the guy in the all about that bass video


Been working on this on and off since summer started, but I wanted to collect enough for a series before posting any :)  Vintage book cover designs for hq!! fics!  At least, it started out as vintage book designs but near the end I watched the super pastel-y ‘All About That Bass’ music video and well…  

In order of creation:

Bell, Book and Candle |  Conquering the Great King |  Limit

I Choose You |  Water and Brimstone |  Best Friends

I hope you guys like them but let me know if you don’t I would try so hard to fix them

Liam Payne Teases New Song With Shirtless Video

Liam Payne is rumored to have a Migos collaboration on the way, and fans may have just heard the first clip of the track today (May 10).

One day after sharing a shirtless shot for the cover of Rollacoaster magazine, Payne teased a five-second snippet of what sounds like his voice combined with Migos bass-bumping vibe. All we hear over the beat is a quick “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” before the video ends, but if that really is the Migos collab, it’s already pretty catchy.

Payne hasn’t said anything about working with Migos, but the rap trio’s Quavo recently spilled the beans that they’re working with the One Direction singer in an interview with UK radio personality Tim Westwood.

“I just came from a video today. My boy Liam from One Direction. We just shot that. Crazy vid. Crazy visuals. Crazy team,” he said. "Cool guy, nice guy. It’s goin’ up. I wasn’t even supposed to say that. It’s gonna be a surprise though.“

Watch Payne’s tease below:


A post shared by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on May 10, 2017 at 9:01am PDT

my bigbang concert experience

i’ve been to the made final in seoul on march 6th, 2016 (yes that’s already a long time ago but i’m lazy and so many people asked me about the concert, so here we go!)

getting the tickets

getting our concert tickets was so damn hard. during the time they were sold, i was still in korea and asked my korean friends to try getting them for me. yg sold them at auction, a website you could only use if you have a korean address, a korean bank account and a korean phone number. which totally sucks, thanks to yg at this point. as you can imagine, none of my friends could get any tickets cause literally EVERYONE tried to get them. there were 3 concerts in total and all of the tickets were sold out after 10 MINUTES. i heard about people selling tickets online on websites like twitter, but i saw so many complaints about fake tickets, so i didn’t even try it there. i was quite desperate after a while so i asked on tumblr if anyone could help me getting tickets and one of my followers recommended me a virtual korean concierge service called ask ajumma. you can message them on facebook and they get you anything you want - as long as you are residing in korea. at first i was quite suspicious but everything worked really well. i paid a lot more than for the tickets sold at auction, but that’s simply cause people buy a lot of tickets and sell them for much more money. i got seats on the 2nd floor directly in front of the stage. i can’t complain cause to me, any bigbang concert tickets is a good ticket haha

day 1

i only got tickets for the 3rd day but still, me and my friend went to the olypmic gymnastics hall, which was the concert venue, at 11pm. even though the concert started at 6pm, there were already so many vips, some of them even dressed up as cosplayers! there were banners and flags with the members faces literally everywhere, so it already got very exciting for us. we started queuing up for the merchandise and after 2 hours in the sun, we finally bought all the stuff we wanted! next to the tent with merch there was even a truck from yq republique where you could buy food and several other tents with stuff in it. also, there were speakers everywhere so you could listen to bigbang’s songs. after a while, nobody cared anymore about that music, cause you could hear that the boys started rehearsing. that was the first time i heard their voices and it was soooooo damn exciting! i remember them rehearsing lies and my heaven several times. also, the member’s individual fan pages were giving away some stuff for free - photo cards, banners and fan signs!

day 2

unlike day 1, the weather on day 2 was terrible. it was raining all the time, but still there were so many vips! my friend and me also went to the venue on that day cause we didn’t get the made photobook on the first day. so we went back, got our books and left quickly

day 3 - CONCERT DAY!

okay, this was by far the most emotional day ever. all dressed up in bigbang merch, we went to the last concert day - our concert day. i have never been more excited in my entire life. we saw some staff members filming and interviewing fans - for the dvd and the made movie. they filmed us several times and now i’m afraid that i’ll end up on dvd haha. before going in, we got those signs which we were holding up during bae bae saying big bang is my everything in korean. when all of the fans were in the concert hall, shit got crazy. they started repeating all of their most popular music videos and everyone freaked out and started singing along. then, the last music video came on - fantastic baby. the crowd absolutely LOST THEIR SHIT. the vips were singing along so loudly that they had to use the actual speakers for the actual concert with bass boosting and everything! only thinking back about this part gives me goosebumps. the crowd was totally pumped up and suddenly, the made trailer with the super long bang bang bang intro started playing. shit was about to go down. the stage opened, they guys appeared and taeyang screamed HANGUK, ARE YOU READY? at us. and damn, i was so fucking ready for this. listening to them opening their concert also still gives me chills. the concert itself was amazing. their voices are so much better in real life (and also, they look so good irl lol)! my favouite solo stages were strong baby - cause DAMN, seungri knows how to get the crowd pumped up! - and fucking doom dada. that one killed me. i might be a bit biased, but top doing the runway thing in front of your own eyes and then totally freaking out after MASS MEDIA is simply amazing. after every solo song, the crowd was screaming the member’s name for a minute straight. even during daesung’s entire drum solo during sober, every person in the hall was screaming KANG DAESUNG from the top of their lungs. it was simply awesome. the vips were all screaming the same fan chants, the same parts of the song and also started singing my heaven all at once. you’re just part of that one big group, no matter if you’re korean, chinese, american, german or whatsoever! the guys did some talks and starting tearing up at some point, but everything was fine again once they got their cake lol. Again, we were all holding up fansigns and the paper saying big bang is my everything. they ended the concert with we like 2 party with confetti and doing some fan services. then, they left the stage and let’s not fall in love started playing.


we thought we’d never get to see the guys again, but then i saw a group of chinese girls running around the concert hall and got curious, so we ended up following them. there were some fences and a lot of black cars standing there, so we waited with a bunch of fans. suddenly, we saw psy, dara and yg leaving the concert venue! we waited quite a lot and were about to leave, when also the guys were leaving the concert hall. daesung was the first one to get out. he was wearing his black and yellow coat and looked sooo good! he was smiling happily and waved. seungri was the second and he was also waving at us before getting into his car, same goes for taeyang. when gd came out, he was holding a huge inflatable light stick and came reeeeeeeally close to the waiting fans, and by close i mean “a few cm” close! it took top a while to get out, but when he did i kind of died. when you see him on pictures he’s always really good-looking. but when you see him in real life, smiling and waving at you - i swear, that dude is sex on legs. excuse my choice of words, but he’s so much more handsome than you can ever imagine. it’s just … stunning. then they were all gone, we were completely done and this is how the best day of my life ended!

sorry for this really long post, i hope that maybe some of you have read this!