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Can you please do tom taking care of you when you're on your period? I love you

Tom Holland taking care of you while you’re on your period would include

  • Literal mass hysteria
  • poor boy wouldn’t know what to do but he’d want to help
  • well I mean he wouldn’t be clueless like he’d know what happening but he’d have it in his head that all the stereotypes would happen and you’d be really cranky and crying and craving chocolate 
  • he’d defiantly be the type of guy who’d go to the store to get pad/tampons if you were out without any shame
  • he wouldn’t know which ones to get so he gets one of each 
  • he’d remember which ones you used for the next time tho
  • him googling ‘‘can you bleed out from your period…asking for a friend’‘
  • will want to hold you every time you got cramps
  • ‘‘I can get you a hot water bottle babe,wait what about medicine?can you take medicine for it?’‘
  • will get you chocolate because he heard that’s what girls crave while their on their period
  • will refill your hot water bottle every hour on the hour
  • a lot of you reassuring him that your fine
  • will snuggle you a lot
  • ‘‘how long do these things last’‘
  • will handle any mood swings like a champ™
  • will call mom for advice but won’t admit to it 
  • if you bleed through your pants and ur super embarrassed he’d just help you clean up without a worry in the world
  • will rub ur tummy and ur back whenever ur cramps strike
  • will have a movie night in with you with lots of junk food 
  • he’ll put up your tossing and turning at night 
  • he’d honestly just be really kind and understanding and amazing what a sweet boy 
Movie Night! with Taehyung - requested

Anonymous said: Can you do a “Movie night” w/ taehyung , kinda like your “boyfriend jhope” type lists!! Tysm ily!

This is so cute I was hoping for something like this!

Movie night with Taehyung would include:

  • it would begin in the middle of the day
  • he’d text you out of the blue and go
  • “movie night?????”
  • and when you didn’t answer right away he’d text again and go
  • “movie night!!!!!”
  • ya’ll would assign what snacks to bring
  • and bicker over who gets what
  • “y/n you get the popcorn”
  • “yeah but i don’t like regular popcorn, i like the kettle corn”
  • “alright FINE I’ll make the popcorn AND the kettle corn you get candy”
  • “what kind of candy”
  • “oh can you get those cheddar Lays chips too”
  • so while you went to the store to get the candy and the chips, Tae would make the popcorn n stuff and bring water bottles into the living room
  • and when you got back the house reeked of burnt kettle corn
  • “dammit Taehyung”
  • “it’s still good tho!!”
  • so finally
  • you guys would drag every blanket you could find down to the living room
  • and make a 
  • SICK
  • ASS
  • FORT
  • and then make little nooks for yourselves inside of your fort
  • “wait im trapped”
  • “don’t ruin it it’s perfect”
  • “don’t worry i’ll save you babe”
  • and when he pulls away one of the couch cushion walls the entire fort collapses
  • even though all your hard work is ruined the two of you die of laughter
  • “alright alright let’s just lay on the cushions instead”
  • so you guys make a little nest of blankets and cushions and pillows and thats when he starts listing off movies to watch
  • “so what do you want to watch y/n”
  • “i really want to watch The Interview”
  • “that movie is insulting”
  • “you’re not even north korean”
  • “…but I guess you’re right”
  • so you guys end up going with Me Before You
  • because you didn’t want to watch an action movie
  • and throughout the movie he had his arm around you and you cuddled into his chest
  • and once in awhile when he’d snort or roll his eyes at the romance in the movie you’d chuck a box of sour patch kids at his head
  • “shh it’s getting good now”
  • and when the sad parts came up and you got a lil teary eyed he’d hug you really close while also making fun of you for crying
  • “tae it’s sad! what if that happened to us?”
  • “it wont baby just stop crying”
  • and by the time the movie ended, taehyung would have fallen asleep with body turned towards you and his arms around you
  • and you’d decide you want a lot more movie nights with taehyung in the future :’)

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Min yoongi x Mafia!reader

warnings :  violence, drug abuse, cussing

Genre: angst, fluff, romance, drama

word count: 2,992

summary: Min yoongi aka Agust D an underground rapper on the come up , finds y/n outside of a club hurt and on the verge on passing out, little did he know saving her would turn his world upside down

AN: hey guys sorry for the late update, things have been hectic lately. anyways this isn't proof read yet but it shouldn't be all too bad.-sora

Another Author note & update: i changed the whole pov back to third one cause i felt that it would suit the story the most so hope yall dont mind

@josh-the-smol-bean-dun as always ill tag you in this!

character profile


Chapter one 

Yoongi took out a cigaret and lit it up. he sighed ,lately he hasn’t been feeling his performances. he knew they were good but not that good, there was something missing and he couldn’t pin point  it. He lost his inspiration, everything seemed almost mundane, sure he could rap about money, sex and drugs but which artist didn’t rap about that. He wanted that his song inspire the listener, that it resonates with them on a deeper level .

He thought about writing love songs but every time he tried to he kept remembering his ex who was the personification of the devil and what she did to him and he’d rather not think about that. ‘’Business again?’’ He heard the security guard asking someone . ‘’As usual’’ came a monotone voice that belong to a girl.

The Security guard moved aside and open the door ,he then saw as they passed by him that it was two people. First a tall black beauty with a beanie followed by a girl of medium height with a low pony tail. As she walked she turned her head and their eyes met. Her stare was piercing, as if she could see into his soul , however they held no emotion it it.

He smirked at her and blew out the smoke. In response to that the nameless girl lifted up one eyebrow, as if to ask him if he seriously thought that would get her to come to him. And then rolled her eyes.  Before he could even say or do something, the girl and her friend already disappeared inside while the door closed behind her.

The Club was packed, hot bodies grinding at each other , drunk people laughing, some even trying to start a fight. Y/n crinkled her nose, the alcohol stench mixed with sweat was definitively not on her list of favorite things. Rukiya who was standing in front of her turned around, took her hand and and started to walk where Akiho was standing, which was hard as they had to squeeze themselfs between people to get to their destination.  

As they arrived there Y/n sat down on the bar stools while Rukiya decided to stand. ‘’Four Tequila orange shots please’’ The tall beauty screamed over the music to the blonde girl . She nodded and immediately started to pour out the shots.  

‘’They’re supposed to be here at 9.30pm-’’ Akiho said as she lined up the beverages. Meanwhile Rukiya leaned closer to her so that she could understand the short girl ‘’Apparently something happened with the boss and they had to delay it a bit.’’

 Rukiya raised her eyebrows ‘’Well i don’t care if they got stabbed or anything, it will make this night better if they’re not at a good condition’’ she said and handed Y/n ,who was scanning the club looking for any signs of Gang member from other groups , the glass.

‘’Anyone catching your eye?’’ came Rukiyas voice right next to her ear. ‘’Nah i wasn’t even looking for that.’’ She replied and rolled her eyes . ‘’C'mon boss let loose we’re at a club!’’ The dark skinned girl exclaimed , Y/n looked at her, the strobing lights accentuating her features making her look otherworldly, yet slightly bizarre, and sighed. ‘’Aight lets get this party started’’ Rukiya cheered and held up the shot

‘’To hoping this meeting will not turn into a blood bath’’ She said and clinked the shot glass together. ‘’Damn did you need to ruin this moment with that negative shit? ain’t no one wanna think about ‘em right now’’ Rukiya grimaced.

‘’Aight hoe, to us and the gang may we stay together for a long time’’ She retorted and Rukiya grinned. They both threw back the shots and bit into the orange slice that the Akiho had provided earlier. The shot burned in Y/n’s throat which led up to her scrunching up her face while Rukiya threw her head back and laughed.

‘’I’m going to look for this guy i saw that has black hair and crazy ass dance moves’’ The tall girl shouted over the music and disappeared in the crow, Y/n nodded and waved with one hand and pulled out her phone.

Y/n: Status report

Hyun-jin: hacked into their security camera and from what I’ve seen and heard he’s going to keep his word, i wouldn’t go 100% on that though, something in my gut is saying that they’re going to ambush you guys, be careful.

Y/n: Alright good, ill contact you later.

Hyun-jin: K                                                

Suddenly the music went off, while all the light was focused on the stage that was in the front of the club.

‘’Hey Hey Hey! i see you guys having a great time but the rap battle is about to begin, as ya’ll already know all types of rappers are here tonight some that are even famous so you know its going down in this bitch.’’ Said the Mc ,a bald guy who was wearing a white tank top that showed off the tattoos on his chest and arms. He continued to introduce some guy that you have never heard of.

The crowd responded by giving semi- cheering as the Artist came up to the stage.

Loud bass filled the club and he started to rap, it was okay thought Y/n but judging from how the crowd was responding she clearly weren’t the only one with that opinion. ‘’Not bad not bad!’’ said the Mc after the nameless rapper finished.

‘’Not bad ? that shit was whack’’ came Akiho’s voice who was still behind the counter. ‘’Even Hyun-jin could spit better than that and what the hell was going on with his hairline?-’’ She continued as Y/n nodded and proceeded to take a sip of the drink that Akiho had provided earlier. ‘’It’s so far back it probably  shook hands with Jesus’’ Y/n snorted almost spitting out the drink, turned around and playfully glared at the blonde girl. ‘’you tryna kill me?’’

‘’oh hush you would’ve been dead by now if i wanted to’’ she waved her off, which was a bold faced lie and they both knew that. ‘’Where’s Rukiya though? they will be here in five minutes and her ass still ain’t here yet’’ Y/n coughed. ‘’Right here beside you, its time you grow eyes on the side of your head’’

She heard the velvety voice that belonged to the tall beauty. Y/n turned around and there she was, standing in all her glory while next to her was a black haired boy.  She looked at him, then back to Rukiya and raised an eyebrow. ‘’This is the dude i was telling you, you know the one with the dance moves’’. ‘’Ah yes i remember’’ She answered and took another sip  

‘’I’m Jung Hoseok nice to meet you guys’’ He said and smiled brightly. He was cute Y/n would give him that, but she had a feeling there was more to the sunny demeanor that he’d let other’s see. They all exchanged pleasantries until Akiho nudgedY/n showing her the time.

Her eyes widened and she turned around ‘’anyways Hoseok right? nice meeting ya but its time for us to disappear’’ Y/n said. His face fell and he nodded ‘’Don’t worry lover boy give her your number and shell text you all day, literally.’’ She deadpanned while Rukiya shrugged her shoulder. ‘’cant blame me i love texting’’ ‘’more like sexting but thats for another topic’’. He laughed at the banter between the two girls and pushed his hair out of his face.

‘’I cant be with you guys i’m the only one on this shift tonight’’ Akiho sighed while shaking the cocktail mixer. Y/n waved her off ‘’Nah no problem we can handle this tonight but i’ll have you on speed dial if something is’’ ‘’Alright see you and be safe’’ Akiho replied pouring the drink into the glass.

‘’Will do, c'mon Rukiya lets go’’ She threw over her shoulder.  The tall girl typed her number into his phone and then whispered something into Hoseok’s ear ,which he replied with nodding and then continued to kiss him on the cheek leaving him flustered with a slight smirk on his face.

Y/n  laughed ‘’You totally have him hooked’’ ‘’I hope so , he’s so fine bro like i touched his stomach and  holy fuck was it hard he probably got abs . It’s like god came down and took his sweet time sculpting him’’ Rukiya sighed dreamily ‘’I wanted to propose on spot bitch he got it all , personality, body etc,  no joke i would no fuck that, i  WILL spread my legs like peanut butter for him’’the shorter girl grinned at that ‘’spreading them cheeks from Georgia to Florida huh’’ ‘’aside from the fact that we’re in South Korea and not America , yes’’ Rukiya smirked.  During the whole talk they walked to the back side of the Club where an hallway was that led to the Rooms that one could rent.

‘’Alright they’re supposed to be behind this door, Hyun-jin hacked into the security camera’s here so she’ll watch us from time to time’’ whispered Y/n ‘’I swear if we get killed tonight I’m coming back to haunt her sorry ass’’ Rukiya mumbled and secured the halter on her left thigh. ‘’Seconded’’ she replied and took a deep breath and opened the door.

Another successful performance for Yoongi, the crowd loved him and he was pretty sure that he’d win the rap battle tonight. He took the towel and the bottle of water that the staff member handed him and wiped his face. ‘’Yo yo yo suga my man you really tore it down tonight’’ said Jihoo, the mc from earlier, and wrapped an arm around yoongi. ‘’It was given’’ came his reply a faint smile on his lips.

‘’True man true’’ the guy laughed and messed up the rappers hair. ‘’How long are you going to stay bald tho you already look like a yakuza with them dragon and snake tattoos’’ Yoongi asked. Jihoo wiggled his eyebrows ‘’you don’t know that i used to be in a gang?’’ Yoongi deadpanned, he’s known Jihoo for almost ten years now and from what he’d experienced and seen from him he wouldn’t survive one day with the mafia. ’

‘’Remember how you called me at three o'clock in the morning cause of that spider in your bathroom?’’ ‘’That spider was huge Yoongi do you hear me? h u g e’’  The mint haired boy sighed and peeled off Jihoo’s arm that was still around his shoulder ‘’Stop being so dramatic it wasn’t you’re just a wuss’’ ‘’Im not’’ came back as ‘’whatever you say’’ said Yoongi and waved as he made his way out from backstage.

He walked over to the bar and sat down. He first looked at her face and then the name tag. ‘’Akiho? give me whiskey on the rocks’’ ‘’Coming right up’’ she replied and went right to work. A few minutes later she put down the drink in front of  him ‘’here you go’’ ‘’Thanks’’ he replied and took a sip. The liquor burned his throat giving him pleasantly warm feeling. ‘’He sighed  ‘’having a rough day?’’ she asked her expression indifferent ‘’More like a rough year’’ she hummed at that ‘’aren’t we all?’’  ‘’I guess so’’ he answered and shrug his shoulders. ‘’Well at least you’re not suffering alone’’ she said and continued to dry the glasses.

Yoongi threw back the remaining’s of the drink, put 20 bucks on the bar-table and hopped off the stool ‘’Keep the change’’ he said over his shoulder, not waiting for her reply as he made his way outside. He opened the door that led to the backside of the club where no one was. He wasn’t really in the mood to be with someone. The loud music mixed with the stench of the club gave him a slight headache. He took out a cigarette lit it and inhaled deeply and stared at the night sky.

A groan ripped him out of his thoughts , he looked around and didn’t find anyone. ‘’did i just imagine that’’ he thought weary . Only a few seconds later he heard the same noise again but this time he could distinguish from where it came from. He put his hand on the wall and walked slowly to where the garbage was and saw a person or thats what he thought it was, leaning against the trash bags. The lamps on the wall weren’t working making it hard for him to distinguish who or what was there

‘’Fucking hell where’s my phone’’ He muttered and checked his leather jacket. A few seconds later he found it and turned on the flashlight app. He was surprised, the object turned out to be the girl he saw earlier on the front side of the club. Bruises tattered her face , neck and he presumed they were everywhere. ‘’Fuck what i’m i supposed to do now.’’ He muttered and ran his hand through his hair. As he picked her up he noticed that on one side the fabric of her sweater was wet and kinda sticky. He lifted it up and saw an open wound.

Fuck fuck fuck he panicked , let down the material and put her arms around his neck and hold her legs so he could give her a piggy back ride to his car. Once he arrived at the parking lot, forgetting about the winner announcement , he put her into the passengers seat and put the seatbelt on. Now that the car light was on he could look at her  properly.  She had sharp features that at the same time seemed soft. Long eyelashes and plump lips. She was beautiful but to put it short she looked like a hot mess.

Moving slightly she groaned out in pain. He panicked he didn’t know if he should bring her to the hospital or to his apartment and stitch/bandage her himself up. The wound didn’t look that deep so it couldn’t be that bad right? Yoongi started up the car and drove home. 

He put on relaxing music and hummed slightly to calm himself down. Where had she come from? why was she beaten up to the point of unconsciousness, where was her friend that she came with? All these questions ran through his head but there were no definite answers, yet.

He finally arrived home , this time carrying her bridal style up the stair which was a bad decision as he now couldn’t reach for his keys in jacket. He sighed, put her down and quickly opened the door to his apartment. Putting her on his couch and went straight to the kitchen, took  out the first aid kit and returned. ‘’She better don’t kill me for this’’ he thought and started to pull off her sweater leaving  the nameless girl in her bra. He took out the antibacterial liquid and cotton and started to clean her wound.

From time to time she would move and groan and swat as his hand away when the pain got too much. After some time cleaning it he took out a cream and bandages and carefully bandaged her up, He decided not to stitch the girl up since he had no experience in it or whatsoever.

 Fifteen minutes later he was finished, stood up and sighed. Yoongi picked her up again and walked into his room and put her on his bed. Taking a shirt, he contemplated if he should give her a pair of sweatpants but he thought that he’d be pushing it so he decided not to.

He pulled the fresh shirt over her head, covered her with the blanket and went to the kitchen to get glass of water. He returned , placed it on the nightstand and also left some painkillers beside it. The mint haired boy took out another blanket and his pajamas and walked back into the living room. He quickly changed into the comfortable clothes, brushed his teeth and washed his face and laid down on the couch. It wasn’t even five minutes before he was knocked out.

Y/n opened her eyes. Well she tried to but couldn’t as one eye was swollen. The pounding coming straight back as the light hit her full force. Groaning she lifted her head and saw that on the nightstand water and a pill  she assumed to be painkillers. She reached over took the water and drowned the pill quickly. Thats when she noticed that she was in a unfamiliar room. The walls were painted white, littered with decorations , pictures and papers. Next to her was a huge kumamon plush bear ‘’ Where the hell am i’ She asked herf and jumped out of bed.

‘’Bad decision’’Y/n  muttered as she had almost collapsed from the pain on her ribcage ‘’fuck what did that fucker yesterday do’’ She continued and slowly walked down the hallway into the living room. She looked around, the living room was decorated similarly to his bedroom, just that there was also was a couch, tv and a dinning table. Speaking of couch thats where she saw the mop of unruly mint hair that belonged to the boy from yesterday night. The rest of his body was hidden underneath the blanket. It was a miracle that he hasn’t choked to death yet from not breathing fresh air.

Y/n slowly walked over and shook him. With no avail ‘’wake up’’ She shook him again. He grunted and turned the other way. She sighed deeply still clutching her side and tried to rip of the blanket as best as you could with one hand. ‘’Dude wake the fuck up’’ She said , still not answer it was like he was dead.

 Finally after a decade she ripped the blanket of and shook him hard it wouldn’t surprise her if he got a concussion from it . ‘’The hell?!’’ he grunted and quickly sat up and looking around.  Y/n lifted her eyebrow when his eyes landed and her

‘’Where the fuck am i and what the hell am i doing in your home?’’

hey hope you like this part!!, again id love to hear your criticism and opinions on this chapter!  

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The water bottle with the FBI logo killed me tho.Like,we get it you guys it's the FBI,you proved it with the ugly carpet you bought from craigslist

Ha!  Like there’s an FBI gift basket available somewhere. 

OMG we should make that. 


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Title: Torture

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Oh Sehun

Genre: Smut

Request: Please can I request a Sehun Smut where you tease him in the morning before a day out with the boys and leave him hanging when things are about to get heated. So he takes revenge on you by teasing you in front of the boys all? The rest is up to you, thank you! xx

Notes: Here you go, hope you liked it!!! Sorry about my ask tho, I fixed it now so if you want to request there, GO AHEAD!!


You and Sehun’s sex life wasn’t all that prominent now. You might do it a few nights a month, if you’re lucky. But you knew he wanted it a lot, and he just didn’t have the time for it. So, you took Kai into your grasp and told him your little plan.

“Hey Y/n.” Kai said, right on script. “Hey, why are you guys back so early?” You gave Kai a devilish glance when Sehun walked in. “Baek forgot his water bottle, and apparently he ‘NEEDS’ it.” Sehun said, making sure to curl his fingers in quotation marks around ‘NEEDS’. He didn’t really forget it, you stole it out of his bag so the boys would come back.

“We’re going to be for a while, tho. Director-nim said our driver had an accident and their in the hospital, so there’s no one to take us out.” Jongin explained, “So, we have about an hour, and I’ll leave you two aloonne…” He sang, smirking and twirling on his heal, walking out of the room.

The second the door was shut, Sehun practically leaped to pin you on the bed. “Thank fucking god. I’ve been waiting too long.” He murmured against your lips before crashing his against them. The kiss was so needy and you felt bad, but remembered how hard he would fuck you by the end of today.

“Mm, don’t get so excited. The boys are in the other room.” You whispered, grinding up against him on purpose. He just groaned and grabbed your hips tightly, holding them in place. He curled his fingers in the belt loops of your shorts and tugged them down to your knees when he was rudely int interrupted.

The door swung open with an innocent Baekhyun. “We-” He started to say something before his eyes became wide. He jerked around. “Um. Um, Uh. Direc- Uh,”

“Spit it out dipshit.” Sehun yelled, not even pulling your shorts back up, just staying in the position he was in.

“Director-said-we-can-leave-now-the-new-driver-is-in-the-lobby-I-promise-I-didn’t-see-your-girlfriends-vagina-Jongin-just-told-me-to-get-you-guys-I-didn’t-see-anything.” He spat out quickly. Sehun frowned.

“We’re coming.” You smiled at Sehun and pulled your shorts up, jogging after Baek. All Sehun could do was gape his mouth, surprised at how close he got. Ooh, were you in for a ride.


You rested you’re head on Sehun’s shoulder, trying to entwine your fingers with his but he pulled away. “Why are you like this?” You groaned, pouting at him. He gave you an angered look and scoffed. “You know exactly what you did,” He looked out the car window, “It was very mean.”

You smirked as you watched your plan take place before your eyes.

“Aish, this van is so hot when so many people are in it,” You fanned yourself with your hand. Sehun new you were doing it onpurpose. For god sakes, you were in shorts and a tanktop.

You reached in front of Sehun to open the vent so it blew on the two of you, making sure to stick your ass out. He believed you couldn’t hear it, but he choked on a whimper - his pants almost ripping in two.

Once you sat down, Sehun grabbed your thigh. You were surprised and your eyes widened. He leaned over, “I know what you’re doing. And if you don’t stop, I promise I’ll fuck you till you can’t walk. So wipe that pretty little innocent face off before I do it for you.”

You were excited right from the start of his naughty words which only made you want to tease him more.

“Sorry, babe. I’ll stop.” You batted your eyelashes and watched as he looked out the window once more. You rested your head back on his shoulder.


You walked with Sehun hand in hand into some expensive looking name brand store. The members split up, scavenging clothes racks and shelves. You followed Sehun as he did the same.

Although he searched the clothes calmly, you could clearly see the bulge he hid under his shirt and the clench in his jaw. You walked off, skipping to the back to find something for yourself.

Your eyes landed on the next puzzle piece of your war, and you snatched off the rack, almost running back to your boyfriend.

“Do you think this would look good on me?” He looked up at you and groaned. You held the white lingerie against your body, his favorite color on your body. Hint the sheets that spent long, hot nights with the two of you.

He snatched the clothing out of your hand, throwing it on top of the rack he was previously looking at. He pulled your hips against his, grabbing your thigh just below your ass.

“Didn’t I warn you? Now if you don’t stop, I’ll bend you over this clothing rack and spank you till you can’t feel your ass.” He growled, almost picking you up with his grip on your thigh.

He leaned down to drag his tongue up your jaw to your ear. He ground his hips against your thigh so you could clearly feel his pulsing erection.

“How does it feel, hm?” He hummed. “This is what you’ve done to me. Now stop.”


You held the handle and licked your lips as the vanilla ice-cream spilled into your cup. You waited till it came to the perfect amount and turned towards the topping section. All of the candy looked so delicious, but you knew it was so unhealthy.

You chose sprinkles and hot fudge, trying so hard to ignore the others. The cashier weighed it and smiled at you. “I wonder which looks sweeter.. this ice cream or you.”

A flirt he was, but a pretty good looking one two. He had a curved smile and perfect teeth. “Aww, thanks..” You blushed, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

You made sure to keep Sehun’s glare in the corner of your eye as you batted your eyelashes and smiled. The waiter ripped a sticky note off the supplies beside him and scribbled something on it before sticking it on the bottom of his cup.

You paid him for the ice cream and walked back to sit at the table with the boys. Before eating your ice cream, you ripped off the note.

Call me, cutie.

It read with his number pasted below it. Sehun frowned and snatched it from you. He read it before angrily ripping it into shreds.

He shot an almost evil glare at the cashier. You watched his face as he looked at Sehun, then you. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he quickly walked into the kitchen.

Sehun grabbed your hand, forgetting all about his ice cream as he tugged you to the small restroom.

Closing the door with his foot, he turned you around and pressed you against it with his body, his face mere centimeters from yours.

“This is the third time in one day. Flirting with the cashier? Slut.” He must’ve thought you didn’t hear the last part. It wasn’t a bad thing tho, it actually made you wet.

He spun you around so you faced the door and held your hips. He ground his hips against your clothed ass. “You’ve feel that? That’s what you’ve done to me. And you know what you’re going to do? You’re gonna fix it. Right here, right now.”

Right after his words, he tugged your shorts down to your ankles. You kicked them away. He let his fingers graze the inside of your thighs.

“Beautiful.” He sighed and ran his fingers over the lace of your panties. So gentle one second, then rough the next. You thought as he tore the panties in half and threw the fabric aside.

Without hesitation, Sehun landed a loud smack to your ass. You whimpered and dropped your head, the sensation feeling like heaven.

He rubbed the spot before landing his hand on it once more. He also gave in and you heard him begin to unbuckle his jeans. He kicked them away along with his boxers and walked back towards you.

His head slid against your heat and you whined. “Now, are you going to tease me like that again?” He asked, sliding halfway in slowly and instantly pulling back out.

“No, never..” You gasped, sweat building on your forehead. “Good.“

His only word before thrusting all the way in. He groaned at friction and took his bottom lip between his teeth. The sudden intrusion caused you to curl your toes and whimper.

One of his hands held your hip while the other reached under your shirt and grabbed your breast. He rolled your nipple between his index finger and thumb as his hips began to move painfully slow.

“Sehun, faster..” You moaned and rubbed back against him, the torturous hip movements of his making your knees shake. He slightly listened and his hips sped up,

The pleasure was overwhelming and your stomach began to boil, clogging your throat with moans of Sehun’s name. His hip had a mind of their own as his head flew back.

His hips sped up along with your heartbeat, the thrill of doing this somewhere you could get caught being your secret pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum..” You moaned and his hand on your breast traveled downward to your clit in response. He rubbed the sensitive bud in quick circles and you saw stars for a second.

“Wait for me.” He grunted as he felt you tighten around you. His hips began to hit spots so deep you didn’t even know they existed. Holding in the release you’ve wanted since this morning, your vision went white and your knees gave in.

You were just about to fall to the ground when he grabbed your hips with both hands and buried himself inside you. You felt him shake, his teeth holding onto your shoulder.

“Cum.” Was all he had to say and you let go of the heat in your stomach, busting all over him. The both of your juices combined and escaped down the inside of your thigh.

You both gasped for breath, Sehun falling on the floor with you sitting on top of him. He was still buried deep inside you, but you were to numb to feel it.

“I guess we need to get back to the boys before they suspect something.” He said with heavy breath and pulled you off of him.

He walked around the bathroom picking up articles of clothing, handing you yours and putting his own on.

You sat still, your chest rising and falling rapidly. “You can’t walk, can you?”




  • Taurus: bought me food one day didn't buy me food the next
  • Gemini: kept judging my gemini ex and then kept writing fanfics about us and kept shipping us (it's ok tho me and my ex secretly ship each other together too probs)
  • Cancer: cried in front of a cop to get out of an interrogation (i just intimidated them lol)
  • Leo: kept talking shit about their ex friend Sam. "SHE COULD DIE IN A HOLE I DON'T CARE SHE SHOULD KILL HERSELF. FAT FUCK. " me: o.
  • Virgo: attempted to clean my room and just threw all my water bottles away
  • Libra: goes after married guys instead of free ones.
  • Scorpio: kept doing flirty and kinky shits to me everyday (THEY STILL DO KMS)
  • Sagittarius: Kept telling me they were going to tell their crush they liked them but they never do "I'M GONNA TELL THEM TODAY OK OK THERE THEY ARE" me: *yells out their crush's name and crush looks at me* Them: O FUCK SHIT FUCK DAMMIT NO FUCK SHIT NOTTODAY FUCKKK FUCK NOT FUNOTKNOTDT-TIADA F U C K
  • Capricorn: gave a bitch face to everyone i told them that i hated
  • Aquarius: (my sign) made me skip down the hallway with them arm in arm
  • Pisces: made me queerplatonic. (friends but shit happens. Brendon Urie stuff.)

i got tagged by two of my favorite nerds, miss boaty mcboatface [ @tinyolsen ] annnd baby gay [ @mysterious-teen-blogger ] ~ thanks guys <3

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • the hard copy ravenclaw version of harry potter and the philosopher’s stone;
  • hand sanitizer;
  • my wallet;
  • medicine for headaches and cramps;
  • a water bottle

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • my bed;
  • snow;
  • a portable fan;
  • all seven of harry potter’s books (eight, if you count my ravenclaw hard copy);
  • something orange

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • to study abroad;
  • to meet my internet friends;
  • to travel the world, especially scotland/ireland/boston;
  • to kiss the girls i want to kiss;
  • to meet and greet some artists i love.

5 things that make me happy:

  • my cat snow;
  • the friendship between the pitch perfect cast;
  • karaoke;
  • comments on/about my fics;
  • making other people laugh

5 things I’m currently into:

  • erasure’s song a little respect;
  • my hogwarts au for bechloe;
  • pitch perfect in general;
  • school of frankfurt’s theory;
  • anna kendrick’s interviews

5 things on my to do list:

  • my final thesis paper for college;
  • give snow a bath;
  • get my shit for college together;
  • go to work;
  • not spend all my salary on food.

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