the guy who waited

Claudia and Stiles, June 1998.

Here’s another sneak peek for the final chappy of Home, which I’m aiming to post in June (60 drawings + Lupus = Julie needs extra time) but now it’s 42 paintings down, 18 to go!! Thanks for your unending patience ♥

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So rewind all the way back to 7x04 when Michonne turns over to see a sleeping Rick and gets visibly frustrated, like how can he sleep soundly after all of this? Fast forward to 7x12 and now we know he hasn't been sleeping at all. And the way he took watch and was gonna play it off like he just liked doing it? It guts me. GUTS me.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about that 7x04 moment since he said he hasn’t been sleeping. And I was like, “Well you sure were sleeping that one morning…🤔” But I also thought about how he woke up so easily when Michonne left, and maybe that was after being up all night. He seems to be stealing naps when he can, which made me sad on its own. But I almost forgot about him pretending he liked keeping watch! Ugh, my heart. He was just gonna suffer in silence.


but it’s better if you do // panic! at the disco


Some old doodles that I did last year uwu since you guys loved this au so much!

Some things to know about this au (aka: the parent trap au) 

  • Lance and his girlfriend had the baby the last year of high school. Lance is the type of guy who wanted to wait for “the one” before having sex, so you can guess how in love he was about her. Sadly, the gf didn’t felt the same and the moment she had the baby she left him with her. 
  • Adriana has ADHD just like her father
  • Lance is studying to become a pediatrician but also he has a part-time job in a store. His parents pay for his studies but he has to pay for his apartment and their everyday need. 
  • He barely has time to spend with Adriana, so here comes cool uncle Hunk to help them out and be Adriana’s baby sitter whenever Lance needs it
  • Keith is Adriana’s favorite teacher, even if she hates math, he always helps her when she is lost (also he has a motorcycle! how cool is that!?)
  • Adriana has the looks of his father but the shape of her eyes are like her mother, she was of asian roots so Adriana has asian shaped eyes. 
  • Lance and Keith knew each other from high school, but they never really talked before
  • Lance has a new girlfriend right now. she’s the first gf he had had since Adriana’s mother left him. Adriana hates her.
  • Normally is Hunk who goes to the parent meetings and to pick Adriana from school. 
  • Adriana really loves his dad, she’s so proud of him and knows he’s doing his best. 
  • Adriana is a very smart girl, her favorite classes are science and PE. She can’t seem to be still though, school is difficult some times when there’s too much written information.
  • In this au Lance, Keith and Hunk are 25y/o while Adriana is 7 
  • Adriana stopped asking about her mother when she was 5y/o, she realized that it hurt her father and she left betrayed by her.

Adam going to college and talking about his boyfriend once in a while but people get confused and start to think Ronan is two different people. 

“So wait, which is you boyfriend and which is your ex-boyfriend again?”


“Is the catholic farmer with the bird who made you a mix tape the one you’re dating now and the street racer with the tattoo who listens to techno music is your ex, or was it the other way around?”

“They are literally the same person, those are both my boyfriend.”



After Jack comes out publicly, Falconers PR invites Bitty to a falconers practice, bc they know he played at Samwell, and him playing with Jack and the team would be a cute bit, right?

Bitty wipes the floor with all the Falconers guys, who are basically like wait how did you do that? Where did he come from? How are you so fast? Why aren’t you in the NHL? And Jack just stands with Tater on the side sighing over his amazing boyfriend.

It gets more hits than any other video on the Falconers website.

Don’t settle, don’t lower your standards. Wait for the guy who truly loves you.
Well, it’s engagement season. Recently I had a friend tell me in conversation, “What if I never find the perfect guy? I probably just need to lower my standards to get that ‘ring by spring’ like everyone else.”

I’ll be honest, I once thought the same thing… Will I ever find a guy with my, what seem to be, impossibly high, standards? I realized, though, yeah I should probably let go of the physical standards I have but there should be some things, us as girls should never settle on. We should wait it out, because even if it takes longer than expected, God has that perfect guy in store for you.

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one time during summer my friends and i rode this really fast swing ride in an amusement park and one of my friends forgot to take off her flip flops so it slipped off her foot and smack landed right on another girl’s face and basically what i wanted to say here is klance amusement park au

Drastic Measures Ch2

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Summary: Ford wakes up in the dark. He’s used to that. 
Ford is taken care of by a kind hand. He’s not used to that.

Tags: Medical procedures, hurt/comfort, intense mothering

Ch: 2/2  
[Chapter One]

Note: The long awaited second half of @witete‘s birthday gift!! Hope you like it, and sorry it took so long!! :0 Enjoy the Space Mum!!

Ford had not undergone a surgical procedure in a very, very long time. Not since his childhood, and even then, it was only a small surgery meant to repair a broken arm. He remembered being afraid. He remembered lying in an uncomfortable hospital bed, wearing a humiliating, scratchy gown. He remembered gentle hugs, soothing voices, a hand gently squeezing his, a voice saying, “Don’t worry Sixer, I’ll be right here when you wake up!”

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prompt #23. “just pretend to be my date”

Of all the things Lucas hated about being a part of the football team nothing topped Homecoming and the pressure to have a date.

This year was his first year making it to the varsity team and actually playing instead of warming up the bench and participating in team huddles and he’d been pretty popular with almost everyone in school. He even found himself a girlfriend for a little bit. If only she was a more decent person.

He caught Missy’s eye at a party after their first game and she was immediately dancing around him and pulling him outside. She’s pretty and seemed like she had her priorities straight, but the next day when they started texting and they were both sober, he realized her interests in him and the rest of the world rested on shallow waters.

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min yoongi probably......
  • Bangtan: happy birthday jin-hyung!
  • Seokjin: aw thanks guys
  • Seokjin: wait who wrote "ur old" with sprinkles on my cake?!
  • Yoongi: me
  • Seokjin: wow you asshole
  • Yoongi: but you're still gonna eat it
  • Seokjin: *already cutting into the cake* don't be an idiot of course i am