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Valentines Week we had to ask youtubers and I Maz 

It’s tiring to be a Princess | Bucky Barnes

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Last night, she had looked perfect, every little fiber on his being had pushed the situation to the limit, and that morning, between white sheets and discarded clothes, he had found himself waking up to the woman he realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Snoring and with last-night’s makeup smeared on her face.

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anyway thanks guys now it’s kind of happening

unfortunately I worked it out and of course Victor isn’t lucky enough to be in Japan over Valentine’s day, anyway, can you even imagine him throwing his few tattered shards of dignity to the wind and making feelings-chocolate with the triplets and Yuuko, coming home covered with cocoa and sugar and smears of chocolate all on his nose and chin and shirt, beaming with pride, and Yuri just sighing and accepting his feelings, and his chocolate, even though the chocolate tastes very slightly burnt.

Yuri makes him chocolate too, of course, but Victor almost hates to eat it, it’s so pretty and Yuri made it! Also, it’s delicious.


[redacted until march 14 2017, sorry!]

Grubby Angel

A smutty story in which y/n really wants to drive Harry’s car… but it would take a lot more than one measly little kiss to make Harry hand over the keys.

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Alright, I am fucking in love with the idea of Pink’s darker vids being a result of something nasty clingin to them. It’s like a haunting when video footage gets tampered with and there’s a dark spot in one corner, or taking pictures that are just white or black screens. 

I like the idea of it becuase it’s like Pink Guy is being possessed and drained of his life force. And if we add the connotation of it being Chin Chin, who is a Dark God, then it A) makes him even bigger of a dick than before and B) shows how powerful he is and why Frank feared him. 

Chin Chin can emanate depression or at least sap your energy to the point of simulating depression? Fck right off thank you very much. I love all the speculation and the analysis going into this, especially from @filthy-franku-theories

Nicknames for Checkerface by Yours Truly, The Vindice

Over the years, the Vindice has always hated Checkerface. Whenever a new one joins their ranks, they provide a list of insults for if they should meet the man again so they can troll him. They also proceeded to look to pop media to think up of better nicknames for him. (Some names credited to @exocara but everything else is by me. If it’s not funny then it’s my fault

The many nicknames of our wonderful dreadful Checkerface are as stated:

“The Reversi man.”

“50 Shades of Black and White”

“The Colourless Asshole”

“Iron head.”

“The Man Who’s Only Good at Checkers.”

“The Man Who Fails at Chess.”

“The Man Who Cannot Wear Stripes.”

“The guy with the butt chin.” Followed by: “The Nega-chin.” and “The Crimson Chin.”

“Urahara Rip Off.”

“The Shittiest Undertaker.”

“The Man Obsessed with Checkers

“The One Who Lives and Dies with Checkers.”

“Caveman in the 21st Century”

“Modern Fossil Fuels.”

“The Bookman.”

“Edward Cullen With a Checkered Mask.”

The Vindice welcomes you to add to this list if you like.

I Hate Everyone (drabble)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearsss, complaining

A/N: Just got back from camp so here I am expressing my feelings through the reader. These incidents all happened and annoyed me so much, but here’s a small drabble for you guys. OH AND I’M WORKING ON THE NEXT PART OF THE ROAD TRIP SERIES SO HERES SOMETHING TO KEEP U COMPANY

“I hate everyone.”

You said, walking into your room and landing face first in your pillow. Bucky was sat on the bed, feet crossed over each other as he doodled in his journal.

“Rough day?” He asked, doodling your name on one page.

“Uh-huh.” You nodded, face still buried into the white pillow. Bucky closed his journal and tossed it to the side before flipping you on your back, making you yelp.

“What happened?” He asked, laying his chin in his palm as his hand rested at your side, looking down at you.

“You know how I had to go to the hq to meet the newest recruits?” You asked. He nodded as he gestured for you to continue. “They’re just so annoying. They were getting on my last nerves. Stupid kids. They wouldn’t even listen to me!” You said, throwing your hands up in the air.

“They can’t be that bad, doll. They’re just kids.” He assured. You shook your head.

“Annoying as hell. I don’t know if I’m PMSing or not, but those kids don’t know how to listen. For instance, this one kid, Josh - smaller kid. Just running all over the place.” You said, hooking your legs behind Bucky’s back, flipping yourself over so that you are atop of him. You buried your face in his chest. “I just don’t get it.”

“They were just annoying?” He asked, laughing as he felt the vibrations of your voice on his chest. “There are things worse than being just annoying.”

“They broke into the building and stole weapons, Buck.” You said, shooting your head up. “Why would you even do that?”

He sighed. “It was just a few weapons, (Y/N).”

“It was your rifle.” You smirked. His eyes widened. He pushed you lightly off of his chest and got up to grab his clothes.

“Little fuckers are going down.“

I hate those middle age white guys who walk round with that stupid fucking disdainful double-chinned rosy expression on their face, like they are doing the entire world a favour by existing in it and you are only allowed to Be because they say so. Your cheap suit and prehistoric attitude is impressing nobody, my guy, so kindly take your lame alpha dog mentality and neuter it for all our sakes.

Hey guys, This is Courtney. She is one of the kids that lives in my neighbourhood and shes missing. 

“Ottawa Police asks for public assistance to locate missing 15 year old female

(Ottawa)-The Ottawa Police Service is asking for the public’s help in locating a missing 15 year old female.

Courtney BILLINGS was last seen at 6:00 pm in the area of Merivale Road and Carling Avenue. She is described a white female, 5’-5”, 100 lbs., with chin length brown hair, a nose piercing, a strawberry birthmark on her left cheek. She was wearing a black winter jacket with fur on the hood, light coloured pants, one white sock and one red sock with no shoes.

Anyone with information or who sees Courtney BILLINGS is asked to contact the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222, or Crime Stoppers at 613-233-8477 (TIPS) or toll free at 1-800-222-8477.“

Please reblog this so that it gets out to as many people as possible and help bring her home safe.