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Hello friends! Guess who’s back? Spoiler - it’s me. So I have a confession - I love soulmate AUs. I’ve not written Pietro in a while so I eased myself into this by focusing predominantly on another character. It needs a second part to finish it off which I’ll upload soon. Hopefully the plot is twisty and interesting enough for you guys. Thanks to @sxnali for the request; I loved it. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: (if you don’t mind) can you do a soulmate au where the first words they say to each other are tattooed somewhere on the other’s body? with pietro please? (im sorry if this sent twice i think i hit send in the middle of typing this but im not sure oops)

‘Almost a Mistake’ (Part 1)

There was a reason that New York was considered the city that never sleeps. Regardless of the hour, life was buzzing, left, right, and centre. Cars clamoured the roads in lines of traffic, and birds flew overhead, seeking and taking every opportunity amongst the crowds of hungry people that swarmed the streets.

The smell of hot dogs was prominent – especially on a Saturday when everyone and his mate was out on the streets. You wished that you could say you too had come out for fun but work had called you in for overtime, and the coming winter’s energy bills convinced you to take it.

With your headphones safely nestled on your head, you navigated the bustling tourists with your eyes on your iPod, trying to pick the best tune for the next leg of your journey. You’d splashed out on new headphones and for good reason – there were noise cancelling. As far as you were concerned, that made them worth the cost, tuning out the soundtrack of the city as you walked.

Each time you skipped a song, there was a moment of quiet where the world bled in. You heard horns beeping, steps smacking against the pavement, and even someone shouting in the distance. Probably a food vendor trying to sell to a passer-by. You skipped another song and got another flash of reality. Cooing pigeons, roaring engines, and still a person shouting. It was definitely male, and getting closer.

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What do you mean you don’t know who Batman is?

Bucky Barnes x ReaderWord Count: 1,263

You only had a few minutes.

The mission was a simple one. Infiltrate the charity banquet, find the plans for the weapon that Hydra was building and then haul ass out.

The charity banquet was being thrown by Xander Scott, elected politician in the area. He was suspected to be in cahoots with Hydra. Just what you needed, more corrupt government officials. Like there weren’t enough of them already.

You and Sam were dancing in the middle of the large ballroom. Xander Scott owned the hotel, so it was safe to assume that he had an office there. The two of you were dressed to the nines to fit in with all of the ridiculously rich people around you. Steve, Natasha and Wanda were at another location close by just in case things got out of hand. It would’ve been too suspicious for you all to be there.

You looked over Sam’s shoulder and saw Bucky standing at the bar. He gave you a small nod and then disappeared.

“I’m going to run to the ladies room, sweetheart.” You said to Sam playing along with the charade that the two of you were a couple.

“I’ll be waiting.” He winked before you went in the same direction that Bucky had gone.

“Okay guys. Let’s get in and out without a fuss.” Steve said in your earpiece.

“It’s the two knuckleheads and (Y/n). I’m praying there will be minimum fuss.” Natasha joked.

“To their defense, the knuckleheads have managed to act civilized 90% of the time.” You added as you walked right past the woman’s restrooms. Making sure that no one was watching you, you took a left and walked down a hallway that you were sure you weren’t supposed to be in. The heels you were wearing wasn’t making it easier for you to be stealthy.

“Bucky, are you in position?” Steve questioned.

“I’m here. Waiting for (Y/n).”

You walked towards the door that you knew was Xander’s office. Bucky was there waiting for you inside. You closed the door behind you.

“I didn’t get followed but that doesn’t mean we have all day.” You said to him as you started to search the office alongside him.

“I’ve looked in the obvious places. There’s nothing here.”

You quickly tried to get into the mindset of the crook. Scanning along the walls, you tried to find something that was out of the ordinary. There was a giant bookshelf that was on the opposite wall of the door.

“Something about these books seem a little…” you tried to move one of the books and saw that they were fake. All of them on the middle shelf were connected together making a long row. You pulled them down and the bookshelf opened right in the middle leading down a dark hallway.

“I’m getting some major Batman vibes right now.”

“What’s Batman?”

You froze and turned to look at Bucky, “What?”

“What’s Batman?” He repeated, “Is that like a friend of yours or something? I don’t know who that is.”

“What do you mean you don’t know who Batman is?”

“Guys!” Steve shouted in your earpieces, “are you seriously having this conversation right now?”

“Sorry.” You and Bucky said at the same time. You grabbed the gun that you had in your thigh holster and went down the hallway first. Bucky walked closely behind you.

The hallway lead to a small room. There weren’t any windows or anything hanging on the walls. There was barely any light. The only table in the room was stacked with papers.

You and Bucky dug around until you found the blueprints. Bucky stuck them on the inside of his coat pocket before the two of you left the creepy room.

“You guys are in the clear. Just get out of there safely.” Natasha said to you as you walked back into the office.

The two of you pushed the bookshelf back together before making sure you didn’t leave anything out of place. Bucky walked out of the office first and you closed the door behind you.

Just as the two of you were going to round the corner of the hallway that lead back to the party, you heard footsteps. The sound stopped you in your tracks.

“You’ve got company headed your way.” Steve warned you and Bucky.

You knew that you only had a short amount of time to do something.

“Kiss me.” You said to Bucky.

Shocked at what you ordered him to do, he froze in place. “What?”

“Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable. Kiss me now!”

Bucky faltered for a split second before grabbing you by your waist and pulling you closer to him. His lips were on yours before you could tell him to kiss you.

Maybe the thought of you kissing Bucky crossed your mind a time or two. You would admit that it had. Bucky was the most attractive man that you had ever laid eyes on.

It was easy to get a little lost in the heat of the moment. Bucky completely forgot that he was in the middle of a mission the moment his lips touched yours. He had been wanting to kiss you for quite some time and now seemed like the perfect moment.

“Excuse me?”

The two of you came up for air and saw someone standing nearby. He looked like he was one of Xander’s guys. You braced yourself for a fight.

“No guests are allowed back here.”

Bucky chuckled a little, keeping his hold on you for show, “Sorry, I just needed a moment alone with my beautiful wife.”

“He hasn’t been able to keep his hands off of me all night.” You joked.

The man smiled dryly, “Let me escort you back to the party.”

You both followed the guy back to the ballroom were everyone was dancing. Discretely checking behind your shoulder, you saw that the guy left once he made sure you and Bucky were where you were supposed of be.

“Sam is waiting outside for you guys.” Steve said in your ear.

Bucky grabbed your hand and lead you outside. Once made it out safely, you felt a weight lifted off your shoulders. You and the knuckleheads actually did it without a ruckus.

“What are you doing holding hands with my wife?” Sam joked when you and Bucky approached him.

“After that kiss, I think that she prefers my company. Don’t you, baby?” Bucky winked at you making your heart skip a beat.

You decided to mess with him a little. “Bucky, don’t flatter yourself. I would’ve kissed Vision if he were there instead of you.”

“Damn! She told you.” Sam joked as the three of you got into the car that was waiting for you.

Bucky hit Sam before sliding in after you. He was quiet for most of the trip back to the Tower. Sam, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was too busy on his phone and talking to the driver to notice.

You decided to be a little bold and move closer to Bucky. He looked at you when he noticed that you moved towards him.

“Just so you know, I wouldn’t have kissed just anyone back there. You’re special, Barnes.” You whispered in his ear.

He smirked, “So, what you’re saying is that you like me better than everyone else.”

You smiled, “I guess that’s what I’m saying.”

Bucky leaned even closer and kissed your cheek softly. “I like you more than anyone else too.”

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Damn. : Andy Biersack Imagine 

 "Just one more interview and then we’re free.“ Andy groaned. "Impatient much?” Ashley joked. Black veil brides were doing interviews for their upcoming tour with a band they had yet to meet. It was a last minute addition after Juliet dropped out because of her relationship with Andy falling out. It had been a couple months so Andy was completely fine. The guys sat on the couch side by side and answered multiple questions they’ve answered a thousand times before. 

While the interviewer was speaking, the door opened and everyone heard it. Andy had not looked up yet only because he was too busy day dreaming. The only reason he had stopped was because everyone was silent. Andy finally broke is gaze on the floor and looked up to where everyone’s attention was at. He saw three guys, tattooed, tall, one had glasses, one had a hat, and the other was plain. All wore black but what everyone was looking at was the girl that was with them. She was shorter than them, dressed in black like the rest and was oblivious to the attention. They were speaking with the BVB manager so not even the guys noticed the room had gone silent. 

 "Um, so thank for being here guys,“ the interviewer finally spoke and turned to the camera, "stay tuned, next we have Y/B/N for their first interview!” The camera turned off and Andy thought how weird it must of have been for the viewers of the live stream to witness the silence. Andy watched as Y/B/N walked to the couch they were just on, the girl sitting in the middle of the guys. “Welcome back! We’re here with Y/B/N for their first interview! Please state your name and what you do in the band.” The dude interviewing was looking at the girl the whole time so she spoke first. 

“My name is Y/N and I play guitar.” Andy only heard her because after she spoke his ears blocked out the sounds of everyone. “Y/N…” He though to himself. A/N: kinda lame I know but I wanted to at least write SOMETHING xx


Summary: Getting the same order every day following the afternoon classes you took at the University, your life had been your education. That is until Kylo, a Barista at Java the Hutt’s cafe, walked into it. Suddenly, your world was stained by love and Kylo’s past, causing everything to change.

A/N: @cryxlowrites​ and I have decided that we’re gonna post this once a day since we’ve almost finished writing it and we have more au’s in store so expect another one tomorrow! Enjoy, feedback is welcomed!

Warning: None

Word Count: 8.7K+

Tagging: @stressedoutkylo

YOU WHAT?!” Rey exclaimed on her end of the line, nearly blowing your ear out. “He actually asked you out?! And you actually said yes?!” She shrieked as you couldn’t help but laugh. “I didn’t think it’d actually happen but, I mean, what are the chances? Right? Wow, this is great! You’re gonna dress hot, right?

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It had been raining none stop since yesterday. It kinda matched your mood. With each rattle of thunder. You felt your heart breaking a little more. This feeling should be over right, but tonight you couldn’t breathe. The tears started first. Picking up your phone you didn’t even notice that it was 3 am.

For once he had come home early and just relaxed. No club business. No drama. He had fallen a sleep on the couch. When he heard your ring tone go off. You had took his phone and made your ring tone The Godfather. You would call at the worse times making it go off. Happy wasn’t to pleased the first time it went off in the middle of a meeting, but luckily the guys knew it was you. Even thought they teased him none stop.
Half a sleep he pick up the phone.
All he could hear was you taking deep breaths and trying not to cry.
“Babe, are you okay?”
Hearing his voice may you break down.
“Don’t hang up. I’m on my way.”
Throwing on his pants he grabbed the keys and got into his truck. You didn’t live that far away. He made it to your house in ten minutes. Not stoping at lights saved him some time. Pulling in he ran up to your door and knocked. You opened the door and threw your arms around Happy.
Picking you up he shut the door and walked you to your bedroom. Putting you on the bed. He kicked off his shoes and got into bed with you. Pulling the covers over on you both. Cuddling up on his chest.
“Don’t tsk babe. Just try to sleep. I’m not going anywhere.” He said kissing the top of your head.
He knew the breakup had been hard on you. He was the first person you called when your ex broke your heart. Happy was always in love with you and when the time was right he planned on telling you. He never wanted to see you crying over another man again.

“I love you”

“Oliver hon, we are in a middle of a fight I don’t think this is the best time for this kind of declarations.”

“I think any time is good to tell the love of your life that you are in love with her.”

“Yes but…okay you know I don’t have an argument against that logic.”

“That’s first for you.”

“You better focus on that fight mister I want you back in one piece.”


“Oh so that’s where this sudden need of announcing your love came from. And I thought you just decided to become chessy while punching some guy.”

“I want you to know….”

“I know and you will continue telling me when you get back to me.”

“I will do everything to come back to you always.”

“And I will be here helping you. We have lost way too much time already.”

“Not making that mistake again.”

“Glad we agree on something. You have a runner on your right.”

“This is why we need you, why I need you.”

“And I thought it was for my cooking skills.”

“They are nonexistent hon.”

“Exactly so you need to come back otherwise I will starve to death.”

“We can’t let that happen.”

“Oliver we are going to lose contact for a minute.”


“Please be careful. I love you.”

“I love you too. Hear you again soon.”

“I will be waiting.”

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For first thing today I want to wish Happy Birthday to one of my Superhero: Roman Reigns 💕

I decided to support him since the first time I saw him in the middle of the ring and until today I support him and I will still to support him forever 🤙💕
I don’t care what think haters, for me Roman is one of the best in WWE 😍
He excites me every single time he enter in the Arena and his matches is always amazing 😍
Thanks to him I believe more in myself and I never give up at the first difficulty 😁
You are perfect, never change 💕

After this, Roman is also a great person … he is really a good guy 😊 Open with fans and has a big heart 💕

Thanks for everything Emperor 😊

I hope today is a great day for you, with your family and friends 🤙💕

ALTL Part 33

gif is not mine

Title: ALTL Part 33

Characters: Gabriel, Lucifer, Castiel, Balthazar, Y/N (no pairing for now)

Word Count: 1,130

Warnings: Possible cursing?, angst

A/N: Here is part 33 to this amazing series!! I hope you all are still enjoying the series. There’s still so much left in this series! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!!

The series masterlist can be found HERE!!

Two days had passed since Sam and Dean left for their hunt.  There were no missed calls and no new texts during those two days.  You started to worry about your brothers.  It wasn’t like them to go this long without letting you know that things were okay.  Sam usually texted you, but even Sam was silent.  You couldn’t just sit here and wait for validation; that wasn’t the Winchester way.

You found the four angels in your bedroom, sprawled out on your bed.  You would have laughed if you weren’t so worried about Sam and Dean.  You entered your room, noticing how their wings took up so much of your room.  When they noticed your presence, their wings folded back a bit.  “Have any of you heard anything from Sam or Dean,” you wondered, sticking your hands into your pockets.

“They don’t pray to me [Y/N],” Lucifer muttered, going back to one of the books he took from your bookshelf.

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Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: AHH! So my bud @bensono​ and I have been talking about this whole AU for like four months now and I’m so excited to finally post it! This is that modern high school AU I promised you guys ages ago, but instead of a simple one shot, it’ll be a multi-chapter fic! FYI, the first two chapters will sort of be prologues as they’re based in the past so don’t think the whole series will be them as middle schoolers. Ignore the lame gif header, it’s something until I make the actual graphic and the summary is also a work in progress oops. Anyways…enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 4.9K+

There was nothing more soothing than the sound of morning rain pattering against a glass window, echoing throughout the four walls as the gloomy sky gave the early hours an evening vibe. It wasn’t enough that the rain made things relaxing, but the fact that the early fall weather made the air feel much more cooler–enough to bundle ones self up–you couldn’t help but fall deeper into your sleep.

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Collab fic for the Bobby first kiss request! GIF credit goes to owner.

- Essy and Mika

“So is she a good kisser?" 

Bobby whipped around and looking at an innocent looking BI.

"Hyung, you’ve been dating for a month.”

“We’ve held hands!" 

BI gave him a look. "That’s so momentous, you know, if we were in middle school, hyung." 

Before Bobby could retort, Jinhwan walked into the room.

"What’s going on, guys?” He asked innocently unaware of the conversation that just took place.

“Hyung! Bobby hasn’t kissed his girlfriend yet!” Hanbin jumped out of his seat to cut Bobby off before he could accurately explain the situation.

Jinhwan released a laugh that must have been a combination of a surprised snort and a cackle. “Wait. You’re serious?”

“Shut up, guys.” Bobby looked away, feeling embarrassed at this situation. It’s not like he didn’t want to kiss her,  but there was never a right time for it to happen. A few close calls… a few glances, but never the actual deed. 

“Woahhh, the amazing Kim Jiwon can’t even kiss his own girlfriend, I never thought I’d seen the day.” BI smirked as he teased Bobby with a playful shove.

“Yeah, does she have bad breath or something? Does she think you’re gay? Maybe you should stop being so touchy with your dongsaengs.” Jinhwan leaned back in his chair looking more like a hyung as opposed to the fake maknae.

“YAH! That’s enough!” Bobby almost slammed his fist down on the dinner table so hard his drink practically toppled over.

“Damn. So touchy.” Hanbin feigned shock. “If only you could be touchy somewhere else, then maybe you’d get somewhere.”

Bobby stormed out of the room, too frustrated to continue the conversation with the other two. As he was walking away, he received a text. 

Oppa, Hanbin just texted me. Is everything okay? He said you were upset.

The frustrated male continued his trek down the street before replying with a sigh. How was he supposed to respond to this? That his dongsaeng and hyung practically teased the shit out of him because he hasn’t made the first move yet?

Jinhwan just texted me, too… what’s going on??

Bobby glared at his phone and inwardly cursed both of them out in his head. He mentally prepared himself for the commencing conversation.

Everything is fine! Going for a walk. Where are you?

Not a minute later, there was a reply.

Shopping. Want to meet up after? I’m almost done.

He sighed softly, feeling happy that his girlfriend was concerned about him. 

Maybe…..he could make a move today?

Sure, I’ll be at our spot in the park. See you soon!

He took a deep breath before heading to their favorite spot in the park where not many people knew about. All the while, he was planning on how to get that kiss. After waiting a couple of minutes, he heard a voice that he would recognize anywhere. 

“Oppa! Did you wait long?” The voice asked him sweetly. 

He turned around and was greeted to the adorable sight of his girlfriend looking slightly out of breath and holding two shopping bags while trying to smooth down her hair. He smiled softly at the sight before grinning and grabbing her bags for her.  "Don’t worry, I didn’t wait long.“

"That’s a relief!” She grinned wryly as he set her bags down and they began to talk about their day. The breeze softly blew, moving the clouds away to reveal a bright sun and crystal clear skies as the day went on. It was so relaxing that Bobby almost forgot his mission today. He decided to implement it now. 

“Jagiya, I’m kinda thirsty, can you get me a coffee from the vending machine?” He grinned his most innocent grin. 

“Sure! I’ll be right back.” She giggled a little before heading off.
After she left, Bobby immediately began to fix himself up. He checked hair, teeth, breath, etc. Everything had to be perfect for this moment. Okay Bobby, you can do this! Its just a kiss. Its not like its your first kiss, just your first kiss with her. Not helping. I’m so nervous. No! I can do it! I am Kim Jiwon!

After a couple a minutes, she came back with a can of coffee and a bottle of aloe for herself. 

“Here you go.” She said as she sat down and handed him his coffee. 

He smiled his signature eye smile and answered with a cheerful,“ Thanks!”

He opened his drink and took a sip as she did the same. He eyed her drink and had a sudden devious idea. 

“Did you not get coffee?” Bobby started.

“Aloe,” she muttered in between sips, not paying too much attention to his mannerisms.

Bobby cleared his throat. “Can I try some?”

His girlfriend flashed a cheeky smile. “It’s not like you haven’t tried this before…”

“Yeah, but that one might be different. Just one sip?”

She rolled her eyes before dangling out the bottle towards him. “Fine, just one–”

Bobby reached just passed the bottle, taking a light hold of her wrist before gently tugging her close, her lips conveniently landing on his for a firm two seconds.

She stumbled back, her lips still pressed to line as if their lips were still connected. Her eyes shot open, avoiding eye contact with anything for more than half a second.

Bobby sighed triumphantly. “I was right. That one did taste different!”

“YAH!” She slapped his arm hard enough to bring his coffee down to the ground. “What was that for?!”

He looked taken aback at her violent behavior. “W-We’ve been dating for a month! And we haven’t kissed yet! Don’t you think about kissing me?!" 

"That’s not how I wanted our first kiss to go!” She yelled with a pout. He looked shocked before she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him hard. His eyes went wide and went completely still in shock. After a moment, they broke apart.

“W-what was that?!” He stuttered with a blush on his face. She glared him.

“That’s how you have a first kiss Kim Jiwon.” She glared for a second long before grinning at his cute expression and giving him a hug. “I think we need to redo our first kiss again.”

The first time I tried to learn Russian I had nothing - no books, no internet connection (which wasn’t even a thing back then, or barely), not even running water. I was in the middle of a forest with a spiral notebook and a really handsome Russian guy, and I was young enough to think it would work anyway.

“How do you say to be and to have?” I asked him, clicking my pen open and placing the open notebook on my knees.

He looked puzzled for a moment.

“We don’t have those.”

“You don’t have the verb to have?”

“Not really.”

“And you don’t have the verb to be?”

He shrugged.

That was the moment I started feeling that learning this language could be the best idea ever or the worst idea ever. Gripping my pen more firmly in my fingers, I pretended it was completely normal for a language not to have the verb to be and plodded on.

“Okay. Okay. That’s fine,” I said, in what I now realize was an unintendedly rude colonial tone. “You have cases, though, right? Nominative, Genitive, Accusative?”

He frowned.

“I think. We don’t call them that.”

“What do you call them?”

He spit out a music of unconnected sounds. I smiled at him, started writing in my notebook (I wrote NOM and GEN, that is, because of course I didn’t understand what he’d just said).

“Can you describe them for me?” I asked.

At that moment, a bird bursted into song somewhere over my head and I started to feel hopeful again. Because, sure, this was a weird way of doing things, but, on the other hand, how exciting! Forget boring lessons and stuff - this is how people used to learn languages, by listening to words and holding on for dear life.

And, well, if I could just understand which case was which (the idea that their cases could be completely different and not a Russian version of the Latin and German cases I’d learned in school never even touched me - but, as it turns out, I was right not to worry, because these things tend to be roughly the same for everyone, and thank God; or, rather, thank Chomsky) - then surely I could start doing some kind of learning here?

“The first case is for things that exist,” he said, a bit diffidently, and I smiled encouragingly at him.

My pen hesitated under the NOM I’d already written. It was an odd way of putting it, but surely that’s what he meant? The case for the subject?

“The second one we use when things do not exist.”


He gestured vaguely.

“If something is not there, we use it.”

So here was a language which apparently didn’t have the verb to have, or the verb to be. A language which took the time to say which things existed and yet had a special way of describing invisible things. A language which, to me, sounded like honey and flowers blooming and those noises otters make when they’re busy.

And people are always surprised I slaved away at it so many years. I mean, who could resist any of that? And also: the beautiful poems and the soul-wrenching books, the quiet forests and the wide open spaces brimming with stars? Certainly not me.

Languages are like wands - you don’t choose them: they choose you.



Request: “i work at a no-tell hotel and you always come in at 3am beat up as fuck and you never tell me what’s wrong but i’m done you’re too perfect to deserve this i need to get involved” 

A/N: Alright, two people requested this one and I thought I’d post it separately rather than as an answer to a tag as it’s pretty decent in length? Here’s some angst/fluff! Enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Warning: Cussing, Angst…Blood?

Word Count: 1.9K+


Any job was a good job to you if it paid right, lucky for you, you had gotten picked up at a no-tell hotel. Lucky. Yeah, totally lucky when you saw the same couples–or groups of people–walk into the hotel as if they owned it. Always entering with the weirdest aura around them only to leave like a bunch of wild animals, looking as if they had been lost in a jungle. Eventually you found out your managers rented rooms for those horny bastards and that’s where they got most of their money.

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Prima Nocte

refers to the alleged right of a king to deflower a girl on her wedding night. So what Tony is saying here is, that he will make it a law, that he can rape all young women. That’s it. That’s the joke. None of the characters around him give any reaction to it. (And that’s the point, why I have a problem with it.)

Scientists aren’t sure this right ever existed, because even for the middle ages it might be too vile. It is more like a mention from historics, when they refer to dark, cruel and injust societies.
The writer and director (aka Joss Whedon) thought this is a funny line to say. And they thought hard about adding it. The line was written, they filmed it, they edited it. When they first released that scene it wasn’t in it. So somewhere in the editing process they re-added it. A whole bunch of people at Marvel and Disney saw this and thought it is okay to have this line in the movie. Not only okay but funny. They knew what they were doing there and still did it. Because hey, what’s not funny about a middle-aged guy talking about raping girls?


A list of personal faves - 10 sitcoms


bungou stray dogs ep. 5 // some of my favorite scenes
(as you can see dazai is in every scene and I love him so much)

Unrequited (But Never Doubt I Love) Series

Felicity Smoak falls in love at her friend’s wedding. With the groom.
She knows it does not have an end. She knows it is pointless. She knows it is unrequited. Or is it?
 Read Part 1

Read on AO3

When Felicity had been 8, Mrs. Griffith had hugged her and told her something that stayed with her through the years, even though her nugget of a mind hadn’t understood it then.

After her father had left, and her mother had immersed herself in work to keep a roof over their heads and keep Felicity in school, each night, Felicity had started pretending that her father would come home in the morning before going to bed. And each morning, she’d wake up to an empty house, and tell herself “tomorrow”.

That “tomorrow” had never come.

And little as she had been, Felicity had never accepted it, but rather turned to something else.

There had been a dog in her neighborhood she’d started playing with. Every afternoon, she’d return from school and play with him till it got dark, finding happiness in the way he’d butt his head into her tiny frame and nuzzle and tickle her.

Just when her mind had pushed her father to the back, the dog had died.

And Felicity had, then, turned to computers.

Mrs. Griffith had seen it all. She had seen her turn away from truths time and again. She had talked to Felicity. But Felicity hadn’t listened.

Except that one thing she hadn’t been able to shake off.

“Things you run away from have a way of finding you.”

It had stayed with her for a long, long time.

8 months.  

She’d been running for 8 months.

Running from her friend. Running from her old circle. Running from herself. From the truth.

The truth being that she’d been changed. In three mere days, 8 months ago, Felicity Smoak had changed. Something inside her had shifted. Something inside her had come alive. And no matter how much she tried to kill it, no matter how much she tried to ignore it, no matter how much she tried to pretend it didn’t exist, it did. It was alive and thriving and thrashing for release from the cage she had put it in. It thrashed when she looked up at the sky and saw the shades of blue she’d seen focused on her. It clawed when someone touched her hand and her skin remembered calloused fingers. It whimpered when she breathed.

Felicity didn’t know what ‘it’ was. It just was.

For 8 months, she’d tried to push it away, to shove it under.

For 8 months, she’d tried to hide it under sometimes genuine, sometimes faked facades.

For 8 months, she’d lived, knowing it lived too, right under her skin, right in her breaths, right in her veins.

For 8 months.

And then the walls cracked.

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