the guy was so polite as well

I’ve started thinking about male characters. Sort of.

I’ve been thinking about how some characters—ones who are almost archetypes—get distorted once they reach the pop culture canon. Right now the ones I’m thinking of are Sherlock Holmes and Captain Kirk.

Sherlock started as a guy with an incredible mind who didn’t know how to person very well but still cared very deeply about the disadvantaged and unprotected elements of society. He’s become a selfish manchild. There are variations of him—RDJ’s thrill seeker, House’s misanthrope, BC’s self-described sociopath—but it has no basis in the original. So why did we decide this was better? Why did we decide that a genius is above the rules of polite social interaction? What purpose does it serve?

Something similar has happened with Jim Kirk. I mean, watch the original show if you disagree. He’s intensely loyal, a creative thinker, a bright guy. He literally picks flowers on more than one planet. He’s read Milton. There’s basically no quicker way to anger him than to treat one of the women in his crew as second-class. He’s willing to show mercy to an opponent he’s defeated. But what’s his reputation in pop culture? A womanizer—which is just a different kind of selfish manchild.

I’m not saying that good stories can’t be told with these archetypes. I’m just saying that they don’t really resemble the original. Copy after copy gets less and less nuanced, till the original is completely foreign to these new versions even when they bear the same name.

And they’ve become so prevalent that there’s nothing interesting left in them.

RM, Wale ‘Change’

Our Namjoon is absolutely phenomenal. He’s addressed social justice issues, which are currently plaguing the world right now and guys- this is so bloody significant for an kpop idol to do. Things like politics and racism are not even spoken about on most entertainment shows especially with kpop idols. 

I’ll put good money on Namjoon being the type who actively follows political developments, both in Korea and abroad. He’s picked up on millennial conflict throughout the whole MV, and of course- props to Wale as well for supporting his artistry in this. 

Of course, let’s not forget how Yoongi also made subtle references to internal issues like mental health in his solo stuff too, which is equally just as important. 

For today though, Namjoon has done us a favour and exposed a little bit more about who he is, he’s woke guys- and that makes me so much more comfortable knowing he’s my bias who has such an open minded outlook and cares about the world. 

Considering how he aced social studies as well, I mean if there’s any part of his personality that I’m sure about- woke Joon is it. 


“I met him once, really briefly. It was lovely, big hug”

Talking about Dunkirk, Harry Styles, stormtroopers and dogs in a new interview with Vanity Fair ~

… Dunkirk, which stars Hardy as a spitfire pilot, also stars young One Direction singer Harry Styles in his first film role. Unfortunately, the pair didn’t really work together on the set. “I met him once, really briefly. It was lovely, big hug,” Hardy says. “He’s very polite and just a sweet guy.” Nolan, however, was “very effusive” about Styles, 

Hardy continues. “And that’s not easy, to come in from a very specific department in the industry, and cross over. So poor guy is gonna be judged. I wouldn’t want to be in those shoes, but from what I hear is that, actually, it’s gonna be a very comfortable transition for him, because he’s done such great work—which is really a testament, not only to his skill as an artist, [but] also Christopher’s part in that as well… . One Direction aside, do you know what I mean? Which I can’t say I know an awful lot about.” 

After working with Nolan on three films now, Hardy is an expert at handling secretive sets and rumors—like one whisper campaign claiming he’s set to appear in the next Star Wars film as a stormtrooper. “That’s like Nolan territory. I can’t tell you anything. And it’d be good to know myself,” he says with a laugh, denying the gossip.

Read the article ~ “Professional Liar” Tom Hardy Knows How to Handle Hollywood’s Shit Sandwiches ~ at @vanityfair

#TabooFX Premieres TOMORROW in the US/Ca at 10/9c ! 

Hey guys, I wanted to offer my Spanish services to anyone who needs tutoring for Spanish. Spanish my native language and it is currently my minor and so far I have a 4.0 GPA on it. I am currently learning how to transcribe Spanish into Phonetics and I can help with acentos and grammar. Although that is not all. I can also be of a great help for Latin American civilization and history. Not only in the historic and cultural sense but also in the economic and political level since I’ve took those classes already and I am a Political Science major as well. I will not charge ridiculous amounts as this would help me pay for my university expenses. Thank you!

Your fave is problematic: Mabeuf
-makes friends w/ Marius? like buddy all his friends die it’s the main plot point
-wrote a book on plants and is Really Proud of it
-gavroche gave him money once and he was like ‘angels threw it down from heaven, to me and my desperately poor housewife, it’s fate, oh well guess I better turn in this convenient money bag to the police instead of taking any for myself’
-forgets to eat sometimes
-worries his housekeeper
-sold his books last, after his furniture and everything
-just wandered off and found a bunch of rioting students and was like 'ah. young people are so polite nowadays,’
-waved that flag like a Pro™
All round a v cool guy
Enjolras kissed him. But he was dead and also it was on the forehead so it doesn’t rly count

  • America: "Never again!"
  • ALSO America: "Well jeez guys, I know they're pushing genocide, but what about free speech? Why are you so opposed to hearing different political views? Oppressing Nazis makes you just as bad as they are uwu."
Okay so imagine :

Printer Shop Au where Enjolras prints posters for his Activist group and Grantaire is the guy who always seems to be on the front desk:

  • Enjolras is the unruly politics student who runs the university activist club, Les Amis D’ABC and Grantaire is a Graphic Design student who works in the university printing shop because it pays well, it’s useful for his course (but mostly it’s for the printing discount he gets).

  • So Grantaire is bored of dealing with yet another customer who doesn’t understand the resolution of their piece is way too big to print so he’s really grumpy when a bright red USB gets slapped down on the desk in front of him

  •  Obviously it belongs to Enjolras and he’s sat like oh my god this guy is an actual angel like what the hell and Enjolras is just talking about what he wants but Grantaire’s got no idea because Enjolras is hot af. He asks Enjolras to repeat everything and Enjolras gets a bit annoyed but whatever this guy is cute, he can deal with him being a bit slow

  •  So Grantaire takes the USB and stores Enjolras contact information (company policy obviously) and lets him know when to pick up and Enjolras leaves, later when Grantaire he goes to print the posters and see the quality – Enjolras cannot draw to save his life and Feuilly was too busy to design anything with his jobs – Grantaire downright refuses to print that atrocity and calls Enjolras in

  •  Cue an argument because Grantaire just insulted Enjolras work and blah blah blah they get to the point where Enjolras is like can you even draw and Grantaire just does a perfect little sketch of Enjolras and then redoes one of Enjolras’ posters talking specifics and Enjolras is so lost and he’s really flustered because Grantaire has a nice voice and oh my god this talent, he must have this man draw everything for him

  •  So Enjolras commissions him work over the next few months on the condition that Grantaire can use it for his Graphic Design course, which Enjolras agrees to. Grantaire questions nothing for a long while until he gets curious because why does this hot guy want posters on gender discrimination when last week he wanted a poster against racism. So Grantaire asks him and Enjolras gets into his social justice speeches and he’s so wrong that Grantaire starts attending meetings to prove him so and he just fits in so well that he stays

  • Courfeyrac is totally like ‘So this is the hot printer guy that you’ve talked nonstop about’ or ‘now I see why you wont let anyone else go print anything’ – because Enjolras was not risking one of Les Amis snapping up Grantaire because he had a huge crush on him – anyway Courf definitely says something embarrassing and Grantaire makes a joke, probably about Enjolras, that has Les Amis falling in love with him and Enjolras can’t find it within him to be annoyed.

  •  Fast forward to a year later of solid pining from both Enjolras and Grantaire which infuriates everyone so much they’ve given up all attempts at matchmaking and just decided they’ll get there on their own, including Enjolras who’s never waited for anything in his life and just goes and gets it. So, he decides to do something about it.

  • Grantaire has been designing posters for Les Amis ever since and so Enjolras asked him to do the next one, he types out the text or sends it so all Grantaire has to do is input it, idk, it’s only when Grantaire is done and it prints that he actually reads it and it says something like ‘Grantaire will you be my boyfriend please because I really like you and I want to date you pretty please, Enjolras’. And Grantaire is so done because Enjolras is a nerd.

  • Obviously he makes a poster that’s all ornate and fancy and Enjolras is like what is this and he looks over it for hours until he finds the writing that’s right in the corner and it’s so small he but it says ‘yes’

“In the casting of Robert [Downey Jr.], he was definitely what you would call a ‘non-starter’ for them [Marvel].  They said, ‘who’s your first choice? You can have anybody. Marvel movies are sold based on the costumed hero, so we don’t have to pay anybody and the good news for you is you have the freedom to cast whoever you want.’  

I wanted Robert and they went, ‘well that’s a problem.’

I knew in my heart from talking to the guy, I knew what he’s endured in his life, and he was the guy.  And he really, really wanted it, really bad.   I told him – after going round and round and using every trick that I had to get him hired, every piece of political capital that I could trade in and use as leverage – it just was not gonna happen.

I finally called him and said, ‘Robert, I don’t really know you, I just met you once in the office.’  We really connected in that meeting and I was a fan of his work.  I had to call him back a couple of weeks later and said: ‘Look, I really want you for this but it’s just not gonna happen this time around. That’s how it goes.’

Robert said, ‘I understand but with your permission, I’d like to hold out hope.’

And I said, 'Well, alright, I’ll hope as long as you do.’

Finally I saw an opportunity because … Marvel was not meeting that much responsiveness to people wanting to be in the film.  So circumstances conspired and there was an opening, and their clock was ticking down. And I was finally able to get Robert to screen-test.  

I said (to Marvel):  'Let’s just put him on film. The other guys that you’re thinking of, let’s put them on film, and I’ll put Robert on film.’ 

Then it happened.  Robert just blew the doors of the place and no one can argue.”

JON FAVREAU, on the difficulties he encountered with getting Robert Downey Jr. cast as Tony Stark (September 6, 2008).

I don’t really know why Jon and I worked together so well. It’s hard to quantify, but it happened very early. When Jon first got there, he had a rough ride with some of the people who had worked with Craig. But I immediately knew he was a guy I should listen to. I saw how thoughtful he wanted to be about political comedy and how he invited us to have our own thoughts, invest the jokes with our own beliefs. And maybe he thought he could trust me.
—  Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show (the book): an oral history

can I just say that for the most part you guys are so good to each other. Every time someone sends me a message asking for advice, the replies/reblogs are always full of people contributing extra suggestions or correcting/elaborating on things I haven’t explained very well, all in a very polite and friendly manner. Everyone is so keen to help and educate each other and I am very proud of this community <3



He had been with you all day so far, exploring Jurassic world with you and Gray wasn’t so bad because he got to spend time with, well, you. While waiting in the line for the gyro-sphere, a boy had started to flirt with you. You knew it was harmless, and waved it off. But this boy was persistent, and you finally had to tell him you had a boyfriend so he would buzz off. 

Everything was fine except your boyfriend Zach was obviously upset, but being the polite boy he was, he wouldn’t pester you about it. 

“I know you too well to pretend like that didn’t bother you.” You finally spoke up. 

“Yeah, what was with that guy? Couldn’t he see by the way I was holding onto your-” You immediately cut him off by placing a kiss onto his lips. 

“Don’t be jealous. I only like you Zach Mitchell.” 

Okay so can I talk for a second about how insanely impressive it is that the Galra empire has been one cohesive empire for literally thousands of years.

That’s literally unimaginable for me like earthlings can’t even go twenty seconds without killing each other but the Galra are apparently so unified and they have been collectively kicking the universe’s ass for over 10,000 years.

I cannot even begin to fathom how many trillions of Galra there must be. How is the power divided. How can one guy be in charge of it all. What is emperor Zarkon’s sovereignty based on (other than his age) and how can he so effectively control what has to be an uncountable number of subjects. How many commanders are there and how can any one of them be considered important enough to talk to the emperor of 90% of the known universe.

What about the problems in Galra society? They are obviously an emotional species, so how is sympathy so well suppressed without extreme political backlash that isn’t just solved by murdering a third of the population, or did they make a calculated decision to cut their losses and just raise generation after generation of selective sociopaths?What base values does the average Galra have? Surely there’s some level of god-complex if the Galra can destroy entire civilizations without batting an eye.

Is there cultural diversity? Are there any remnants of Galran society that still exist from Zarkon’s childhood or has it all changed? How much have the Galra changed genetically over 10,000 years? Are they acclimated to life in space in artificial environments? Does the Galra home planet even exist anymore? What kind of genetic diversity is there? Is there any isolation? What are desirable versus undesirable traits in Galran culture, and is it consistent across the board?

There’s just a lot i want to know about the largest population of the Voltron universe that we haven’t even begun to touch on in the show. And then there’s the issue of aftermath. Even if they manage to defeat Zarkon, it is literally impossible to change such an  massive group of people overnight. They are the overwhelming majority, and it’s obviously immoral (and impractical) to just order the execution of a species, but it’ll definitely be a challenge to undo 10,000 years of damage universe-wide on both sides of the war. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they address in the coming seasons.

Ok…. I know everything about right-wingers is probably utterly exhausting to you guys right now, and you might rather just not think about them…. but, tbh, I think the way right-wingers are acting right now is something absolutely wonderful.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the political maps and charts that show how the VAST majority of young people are left wing, so the days of the right may very well be numbered.

And, if so?

….I think we really should be celebrating the ways in which right-wingers are going to go down in history.

The things they be remembered for.

The utterly dignified legacy these people are leaving behind.

They’re going down in history as the people who used the freaking pepe frog meme as a political symbol

The political group with a bizarre amount of internet users with anime icons, and ones who use anime gifs to support their political arguments

The people who actually, unironically used the word “cuck”, and believed in the concept of an “alpha male” and “beta male”

The people of many a Tumblr blog riddled with furry and anime porn, right next to political posts

The people who, for some inexplicable reason, had a massive accumulation of Sonic the Hedgehog and My Little Pony fans. (Like why????? What is the connection here????? Historians are gonna have a field day with this.)

This is their legacy

The people who used childish phrases like “sjw”, “feminazi”, “libtard”, and “special snowflake” as actual forms of criticism

The people who constantly used the r*tard slur as an insult, and obsessively referred to things as “cancer”

The people who loved the term “red pilled”, even though it originated from a movie made my a pair of trans women who would totally kick their asses for it

The people who acted like safe spaces, trigger warnings, and “"pc culture”“ were the true great embarrassments to humanity

And, my absolute favorite–

–the people who worshiped The Joker and the fucking V For Vendetta mask.

I could not be more thrilled that this is the legacy they’re leaving behind. What an amazing, dignified way to go out.

Though I do have only one condolence:

…God be with ye, future internet historians.

I don’t know how the fuck you’re gonna explain this shit.


So in the end of Season 2 you all remember this?

It was perhaps possible that Lex was going to be the next UN Secretary General. 

And within the timeline of the show it was 2016 right?

Well guess what, it’s 2016 and look what happened.

This idiot, ego-centric narcissist just became president of the United States

I don’t know how but Greg Weisman predicted political unrest four years later

So I have a feeling with the time skip that will most likely happen in season 3

Lex Luthor is going to be undoubtingly the next UN Secretary General

Same here, Superman

So I’m always getting told what to do at my job and I already have problems with authority but the new guy takes the fucking cake. He used to be a manager at his old job but now he’s just like the rest of us. you can imagine how well he’s taking it. Every time he works, we’re all bossed around and just walked all over. The last straw was yesterday when he laughed in my face after I politely asked him to do something before he left for his shift. So what i did was complete my nine hour closing shift without even looking at what he left behind and even made a note for the next shift to leave it for him as well. I haven’t gone in yet today but I honestly don’t care if i get yelled at. I’m that tired of this place

K: Nate Silver was right again. Is he single?

K: (a few minutes later) Oh, he’s gay. I wonder if he’s flexible about it, though. Maybe I could just invite him out to lunch or something?

K: (a few minutes later) Wait, I’m looking at a picture of him, and I think I actually did have lunch with him a few years ago. A friend took me along to meet this guy who he said was doing some kind of politics thing, and I didn’t pay much attention, but he looked exactly like that.

K: (a few minutes later) Okay, I checked my emails, and that was definitely Nate Silver I had lunch with. I feel kind of stupid now. It was back in 2010, so maybe he wasn’t famous at the time?

Me: Dear, Nate Silver was named one of the “100 Most Influential Men In The World” in 2009.

K: Oh.

K: Well, one thing I like about you is that you don’t take me out to lunch with one of the 100 most influential men in the world and not tell me about it.

K: Do you?

K: Wait, that professor we had lunch with in Lansing wasn’t one of the hundred most influential men in the world, was he?


K: Oh dear.

anonymous asked:

I'm a different anon, but I can try to elaborate on what that other anon was saying about the way you come across to fans. It can seem snarky; for instance, even innocent, polite questions, you sometimes seem to get a little snappy with them and act like it was a stupid question or suggestion. That's just the tone it gives off. However, I've met you in person and honestly you have a beautiful, sassy personality and so I know that your online persona just doesn't come off as well as you irl.

I can see that. Thanks. I know I answer with far less…frills if it’s a question I’ve already answered recently or have answered a lot. Google exists, guys. :)

so today i learnt that in australian parliament last friday we had a vote on bank regulation??? i think it was bank regulation

and anyway the number of seats held by each party is really close so if they do a vote everyone has to be there or they’ll lose

but this week a bunch of guys from the opposition announced “fuck it, whatever, we’ll lose, we’re going home” and they got a bunch of suitcases and left

so then a bunch of guys from the main party were like “well if they’re not here we can go home too! sweet! early weekend” and they all got on planes and flew home

except the opposition guys didn’t actually leave. they just drove in a little circle in their taxis and then snuck back in to vote, and the main party guys didn’t know until they were already in the air

so long story short i think we have some new bank regulations, also our parliament is made of five-year-olds

Eyy guys !! I want to start by thanking everyone who followed me from blog to blog, since I didnt seem to find the right muses that would stick with me for good, as well as everyone who gave even just one of my portrayals a chance ! 2016 has been a rough year overall, from deaths, to poor political decisions, to personal changes & whatnot, and I can say that Im glad its finally over.  To me, 2016 was a very important year, since I had exams that my future depended on, and thankfully I managed to enter the high school as well as class that I wanted to. My mother agreed to let me go study abroad for university, and which is to say, there have been bad moments, but there have also been good or extremely good ones for me. Ill be looking back fondly on 2016 at all the nice memories Ive made, and Ill be thankful for everything Ive been through, good or bad, because every single thing thats happened formed me into the person I am right now. I believe everything is happening for a reason, & while Im on that, never forget: after rain there’ll always be a rainbow.

I cant say what will happen in 2017, but I hope itll be better — even if just slightly — than 2016, and that each of us will have more good than bad memories after the year ends. Its still early to tell anything on this topic, but now that most if not all of us have come into this fresh year, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR, you are loved !

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I work as a cashier at a grocery store and it’s our policy to ask every customer if they need a bag, since I live in California and bags are a 10 cent charge here. So this guy comes up with three items, and as usual I ask him if he wants a bag (mind you I’ve seen people ask for bags for one item). He glares at me and mumbles something; he has an accent so I can’t understand him that well. I ask him politely to repeat himself and he says “Do I look like I need a bag? Do you think I need a bag for three items?” I keep smiling and tell him it’s up to the customer if they want a bag or not. He shakes his head, disgusted. “Every time I come in here you people ask me if I need a bag. It’s no good!” He was super pissed throughout the whole transaction and left looking so put out. The whole thing was baffling.