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It was only by a stroke of luck that Jack happened to look at his phone just as he exits the lecture hall. The group chat was blowing up – the group chat was always blowing up these days – but the lack of all-caps or exclamation marks caught his attention right away.

Eric Bittle: Guys, I wouldn’t ask this of y’all if I really didn’t need this, but I have to ask a HUGE favor of one of you.

Shitty Knight: brah are you dying

Justin Oluransi: You can have my kidney, Bits.

Adam Birkholtz: u aren’t gonna save that for me just in CASE, JUSTIN?

Larissa Duan: shit, bitty, r u ok

Eric Bittle: Um, yeah, mostly, I just…..need someone to pretend to be my boyfriend.

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SasuSaku best explained

“ People constantly say Sasuke never changed or treated her well and act like she just took his abuse constantly and never stood up for herself. She was legitimately preparing to kill him at one point. And right here when finally, after everything they’ve been through, all the tears, everything she’s done and grown through because of her love for him, he apologizes to her. And she breaks down because she knows it’s sincere. But she tells him “you should be, you damn idiot”. If you think Part 1 Sakura or even first arc of Shippuden Sakura would’ve EVER said that to him you’re wrong. That’s growth. She sees him as a person and an equal not an unattainable prince she dreams about and obsesses over. Sasuke grew as well! He learned the truth about his family, he flip flopped on his life’s philosophy over and over again, and he finally had his huge confrontation with Naruto they always wanted. In the end, he married her. Which to me means he sees her as a person and an equal now as well. Whereas when they were kids he found her constant idolizing and affection towards him annoying and had to be cruel to her because she’d interpret anything else as an invitation to join him on his path of self-destruction. It’s actually a really well-developed and mutually respectful relationship if you’re mature enough to notice how they both had to change perspectives and reevaluate the other’s place in their lives in order to make it work.“


This is describes their relationship completely, I don’t think anyone could have put it any better than this.

By the way, before I start admiring just how amazing this is, this is a YouTube comment I saw, I didn’t even know that someone could manage to describe their relationship in one easy paragraph, well I have, but at least not with a hate comment following it.

Before people even begin to try to say, “Well Sarada isn’t Sakura’s daughter,” please look at this:

This is at the very end of Naruto Gaiden, where Karin confirms that Sarada is not Karin’s daughter, she’s Sakura’s daughter. Even Kishimoto explained this. Even if it doesn’t end up being brought up in the animated version of Naruto Gaiden, it’s still cannon that Sarada Uchiha is Sakura’s daughter. Kishimoto even pointed out that he had purposefully tried to give them similar facial features and he tried to give them similar personalities with only a little bit of Sauke’s mixed in (even though she seems to be a perfect mix of both her parents).

Now that we’ve got that confirmed, let’s talk about this.

Firstly, why are people acting as if Sasuke left for no reason whatsover?? This is why he left:

Sasuke isn’t leaving the village because he just decided: 

“Well, lol I don’t want to raise my child or have anything to do with my wife so I gtg”

This guy left because he actually ended up feeling immense guilt for what he did. He feels guilty because all Naruto, Sakura, and even Kakashi showed him was love and he returned the favor with pure hatred. Yet, none of them ever stopped believing that they could set him on the right path. Even when everyone else did. All of them still hanged in there until the very end. Just because Sasuke didn’t yell or get angry like Naruto, or cry or punch something like Sakura, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings.

He just tries to keep a calm exterior, but you can’t convince me that their hasn’t been any character growth their since Shonen Jump or the beginning of Shippuden. Because there was lots of it with Sasuke. Just because it wasn’t as visible as it was with all the other characters in the series doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

Now, for those who dislike SasuSaku, I don’t blame you the ship was written sort of vaguely, we never really got to learn exactly how Sasuke felt. But Sasuke himself is a very vague person, and he’s come a long way with that. Even though he’s still fairly vague about how he feels.. But Sasuke and Sakura have a different type of love, it’s not going to be as straightforward as NaruHina, InoSai or ShikaTema. Honestly even BoruSara is more straightforward than this one and it isn’t even cannon. But they still love each other, those shallow, niave people in the fandom who probably barely even know what love is, or have never experienced it (in a romantic way) probably may not understand, but their are some of us who do.

Also, even if you dislike the ship, why constantly complain about it? Let people ship what they want to ship. I don’t necessarily ship ShikaTema (despite the fact that I love them both and Shikadai) but I don’t go on full-on rants about how I hate it. What’s done is done, Kishimoto wrote the series the way he wanted to, and that’s the most professional thing he could’ve done. What you can rant about is if you don’t like something in Boruto. You probably will not have too much effect (especially being a Western fan), but Kishimoto isn’t done writing Boruto, if there is something you want to prevent then it’s not too late to prevent it.

We probably can never bring Neji or Jiriya back, we can’t change Sakura’s character, we can’t take back what Sasuke did, we can’t watch Naruto’s parents be the most awesome grandparents in history, we can’t see Tsunade finally get together with Jiriya. Even though Kishimoto is more than likely going to write this how he wants, stop dwelling on Shonen Jump and Shippuden, what we should do is let Kishimoto know what we liked and disliked in episodes, if we like characters or not, if we think this serious has been good so far. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t mystically travel back in time and rewrite the whole entire series, (we’ve seen what’s come of that, *cough* TTG/PGG *cough*) if you’re in the fandom again, you’re in, if you’re out, you’re out, but you can’t keep holding everything back because you’re mad at how Naruto and Hinata got married or you don’t like that Tsunade became Hokage. It’s over, it’s done.

Not only that, people keep using the ship as an excuse to bash Sakura’s character since she’s no longer “useless” like she was in the first place (even though, personally, I never thought of her as useless) so they’re mad at her for still loving Sasuke. They’re also mad because she thought of Naruto as a brother instead of a guy she wanted to date.

I know this sounds cliche, but you don’t have control over who you fall in love with. I’m sure after Sasuke did what he did Sakura wanted to love Naruto, or anyone else besides Sasuke at least, but she was always focused on trying to lead him in the right direction, just as Naruto was. Then she had to prepare herself to kill the guy she has loved all almost all her life at one point, and although he did so many things wrong she still can’t do it, because it’s hard to bring yourself to kill someone that you love:

And as the comment stated, Sasuke grew as a person. He’s no longer the boy yearning for revenge, he’s now determined to protect every single thing he loves. Just like Naruto, Sasuke doesn’t really have a chance to spend time with his family because he wants to protect anyone at any cost. Now, I’m not saying Sasuke deserves father of the year award for neglecting his family although it is accidental, but Naruto doesn’t either.

Even after all this time: 

They they’re still determined to prevent anyone to feel the pain and loneliness they felt all their childhoods, that’s why they’re always protecting the village. To stop it before it comes, and to try to let those people know that they still have at least the smallest bit of comfort.

And as the comment states, as the series progresses Sakura learns that Sasuke isn’t her perfect, enchanting, prince charming. That he has flaws, just like anyone else. Back is Part I she’d always speak highly of him, she’d always compare him to Naruto in the most negative way and she only seemed to ever care about Sasuke and nothing more. But as Part I progressed she began seeing him as an equal. That’s why she was determined to become as strong as Naruto and Sasuke, so that she could establish that not only to them and everyone else, but within herself.

If it weren’t for Sakura, who kept loving him throughout everything, he probably wouldn’t have cared about her feelings, but Sakura’s feelings actually moved him. He tried to show her that he didn’t care so she’d stopped loving him, because he didn’t know why or how she could love someone like him. That’s why he wanted to make her think he was legitimately trying to kill her, he wanted convince her and himself that he didn’t care. But he actually did care.

I get that it isn’t easy to understand, but these two love each other, it isn’t just one-sided, and we’ll probably see more evidence as the Next Gen series continues:

(If you have any argument or any sort of disagreement, and you don’t think you can comment without talking rudely I won’t reply or anything, I’ll just delete your comment, reblog or whatever, no matter how long it is, that is only if you don’t come in a respectful manner, if you do then I’ll probably respond or just let you comment it or something)

"I Have To Study” - a short story

I wanna dedicate this to my good friend, Melissa, who tried to convince me that the man in this story was gay. Turns out, it’s much worse. Love you.

About eight or nine months ago, I was riding on the train, on my way to my boyfriend’s house from work. Sitting across from me is one of the finest men I’ve ever seen IN PERSON. No exaggeration. He’s Mexican, clean-cut, well-dressed. Really pretty brown skin, dark hair kinda like that poofy up-do Bruno Mars used to have. Bushy brows, the way I like! He was wearing this tan trench coat and a serious ass expression on his face, and his hands were in his pockets. Basically looked like he didn’t wanna be bothered. It was sexy though lol. But obviously, I’m just looking because I’m happily taken at this point. 

The next day, when I head to lunch at work, I see the same guy in the cafeteria at my job. I was like what the fuck… is he following me? Lmao. He looked up when I came in but then ignored me completely. I stared at him the entire time until he got up and left, he was just too fine yall. I wish I could post pictures lmao. The next day, I saw him yet again and he was with a group of trainees. So finally it made sense why I saw him on the train and at my job. He was about to start working there *insert Birdman hand rub*. Lol even when I have a man, I can appreciate some eye candy around the workplace even if I have no intentions of trying anything. He worked in the department right next to mine and they were always over in our section so I got to look at him every day. I wasn’t the only one admiring either lol, even an older lady I know said every time he walked past her, she just

So anyway, fast forward to September 14, 2017.

Here’s the scene. It’s my 25th birthday. I’m at work looking cute as fuck. I’m single and tryna mingle. So I decide to go ahead and take a chance and shoot my shot at him. Umm.. we just gone call him Javi because I don’t wanna use his real name. 

So I been noticing lately that this guy I know in my department, we’ll call him Carter, has been hanging around Javi a lot lately. He stops at his desk every time he walks past and always goes to stand with him whenever we all do things as a group. One of my work friends who had an inckling that Carter was gay thought that something might be going on between them. I mean, anything is possible, but I wasn’t gonna assume that just based off of her thoughts. I mean, she thought her own boyfriend was gay when she first met him because he had a lisp. And her only reasoning for thinking Carter was gay was that he takes his shoes off sometimes when he’s sitting at his desk. 

Anyway, I approach Carter and bring up his friendship with Javi and ask how old he is? It turns out he’s way too young for my taste when it comes to dating, and I just say nevermind and walk away. But now Carter’s all in my business trying to find out why I’m curious and saying “I could get his number for you, I got you”. I decline, but of course when he comes back from his break, he has a sticky note with Javi’s name and number on it and hands it to me. Didn’t even tell the guy who I was, just that someone was interested in him. I had no intentions of using it at first cause I thought the shit was kinda creepy, butttttt he did know about it and gave his number up willingly. And in all honesty, I’d still hit even though I wouldn’t seriously date him. So what the hell, right?

So I text him that night and give him my name and he immediately knows who I am, even though we’ve never spoken before. He asked me what was on my mind and I told him straight up that I was really physically attracted to him and I wanted to know if we could be friends, who have sex sometimes lmao. He said we could talk. I’m like… And he said yeah, how else would anything start. So I’m thinking okay okay, so he’s fucking with it. He wants to make something happen. He said he saw my art that I’d presented at our work talent show that night and he asked to see more of it. And he’s clearly trying to keep the convo going so he must be interested. 

After a while though, I notice that he texts as if he’s writing poetry or bible verses or some shit. Like everything sound deep as fuck. And when I bring it up, he says the bible is his favorite book. I think back to all the times I saw him reading alone at lunch and realize was the bible. That’s cool or whatever. Then he sends me an actual bible verse. So I’m like “Okay so you’re very religious? Does this mean casual sex is out of the question? Or sex, period? I guess?” And he says “It hurts to say it, but yes. I would prefer to not induldge in that.”


At this point, I’m thinking there’s no way my sex life could get any worse. There’s nothing that can happen that hasn’t already happened. And then I run into a nigga who’s saving himself for marriage. The one I been lusting after for eight months now. If yall know me at all, you know I wasn’t about to just completely give up after that. I was willing to settle for fucking MAKING OUT AND DRY HUMPING if I had to. I could always get intercourse from someone else lol. So I ask about kissing. He says “Haha I can give you a holy kiss, as saying hello”. I’m like no tongue???? What the fuck is happening? Why the fuck wouldn’t he tell me all this in the beginning when I first told him that I wanted to fuck? His response to that was that we wouldn’t be talking now if he had. 

So I just go ahead and let him know we can be cool and everything, but we’re just completely incompatible. I’m still in my hoe phase right now, I’m not trying to do anything but fuck and be friends. And he can’t give me the one thing I want most. Even if I didn’t just want sex, we wouldn’t work in a committed relationship either. I’m like the opposite of what a Christian man should be going after. And that’s coming from one wholesome motherfucker. We text more that night, pretty much just me asking him questions about his religion because I don’t know how all that works. I know Christian people, but obviously not any who takes it as seriously as he does. 

This nigga don’t listen to secular music, watch TV, or do anything for fun really (his words). He just goes to bible study every day, gets haircuts, eat, study, and talk. That’s what he listed as his favorite things to do. And since he’s constantly studying for church in his downtime, he pretty much never hangs out with anybody. He has friends at work but says they don’t hang out because they have different mindsets. He did mention that if I needed physical affection, he could give me a massage. That’s how he shows physical affection. It’s better than intercourse, according to him. But idek how to feel at this point, I was taking in too much information at once lmao. And every time I learned something new, I would think “He can’t be serious” “Am I being punk’d” “This nigga is not fr”. But he told me he wanted to help me with my Spanish, so I figured at least I had that. I really needed someone fluent to practice speaking it with. 

So the whole next week at work, whenever we walk past each other, he can’t help but smile at me and his smile is so pretty that I can’t help but smile back. It was lowkey pissing me off cause it wasn’t fair how fine he is and I can’t even put my hands on him!!!!! I’m sure we looked goofy as hell to everyone around us, steady smirking at each other like we was in on some inside joke nobody else knew about. We ate lunch together once. And we’d text each other in Spanish. He texted me every single day to say good morning and we’d have long convos after work til almost 3am. I found out he’s been looking at me just as long as I’ve been looking at him! He said he notices everything about me… when I change my hair, how I always sit at a desk in the back facing the wall, how I’m always so into my music at work. I never even knew he saw me at all before this. And naturally, all this shit is starting to make me feel mushy and I really did enjoy talking to him, even though I thought he was weird as fuck at first. 

And come to find out, he’s only been living his life this way for the past eight months (yeah, that’s right, eight months) when he really got into the bible more. I’m over here thinking he’s a complete virgin, but he’s had four girlfriends and has had sex before and been intimate in all the ways I WANTED to be intimate with him. Just not the past eight months. And if I allowed him to MASSAGE me, I’d be the first woman he ever did it to. I’m thinking okay… so if he’s never done it before, he has no idea how he’s gonna react to it when it’s actually happening. He’d told me before that he gets nothing out of sex beside some white creamy texture that comes out of him and makes him feel tingly, then he cleans himself and it’s over. Basically said he’d only have sex again to have the little girl he wants. He made it seem like he was really disgusted by it. And you know all my friends were like

They felt like he was into men and just hiding behind his religion. I didn’t know WHAT the fuck was going on. I  just knew he seemed to genuinely be into me and that was unfortunate because I was never gonna get to do him lol. I ain’t gone lie, after he said that shit I thought he might be gay too, but after being around each other more, I started defending him against my friends. Like shit… he just dedicated as fuck to his religion. I personally don’t understand it and wouldn’t wanna live that way, but he says he’s been tremendously happier in the past eight months and your happiness is the only thing that matters when it comes to how you live your life, nobody else’s. So I wasn’t about to try to corrupt him. But yall… he kept bringing up the massages. And Thursday night, the convo almost seemed…. sexual?

He said we can hang out any day as long as it doesn’t interfere with his work and that he was in need of a “rubbing”. He said he wanted us to “exchange rubbings” (LMAO) and that he wanted to give me that physical affection. Then he said it would be in his room or mine. Which threw me off…. cause I’m like ummm… he can massage a woman who’s not his wife alone in his bedroom? Idk, based on the other shit he told me, it didn’t seem like that would be appropriate? But shit, he knows better than me, so if he said it was cool it must be. And when I told him that he makes me blush a lot, he said “Without a touch? What will happen then?” and that I’d be overwhelmed…. and that shit made me think. Is this why tantric sex works so well???? LMAO. (I’ve always been interested in that, btw). 

But moving on. It’s Friday.

I notice he’s not at work that day. I was kinda sad about it cause I looked good as fuck, but whatever lol. When we text that night after I get home at midnight, he says he wants to hear me speak Spanish out loud and tells me to come over.

I’m like NOW??? After midnight??? He said he wanted me to come take a nap with him until he had to wake up at 4am to study for church, then he’d drive me home at 7 when he had to leave the house. Dude. So not only do you want me, a woman you’re not married to, to come over AFTER MIDNIGHT, but you wanna share a bed with me??? Solo???? En tu dormitorio?????!!! lmaooo. Nigga, I was stuffing White Castle in my face at the time, but I bagged that shit up real quick, fast, and in a hurry, took a good shit right quick, and got ready to go LMAOOOO. My friend was texting me saying I needed to gone head and let him put the tip in lol. But I’m like no…. I’m not gonna use this opportunity to try to pressure him. I respect his decision to not have sex til marriage and I enjoyed talking to him every day and didn’t wanna mess that up. Shit, I’m capable of laying next to a man I want and not jump his bones. I actually like when shit moves slow like that, the buildup makes everything better (when sex is actually the end goal). 

So I get all cute. He texts me when he’s outside. He smelling and looking good as fuck, as usual. And this time, he’s way more silly and normal than he is at work, and definitely more normal than he is through text. He was joking around with me the whole time, talking about how he had five aunts sleeping in bunk beds in his basement and I had to say hi to everybody when I got there lmaoo. And he was really laid back and cool as hell. Which just made me like him more. He teased me about turning the air on because I’m always cold. I was like “How would you know I’m always cold?” and he said “I already told you, I notice everything about you.” And I figured he must see me at work walking with my arms crossed trying to stay warm. *sigh*. 

When we get there, his room is fucking spotless as fuck. I was silently thanking God, ya’ll know I hate a man who lives dirty and Javi is only the second guy I’ve met who actually keeps his shit clean. I just sat down on the bed and he went and got us both some water, then he turned Netflix on this hugeeee fucking wide screen tv that was mounted on the wall. He had to go find the wifi password and shit cause he doesn’t actually use it because he doesn’t watch TV?? Idk why he has the biggest TV on earth in front of his bed then?? But whatever.

He had a nice BIG comfortable bed too, and he laid down sideways on my legs while I laid with my head against the headboard and we turned on The Office. Everything was going so chill…. we were laughing, talking, enjoying each other…. he touches my hands, asking me to rub his back and shit… ummhmmm… then he started to say something but stopped himself. And started mumbling. I’m like spit it out! He said he couldn’t if he wanted this space to stay holy and pure, and he knew what he was tryna say but it was about what was right and what was wrong. I said that’s fine, I’m not gonna try to persuade you to do anything you don’t wanna do. A little while later he was asking if I ever thought I would be there (I’m guessing with him, in his bed) and I said nope… it escalated quickly. And he agreed and said “a lot more could happen right now if we wanted it to…… but I can’t”. And once again I said I wasn’t gonna pressure him and didn’t wanna corrupt him. 

His dick was hard, I could tell cause he had these skinny ass jeans on before he laid down. And he took a pillow and said he was gonna sleep with it between his legs, tryna hide it and shit. He was telling me not to sleep on my side cause then he would have to come behind me. He took his shirt off. He said some more shit about where things could go at any moment and I asked him why he keeps talking about it if he doesn’t want it to happen?? Just going on and on and on. You wanna fuck or nah?? I would been down either way, but I needed him to make up his damn mind lmaobs. Then suddenly, this nigga jumps out of bed quick as fuck, turns the light on, starts putting a shirt on and I’m like what are you doing…. and he says he’s gonna take me home. WTF.

He was mumbling a bunch of shit….all I caught was “I guess this is my way of apologizing” but I didn’t care about what he was saying. I was just like whatever… put my shoes on and grabbed my bag. He was obviously confused about what he wanted. I knew this shit would happen. I don’t even know why I went. He was way too confident in his abilities to avoid temptation and talking about how only people with no equanimity allowed themselves to be tempted. So while we in the car, the convo went like this:

Me: Are you taking me home because you’re scared you might try something? 

Him: Why would I be scared, if I wanted to try something I would have done it 

Me: Then why are you taking me home?

Him: I have to study

Me: Okay but you were gonna study and take me home at 7am so what’s the problem?”

Him: I have to study

And that’s when I got mad and let him talk to himself for the rest of the ride home. I couldn’t believe this shit. I was gone for only two hours. I decided I was gonna leave him alone because he obviously needs to get his thoughts together on what he wants to do. It was all on him…. HE asked me to come over, HE asked me to share a bed with him, HE was the one all over me in bed and saying suggestive things, I was just going with the flow. Yeah, he was looking good as fuck and he thick as hell and his ass was looking extra grippable, but I didn’t try anything, didn’t even flirt. I was being respectful as fuck. I wasn’t gonna be the one he blamed for making him stray away from God or whatever the fuck lmao. So that has been my week. It’s the afternoon the next day now and I woke up thinking about this shit because his scent is still on me  *eyeroll*


“When the fire dies
Dark in the skies
Hot as a match
Only smoke is left.”  

Finally an entry that follows this year’s prompts list, I know it’s pretty cliché but I just wanted to drown n-a-d-h-i-e in feels and I had no better idea so ( 人´∀`* ). And a bonus speedpaint here because I spent my whole evening struggling to render it so you guys have to see it for me lol (I really need to fix my computer soon, though). 

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Guy comes in at 2am, looks at the hot food cabinet (almost empty, had to chisel the grease out of it) and snapped "WHY haven't you got any food??" I was so done at that point I just stared him in the eye and said "Locusts." He shrugged and left lol

lmfao I would adore working with you on 3rd shift. -Abby

walk on the pier with dino
  • so it’s not just a pier
  • it’s like downtown and it’s a beach + pier + there’s a bunch of little shops under tents set up along it 
  • the shops are only by the front of it though because not many people walk all the way down it bc is long
  • anyhoo
  • you and dino went there accompanied with minghao, jun, coups, joshua and vernon just for a good day
  • and you all had to take taxis there and yeah you could have taken 3 so you all had room but didn’t want to spend more money
  • so you went in the same taxi as minghao, vernon and dino
  • vernon on the left, minghao in middle and dino on right side
  • and minghao was like lol why are u coming in here it only fits 3 people
  • and you try squishing in to prove him wrong but,, it only fits 3 people 
  • and you’re like shoot hm sigh I’ll just sit on dino’s lap
  • because you and dino like each other and are dating but shh the guys don’t know the dating part they just think you’re good friends :-)
  • and minghao again is like lol the front seat is too close your legs won’t fit 
  • but you fit and hes like oh okay
  • and for some reason the taxi driver just doesn’t care at all and is like “buckle up kids” and just starts driving
  • and the drive is fun 
  • the driver is quiet but you guys are all talking and laughing
  • it’s a cloudy day which makes baby dino a lil tired
  • so he leans his head back and by habit rests a hand on your hip
  • and you look back at him bc he usually does that when he wants something
  • but you just see his eyes closed and it’s osossoo cute
  • so you take hold of his hand and pull his arm around you and kinda fidget with his fingers
  • and he just links his pinky with yours and his other fingers are resting against your tummy
  • and you lean back against him too and keep talking but quieter with the other boys
  • once you all arrive there you kinda split up because coups and china line wanna go to the beach, joshua and vernon wanna go to the shops and you and dino went wherever the rest didn’t go aka the pier
  • and when you were far enough that they wouldn’t notice you hold dinos hand again which u love because
  • so soft
  • so soft
  • and in his other hand is a blue one of those polaroid cameras
  • and about halfway down the pier he starts taking pictures with it and he’s quiet and shushes you because he “needs to focus”
  • and he’s new with it so the pictures turn out dark and kinda crappy bc he doesn’t know which settings to use when yet
  • and you’re like ugh let me help
  • and play around with the settings until you’re sure it’ll be okay and take one from where he was standing wanting to make it as similar as his to show him the contrast
  • and hes like whoa!! ur so good at this !! and at everything !!!!
  • and you’re like heehjrhehehehehh yeah
  • he keeps pointing at stuff for you to take pictures of because he thinks of you as some professional photographer now
  • and just because the day is dark the photos are kind of dark and ur like 
  • sorry baby i know you’re so excited but these r not good
  • and hes like NO THEY’RE PERFECT 
  • because you took them
  • and that makes you smile which makes him smile
  • and he feels a couple drops of rain start to come down and hes like ohh no
  • and he’s like ahh it’s raining!! you’re like oh we should head back
  • he like WAIT
  • “let’s take a picture together”
  • and you’re all :))) okay!!
  • and so you stand beside him and he’s leaning against the wooden railing on the side of the pier smiling
  • and you smile too and take it and hes like yay!! another!!
  • so you wait for it to print and hand it to him bc he’s holding all of them
  • and you just smile again but he turns his head to kiss your cheek and just stays like that until you take it
  • and you’re all !!!!!!!!!!! inside because it’s the first time he did that !!!!!
  • and you’re like hehehee do it again
  • he caresses one cheek with his hand and kisses your other like a million times
  • and you take another picture of that
  • wait for it to print and take it out
  • before turning your head and kissing his lips and managing to take a picture of that too
  • and then you’re both blushing messes
  • and he’s just like 
  • “I know which picture is my favourite
  • “maybe we should do it again just in case this one gets ruined”
  • “dino it’s okay”
  • “but it’s raining what if-”
  • “dino it’s okay”
  • and coups comes up out of nowhere and is like kids it’s raining time to go !! 
  • and same thing happens on the ride back as the ride there except this time with sneaky little kisses hehee
FT Chapter 536 Reaction

When I first met Ichiya’s character, I was a little weirded out but kinda liked his character because he was comic relief. I’m really glad Jellal didn’t die but I feel bad for Blue Pegases. They lost their S-Class wizard (Mind you in style), and I’m not sure how I feel about it. As for Anna, I wish Lucy had at least gotten to meet her…but it makes sense that she’d be the one to go through the timelapse.

This is one of the best panels ever of Jenny! And it really describes how lost Blue Pegases will be without Ichiya. I’m a little nervous about what she says…I really hope we don’t get an ending like this with FT (you never know what might happen between now and then! We still have the Lucy situation!) Anyone else notice she kind of looks like Nami?

On the other side…I’M SO FREAKING HAPPY ACNOLOGIA IS GONE! A little disappointed that we didn’t see him and Natsu go against each other (I can already hear the FT haters complaining about this…) But nonetheless, happy because hopefully know they don’t have to worry about him…hopefully…

I’m kinda loving the subtle NALU hints everywhere! Look at his arm! It’s the same arm as Lucy’s and I’m not sure if it means anything or not!

Mavis and Zeref…ARGH! There’s such history there and still so many questions! I do love their story though…and watching the prequel was just awesome! Especially when they both technically met in Hargeon!

“THE LIFE FORCE” WTF DO YOU MEAN?!? Are we gonna get to know about how to get rid of Zeref and Mavis’s curse?!?! OR is it going to be related to WTH is going on with Lucy??! If so I can’t wait to see Natsu’s reaction!!! (Fan girl scream…heart dying). There’s a good chance because he did say he was going to see Happy and his friends! 

Speaking of, am I the only one out there that might have been a bit miffed that he didn’t specify Lucy too? Not to discredit Happy and Natsu’s relationship, but we keep getting back and forth of this. One minute Natsu is singling out Lucy and the next, he isn’t. I’m not saying I want FT to be full on romance but to single out Happy and not Lucy as well…I don’t know. It’s frustrating and weird. (Especially when I get thinking about how he left for the year…WHICH I WISH THEY HAD TALKED ABOUT!). On the other hand, Natsu might be linked to Lucy because of the whole book thing and didn’t need to specify her. I don’t know what I’m trying to say LOL 


WHY ONLY 10 MORE CHAPTERS?!??!?! I WAS HOPING FOR ATLEAST 20 MORE! Which would have finished it around August and the 11th Anniversary. Basically I just don’t know how I really feel about this chapter…I loved it don’t get me wrong but still…

What do you guys think?

jealous | chapter five

pairing: baekhyun x reader x chanyeol

genre: angst, fluff, smut

summary: baekhyun is heartbroken after you leave him. he decides to start over and try to get over you by moving into a new apartment building where he meets chanyeol. what he later finds out is that chanyeol has been your boyfriend for the past month.

pov: baekhyun + chanyeol diary entries

rating: whether you’re an underage hard stan or a legal soft stan, reader whatever the hell you wanna read.

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October 28, 2017 [Fri.]

[23:45] I am fucking tired. Thank god tomorrow is Saturday because if I had work, I wouldnt be able to wake up probably. Park fucking Chanyeol is such a pain in the ass. I don’t hate it though.

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Hey guys, I’m back again for another fan account and boy was it like the best day of my life. OMG…if you don’t feel like reading all of this, I’m just going to leave some highlights for you and of course I’ll bold the most relevant parts.



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- “Jaehyun, which colour suits me best?” *insert pics of two same dresses but different colours*
- You understand why >> It’s because of his work work work work work
- him ignoring you most of the time started when they debuted
- but that doesn’t mean he loves you less now before they debuted
- it’s just that he’s so busy and their phones always get confiscated by the staff
-he wants to secure his future w/ you so he works very hard
- he always turns his phone off before going to the SM Ent. Building so the staff wouldn’t see your cheesy messages to each other
- all the members know about your relationship and they support it very well
- the other members admire you for holding on to the relationship even though it’s vvvvvv hard
- “i like you noona you’re so cool now I can see why Jaehyun hyung loves you so much” - Mark… it could be Jisung as well
- “oh god jaehyun hyung wouldn’t stop sucking his picture of you on his phone! It’s so gross!” - Haechan
- “you guys are so adorable” - Yuta
- “eyy don’t forget to use protection during your sexy time ;) ” - Ten
- lol wtf Ten
- but good on ya Ten for reminding these kids about that
- “you’re not going to leave jaehyun, right?” - doyoung… or taeyong
- “Nope.”
- Rumours about Jaehyun dating you got out and the company was hell pissed
- both of you got hate although you got more hate than jaehyun
- most of his fans were anti to your relationship
- only a few fans were supportive
- well I couldn’t blame them though
- they were his source of happiness and they feel like you’re taking him away from them
- some were just delusional and wants him to end up with them
- or with another artist… say Rose from Blackpink (I’m not a shipper btw; I just saw some posts here on Tumblr that some fans were shipping them)
- you cry every night about this
- coz he has lots to think about and you don’t want to put all your burden in this relationship on his shoulders
- But he knows the fact that you get jealous everytime they bring up the JaeRose ship
- like Rose is everything and you’re just a potato
- so he reassures you that he loves you by kissing you, hugging you or cooking you your fave dish created by him when he gets a day off which is really rare these days because of the nature of his work
- but despite all that, you still can’t help but to get insecure
- like who wouldn’t get insecure?
- it’s like you and him against the world lololol jk
- you felt very suffocated
- you don’t even know yourself anymore
- you don’t even see your self-worth anymore
- jaehyun loves you to bits and you know that
- but it’s really hard especially he’s a celebrity now and you’re just one of the normal people out there
- “Jaehyun, let’s break up”
- jaehyun would just stare at you and blink twice
- his adam’s apple would bob up and down
- “why?”
- “jaehyun, I can’t do this anymore”
- “you always have little time for me”
- “people… your fans don’t want us to be together”
- “i feel like i’m taking you away from them”
- “but you’re not taking me away from them”
- “i love you (y/n)”
- “please don’t do this to me baby”
- his eyes would be instantly filled w/ tears
- he would hold both of your hands while kissing your knuckles, shaking his head while blinking in tears
- “your fans love you very much jae”
- “but I only love you baby”
- YES IT’S VERY HARD TO BREAK UP WITH JUNG JAEHYUN coz why tf would you leave him
- “look, your career and popularity is affected because of me… because of our relationship”
- And Jaehyun would say: “ I don’t care! I can throw all those away just for you! I love you and I wouldn’t want to lose you just because of all these things!”
- “Don’t do that, mister. You’ve worked hard for this. Don’t throw it all away just for me.”
- Then you smile bitterly and kiss him for the last time and leave
- you didn’t know this but jaehyun was a sobbing mess right after you left
- he would wonder where did he lack as a boyfriend what did he even do wrong why did you break up with him just because of the fact that his fans hate you
- i mean, every couple in the showbiz always (or most of the time) get hated by the public esp. the fans
- like, it’s only normal
- but still you guys don’t deserve all the hate
- you guys just fell in love with each other
- why would people hate you
- it’s not like you guys murdered a person or the whole nct
- the members found out about this coz when jaehyun got back to the dorms he just broke down by the doorway
- they were very shocked because you once told them before that you’re not gonna leave jaehyun no matter what happens
- At first Ten thought that Jaehyun got you pregnant because he was crying by the doorway
-but he finds out that you broke up with Jaehyun
- “Well, at least someone didn’t end up getting someone preggo” - Ten
- cue in everyone giving Ten a death glare so he would just cover his mouth
- yeah Ten shut up
- “Man, that sucks!” - Mark
- i know right Mark
- “I swear she loved you more than herself. Her eyes say that everytime she looks at you.” - Johnny
- for a month jaehyun was a total mess
- like he became more quiet he doesn’t talk that much on variety shows
- his laughs were so fake
- his smiles even changed like they’re not the same genuine smiles that they used to be
- and it broke you guys even more as well as the other members
- they couldn’t stand their bby jaehyun being like this so they set up a get together
- and yeah you’re invited ofc
- the get together was just at their dorm lol
- they invited you and had dinner with them
- you guys were still not talking with each other but would glance at each other every now and then and the members would see this and couldn’t freakin’ stand it
- “oh my god just get back together” - jeno
- “what happened to my mom and dad… like seriously? You guys are better than this” - jisung
- “this is the only time i’d let you guys suck each other’s face c'mon fix this shit” - haechan
- lol Haechan
- Ten doesn’t say anything but leaves a suspicious box on the table
- the other members leave so you guys could talk about things in the living room but really they’re just in the kitchen, litstening to your conversation
- “how are you?”
- he replies with: “i’m fine”
- there was an awkward silence after that
- then both of you just say sorry at the same time like how cute is that
- he says sorry for being such an incompetent boyfriend for not realizing how his career was affecting you for not doing the best that he can to make it work
- you apologize as well for leaving him just because of your insecurity you let it take over you you let it ruin everything between you
- “can we start over again?”
- “Like, I mean, can we be… a couple again?”
- “Is it okay if I kiss you?”
- then you just nod and you guys kiss
- after the kiss you guys open the box that Ten left on the table
- it was a box full of condoms
- oml Ten why lol
- “Are we okay now?”
- “Better than before” :“) And the other members come in, cheering for both of you


By the way, I’m taking requests. Let me know if you want me to do another one. 😊❤


hrafnsvaengr  asked:

I have a weird question for you. I've heard that politics is really weird and bad and screwed up in Italy, but I know almost nothing about it and any English sources I find are stupid and uninformative beyond saying basically 'Mussolini happened. Then he died. Then the Republic was good again. Then the President had bunga-bunga parties. Now shit sucks.' which, while probably true, isn't helpful. How would you explain Italian politics to a foreigner who doesn't know how Italian government works?

HAHAHAHA YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PERSON. *rubs hands* okay so if you don’t mind I’m going to give the relatively light/crack version of the summary because otherwise I’m just gonna cry myself to sleep because Italian politics are indeed screwed up like hell.

Premise: this is not sourced because it’s late and it’s LONG. Also it’s very much summed-up and not in-depth on purpose, if you want actual long analysis/posts with sources I shall be glad to provide but this is just for bullet points purposes. 

Okay so:

  • First thing, Mussolini wasn’t actually the start of it. Also the republic is just one, and it always was bad - there was a monarchy before Mussolini.
  • Anyway, let’s go in order: Italy became a united nation in 1862. 1870 if you count Rome joining in, but let’s say 1862. We had a constitutional monarchy, the Savoias. Let’s put it in the open right now: the Savoia were and are complete shitheads. Most embarrassing monarchy that Europe ever had. Gdi I feel bad even thinking about them. Anyway, the one good thing the king, Vittorio Emanuele II, had going for him, was his prime minister, aka Cavour. Sadly, Cavour died like a few months after the unification, and that was pretty much the beginning of the end.
  • Anyway, from then on until WWI, we had basically a system that wanted to work like the British monarchy, except that eeeeeh lol we wish. Also it was post-unification so there was a lot of shit to work through never mind that the various PMs all had their good and bad sides, though more bad than good in most cases.
  • Also, in the midst of this mess, since you weren’t a serious nation if you didn’t have a few colonies, we tried to colonize the few non-colonized nations in Africa. It was an all-around disaster. And the only expedition which was technically successful was Mussolini’s in Ethiopia, and that is like one of the most disgusting pages of our history so like, let’s just say it was a bad idea in any case because there weren’t resources and so on.
  • So anyway what happens in WWI: Italy had this sorta treatise with Germany and Austria which basically said that if a war broke out they should all be allied, but Germany and Austria had both done shit behind our backs so first we stayed neutral and then we basically did another treatise with the Allied forces so we’d get territories that in theory belonged to Italy and then weren’t annexed during the independence and so on, and that was when the whole ‘Italians are backstabbers during wars’ deal started. Anyway the army wasn’t anywhere near ready (see: Caporetto. It was so bad that here when we want to say that something went catastrophically wrong we said ‘a little Caporetto happened’) but then the US joined in, the allied had more forces and we all know who won WWI and so we got our territories and so on.
  • That said the situation was highly fragile for the next few years because as stated it hadn’t been a great idea, there money was scarce as usual and so on. And THAT was when Mussolini happened.
  • Not going over Mussolini because I guess everyone has sources on it, but let’s just remember for kicks that: this guy pretty much demonized left-wing parties/ideologies, thought that Italians were a superior race (PPFFFFFFFFF YEAH SURE SURE) - like, Hitler was copying him, not the contrary -, started the Ethiopian colonial war that we won (because we lost the first, and I’d have rather kept on losing them tbh) and then had the genius idea of allying himself with his friend Adolf and get us into WWII ON THE AXIS SIDE JFC WHY, always on the premise that ‘ITALIANS ARE GOOD THE ITALIAN ARMY IS AWESOMECAKES!!!!’ when the only answer would have been ‘lol no’. Also he made a pact with the Catholic Church, the Patti Lateranensi, which is 100% of the reasons why the Church has some ridiculous monetary/political power today still and which would have been enough to send him straight to Hell for an eternity if he hadn’t been a dictator in the first place.
  • The result was basically that until the Americans invaded Sicily (and I swear it’s one of the few times I’ll ever be grateful to Americans for invading any place gdi), we didn’t really accomplish anything except getting heroically killed during huge battles. Instance: El Alamein. Basically most of the Italians died because they fought to the last man while Germans didn’t all of the time, but anyway.
  • After that, Mussolini’s successor Badoglio struck a deal with the allies without telling anyone about it (…) and so like when it was said that we had switched sides, the Germans killed a bunch of Italians whenever they could LOL GUESS WHY. And that was the definitive confirmation of the ‘Italians turn their cloak during wars hahahaha’ stereotype, but whatever.
  • So we spent two years with Mussolini and the Germans in the north and the Allies in the South. They got as far as Rome before winter ‘44 but didn’t manage to go the whole way.
  • Meanwhile the Savoias (who knew about the armistice) fled Rome before it and spent the war in the south protected by the Allies, hahahaha I think about the British royals staying in London during the raids and I weep.
  • Now I’ve been doing this entire WWII detour because otherwise I can’t explain what happened after which is pretty much what shaped Italian politics up to that point.
  • So: first thing, since the Americans/Allies liberated us and not the Russians, we ended up in their influence area, not the Russians. 
  • Also, the two/three years after ‘45 were basically the one time in our history where everyone agreed. And it shows because it was when the Constitution was written and I swear our Constitution is the most beautiful in the universe. If only we put it into practice. Anyway it was written by people from all the political sides, ex-partisans, right-wingers, left-wingers, communists or not and so on. It was awesome. Also, in ‘46 there was an election to decide whether to keep the monarchy or not, and women voted for the first time, and we decided we wanted a republic, and that also was awesome. Goodbye Savoia! They were exiled. Then sadly they came back some ten years ago. The guy who’d be the crown prince right now does reality shows and once sang at the Sanremo festival. And he actually got in third. Yeah, that’s not awesome at all.

Anyway, that was the premise. Got all that? Good, because now I’m actually starting to answer you.

  • So, what happens after WWII? Right, cold war. On which side were we on? Riiiight, the US. What happens in this case? RIGHT, you start side-eyeing communists which translates to ‘let’s just side-eye the left wing anyway’. Yey! Basically what happens after ‘46 is that we get a new system which is a republic with two houses - senato and camera -, a PM who has quite some powers though obviously he needs the houses’ approval to get laws signed and so on, and a president of the Republic who has to supervise everything, sign laws that have the potential to be not constitutional and shit. Like, the president of the Republic should always be someone of note. And he can do other stuff like refusing to nominate a voted PM if they think they’re unfit for the role and so on.
  • So after this, the situation throughout the sixties/seventies is that there’s a huuuge right-center-wing party named Democrazia Cristiana (Christian Democracy, which I’ll now shorten into DC) which was the one grabbing most of the votes since as the name says, you can guess what electorate they had, the Communist party, which was left-wing, a bunch of MORE LEFT-WING PARTIES that no one except like, my parents and students and so on voted, the radicals - who at the beginning were p. cool because they were the ones starting campaigns for divorce and abortion laws, and then they became a joke but whatever. But like the basic divide was DC vs communist party. And the DC won all the time and basically tried to keep everyone content at least on paper. Well, the communists just when they got more votes than usual in the elections.
  • Also since the situation here is crap, there’s corruption and people change party all the time and shit, basically from then on until the current times governments never really lasted the five years they were supposed to - you’d get one, then it’d crumble after a while because not enough support in the parliament, people would go voting again and so on. And people would get relatively scared if the communist party got 23% of the votes.
  • BUUUUT, during the seventies we also had the political terrorism. It’s called years of lead and it was basically twenty years of extreme-left groups and extreme-right groups killing political opponents (but also journalists and civilians, see for example the strage di Bologna) among which former PM Aldo Moro (aka one of the few truly decent people the DC ever produced sadly). The years of lead also included contributions from the secret services (seriously there’s so much hidden shit that we don’t know about, I’m not saying it because of paranoia), mafia assassinations, corruption everywhere, people like Giulio Andreotti (who was basically the total opposite of Aldo Moro may his soul rot in hell if there is one) being in charge a ridiculous number of times, criminal organizations like the banda della Magliana having ties with the government and the Vatican and so on. Never mind that like no party was excluded from this. Tldr: CORRUPTION! CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE!
  • This came to a pass at the beginning of the nineties with the Mani Pulite investigation - this had happened also after the communist party as we knew it had pretty much dissolved into a center-left party another *communist* party - spoilers: from then on, the communist party has been pretty much a joke.
  • Mani pulite basically brought out to light what everyone knew already aka that DC was corrupted to the bone, and so DC dissolved, we changed the voting system so corruption would be less easy (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and some other stuff. At which you go like ‘okay so things got better then’, and I’ll answer you WE ALL WISH, because who happens now? (Spoilers: the republic was never good after Mussolini anyway, but that’s another problem.)
  • MISTER BUNGA BUNGA HIMSELF aka Silvio Berlusconi may his soul rot in Hell if he ever gets there.
  • Basically: this literal piece of shit, no offense to actual pieces of shit, is a businessman who says that ‘he built his empire himself’. No, he did it through a) ties with the mafia, b) CORRUPTION CORRUPTION CORRUPTION, c) MORE CORRUPTION. Back in ‘93/’94, he was on trial for CORRUPTION. And what does this motherfucker do? What everyone does to avoid going to prison: HE RUNS FOR PM!
  • Now, what happens: this fucker owned a quarter of the publishers in Italy, among which Mondadori aka the most important one WHICH HE BOUGHT BECAUSE HE CORRUPTED A JUDGE LOLOLOL, three commercial TVs that were highly popular - like my grandmother and my greataunt would watch just his -, newspapers and so on. So he uses all of that media power to sell this story that since he’s a good businessman he’ll totally save the country after all the Mani pulite corruption! AND HE’LL SAVE IT FROM THE BAD COMMUNISTS!!! Yeah, because we still think communism is horrible same they do in the US when we never even had real communists around, but whaaaatever. In this mess, he also allies with a) Lega Nord aka the xenophobic racist party, b) Alleanza Nazionale which was THE CURRENT VERSION OF THE FASCIST PARTY. No one gave a shit about them until then GUESS WHAT THEY ALLY WITH HIM THEY GO TO GOVERNMENT BECAUSE HE WINS THEY GET INTO PARLIAMENT they still aren’t out. Or well, AN doesn’t exist anymore but its members are all there so. XENOPHOBES AND FASCISTS. YAY! Also, then-president Scalfaro did a fuck-up when he accepted the guy as PM - he could have avoided it since he was under trial, he didn’t, we were all fucked.
  • Anyway, his first government lasted nine months because the xenophobes were idiots (for them) and left him without support. So the center-left wins the elections next round with a guy named Romano Prodi who everyone loves to hate but who’s a perfectly nice prepared guy who deserves a lot more than this country ever gave him.
  • So you think ‘awesome, they’re gonna make it work, right?’
  • OF COURSE NOT, because the Italian left is like pEOPLE ARGUING ALL THE FUCKING TIME never mind that there’s a dude named D’Alema who’s also a tumblr meme (srsly I can’t find his picture rn but I will tomorrow) who pretty much wanted to be at the government but didn’t run and anyway long story short the then-head of the joke of a communist party withdrew support and D’Alema went into power and clearly no one liked it.
  • Of course at the next elections, which were in 2000, guess who runs again and wins? BERLUSCONI! And how does he win them? A LANDSLIDE! And what does he do for the next five years? HE RUINS EVERYTHING! (this all because of his media influence also)
  • In order: he changed a bunch of laws around so his trials wouldn’t run through or he’d get absolved, fucking up a lot of shit in the meantime. His friends from AN and the xenophobic party made a new immigration law which is seriously against human rights. They made a law that pretty much forced people who wanted to get pregnant artificially to go outside the country. He fucked up our national debt because of course he put idiots in the economy ministry. He pretty much fucking RUINED EVERYTHING, and you’d think that at the next elections - still Prodi running - people would be smart, right?
  • NO, because he changes the voting law to something that is literally NOT CONSTITUTIONAL so that HIS party has more chances to win. And it happens that Prodi wins but by a slight margin so he didn’t have enough votes to not risk falling if someone withdrew their support, k?
  • So two years later Berlusconi buys out this other piece of shit named Mastella who’s also in ties with the camorra I think gdi I hate everything, poor Prodi didn’t get support, we go to the elections. (That was a dark time. I cried that day. Gdi it was BAD.)
  • And since this country’s memory when it comes to elections and B. is worse than Dory’s in Finding Nemo, who wins those elections? YEAAAAH BERLUSCONI AGAIN MAN! (I cried again. It was the first time I went to vote. Yeaaaaaaah.)
  • Side story: the Rome mayor ran against B. and obv. couldn’t be mayor anymore, so we had elections again and they managed to vote A DUDE WHO IN THE SEVENTIES WENT AROUND WITH FASCIST GROUPS TO BEAT PEOPLE WHO WALKED AROUND WITH LEFT WING NEWSPAPERS IN HAND. Imagine my happiness.
  • So, B. wins again and everyone is resigned to more idiocy.
  • Which happened, and then his wife sends a letter to a left-wing newspaper saying she’s divorcing him. What the hell? The hell is, two months later we find out this guy basically spent his time fucking prostitutes. AMONG WHICH *UNDERAGE* PROSTITUTES. This happens because one of them gets stopped at the police and he calls saying she should be released because she was MUBARAK’S NIECE. (I don’t even think she was Egyptian? Wait let me look her up. She’s Moroccan.) Anyway this also happened after he went to the coming of age party of this girl from Naples that everyone who didn’t like him think he was having sex with, but whatever. Turns out that this guy had sex with this Ruby girl when she was seventeen and that he has prostitutes literally coming in and out of his house every night, and that a guy who was a tv conductor on his tvs actually went and recruited high schoolers to bring there. And the bunga bunga parties was the way they dubbed his, well, parties. Apparently there was crossdressing and various kinky shit going on. I don’t even wanna know.
  • Also it’s highly probable that two women ministers of his then-cabinet got in that position because they slept with him. They intercepted them complaining about how bad it felt. Ahaaaa.
  • So they put him under trial but he still didn’t resign - that happened when since he was too busy having sex with teenagers our economy plummeted in concomitance with the crisis, the spread with Germany got at seriously worrying rates and then-president Giorgio Napolitano, who’s gonna go straight to Heaven without passing from Purgatory for all he’s had to suffer during his terms, put his foot down and went like ‘no dude you can’t stay there anymore NO ONE WANTS YOU EUROPE WANTS YOU OUT YOU’RE A DISGRACE JUST FUCK OFF’ and so he resigned.
  • We got a new president chosen by Napolitano, Mario Monti, who is a fine economist but a horrid politician. He did some stuff that had to be done, but the support was what it was, Berlusconi obviously was like MONTI IS THE DEEEVIIIIL and blah blah blah anyway we go to the next elections.
  • So you’d think ‘people will vote smart’.
  • Lol.
  • Situation: Monti wasn’t liked because of a few reforms that were necessary but not popular whatsoever. For the first time the left wing seemed not to be arguing. Then fucking Beppe Grillo arrived.
  • Beppe Grillo is a former comedian who says that parties are horrible and all politicians suck. All you need to know about him is that some of his supporters are anti-vaxxers and said that ‘some vaccines caused DNA mutations’.
  • But clearly since people HATE POLITICS, he got popular.
  • Anyway it looked like the left wing was finally having it in the bag. FUCKING BERLUSCONI RUNS AGAIN while under trial AGAIN, for corruption AND the whole prostitution ring thing, and he goes like I’M GOING TO REMBOURSE Y’ALL THE NOT POPULAR TAX ON THE HOUSE INTRODUCED BY MONTI WITH MONEY THAT SWITZERLAND SHOULD GIVE US *ONE WEEK BEFORE THE FUCKING ELECTION*. With a letter sent mostly to old people who calmly went to the post office to get their tax refund because the way it was put, it was already a done thing.
  • Guess what happens….? DRUM ROLL, left wing wins the elections BUT NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH FOR A GOVERNMENT because B. gets like 23% of the votes and Grillo 20% and the lefties were like 26% and clearly Grillo is an idiot and didn’t ally with them. GUESS WHAAAAAT the poor dude who had been head of the left coalition couldn’t form a government so another left wing party guy appointed by Napolitano formed a government that was basically half left and half right. Hahahaha. Imagine the popularity. 
  • Meanwhile poor Napolitano was there because these idiots couldn’t agree on a new president so they elected him for two consecutive terms - he resigned last January and we have a new one thank fuck, because the guy was seriously in dire need of going to Honolulu.
  • So Enrico Letta aka the guy above forms not popular government. Meanwhile Berlusconi is condemned to social services after being sentenced for a tax evasion fraud of 700 million euros.
  • And then it happens that current premier Matteo Renzi, who’s not my favorite person at all, wins the left wing party primaries, becomes party president, two months later does a congress and he’s like ‘Letta isn’t going anywhere we need a new face’ OBVIOUSLY *HIS* and so bam, Letta doesn’t have support anymore, Renzi becomes PM. And you’d think people wouldn’t vote for him at the European Elections, and I didn’t even if I always voted for his party because it was the last straw.
  • Instead he wins pretty much a landslide and Grillo loses a third of his supporters thank fuck I just hope he loses all the rest before the next one.
  • Anyway now we have Renzi and I don’t like him but I just hope he lasts because if we have to vote I’ll be like what the fuck I don’t know who’s the least bad options.

So, that was a ‘summary of the history of Italian politics since 1862 to us’, obviously don’t take me seriously on everything but that’s the basics. Now I’m gonna put the rest under the cut because LONG POST and I already ranted enough without the cut.

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sequel to write to me

for @panda013​, @gigiree​, @matchaball, and to all who wanted another part.

soulmate au where if you draw on your skin, the other can see

He’s six when he dreams of a girl with blue eyes and black hair whose smile is just as pretty as starlight. She’s little like him, if not littler and he wants nothing more than to be her friend. So, when he wakes up from the most perfect dream where he holds her hand and they just play, he cries and mourns and shouts when he realizes he’s all alone. 

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darko what about jiggly hair ? lol

Ahahahah I told you guys not to trust what I say ahahaahah
But hers an update for it XD

This is what I have so far I finished bottom layers completely, now I need to do the same for top layers and add a few more details to it along the way. The reason why I let this one rest for a while is because I absolutely hated how I shaped the left side and i tried fixing that god know how many times, idk there is just some disconnect between the two that I see and it was driving me nuts lol  All that on the side I will try my best to do both by the end of the month and if there’s time maybe even add one Naomi inspired Kim hair as a bonus :D

One Sided//Cole Sprouse (part three)

Prompt: Hi can you write something about Cole like mangers let the reader & cole date only for fame and the reader would fall in love with Cole and do everything to impress him but he doesn’t love her back ., but then he’ll love her 😂😂 it’s complicated ik but you’re amazing and you can work it out haha

Words: 769

Warnings: none

A/n: I’ll have a lot of downtime tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get an extra long part four for y'all.

You adjusted your Serpent jacket nervously as you walked with Cole onto set, not really prepared for your scene. It seems the producers have been doing a lot of last minute things to make you and Cole grow closer.

“Alright,” the director clapped,“We’ll run through the script a few times and then we’ll start shooting. Sound good?” You and Cole both nod with nervous glances. “And … Action!”

*Weird thing where it switches back and forth between like it’s a Jug fanfic but it’s just scenes?? Idk lol and the character you play in the show, her name is Blake*

“Jughead, what the hell are you doing here?” You march up to him in the hallway, figurative steam shooting out of your ears.

“I got transferred. Why do you care?” He rolls his eyes and starts to walk past you.

You turn around,“Can you please stop acting like I’m the bad guy? I am not the one who left.”

He turns to face you once again,“Don’t even play that, Blake. It was a long time ago and I still regret it.”

You step up even closer to him,“Yeah? Well, it doesn’t seem like it.”

And then it gets silent, and you know that you’re way too close to each other. You feel his breath on your face. And you wait for him to make his move.

He grabs your face and pulls you in for a 5 second kiss, like the script calls for.

You back up from him, shaking your head and walking out of the shot.

“And cut! That was great guys. You can definitely do that without the script. And actually, y/n, we have a solo scene for you and some extras. But it’s not until tomorrow. Let’s run through again, just like last time guys!”

You walk back into your positions, and go through the entire scene again, this time with the camera on and with no scripts.

“Thanks guys, you can go change now. You have an interview tonight, you should probably start getting ready,” a producer says.

You and Cole look at each other, sharing knowing glances. Neither of you have been previously made aware of this interview, and frankly you were both tired of all of the pop up announcements.

“Good luck,” you say as you make your way to your dressing/makeup.

“Ditto,” Cole says and begins to walk away, when he stops and turns to you. “We should have a hand shake.”

You can’t help but let out a giggle, but he just raises his eyebrows at you.

“Wait, you’re serious?” You question.

“Duh I’m serious. All the cool fake couples have cool handshakes,” he replies with a cheesy grin and walks over to you.

*20 minutes of different forms of hand clapping later*

“Yes! We are the best!” You say after ending your handshake perfectly for the third time.

“Damn straight,” he looks at his watch,“Okay, well we’ve burned twenty minutes of interview preparation, so perhaps we should actually prepare.”

“Whoa,” you look at him,“Too many Pre’s.”

“Technically one was a Per.”


“Y/n! Cole! Dress and makeup, now!”

You have never been so stressed in your entire life.

You didn’t understand why this specific interview is making you so stressed. You’ve had interviews before. Though, those were with the whole cast. Not just one very, very attractive member.

“Honey, I’ve showed you four different outfits. What’s wrong?” Your wardrobe, makeup, and hair dresser looks at you, placing a hand on her hip.

“There’s nothing wrong, Bonita. Just stressed,” you grumble and run your hands through your hair.

“About the interview? Or about a certain fake boyfriend?” She raises her eyebrows with a knowing grin.

You feel your cheeks grow warm and you groan,“I can’t like him. I can’t!”

“Of course you can. Why can’t you?” She retorts and continues looking through outfits.

“Because it’s fake. He doesn’t like me, and I’m not supposed to like him. We have a fake couple handshake for God sakes!” You throw your hands up, groaning even louder as you flop on the couch.

“Hun, as far as I know, there’s not a rule book to dating. Especially your situation,” she finishes putting together another outfit, waving it in front of you.

“Fine, I’ll go with this one,” you sigh, sitting up.

“Finally, we still have to do hair and makeup. Please don’t have a crisis during those, they’re a bit harder to change,” you giggle at Bonita, grabbing the outfit.

“Bonita, keep me in your thoughts during this interview. I’m going to need it.”

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Hey do you know any blogs that are nice to follow? that aren't, you know, the golden phannies or whatever but are just really nice blogs? they don't even have to be dan and phil lol. also for the honestly thing I honestly love following you because you are so sweet and kind and I appreciate your judgement so much which is why I'm asking you for the blogs you keep doing you Sarah xo

Thank you honestly. I swear I’m not crying but my heart just melted. You don’t understand how much this means to me. I often feel forgotten and left out in the phandom and like nobody cares about me. In fact one of u close friends forgot about me today. And whenever I try interacting with you guys. A tumbleweed Rolls by. So thank you, you don’t know how much this means to me. Here are your blog Recs >>>>


Sorry this is so long but these are just such amazing people and I couldn’t leave any out. And even this list is the shortened version. Basically what I’m saying is that these blogs are the best of the best and you won’t find any better.

McCall Pack Texts

A/N Okay, so this is my first time posting on here, I’ve been writing for a while now, I have a wattpad account and all that good stuff. Hope you go and check it out. Uh, this is going to be a short one. It’s text between the McCall Pack, including my OC George Hunt.

Pairing: George x Stiles

No hate please


<<<Scott added Stiles, Allison, Lydia, Kira, Mason, Liam, and Malia to the group chat>>>

Scott: Sup guys!

Stiles: Hey bro!

Lydia: Hey

Malia: Hello

Liam: Wat up?

Mason: Hey

Allison: Hi

Lydia: Wat R u guys doin’

Scott: Nothin special

Allison: I was watching a currently paused movie

Liam: lol

Stiles: Wat movie???

Allison:…..uh that’s between me and the movie

Lydia: Now I’m intrigued, wat is it?


Stiles: Come on Ali!

Allison: No -_-

Malia: Why???

Scott: ^

Allison: Because it’s embarrassing.

Kira: What’s so embarrassing about it???


Lydia: We promise we won’t laugh

Stiles: Speak 4 ur self

Lydia: Shut up Stiles

Allison: Fine. It’s Aladdin


Scott: ^

Allison: See? Now I bet you guys are laughing

Kira: Not laughing, just surprised

Liam: Yea

Scott: ^

Stiles: Lmao

Scott: Stiles!

Lydia: Really??

Stiles: What?

Allison: Let’s talk about something else

Malia: Like what?

Mason:  Life?

Stiles: Do you have one?

Lydia: Do you?

Scott: XD

Stiles: Wow…that hurt

Lydia: Oh, you’ll get over it

Scott: I think I have an idea on who should I add

Mason: Who?

Lydia: ???

<<<Scott added Isaac to the group chat>>>

Stiles: NOOO!!

Isaac: Nice to feel welcomed

Stiles: Shut up Scarf Man

Isaac: Wow very original Stiles

Scott: I sense sarcasm

Scott: Has Stiles been rubbing off on you?

Isaac: Probably

Lydia: Stiles play nice

Malia: You guys literally disagree over everything

Kira: ikr

Liam: Someone’s missing from all of this

Kira: You’ve felt it too??

Mason: Who would that be??

Scott: I think I know who u guys talkin bout’


Scott: *rolls eyes* No not him

<<<Scott added George to the group chat>>>

George: Sup

Allison: George!!!!

Liam: That’s whose missing

Mason: There’s our girl!!

Stiles: *clears throat* Ahem, my girl not your girl

Lydia: Ooh, better back off Mason

George: HardyHarHar, no fighting over me. There’s plenty of me to share around

Kira: lol

Allison: I SHIP STEORGE!!!

George: What?

Stiles: ?

Lydia: Really Al?

George: What’s a ship??

Scott: She put your names together

George: Clever….?

<<<Stiles changed George’s nickname to georgiebae>>>

Kira: Awww!

Stiles: Love U Bae

Liam: It’s about to get mushy

Scott: Tell me about it

Stiles: Your just jealous

Scott: Of what??

Allison: Steorge

Scott: Stop with the ship names!!

GeorgieBae: I’m going to excuse the fact that you nicknamed me Georgie and just move on to the mushy part: LOVE U

Malia: XD

Allison: Lmao

Isaac: Hehehe, Georgie

GeorgieBae: I will kill you

Stiles: Nobody can call her Georgie but me

GeorgieBae: No

Stiles: WHY NOT?????


Scott: You let your brother call you Georgie?

GeorgieBae: I don’t let him. I punch him

Kira: 0_0

Mason: Stiles, man, you better watch out

Stiles: Well, you wouldn’t punch me, right??

GeorgieBae: Of course not

Stiles: ^_^

GeorgieBae: I’d leave you horny for a year

Liam: Oooooh

Lydia: XD

Isaac: Want some ice with that burn???

Malia: I’m starting to like her even more

Allison: Dissed by your girlfriend. How does that feel Stiles???

<<<Stiles changed GeorgieBae’s nickname to george>>>

Kira: This has suddenly gotten interesting

Stiles: Still love me, right?

George: Yep! ^_^

Stiles: ^_^

<<< Isaac added Thea to the group chat>>>

Stiles: WHY?????!!!

Lydia: Oh boy

Scott: Isaac, really?

Isaac: What? I was tired of all the Steorge

George: Plus you wanted to get under Stiles’ skin

Isaac: That too

Theo: Hey George ;)

Stiles: OH HECK NO!!!!

George: *rolls eyes* Theo

Mason: This is getting good!

Liam: lol

Lydia: Stiles calm down

Stiles: No.

George: I know how to handle him

Theo: Oh, you’re going to handle me now?? Are we gettin kinky???

Liam: Uh oh

Mason: Uh oh is right

Stiles: I’M

Stiles: GOING

Stiles: TO

Stiles: KICK

Stiles: YOUR

George: Okay! I got this.

<<<George added Theo to private chat>>>

George: What are you doing?

Theo: I have no idea what you’re talking about

George: Don’t play with me Theo

Theo: Whose playing??

George: -_-

George: Would you just stop irritating Stiles

Theo: Fine.

Theo: For you GeorgieBear

George: Oh god

<<<George and Theo join the group chat>>>

Scott: Did you straighten things out?

George: Yeah

Stiles: Finally.

Stiles: I don’t like you alone with him

George: I wasn’t alone with him physically though

Lydia: But you still were alone with him


<<<George added Mason to private chat>>>

Mason: George???

George: Help me…please

Mason: Oooh I gotcha girl

<<<George and Mason join the group chat>>>

Lydia: Where did you guys go?

Liam: Yeah Mason

Mason: Oh nothing…just chatting…you know…what best friends do

Liam: I thought I was your best friend Mason

Scott: Yeah what about me George???

Malia: AND ME!!!

George: Guys! It was nothing

Mason: How about we get together for a movie night??

Kira: Oooh what movie???

Malia: Fifty Shades of Grey??

George: NO!!

Stiles: Why not Peaches?

George: Stop it with the nicknames Stiles

Allison: Aw you guys are so cute!!

Theo: They’re alright

Scott: Theo

Stiles: Yeah shut up Satan

Liam: How about Logan?? I hear it’s good

George: Now that is something I want to see

Kira: Where do we want to watch it?

George: My place

George: It’s bigger

Malia: Who’s going to bring the food???

Allison: Lydia and I can pick up pizza

Liam: I’ll bring the movie

Stiles: And I’ll just bring my fine behind

George: -_-

Lydia: Ew

Isaac: Only George would know

<<<George left the group chat>>>

Isaac: XD

Kira: Oh my gosh!! Lol!!


Theo: Not cool man

Stiles: Oh you would know

<<<Stiles left group chat>>>

Chill, It Was Just A Prank- A Nate Maloley Imagine

*In which Y/N pranks Nate and they get in a fight because Nate can’t take a fucking joke lol…..*

Warnings: Cursing…. a lottttt of cursing was in this lol. I don’t why

“Hey what’s up you guys, it’s your girl, Y/NNNNN”, you dragged your name out while practically yelling into the camera. “And I am back once again with another prank on Nate, he just left the house to get some lunch for us so you know I thought it’s the perfect time for another prank on him”, you looked back at the door to see if Nate had unexpectedly come home so quick. “As you all know Nate pranked me last week, and I was not happy so I have to get his ass back with a breakup prank.” “Now, I know I may strike a nerve in Nate but, he striked a nerve in me when he dumped flour on my head, so enough talking, let’s get into the prank”, I said and afterwards running to the living room to set the camera down in a hidden spot.

After about 15 minutes of waiting for this prank to get somewhere, Nate strolls into our shared apartment with 2 bags filled with containers of food. “Hey, babe, I bought extra food for when we get hungry later”, Nate said clueless to the camera hidden in between a couple of books, giving my subscribers a perfect view of the event about to happen. “No problem, I have to talk to you though,” I said putting my skills from drama class in high school to the test. “Sure, what about”, Nate asked. “I’ve been thinking about, you know, us. I am really young, you are really young and you had the time to find yourself. When we started dating, I just got out of high school and even now, I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing with myself”, I said trying to sound convince-able. See, Nate knew when I was lying like the back of his hand. “What do you mean? Aren’t you doing YouTube? You told me you were happy doing that”. Shit. “I mean, yeah, I am happy doing YouTube, but it’s not really a lifetime career, that I can really pursue, you know? But anyway, that’s not the point”. Nate just stares at me intently. “I love you so much to the point where I don’t know what to do with myself.” “And I love you too, you know that”, Nate interrupts me. “But, I think we need to break up”, I say slightly hesitating, being afraid of the outcome of my painful words. “What?”, Nate asks, with pain in his voice. “I said, I think-”. “No,no,no don’t say that again”, Nate cuts me off with slight anger mixed with sadness in his voice. “You know, what?,” Nate says as he grabs his jacket and heads for the front door. I make sure he closes the door behind him, before I grab the camera, from it’s hiding spot and run out the door hoping to catch up to Nathan. 

“NATE! WAIT! IT WAS A PRANK! IT WAS A PRANK!”, I yell from the top of the staircase. At this point, Nate’s face turns from sad to just straight up anger. I turn the camera to face me. “Well, I say this prank deserves ten out of ten fucking stars because I got his ass back. I will see you guys in the next video. Love you, bye!” I turn off my camera and focus my attention to Nate who is sitting on the steps facing away from me. I sit next to him making sure not to touch him, unsure of how he will respond. “You think that was fucking funny, Y/N?”, Nate says raising his voice a little. “Chill, it was just a prank”, I say getting an attitude from how he was acting, like it was just a harmless prank, right? “THAT’S NOT A PRANK, Y/N. YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME JUST NOW”, Nate begins to yell, he was getting fed up. And so was I. I mean it was a fucking prank. Wait, did he just say I scared him? “What do you mean i scared you?” “Y/N, I really fucking love you, like more then weed”, Nate lightly chuckled. Damn, he loved me that much? “And when you said that we needed to breakup, I got so terrified, because, you’re the one, Y/N. Like I never say sappy shit like this but, you’re the one I wanna marry, the one I wanna have kids with. Don’t ever do that again, like I swear to you, I was about to cry”, Nate smiled. “Awww, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you felt that way”, I said while hugging him. I peck his lips before he says,”Don’t worry, I gonna get your ass back”. “Pfft, yeah right”, I say laughing. But really, deep down inside, I was terrified for what Nate had up his sleeve.

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this imagine as much as I did writing it. I guess my uploading schedule is every two weeks, I don’t know. Don’t forget to send in requests. I love you guys and I hope you have an amazing day/night. Okay, my wrists are hurting now, bye!