the guy with the hair


“Please… take me back to that ocean.

That´s my last wish.

He is waiting for me ….”

The specific heat capacity of love by Old xian


So. I want to talk about. Why I started to draw. It was because of 19 Days. And Joker Danny. And The spacific heat capacity of love. And the mospaca advertising department ^^; And all that is from Old xian. My big senpai at that time one year ago. I admire their work. So. wonderful. I were often depressive because I couldn´t draw as fragile and manly at the same time, like Old xian. I cried a lot. And after half a year I knew, that the manga/manwha/manhua style is not mine. That I will never reach such a state. But! You now, now I can draw the characters in my style! And it is such a good feeling, to found what I searched ^^ at least, I reached the beginning haha. There will be a steady change. And I know that my art will improve (maybe?) But for now, I wanted to draw one of the Characters of the sadest love story, I ever read in my 26 years that I am here on earth! As always, the character credits goes to Old xian. My hero. <3 ~


based on this, because it was about time i drew another @incorrectknb quote!
little did they know kuroko was there the whole time……… like always.

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