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Punishment (M)

Words: 1358

Jimin X Reader

Warning: Smut (M), Sub!Jimin, Dom!Reader

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He was late, again. It was the fourth time that week he got home late. He was probably drinking with the boys. It’s not like you didn’t like to see him with them, but his time was already restricted, he used to spend all day in the company, so the period of the night was the only moment he could stay with you, with his girlfriend, and what he did? He didn’t stay with you. Argh! Was it this bad that you wanted your boyfriend to stay with you? Of course not. We would pay for it. You would remember him that you were his lover, not the guys.

 You looked at the clock beside your bed as you heard the front door being opened. It was already 2:48 a.m.

 You weren’t sleeping tho, you were laying waiting for him, reading your book as if the fact he was late again was nothing. You heard him getting upstairs till he opened the bedroom’s door, his eyes widened when he saw you were still awake.

“Was it a good night for you, Jimin?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him as he slowly took off his jacket. You could feel the smell of alcohol filling up the room.

“Hey, Jagi. I…hm… It was fine. I’m sorry i’m late again, but Namjoon called us all to go to that new bar that opened recently-” he started saying, his words dying as he saw you getting up and walking towards him.

“I waited for you. You promised you wouldn’t be late again and you didn’t keep your promise. That is not nice, Chimchim” you said as you approached your body to his. He stepped back, leaning against the door as your lips made contact with his jaw. You felt his entire body tensing up.

“Are you mad, Jagi?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fucking mad. I waited for you on that bed, thinking about what I would let you do to me when you arrived home” you said, your lips placing wet kisses along his jaw as your hands were playing with the waistband of his shirt. He let out a low groan as you ran your fingers through his chest. “But now, I’m the one who is gonna do something” you whispered, “I was so horny… but you didn’t give me what I wanted” You finished your sentence and kissed him. The taste of vodka hit your tongue and you pulled away.

“Drinking vodka? Is that correct?” you teased, lifting up his shirt and taking off.

“N-No” he whispered. Ah, you liked to see him that way. All yours.

“So, you have been a bad boy. Bad boys get punished, don’t they?” you asked, your lips traveling down his chest till you got to your knees and started unzipping his pants. His eyes were locked with yours in an intimate stare. You took off his pants and underwear, licking your lips as you saw his already hardened dick dripping with pre cum.

You gave it a quick lick before standing up and whispering:

“Go lay” you said. He did as you said, and you managed to take off your shirt and pants, so you were in your underwear and bra only. He gasped with the sight of your semi naked body. You opened the drawer, searching for your handcuffs. You fucking loved when you were the one in charge. You loved when he was there, all submissive to you. You could feel your wetness dripping down your legs.

“Don’t complain, or I won’t touch you” you said as you handcuffed him to the bed. He whined a little but stayed quiet.

 You sat on him, your clothed pussy making contact with his pulsing dick. God you wanted him so bad but you couldn’t let that go this easily. You kissed him, licking his bottom lip and then kissing his neck. You traveled down his chest again and when you reached the place he wanted you the most, you stopped. He looked at you, his eyes begging you not to stop.

“Watch me” you said and took off your underwear. You were naked now and he was dying to touch you.

 You sat in front of him with your legs opened, giving him a great view of your soaked pussy.

“See how wet I am? that’s your fault” you said and started rubbing small circles on your clit. You could hear him pulling against the handcuffs. Ah, poor boy.

“Y/N, please…” he said.

 You ignored him and pushed one finger in, and soon another one. You started pumping it in and out of you, arching your back in pleasure and making sure to moan his name as sexily as possible.

 One of your hands started playing with your nipples and you felt your climax already approaching. When you were about to cum, you stopped, only to see Jimin struggling with himself. His dick was almost purple and you thought it must be even painful.

“Y/N!” He groaned. Aw, poor boy.

 You took his erection in your hands and started pumping him really slowly, and he immediately bucked his hips against your hand.

“Don’t do it, unless you want me to stop. You don’t want me to stop, do you?” you said, leaning in and licking his tip, but then pumping again, making eye contact with him.

“Fucking hell, Y/N! Do something, please!” he groaned, begging for your touch. You smirked to yourself at his reaction.

“As you wish, daddy” you said and took him into your mouth. He let out a loud, deep groan as you massaged his length with your tongue, your hands squeezing his balls softly. He bucked his hips up, what made his tip hit your throat and occasionally making you gag. By the way he was twisting his face, you could say he was close so you stopped. He looked at you, silently asking you why had you stopped.

“Now it’s your turn to pleasure me” you said, “If I let you go, will you make it worth the wait? Will you fuck me the way I like, huh?” you tilted your head to the side. The truth was you were dying for his touch. For his dick to be inside you.

“I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t be able to remember your name, now let me go” he groaned. Once the handcuffs were of, he automatically pulled you to lay on your back, he on top of you. He placed himself between your legs and started placing kisses on your neck, sucking your skin.

“Don’t fucking tease me, Jimin. I wanna fuck” you groaned, needy. “Besides, I am in charge here. I say” you said. He smirked and laid on his back.

“So, how are u gonna punish me, huh?” he teased. Ah…

 You got on top of him, leaning in and sucking his lip. “I’m gonna ride you” you said. He grabbed his dick, keeping it and place as you lowered yourself. You let your head fall back, pleasure hitting you by the moment he filled you up. You started bouncing up and down, he let one of his hands grab your boob as the other circled small circles on your clit.

“Ah, fuck” you groaned. A few seconds later, he pulled your down, your chest colliding with his as he held your back. He started moving, your hips meeting his aggressive thrusts. The sound of both your skins slapping against each other mixed with your moans and groans, and you momentarily thought about the possibility that the neighbors maybe could hear you two. But you didn’t care, Jimin pulled you from your thoughts when he slapped your ass cheek.

“Fuck, you’re so good at punishing me” he groaned. He slowed down, his thrusts became erratic and you knew he was as close as you were.

 It didn’t take long your walls to clench around his thick dick, and when it did, he came, you both cumming.

He kept moving, your orgasm washing you over.

 You laid beside him, catching your breath.

“So… you forgive me or want to punish me more?” He asked cockily.

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dragon age inquisition companions reacting to the inquisitor being ill? (thank you so much!!! i love your guys reactions!!)

Cassandra: She orders them back into bed and has them lie down. She doesn’t want anyone else to get sick and wants them to rest and get better. She asks if they’d like any books to keep them occupied and hopes they get well soon. If Romanced: She hangs around his quarters, reading from a book (perhaps poetry) as her beloved coughs and sits in bed, complaining and miserable. “You will be alright,” she reassures, “just relax. I am here.”

Blackwall: He visits them in their quarters to check on them and asks how they’re feeling. He abashedly scratches the back of his neck when they reply. “Right, foolish question. Just rest up, we need you back with us.” If Romanced: He spends the whole damned time she’s sick with her, not worried in the least if he gets sick as well. She voices her concerns over it, and he just smiles wryly. “It’d hardly be the worst thing in the world, my lady. I’ve survived far worse.”

Iron Bull: If they’re out and about, he’ll haul them back to bed and tell them to rest. He has the kitchen make them something hot to clear out their lungs. At some point, he visits them and offers some of his hot cocoa. “A hot drink will clear out your lungs,” he says cheerfully, “my tamassran would always make us drink and eat hot food and it worked. Feel better soon, Boss!” If Romanced: He hangs out with them most of the day. Every ten minutes or so, he makes them drink some tea. They groan and complain, but they do it, and they feel a lot better in a surprisingly short time. When they pass out, he gently tucks them in and leaves them be.

Sera: She drops by now and then to check on them, and she winces when they cough. “Ugh, that’s bad. Sounds and looks like it. Feel better soon, we need you.” She knows they’re bored, so she’ll talk with them for awhile until they start nodding off again. If Romanced: She spends much more of her day up in her girlfriend’s room, wanting to ensure they don’t get any more ill than they already are. “I need you to be good again. Soon. Please? It’s no fun pranking without you.” She makes her eat even if she doesn’t want to and makes sure that she rests.

Varric: He drops by now and then with updates about what’s going on around the keep– wry remarks and snark– and it makes them smile. He’ll also regale them with stories about when Hawke was sick and the sort of shit they tried to pull, and it makes them laugh, and feel a little better. He also sends them some books to keep them busy.

Cole: He was the first to sound the alarm on them being sick. “Weary, lungs shaking, hot fire burning in my throat, nose stuck and still, a sticky feeling all over. You have a cold.” They wouldn’t rest after he came to them and told them he felt their pain, so he told the healer. The healer did a quick examination, agreed, and send the Herald up to rest. He visits them from time to time with whatever they need, if they run low on anything. “You should be better soon,” he says, “everyone is worried…”

Dorian: He visits them periodically and attempts to use his magic to help their symptoms. In the meanwhile, he shares gossip about other people in the Inquisition to keep them entertained. If they so much as smile, he’s happy. “Ah, and a beautiful smile comes out,” he says cheekily, “you’ll be back to normal in no time!” If Romanced: He fusses over him more than he would like to admit. He nags him a lot more to take his medicine and listens to his complaints sympathetically. He’s relieved when he can get him to sleep and rest– he wants his amatus better again as soon as possible.

Solas: He has remarkably little experience with the common cold, but he tries to help with their symptoms with a few spells. He urges them to rest and sleep as much as possible– it will let their body recover while they roam in the Fade. He does ask Josephine if she would like any assistance in the meanwhile. If Romanced: He frets over his vhenan endlessly, checking on her in waking hours repeatedly and asking her how she’s feeling. She assures him that she’ll be fine, but it does little to soothe him. He takes to visiting her in the Fade, sleeping as much as she does, and is happy to see her cold symptoms, for the most part, do not plague her there. He will dream with her as long as it takes for her to get better.

Vivienne: She drops by periodically with elfroot potions to ease their symptoms. It tastes foul, like very bitter cough syrup, but they ingest it at her behest. She orders the kitchen to make them tea and soup regularly, like Bull– it will make them feel better. “Feel better soon, Darling,” she says very gently as they begin to slip back into sleep when she’s about to leave, “we need you back with us.”

Leliana: She actually places someone by their quarters to make sure they don’t try to escape their room– she doesn’t want them to get more ill than they already are, and doesn’t want them to spread their disease. She has the healer bring her updates on their condition, and she doesn’t worry as long as they don’t get worse. She does drop by at least once, though, to tell them she hopes they get better soon.

Cullen: He tries his best to help Josephine with some of the work left over when he’s not too busy. He considers posting an extra guard by their door, but Leliana assures him that she has it covered. He manages to visit them at least once, and he tells them he hopes they feel better soon. If Romanced: He’s stressed, to say the least. As soon as he’s done with work, he’s off to be by her side. He drops by the kitchen and has them make a specific recipe for chicken noodle soup, the same recipe his mother made him and his siblings when they were sick. He’s willing to make it himself, or he would be, if the chefs didn’t shoo him out. When he has to get to work, he leaves only very reluctantly, pressing a kiss to her forehead before he goes.

Josephine: She can handle work while the Inquisitor is ill– she doesn’t want them out and about. A sick Inquisitor does not look good to visitors. She strictly forbids them from being disturbed about work, and takes on an increased workload just to make sure of that. When the Herald finds out, they thank her profusely, and she just smiles. “Just take care of yourself, Inquisitor. We all want you at your best.” If Romanced: She takes on the workload, and continuously asks for information about her beloved. She’s stressed and worries about them constantly, and whenever she can spare a moment, she’s off to check on them. The Inquisitor wryly tells her to relax, lest she get sick, too, and she sighs. “I don’t know that I can, my love. Not while you are ill.”


3D Painting Test on Leoh;;;;
(also added the rough sketch to show the progress >:0 !!)

Title: Better Than Her

Title: Better Than Her

Type: angst

Characters: Reader X Yuta

Word Count: 1755

Summary: It’s already been 7 months but he’s still not over his ex

A/N: yall i was bored and felt angsty for some reason so i decided to write this with yuta. I hope it’s angsty enough for angst-loving binches like me 😅

hope you’ll enjoy it tho 💕💕


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So earlier I was speculating how the Black Dragon card (lower left) from the current anime is a Chariot info card describing the magical dragon from the first OVA that feeds off of magical energy, right? (And the Giant next to it is the monster from the second OVA) and so on.

Look at Diana in the first OVA as she watches Hannah and Barbara pour their magic into the lizard. 



in the ninja bedroom @ 3 a.m.
  • jay: do u guys like. think zane's like a plant
  • cole: what, u mean like asexual ? yea totally. me too tho.
  • jay: i. no i meant l i ke. just absorbs energy from the fuckin sun. he never eats
  • kai: okay im gonna to give u two one more chance to shut ur fucks before i light ur beds on fire

what queerbaiting is:
- well it MIGHT be gay!! haha it’s up to interpretation isn’t it? ;)
- Oops, that was almost a kiss but nope it really wasn’t!!!
- Look at them!! so emotionally intimate and physically comfortable with each other but!! just guys being dudes!!! (or alternatively, just gals being pals!!)
- gross tropes like “oh no we have to share a bed!! haha no homo tho!!”

what queerbaiting isn’t:
- saying since day one that the relationship is entirely platonic and saying the same thing ever since
- not attaching labels to a character because that isn’t the point of the show
- never explicitly talking about sexuality because again, not the point of the show.
- reading into ~~subtext~~ that doesn’t exist and then getting mad when your ship doesn’t become canon
- begging for seven years for your ship to become canon and then being surprised the creators are annoyed by it.
- being so loud and obnoxious about it that the creators throw in a few jokes that aren’t meant to be taken seriously

not saying this show is perfect with their handling of lgbt characters but…. it’s not queerbaiting, you’re just using that as an excuse to shit on the show.

Day 12: Magnus + Fashion

His favorite image to wake up to was Magnus lying down in bed beside him, sunlight streaming in to further illuminate that gorgeous face, caressing the angles and planes that was the masterpiece that was Magnus Bane’s face.

His second favorite thing? Waking up to Magnus prepping for the day. Especially when he had no idea that Alec was awake at that moment, and watching him to do so. It gave Alec a chance to both admire and marvel at how Magnus, even when he thought he had no audience made it a big production.

It was in the way he laid out all his jewelry pieces, index finger lightly tapping his bottom lip as he stared at them all and tried to determine which piece he was going to wear that day. It was the way those lean fingers then reached out for each of those pieces, lightly running over them. It was in that brief smile when he found what he wanted and put away the pieces he wasn’t interested in wearing that day.

Alec had asked him once. Asked why he always chose his jewelry first, before he decided on his outfit. Magnus had smiled and told him that it was because choosing his jewelry was the easiest and less time consuming part of him getting dressed. The process that followed after, was way longer.

And he was right. Because next came choosing his outfit.

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12x05 Dean/ Aaron Coda ficlet

“Hey Dean, how’s it going with ‘Das Blut’? Trail’s gone cold here for me and the Big Guy - decent club tho’. Not sure you’d appreciate all the glo-sticks. A.”

The message purrs at him from the motel nightstand, blue chasing across his screen like a flare.

Sam is turned towards him on the opposite bed, arm flung across his face, feet sticking out of the coverlet like always. Asleep, as far as Dean can tell. He smiles at his brother in the dark and reaches for his phone.

“Hey Aaron,” he messages back, “Found a chick who’s a descendent of the Big Cheese, would you believe it?! She’s pretty freaked. Safe here with us tho’. Looks like your suck-bags are planning the mother of all revivalist prayer meetings. We’ll get on it in the morning. D.“

Dean pauses, as his message chases Aaron’s, then he taps again, “Anyone cute in there?”

The screen seems to take an over-long breath while he waits for a reply.

“Jesus Christ, Dean, that’s some high level magical bullshit. You need back-up. How soon can me and the Big Guy get to you do you reckon? And uh… sure… it’s a gay club in Berlin - there’s cute. Not your level cute tho’. A.” 

Dean lets out a breath he wasn’t aware he’d been holding. Cold blue from the motel’s neon night-sign falls across the grimy carpet like a distant promise.

“We’re a day’s drive from an international airport dude. Me n Sammy got this, don’t sweat it. But,” he pauses his typing, “uh… I wouldn’t say no to a meet-up next time if… you’re passing thru.”

He thumbs “send” and squints at the screen.

“I can’t believe you’re hitting on me when NAZI BASTARDS WANT TO REVIVE HITLER!” 

Dean grins and gets a heady rush thnking about the feel of Aaron’s soft sweater in his fist, Aaron’s full lips opening under his own.

“Yeah, well, fuck that dude,” he types, “What are you wearing?”

“Seriously, Dean… it’s kind of a crushed preppy hipster look. You know my deal. The Golem is giving me the stink-eye BTW. He always knows when I’m sexting.”

Dean laughs quietly.

“Jeez, if the Big Guy’s with you, you won’t be getting any action tonight. Total cock-block.”

“Tell me about it :-)” Aaron types back.

Dean lets out a soft breath. “To be cont..” he texts. “I’ll keep you posted on the suck-bag front, ok?”

“OK x2. Be careful Dean.”

“Always am. You too. Night bud.”

Dean replaces his phone on the night-stand and licks his lips  That went ok, he thinks, a strange fuzzy warmth seeping into his abdomen. Aaron is a nerdy little dude, but  then again…. he likes that.   

Phil’s new video
  • a sleepless night with phil: the saga continues
  • nice intro also he used that globe thingie again
  • he’s allergic to us wow r u d e
  • when he was shirtless for half a second tho “stop looking” gosh
  • i feel like the outfit he chose had a very dan vibe
  • he got jumpscared by a wig *dan voice* this guy
  • the shade when he was talking about his wicker bed was real ok guys don’t mess with him
  • throwback to 2008!phil
  • get snapchat phil !1!!111
  • someone added him tho who are these lucky bastards
  • this is exactly what i look like w/ the bw and glasses filter
  • i’d go to prom with norbert too
  • his excitement over the waffle filter
  • damn sexy norbert
  • “pen pineapple apple phil” s t o p
  • “look at that film making genius” that was my fav part of the video he’s so proud and smug i can’t 
  • just all the old facebook profile pics
  • “no no nonononono” cute
  • lol at the seethroughable window imagine that conversation with their neighbours
  • all the great present poses
  • when he knocked the glasses of his face i knew smth like that had to happen
  • “kommen sie und sehen die erstaunliche tour ist nicht auf feuer in berlin mit dan und phil” a++ german 
  • we’re all stuck w/ him for life i mean i’m not complaining
Dating Them Includes - Bambam (GOT7)

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

  • Him helping you pick out fab outfits
  • Him making sure your fab outfits match his
  • ‘Bam, we’re gonna look like twins tho’
  • Sexy twins’
  • Days where you don’t leave the bed but your not really doing anything but laying there together
  • Getting into vain arguments sometimes
  • Him always apologizing first (cause he’ll always start the shit, low-key)
  • getting to sass the members like he does bc he’s declared you to be an ‘extension of himself’ 
  • Everyone says bullshit
  • But they let you anyways cause you can keep Bambam off their asses
  • being like an older sister to Yugyeom cause HE’S ALWAYS AT YOUR HOUSE
  • “Bam, can I talk to you please?’
  • ‘You can’t say it front of Yug?’
  • Kunpimook, I need to talk to you’ *he knows you only call him by his real name when you’re horny*
  • ‘Leave Yugyeom’
  • Him making you a traditional Thai breakfast recipe he got from his mom
  • He missed a few key ingredients but its ok you smile and swallow it anyways bc his face is precious
  • You loving & forgiving him even though he can make some big mistakes sometimes (y’all know)
  • Really likes you on top during sex, but won’t hesitate to bend you over either
  • Is actually really intimate, like heaven tbh
  • He’d be a really supportive boyfriend and would love you at your worst times and darkest hours. He would love you with everything he’s got

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BIRTHDAY: September 21



SIBLINGS: 3 Older brothers

PETS: None😭

WAKE UP TIMES: I wake up at 6 or 7 am since I have classes usually at 8 during weekends too My body kinda adapted and i hust wake up and lay in bed and think about life I guess.

LOVE OR LUST: LOVE😶 but Lust is a plus😅

LEMONADE OR ICED TEA: Iced Tea cause it sweeter and more common

CATS OR DOGS: not this question please😟 I LOVE both of them I can’t choose😦 KITTENS & PUPPIES!!!

COKE OR PEPSI: Hmm definately Pepsi it doesn’t burn my throat like Coke does.

TEXT OR CALL: Text. I really don’t call much usually the other persons call me😅

MET A CELEBRITY: Nope, not that I know of atleast.

SMILE OR EYES: I think this choice should be LIPS or Eyes but meh i’d go for the Eyes.

LIGHT OR DARK HAIR: I love Dark Hair there just so pretty and enticing❤

SHORTER OR TALLER: Hmm depends on the context I Adore small and cute things but i’d like someone Taller than Me if i’m in a relationship.

CHAPSTICK OR LIPSTICK: I don’t do any but I use Lip Gloss if that counts.

CITY OR COUNTRY: Country. I would always choose country being in a city is fun and all but Country is really where I wanna be.

LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Welcome To My Life BY Simple Plan.

I don’t know why you guys are following me… but I wanna know more about you!😀 @ryssbelle @xxtheaufactoryxx @azimula @cezlovesart @drawingismyonlyhobby @reyindee @mkitkat @kuroshironekoworld @minty-the-cat @burntsalmonfishy132005 I swear why are you guys following me??? You guys amazing!!

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Hey! I am so sorry for not posting anything, but for the last two weeks I have been really sick so and haven’t had any energy to post or write anything. So I decided to make some short valentine’s day imagines for the day, I hope you guys like it and happy valentine’s day!! 

Derek: Y/N happy valentine’s day. 

Y/N: Thank you Derek. Can we just spend the day in bed?

Derek: Of course. Anything you want, we can watch some movies and cuddle, we can also get some take out. 

Y/N: your the best boyfriend ever.

Derek: I do have a surprise for you tho

Y/N: What is that?

*Derek gets up from the bed and starts doing something to the wall*


This is how the group chat “footballers” on the whatsapp of Real Madrid player, Isco, would look like

Isco: hey guys, shall we go to the movies this Friday, all of us together?

Neymar: I’m more of a theater guy 😎

Keylor: I’ll make the popcorn

James: I’m going! That way I can go out!

Gerard: record it for me on your phone and I’ll watch the video on periscope, because I’m hung over from the la Liga celebration 🎉🎉🎉

Benzema: I cant go, i’m going to seseña to burn circles

Cristiano: if you want we can watch the movie “Cristiano the legend of the God of Football”. Written by Cristiano Ronaldo. Starring Cristiano Ronaldo. Directed by Cristiano Ronaldo. With my producer “the humble productions”.

Neymar sr: guys, I’ll buy the tickets. Send me $4.49 to this account: 499390293920393939. Password: “popcorns” 💵

Simeone: boys, lets all buy the tickets together eh??? Seated in the middle file, covering the ones in the back!! We’ll use the sides and all together!! 😤

Suárez: have yall seen the Dracula movie? What a drama. A guy bit another one and they crucified him!!! 😢

Bale: choose a chilled movie, cause the other day i watched “Die Hard” and i broke (the) cross 😟

Griezmann: do we watch the original version?

Ramos: alright, I’ll go another day then 😒

Marcelo: I cant. My shower drain got  clogged up again. I don’t know why it happens so often…😨

Torres: you can count on me! You know I never fail (miss)!!!

Neymar: hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂


Ramos:hahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂

Torres: what? Did I say something funny?

Pique: if you want we can stay home and we’ll watch all that I recorded from the LA LIGA celebration 🎉🎉🎉

Ramos: oh! You have a video? Great, record the Champions League final for me, I won’t be able to watch it because I have work ✌


i just went on a massive like spree all the way back to the beginning of the tag because you guys are so awesome [kim k cry].  i have so many feels for everyone’s characters already thanks to the effort and creativity you’ve all put into your posts!!  excuse this sappy post tho my head is in the clouds but the fact remains the same:  you’re all beaut <3