the guy with the hair


Thank you! :D I’m glad my tutorials are helpful ^^ Maybe this will help you with hair details and stuff like that (don’t overdo detail stuff though.) Basically, it’s nothing new xD

please imagine a genderfluid or nonbinary tim drake–as robin, back in the days when he didn’t take his mask off. 

none of the titans know what tim’s gender is, and when they ask tim smirks and shrugs. 

tim wears their hair sorta like a guy’s for a week straight–so kon and cassie are pretty sure that robin’s a guy, but then tim’s hair is kinda like a girl’s, at least according to cassie, so they’re back to square one? 

bart takes it so far as to ask batman, the big man himself, and batman looks over at him and says, “ask robin.”

bart screams and cassie and kon fall on the ground dramatically, tim is cackling