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Hi guys. Love the blog! I was wondering if you guys have ever watched Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV, and if you have, what are your thoughts on it? I was interested at first, but it got way too ridiculous real quick, particularly when they tried to prove a baseball bat was better than nunchaku.

That’s the show which convinced my brother a Samurai would defeat a Viking in single combat, then he tried to use it as evidence to prove it.

He was a fourth degree black belt and in college at the time. So, no excuse.

Deadliest Warrior is entertainment in the same vein as the nature shows that stack animals against each other in CGI battle to see who would win. It has no relationship to reality or any real value as it fails to take into account important details like context, experience fighting on foreign soil, and, you know, metallurgy. It is just there to entertain you.

The katana they used in that episode was one of the modern, high quality steel blades, possibly one of the ones tempered with liquid nitrogen that supposedly cut through car engines. Real katanas made from Japanese steel are vanishingly rare, worth somewhere around a million dollars or more, degrade very quickly, and are forged from low quality iron, which is the main reason why the katana is folded so many times during the forging process.

The Vikings had better armor, armor and weapons made from a higher quality of metal, shields, and more experience raiding on foreign soil against an unknown enemy.

Who would you put money on?

Deadliest Warrior doesn’t take much into account when plotting out their fights, and they don’t really do a good job delving into history for its category. While some history programs are exceptional in their discussion, the Deadliest Warrior isn’t history. Hell, Human Weapon’s premise was dumb but still it was generic but more accurate. Programs like this are there to sensationalize and entertain, not educate.


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there’s been so much Shadowhunters negativity in my dash lately….. like, y’all are entitled to your own opinion, but sometimes people take things waaaay too seriously… it’s a tv show guys, it is supposed to entertain us and make us happy. if it doesn’t work out for you anymore, then just stop watching it??

i don’t know. I don’t mind negative opinions, I have my own too, but I just cringe everytime someone blow it out of proportion like this. Sure the show has its awkward moments, but even at the tiniest mistakes some people are just hastily jumping in the “””triggered””” bandwagon and calling out and disrespecting people with a different opinion…

i’m seriously missing the old days where there wasn’t this much fandom drama. I’m even missing the time I joined tumblr when we were just book fans.

all this hate is tiring me to the point where I’m not even having fun in this fandom anymore, and in almost 4 years of blogging I had never felt that way before. anyways. i’m going to sleep now :/

people in the sh fandom: voice their discomfort at the blatantly racist storyline with izzy and Raphael and victor, bring up good points on how the show prides its love more malec seemingly only for the sake of views, and completely sidelines the ONLY black main character

y'all: you guys are “”“triggered”“” so easily GROW UP ITS JUST A TV SHOW don’t like don’t watch ✌🏽

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I can't even handle the prison guards face when Aaron took off his ring. He seemed like he was a good guy, can he protect Aaron please?

Yeah guards sometimes on TV are always right nob heads but this one wasn’t too bad

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