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Movie Night! with Taehyung - requested

Anonymous said: Can you do a “Movie night” w/ taehyung , kinda like your “boyfriend jhope” type lists!! Tysm ily!

This is so cute I was hoping for something like this!

Movie night with Taehyung would include:

  • it would begin in the middle of the day
  • he’d text you out of the blue and go
  • “movie night?????”
  • and when you didn’t answer right away he’d text again and go
  • “movie night!!!!!”
  • ya’ll would assign what snacks to bring
  • and bicker over who gets what
  • “y/n you get the popcorn”
  • “yeah but i don’t like regular popcorn, i like the kettle corn”
  • “alright FINE I’ll make the popcorn AND the kettle corn you get candy”
  • “what kind of candy”
  • “oh can you get those cheddar Lays chips too”
  • so while you went to the store to get the candy and the chips, Tae would make the popcorn n stuff and bring water bottles into the living room
  • and when you got back the house reeked of burnt kettle corn
  • “dammit Taehyung”
  • “it’s still good tho!!”
  • so finally
  • you guys would drag every blanket you could find down to the living room
  • and make a 
  • SICK
  • ASS
  • FORT
  • and then make little nooks for yourselves inside of your fort
  • “wait im trapped”
  • “don’t ruin it it’s perfect”
  • “don’t worry i’ll save you babe”
  • and when he pulls away one of the couch cushion walls the entire fort collapses
  • even though all your hard work is ruined the two of you die of laughter
  • “alright alright let’s just lay on the cushions instead”
  • so you guys make a little nest of blankets and cushions and pillows and thats when he starts listing off movies to watch
  • “so what do you want to watch y/n”
  • “i really want to watch The Interview”
  • “that movie is insulting”
  • “you’re not even north korean”
  • “…but I guess you’re right”
  • so you guys end up going with Me Before You
  • because you didn’t want to watch an action movie
  • and throughout the movie he had his arm around you and you cuddled into his chest
  • and once in awhile when he’d snort or roll his eyes at the romance in the movie you’d chuck a box of sour patch kids at his head
  • “shh it’s getting good now”
  • and when the sad parts came up and you got a lil teary eyed he’d hug you really close while also making fun of you for crying
  • “tae it’s sad! what if that happened to us?”
  • “it wont baby just stop crying”
  • and by the time the movie ended, taehyung would have fallen asleep with body turned towards you and his arms around you
  • and you’d decide you want a lot more movie nights with taehyung in the future :’)

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Title: Torture

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Oh Sehun

Genre: Smut

Request: Please can I request a Sehun Smut where you tease him in the morning before a day out with the boys and leave him hanging when things are about to get heated. So he takes revenge on you by teasing you in front of the boys all? The rest is up to you, thank you! xx

Notes: Here you go, hope you liked it!!! Sorry about my ask tho, I fixed it now so if you want to request there, GO AHEAD!!


You and Sehun’s sex life wasn’t all that prominent now. You might do it a few nights a month, if you’re lucky. But you knew he wanted it a lot, and he just didn’t have the time for it. So, you took Kai into your grasp and told him your little plan.

“Hey Y/n.” Kai said, right on script. “Hey, why are you guys back so early?” You gave Kai a devilish glance when Sehun walked in. “Baek forgot his water bottle, and apparently he ‘NEEDS’ it.” Sehun said, making sure to curl his fingers in quotation marks around ‘NEEDS’. He didn’t really forget it, you stole it out of his bag so the boys would come back.

“We’re going to be for a while, tho. Director-nim said our driver had an accident and their in the hospital, so there’s no one to take us out.” Jongin explained, “So, we have about an hour, and I’ll leave you two aloonne…” He sang, smirking and twirling on his heal, walking out of the room.

The second the door was shut, Sehun practically leaped to pin you on the bed. “Thank fucking god. I’ve been waiting too long.” He murmured against your lips before crashing his against them. The kiss was so needy and you felt bad, but remembered how hard he would fuck you by the end of today.

“Mm, don’t get so excited. The boys are in the other room.” You whispered, grinding up against him on purpose. He just groaned and grabbed your hips tightly, holding them in place. He curled his fingers in the belt loops of your shorts and tugged them down to your knees when he was rudely int interrupted.

The door swung open with an innocent Baekhyun. “We-” He started to say something before his eyes became wide. He jerked around. “Um. Um, Uh. Direc- Uh,”

“Spit it out dipshit.” Sehun yelled, not even pulling your shorts back up, just staying in the position he was in.

“Director-said-we-can-leave-now-the-new-driver-is-in-the-lobby-I-promise-I-didn’t-see-your-girlfriends-vagina-Jongin-just-told-me-to-get-you-guys-I-didn’t-see-anything.” He spat out quickly. Sehun frowned.

“We’re coming.” You smiled at Sehun and pulled your shorts up, jogging after Baek. All Sehun could do was gape his mouth, surprised at how close he got. Ooh, were you in for a ride.


You rested you’re head on Sehun’s shoulder, trying to entwine your fingers with his but he pulled away. “Why are you like this?” You groaned, pouting at him. He gave you an angered look and scoffed. “You know exactly what you did,” He looked out the car window, “It was very mean.”

You smirked as you watched your plan take place before your eyes.

“Aish, this van is so hot when so many people are in it,” You fanned yourself with your hand. Sehun new you were doing it onpurpose. For god sakes, you were in shorts and a tanktop.

You reached in front of Sehun to open the vent so it blew on the two of you, making sure to stick your ass out. He believed you couldn’t hear it, but he choked on a whimper - his pants almost ripping in two.

Once you sat down, Sehun grabbed your thigh. You were surprised and your eyes widened. He leaned over, “I know what you’re doing. And if you don’t stop, I promise I’ll fuck you till you can’t walk. So wipe that pretty little innocent face off before I do it for you.”

You were excited right from the start of his naughty words which only made you want to tease him more.

“Sorry, babe. I’ll stop.” You batted your eyelashes and watched as he looked out the window once more. You rested your head back on his shoulder.


You walked with Sehun hand in hand into some expensive looking name brand store. The members split up, scavenging clothes racks and shelves. You followed Sehun as he did the same.

Although he searched the clothes calmly, you could clearly see the bulge he hid under his shirt and the clench in his jaw. You walked off, skipping to the back to find something for yourself.

Your eyes landed on the next puzzle piece of your war, and you snatched off the rack, almost running back to your boyfriend.

“Do you think this would look good on me?” He looked up at you and groaned. You held the white lingerie against your body, his favorite color on your body. Hint the sheets that spent long, hot nights with the two of you.

He snatched the clothing out of your hand, throwing it on top of the rack he was previously looking at. He pulled your hips against his, grabbing your thigh just below your ass.

“Didn’t I warn you? Now if you don’t stop, I’ll bend you over this clothing rack and spank you till you can’t feel your ass.” He growled, almost picking you up with his grip on your thigh.

He leaned down to drag his tongue up your jaw to your ear. He ground his hips against your thigh so you could clearly feel his pulsing erection.

“How does it feel, hm?” He hummed. “This is what you’ve done to me. Now stop.”


You held the handle and licked your lips as the vanilla ice-cream spilled into your cup. You waited till it came to the perfect amount and turned towards the topping section. All of the candy looked so delicious, but you knew it was so unhealthy.

You chose sprinkles and hot fudge, trying so hard to ignore the others. The cashier weighed it and smiled at you. “I wonder which looks sweeter.. this ice cream or you.”

A flirt he was, but a pretty good looking one two. He had a curved smile and perfect teeth. “Aww, thanks..” You blushed, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

You made sure to keep Sehun’s glare in the corner of your eye as you batted your eyelashes and smiled. The waiter ripped a sticky note off the supplies beside him and scribbled something on it before sticking it on the bottom of his cup.

You paid him for the ice cream and walked back to sit at the table with the boys. Before eating your ice cream, you ripped off the note.

Call me, cutie.

It read with his number pasted below it. Sehun frowned and snatched it from you. He read it before angrily ripping it into shreds.

He shot an almost evil glare at the cashier. You watched his face as he looked at Sehun, then you. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he quickly walked into the kitchen.

Sehun grabbed your hand, forgetting all about his ice cream as he tugged you to the small restroom.

Closing the door with his foot, he turned you around and pressed you against it with his body, his face mere centimeters from yours.

“This is the third time in one day. Flirting with the cashier? Slut.” He must’ve thought you didn’t hear the last part. It wasn’t a bad thing tho, it actually made you wet.

He spun you around so you faced the door and held your hips. He ground his hips against your clothed ass. “You’ve feel that? That’s what you’ve done to me. And you know what you’re going to do? You’re gonna fix it. Right here, right now.”

Right after his words, he tugged your shorts down to your ankles. You kicked them away. He let his fingers graze the inside of your thighs.

“Beautiful.” He sighed and ran his fingers over the lace of your panties. So gentle one second, then rough the next. You thought as he tore the panties in half and threw the fabric aside.

Without hesitation, Sehun landed a loud smack to your ass. You whimpered and dropped your head, the sensation feeling like heaven.

He rubbed the spot before landing his hand on it once more. He also gave in and you heard him begin to unbuckle his jeans. He kicked them away along with his boxers and walked back towards you.

His head slid against your heat and you whined. “Now, are you going to tease me like that again?” He asked, sliding halfway in slowly and instantly pulling back out.

“No, never..” You gasped, sweat building on your forehead. “Good.“

His only word before thrusting all the way in. He groaned at friction and took his bottom lip between his teeth. The sudden intrusion caused you to curl your toes and whimper.

One of his hands held your hip while the other reached under your shirt and grabbed your breast. He rolled your nipple between his index finger and thumb as his hips began to move painfully slow.

“Sehun, faster..” You moaned and rubbed back against him, the torturous hip movements of his making your knees shake. He slightly listened and his hips sped up,

The pleasure was overwhelming and your stomach began to boil, clogging your throat with moans of Sehun’s name. His hip had a mind of their own as his head flew back.

His hips sped up along with your heartbeat, the thrill of doing this somewhere you could get caught being your secret pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum..” You moaned and his hand on your breast traveled downward to your clit in response. He rubbed the sensitive bud in quick circles and you saw stars for a second.

“Wait for me.” He grunted as he felt you tighten around you. His hips began to hit spots so deep you didn’t even know they existed. Holding in the release you’ve wanted since this morning, your vision went white and your knees gave in.

You were just about to fall to the ground when he grabbed your hips with both hands and buried himself inside you. You felt him shake, his teeth holding onto your shoulder.

“Cum.” Was all he had to say and you let go of the heat in your stomach, busting all over him. The both of your juices combined and escaped down the inside of your thigh.

You both gasped for breath, Sehun falling on the floor with you sitting on top of him. He was still buried deep inside you, but you were to numb to feel it.

“I guess we need to get back to the boys before they suspect something.” He said with heavy breath and pulled you off of him.

He walked around the bathroom picking up articles of clothing, handing you yours and putting his own on.

You sat still, your chest rising and falling rapidly. “You can’t walk, can you?”