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Twisted In Lies (D.T) Part 1

Summary: It’s been 6 months, since Y/N and the boys spoken to each other. They’ve all moved on. Y/N even has a boyfriend now. But what happens when Y/N reunites with Ethan and Grayson? Does a reacquainted love occur? Are there more lies? Will more hearts be broken? 

Word Count: 2,883

Warning: None

A/N: We had so many ideas for Twisted In Love, that it was only right we continued the series! So, SURPRISE! Here’s the sequel! As you can see it is called Twisted In Lies. Why? You’ll see as you read the series. Feedback is always welcome! Let us know what you guys think! Make sure you guys keep an eye out on @sniperdolan blog for part 2!

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Love you! :) 

( the boys are 20 in this series.)

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Reader’s POV

It’s been 6 months since I’ve spoken to either Ethan or Grayson. The last time I’ve seen them or spoken to them, was the night we got back from Playlist Live Orlando, and everything kind of blew up.

They ended up working things out, and I’m glad. Thank god the Dolans Twins were still together, and from what I see and hear on social media, the boys have been doing great. I tried to keep up with their videos, and watch they whenever they post but it was hard. I missed them. Before all of the craziness, we were friends. I missed being their friend.

I think about reaching out to them, to see if we could try to amend our friendship, but I wouldn’t even know what to say. Grayson was in a relationship now. He was dating a 21 year old college student named Gabriella. She wasn’t a model, or a YouTuber, or anybody in the social media world. She was your normal everyday college fan girl. She was really pretty, and they looked super cute together. I was happy for him. He deserved to be happy.

A lot has happened in the last 6 months. After all that drama passed, everything has been going great. I now have 4 million subscribers on YouTube. I have 5.9 million followers on Instagram, and I was 3,000 followers away from 3 million on Twitter. I’ve doing a little modeling here and there, and taking on some acting rolls for a few shows. I’m so grateful for all these amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed with.

Tonight was the Teen Choice Awards, and I have been nominated for 2 awards. Choice Female YouTuber, and Choice Female WebStar. It was an honor to even be invited to go, let alone be up for 2 big awards. I was currently in my apartment, getting ready with my best friend and my roommate Lena, and my boyfriend Cameron Dallas.

Cameron and I started dating a few months ago. 4 months to be exact. A few weeks after all the drama and stuff had gone down, I was asked to do a photo shoot for Calvin Klein, and Cameron was my partner for the shoot. We got along really well while we were on set. Cracking jokes, and just making each other laugh. He reached out to me on Twitter a few days after the shoot, and asked me to film a collab video with him for his channel. He was a flirt let me tell you! We ended up texting, and snapping each other, and went on a few dates, and now here we are. I really like Cameron, he makes me happy.

“Ready to go beautiful?” he asked, holding out his hands for me to take into my own.

Cameron, Lena, and I walked down stairs to the front of the apartment complex, and got into the Uber. We were finally on our way to my first TCAs.

* * * *

We pulled up to the venue, and as we were getting out the Uber, Cameron and I were immediately called over to the blue carpet. We walked over to the carpet and waited at the end before we were told to go on. I haven’t been here for 10 mins yet and I’m already seeing a ton of celebrities and I’m fangirling a little bit on the inside. There was so much going on. People interviewing, people taking pictures, cameras flashing everywhere. I wasn’t s nervous as I thought I would be, and I guess that was because I had Cameron with me, and he’s done this like a bunch of times already.

“You guys are next.” the lady said to Cameron and I.

“You ready?” Cameron asked. I nodded.

Cameron held my hand, as we both stepped onto the carpet. Immediately there were cameras flashing at us. We stopped and posed for some photos. We took some silly ones, and some normal ones. They wanted some pictures of us by ourselves, so Cameron went off to take his pictures, and I was over here taking mine. I did a few cute poses, and headed over to the next part which was the interview.

* * * *

“Y/N! You look gorgeous. So it’s your first TCA and have already been nominated for 2 awards! Congratulations!” the interview said before placing the mic in front of me.

“Thank you so much! I’m grateful to even be here, so being nominated for 2 awards, I’m truly honored! I hands down have the best fans in the world! I love you guys!” I said blowing a kiss into the camera.

The interview carried on for a little bit, with questions about my channel, and what else I’ve been working. Now here comes the one question I’ve been dreading the most. Great.

“So Y/N I think everyone is dying to know. Have you and the twins talked at all since all the drama happened? Do you think it’s possible to fix the friendship?” she asked.

I did not want to answer that question at all, and I didn’t know how to answer that question. That was a question I was hoping to avoid, but of course it was going to get brought up so am I surprised.

“We haven’t talked, but I mean I have nothing against them. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things, so I couldn’t be any more proud of them.” I said truthfully.

Thank god Cameron finished his interview because he came over shortly after I answered the question.

“Clearly everyone is talking about “You and Cameron’s Ship Name” How are you guys feeling about being nominated for Favorite Ship?” the interviewer asked.

“I think we’re a pretty cute couple, and I think the fans would agree.” Cameron said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Before we let you guys go in, we have something for Y/N here.” the interviewer said, before walking off to the side to get something. She came back with a surfboard and I was so confused. Was it mine?

“Y/N you won Choice Female WebStar! Congratulations on your first award of the evening!” the interviewer cheered.

Cameron was cheering like one of those embarrassing mom.

“Oh my god! Thank you so much!” I said surprised. I was shocked to say the least. My first TCAs and my first surfboard! Tonight was going to be great!

* * * *

After the carpet Cameron head inside to meet Lena, who was already at her seat. I was seating down when Lena looked at me and kept motioning her head back, and mouthing for me to turn around. I gave her a weird look, but turned my around to see what she was trying to tell me.

It was them. It was Ethan and Grayson. They were sitting literally a row behind us. Grayson had his arm wrapped around some girl, who I realized was his girlfriend. Well I guess this will be interesting.

The award show went on, and it was time for them to announce Choice Male WebStar. A category both Cameron and the twins were nominated for. I was feeling so conflicted. Of course I wanted my boyfriend to win, but the twins also deserve it.

“And the winner for Choice Male WebStar is? …” the announcer paused as she opened the envelope. Cameron was holding my hand the whole time, while he was shaking his leg up and down nervously. It was cute how after all the awards he’s won he still gets so nervous.

“The Dolan Twins!” the announcer yelled into the microphone. I looked over at Cameron to see if he was upset or angry, but he wasn’t. Instead he was smiling and clapping for his friends.

As the twins were walking up to receive their award, they walked passed my row and Ethan did a little double take, as he tapped on Grayson’s arm making him turn around and his eyes landed on me. I flashed him a small smile, and he just turned around and made his way to the stage with Ethan.

“You okay?” Lena asked me.

“Yeah, it’s just weird seeing them since we haven’s spoken or anything you know.” I responded truthfully.

The boys gave their speech, and the fans went crazy! We went through a few more awards, a performance from Ariana Grande. Cameron had just won his Choice Comedian award, and I couldn’t be happier! They were announcing the awards for Choice Female YouTuber and Choice Male YouTuber next, and I was honestly freaking out! I was up against so many great YouTubers, there was no way I was winning that award. I was in my seat talking to Lena, and Cameron, when someone came and told me I needed to head backstage.

I was waiting backstage like the one of the backstage crew members told me to, but I wasn’t sure for what to be honest.

“Hey stranger.” I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. I turned around to see who it was.

It was Ethan.

“Hey!” I said, a little excited, but a little taken back at the same time.

“What are you doing backstage?” he asked me, nervously running his hand through his hair.

“I don’t know, they just told me to come back here and wait for something.” I shrugged.

“What about you? Why are you back here?” I asked.

“I don’t know either. Someone told Grayson and I the same thing.” he said, putting his hands in his back pocket.

There was an awkward silence between us for a few seconds before Ethan spoke again.

“I’m not mad anymore.” he said, causing me to drift my attention from the floor to him.

“I wanted to reach out but Grayson said you changed your number.” he finished.

“Yeah I did…” I paused.

“Ethan, I really am sorry about everything that happened.” I told him.

“It’s cool. I’m over it. I just miss my best friend.” he said flashing me his award winning smile.

“So friends?” I asked, as I was being pulled in for a hug by Ethan.

We both took out our phones, and decided to take a selfie. We posted a video on our Snapchat stories, and posted our selfies on Twitter with the caption …

@EthanDolan: “Ran into this stranger backstage. Congrats on your first TCA @YourTwitterName! Proud of you! 1 down 1 to go!”

@YourTwitterName: “Look who I met backstage at the TCAs! @EthanDolan”

As I was putting my phone away I saw Grayson coming from around the corner. I wanted to say something to him, but one of the crew members grabbed me and told me to stand over by the stage entrance.The announcer started making the announcement for the female and male YouTuber nominations.

“Good Luck.” Ethan said from behind me. The crew members had us standing in some kind of line up in front of the stage entrance, and I had zero idea as to why. Grayson was standing next to Ethan, paying attention on his phone and not once did he even try to look at me. I guess he wasn’t over it like Ethan was.

I smiled and wished him good luck as well.  

“And your winner for Choice Female YouTuber is…”

“Y/N Y/L/N!” one of the announcers yelled.

As I was walking up the stairs to get on the stage to accept my award, the second announcer started announced the award for male YouTuber.

“And your Choice Male YouTuber is…”

“The Dolan Twins!” the second announcer yelled, and the boys came walking onto the stage behind me.

We accepted our awards, gave our speeches and continue off the stage. I had some interviews to do so Cameron waited for me backstage so we could go together.

“2 awards! I’m proud of you babe!” Cameron said pulling me into a hug, as he placed a kiss on my cheek.

“Yo E, congrats bro!” Cameron shouted to Ethan, turning around giving him one of those bro hugs.

We made our way to a room, that had a beach theme going on.There were surfboards, a little swimming pool with sand around it, and a beach balls getting thrown around everywhere. It was pretty cute. Ethan, Grayson, Cameron and I were all getting interviewed by Tyler Oakley.

“So Y/N. You tweeted a selfie of Ethan and yourself and Ethan you did as well. So can we confirm that everything is good between you guys? No more drama” Tyler asked.

“Yes, everything is good. The past is the past, and I’m just happy to have my best friend back!” I said, as Ethan pulled me into a side hug.

“What about you Grayson? Everything’s good between you guys?” Tyler asked Grayson. To be honest, I didn’t know how he was going to respond. I mean he has even said a single word to me. Not like I expect him too, but I figured if Ethan got over it maybe he would too.

‘Yeah, we’re good!” Grayson said, fake smiling at the camera.

We were all answering a few fan questions, Cameron was cracking a few jokes back and forth with Ethan. Grayson tried to interact but you can tell he wanted to get the hell out of here as soon as possible. I mean I’m sure this has to be awkward for him. Seeing me for the first time in months, and I’m here with my boyfriend who just happens to be a friend of his. Someone bought out an envelope and surfboard, handing it to Tyler. He opened the envelope and read it before turning his attention back to the camera.

“Congratulations “You and Cameron’s Ship Name” you just won the Favorite Ship award!” Tyler screamed. Turning around to hand Cameron and I the surfboard.

“Told you we’re a cute couple.” Cameron said, before giving me a kiss on the lips.

Everyone in the roomed started awing following with chants of our ship name. Even Ethan was chanting it. Cameron and I pulled apart from our kiss, and I turned my head to look at Grayson. His eyes met mine, but quickly left as he turned his head and whispered something into Ethan’s ear.

After the interview Cameron and I went to go meet up with Lena before we started heading out. The TCAs were now over, and besides the awkward tension between Grayson and I, I had an amazing time. As the three of us were walking through the hectic crowd, Ethan approached us with Grayson and his girlfriend following behind. 

“Hey Y/N. Do you wanna go get some pizza and catch up? Cameron and your friend can come too.” Ethan said eyeing Lena. They never met before, but Lena being my best friend of course she knew all about him.

“Yeah, that sounds good actually! Cam you want to go babe?” I asked my boyfriend.

“Yeah, I’m down. Lets go! I’m starving!” Cameron said, wrapping his arm around my waist.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Ethan, this is my best friend Lena. The one I use to always be on FaceTime with.” I said introducing Ethan to Lena.

“So this is the infamous best friend we always use to hear about but never met.”

“Nice to meet you Lena, I’m Ethan.” he said shaking her hand, flashing her a wide smile.

We walked outside, and somehow managed to fit into one SUV. The car ride to the restaurant consisted of just jamming out, and taking snapchat videos. Well all of us except Grayson. He was sitting in the front seat on his phone the whole time.

“Babe are you okay?” I heard his girlfriend ask him. 

She was really pretty. They really did look cute together. I hope she treats him well. He deserved to be happy.

I started making small talk with Gabriella and she was really sweet. We talked a little bit about her, and school, she was really nice. Perfect for Grayson to be honest. Meanwhile Cameron was FaceTiming his sister next to me, and Ethan and Lena were in the back seat talking, and taking selfies. If I didn’t know any better, I would say Ethan was even flirting a little bit. Lena and Ethan? Lethan? Okay I would totally ship that! I wouldn’t even be mad if they ever dated. 

* * * *

We arrived at the restaurant, and the waiter sat us at a big circular booth near the back. 

I was sitting next to Cameron, followed my Lena and Ethan, and with Gabriella and Grayson on the opposite side of me. We all ordered our drinks, and Ethan ordered us a big pineapple pizza pie. 

We were eating and making small talk amongst each other. Everything was going great. The vibe with everyone was great, everyone except Grayson anyway. He was pretty much quite the whole time, unless he was talking to Gabriella or Ethan. He made small talk with Lena here and there, but as for Cameron and I he didn’t really speak to us. 

“Does anyone want anything else?” Grayson asked, picking up the check. He offered to pay the bill, which I thought was sweet of him. 

But I spoke to soon.

“What about you Cam? You could always go for seconds right?” Grayson said, smirking at Cameron. 

Great here we go…

anonymous asked:

Hi! I had an idea for a Yousana AU fic and I would love to see it written by you... the balloon squad are famous youtubers with their hey briskeby channel; Sana and Yousef have feelings for each other. The fic starts when they aren't together yet, but when they do get together they decide to keep it a secret from the viewers (1of the reasons is that Yousef doesn't want Sana to get hate from his fans). Sana, however starts appearing more and more in the guys' videos and the viewers start...

Hey :)

First of all thank you for this prompt! I don’t know if there was supposed to be another part to this ask but I only received this one. So I hope I didn’t miss anything important. 

I hope this is how you imagined it. Let me know!


(The short parts in between the dotted lines are comments Sana concentrates on.)

“HEEEEY”, they all shout at the same time. Sana is used to them being this loud but standing behind the camera now, she still jumps at how loud they really are.

Hei Briskeby, aka Elias, Mutta, Adam, Mikael and Yousef, are shooting a video for their YouTube channel. Once again in the Bakkoush house. 

Sana is at home most of the time the guys decide to shoot a video. Well, they actually have a weekly plan to have a clear schedule when to prepare, when to film, when to edit. However, they don’t keep to that plan very often. So it’s possible that they are at the Bakkoush house every day. One would think that they would have found another location to film at when their channel got big, like really big. But no, they love filming here and probably won’t stop so soon. Not that Sana minds much. This gives her the opportunity to see that one friend of Elias she might have a crush on. 

“What’s up everyone? Welcome back! How are you all? I hope you’re doing good! Like I always say, you look good no matter what!”, Elias says with his usual grin and leans forward in his seat and winks at the camera. Sana rolls her eyes until she sees Yousef looking at her.

Mutta, Adam and Mikael are sitting on the couch while Elias and Yousef are sitting on the floor in front of them. Yousef’s eyes keep wandering over to Sana and while Elias says ‘You look good no matter what’ Yousef looks straight at Sana and nods while smiling at her. Sana immediately blushes and presses her lips together to not smile too brightly and attract attention from the other boys. 

“Today, we’re going to do something that has been requested a lot!”, Yousef says after Elias nudges him for him to pay attention to the video. “We are doing a Q&A!”

“We haven’t done a video like this in … well, never. We’ve never done this kind of video.”, Adam says.

“And since we’ve gained quite a lot of viewers in the last months and you all keep asking us about ourselves we thought we would do this.”, Mutta explains and Sana is amazed that the guys didn’t write a script for this. They work so well together but that just shows how great of friends they are. 

“And it’s impossible to answer every comment you leave us so we’re going to try to answer as many questions as possible in this video.”, Mikael concludes.

Sana looks down at her phone and reads the messages in the group chat with her friends. She is still listening to what the guys are saying, though.

“We wanted to just read out the questions we choose from this..”, Elias holds up a sheet of paper. “But since my lovely sister is here today, behind the camera, she can ask us the questions randomly.”

Sana’s head shoots up and she narrows her eyes at her brother. He always finds a way to incorporate her in their videos. She has been in a few before but she really doesn’t feel like being in front of the camera now. Especially because she came back from basketball practice just minutes ago.

Because Sana doesn’t react immediately, the boys think they need to try and convince her. 

“Sana, it’s more fun that way!”, Adam suggests.

“Pleeeease, sis! I know you’re exhausted right now but you can just chill behind the camera and read them to us.”, Elias says and shows his sister a big smile. 

While Adam and Elias talk, Sana notices that all of them look at her but one pair of eyes looks most hopeful. Yousef raises his eyebrows at Sana and just waits.

“It’s fine. I’ll do it.”, Sana says. Yousef stands up to give Sana the sheet of paper with the questions and gives the paper more slowly to her than necessary. Sana plumps down onto the floor, crosses her legs under her and waits for the guys to give her a sign to start.

Most questions are stuff like age, where they all are from, this or that questions, who’s most likely to do something and what the guys do besides YouTube. Sana loves this question because these five boys are not just relying on YouTube for their future but all are either working or studying at university. Sana is not too interested in those questions because they practically live here and she knows all of them pretty well. 

But the following question is interesting. Not only because Sana knows that their fans are dying to know but because she has been asked this about the boys too often to count. 

She rephrases the question and says: “Do any of you have a significant other?”

Sana can’t help herself. Her eyes immediately find Yousef who is shaking his head. And looking at Sana with a … sad look. Sana and Yousef have something going on between them. They are not dating but there is something. And all the other guys know it too. 

Adam and Mikael look at each other as the first instinct but quickly look away then. Elias shakes his head but grins and Mutta just doesn’t say anything and looks into the camera with a lopsided smile. 

Elias looks around and answers for all of his friends too: “See, we’re all single!” Sana is ready to read the next question but Elias continues answering. Her older brother looks at Yousef who watches his best friend answer and says: “Well, you know.. it’s complicated with this guy here.” He pats Yousef on the shoulder and then sends a look towards Sana. She wishes she could vanish in thin air then and there. Sometimes she hates her brother. 

“Okay! Next question!”, Sana announces but Elias, Mutta, Mikael and Adam laugh about her reaction. They have such a great time trying to push Sana and Yousef to finally become a couple because it’s obvious to them that Sana and Yousef are gone for each other. Yousef pretends to laugh along.


“Does this mean Yousef is NOT single????”

“Please tell me it’s complicated because he’s in love with Elias’ sister!! How cute would they be?!?!?!”


“ I’m calling it! Yousana is a thing. Look at his cute face when looking at - behind - the camera!”


“Sana! Yousef! Get your cute little asses over here! We need to start filming!”, Elias shouts from the window to the couple sitting outside in the garden. Since Yousef and Sana started dating a short while back and actually told people about it, Yousef has been spending quite a lot of time with Sana when he was over at the Bakkoush house. Elias was a little jealous, actually, but he was glad that these two lovesick idiots are finally together.

“You think my ass is cute?”, Yousef’s first words are when he comes through the door. Elias turns around to his best friend and nods with a sarcastic smile.

“Yes, Yousef! Unbelievably cute. But if you don’t go sit in your spot now that cute ass will belong to a dead person.”, Elias says with the sweetest smile and has everyone in the room impressed. That he can threaten Yousef with such a cute facial expression… Sana always knew Elias is good at this kind of creative stuff.

They end up playing some version of charades that they changed a bit but only with YouTube related stuff. 

For example, Yousef had to describe the ‘Don’t Judge’ challenge and says: “The challenge Elias and Sana hated so much that Elias almost got in an argument with that dude at the gym!”

Sana is completely lost because she doesn’t go to the gym with them but Mikael immediately shouts the right challenge and can’t help but comment: “Yeah, well, Elias was right anyway!”

Elias impersonates Dan and Phil, yes both of them, perfectly which Mutta guesses first, though.

Adam describes someone with: “He serenades girls on College campuses with made up songs.” While Elias and Mutta have no clue, Mikael is trying to think of the name. Well, Sana and Yousef forget for a second that they are not alone and keep looking at each other and have to lean forward for that. Elias is sitting between them because that’s how they always sit when Sana joins them.

“Sana!”, Adam shouts and makes Sana jump because she’s ripped out of her small bubble with Yousef. “You need to know that! I’ve shown you videos and asked if you would mind if someone did that to you!”

Sana immediately knows who Adam is talking about but needs a second to remember the name. She jumps up and down on her seat on the floor while trying to remember the name and nervously pats on the couch. Yousef looks at her smilingly and then to the rest of the boys.

“Angrypicnic!”, Sana shouts as soon as she remembers the name. Mikael starts complaining how he also knew it but just couldn’t remember the name which Elias and Yousef make fun of him for because that’s exactly the point of this game.

Sana takes a piece of paper from the snapback the guys, or rather Mutta, took off of Yousef’s head because they needed to put the little pieces of paper with names of YouTubers, trends and challenges in it. 

Sana reads what’s written on it: “The floor is lava.”

Sana looks up at the boys and looks at each of them separately before trying to explain which wouldn’t be hard.

“Okay, it’s the challenge Yousef and I started and you all joined and now it gets dangerous!”

Yousef, Elias and Mikael shout: “The Floor is Lava” and as an instinct Sana looks around and sees herself sitting on the floor. Even though Yousef and Elias were two of the three people shouting the answer, they both do the same thing as Sana and all three of them jump on the couch, while the other three are still sitting on it. 

“I hate you people!”, Adam can be heard crying, being squished between Elias and Sana.

—————————————————————————————————-“Why is she in this video? She was in a video a month ago already!”

“Honestly if she’s dating one of the guys she shouldn’t be on your channel”

“Nobody can tell me Yousef and Sana are not IN LOVE! LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY SMİLE AT EACH OTHER!”

“Girl! Concentrate on your brother or something and don’t bother with Yousef. Keep your eyes off him!”


“Look who we found here. Studying and being a good student as always!”, Adam has their vlogging-camera in his hands and points the camera at Sana. It’s a Thursday afternoon and once again, the boys are at the Bakkoush house. Sana came home, immediately put on comfortable clothes and took her make up off. She didn’t care that the boys are here. They have seen her in her worst conditions, like when she’s sick, so it really doesn’t matter. 
Sana looks up from her Biology book and smiles at Adam for a second, says Hi and looks back down on her book. She really doesn’t feel like being a part of their next vlog.

Adam goes to the fridge and turns around to Sana, still filming. 
“So why are you studying in the kitchen? And when’s your exam again? Tomorrow?”

Sana looks up again and plays with the pen in her hand. She nods and says: “Yeah, it’s tomorrow. And I’m in the kitchen because you guys are in the backyard and even with my windows closed I can hear you.”

Adam turns the camera to himself and smiles sheepishly: “Sooorry, we’ll keep it down.”

Sana just shrugs with a small smile: “Doesn’t really matter, really. I’m fine studying here.”

Adam stops filming after that and talks to Sana for a few minutes about what the topic of the exam will be. One would maybe not think that but Adam is a science- guy. He might not have been as good as Sana in school but he’s very interested in stuff like physics and biology.

Before Adam leaves the kitchen to join the other boys in the backyard, Sana calls after him. He turns around and Sana hesitates a little bit. Adam leans on to the door frame and waits. Sana presses her lips together and wonders if she should bother with this or not. Then she sighs and leans forward in her seat and finally says what has been on her mind.

“Adam, could you maybe not include that in the vlog?” It’s a good thing that all the Hei Briskeby boys, except for Yousef of course, are like brothers to Sana. She can talk to them about anything and they’ll listen. But this topic in particular is uncomfortable for Sana to talk about.

Adam pushes himself of the door frame and steps closer to the kitchen table. His eyebrows furrowed and a concerned look on his face, which he quickly changes and smiles at Sana.

“Sure, that’s no problem. But … is there a reason why you don’t want that?”, Adam asks. He knows that Sana meant their short conversation he had filmed minutes ago. Usually she didn’t mind being in their videos, she is some vlogs too. Mostly in the background because the guys are always in her house.

First Sana just shrugs and doesn’t want to elaborate but if she explains once she might not need to talk about it again. Adam is the one who vlogs their days, at least most of the times. He is the best at it out of all the boys. Elias and Yousef comment too much while vlogging; Mikael doesn’t comment anything at all and just films and Mutta gets too excited about things happening so fast that most things he films are blurry. Adam has the combination just right.

“Don’t you read the comments under your videos?”, Sana finally decides to say.

Adam nods but still looks confused so Sana continues: “Then you should know that your viewers don’t like me being in your videos that much. Especially since some of them think I’m with Yousef and they really don’t like that!”

She has noticed many comments under Hei Briskeby’s recent videos expressing this view very loudly.

Now Adam is even more confused. Sure, there are a few negative comments about Sana but it’s YouTube. There are negative comments about Elias, Mutta, Yousef, Mikael and Adam, too. Before they tried to delete all the hate comments but now it’s almost impossible and they don’t even care that much anymore. You get desensibilized when you’re on YouTube this long with a big audience. 

“What are you talking about? Most of our viewers love it when you’re in the videos! Some suggest you being in the videos every day! And you are together with Yousef so what’s the problem?”

Sana sighs and puts away her pen and instead takes her phone in her hand and turns it in her hands while talking. 

“But if so many of your fans react to the unconfirmed idea of Yousef and I dating, imagine how they’ll be if they knew.”, Sana says and gets really sad. Adam opens his mouth to say something but Sana interrupts him: “Could you just please edit that part out. I’m not sure I want to be in today’s vlog.” She finishes her sentence with a small smile and Adam nods. Of course he wouldn’t put her in a video is she doesn’t want that. 

Adam starts to leave again and Sana shouts after him: “Please fix it! And not in the way Mikael always ‘fixes it’!” She only hears Adam chuckle at that and turns back to the books all over the table. 

She’s not alone for long, though. About ten minutes later Yousef enters the kitchen. Sana doesn’t notice anyone coming into the room at first. He watches as Sana is really concentrated on the textbook in front of her and slowly and quietly gets closer to her. He goes to stand behind her chair and leans down and places a short kiss on Sana’s cheek. Sana is surprised and looks at him so fast that she almost falls out of her seat. Yousef didn’t move much after kissing her cheek so that there are only millimetres between their faces now. 

Sana looks into his eyes and can’t stop the smile creeping up on her face. She tries to act mad but it doesn’t work. “I hate you. Why would you do that?”

Yousef shakes his head lightly: “No, you don’t.” and grins at Sana. Then he pulls a chair close to Sana and sits down next to her. They both turn to each other and just smile at each other for a moment. 

Sana breaks the comfortable silence: “What are you doing here?“ 

Yousef tilts his head a little and looks at her innocently: “Can’t I just come and see my girlfriend?” He loves saying that Sana is his girlfriend and she loves hearing him say it. She still can’t really believe that they finally managed to become a couple. That’s why she doesn’t want anything to ruin that. 

Sana mimics her boyfriend and answers: “Of course you can. But since you were here half an hour ago and Adam just left after I’ve told him something about us… there might be a connection, don’t you think?”

Yousef gasps dramatically and makes Sana laugh and roll her eyes at him. “I’m offended that you would think that! … But a little birdie could’ve told me about some doubts you have.”

Sana quickly jumps up in her seat and instinctively reaches for Yousef’s hand. “But there are no doubts about us being together. None at all!” She doesn’t want him to misunderstand that.

Yousef nods with an understanding smile and covers Sana’s hand with his. “I know, don’t worry. But maybe we should still talk.”

This time Sana nods. She knows they have to talk. She just didn’t know how to start this conversation. Saying ‘Hey, maybe let’s keep our distance while filming and I’ll avoid filming with you guys at all for a while because people don’t like me’ is not the right way to go.

“So you don’t want to be in our videos anymore?”, Yousef asks. 

Sana looks at their hands while answering: “Maybe for a while. Seems like a good solution. I’ve seen people comment rude stuff about you because of me being in the video and you looking at me. I don’t want that for you.”

“Hey,”, Yousef says and makes Sana look at him, “Don’t worry about that. I can deal with that. Nobody can expect me to not look at my beautiful girlfriend the whole time she is next to me.”

Sana starts blushing but shakes her head at him. Such a dork. “Yousef, I’m serious about that.”

He nods. He knows what she means. Yousef and the boys have gained a lot of YouTube friends since they started their channel and some of them have girlfriends. Yousef has seen what kind of stupid, unnecessary hate the girls have gotten because some fans didn’t think they were the right person for their favorite YouTubers. It’s stupid. But he knows that that is something that happens, sadly.

“I know. And you know I love having you in our videos, so do the boys. But if you’re not comfortable with it, it’s fine. Just know that you don’t have to worry about it for my sake.”, Yousef says and adds with a laugh, “Because let’s be honest: You secretly love shooting videos with us.”

“Ehh.. it’s okay.”, Sana answers looking bored. Secretly, she really does. She loves those boys and they are a lot of fun to hang out with.

Well, turns out YouTube videos are not the only thing to pay attention to when trying to be low-key about your relationship. Sana and Yousef don’t try to hide their relationship, Yousef just didn’t talk about being in a relationship in their videos where that topic comes up more often than one would think and Sana avoids being in their videos. At least in the main channel ones; she can’t escape the vlogging camera seeing as the guys are always at her home.

What Yousef forgot is that their viewers are not only watching their videos but are also on all the other social media. He loves it, don’t get him wrong. He loves how supportive they all are about everything he does. But he didn’t expect that much of a backlash to a picture he posts of him, Elias and Sana and the caption: 'My two favorite people’. It was partly just a response to a picture Mutta had posted some days ago of him with Mikael and Adam with the exact same caption. Elias and Yousef had jokingly teased those three for leaving them out of the picture and when Yousef was hanging out with the Bakkoush siblings he decided to post a similar picture. Even in the same poses as the other three.

There were a lot of really cute comments, more than anything else, but he couldn’t ignore that there were some really rude ones, mostly directed at Sana. Elias and Yousef were furious once they read those. While some of them were a little petty from super-fans, some were straight up disrespectful which Elias and Yousef both deleted whenever they saw them and reported the accounts.


“Two favorite people???? What about your best friends. since when is Elias’ sister that important. She needs to stop.”

“Aww, you’re family goals tho. How cute would Yousana babies be?? And Elias as an uncle??”

“I’m sick of seeing that girl with you all the time? Doesn’t she have her own friends?”


Sana’s plan to limit her appearances with the Hei Briskeby boys failed completely. Her own friends, especially Eva and Chris, told her not to pay attention to any of those stupid comments because those who leave these comments are jealous because Yousef is such a good catch and him and Sana are so cute. At the same time she couldn’t hide from the boys. They genuinely were some of her best friend; one of them being her older brother and another one her boyfriends. 

Hei Briskeby doesn’t post vlogs every day but every other day. In almost all of them you can see Yousef and Sana being all cute smiling at each other, flirting or something similar in the background. Of course there are not really physical and if you didn’t know the context of them being a couple you would just think they are only best friends. But since their audience suspected something between them Mikael had fun leaving all those cute scenes of them in the background in the vlogs. At first Sana, Yousef and even Elias didn’t like that at all but now, now they have fun with it. Neither Yousef nor Sana feels obligated to announce on the Internet that they are a couple and the longer they are together the less they care about what people have to say about them. 

Now, it’s actually quite funny to them seeing some people being so invested that they theorize if they are together or not and pointing out things that speak for or against it. 

“Hi to all of you beautiful people out there! How are you doing? All good? I hope so!”, Elias starts the video in his usual manner. Still looking straight into the camera he winks and then claps loudly and continues to talk: “After a long, loooong time we have a special guest in our video!” He points at the camera, or rather at Sana who is standing behind it. “Sana, come join us!”

As soon as Elias says that the other four guys start clapping which Sana only shakes her head at. She sits down between Elias and Yousef, who are leaning on the couch Adam, Mikael and Mutta are sitting on. 

“Okay! What we’re going to do today is: We’re going to see if we know Elias better..”, Mutta starts explaining and points at Adam, Mikael, Yousef and himself, “.. or if Sana knows her brother better.”, and pats Sana on the head. Sana starts laughing, joined by Yousef and Elias and looks at Mutta with an amused look. The way he pat her head was really cutely funny. Adam and Mikael were too preoccupied with whispering about something very close to notice that.

Elias explains the rules that they all write their answers on a sheet of paper and turn it around at the same time. 

“Let’s start off easy! Who is my celebrity crush right now?”

“I know this!”, Mutta shouts. 

Yousef looks up and around the room and thinks hard about this one. He should know this. His gaze falls onto Sana’s paper because well, she’s sitting right next to him, shoulders touching. She notices that he’s looking and lightly shoves his shoulder and warns him laughingly.

“Don’t look at me paper. You’re cheating!”

“I’m not cheating. I’m didn’t look at your answer!”

“Are you sure? I definitely saw you looking!”, Sana answers and holds his gaze. Yousef leans a little closer and whispers something to Sana so quietly that not even the other guys could hear him.

“Maybe I was just looking at you. I told you nobody can blame me if I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”

He makes Sana blush furiously so she looks down at her paper. All that time those two were in their own bubble Elias almost shouted at Mikael because he looked so lost. 

“What do you mean you don’t know? You told me we would make cute babies when I told you how hot she is!”, Elias sounds so offended that Mikael wouldn’t remember. 

“Dude, I don’t know. I forgot!”, Mikael shouts back and Mutta and Adam are watching them fight. All they need to make this perfect is popcorn. 

Elias is so done with Mikael and looks at Sana and Yousef before looking at the camera and announcing that they all should turn around their paper now. All, except for Mikael, have written the same name. 

“See, Mikael! Everyone knows it’s Lily Collins! We watched that one movie together and I told you how hot she is!”, Elias starts ranting while all the rest just laughs at him.


“I missed Sana in your videos!”

“Okay, but honestly. I don’t care if Yousef is dating Elias’ sister but they would be so cute together. Look at them!!!”

“I don’t know who I ship more: Yousef and Sana or Elias and Lily”

“Can I be Sana? She has the best boyfriend, best brother and best friends! I’m highkey jealous!”


anonymous asked:

um wow I love u also what are your top five fave things about jungkook

hi i love you too

here’s 5 things on the top of my head because I can’t think of favs

  • His casual fashion sense because it’s so close to mine, I’m in love with his fashion aesthetic
  • The he’s actually a massive gamer and it just reminds me that he’s also just a regular guys that will play non-stop for 10 hours without even blinking
  • You can really see how much he’s grown over the years from being really shy on camera to now being much more open
  • His backpack and unhealthy obsession with speakers
  • The tongue thing he does when he’s thinking and also the head tilt business 

What a great way to end this game with psycho doffy LOL

This was really fun, like believe me, I had so much fun I actually got lowkey sad when it ended :(

I hope you enjoyed this as well, I will probably do this again one day!!!! (to be honest I would love to do it tomorrow again but it will get boring after some time so I gotta make it special you know)

Thank you guys, I love youuuuuu

The trashcan closes the door to her studio, putting the keys back in her pocket. She gets her phone out and checks her messages. After some time, she sents the caretaker a little message. “There’s a person still inside, only let them out after they hugged all of the 1 600 men that are left.” Then, she turns around, sunglasses still on and drink still in her hand; a cup with ice tea… lemon.

fellow artists,

if you have an ipod or iphone or ipad or whatever then Please download the app “Make a Pose”

it gives you a lil figure like this

and you can make them do whatever you want!! Like

Took me about 1.4 minutes to make this sad little guy it’s Really easy to get the hang of

they Happy

you can change the camera angle so easy too so you can get perspective + foreshortening reference

THIS IS ALL FREE TOO but if you pay $2 you unlock the ability to have two figures onscreen at the same time so you can make COUPLE POSES


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ANYWAY YOU CAN PAY ABSOLUTELY $0 TO GET THE APP WITH THE ABILITY TO POSE ONE FIGURE AT A TIME AND IF YOU PAY $2 YOU GET TO PUT UP TO 6 CHARACTERS ON THE SCREEN AT ONCE AND YOU ALSO GET A GOTDAMN HORSE. again it is called “Make a Pose” and it’s for iphone or ipod touch or ipad and i cannot recommend it enough

My Jensen-Misha photo from jibcon8 this morning. I posted this already from the @fandomnatural account I was livetweeting from but thought I would stick it here too. As soon as I can scan a high res version I will do that too.

Background: All I said was, mostly speaking to Jensen, “Given the events of the finale, could you [JA] just give this guy [MC] a hug?” I added to clarify “Like you just got your best friend back.” I didn’t say anything about expressions or how to stand. I actually had been picturing more just a big ol’ happy smooshy hug w both of them smiling, but what they actually did blew me away. What was interesting was seeing them both silently settle on the pose & expression in almost slow motion, like they were both thinking about it. Jensen kept adjusting his face & head angle. That tragic sad frown appeared kinda like he clicked it on, and he then literally adjusted it twice, like “This frown? This one? No, this one,” and his head also started dropping down, and meanwhile Misha was like slowly tilting his head against Jensen’s (which I also had not asked for) and arranging his face into that incredibly touching mournful/resigned look. Misha kept looking at the camera but in Jensen’s final adjustment he dropped his eyes. (Good lord these guys are pros.)

So every nuance of expression & pose is from Jensen & Misha. I think this is Jensen’s real take on how Dean would look if he got to grab onto Cas again. (and I ended up with this weird certainty in my gut that Jensen had just given me a preview of S13)

17.06.23 fancafe - bts_v

01:23  Hello

How are you guys??

01:40 Kekekeke

Haha you missed me didn’t you? I missed you too. Everyday before I go to sleep, when I wake up there are always two drops of tears on my pillow

01:47 I also don’t know

I screencapped all the comments about the movies ARMYs recommended to me here on Fancafe. Today, I decided to watch this movie. If it’s fun, I’ll recomment it to the members or to you guys on Vapp hahaha. Anyways, I really like to watch movies and because of ARMYs(!!!) I feel like I’ve become a better person!!!

01:53 Because of everyone I

I’ve been interested in paintings and photographs these days, I’ve also been recommending a lot of them, haha. These days I started taking pictures of the landscape as well. I ahve representative models, there’s a lot of them, there are 6 of them. I bought a filming camera 3 days ago, so I tried to take pictures with it properly. Haha, the important thing about this is the ISO, focus, aperature and shutter speed. I don’t know anything about it so I’m trying to learn, but I’m afraid that I might stop because it’s so difficult. So, please stop me from quitting.

02:06 Euoh I’m touched??

Because you guys keep cheering me on~~ Saying that I can help you with things like this, I’m very proud. If I didn’t meet ARMYs, I wouldn’t have been interested in art. I probably wouldn’t get to watch movies or listen to a variety of music, only watching Oseam* during Chuseok**. I wouldn’t know about other things too if it wasn’t for ARMYs recommendation and different lifestyle, which I gained strength from!!! Ahh, I’m so proud!!!

(*Oseam is a Korean animation movie
**Chuseok is a national Korean holiday)

B02:16 Right now

I can’t read all the comments, theres so many. When I have time I’ll come back and read them all. Sleep well.

trans cr. peachBOY_0613
picture cr. yoonggi

Because we are all emotional right now I felt like it would be a good time to spread some positive vibes when it comes to our beloved Choi Seunghyun. I don’t know how you guys feel about this, but it makes me even sadder when I want to go online and all the news about him are related to the scandel. Which is why I decided to do a little T.O.P. masterpost - starting with pre debute pictures of him being the cutie we all love!

Baby Seunghyun will always be one of the sweetest things on this planet

followed by the time when he started to lose weight and was known as “Tempo” plus his selfie game was 10/10 back then already

I mean look at this smug grin

and I don’t know how you guys feel like, but I have a special place in my hear for this haircut - especially the second picture with the baseball cap! Most people will probably say it was terrible, but I think it suited him 

pulling faces while eating or even talking on the phone to the camera - my aesthetic for sure 

Also, can we talk about this shot? I feel like this is the typical “come on, bro, I need a new profile pic for cyworld - and I wanna look really cool!” - “dude, how about we stick a patch on your cheek an- perfect! Now look at me like you looked at Seungri when he ate your favourite candy!”

oh and speaking of cyworld - last but not least: some of my most favourite pics! (feat. the baby dragon bc those two were the masters of taking stupid selfies)

It’s not much, but I hope you guys at least had to smile a bit. It always warms my heart when I see these pictures. The next masterpost will follow for sure! 

Feel free to add more pictures of him

Ended a lucrative business relationship because of an incompetent, racist owner.

This happened over the course of the last week.

I hired a company to correct a big sinkage in my basement. They come in and drill holes and spray industrial foam under the flooring to level it. About a week ago they sent a guy over to locate all of the pipes and scope them for damage.

Then about 3 days ago the foam guys show up and get to work. About halfway through they stop and call me into the basement. There’s water running along my baseboards and they’re afraid they’ve hit a pipe.

They call the owner of the scoping company to come over and re-scope the pipes. He does and finds massive corrosion running all through it. I ask him why they didn’t find that on the first scope, and he tell me they weren’t looking for damage they were just locating the pipe. This makes no sense to me as you don’t need to put a camera into a pipe to locate the pipe.

Then he gives me the sales pitch. It’s going to cost between $4000 and $6000 to fix it, but he can get a “crew of cheap Mexicans” out there who “don’t pull permits” and can do it for much less. He says plumbers will rip you off, he used to be a plumber. I ask, “Oh, and you ripped people off?” I tell him no thanks on the labor, I’ll call my basement company back and let them deal with it.

During the course of the conversation with the scoping company owner he tells me they do about 100 of these a week for the basement company. Scoping is $99, cleaning is $125. At least $10,000 a week, probably $500,000 a year they make from the foam guys.

So here’s the rub. When things started to go pear shaped, I do what I used to do back in college when I had to have conversations with police. Put my phone in my shirt pocket and started to record. (No wiretapping laws in my state.) That’s right. I’ve got this guy soliciting illegal labor to me in full living digital color.

The next day, the basement company sends out some licensed and bonded plumbers to fix my pipes for $0 because of the failure to locate the pipes. That’s right, the scoping company marked the pipe FOUR FEET away from where it actually was. The scoping company not only didn’t find any damage, they didn’t even find the pipe. They did literally nothing. The basement plumbers do an excellent, professional job. They bill the scoping company for their time.

This morning the foam guys came back to finish the job and I tell them about the sleaze ball that they’ve contracted. I play the audio for them of the guy trying to sell me on “cheap Mexican” illegal labor. Half of the foam crew is Hispanic men. They are NOT pleased.

The white crew chief tells me, “We are never doing business with that company ever again. I’m calling our owner right now.” He also read me the contract that they had with the scoping company that explicitly says they are to look for damaged pipes, vindicating me once more.

On Camera

Or that one time Lance decided to live-stream when he really should’ve been resting. The (established) klance YouTuber AU that no one asked for, but you’re all getting. Domestic klance sharing an apartment is my jam, and throwing a little angst in there is a bonus.

I’m actually really happy with this, and if people like it I might do an actual long AU thing with this setting, so feedback is appreciated! For now though, just a one-shot. This is also proof that the best writing for me happens at 3 AM… oops. I hope you enjoy!!

Psst @taylor-tut this is that thing I not-so-discreetly mentioned in my tags, have a wonderful day.

Lance McClain was a rulebreaker in every way, except for one thing. He believed it was always necessary to have a routine, and never stray from it. If asked, he’d inform you that a steady routine was the foundation for a steady life.

Showering every morning, brushing his teeth every night, thinking of a cheesy one-liner for Keith each day without fail, the list went on. Little things.

One of his many routines was to live-stream, always on Sundays. Because who did anything besides sit at home, definitely not with a hangover, on Sunday?

New videos went up on Wednesdays, but the carefully edited ones on YouTube and his live-streams were very different. Many fans even preferred seeing him live, mainly because he couldn’t stop himself from making bad jokes, and was usually too lazy to straighten his bedhead.

And they would always ask him to go bother Keith in the next room, which Lance more often than not was obliged to do.

So when he woke up late one Sunday with a killer headache and a stuffy nose, Lance wasn’t about to let it get in the way of his routine.

He discovered a note from Keith on the kitchen table that said he’d be out running errands, and Lance lamented that he hadn’t been awake to tell Keith to get soup. After shooting him a quick text, the only response Lance got was “You don’t even like soup.”

Lance chuckled softly, which quickly led to a series of wet coughs. Clearing his throat, he began to set up his camera, wrapped himself up in blankets, and started the stream.

“Hey guys,” he said with a small wave, and winced at how raspy his voice sounded. He sniffled, and edged the off-screen box of tissues closer to him.

The chat was quickly flooded with “HELLO”’s and “LANCE!”’s. By now, all the fans knew when he went live. Lance was, however, surprised to see several inquiries about his health.

There were quite a few “Are you okay”’s, and even some “You seem sick”’s, with one of Lance’s personal favorites being “You look like shit.”

He read off the last comment with a short laugh. “Thanks, KeiththeKutie05.” Then, as an afterthought, he added, “Nice name.”

After a short pause of him continuing to scan the chat, he spoke again. “I’m fine though, just got a cold or something. Nothing could stop me from live-streaming!”

As the viewers seemed satisfied with this response, Lance wasn’t surprised to see the usual repetition of “Where’s Keith?” in the chat. He sighed.

“Mullet Boy is running errands,” Lance told them, rolling his eyes for effect. “Probably going out to buy a new pair of fingerless gloves.”

Keith and Lance had been sharing an apartment for some time now, and the Internet was very invested in their relationship, or so it seemed. Keith was annoyed by the whole thing at first, but Lance found it entertaining that his fans seemed to like Keith better than him. Lance could, admittedly, relate.

Eventually, the accidental publicity that came with dating a YouTuber inspired Lance to make a collab channel for them, though Keith never got his own. He insisted that he was too awkward to film anything by himself, which Lance secretly found adorable.

Numerous people began telling Lance to prank Keith when he came back, to which Lance grinned. Playing tricks on Keith during live-streams had become somewhat of a tradition in and of itself. “Maybe I will,” Lance tapped his chin thoughtfully. “You guys got any ideas?”

Lance read through some of the responses but saw nothing particularly appealing, then perked up at someone asking when he’d do a video with Hunk again.

“Actually, I got some good news for you guys,” Lance declared, sneezing into his elbow before continuing. “Hunk and I are going to be playing videogames on Pidge’s channel sometime next week, and Hunk has both of us coming over to his and Shay’s for a baking video. I haven’t decided what we should do for my part yet. Maybe a Q & A?”

Once again, Lance’s eyes scanned through the suggestions until his eyes snagged on one he liked. “Cards Against Humanity, huh? With YouTube’s shitty new rules it could get demonetized, but I do love that game, so why not? I’m positive Pidge owns it, and I can tell them to bring it over. Maybe I can even convince Keith to play with us.”

Lance couldn’t help but smile at the enthusiastic response that got.

“I think I’m going to get myself some more coffee,” Lance decided, looking down at the empty mug resting on a coaster. “Last night Keith made me watch this really scary movie, so I naturally had trouble falling asleep. Gotta have coffee to keep myself functioning. Do you guys prefer coffee or tea? Keith and I are both coffee people, but he likes his black. No sugar or anything, disgusting if you ask me.”

Lance almost regretted this comment as a war of opinions on black coffee slowly took over his computer screen.

“Well, anyway, I’m gonna go to the kitchen real quick. I’d bring my laptop but… I’d probably spill coffee on it, and we can’t have that.”

Lance stood, and was about to start towards the next room when his vision abruptly blurred and refocused. He knew immediately something was wrong.

His legs felt like jelly, and the room seemed to spin as he took a single step forward. Had he only been fine when he was sitting? Lance had half the mind to sit right back down, but his brain was growing muddled, and direction simply didn’t make sense.

Lance’s migraine flared abruptly in intensity, and then suddenly the wood floor was rushing up to meet him. Everything went dark.

Keith glanced at his phone as he moved around to the back of the car, where he’d stored the groceries, and had to repress a fond smile at the Twitter notification on the screen. Lance was, apparently, live-streaming. Keith thought he might actually miss his time-slot for once, but he figured by now he should be used to the Cuban boy’s dedication to routine.

Lance’s channel got some negative feedback from more ‘sophisticated’ YouTubers for being… all over the place. A dedicated beauty guru, or PrinceLotor as his channel was called, had dragged Lance on Twitter on more than one occasion.

Lance was anything but consistent when it came to videos. He did whatever he felt like doing that week, and the fans loved it. Sometimes he played songs on his guitar, sometimes he did prank-calls. He would film Q&A’s, or tell stories about all the interesting stuff that happened in his life— Lance’s bad luck was rather famous. He recommended TV shows, did hauls of what he got for holidays, vlogged on occasion when he went to stores, you name it.

But Lance’s favorite thing to do were collabs.

Hunk, an incredibly smart engineer, had a baking channel as a hobby, and Lance was his favorite assistant.

Pidge was a newer gaming channel, but their obsession with theorizing about the game’s lore while playing and busting other fan theories made them grow in popularity quickly. For two player games, Lance was ideal.

Allura was an extremely popular beauty channel, and Lance let her give him makeovers whenever she wanted to. Shiro could use extra actors in his short films.

And Keith… well, the two of them had a channel together that had no pattern whatsoever, much to Lance’s dislike. Absolutely spontaneous and random, usually doing things by popular fan request, like dancing or karaoke. And uploads were by no means regular.

Keith was surprised at how much he had started to enjoy it. Lance had been telling him he should start an art channel, with animations and speedpaints and the like, and Keith wasn’t… that opposed to the idea. It could be a useful source of income, to help with all the debt he would come into after graduating college. But he’d never tell Lance.

Without thinking too much of it, Keith swiped right across his screen, taking him to Lance’s tweet about the live-stream in order to like it. He was about to close his phone again and begin taking groceries up to their apartment when his eyes snagged on something odd.

Lots of the replies to Lance’s tweet mentioned him, particularly the recent ones, even tagging him in it. Keith couldn’t fathom why they would be talking about him if he wasn’t on the stream, unless Lance was complaining about him live again.

Keith bristled. Lance better not be still annoyed at him for the movie the last night. Signs wasn’t scary at all, and not even a real horror movie! Lance simply stated that ‘he didn’t mess with aliens.’

But when he looked at all the mentions, Keith felt his irritation give way to confusion, and then panic.


Keith slammed the trunk, all groceries forgotten as he sprinted into the apartment building and ran for the stairs. They only lived on the third floor, and he was not about to wait for the slow, crowded elevator.

He fumbled to fit his key in the lock and opened the door to the living room, only to spot the live-streaming set up, with no Lance. Keith rushed forward, but drew up short when he realized that Lance was in fact passed out on the floor in front of the couch.

“Oh my god— Lance!” Keith sank down beside him, turning his boyfriend over. “Lance, are you okay? Can you hear me?”

Lance’s eyes opened slowly, and Keith felt relief flood his system, despite the uncharacteristically pale skin. “K-Keith? Wha… I thought you were shopping?”

“I’m back,” Keith answered shortly, wincing as he pressed a hand onto Lance’s forehead. “Jeez, you’re on fire. Why didn’t you tell me you were this sick?!”

“Are you a fire?” Lance mumbled under his breath, and Keith furrowed his brows in confusion.

“What? No, Lance, I was saying you have a fever.”

“Because you’re hot and I want s'more,” Lance continued, as if he hadn’t heard him at all. Keith was suddenly painfully aware that the live-stream was still going, and that his face was even more flushed than Lance’s, and not because of a fever.

Keith glanced at the computer sitting on the coffee table briefly, noting that most of the chat was full of random keyboard smashing. He smiled apologetically. “At least he’s conscious,” he shrugged, hoisting Lance up off the floor and propping one of his arm’s around Keith’s shoulder. “I’m going to take this idiot to the hospital, he’s way too hot.”

“So you finally admitted it,” Lance’s voice was barely audible, and Keith glanced back down to see him grinning up at Keith tiredly.

“I meant your temperature, dumbass. Next time, tell me when you’re not feeling well.”

And with that, he shut off the stream.

the wardrobe

James: Look at him being all “I’m a cool teacher”. Wanker.

Lily: Shut up you are just jealous.

James: Jealous? Jealous?! He became everything we hated Lils.

Lily: You are as dramatic as Sirius today Jamie.

James: Ooh, the Longbottom kid is first, I bet he is afraid of Augusta, Merlin knows Frankie was.

Lily: Did he just say-

James: Oh yes he did. That bastard bullied that kid so much, he became his biggest fear.

Lily: I- I’m-

James: I’m so excited! He is gonna make Snivellus look like Augusta, I remember that red handbag!

*Wands at the ready, Remus opens the wardrobe Snape walks out*

Lily: *watching warily* He looks so different, like he is taller.

James: It’s because the poor kid is scared of him shitless, Riddikulus Neville come on.

*Riddikulus and Snape is now wearing Augusta’s clothes*

James: *doubles over laughing* Moony– You– legend.

Lily: *tries not to laugh, fails* If Severus hears this–

James: *still laughing* Moony doesn’t give a fuck.

Lily: *grinning* I can see that.

James: Merlin– that hat. It suits him well. *tries to regulate his breath*

Lily: *smiling* That smirk on Harry’s face is all too familiar. 

James: Like father, like son.

*Boggart morphs into a mummy in front of Parvati*

James: That Parvati girl did well! 

Lily: Oh my– Seriously Seamus, a banshee?

James: I mean, kid has a point, that thing is scary.

*Dean walks up to the wardrobe*

Lily: A severed hand, like the one from the Addams Family?

James: From the what?

Lily: Don’t worry about it, Muggle thing. 

James: I know most Muggle things.

Lily: *disappointed* I never had the time to show you this one.

James: *changes the subject* Oh, Ronniekins of course has spiders for Boggarts.

*Harry walks up to the wardrobe, wand at the ready, looking excited*

Lily: It’s Harry’s turn, what if–

James: It wouldn’t assume his form Lils

Lily: But

*Remus throws himself in front of the Boggart*

Lily: Of course, it’s the full moon. 

James: The one thing he is scared of. 

Lily: He probably thought what we thought, still protective of the fawn.

James: Well, of course he is, don’t you remember how scared he was when he first held him?

Lily: *with a smile* Of course, I do

James: Well at least there’s someone who’s looking out for him now.

Lily: Soon, he will have Sirius back, too.

James: If the idiot doesn’t get himself locked up for committing the murder he was locked up for.

Lily: Well, that’s a possibility but Remus is sensible, I trust him.

*cue to the scene where Remus says “together” and Lily just stares at the camera like she’s in the office*

Lily: Have you ever seen a Boggart?

James: Yeah, once when I was 18 and I couldn’t do shit until my mum came and found me.

Lily: What did you see?

James: All of you guys were de-

Lily: *looking away* Oh, I- I see.

James: Those are foul creatures Lils, I’m actually glad Moony stopped Harry from facing his Boggart. 

Lily: Me, too. 

skam-fest (balloon squad livestream): TRANSLATION

disclaimer: we dunno danish. huge shout out to @maksisskambackwards for norwegian-english translation for the boys and Håkon. (they didn’t want credit and I said hush) grammar fixes by me ;) 

Everybody introduces themselves. And Håkon says that they’re still producing and thats why everybody couldn’t be there. Håkon likes Eskilds character the best.

Mutasim: Hei hei. My name is Mutasim and I play Mutasim. And I don’t know what else to say. My favorite character is Chris - girl Chris. Good actress.

Cengiz: should I introduce myself? I’m Cengiz, its like Ghengis Khan. (pronunciation of his name) I’m 19. And turning 20 today. No yesterday. What else should I say. I’ve never done any acting before. So this is very new for me. But its very fun to be here and speak before you. My favourite actor is many actually. I think like Håkon over there that Eskild has been really good. Chris. Really all, many are good. And I also think Vilde. Of course I like all the characters. Sana is a really important character. I support all of them. All my colleagues are great.

Simo: Hi, I´m Simo and I´m Sana’s brother, Elias. My favourite actor, I wanna say first everyone is amazing. But if I have to choose one it would be Sana.

Yousef: My name is Yousef, and I play Mikael. My favourite character is maybe Even. An (unpredictable?) character.

Adam: Hi everybody, I’m Adam and i play Adam. I’m 18 and really an artist and suddenly I’m an actor. My favourite is Jonas or Marlon. I’ve known Marlon for many years. We used to skate together and are buds. And one day he was like, “Adam I’ll be in this new show on NRK,” and we were like,  “okay… Is that cool?” And it was really fun to watch how it turned out.

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If Attack on Titan was in the style of “The Office”

Eren: *gets to work two hours before everyone else*

“HAHA those cowards. If they were real soldiers then they would be here early like me!” 

*falls asleep*

*wakes up as everyone is going home and realizes he slept through the entire work day* 


*explains to Mikasa and Armin that it was the fault of the titans” 

Mikasa: *glares angrily at Eren flirting with Levi*

“There’s no one here that I hate. However, if a certain individual in the survey corps were to suddenly catch fire and I was the only one who had a bucket of water…I’d drink the water.” 

*smiles evilly at Levi* 

Armin: *chaos erupting behind him*

“In my opinion, do I think I am smarter than everyone else?”

 *turns around to see everyone being dumb and building on fire*

“I would say it’s more of a fact.”

Jean: *staring at Marco* 

“Who do I think is the hottest in the trainee corps?”

 *shot of Marco doing something so unbelievably adorable and Jean blushing* 

“Yeah…I’d have to say me.” 

Marco: *smiling into the camera looking all cute*

“I know I said I’d wait till marriage but Jean told me that God can’t see in the dark.”


Reiner: *looking at Connie doing something stupid*

“Connie is the Survey Corps idiot. No one really knows how he is still alive.”

Bert: *looks anxiously into the camera*

“So umm….do you guys like….always record us…..even when we are having private conversations?” 

*shot of Bert and Reiner and Annie talking about being Titans* 

“Because ummm…..if you do…..that’s not cool bro.” 

Annie: *rolling her eyes*

“Look I’m here for two reasons and two reasons only. One, to get me a piece of that blonde booty over there 

*shot of Armin holding back Eren from punching Jean* 

and two, to murder everyone in their sleep.”

Sasha: *looking blankly into the camera and smiling*

“Every once in a while they make me murder a giant naked person. At first I was opposed to it but then I started noticing that every time I kill one they feed me. So here I am.”

Connie: *wearing a pink toupee* 

“Reiner said pink really brings out my eyes” 

*Reiner laughing his ass off in the back* 

“I think he’s right cause everyone in the trainee corps won’t stop staring at me.”

*everyone in the back rolling on the floor crying of laughter* 

Erwin: *on the topic of Levi*

“I’m not really sure what Levi does around here. He kind of just showed up and started killing Titans. I remember that day very clearly because my eyebrows were the fleekiest they have ever been. Did I say that right? Fleekiest? Fleeky? Fleek? I’m not sure, I heard a child say it once so I thought I’d sprinkle it into my vocabulary to make me sound hipper.” 

Levi: *sleeping in a chair* *talking in his sleep*

“Yeah……oh yeah….you’re so dirty. You’re a dirty little cabinet aren’t you?” 

*wakes up and sees camera* 

“Do you really have to record me while I sleep? Don’t you guys ever have to take a shit?” 

Hanji: *takes off her glasses* 

“Oh these things? They’re fake. I wear them to make myself look smarter. They actually impair my vision quite severely. But you have to pick and choose your battles, am I right?” 

*points finger guns at camera and winks* 

Moblit: *Hanji causes a science experiment to explode causing Moblit to lose his eyebrows*

“Honestly, at this point, I’m not even mad at her. I’m just mad at myself.”

Squad Levi: *Gunther, Eld, and Oluo wrapping each other in scotch tape* *Petra shaking her head in disapproval*

Petra- “I used to partake in their shenanigans until one day I realized I wasn’t 6 years old.” 

(I wish I could draw these but I cannot draw) *cries* 



How are you guys??

Haha did you guys miss me? I missed you, too.
Everyday before I go to sleep, I find two teardrops on my pillow when I wake up.

[ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t know too]
I took screenshots of the comments here on fancafe where ARMYs recommended movies for me to watch. Today, I decided to watch a movie. If it’s good, I’ll recommend it to my members or to everyone through VAPP hahaha. Because of ARMYs I really like to watch movies!!! I feel like I’ve become a better person!!!

[I also]
I’ve been interested in paintings and photography these days, I’ve also been recommending a lot of them haha. Lately I’ve been taking pictures of landscapes, too. I have representative models, lots, there’s 6 of them. I bought a filming camera 3 days ago that I’ve been trying to take proper pictures with. The important parts are the ISO, focus, aperture, and shutter speed. I don’t know much about it, so I’m trying my best to learn, but I’m afraid I’ll stop being that it’s difficult. So please, stop me from quitting.

[Right Now]
There’s so many comments that I can’t read them all. When I have time I’ll come back and read them all. Sleep well. 

[Euwoh I’m touched??]
Because all you guys are supporting me~~
Saying that you all can help me with things like this, I’m extremely proud. If I didn’t meet ARMYs, I wouldn’t have been interested in art. I probably wouldn’t be watching foreign movies or listening to a variety of music, I would be watching Oseam during Chuseok. I wouldn’t have discovered all these things if it wasn’t for ARMYs recommendations and different lifestyles, which is what gives me strength!!! Ahh, I’m so proud!!!

trans: jhope-shi | do not repost without giving credit!

T/N: Tae posted several times on fancafe, so I decided to put them all together instead of mini posts.
Also, he replied to ARMYs comments. One gave him advice on his camera, in which he replied “thank you~” (aegyo). The second person was giving him support in which he replied the same way.