for about the thousandth time at your thousandth compliment since this morning. 

“I like when you smile. It makes me happy,” you said, looking up at him finally. 

“I’m always smiling,” 

“That would explain why I’m always happy,” 

The two of you stared at each other happily. Grayson opened his mouth to tell you something, but was cut off by Ethan running back over.

“Yo Gray, some of the guys are here. They wanna hang for a bit,” He exclaimed before looking at you. “You don’t mind do you Y/N? Being the only girl?”

You shook your head, “Nah. Of course not,” You and Grayson stood, throwing out your trash and following Ethan towards their friends. 

Grayson still seemed pretty down, even with the guys being around. He held onto your hand tightly and you listened to their conversations, laughing along to some jokes. They’d constantly bring you in, not wanting you to feel left out, but you didn’t mind just listening. 

You heard Grayson sigh quietly and you slowed down your walking pace, him doing the same with out questioning. You waited until the others were out of hearing range before speaking.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, glancing at Graysons now serious expression. 

“What? Nothing,” 

You stopped, causing him to stumble at the sudden action of you jerking him. He looked at your concern expression and sighed.

“Are you sure you can’t come to Coachella? I can pay for you and I’ll also pay for another concert ticket for you and Y/B/F,” 

“Gray,” you said sighing, “I told you I was fine with not going. You guys are already paying for Cameron to go, plus I want you to have fun for once without me tagging along,”

“But, it won’t be fun without you,” he said frowning.

“Is this why you’ve been so upset? Because I’m not going to Cochella?”

He sighed, “It’s not just that. You’re gonna be in New York which is across the country. I’m afraid you’re gonna like it better there and not want to come back or you’re gonna run into some hot, 23 year old model and fall in love,” 

“First of all, that’s illegal because I’m underage and second of all you’re a hot model Gray. You don’t think I’m upset about you staying here in LA while I’m somewhere else? You’re gonna be surrounded by all these smoking hot girls-”

“You’re a smoking hot girl!”

“I meant girls hotter than me, and I’m paranoid that you’re gonna run into some hot 23 year old model and fall in love,”

“That’s illegal because I’m underage,” 

You rolled your eyes at him throwing your own words back at you. 

“I’m serious Y/N!” He exclaimed, “It happens in movies all the time!”

You reached up, grabbing his face and bringing his lips to yours. Grayson was caught by surprise, but quickly kissed back, wrapping his arms tightly around you. You two finally pulled away in a time span that didn’t feel like enough.


“I might need a few more,” 

You laughed, nudging him a bit, “Later, right now we need to find the guy,”

He groaned, but took your hand away mumbling as he pulled you along.

“There you two are! Where have you guys been?” Ethan asked as you two got closer.

“We got distracted by something, sorry” You said.

“ You okay Grayson? Your face is pretty red,” 

Grayson glanced at you before looking at his brother, smiling.

“Never been better,” 

Late Night Bus (part 2)

part 1

pairing: Hux x Reader

fandom: star wars

warnings: AU

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @is-that-not-something @un-education @bookswillfindyouaway

Should you be glad that you didn’t see him again after your encounter? Probably. Though as always, the feelings did not match your logical thinking. You actually missed the thrill.

The first night and no one was there when you stepped into the bus and sat down in the back. It was unusual but things happened, maybe he had a day off? You had still been hopeful.

Night two and three, still nothing happening. Not a sight of the handsome man anywhere. It was almost like he was ghost or a figment of your imagination. Could that be the case? You always worked till late at night and were sleepy when you went home. No! He had definitely been there.

The rest of the week passed and so did your hope but after your initial disappointment you came to the conclusion that it was for the best. He had looked dangerous, unpredictable and…like a lot of fun.

Like every other night you got off the bus and made your way through the dim lit streets back to your little apartment. Not many people lived in the area so it was always pleasantly quiet, the only ones you saw were older couples during the day who took a walk. So you were a little confused when you walked around the corner and saw a guy standing under one of the street lights, his hands in his pockets while he stared at a point further away. Walking a little closer you realized who he was. The man you had been looking for the last week, though seeing him standing here quickly got rid of that feeling.

“Did you miss me?”

He suddenly speaks, head moving so he looks directly at you. Your heartbeat quickens, adrenaline mixed with panic washing through your body in a matter of seconds, making your body shake before you can get it under control again.

“What are you doing here?”

“Coming to see you.” He answers with a smug face, his body turning towards you, “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

There were quite a few reason you could think of that made inviting him into your home a very bad idea. One being the fact that he looked like he’d murder you in a dark alley at any moment but you rather avoided thinking about such possibilities.

“I don’t think so.”

“Now…” He comes closer, putting his arm around your shoulder, “…that’s very rude.” Starting to walk he heads straight in the direction of your home, “It’s this way right?”

Neighbours | GOT 7 Gang au


Her story starts when she was at the checkout at her local’s super market on a rainy Thursday afternoon. It was dull outside and the rain was so heavy, it was bouncing off the roads up onto people’s ankles like someone was standing next to them deliberately stomping in a puddle next to them.

Rose, a 17-year-old orphan was having her ear chewed off by an old checkout lady who was rambling on about her fourth divorce. Rose wasn’t one for making conversation so she just smiled, frowned and nodded her head when really all she could think about is whether she should use the beef or chicken seasoning on her ramen noodles for dinner.

Rose’s family all died tragically in a house fire when she was 14, her house went up in flames with her family in it, Rose was on a school trip half way across the world when it happened.

Her parents were wealthy sales people whom had thankfully left Rose plenty of money to live off, along with a will stating that Rose was not to go to an orphanage but to be sent to her family’s holiday house to live.

Fortunately, her holiday house was close to where their original house was so Rose could still go to school and live somewhat close to where she used too. Keep in mind that this will was written for Rose and her 2 older brothers however they are now with their parents, who are up with the big man upstairs.

Rose, a sarcastic, witty, somewhat rude and brutally honest 17-year-old girl is now living in that holiday house, on her own. She bought herself a cat after her family passed away and named him Smithers and for her 17th birthday, decided to gift herself with a great dane puppy, his name ironically, is Tiny.

After finally getting away from the cashier, she begins to walk outside in the rain to her car. She doesn’t mind the rain so she casually walked to her car while everyone around her were running frantically trying to get out of the rain. Once she reaches her car, she puts the bags in the front seat and starts her car and begins to drive herself to the enormous, 7 bedroom, 13 bathroom mansion she now calls home.

As she pulls into her driveway she looks to the house beside hers that has been up for sale for some time now and notices a big truck and a bunch of shirtless guys outside moving boxes. They don’t notice her but she sure as hell noticed them, I mean, who wouldn’t, 7 or so shirtless, toned, hot as fuck humans of the male species in about their 20’s, sweating, moving boxes right next to her house.

All her life, Rose has loved a good flirt and has never ever in her lift, feared confronting boys. Regardless of the hot shirtless boys in the driveway next to hers, she was still going to go for her daily run and she is still going to do her stretches on her driveway beforehand.

She jumps out of her car with her bags of groceries in her hands and walks inside and puts them away and greets her animals before running up the stairs to her wardrobe room. What? She has 7 rooms in this house and one person, why not renovate one room into her wardrobe.

She goes over to her workout closes and changes into a black sports bra and black gym shorts with a Fluro yellow stripe down the side before putting her hair into high pony, letting little fly away’s frame her face and putting on her black pair of Nike roshe’s.

She gives herself a final check before looking outside the window noticing the guys were still out there standing talking, still shirtless. This is what she wears every day when she goes to run, it’s just a coincidence that there are hot guys watching.

She walks down the steps and grabs Tiny’s leash.

“TINY?” WANNA GO FOR A RUN WITH ME BABY?” she yells through the house as it echoes. She then begins to count;

“Three” she whispers


Before she could even hit one she hears frantic panting and then hears the sound of Tiny’s paws on the floor boards until he is sitting right in front of her with his head held high waiting for her to attach his leash to his colour.

She laughs as she clips it on and begins to walk him out the door, leaving her phone on the counter, as she’d prefer to listen to the crashing waves from the beach hear her house the music.

As she closes the door, she hears laughs coming from next door. She turns to lock the door but accidently let go of Tiny’s leash, setting him free.
“TINY” she yells as she watches him run, of course, to the guys next door.
“fucking dog” she mutters to herself before running after him.

Once she crosses over to their driveway she stops, seeing 6 boys crowded around her dog patting him and cooing whilst another is standing up on the platform of the truck screaming.

“AWH he’s adorable” one says


“Hyung, can we get one? PLEASE?”

“Bambam I’ve already got 6 dogs to take care of why would I want to get another?” the older one says

“because it’s cute then us” BamBam I’m assuming reply’s back as I laugh

“You make a fair point boy” he laughs as he continues to pat the dog.

She lowkey admires how they are acting around her dog because when most people see him, she back away or turn the other way, or, kinda like that one guy is now, jumps up on a truck away from him. She decides to speak up.

“Hey sorry I didn’t mean to let him go, sorry if he’s being a hassle or stopping you from moving your stuff” she speaks up from behind them. One by one they all turn and stare at the beauty before them. Rose laughed as they all stopped patting Tiny and now he’s looking at them for more attention.

With the guys still frozen she decides to call Tiny to come to her.

“Tiny, come here boy” she speaks loudly as the guy on the truck jumps down and questions her.

“Tiny? Dumb name, The dog is fucking huge” he exclaims earning a nudge from one of the guys. Rose smirks.

“Wish I could say the same about your biceps babe” she retorts earning snickers from the other 6 and a growl from Mr Negative.

“I’m Rose by the way” she says as she waves. the one who seems to looks as though he is in charge speaks up.

“I’m JB” he says with a smile, he looks next to him waiting for them to introduce themselves and surely enough, one speaks up.

“I’m in love” the younger boy next to him says before earning a smack over the head by JB.

“That’s BamBam, he’s a bit out of it at the moment” he awkwardly laughs and Rose just giggles. JB continues after noticing that none of the other guys are in any condition to introduce themselves.

“This is Mark” he says pointing to the guy at the very end of the line who looks up and waves as Rose waved back.

“Youngjae” he says pointing to the boy next to Mark, Rose Waves and he just blushes and looks away

“Jinyoung” he points to the boy next to himself, letting him wave before moving onto the 6 other boys on the other side of him

“You’ve met BamBam” he says before Rose waves at him before moving on.

“this is Jackson, you guys just met before” he says with a laugh and Jackson pouts but Rose smiles and waves, Jackson looks behind him before realising that Rose was waving at him before waving back with a goofy smile on his face”

“and at the end, that’s Yugyeom, he’s the youngest” Rose’s eye sight follows JBs arm before her eyes land on him.

now there is no doubt that they are all extremely attractive, but Yugyeom is the one that really catches her eye. He winks at her and she blushes, something she hasn’t done, ever when talking to a boy.

“Well it was nice to meet you all but I’m going to go for a run now” she says as she waves and begins to walk off. She hears goodbyes behind her and a wolf whistle, she turns back to see JB hitting Yugyeom over the head, she laughs and winks at her as he smiles and begins to wrestle JB.
“oh boy” she whispers to herself as she begins to run.

Imagine Having Your ‘Lady Time’ On The Journey

Summary: Being dropped into Middle Earth is bad enough, having your Period just makes things so much worse. 

Warnings: I guess period stuff 😂

Originally posted by black-horse-soul

“Why are you all hiding behind this rock?” Thorin was promptly pulled down, his mouth covered by Dwalin’s hand. “SHHHHH! She will hear you!”

Glancing up and over the rock, Thorin saw Y/N pacing around the camp fire, muttering about something and kicking small stones. “I just want some Tampons! Is that so difficult! I get dropped in this world and you don’t even send me down with some lady products. What kind of world is this? And don’t get me started on the lack of chocolate… it’s an outrage!” You yelled at the sky, desperate for the heavens to open up and send you lovely packages full of chocolate and everything else you needed.

“What’s a Tampon?”

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Co Workers (Part Seven)

A/N: Okay so this one actually just became like a fluff chapter. It was originally going to be a bit longer but yeah, you’ll get it in part 8 ;)

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Talks about mental ilness, mentions of domestic violence.

Word Count: 1.7k

Catch up! Co Workers Masterlist

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“Miiiishaaaa!” The woman squealed. She ran straight up to Misha and threw her arms around his neck, planting a kiss on his lips that he did not return. When she pulled away, he looked at her, still horrified.

“Renee, what are you doing here?”

Misha sounded more than a little annoyed.

“Whatcha talkin bout silly?” God her voice is annoying.

“We broke up.” Misha was gritting his teeth.

“Yeah, I thought you’d be over that by now.” She waved her hand at him like it was no big deal.

“No, Renee, I was serious this time, we talked about this, you were okay with it.” She just stared at him like he slapped her in the face. This girl was psychotic or something. No wonder he never wanted to talk about her. She started sobbing loudly, causing a scene.

“You-you don’t love me?” Misha rolled his eyes at her. He turned to you.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, I have to deal with this. I’ll grab our bags and meet you at the hotel.” You nodded, and turned to walk away.

As you made your way out of the airport, doubt flooded into your mind. Why did he have to deal with this on his own? Did he really break up with her? Oh God, you thought. What if they were still together and he was just putting on an act to cover his ass? No, Misha wouldn’t do that. He’s way too nice of a person for that; but there did seem to be something off about Renee, you just didn’t know what. Maybe it was why he wouldn’t talk about her. Your heart was racing during your ride to the hotel.

When you arrived, you checked in, and found your way to the green room, saying hi to fans along the way. You wished that Misha was by your side for this, you really had no clue what you were doing. Your panel was in thirty minutes. When you found your way to the green room, you were greeted by Jared, who was sitting at a table by himself, he looked up when he heard you walk in.

“Hey, Y/N, I thought you were with Misha?”

“I was, he-uh, ran into someone at the airport.” you said nervously.

“Renee showed up didn’t she?” Jared didn’t sound surprised

“How do you know?” You asked, making eye contact with him.

“Renee is uh, why don’t you sit down.” He suggested.

“Jare,” you started, “What is it.” The concern in your voice was evident, you didn’t care, Jared walked by you when you were half naked and Misha’s shirt was undone, and he still didn’t judge you. It was okay if he knew what was going on between the two of you, regardless if you and Misha were ‘official’ or whatever.

“Okay, well, Renee’s been around for a few years, right? And Misha’s tried to break up with her, I don’t know maybe three or four times?”

“Why didn’t it stick?”

“She’s, um.” Jared took a breath, “She’s bipolar, and she..she refuses to get help.”

“So then why does Misha not just leave her?” Jared took in another breath.

“Well, he tried to break up with her for the first time about a year ago, during New Year’s, we were all gonna go out, and she decided she didn’t want to go.” He leaned back in his seat.

“And everything would have been fine, but she was trying to keep Misha from going out. Now Jensen and I didn’t know it at the time; but apparently she did this, like, all the time. When we weren’t filming, he couldn’t go anywhere without her.”

“So, what? Bipolar means she’s controlling?” You had heard about it before, but you really had never met anyone that was Bipolar so, this was all new to you.

“It’s not her fault, but she can’t really keep her emotions in tact without help, so yeah, she get’s kind of controlling.” You nodded, this still wasn’t enough for you to understand why Misha hadn’t left her.

“So, she freaked out, had a breakdown. We all tried to calm her, but Misha was so tired of it he just gave up, and said he didn’t wanna be with her anymore; and she responded by slapping him in the face, she scratched his eye up pretty bad.”

“And that’s why he won’t talk about it.” You said, you put your elbows up on the table, resting your head in your hands.

“Yeah, she was arrested and-”

“I think you’ve shared enough Jared.” You turned around to see that Misha had walked into the room.

“Mish, it’s okay-” You started, he cut you off.

“Y/N, we have a panel to get to.” You got up and followed Misha out of the room, you stopped him in the hallway.

“Misha, I tried asking you about her before an-” He cut you off by kissing you. It was a quick kiss, he just wanted you to stop talking. He pulled back, his eyes watering a bit. He brought his hand up to your face.

“I promise, we’ll talk about it later, but for now, I want to show the world my new girlfriend.”

You smiled at him. All of a sudden this mess of stuff didn’t matter anymore. You had an exciting weekend ahead of you, and you intended to enjoy all of it. You opened your mouth to say something but just as you were about to speak you heard Rich calling you and Misha up on stage. He smiled back at you, grabbed your hand and led you up onto the stage.

When you walked out, the audience instantly noticed the the two of you holding hands, their cheers and screams got even louder. Your heart was pumping so fast you felt like you might stop breathing. Then Misha leaned over and place a chaste kiss on your lips, somehow the cheers got even louder. At least they don’t hate me for this, you thought.

“So it looks like we’ve got a new Supernatural couple!” Rich said. The audience quieted down after after a few more seconds and it was time for you and Misha to begin.

“Hey everyone!” He said, waving. You were standing there, still a little too nervous to talk, your hand still tightly wrapped around Misha’s.

“I think Y/N’s a little nervous, this is her first panel.” He smiled at you, and the audience reacted with aww’s, and we love you Y/N!,  which seemed to help a bit, you were finally able to speak up.

“Hi guys, I-uh-” you trailed off, looking around, “I am not just nervous, I am terrified.” You finally let go of Misha’s hand and placed it on your hip. The audience laughed, all of them shouting words of encouragement.

The panel was moving along smoothly, no one had asked anything you couldn’t answer, so that was a plus. When it was time for the last question, the fan stepped up to the mic. You and Misha both saying ‘hi’ at the same time.

“So, this question’s for Y/N,,” The fan began, you sat up straight in your seat, exaggerating your eagerness. “I was wondering how you and Misha started dating? Up until, w-well now, we all thought you were both in relationships.”

You froze. You didn’t know how you were supposed to answer that. There was no way you were going to tell this fan that you cheated on your boyfriend with Misha and he unsuccessfully broke up with his girlfriend, followed by the story of you two hooking up on the plane ride here. You looked over at Misha wide-eyed.

“We..we uh, made it official today actually.” You were careful with how you worded this. Luckily, Misha jumped into help.

“Both of our relationships ended a few weeks ago, and..well we couldn’t deny our feelings for each other, so, here we are.” He reached for your hand as he gave you a comforting smile.

The room filled with awe’s and you were relieved that you were able to dodge that one. You and Misha would have to work on that story sometime. Before either of you got the chance to say something else, Rich and Rob came out on stage, music started playing and before you knew it you were waving goodbye to the crowd.

You and Misha stepped off stage and he pulled you into a kiss. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to be able to keep his hands off of you, like ever. You pulled back and looked into his eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Y/N.” He smiled as he started to lead you towards your room.

When you got to your room, you went straight for the shower, you hadn’t really gotten to wash up much since the previous night, and you wanted to wash your makeup off so that you could look at the bruises Andrew had left you. This was really the first time you had been alone all day. You were tired from travelling, and you honestly just wanted to go to bed. When you got out of the shower you wiped the steam off of the mirror with a towel and you began to examine your bruises. They were a bit darker now, you ran your hand over the one on your neck, flinching slightly as you touched it. A few tears fell from your eyes as you let everything that had happened in the last two days come rushing back to you.

You got dressed and slowly made your way out of the bathroom, Misha already fast asleep in bed. You smiled, thinking about how you were lucky to have him. He was no doubt already your best friend before the two of you made it official, and now he was so much more. You were still sniffling and wiping tears away as you crawled into bed next to him. As you pulled the covers over you, Misha started to stir in his sleep until he found you, and pulled you into lay your head on his chest.

“We’ll talk tomorrow baby, promise.” He mumbled, his sleepy voice one of the most comforting voices you had every heard. “And don’t cry, everything’s going to be fine, I promise.”

You snuggled in even closer to him and fell asleep with his hand in your hair, while listening to his heartbeat.

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Annoy me more often. ( Gerard Way imagine)

             He held his head high as he walked on stage, his foot taking hold on the box at the front. He scans the crowd with a glaring eyes and a smirk. A false sense of arrogance was shown, as he grabbed the microphone. He glanced at the others on the stage, taking note of them strutting on one by one, any hesitance left backstage. They took their instruments, glaring along with him with their own sense of arrogance. He looked at the crowd “I’m Gerard Way, and this is my chemical romance”

               That was your first experience of your brother’s band, and your first experience of his best friend and lead singer. You watched in awe as your nerdy year younger brother, Frank, turned into this serious punk God, you watched as these people you’ve heard drunk stories about for years from your brother turned into these impossible to reach idols. You listened to the music, not bothering shouting with the crowd. You were pushed back and forth being in the first few rows, but you were in a hypnotic spell watching them belt their hearts out. You only once came out of the spell, in all the hours you were there, laughing at the stage show in a homophobia battle. You left the show, them leaking their false set of confidence and arrogance across the crowd, leaving you with the feeling you could take over the world.

              You walked backstage, walking up to the security guarding them “(y/n) Iero” The one on the left smiled at you, having met you before “go on in” you thanked him, walking in. You glanced around the room, seeing a tan couch and yellow walls connected to few curtained rooms. You heard shuffling and talking just out of earshot of understanding “hellooo?” You knew Frank wasn’t expecting you, it was a surprise visit after all. You heard rushed whispering, slightly urgent, after a few minutes you saw a man with blond hair and glasses poke his head through one of the curtains, from what you remember of what your brother told you this one was Mikey “im sorry, you’re not supposed to be here, so I’m going to have to ask you, um, to leave” He just of thought you were a crazy fangirl was the first thing to pop in your head, understandable with how they were on stage. “Im sorry if I startled you, but i’m here to see my brother? Frank Iero?” You were going to be more surprising than that but you didn’t want to get kicked out. You saw the man’s eyes widen slightly, he ducked his head back in, whispering once again, but this time you heard the other end “shit, really?” You then heard thumping of running “hey, (y/n)!”  You hugged him “Frank!” You smiled as he dragged you in the room, seeing it be a slightly larger version of the other room, with one door, and a few more chairs. He looked at his bandmates “guys this is my sister (y/n), (y/n) this is the guys” You nodded, and waved.

            You saw the lead singer roll his eyes. You raised your eyebrows slightly but ignored it. The rest of them waved at you stating their names. You nodded, taking note of them, you assumed the lead was Gerard because he was the only one who didn’t. “you guys had a great show, I haven’t been able to catch one before today” Frank smiled, glad his big sis liked it, Mikey nodded in appreciation before heading out the room, same with Bob, Ray smiled at you “thank you, (y/n), oh and frank I got to head out, so if the manager asks” he didn’t finish, knowing they both get the jist of it. Gerard looks at you “yeah thanks” sarcastic, you rolled your own eyes. Frank looks at you both, making a decision “hey….yeah, I know we haven’t hung out in a while but I need to go shower, think you can wait another couple minutes, in here?” You glanced at the slightly pissy man on the couch, before nodding with a sigh. He hugged you once more before heading through the curtain. You signed once more sitting on the armrest of the couch at the far end, getting out your pocket sketchbook and doodling. You saw Gerard roll his eyes once again, putting his head in his hand, you deciding to draw that. You guessed he took notice that you were drawing him because even though he looked annoyed he held his pose, glancing at you ever so often. He only got up once he saw you put down your pencil, getting up to grab a bottle of water. He took a glance at your drawing nodding silently, his face a bit softer than before. You smirked, moving into his spot while he wasn’t looking.

                     He looked at you with a face that only read ‘are you five?’. You smile up at him, annoyed he was annoyed at you for nothing, you put your feet up on the other seat. He glared at you “what do you think you’re doing?” you smiled at him innocently “sitting” he continued to glare “get up” You smirked up at him “make me” he smirked back “gladly” he wrapped his hands around your wrists so you couldn’t move, and pulled you up by them, getting closer to your face. You looked at his eyes, he spoke softer this time “why are you doing this?” Your eyes flicker to his lips, for but a second before meeting his eyes again “why were you being so rude?” He did the same, leaning in more his breathe on your lips as he speaks “maybe it’s because I’m not the good guy……..or maybe i’m just not good with communicating when I find someone appealing” the words practically bouncing off your lips, he leaned in just a bit more his lips connecting to yours, causing your eyes to shut in an invisible wind. You felt his hands slowly leave your wrists, moving to your waist, as you put your hands in his hair, bringing him closer.                  

        He pulled away first smiling goofily at you “annoy me more often” You smiled softly “Definitely” you heard a whistle behind you, and suddenly Gerard is covered in water, causing gerard to jump off you, and you to be slightly covered too. Gerard glared at the culprit. You looked behind him and saw your baby brother holding a water bottle smiling proudly “hiya, (y/n), so what Happened while I was gone” you laughed. Causing Gerard to glare at you “well I think I’m a little more acquainted with Gee here, how was your shower?” Frank giggled a little “fine, and that’s great” The black haired angry bean looked between you and Frank for a minute “the hell frank?” Frank smiled at him, dragging you off the couch and toward the door “she’s my sister dude, what do you expect me to do?” Gerard realized you were both heading out “hey wait!” You smiled back at him “I’ll make him give you my number later” You saw Gerard smile with a small blush. Frank called back also “I won't” you hit him slightly “he will"