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Reminder that you have to ramble about galra facial features.

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Yes, excellent!

Okay so this was something I had to think about because there’s been several times where I’ve looked at fanart, including my own, and had this moment of “this… is not a galra, this is a person spraypainted purple with color contacts and cat ears slapped on” and part of this is, I’ve had to look at canon galra and figure out what quite is the difference here.

Because the Galra are definitely what we’d call humanoid, but, they’re set up differently from humans.

I want to put this here as a reference, but I’m also putting it under a cut because there’s a lot of images to be had. But here goes!

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Midnight Masquerade - Part 7

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Genre: Vampire! AU | Angst | Fluff

Synopsis: Your best friend drags you into attending a masquerade ball with her, only to abandon you in the middle of the strange dance. Standing alone in the midst of a flurry of people, the events that play out here change the course of your life; only to leave you wondering; who is under the mask?

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi (Ft. the other boys of BTS cx)

Word count: 1473

Warnings: None for this part c:

Series: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6 | Pt 7 | Pt 8 | Pt 9 | Pt 10

(A/N: Ah, so it’s been a little while since I updated this, but it’s finally done after another bout of writers’ block! Please do leave me feedback, there’s always plenty of room for improvement! I feel like it jumped around a little bit in this part, if that makes sense cx)

(Also, I feel like this should’ve been longer, but I hope you guys still enjoy! <3)

Your eyes forced themselves open, eyelids heavy, a tremendous pain surging through your head. Staring up at the white ceiling, you pushed your hair away from your face, a thin sheet of sweat covering your forehead. You were sure you looked like death in that moment; you certainly felt like it as you lied there, white sheets pulled up to your chin. This was the second time in a few days you had ended up in a medical room of some sort - although this time it was the university’s medical room - and to be completely honest, you were tired of it.

Slowly and painfully, you propped yourself up, your head leaning against the cold wall, eyes fluttering shut again. You were strangely sensitive to every little sound; shuffling, sighing from the corner of the room, far distant voices from elsewhere in the building, the scraping of chairs against the floor. The sounds all blended together into one big mess, causing you to cower and whimper, clamping your hands against your ears. At the sight of this, one of the figures that had sat slumped in a chair in the corner perked up, an expression of slight worry on his face, his lips turning downwards in a frown. He stared at you, debating whether to approach you, or stay where he was, and so his body remained hostile, ready to jump up if your state suddenly worsened. Strangely, it pained him both physically and emotionally, as he felt that… connection again.

Your senses were being overloaded in that moment; sounds, smells, everything was merging together, your head beginning to spin, spiralling out of your control. Groans erupted from your throat, as you clutched handfuls of your own hair, shaking your head over and over again. The scar in your neck throbbed once again, pain beginning from there and searing through your body. You screamed out, the pain and sensory overload becoming too much for you to handle at once, your body shuddering, convulsing. At the sight of this, the figure shot out of his seat, fringe falling into his eyes from the sudden jerky movement. In a flash he was by your side, his hands reaching out awkwardly to take yours, squeezing them, as he called out in a rough voice to the others sitting nearby, “Go get the nurse. Now.” They simply nodded in acknowledgement before scurrying off, shooting you a worried glance along the way. His touch seemed to soothe you, your vision slowly becoming clearer, the sounds finally beginning to separate again, the pain finally subsiding. You glanced down to see who this person was, only to come face to face with Yoongi, his eyes holding a strange sort of tenderness you were seeing for the first time. Your breath caught in your throat, your emotions conflicted as you stared back, your eyes roaming around the features of his face.

On the one hand, you felt fear creep through your body; after all, he was the one who did this to you, who caused you this immense pain. You didn’t even know what he was, he certainly wasn’t human, unless humans had suddenly developed fangs and an immense blood-lust. And yet, the way he looked up at you, with the softest expression, a certain tenderness and concern in his eyes, your heart melted a little, as you felt yourself drawn to this man. It was a strange sort of attraction you couldn’t explain, almost as if there was a string, an invisible bond connecting the two of you together. You had a strange yearning to touch his face, to run your fingers across his jawline, to brush his hair out of his eyes. And so, your hand, almost involuntarily, reached out to do just that, the coldness of his skin causing you to flinch ever so slightly. His eyes remained fixated on yours, his figure remaining ever so still as you ran your slender fingers under his chin, and along his jawline. The two of you were so caught up in your own world, none of you noticed the other boys enter - the nurse following close behind -  despite the sounds of snickering and giggling. Jimin leaned on the door frame, his eyes scrunching up into crescent shapes as you watched the two of you, giggles continuing to escape from his throat. You finally snapped out of the trance you were in, a blush rapidly rising onto your cheeks as the two of you sprang away from each other. You both looked around awkwardly, as the other boys finally broke out into laughter, Yoongi glaring at them in warning.

“So, let me get this straight, one second you look like your soul is escaping from your body, but as soon as we leave, you’re suddenly touching each other up?” Jimin asked through giggles, his body shaking with laughter at the sight. “What’s going on here, hm?”

You tried to glare menacingly at them, and yet when combined with your flushed cheeks and your awkward posture, it was a rather feeble attempt which caused the other boys to laugh even harder, the nurse standing awkwardly by the door. Yoongi cleared his throat, glaring at them all once again, before stepping forward to confer with the nurse in hushed voices, as they glanced over at you every now and then with concerned expressions. The atmosphere in the room rapidly changed; the laughter stopped, and instead the nurse slowly made her way over to sit beside you, the other boys no longer doubled over in laughter, and instead a tense expression appearing on their faces.

“How are you feeling?” The nurse asked, her voice strangely soft and soothing, inducing a sort of trance in you.

“I… I guess I feel a lot better than before…” You stuttered, your gaze fixated on this strange new person. Something about her voice, this look in her eyes, caused you to feel very calm as a trance overcame you, your eyes glossing over and beginning to droop.

“I…” You didn’t get a chance to finish your sentence, as your body went limp, falling backwards into the bed, your breathing beginning to slow to a steady pace. At the sight of your figure collapsing so suddenly, Yoongi tensed up, only for Seokjin to touch his shoulder reassuringly.

“She’s fine, you know that?” Jin inquired, his face twisting into a expression of curiosity. “Yoongi, why are you so… hostile all of a sudden? You know, you still haven’t explained anything.”

Namjoon spoke up, his eyebrows raised, as he added, “Seokjin is right, you know. Do you know this girl? You must, judging by your reaction to her. You know it’s not a good idea to get mixed up with humans; especially catching feelings for one.”

Yoongi exhaled, leaning back in his seat and glancing at your slumped figure. “You know the masquerade ball? A few days ago? The annual ball.”

The boys leaned forward in their seats, their figures all shifted towards Yoongi now. Their curiosities piqued; they were eager to find out more about you, wanting to clear the current air of mystery surrounding you.

“Yeah well… she was there. I’m sure it was her, it’s that familiar scent… that sweet, sweet scent of hers…” Yoongi gazed off into the distance, reminiscing, his fingers subconsciously trailing across his jaw, retracing your touch. “She’s different. She’s no ordinary human. But I don’t think she’s one of us either. It’s hard to tell… She’s nothing like any human I’ve ever met… she’s a lot stronger in many ways…”

The nurse stood listening intently, jotting down information on her clipboard. She was also one of their kind; sent here by none other than Yoongi’s father, for their own “health reasons”, he had said. At least, that was what Yoongi’s father had told him, and the other boys. Her role was more than just in case something were to happen to Yoongi or any of the other vampires around the university, however. She had a special reason for being here, a reason allocated to her secretly by Yoongi’s father. A task to find someone specifically. And it was that moment that it began to dawn on her after hearing the details Yoongi was providing about you, causing her hand to freeze, no longer taking down information and instead looking up. Her eyes darted between Yoongi and you… was it possible that she had finally found the person that Yoongi’s father seemed so intent on finding?

“You might be right about her not being an ordinary human…” She mused, causing everyone to look up with surprise.

“What do you mean, Sumi?” Yoongi asked slowly, sitting up in his seat as he stared at her, anticipating her answer.

“Yoongi… I think she’s a half-breed.” She looked him directly in the eyes, her gaze unwavering. “Specifically, the girl you were betrothed to all these years ago.”

Testosterone Boys pt. 2

Reader x F*ckboi!Yoongi
An agreement of sorts is reached.
GENRE: Angst, Fluff.

(Second part to Testosterone Boys)

AN: the italics are a flashback lmao, just a quick head’s up! <3

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“I’m not playing, asshole. Give them to me.”  

Around this time is when people surrounding you guys including, Hoseok, Namjoon, and even Jimin started listening in on your conversation but you didn’t mind an audience. Oh no, you wanted the world to see you knock Kim Taehyung out cold.  

“I’m serious, babe. I don’t have your undies. I sure wish I did though, they were fucking adorable.”

“Alright, Tae. Humor me. If you don’t have them. Then who does?” You sighed. Your anger was at the back of your throat now and your fists clenched. You were sure your knuckles were almost white.

Taehyung laughed once again, bringing his fingers to your chin to turn your gaze to his.

“Min. Yoon. Gi.”

“What?” You scoffed, your eyes automatically rolling, “Yoongi doesn’t have my underwear. I just talked to him.”

“Are you sure? ‘Cause, I handed them over to him earlier. Lord knows how badly he wanted those. That pathetic little crush of his. On you! Of all people.” He sighed.  

His words might have hurt you if you were actually paying attention to them. But no, he lost you at “Pathetic little crush”. Yoongi had a crush on you? Min Yoongi? The Min Yoongi who skipped classes, or showed up high, fucking girls left and right Min Yoongi? Could have fooled you.  

You felt your face heat up. Of course, he was gorgeous and you’d be lying to yourself if you said you’d never thought of him in that light but he wasn’t your type… Was he? Did you even have a type? And if you did, did fuckboy fall into that category?

“Aw, don’t tell me. You have a crush on him as well? The good girl falling for the burnout. How 2003 chick flick of you both.”  

You winced at Taehyung’s tone. What happened to the nice, good guy he came off to be? Was that all just a facade? And you didn’t have a crush on Yoongi, did you? I mean, yeah, he looked amazing tonight and yeah, a butterfly or two may have fluttered around your chest any time he was near you, but that’s not a crush, right? That’s just how you felt around Yoongi normally.

You vaguely remembered one of the first times Yoongi spoke to you. You’d known of his reputation because who didn’t? Not that it ever mattered to anyways. Honestly, you didn’t care if he slept around or smoked pot all day. That was his business and if he treated you with respect, then you’d treat him nicely back. Simple as that.  

It was your Sophomore year, nearly two years ago that you met Min Yoongi in your world literature class. Of course, he was failing and of course you were top ranked so it was a no-brainer to the teacher for you to stay after class and tutor him; everyday.

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“My chest hurts.” His eyes were glossy but he wouldn’t let himself cry anymore. His hair was a mess, and his cheeks were puffy and red. He looked so genuinely sad, and it broke your heart.

"I know, but it will be okay. Just give yourself some time. Want more tea?” You said trying to say cheerfully, but it didn’t matter. You knew Shawn was going to be this heartbroken for a while. He was such a passionate person and so whenever he felt anything, he felt it strongly. He really loved his now ex girlfriend, and watching her leave him, really just broke his heart. I mean, it happens right? Everyone’s bound to get their heart broken at least once in their life, and it’s going to suck, but it still has to happen. The only problem is, it’s already happened to Shawn once, and now it’s happening again. You had been best friends with Shawn since the beginning, and you watched him grow. You watched him be heartbroken about girls like now, and also about small things like losing his favorite guitar pick. You loved him as a friend, but you also loved him romantically. You wished you had the courage to tell him so, and to tell him to stop wasting his time with other stupid girls who seem to only like him for his fame. But your hair was a mess, and you wore band t-shirts with long stained sweaters. Shawn liked beautiful girls with long hair and straight teeth. At least that’s how the last girls looked. It didn’t matter anyway. What mattered right now was how Shawn was feeling. He was broken, and there was nothing you could do.

“I think I’m just gunna take another nap.” He grabbed the blanket and headed for the couch again. But before he sat down you spoke up.

“You know what, why don’t we go do something. You already took like fifty naps Shawn, let’s go out and get some fresh air, no? No more moping around.” You took the blanket from him and put it on the couch.

Shawn just stood there, giving you a look, like he didn’t know what to say. He rubbed his eyes a a couple times before saying, “What would we even do?”

“We could go out to eat, go see a movie. I don’t know, whatever you want.”

“She loved seeing movies.” Shawn spoke quietly and you rolled your eyes. He was going through that phase of a breakup where everything in the world related back to your ex. Earlier that morning Shawn barely drank his tea saying stuff like “She used to drink this exact tea on the balcony at this exact time.” And it broke your heart to see Shawn so sad, but at the same time you really were tired of it.

“Shawn, do me a favor? Okay, we are gunna go out to eat, because I’m hungry okay? But, when we go, and even just now, whenever I talk I want you to listen very carefully to everything I say and just don’t think about her okay?” You said remembering how your friends handled your first heartbreak. They made conversation with you about random things, and snapped in your face whenever they noticed you close your eyes, or look away, meaning you were thinking of something that wasn’t important. You hoped you could think of random topics to talk about with Shawn, and you hoped he would listen.

“Okay.” He said simply, and soon enough the both of you were off to that burger place downtown. It was the only place where Shawn hadn’t gone on some kind of date with his ex. You talked to him about your life and how busy you were lately. You told him about work and school and just everything in between. But eventually you got tired of talking about stuff he mostly already knew.

“You wanna know something?” You said with your mouth full of fries.

“Sure.” Shawn said and ran his hands through his hair, leaning against the table across from you. He was so pretty, and he didn’t even try.

“When I was like 13, I told myself that I’d marry my first boyfriend, that way I wouldn’t have to ever experience heartbreak. Funny right?” You laughed as you wiped the grease from the food off your hands. You weren’t trying to bring up the topic of relationships but you were just being honest, hoping that maybe Shawn would understand that heartbreak is bound to happen even when you try to prevent it.

“You always had that kind of mind. Wish I knew you when you were 13.” Shawn joked, because he knew you when you were only a year older and that’s when you first became friends.

“Can I rant? I think, all day, I’ve been crying about all this, and not actually talking about it and sometimes talking helps. Is it okay if I rant?” Shawn spoke with a rawness in his voice. You loved how honest and real your friendship with him was. So you nodded your head, and he started ranting. Ranting about how beautiful she was, about how he did everything she wanted all the time, about how he thought he was so lucky. It was breaking your heart to see him so sad. It made you realize really what love does to us as humans. It makes us destroy ourselves for someone else, hoping they’ll destroy themselves back for us. And when they don’t, we destroy ourselves even more, thinking it will help. And so here Shawn was, sitting across from you, ripping his own heart out, wishing he could put it on some kind of pretty platter and hand it right over to his ex.

“It’s not fair. How come the people we love most don’t love us back?” He was making circles on the table with his finger, and tapping his foot in the chair.

“Sometimes the people who actually love you, are sitting right in front of you and you just don’t realize it.” You said without even noticing that you were literally sitting in front of Shawn. You were just speaking the truth you heard your friend say to you once.

“What’s that supposed to mean, you got some kind of feelings for me or something?” Shawn was shaking his head and laughing. You looked up from your food and realized what he got out of what you said.

“I never said that, but so what would you say if I did have feelings for you?” You were a little hurt that he was laughing but at the same time you knew that’s how it would end up being anyway. That’s why you never told him how you felt.

“I wouldn’t believe you.”

“Why not?” You sat with your elbows in the table, your chin in the palm of your hands.

“Because you’re you. I dunno.” You were taken back at what he said and you wanted an explanation. You raised your eyebrows and just stared at him.

“I mean like, you’re a rockstar Y/N. You’re out there kicking ass in your colorful socks and band t-shirts. You’re the smartest chick I know and, the way you live your life is just.. It’s different, you’re different. I always guessed you’d like a guy that’s different too. Not me, I’m just your average white kid that happens to be able to sing. Nothing special really, nothing compared to someone like you.” This was the second time now you were taken back by everything Shawn said, and you just sat there staring at him not knowing what to say.

“You seriously think you aren’t special?” Was all you said at first. Shawn just shook his head some more and laughed again.

“You’re Shawn Mendes, you’re the most popular name out there right now, and probably forever. If you weren’t special, you wouldn’t have millions of girls running after you everyday. Don’t fucking sit here and tell me that you’d be surprised if I liked you Shawn. You can call me different but in reality I’m not. I’m just like every other girl out there who’s crazy in love with you and your special ass.” You weren’t saying it in a mean way, you were just being as honest as possible and you surprised yourself at first, but you were sick of pretending that you weren’t in love wth your best friend who sat across from you, mouth wide open.

“You’re in love with me?”

You shrugged your shoulders and stood up from the table getting ready to leave, regretting what you said. You and Shawn walked out in silence and suddenly the cool air hit you and you stood outside, letting the wind blow your hair around.

“I asked you a question back there.” Shawn reminded you of what he said before, but this time he grabbed your shoulder. You turned to look at him.

“Yes Shawn. I’ve been in love with you since day one. Don’t act like you didn’t know.” You pushed your hair behind your ear, hoping you weren’t upsetting Shawn. You stood still for a minute, before you notice Shawn walk closer to you. He was so tall, looking down at you.

His hands were now pushing the other pieces of hair around your face, behind your other ear, and he was looking right at you. He leaned in slowly to kiss you, but you pulled away.

“You’re lonely Shawn. You’re sad. You want someone to kiss and as much as I get that, I’m not letting it happen. I’ll bring you home and you can go back to moping and do whatever you want, but I’m not letting you use me to get rid of your pain okay?” Your face was probably bright red and you could feel your heart beating in your chest, like it was going to jump out and land right in Shawn’s hands. But you didn’t let it. Not this time.

“What do you think I am? Some kind of fuck boy? I wouldn’t kiss someone just for fun Y/N. I did that maybe once. Maybe twice.. But you’re my best friend.”

You stared at him in the cold, and he just stood there staring back at you. The cold air was making his nose pink and his eyes were watering from the wind. You didn’t know what to say, so you just walked over to the car opening to door and getting in. Once you were both seated in the car, Shawn turned on the ignition getting ready to drive before saying, “Sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Was all you could think to say. Shawn started driving and the ride home was quiet. Silent actually, no words. You sang softly to the radio that played but otherwise, there was nothing more between you and Shawn. That was, until you got home. He threw the keys on the table and yelled.

“I fucking love you okay? There, I said it.”

You stood still in your tracks, and you turned to face Shawn.

“Um.. I love you too?” You said and titled your head, before letting out a weak laugh.

“No Y/N. I mean like, like more than that. Of course I never told you because I was too busy being stupid with other girls. But what I said back there, before we got home, it had me thinking.”

“About what?”

“About what I said about how you’re my best friend. I don’t wanna be kissing girls for fun anymore, I wanna be kissing my best friend.” You slowly walked closer to Shawn, watching him as he stood still, his hands in his pockets.

“Really?” You raised your eyebrows, laughing, just in case he was joking.

“Yeah really. Really, really really Y/N.” But he wasn’t joking, his hands were on your neck now, and his breath was warm against your skin. His voice vibrated into your head and soon enough his mouth was on yours. You didn’t stop him this time, instead you kissed back, harder, grabbing his hair and running your fingers through it.

You let out an awkward noise, and you stumbled over the table that was behind you. Shawn pulled away and smiled into your mouth, laughing at you.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a while.” You admitted as you grabbed his hand.

“So have I.”

Mystic Messenger First Impressions - Via My 10yr Old Brother

Yoosung Kim: hmmm. Large forehead. Lifeless, dead eyes. Likes. Brushing his teeth..? smeegul. Just. Smeegul. Wears brown thing in hair? (they’re hair clips) oh. No teeth. Doesn’t have emotions. (what do you think his personality is like?) Just is one of those characters that is like this all the time *holds creepy eye contact for like a minute with a frown* and, triPPIN BALLZZ.

Zen: (we’ll do zen next) Zenyana from overwatch??? What??? (okay what do you think of him?) looks like he’s gonna shank you in ur sleep. (do you think he’s handsome?) no. hmmmm. Likes old person wallpaper. Never does up his buttons on his shirt, a.k.a. douche-bag. (do you think he’s a p r e t t y b o i) no. just. No. Too much white. (are you being racist???) no, are you? Tristan eyebrows. Vampire. T H I C C. Uh. *gasp* HIPPY PONYTAIL!!! He looks like that guy we always see in town! You know the one that’s always fat and sweaty and wears those glasses… (ZEN ISN’T FAT) no just the fact that he has a ponytail and a turtle neck. R O A S T E D.

707: *makes grossed out double chin face* ummm. You said he was handsome… no. BUMBLEBEE GLASSES. Looks like a chick.. No. MANCHICK. I thought he had starbucks in his hands. Like. A pumpkin spiced latte or something. Definitely a God fan, he’s in the Jesus fandom. He’s got lots of cracks on his outfits (wdym???) look! Crack, crack, crack. He’s all cracked up. Jk I was talking about the cracks on ur screen. He puts on a deep mysterious voice when really, he has a S Q U E A K Y squ eaky voice. Has red. Obsessed with bumblebee colours and transformers. (What do you think his occupation is?) what does that mean again? (Like his job.) augh. *grins evilly* hm, being a loser, pizza shop, or telemarketing. Who calls their kid 707 (it’s code name, he’s a hacker) Why don’t they call him hacker 707 then??? (THEY DO)

Jumin Han: (we’ll do Jumin now) Jumin??? Is he Jewish (he’s probably rich enough). Uhm, has a dirty cat. (that’s a stray, the other one is his cat) THAT ONE LOOKS LIKE A PILLOW (her name is Elizabeth the 3rd) ohoho WOW. Younger, skinnier, whiter, different hair coloured homer simpson. Again, looks high as balls. Why does everyone in this game look high? Dating website or a website to buy drugs… grey, again, lifeless dead eyes. Looks like he’s gonna punch you in the face “You wanna mess with me”. Likes hankies, specifically purple ones.

V: DEMONIC EYES. Old person mouth. Blue hair, yes, definitely blue hair. And a blue personality as well. She looks like she’s be an emo (SHE???) look! Boobs! One of those people who would say “man, I just robbed a bank with my emotions. My sadness was the get-away driver, and my anger took the money”. (SEE. NO BOOBS) still looks like a girl. *huffs* B O R I N G. why does he have a pimp stick? Or is that an umbrella? IS HE BLIND? (*nods*) ohhhh. OHHHHH. Well I’m gonna look an asshole. At least they’re not irl people. Very rich. Otherwise how would he get his pimp stick?

Rika: (Oh look it’s a picture of a snake!) ??? She’s got eyes the colour of shreks skin. ONIONS HAVE LAYERS DONKEY. Uh. Boring, boring, boring and boring. Butthole mouth. She’s looks like she’s going “Hehe, I just stole your credit card details and your boyfriend!” Allergic to peenor cheese (uuuuhhh, what do you mean by that..?) um. Uh. Things. You know queen. And she is the walrus god. 

Jaehee: (Opinions on queen Jaehee) uuhhh, business woman? Likes talking and typing about paper. Very small mouth. Dragon eyes. Likes purple binders. Why does everyone have purple things? Purple hankies, purple binders (Yoosung’s eyes are purple too) yep. Why does she have a um, neck thingie (Lanyon). Big forehead, again. (Do you think she’s pretty?) uhhh, no… not really.

Unknown/Saeran: Unknown smells, unknown sighs. *quotes unbreakable* It’s a silver gun, with a black grip. Is that a guy??? (yeah) Again, why has he got a woman’s shirt, pink hair and boobs. Did he get implants???.  (he’s just E D G Y) all I see is wannabee assassins creed. Punk. Goth. Emo.

So Which Ones Do You Think Are Gay:

Zen: uh no.

Yoosung: He looks like someone from final fantasy so yeah. Augh someone on tumblr is gonna roast me and say “bluh final fantasy is the best”

Jaehee: (what bout Jaehee, is she Gaehee???) Yes.

Jumin: (Does Jumin Han Is Gay???) No.


Rika: No. Cuz she’d be like someone who’s climbin in ur windows and stealin your bf.

Unknown/Saeran: Yes. (how much percent) He goes to the gay pub instead of the gay bar (why??) Because he exceeds over the gay bar, so he can get some- (stds) did you just say LSD?

V: No, because gay people- *laughs* I mean. Blind people, don’t know what gender they’re looking at. (HE’S BLIND NOT DEAF OR STUPID) 50/50 chance that he gay okay.

Anonymous said: I saw your wonderful blog!! Can I please have a scenario where his s/o fought some villains and was turned into a middle schooler. I think this would be super hilarious. Thank you so much!!!

No, thank YOU so much, Anon! :) I hope you like this one!

Warnings: None

Todoroki runs into the smoke still dense from the fight that’d taken place. He exhales deeply, feeling the coldness that spreads through his right side, the result of freezing a villain to the ground seconds ago. His eyes are frantically darting left and right in search of you and the villains that had lured you to another part of the city.


He flinches at your yell, speeding up in the direction of where he’d seen you last, and with a sweep of his surroundings, he catches glints of the colors of your hero costume sticking out through the now fading smoke. Todoroki rushes ahead, squinting both eyes at the silhouette of your body. He should be relieved that he’s found you, but that feeling of unease within him remains.

Something’s not right.

He immediately stops, gaping at the sight of you. Of all quirks… it had to be that quirk.

Standing merely feet away, there you are in your loose-fitting hero costume, which had fit fine before, smaller, shorter, and frowning.

You turn your hands over, examining them front and back, then meet Todoroki’s shocked stare. “It’s bad, isn’t it?” you ask, your voice sounding younger and apprehensive, much less lively than Todoroki is used to, and he blinks once.

He doesn’t answer your question. “You’re a middle schooler.” he says, like he’s restating the truth of the circumstances, accepting it for what it is, but at the same time trying to make sense of it.

For the past few weeks, rumors had been spreading locally about a quirk that affected age, but when it’d finally reached his ears, Todoroki hadn’t believed it—until now. His own partner, professional hero turned middle schooler in the span of a villain fight that hadn’t lasted for even an hour.

Shaking his head to snap himself out of his daze, Todoroki looks you over for any injuries, doing so quickly in case someone was to chance upon you both. He doesn’t know about you, but he doesn’t want to be labelled as the hero that likes looking at middle schoolers. But in his defense, he can’t help it since middle schooler or not, you’re still his one and only.

Frustrated, you ruffle your hair. “What do I do, Shouto? If the police, no, if the civilians see me like this…”

The hell with it, no one’s around, Todoroki thinks, moving to bring you closer and in his arms. With his hands cupping your face, he kisses your forehead before pulling back to say, “We can have the police question the villains about their quirks,” he turns to glance at the two unconscious villains on the ground. “…after they wake up.”

Intending to hug Todoroki, you reach for his waist, and just when you’re ready to relish in his warmth, you retract your hands as a police officer, coughing from the leftover smoke, suddenly appears. He offers a friendly wave to Todoroki, who immediately switches his stance, making it seem as if he’s only (awkwardly) patting your back.

“It’s the hero, Shouto! Wow, am I—oh, who’s this?” Cheery, the police officer walks up to the both of you, directing his attention to you particularly. “Hey kiddo, did this guy here save you?” He jabs a thumb in Todoroki’s direction.

You nod a bit too enthusiastically. “He did!”

The officer laughs, distracted, and Todoroki sends you an annoyed face, to which you disregard, continuing, “You should’ve seen him freezing that villain!”

Unwilling to interrupt your “fun,” Todoroki sighs, brushing back white hair that’d fallen out of place. The villains yet to be detained would have to wait, and while that causes him concern by itself, he’s more concerned about that smile you’d had just now.

“Are you a fan of his?” asks the officer, and you pause, rubbing your chin, doing this for a moment in thought.

“Yeah, I’m going to marry him someday!” you answer finally, satisfied, pretending the icy look Todoroki has on isn’t aimed at you.

He watches you pose for the police officer, imitating some made-up hero, and groans low enough for himself not to be heard.

He really hopes that damn quirk’s effects wear off soon.

It’s tiring to be a Princess | Bucky Barnes

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Last night, she had looked perfect, every little fiber on his being had pushed the situation to the limit, and that morning, between white sheets and discarded clothes, he had found himself waking up to the woman he realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Snoring and with last-night’s makeup smeared on her face.

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Love to Hate You (part 1)

Words: 1k (sorry it’s so short)

Summary: You discover your profound bond with an unwanted and unlikely archangel who happens to be possessing your boyfriend.

Warnings: Pretty sure Casifer needs a warning right now.

A/N: I know we’re all not loving Lucifer so much right now, but I started writing this before the finale. Also, Tumblr can be a twat so I don’t always get notifications. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list just shoot me an ask or a DM.


You paced in your room at the bunker, worried sick about your boyfriend Castiel. He hadn’t been answering your calls or texts and both Sam and Dean refused to tell you what was going on. They seemed to think keeping you in the dark would be better than knowing the truth; that he had was currently possessed by Lucifer.

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I went back home to the Midwest, and I Facebook messaged a guy I used to hang out with to meet up since I wanted to go get drinks. I told him that I had a welcoming back party until 11PM on a Thursday, and asked if he was available afterwards. He immediately replied yes.

I was late and it was actually 11:30PM. He still drove up to my house which was 30 minutes away from where he is. I wore a tank top, showing off the arms formed from 80 pull ups and chin ups every other day. I walked out, but he was outside my door instead of in his car. I asked if he was thinking of going inside or going out, and he said either is fine with him. I actually just wanted a platonic drink, but he was thinking something different.

“Let’s go for a drink.” I walked with him into his car and we went down to the most popular gay club in town where there’s often amateur night with boys showering in this glass display with their semi-hard cocks rubbing against customers’ faces with only a thin layer of molded sand between them.

Drinks were only a dollar that night, which I was surprised because they usually went for seven. Guess they wanted to attract all the hoes who were thirsty on a weekday.

He said he wasn’t dressed to go out, and was wearing a sweater with his college’s logo on it. I made fun of him for being so basic, and he laughed and agreed. His skin is nicely tanned with deep brown eyes, and he had a chiseled chin and strong jaw line. I could see his bolded chest and thick arms, and his ass filled out his pants nicely.

We had two drinks each, talking to random strangers looking for suggestions for bars to go to the next night and some white guys who were here for a Socialist Summer Camp. I got into a three-minute debate over election systems before my friend got bored and left to “get a drink.” I left with him, grabbing onto his 2 percent body fat waist.

The bar was closing, so he drove us back to my place. I asked if he wanted to come in to sober up, he eagerly said yes. We walked up into my room, and I gestured to my clothes on the floor and told him I wasn’t expecting anyone tonight. He didn’t mind.

I turned off the light, and he was already laying on my bed. I got on top of him and stuck my tongue inside his mouth. He opened wide and his mouth was still wet from the water he drank right before we left.

I grabbed right below his arms to pull him on top of me as I switch to lay on my back. I unzipped my pants and he started to lick the outside of my underwear before I could start pulling them down. I pull my underwear leg up just a little bit so he could taste the tip of my cock, which already had some precum ready for him to taste. I told him to pull the rest of my pants down, and he did it without question.

He got back up and pulled my underwear down. My cock bounced up and audibly hit my stomach. He moved his mouth to let it back inside, using the spit that was still in his mouth from us making out to lube it. I put my hands behind my head, letting him do all the work serving my cock.

“Itching to get that hole fucked?” He murmured, “Yes,” as my throbbing cock was still in his mouth. He kept swallowing a mix of my precum and his own spit as he takes off his pants, never taking it out.

“I’m going to force your hole open with my thick cock.” He is now deep throating the entirety of my tool. “I’m going to let you know that you are just a toy for men to fuck. The only thing you’re good for is opening up your hole for men to seed you.” He sucks me faster.

“You love serving men you just met don’t you?” I can feel him nod by the way his mouth moves my cock up and down. He replies, “I’m just a hole for you to use.”

“You’re worth nothing besides your mouth as a cum dump.” He nods again.

He comes up to kiss me and I slide my hands down his waist. He’s wearing a jock strap. A sign of a guy just waiting to be fucked.

“I’ll have to buy you a cock cage so that you won’t be able to touch yourself. The only thing that will make you feel good will be my cock entering that hole.”

“Only if that means I’m your constant hole for use.”

“The only thing that will make you happy is to be fucked by me. The only thing you’ll eat is my cum.”

I told him to get on the floor, on all fours. I sat on the edge of my bed.

“Wag your ass in the air like a little dog happy to see its owner.” He has his palms on the ground, lowers his chest, and starts wagging. “Pant like a little puppy for me.” He sticks out his tongue, and starts salivating. I ordered him to turn around.

I placed my cock right at the edge of his hole. It was already lubed up. “Fuck yourself with my cock. Make your master happy.”

He then pushes himself back. I can see his knees are on my haphazardly thrown clothes on the floor as cushion. He moans as I see my cock opening up his tight Latino hole and going deeper inside him. His waist was so thin that I could imagine exactly how my cock looked like as it was going inside him.

He pushes back on my dick, making sure the whole seven thick inches goes into it. “That’s a good dog. Make your master proud of you.”

“Yes, sir.”

I then grab his hips and start fucking him, making sure I pull it out until the tip and sliding it back in to make him feel the entire length. I could feel my cock pulsating as the outside of his hole is going up and down the shaft.

I let my cock leave. “Turn around. Clean off the cock that was just fucking you.”

He lets his cock back inside, and now I’m on my knees pushing it deep into the back of his throat.

“You want your master’s milk?” He nodded.

“You like getting fucked by the same cock that fucked two guys earlier this week, don’t you?”

“Fuck yes.”

“Yeah, you don’t care if you’re the last in line fucked as long as a guy is breeding you, you feel like you’re worth something.”

He sucks my cock faster.

I grab my cock to start jacking off, and he opens his mouth, panting like a good little puppy. “Yeah, you’re going to make your master proud.” I could feel my balls contracting, then I started to shoot my cum. He sealed his lips over the tip of my rock hard pleasure stick and laps it up. Swallowing it all.

He opens his mouth to show me that it’s all gone. I spit in it. I grab below his jaw, bring him up, and gave him a deep kiss. I laid down on my bed and had him lay in front of me as I laid my arm across his chest grabbing his shoulder. I found this position to make the guys feel the most covered and protected.

He started to drift off to sleep.

I woke him up to tell him to scoot down so that his face was in my crotch. “Suck my cock like a baby and its pacifier. It’ll make you feel safe and loved.”

He opens up, and I stuck my semi-hard cock inside. That night, he slept with his mouth sealed around a cock that just fucked and came inside his mouth.

got a theory

i think that the white robed frank from filthy frank vs chinchin is still not the real frank.

first, notice how his little title card thing has quotations around “real”. oddly specific detail.

next, fake frank even seems to doubt he is real, when talking to wheelz he says that there is an unknown person who is imitating him. though take this with a grain of salt because fake frank was most likely lying to get wheelz on his side.

next, we have the actual man himself talking. he says “some might call me a peacelord, i dont know..”
that was interesting to me, because sure, you can say frank could have secretly been a peacelord this whole time, but the quotations around “real” and the outfit and godlike powers really tie this together. the papa i know is a scrub and i really dont think he’d ever be that cool.
it was also said before that the peacelords were hunting both franks, so why would the supposed real one be labled as a peacelord himself? it doesnt quite tie together for me.

and as ive observed, outfits are absolutely EVERYTHING in this show. sometimes even the slightest outfit change can mean a new whole character (aka kamikaze failure frank) so really the possiblity of white robe frank STILL not being the real frank is quite real. in fact, im not even sure that the frank wearing orange sunglasses is the same as the frank wearing blue sunglasses.

sorry to say, but i still think it will be a time until we see the true filth again. i personally think that the white robed figure was a peacelord with striking resemblance to frank (because apparently there’s a lot of entities who look like him) who was just fighting chinchin. i really dont think frank was ever powerful enough to fight chinchin let alone brave enough.
besides, was it not hinted that this was only the beginning? let me know what you guys think!!!

SUMMARY: white robed man is a peacelord and not really the real papa franku. i think he still has yet to show up.

Shadows on the Subway

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Fandom: The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters
Paring: Jace x Reader
Summary: You’re traveling home when an unexpected interaction leads to deathly consequences.
(I know this mirrors the storyline of Clary Fray, but I couldn’t help but add some modern flare to it. Plus it’s such a good intro for a character to have into the shadow world!)

The air in the tunnel sucked in as the approaching train shot it’s way into the platform. You followed the crowd and stepped onto the tube, appreciating the space a 9pm commute offered and taking one of the quad seats. You stretched your legs out and onto the seat in front of you, prepared to stare out and do your usually post-work zone out. While it wasn’t the most stressful job in the world, being a barista at Java Jones always left your cheeks sore from smiling and mind cluttered with rude comments from caffeine deprived customers.On the plus side you constantly smelt like coffee.

The train took off, shaking a bit and the overhead light flickering on as the underground tunnel cut out the sky. Out of the corner of your eye you saw the closest person to you was a tall woman, pale and shaking. A druggie? you wondered to yourself, No. She’s dressed too nice to be a user, or at least one that would eat your face like that that guy in Florida…
Something was clearly wrong, and not just because she had chosen to rock a blazer with massive shoulder pads. Damn. You knew you had to ask.

“Ma’am, you alright?”
You asked, pulling your headphones from your ears and sitting upright.
She looked up sharply, her face flashing from shock to fear to something you couldn’t quite put your finger on.
“Well aren’t you sweet,” she said, wringing her hands, “I’m-I’m ok. Just been a long day. A long century.”
You laughed, “yeah I feel that.”
Her mouth turned into a smile, but you felt yourself instinctively press against the back of your seat. 
“Um, can I help you? Do you need help?”
“Yes actually, now that you mention it…” she said moving closer and taking the seat next to you. Crap. You had not intended to make friends on the train today. 
“I’m feeling a bit…well drained. I need something to help…” It was there, in the woman’s unnervingly steady eye contact that it dawned on you. The expression you couldn’t figure out earlier- it was hunger.
Instinctively you slid your hand into your jacket pocket and wrapped your fingers around your keys. Best case, she was going to ask for cash for McDonalds. Worst case you could use your keys and go all low-budget Wolverine on her face, and jump off at the next stop.

“You’re taking Fast Food to a whole new level.” You and the woman jerked your heads up to see a young guy with blonde hair and an annoyingly defined jawline. The woman grabbed hold of your wrist but turned her gaze on the guy. 
“Nephlim,” you heard her almost growl at him.
“Alive and in the flesh, which is more than I can say for you” he said, pulling out an object from behind his back and lunging towards the woman. Instantly she dropped your wrist and moved with ridiculous speed, appearing behind the guy-sharp teeth bared. But he was ready for her and ducked sweeping his leg under hers. As she fell you saw something glint in the guys hand. A knife. No. A sword? Oh God, I’m about to witness a murder!
“No!” You screamed running at the blonde guy. Surprised he turned to meet the exclamation and fell as your shoulder make contact with his chest. The weapon scattered out of his hand and you scrambled to pick it up. 
“Both of you just stop!” you shouted, holding the blade in front of you with both hands. “No one is killing..or eating…anyone!” Your hands were steady but your voice held a wild confusion. 
The woman smirked, “Oh, silly mundane.”

What happened next only took a few seconds, but felt like it was in slow motion. You saw the guy open his mouth wide, yelling. You saw something that reflected fear rise in his blue eyes. But you didn’t hear any noise. All of your focus turned to the woman, who’s grimace and hands reached out for you. Her skin so white it made her lips look they were covered in blood. And then they were. Blood coated her bottom lip and a trickle slid down her chin. Confused you looked down, seeing the blade your hands still clutched now stuck in the woman’s gut. Upon realizing what had happened time sped up to it’s normal pace, sending you falling back onto the nearest seat and the woman writhing on the floor. You looked across her to the equally shocked guy “You…I…I didn’t…” You didn’t know whether you should defend or explain yourself. 
“You shouldn’t of been able to do that. You shouldn’t of seen…” the guy muttered, keeping his eyes on you but picking up the body of the now still woman.
You looked down at your shaking hands, covered in blood so dark it carried tints of black. You wanted to scream but the reality of what you’d just done hollowed you out. “Oh God.”
Suddenly the PA system dinged, signaling the opening of the doors onto the new platform.
“Don’t.” The guy said, reading your desire to run. But you weren’t wanting to stick around. You may be running from the scene of a crime, but considering he’s the one who brought the weapon on the train, you figured you’d be justified in getting away from him. Right before the doors closed you grabbed your backpack and bolted for the platform, running past the people waiting to step on and up the stairs. You didn’t stop to warn people or explain; you just ran until you broke the surface and were standing in the open air outside the station doors. 
Breathing heavily and shoving your hands in your pockets you threw your head about making sure the guy hadn’t followed. When you felt you were alone you sunk to the cement. Images of the woman’s face, the smell of that blood that still stained your skin, and the guy’s final words as you ran overwhelmed you. 
“They will come for you.”


Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 894

A/N: Short and sweet - fluffy Cas being impossibly adorable. I hope he makes you feel as warm and fuzzy as he makes me feel in this one! For the curious reader - the title, inflorescence, refers to the flowering body of a plant.

(not my GIF)

“Cas, what the hell!” Hands gesticulating wildly in the air, Dean glowered a mix of concern and annoyance at the angel currently inexplicably grappling at the top of the stairs with a largish bare-rooted tree of some kind. Clumps of mud, dirt, and gravel showered through the metal landing, hissing as they scattered across the cement floor.

Sam wandered in from the library, alerted by the commotion, freezing in the doorway, brow furrowing in confusion at the strange scene playing out before him. “Is that a tree?”

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anonymous asked:

I saw you wrote that thingy about Trans!Will on his period and I was maybe wondering if I could request something like that? Like maybe... Will coming out to Nico or something like that? (I've never done this question thing before and its anonymous and my anxiety is urging me to press the cancel button and I don't know why 👀).

never be scared to send in an ask, on or off anon!! i love getting asks tbh… and i love writing trans will stuff!! i have another trans will coming out fic on my ao3 (willsolaceyall) so hit me up there if you wannu to!


Will didn’t hide any part of his identity - that wasn’t his style. He was a Loud and Proud kind of guy. Will Solace was the kind of guy to yell “I’m gay!” at the top of his lungs in response to any personal question. On top of that, he often wore the trans flag emblazoned on different jackets and shirts and even socks. On many an occasion, Will walked around camp with a giant pride flag draped across his shoulders as he zoomed around like a superhero and called himself ‘The Terf Destroyer’. 

So, he never thought he’d have to come out to Nico. But, apparently, he was wrong.

Nico’s eyebrows were furrowed in confusion, pretty dark eyes locked on Will’s blue ones. “Wait, wait,” he interrupted again. “You’re talking like you have that too?”

Will’s face scrunched up like he’d taken a bite of something both very sour and terribly alarming. “What, a period? That’s because I do. You know that, darlin’, don’t you?”

Bushy red hair came into Nico’s view and suddenly he was looking at Rachel with the same perplexed expression. “Are you alright, Nico?” she asks and suddenly Nico isn’t so sure.

“You’re a man..” his whisper came, quiet yet so loud to Will’s ears. No amount of sparring in the distance could drown out his voice. Not even the volleyball game that was taking place nearby. “How do you have .. that?”

Will blinked. He rubbed his eyes, stuck his pinkies in his ears and twisted to clear them. “I’m sorry.” He wasn’t sorry and was obvious. “I’m sorry, I… I don’t think I’m understanding you. Do you have amnesia or something?”

Nico shook his head. “I would remember this, believe me.”

“Nico… I’m not exactly quiet about being trans. You know I’m trans, right?”

Rachel took this time to excuse herself. Apparently a mural was carving it’s way through her mind and if she didn’t skip off to paint it right this minute, they’d all face the wrath of Phoebus Apollo himself. (”It’s always nice to see my dad.” Will snarked. Rachel left laughing.)

When Rachel was finally gone far enough away, Will nervously shifted towards his boyfriend, clearing his throat. “You do know I’m trans, right? Like, this is okay?”

Nico shrugged. “I don’t know what trans means.”

“You…” Will’s blond curls fall over his forehead messily and that he didn’t automatically bring his hand up to toy with them or move them out of his face said something very loudly to Nico. And then Will sighed, brought his hand up in one motion, and tugged all of his own light hair backwards, pulling it. His eyes were wide. “How has no one told you yet…”

And Nico just shrugged again. He said, “Will you?” and smiled a bit when Will agreed because, of course Nico, why wouldn’t I?

“Well, there’s a lot of ways to explain this,” Will murmured. “But, I guess that the easiest way for someone who was born in your time period is… I was born a girl.” He paused at the look of surprise on Nico’s face. “Well, not really. But everyone though I was a girl because of body stuff. You know how doctors are. Bunch of quacks.” It’s here that Nico laughed, bringing hope to Will’s heart like he always did. “It wasn’t until later in my life, when I figured out I could be a boy that I realized that I always had been, secretly, inside. So.. I’ve got all the funny birthing components, like a uterus, or whatever you need, but I’m still a dude. There’s intersex trans dudes who might have different stuff,” Here, Nico’s face grew more perplexed, which cue’d Will’s turn to laugh. “Okay, okay, we’ll save that for a different discussion. But, basically, I’m transgender, which means ‘identifying as a different gender than the one assigned at birth’. They said I was a pretty little lady,” he shrugged with good humor. “I say I’m a pretty little man.”

Nico scratched his chin. “Is that what those colors are for? The flag?”

“Blue, pink, white, pink, blue,” said Will with pride. “If that’s what you’re referring to, then yes. That’s the trans flag.”

“And.. the other word. The one you-”



Will smiled at his boyfriend happily. “You’re very open-minded for a guy in your 80′s.”

Nico rolled his eyes, but Will could see him smiling. “Just shut up and tell me what it means.”


aaaa hope you enjoy!! idk why it was so hard for me to keep tense through out this, i kept wanting to switch to present tense?? haha anyways, hopefully it’s alright! i’ll see if i can save it, edit and revise a bit, and then post on ao3 in its Final Form … thank you for sending the request!!! - mod will

I'll post this on ao3 later

I didn’t make the plot line up! The idea goes to the respected creator I just took my own spin on it.

Betty happily crept up the stairs and slowly opened Veronica’s bedroom door. It was dark, she could see the outline of the raven haired girl lying down. She tip toed over to the bed and slid next to her, placing a hand on the smaller girls waist.
“Hey love bug!” Betty kissed the tip of her nose. Veronica looked indifferent through the moon light and turned away from her girlfriend.
“Please go away…” she mumbled through her pillow. Betty’s heart sunk, she scooted closer trying to nuzzle the neck of the other girl.
“Woah what’s wrong?” Betty backed off and furrowed her eyebrows.
“Nothing. I just want to be alone. Now go away.”
“V, you never want to be alone. I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong.” Betty tried to lace her fingers with Veronica’s but she pulled her hand away. “Veronica ple-”
“You weren’t there…” Veronica interrupted.
“I wasn’t where?” Veronica turned back to face the blonde girl.
“The variety show.”
“…oh… OH! Veronica I’m so sorry I got so carried away with the inv-”
“The investigation. I know… I smell his cologne on you…” Betty was quiet. “I don’t even have to hear the story. Let me guess, he kissed you?” Betty remained silent, her heart sinking more and more with every second. “Listen, I get you aren’t out to your parents or anyone else. But that doesn’t mean you can go around letting people kiss you to avoid suspicion. You have to still be loyal to me. To us… I can’t do this if this is what you’re going to be like.” Betty felt like she was hit with a truck
“V, I-”
“I don’t want to hear it. I want to be alone. Goodbye. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Betty saw Veronica’s eyes fill with tears and she silently got up and head to the door.
“I’m going to make this right V. I promise.” Betty took one last look at the dark figure before walking out, her throat closing up, and her heart breaking.
Veronica hugged her pillow close. Her mind racing at a million miles a minute. She hugged her pillow close and let the tears fall out. Before she met Betty, she didn’t believe in committed relationships. Everything was temporary. But Betty felt permanent. At least, she thought Betty felt permanent.
The next day wasn’t easy for either of the girls. Veronica awoke to her eyes feeling heavy, probably from all the crying done the night prior. Betty awoke to crescent shaped cuts in the palm of her hands. Usually it was Veronica that kept her away from doing that, but she felt as if she’d lost her.
Betty arrived to school earlier than she normally does, just to get a little extra alone time. It was perfectly silent other than the scratch of her pencil on a rough draft of a Blue and Gold article she’d been working on when the last person on earth she wanted to see came in the room.
“Hola Bets!” Jughead Jones the third slid in and sat on the desk she was currently trying to work on.
“What.” She responded in a slightly annoyed tone, Jughead continued on talking as if he didn’t even get the hint that she wanted to be left alone, she didn’t even hear a single word of what he said until the end when he asked
“Would you like to go out sometime? Just me and you?” He didn’t seem nervous at all. He looked like he was expecting her to say yes. But she lost it.
“No! Jughead no. Actually you kind of ruined this thing I had going with someone else. Someone I’ve been falling for now won’t talk to me. Because you kissed me. Jughead I am a FLAMING lesbian.” Betty stood up and paced back and forth rubbing her temples, preparing for the disappointment in Jugheads response. But there was none. Instead, this damn white boy started LAUGHING. Betty stopped pacing and turned to stare at him. He had to calm down for a second before he could start talking.
“Thank fucking GOD you realized that. I didn’t think I could handle the whole kissing Betty cooper until she realized she was a lesbian. Who did you have a thing with? I feel slightly bad now and want to help fix it.” Betty took a large swallow and kicked at the ground. She didn’t even have to answer.
“Oh fuck dude was it Veronica?! I didn’t accidentally tear up Bonnie and Clyde? Mom and Dad? Romeo and Juliet?” Betty still didn’t answer. “Ah damn I’m a moron. Well, I guess it’s my job to fix it up.” Jughead hopped off the desk and paced around Betty.
“You have a car right?”
Veronica arrived to school in less extravagant clothing than usual. She wasn’t wearing her iconic dark lipstick, or the sassy smirk that seemed to have permanent residency on her lips. She walked with less pep in her step, and more of a long drag. As she approached her locker, all she could think about was how much she wished she hadn’t left New York. The locker door creaked open and a neatly folded slip of paper fell into her hands. Before she could even open it, Kevin slid next to her.
“As the towns certified gay I must do my duty and formerly apologize for the feelings you are experiencing at the moment.” He said holding his chin high
“And what might those feelings be? Walk me to class Keller.” They turned and walked towards the west wing.
“The feeling of being straight blocked. The feeling of falling for a heterosexual human being. It’s tough.” He said sincerely.
“That’s the thing though Kevin. She’s not straight! I know she’s not! All the sleepovers, all the times me and her ‘went to the bathroom’ together, all the times we told you and the other guys 'we’d catch up’, what did you think we were doing?” Veronica gripped her book so hard her knuckles began to turn white. Kevin thought for a moment and went pale.
“Oh my… you, and Betty-”
“And you, did-”
“And she-”
“YES, honestly I thought you had a gaydar?!” Veronica exclaimed rolling her eyes, she slipped into her geometry class leaving Kevin behind in the hallway. Baffled.
When Veronica sat down she remembered the slip of paper from her locker. She unfolded it and looked at the message written inside
Please meet me at the old drive in after
school today. If you don’t I understand,
but I need to see you
Veronica didn’t want to go. She wanted to ignore Betty. But there was something about that damn girls cursive handwriting and the way she signed her name with a heart that made Veronica’s insides squirm.
They managed to avoid each other all day. Veronica skipped lunch and hung out with Ethel in the library instead. And after school, when Betty usually picks up Veronica and they go to sweet water river for some… activities. Veronica just walked instead. She saw Betty’s car in the drive in parking area and wandered over to it. Her heart pounding out of her chest. Betty was leaning against the hood, wearing a white t-shirt and that baseball cap she knew made Veronica weak in the knees. Betty turned and grinned at the sight of the girl.
“Hey!” Betty looked the girl up and down.
“What is it?” Veronica said not even returning the greeting. Betty took a few steps towards Veronica and looked deep into her eyes.
“Veronica, I’m sorry. I’m not going to make excuses for what I did and what I let happen. You don’t even have to know the whole story because it still hurt you. Honey, you are by far the most important person in my life. Even just today without seeing you made me so much more irritable. I missed you and it hasn’t even been 24 hours. I don’t even know why I thought what did would be okay” Veronica couldn’t help but get lost in the green eyes in front of her. She glanced down at Betty’s hands and saw the marks on her palms.
“Are those from me?” She asked quietly motioning to her hands. Betty frantically shoved her hands in her pockets.
“No! No. They’re not because of you. It’s just- nerves,” Betty lied and shot her a smile. But Veronica didn’t buy it. Her breath hitched in her throat at the thought of Betty clawing at herself because of her. “Listen, V, if you don’t forgive me. I get it. You can never talk to me again-” Veronica cut her off by placing her lips on hers. Betty pulled her hands out of her pockets and placed them on the small of Veronica’s back, puffing air lightly out of her nose that made Veronica’s lips tingle. They pulled away reluctantly.
“Please just tell me you won’t go around kissing guys to hide your sexuality.” Veronica bopped Betty’s nose with her pointer finger which caused Betty to scrunch her face up.
“I promise I won’t. And I can’t prove it.” Betty pulled away and travelled to the back of her truck, there was some sort of cloth folded up in the back. Betty grabbed it and unfolded it in one swift movement.
It was a very sloppy looking handmade flag that had
“I’m in love with Veronica Lodge” written in sharpie. It was very clearly written in Jugheads handwriting. Betty smiled and quickly duck taped it to the back window of her truck.
“You are such a dork.” Veronica laughed crossing her arms.
“That may be true but I’m your dork and you love me.”

ginger-weaslys  asked:

Hi, me again, I have a desicion now, and i know which one it is, lol. 23+18 please, either Drarry or Hinny? U pick which one you would rather do. Thank you xxxx

23. “Delete that immediately.”

18. “Come over here and make me.”

On the fifth of june 2030 The Burrow 2.0, a grand mansion in the scottish mountains, was filled with excited buzz. While most parents and grandparents were still snoring soundly in their beds, the next generation had something far from sleep on their mind.

Draco Malfoy’s surprise birthday party.

“Albus did you bring the cake?” Hugo gave him a sharp look, remembering birthdays had always been a problem for Harry’s youngest son.

“I thought you were bringing the- Ouch! Lily stop hitting me! I own a bakery of course I brought cake!” Albus shoved his sister away, but when she shoved right back he gave in and went to fetch the cake.

“You kinda deserved that one babe.” Scorpius gave him a light kiss when Albus came back. “You know how stressed Hugo gets about these things.”

“Nice boyfriend you have there Al. Doesn’t even pick your side in fights. Though I suppose neither did his dad so… “ Dominique had spent nearly a decade researching hippogriffs in Greece and wasn’t entirely comfortable with the new relationships in her family yet. Not that this gave her any leverage to make remarks like that.

“Dominique Weasley you either take that back right now or I will wake up your mother.” Hissed Rose.

“Sorry. And Sorry Albus- Stop kicking me Rose! Okay okay fine, and sorry Scorpius.” The latter had sounded somewhat reluctant, but Rose did cease the assault on her ankles. She would have made a bigger deal out of it, but too much stress was “bad for the baby”, as her wife kept putting it.

“Why are we doing this again? We’re probably going to walk in on them doing something too inappropriate for old people.” James gave Hugo a half annoyed look.

“They’re not that old. Fifty isn’t even half of a decent wizard life.” Hugo the healer shot back.

“So an even bigger chance we’ll walk in on a nice gay fellatio show, I can’t wait.” Fred the second rubbed his hands together in fake enthusiasm.

“Ieuw Fred! I did not need a reminder of his fortieth birthday!” Victorie gagged at the memory. Intimacy with men, women, or anything in between really, was absolutely not her thing.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. We scared the crap out of you guys didn’t we?” A messy black haired man emerged from the kitchen with a steaming mug of tea in his hands.

“Uncle Harry! What are you doing here?” Hugo cursed himself for not putting up any decent silencing charms before all the others woke up. “You’re supposed to be in bed with the birthday boy!”

“He kicked me out to fetch some tea. Don’t look at me like that Albus, my Malfoy is very different from yours. You would buckle too if you saw his death glare when you refuse his requests in the morning.”

“Pussy.” James laughed.

“That’s usually not what he asks for, though maybe after half a century-” Albus grabbed a nearby pillow and started hitting his father over the head with it until Scorpius took it away. James only laughed harder.

“Molly, do you have the video recorder ready?” Hugo looked up from his clipboard, ticking off the last items. He really was his mother’s child.

“I’ve been filming since I woke up dumdum. That’s where the red recording light is for.”

“Delete that immediately!” Louis cried out, shocked.

“Why? So the image of your amazing bedhead is lost forever? May I remind you that as a Slytherin potions professor I would never do that?” To agitate him further she zoomed in on his face. James, an expert in the field of messy hair, quickly rose to the occasion and tied Louis’ hair back in a bun.

“Stop bragging about your job Molly, you’re worse than Hugo when he got accepted to The Scamander Institute.” Louis rolled his eyes at his cousin. He gave James a quick hug as a thank you for fixing his hair.

“Let her be proud, according to the person whose birthday we are supposed to be celebrating right now she’s better than Slughorn and Snape combined.” Eris put a protective arm around Molly and placed a possessive kiss on her lips. Molly still loved how jealous her spouse sometimes got.

“Stop flirting with your wife Parkinson. It’s gross.” Louis threw a hairbrush at her head. Eris, being the seeker for Puddlemere United, caught it effortlessly and set it on fire.

“You’re gross, and it’s Weasley-Parkinson for you.” She handed him the half-burned brush back.

“Very mature of you Eris.”

“Guys guys guys!” Lily pushed the two rivals further away from each other before they had a chance to start throwing punches. It wouldn’t be the first time.

“I’m a girl thank you very much.” Defiantly Eris stuck her chin in the air.

“Stop shoving your politics in my face. Trust me, I know you’re a feminist.” Louis tried to mimic her confidence but failed when Eris raised her voice and he flinched.

“This wasn’t even aimed at you! Can you for one second stop being a whiney single white guy and-”

“GUYS!” Lily interrupted with more force this time. Staying quiet was not on the agenda anymore apparently.

“What?!” The two fighting Weasley’s shot back. Lily pointed at the bedroom door, where a relaxed looking Draco Malfoy was leaning against the wall with a bedhead worse than Louis and a goofy smile on his face.

“Not that I haven’t enjoyed the conversation so far, but I would prefer following it with a cup of tea and a slice of cake if I’m being honest. Turning fifty makes you hungry.”

“See what you’ve done Eris? Now he’s awake!” Louis put on his best I-am-not-the-villain-here face, after shooting Molly’s wife another foul look.

“Happy birthday honey.” Harry walked over to his lover and, oblivious to their audience, muzzled his nose in his long, slightly greying hair, before handing him his tea and a deep happy-fiftieth-birthday kiss. “You’ll have to keep on living until the next memorable age I’m afraid. Surprise parties are not their strong suit.”

“Well, if I can spend that time with you?” Draco threw an arm around Harry, pulling him close. “I don’t think I really mind.”

“Cheesy fuck.” Harry laughed.

“Hmm, I’ve never really been into food play, but even at fifty I suppose we can always try new things.”

“Ieuw ieuw ieuw ieuw ieuw. That is disgusting I did not need to hear that.” Victorie gagged at the thought.

“Maybe we should turn it down a notch.” Harry sighed, and he started walking away to cut the cake.

“Come over here and make me.” James groaned as Harry responded to his lover with a smirk and a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows.

“I told you guys! They’re being totally inappropriate!” James mock-tried to cover Lily’s eyes when their parents started making out again.

“It’s not a happy birthday until we’ve embarrassed our kids to death now is it?” Whispered Harry against Draco’s warm chest. His scar had not pained him for thirty two years. All was well.

Not the right order of requests but it’s Draco’s birthday so….

Also not my best work but I have other stuff to do in life and I didn’t want to miss this moment