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On March 21st, I’m going to officially launch my webcomic, Threader!

Not gonna lie, I still have A LOT to do for buffer pages, but I have pages and they will go up, because I want to see this started just as much as anyone. T_T

@liluvar your keen eye for detail and insight always blows me away! ;0; I can neither confirm or deny your theory, the answer might be simpler than you think, but also could be something since threads are very versatile. *rubs hands together* :>

Between The Gutters #5

Thanks for following along with this series of pieces looking at story telling in comics critically. I hope you’ve been enjoying them and find them somewhat educational. If you don’t, you can’t say I didn’t try, right?

We all know Fiona Staples. She’s the co-creator and artist of the hugely popular SAGA. I figured that there are countless write ups about SAGA already, so I’d like to write about Fiona’s work on a different book, ARCHIE. Recently, Staples did a three issue run on the the relaunch of ARCHIE and I think her work is gorgeous, charming and doesn’t miss a comedic beat. I’m fully convinced that there is nothing she can’t draw.

The following pages are from ARCHIE #1-2. I highly recommend checking out the book. 

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Between The Gutters #4

If you’ve been following along so far, thank you. If not, this is a series of pieces discussing story telling in comics with a focus on different artists and how they achieve story telling on their work. This piece centers on Jamie McKelvie who you probably know from the wonderful THE WICKED + THE DIVINE which he co-created with Kieron Gillen and is published by Image Comics. 

McKelvie is a fantastic artist that frequently incorporates story telling techniques that really only work in the comic book medium. I wrote previously about Canete’s and Bengal’s ability to convey emotion in their drawings and Jamie has no shortage of that in his work, but I would like to focus on his ability to push the comics medium and give us pages that are not only unique and beautiful, but push the conventions of story telling in comics.

The following pages are from THE WICKED + THE DIVINE issue #2 and #3. If you haven’t read it either yet, you may want to go do that first.

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Page 4.

And now, a scene transition! With different lighting! I no longer have to have two different shading layers!

Not much happening on this page. It’s a transition page.

Here, I’d like to point out a stylistic decision I like to make in my comics work; a personal rule that the gutters of the comic cannot be brighter than the brightest color on the entire page. For the last three pages, that has been a sort of purpley overlay that goes with the dusk. But now, the gutters are white!

Next pages are inked and awaiting coloring! You all have a nice day!

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