the guy did his best to make amends

mistahjimagines  asked:

Could I get a smut with Steve where he gets jealous? Rough and dirty talk if you dont mind? Thank you, love!!

sure thing! keep in mind that this is my first attempt at smut, and i am a complete virgin (i’ve never even kissed anyone, but i’ve read my fair share of smut, so i know what everything is), so this might not be the best, but i think it’s pretty good for my first try :)

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anonymous asked:

One thing that winds me up when I watch TVD S6 is Bonnie and how she treats Kai. She says he is too dangerous & goes out her way to stop him escaping but her friends have killed way more people than he probably ever would and they have continued to do so ever since. She let freaking Damon out but betrays and literally stabs Kai in the back when he tried to make amends. She is such a hypocrite in the way she acts towards Kai.

haha yeah the gang tends to be hypocritical with all the villains don’t you think? didn’t they do the same thing with Kat for example? you know this actually reminds me of that conversation Caroline had with Stefan in 4x09 about Klaus:

C: All day I’ve been trying to remind myself of all the horrible things he’s done.
S: See that’s the thing, we’ve all done horrible things. And I’m sitting here, trying to figure out what makes us any better than him. (And I think it’s just that, we have family we can trust.)

I mean, Kai was the darkest villain of them all, I believe, and I’m not saying he should be excused, but it’s nice to put things in perspective like this sometimes. I wish the gang did that more often.

anyway, sorry, going back to bonkai, I see your point and I agree. I both hated and well… loved it. I really did not appreciate that attitude when she was clearly besties with Demon. like you said, it made no sense. I mean, that whole relationship makes little sense for starters but okay.
on the other hand, I like to think that slightly hypocritical attitude stems from the possibility that she was trying to fight the influence he’s had on her. a wise man said even the purest hearts are drawn to darkness ;))))) and she would never admit that (at least pre-6x16 when she did say she likes the new bonnie) a part of her might be drawn to kai’s darkness because she’ s supposed to be the good guy so…. she covered their connection with hostility and revolt. ;))))))) (yes I cannot help myself from making kc parallels sue me LOL) that’s why it didn’t bother me as much

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okaythislookshawkguy: The flu.

Two posts in one day is borderline ridiculous. This one is Odinsons Are Banished! AU again, and not quite exactly the prompt, but… well. In the spirit. Hee.


Thor is dying.

“Someone will pay for this malfeasance,” says Loki, his fists clenched. “No creature in any realm shall poison a Prince of Asgard and live to tell of it.”

“For the last time, it’s not poison, it’s food poisoning,” says Darcy Lewis. “Those burritos did look kind of funky, come to think of it.”

Thor’s innards feel as though he has swallowed Volstagg whole, and his friend is attempting to escape with axe in hand. “Loki,” he manages to say, “when you return home, tell Father of what I’ve done here on Midgard. Tell him I have tried to make amends as best I know how. Swear it to me.”

“I will,” his brother promises solemnly, face growing pale with grief. “I will tell him. Mother as well.”

“Guys, seriously, don’t be such drama queens. It’s going to suck for a day or so, but then you’ll be fine. I promise.”

Thor has never questioned Darcy Lewis’s sphere of knowledge before, but she is mistaken. He is dying. He can feel it. All his millennia of war and glory and he is to be finished by this, the lowest, most cowardly form of slaughter.

The fates are cruel.

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steroline & bamon || all i want {s6}

This video is a really cool compilation of how the Salvatore brothers both forged these strong bonds with women other than Elena. It also shows how unlike with Elena Bonnie and Caroline don’t take their shit. With Elena the brothers saw her as this precious snowflake of humanity who could help them be “a better man”. However I don’t think she ever actually did that. I think Elena is an enabler for the Salvatore brothers bad behavior because she lets them sweep everything under the rug. She absolved Stefan of basically all his terrible actions in S3 without so much as a proper apology. She’s even worse with Damon laughing off his jokes of being a serial killer and hardly caring that he murdered Aaron, besides how it affects HER morals. In fact she rewards him by sleeping with him right after it happens!

With Bonnie she knows Damon isn’t a good guy, that he murdered a pregnant lady and she doesn’t acquit him of the crime. She simply sees that he at least feels remorse and that there’s some hope for him, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok what he did. And you know what that affected him, instead of Bonnie’s overall good nature making him a “better man” her hope and self sacrifice inspired him to want to be a better person. Bonnie’s always been one to stand toe to toe with Damon but after all that time they spent together this mutual respect has been fortified. I think Damon has had exceptional growth this season, he hasn’t been violent with anyone not named Kai all season. He didn’t fly off the handle when he discovered Elena erased all her good memories of him. He’s shown consistent concern for his brother’s well-being and psyche and he’s completely invested in bringing Bonnie back because of everything she did for him.

With Stefan it’s a little different because Caroline did think he was a great guy, one of the best people she knows. Despite that though she wants him to make amends for the fact that he tossed their friendship to the wayside, deleted her messages, dumped his vampire ex on her doorstep and then tried to skip town. She doesn’t exonerate his actions as soon as Damon returns and demands a proper apology and makes him earn her trust back. Showing him that he can’t take her for granted no matter what her feelings are for him. Same as with Damon, I think Stefan really put forth a valiant effort in his quest to prove that to Caroline, that she’s worth it, that he’ll do what it takes to have her in his life. I feel like she’s always inspired him to believe he could be a better vampire and learn how to properly control his bloodlust, but this was about not running away from your problems and taking friends for granted. In the end he’s there for her when she needs it the most, because he wasn’t there when he should have been earlier.

It’s funny how this show is built around a love triangle when after 5 and a half seasons all I feel like it’s done is show how terrible Elena is for both of them. It’s tough to imagine the show would ever go the endgame route where neither brother ends up with Elena, especially when it seems so enthralled by the Damon/Elena relationship for whatever reason. I just think Elena was/is an escape for both brothers, the “good” Katherine who shows them unconditional love whereas Bonnie and Caroline’s love is much more conditional.

Elena’s always been a bit selfish, it’s definitely been amplified to horrifying degrees since she became a vampire, but it’s always been there. Because of that selfishness no matter which brother she’s dating at the time she’s stringing them both along (see all of S4-S5), which in all actuality makes her just as bad as Katherine. Give her a couple hundred years, she’ll be just as bad if not worse.