the guy is just like oh

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heeey!! 💙🍀✌ v x mc cuddling headcanons? or v/saeran friendship h/cs?

Oh shit, I have a few others to do but I saw this one and now I wanna do V x MC cuddling- imma bout to die ily


  • He’s a real good cuddle buddy
  • He’s really tall, so when he does cuddle with you he kind of just envelopes you in his embrace 

  • You guys alternate between who is the big and the little spoon, because guess what, he actually likes being big spoon AND also being the little spoon
  • He likes to just run the tips of his fingers up and down your arms, sides, or legs
  • He’ll play with your hair a lot 
  • Buries his face into your neck and just… breathes in and out softly. 
  • If you’re the big spoon, he’ll rest his head on your chest while you rest your head on top of his
  • Likes to draw things onto your arms/back, and vice versa, making each other guess what the other drew/wrote
  • When MC and him first moved in together, the two wanted to be so close while sleeping because they could, so they would wrap themselves up in each others embrace/cuddle all night long
  • Usually ended up in a few aching limbs cause of the positions 
  • But it’s okay you love each other
  • Now it’s just something y’all do in the morning when you get up, or before you go to bed. Or just in the middle of the day
  • Absentmindedly playing with his hand in yours while you speak
  • It’s just such a comforting thing for V, especially when he’s had a stressful day
  • He loves you so much please-

some stuff from last night pt 1

Sorry guys but I’m the type who has to write everything down or else I won’t remember it so here goes…and it’s not even under a read more cause I’m on mobile ugh I’m so sorry for the long post

when Billie kissed me my knees literally went weak and I just blurted out “oh my god I love you so much” right in his ear ugh lmao. I was also like I GOTTA HUG MIKE so I just went over to him and put my arm around him and I think he smiled lol
They led me off side stage instead of making me dive thank god, and I walked right past Britt and Sara but didn’t even see them fml
Whoever was leading me was holding my hand and shining a light on the ground, good thing too cause I couldn’t walk OR see properly lmao
Security was saying to each other “take her back, take her to the pit” and I was like assuming they were gonna put me in the back of the crowd
At some point the guy holding my hand was like “are you okay?” And I said “I don’t know!” and then a beat went by and then I just went “BILLIE JOE!!!!” and the guy cracked up and was like “that was a once in a lifetime experience for sure”
He also asked me if I needed anything and I was like water! And just then Holiday started and I was like OH FUCK!!! literally out loud lmao I was like “I love this song!” okay Alli be lamer please
Then we got to the barrier and I was like “where do I go?” And instead of pushing me to the side he led me right across the front of the stage back to the spot I was in!!!! And I was like OMFG cause all my friends were there and there was definitely no room for me but I climbed over the barrier anyway and jumped right back into the pit screaming and yelling and everyone around me was screaming at me too and kissing me and hugging me and just generally celebrating, it was such a party! And Billie saw me when I got back into my spot and just smiled so much at us for the rest of the gig, GODDDDD

Prompt List.

1. “I’m not a person you should fall in love with.”
2. “I don’t mind you breaking my heart.”
3. “Just admit it, you wanna kiss me.” “Maybe you wanna kiss me and you think that using reverse psychology would make me kiss you.”
4. “Do you know how it feels when the person you love most tells you that you shouldn’t love them?”
5. “Bite that lip one more fucking time and you won’t be able to walk next morning.”
6. “I never thought I would say this, but damn babe, you look hotter in my clothes than I do.”
7. “Oh really? Make me.”
8. “Did you just push that guy off the couch just so you can cuddle with me?”
9. “Is there any reason you’re half naked in my room?”
10. “I’m not complaining, though. I like the view from here.”
11. “Oh, looks like there is no place to sit other than my lap.”
12. “Do you mind if we share that blanket? I’m cold.”
13. “Why are you so jealous?”
14. “You know, I purposely suggest scary movies just so I can hold you in my arms.”
15. “What’s the matter, love?” “Huh? Nothing, I’m just a little sad, that’s all.” “Come here.”
16. “I know I’m supposed to be mad at you, but I miss you so damn much.”
17. “You piece of shit, that’s not how you treat a woman.”
18. “What did I ever do to you?”
19. “I’m just scared that you’ll leave me one day.“
20. “You know what? I’m sick of this, I’m leaving.”
21. “No, no. You can yell or punch me, but don’t cry, please don’t cry. I can’t stand seeing you heart broken.“
22. “I wanna kiss you so bad right now.”
23. “I can’t have a proper conversation if you’re shirtless.”
24. “I can’t sleep. I had a nightmare again.”
25. “Holding you in my arms is the best feeling in the world.”
26. “I know I’m always the big spoon, but can I be the little one tonight?”
27. “You know I’d never leave you. I love you too much and I’m too selfish to walk away.”
28. “Did you just… shit, that was smooth.”
29. “You’re better than my favourite fictional character, and that means something.”
30. “Are you fucking crazy?” “Only for you, babe.”
31. “Excuse me? I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t be that attractive, thank you very much.“
32. “No one has ever treated me as good as you do.”
33. “You don’t talk much, but when you do, angelic words escape your mouth.” “Fucking shit.” “Well, I take that back.”
34. “You may not be my first girlfriend, but you are the only one that matters.“
35. “Out of all the things I like to eat, you’re my favourite.”
36. “I thought you hated me?” “Yeah… I thought that too.”
37. “I’m not a man-whore! I just love women!”
38. “I always joke around because it makes you smile and I love seeing you smile.”
39. “You’re the most adorable thing in the world.”
40. “You don’t fucking know how to have eyes for only one person! You always go around with a girl while looking at another!”
41. “You fell asleep on me, but it’s fine, I made sure you’re warm and comfortable.”
42. “Could you hold this for me?” “You only did that just so you could hold my hand!” “Oops?”
43. “Why are you so quiet around me?“ “Because I’m afraid I’d say something stupid and scare you away.”
44. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry.”
45. “Don’t joke about that.“
46. ”If I could I’d rip my heart out just so I can show you how hard it beats when I’m around you.“
47. ”I shouldn’t be doing this.“
48. ”Stop looking at me like that!“ “I’m sorry to break it to you, but that’s what eyes do.”
49. “My Mum would love you.“
50. “I’ll always be here.”

Sirius: I’m not going to say anything to them… just check that they’re being sensible…

Remus: No, you’re not going to their table.

Sirius: But… please?!

Lily: *Sits beside Remus* HELLO MY FRIEND!

Remus: Oh, hello…

Sirius: *Quickly escapes*

Sirius: *Nearly falls over*

Sirius: *Stumbles over to Regulus’s and Barty’s table*

Sirius: Hello, guys… *stares at them*

Regulus: Uh, hello.

Barty: Hi.

Sirius: *Stares*

Regulus: Sirius?

Sirius: Hm?

Regulus: Can you… go away?

Sirius: *Shakes head absent-mindedly*

Regulus: Sirius… 

Sirius: *Stares wordlessly at them*

Regulus: Wow.  How would you like it if I came and stood at your table while you were on a date?

Barty: He’s out of it…

Regulus: Sirius?  Hello?

Sirius: Hm?

Regulus: Back to your table.  Go.

Sirius: Making sure… sure… that… *points at Barty*…. that you are treating my little brother with some respect…

Barty: Oh, I am.

Sirius: *Nods*

Regulus: So, can you go now, Sirius?

Sirius: If you two kids even think about having sex tonight-

Regulus: -Sirius, shut up!

Sirius: I’m just saying!

Regulus: We’re only a year younger than you, so you can’t call us kids.

Barty: We’re not going to have sex, I promise.

Sirius: But do I trust you?

Regulus: Sirius, just go!

Sirius: Why are you blushing?

Regulus: I’m not blushing.

Barty: You are and it’s cute.

Sirius: EW

Barty: Sorry.  I forgot we had an audience.

Regulus: Let’s just pretend he doesn’t exist.

Barty: But it’s weird.  He’s just standing there staring.

Regulus: I can make him go away…

Barty: How?



Sirius: *Stumbles away*

Guys seeing Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad: Yo Harley Quinn is so fuckin hot I love this version of her ;)))

Girls seeing Pennywise in the new IT: He’s kind of cute, his actor is handsome and did a great job with the character


Just let people be happy, ffs

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I think Laurent would be that person where he's talking to the person who wants to approach damen and then Laurent just tells him how good damen is in bed and some other scandalous stuff that I can't put into words yet and then "yeah I can still feel him inside me, anyway, back the fuck off of I'll- oh hey honey!" That's because damen showed so.. "what were you guys talking about?" "Your large cock"

you are 100% correct and damen is like LAURENT WE TALKED ABOUT THIS

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That was so hot! But I was surprised when Tony said he had not been with a guy yet because he was only ever interested in Steve in that way. I didn't see that coming :)

So I made sure and mention that because of Marias advice way back in Chapter one

We learn then that Tony had been with girls before but never guys, and Steve’s like “Oh, I promise being with me is nothing like being a girl” (yes thank you Steve, I’m sure Tonys aware.)

Anyway, Maria told Tony to bury his feelings, right? Then to date people who didn’t remind him of Steve. And whats as opposite from a beefy blond guy than a delicate redheaded girl? So in my mind, Steve was the first guy twenty year old Tony had ever looked at in that way, so to get over him, he just went back to girls. Redhead and brunette girls who in no way shape or form reminded him of the blond guy he had fallen in love with. 

Plus then we get this moment where Steves like “holy shit I’m going to be Tonys first” and that’s amazing right?

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Thank you for acknowledging the fact that queer guys have been spoken over wrt the Voltron fandom. As a queer guy myself who prefers Shieth, it's disappointing that a bunch of straight women feel comfortable about weighing in on what m/m relationships are "acceptable" and which aren't.

Ofc, it should really be talked about more and it’s something that’s been bothering me for…a while, ugh. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be for you guys to not have your voices heard, even worse, to have them drowned out by voices that really shouldn’t be a part of this conversation! I do think more people are realizing it lately, though, and thinking about it at least…one can hope.

It’s just so ironic when antis say things about Sheith being fetishized (…I have yet to see a solid explanation of why and how, the only one I’ve ever seen is “they’re both Asian men!!” which is like….oh my god. This just in, Asian men can’t have relationships with each other….seriously, what the hell) and then fetishize the HECK out of Klance. It’s ridiculous. Not only have I seen both Keith and Lance incredibly feminized in fan art (especially Keith. Oh Keith, poor Keith, why can’t they just let you be the tough guy with feelings and calluses that you are), & seen Lance being Cuban fetishized (….don’t even get me started); I’ve seen literal serious, extensive arguments over who tops & bottoms. LIKE MAYBE DON’T, hOLY SHIT. It’s just…gross.

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Oh you know it was so intimate and they were just so close and giggling at each other just waiting to be told action//THIS! I just know that they were talking all quietly with their faces so close & bodies pressed so close. And Dyl prob made cute little jokes about being carried over the threshold. And there was just a lot of heart eyes happening

And everyone else was looking at them like “bout time, guys” and Posey was constipated.

Apple: THANK YOU SO MUCH! You didn’t have to go to all that trouble just for lil ol’ me! Let’s go back to my house, we can eat it together!

Apple: O-oh, thanks gun anon..! I-if you want you can come have some pie too..? (looks like I’m making another stop at the police station…)

Apple: Hey guys!! And WOOAAH I’ve never seen a bamboo seed before! I can totally plant this by my house!! Thanks! Come on inside, we’re having some sweets!

Apple: Thanks Bunnie, I love cinnamon rolls! Come on in guys, we can all celebrate together!

((Apple turned 17 today! They grow up so fast cries))

(( @askvelmathegoat @acnl-hamphrey @askbunnieandspade ))

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shouldn't they be the bad guys tho?-

yeah but yknow they kinda needed jobs n sht sooo-

oh and edd’s gang and the red army are the bad guys now ayee :^)

cause yknow- edd’s gang are most likely to be rebels (in my opinion- they’re p dangerous too) and the red army just wants to take over the world and idk the relationship between the red army and edd’s gang but they’re kinda chill with each other, maybe? tom’s working for the red leader but i like to think that matt and edd doesn’t like the idea of working for tord soooo they’re kinda just- friends,,,?

Evan x reader with anxiety

Requested by: anonymous

“Hey, got any headcanons for Evan and a reader with anxiety? You write very well!”

A/n: aww tysm! Also I’m sorry I’ve been a little MIA recently I had a 7 hour cheer camp today and another 7 hours tomorrow so :)) but I do have a few things coming up soon one or two being full fics so that’s fun!

Warnings: mention of panic attacks, and make outs

- I feel like you guys met at therapy
- He saw you and he just kinda :0
- It took a lot of courage from Evans side to talk to you
- And at first you were oh so nervous
- Every time you guys spoke all you could think was just ‘oh god cute boy talking to me what do’
- And your hearts would flutter
- But every conversation it was very evident that you guys are like two peas in a pod
- After a few weeks of talking he finally asked you on a proper date
- And it went something like this
- “He-hey (y/n)?”
- “What’s up?”
- “Uh, you-you can to-tally say n-no but uh, do you want to, maybe uh goonadatewithme?”
- He spit out the last part so fast that it took a few seconds to process it
- But when you did your face turned bright red and your heart started to beat at a super sonic pace
- “W-what? I mean uh, yes, yes I-I’d Love to!”
- You guys planned it at your local park
- He brought a little picnic basket and everything
- It was so cute and it just felt so safe and pure
- TBH at the start of the date you were super anxious
- Like leg bouncing, not making eye contact, anxious
- But a few minutes in your breathing returned to a normal pace and your leg stopped bouncing
- You just felt so cared about
- just being with Evan made you 100x less uncomfortable
- But there were still things you both couldn’t do
- Like ordering out food was hard
- And just paying for stuff in general was a challenge
- So mainly you kept dates to either the park or at each-others houses
- The first time you guys had a ‘make-out’ session was at Evans house
- You were in his room
- Chillin all cuddled up together and suddenly Evan just
- I mean you two had smooched before
- But the smooch was
- Different
- You were so taken aback your heart just kinda
- ya know?
- But like you knew you wanted more
- So when he pulled away you just kinda look at him for a few seconds trying to get your heart rate somewhat under control
- Then you just
- It wasn’t so much of a make-out as it was two teenagers messily eating each others faces as they try really hard not to have panic attacks
- After that if either of you wanted to do something new or escalate a situation you’d always make sure both parties were 100% good with it
- You two never wanted to push each other into doing something you weren’t comfortable with
- Both of you biggest fears was that you’d find someone better
- And but you’d always reassure each other that you loved eachother so so much
- He just made you feel so loved and protected

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HC for Kuroo and the v introverted ghost girl in the class who has fallen for him and can't get up -DQ

*He meets you when he performs some dumb ritual he found online in his room on Halloween. He thinks it won’t work (but has a glimmer of hope it will bc??? seeing a ghost would be kinda cool??) but JOKES ON HIM IT DOES
*So he’s really scared at first and is like “OH SHIT MOMS GONNA KICK MY ASS FOR SUMMONING A FUCKING EVIL POLTERGEIST” but you’re surprisingly cool? And then he calms down, and then things are just awkward (bc he’s so scared) but you start having a conversation so at least things are starting to look good. Then you guys become friends (he sticks his hand thru u all the time and is like “lol it just phases thru” please eat his soul)
*He actually is 83837392 times more terrified than the day he met you once he realizes he starts falling for you. He starts talking about you to Kenma and Kenma is just like ??? Who tf is this??? Kuroo explains the situation and Kenma is just like “how did you pass the mandatory drug tests for volleyball bc ur definitely on something”. Kuroo is constantly struggling w his feelings for you, esp since he can’t talk to anyone about it without sounding insane. help him!!!

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I saw a girl in town today with pastel pink hair and a pale blue corset type top and she was so pretty and my mum noticed me staring at her and was like "oh she has cool hair" and I was just thinking wow she's gorgeous!

guys send anons abt ur day or whats happenin in ur life or who ur crushin on lemme know !! whats poppin i wanna hear all about yall


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the guy i like is one of my friends and i can't believe i hadn't realised that i liked him before but wow it hit me like a ton of bricks and i just hope he likes me back

Oh how sweet! I hope he feels the same! 💞

im not good at using hanzos ult

like yesterday like we had made it to the second point in junkertown on attack before i was like “oh i guess i should use my ult” and hewen was like “have you been saving it this whole time” and i was like “ill just use it now” and i shot it right into the enemy dva’s defense matrix and i just said into the group chat “the enemy dva ate it guys”

Dating Dawon be like:

- being memes together

- sassing each other and the other members

- cuddles not usually lasting long but when they do…oh boy

- him getting jealous pretty easily

-though it doesn’t last long

- Forehead kisses

- cooking at 4 am

- not even like ramen or cookies

-  yall cook three-course meals at 4 am

- Rowoon once found you guys in the kitchen at 4 am 

- he didn’t even try

- just walked away

- yall had to leave the dorm bc you were laughing too loud

- Restaurant dates

- Dawon can’t really cook but he made you breakfast once

- it burned…

- dressing up for no reason


- cuddles especially when one of yall is sick, tired, or stressed

- You have no choice but to sleep in his arms (Kinda…)

~Ye Jin

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LMAO IM DYING OVER HERE ILY GUYS, pt3: okay so not only does Iwa have his dick pierced but he has a tongue piercing too. And boy, oral from this boy is god tier. His tongue is long and thick like his dick and he likes rubbing his piercing(s) against your clit when he teases you, loves the feeling of you clenching around him. this boy is a fucking pro at dirty talk and could make you cum just by talking in your ear, he also loves getting his face wet if you know what i mean ;) -dick piercing anon

Oh holy fuck, I almost lost it right there. It’s safe to say that my panties have been successfully destroyed on this wonderful Sinful Sunday! 😩 I’m living for more Iwa and his piercings. 🤤🤤

-Admin Lana

Gavin Free Plays Seven Days To Die
  • Gavin: [eating a raw egg]
  • Gavin: This is... I'm just eating raw eggs.
  • Michael: Can't you just cook them?
  • Gavin: Ah, it's giving me gut rot again.
  • Michael: Just cook the fucking eggs!
  • Jeremy: Of course it's giving you gut rot! You're eating them raw!
  • Gavin: How do I cook an egg, guys?
  • Michael: You put 'em in... just put 'em in the cooking pot by the fire.
  • Screaming Zombie: [enters through the front door, which Gavin left open, screaming]
  • Gavin: Oh shit! Oh God, it's some crazy bitch!
  • Gavin: [attempts to fight off the zombie with a stone axe]
  • Michael: There's a zombie in the house with Gavin and he's freaking out. He doesn't know what to do. He's using his stone axe to hit her.
  • Gavin: It's like the Ring girl! Can someone save my life?
  • Michael: We're so far away.
  • Jack: Yeah, you're on your own.
  • Gavin: [chopping at the zombie with the stone axe]
  • Gavin: Die you screaming bitch!
  • Michael: You are not going to kill her with that, probably.
  • Gavin: Am I not?
  • Jeremy: Gav's fighting a screamer.
  • Gavin: Oh no!
  • Michael: Do you have no other weapons? You're also walking, aren't you? I'd fucking run.
  • Gavin: [walks slowly up the stairs, pursued by the zombie]
  • Gavin: I've got no stamina because of my gut rot.
  • Michael: Jesus Christ, Gavin, this is brutal.
  • Gavin: No!
  • Michael: This is like a horror movie.
  • Zombie: [catches up with Gavin at the top of the staircase]
  • Michael: Oh, Gavin's dead.
  • Gavin: [continues whacking the zombie with his stone axe]
  • Zombie: [falls down]
  • Michael: Get her! Get her while she'd down! Keep chopping her to fucking pieces!
  • Zombie: [slowly picks itself up, even as Gavin is hitting her with the stone axe]
  • Gavin: Don't get up! Don't get up you rat bitch!
  • Zombie: [finally dies]
  • Michael: Oh, you killed her! You killed a zombie!
  • Gavin: Oh, shit.
  • Michael: By the way, if you're on my screen, I'm not moving, I was watching Gavin's screen that entire time, because it was like a fucking movie.
  • Gavin: [jumps down the stairs]
  • Michael: He's like "Oh my god! Oh my god!" And this woman just walked in the door.
  • Gavin: I left the door open.
  • Gavin: [shuts the door]
  • Michael: He was stuck in the kitchen with a zombie, and all he had was an axe in his hands.
  • Gavin: [notices a zombie nurse, which evidently wandered in while he was fighting off the first zombie]
  • Gavin: Oh shit!
  • Michael: Is there another one?
  • Ryan: What? Did she get back up? What's the problem?
  • Gavin: There's another woman who's by the cooker!
  • Michael: There's another one just standing in the house.
  • Jeremy: [mimicking Gavin's accent] By the cooker!
  • Michael: Go hide upstairs, okay.
  • Gavin: I'm gonna hide upstairs.
  • Gavin: [slowly walks back up the stairs]
  • Gavin: [hides in a corner]
  • Gavin: I'm blacking out. Am I blacking out?
  • Michael: You're going to die for sure. Are you infected, too? You're probably infected, right?
  • Ryan: Gavin's infected!
  • Gavin: No. I'm cold, hungry and wet.
  • Michael: You're cold, hungry and wet, and you got your ass kicked by a zombie and your hiding upstairs.
  • Gavin: She was bloody... I'm going to have to just sit here and eat these eggs.
  • Ryan: Cook the eggs!
  • Gavin: The nurse is by the cooker!
  • Michael: Well, he can't now.
  • Ryan: Crouch, creep up on her, and club her in the back of the head.
  • Michael: But all he's got is a fucking stone axe...
  • Jeremy: He's cold, hungry, wet, bitten, and eating raw eggs.
  • Gavin: I've got hypothermia, too.
  • Ryan: Make a club or something.
  • Michael: He doesn't have anything.
  • Gavin: [takes out a torch]
  • Michael: If you have wood, you can make a wooden club.
  • Gavin: Can I put this down and get warm?
  • Michael: Probably, yeah. Right click.
  • Gavin: I'm sick to my stomach, I'm dying of hypothermia, and I'm starving.
  • Michael: You can probably make a fucking camp fire.
  • Gavin: Make a fire?
  • Michael: Yeah.
  • [At this point, a third zombie, which evidently entered the house while Gavin was huddled in a corner arguing with the other players, ascends the stairs]
  • Gavin: No! Not another one!
  • Michael: Gavin's dead.
  • Zombie: [stands over Gavin, flailing her arms at him]
  • Gavin: You bitch! Get away from me!
  • Gavin: [screaming]
  • Michael: Is she not hitting you?
  • Gavin: [screaming] Someone help!
  • Michael: How is she not hitting you?
  • Ryan: You keep calling for help. We're not anywhere near you.
  • Michael: We're like a hundred miles away.
  • Gavin: No! No!
  • Jeremy: I like the thought that we're all hearing this over the radio.
  • Gavin: [opens the game menu screen]
  • Michael: Gavin doesn't have any stamina to hit her... Gavin is now in his menu screen trying to craft something while she's hitting him in the face.
  • Gavin: Trying to make a new axe.
  • Zombie: [eats Gavin's face]
  • Gavin: And I'm dead.