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Quick question, are you team "Phone Guy is the Brother in FNaF4" or team "Michael is the Brother in FNaF4" or team "The Brother in FNaF4 only appears in FNaF4"?

The only thing that might explain the brother in FNAF 4 being the phone guy is that he tells you about The Bite and that he likes Foxy. I believe there is no evidence that William Afton had two sons.

However I also believe there’s reason to suggest that every kid we play as in FNAF 4 is part of the over-map that we see in Sister Location’s breaker room map, as well as viewable from the office / observation room. If the “fnaf 4 kid” and his brother were indeed experimented on, it feels weird that the surviving brother would grow up, escape the experiment, then go on to work for the same company he killed his brother at. 

There’s also the case of the timeline where we don’t know which Afton it is that is the purple guy working with Springsuits, which there being an Afton there at all seems weird considering it’s some sort of closed-area experiment… or at least the Nightmare and Plushtrap areas are.

So my answer is ‘The fnaf 4 brother is only in fnaf 4, unless corrected: I’m open to whatever happens at this rate!’

at long last-- the small translation difference I noticed!

Disclaimer: I’m not perfectly fluent in german! But I’ve been studying it for many years and I can definitely call myself proficient. Sorry if there are small mistakes; if anyone is fluent let me know if anything’s a bit off! 

SO! During the battle against Vah Ruta, Sidon will explain the strategy to you and then tell you to climb on his back. There are two text options: 

If you pick the second one, as you can see, Sidon basically reassures you that yes, indeed, the two of you together can defeat Vah Ruta. 

In the german version, the same thing happens: Sidon explains the plan, then tells you to get on his back. But my curiosity was piqued when I saw the two text options, because the second option in german reads differently than the english version. Here, Link uses “darf”, which is a conjugation of the verb “dürfen”, which means “may”. So, Link is asking “may I really?”. I thought this was a bit strange, because it seemed to me that it would’ve made more sense to have Link ask “can I really?” if he was concerned about whether or not him and Sidon could really defeat Vah Ruta, and that no one would really ask for permission to try to stop an evil beast terrorizing a city.  

However, once you click the second option, Sidon essentially says “When I say that [you can climb on my back], naturally you may! Now come!”

So, in short, in the english version, Link is concerned about whether or not they can defeat Vah Ruta, and Sidon reassures him and is certain that together they will defeat the divine beast. However, in german, Link is instead concerned about whether or not he’s really allowed to climb on Sidon’s back, and Sidon reassures him that yes, Link may indeed climb on his back. 


A compilation of things I haven’t finished this year…

Ok, so I haven’t been active at all this summer and fall, and it’s because of my health. This week, I am doing a program that has cured a lot of people, and there’s a good chance it will help me too! I plan on drawing and posting again soon, since drawing will be part of my training. Thank you guys for being patient with me!


I told you to just lean on me