the gun is her baby


I think about all kinds of lives.
Like picking my fingers bloody out in them cotton fields.
Or being put up on that block, sold away from my chillun.
Maybe Deep South to a breeding farm where they force me to have a dozen babies I never get to hold.
Not like I held you.
Oh, yes, I’ve imagined thousands of different lives.
Which is why I work as hard as I do, make sure this one here is as easy as it can be.


When we play this song, nobody really knows that … when I’m singing this song, I actually, in my head, I see this little dog of ours with me onstage, ’cause she’s always so fucking happy.Before we came to the show today, she passed away. So we’ll dedicate this to her. Kind of the whole show for me in mind has been for Rosie.

Thank You For Loving Me - Spencer Reid Imagine

A/N: soo, I know I have a bunch of imagines on hold but I REALLY WANTED TO DO THIS ONE! cause I wanted to start Criminal Minds fandom! and I got this request and it was too beautiful to not do so.. here you go my first Dr. Reid imagine xD hope you gus like it

Anonymous said: Hi there! Could you write Spencer Reid/reader when they’ve been together for some time but neither of them said “i love you yet”. like they wanted to - when they woke up next to each other, or when he walked her home, or when they worked late etc but they didn’t. until one case goes wrong and when she is very badly injured he starts repeating it like mantra and she says those three words to him when she wakes up in hospital. pretty please and thank you!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Criminal Minds :D

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Thank You For Loving Me

He wanted to say it. Oh, so many times he had want to say it. But for some reason, something wasn’t letting him. He was certain, every single time he looked at her, that he was madly in love with (Y/N). They had been together for around five months now, but neither one of them had said it yet. The first time he knew he was in love with her, he almost said it, but they got interrupted.

It was something so simple. He was at his desk, going through paperwork from their last case, and he was slowly losing his mind. He had been in there for God knows how long and hadn’t even had a break. And then, out of nowhere, (Y/N) walked over to his desk and handed him a cup of coffee. He looked up at her with a small smile and she was returning it.

“Hi” he said quietly and gratefully taking the cup from her hand. “What’s this for?”

“You look like you needed a break” she said running her free hand through his locks to put them away from his face and leaning down to kiss his forehead before she went to sit down at her desk, in front of him. Spencer only looked at her in awe and wondered how did a simple gesture made his heart warm so much. “What?” she asked and he realized he was staring at her.

“N-nothing I just uh-“ he stuttered a little. Maybe it was too soon to tell her. They had been together for a little over a month. “I uh-“

“Hey, kids” Morgan said walking to their desks. “New case, let’s go!” he said walking into the conference room. (Y/N) sighed deeply and looked at him.

“Ready?” she said standing up and waiting for him to take her hand. He nodded slightly. “What were you going to say?”

“Oh, nothing- just uh- thank you for the coffee” he said quickly kissing her head as they followed the rest of the team.

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Married at First Sight Chapter 16: Birthday, a Walking Dead FanFiction
The conflict between Jadis, Rick and Michonne comes to a head...Who will be last man standing?

A Sneak Peek:

Originally posted by ricks-chonne

Fear and pain combined at Michonne’s core, a heady concoction that blurred her vision. Shakily, she rolled to her side, knee-deep in both garbage and another contraction. Her sword was pressed between her shoulder blades, trapped partially beneath pounds of trash, holding her in place like a turtle turned on its shell. The smoke in the air had finally caught them, filling her lungs, overpowering even the scent of their environment.

From above her, Jadis aimed her pistol at Michonne’s husband, all humor gone from her pinched expression. Rick dug himself out of the mound of refuse, face red in fury. With barely a glance, Jadis pulled the trigger.

The crack went off, deafening and terrifying. Michonne felt herself crying out. Rick made a sound as though all of the air had been pushed forcibly out of his body and collapsed.

“The baby,” Jadis glared down at her.

“Michonne, no,” Rick managed to groan, valiantly attempting to rise to his feet again. Jadis cocked the pistol again.

“Don’t,” Michonne commanded. “Don’t.”

Jadis paused but did not move her gun away from Rick. “The baby,” she repeated.

“I’m not having my baby here. You get us out, the baby is yours,” the words hurt even as they left her. The fire was closing in, the smoke making Michonne dizzy. Rick let out a wordless moan, born both of pain and protest.

Jadis hesitated, her eyes narrowing. She looked down at Rick.

“He’s bleeding,” Michonne constructed her plea. “His hand and his leg,” she could see the crimson stain on her husband’s jeans spreading. “I’m in labor.” Michonne hissed through the end of her contraction. “We can’t hurt you.”

Their captor weighed her options, wasting time they did not have.

“This place is going up in flames. You need to decide now,” Michonne prompted. “Deal?”

Jadis considered this. “Deal,” the smirk reemerged. She lowered her gun, walking over towards Michonne. Michonne’s muscles tensed as the woman got closer, her fingers digging into the debris beneath her. The woman reached for her, and Michonne steeled her nerve, willing herself to stay still.

“My baby,” she smiled from beneath her blunt bangs, her free hand coming around Michonne’s baby bump, the gun hanging limply at her side. The child inside of her kicked in protest. Michonne took a deep breath, summoning her strength.

Remedy (7)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries angst, fluffy, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

Taglist is fixed! Please message me if you want to be tagged. (not on this post pls, just message; I just can’t keep up otherwise!)

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I play on Xbox so having people on mic is rare and having people who are willing to leave party chat to join team chat is even rarer.

So we’re on Dorado (which I now refer to as the sacred map as I seem to get great teams on that map every single time I get it in comp) and this 4 man party jumps into chat and chooses Zenyatta, Zarya, Dva and Pharah. This is fantastic because I’m not solo healing as Mercy as is common when in gold.

I have a mic too but seeing how its a cheap af headset + mic it likes to stop working in between games so i can hear them but they can’t hear me.

The match was intense though. We rolled them on the first 2 points (with me getting two 3 man rezes) when it got intense.

Everytime I got rez I would spam my ultimate status before saying group up, which they understood and would do when we tried to push.

Several times they all died while I was at 40% and I had to bunny hop out of there with my pistol out. I actually killed a Roadhog who tried hooking me but needed to reload so I lived and headshot him until he died.

By the end of the round, (we were 3 meters away from getting the 3rd point) I had gotten 17 rezes.

We held them at the first point with Dva, Zarya, Zenyatta, Bastion, Soldier:76 and Mercy (me!).

This point was kinda funny because everyone but me and Zenyatta had died and the enemy team had a Genji, Bastion and Baby Dva alive. At this point our Zarya was telling us to pull out or die quickly so we could hold next point.

But I was at 86% ult and I knew I could get at least a 2 man rez (our Bastion and Dva) and we could hold it. I think the Bastion didnt see we were alive at first because he got out of sentry mode and tried getting on top of the payload. I say tried because Discord + Pew Pew gun Headshots + Orb spam killed him in seconds and I was able to rez those 2 previously mentioned.

The Genji then tried to peace out and climbe a wall out of there (Basrion gunned him down) while that Baby Dva tried to 1v1 her full hp Meka-ed counterpart.

By the end of the match I had gotten 23 rezes and POTM went to our Bastion (for ulting after I rezed him!) for a 4 man kill and an assist.

Oh and my death count? 4 times. 3 of them were on defense when I got over confident and tried to 1v1 enemies I shouldve let our tanks/DPS deal with (Meka-ed Dva, twice. Reinhardt, once). Gold healing as well, 27k.

Im now halfway out of Gold because of these guys :D

Remember me, jerk

Juice x reader

Trigger: Cheating, violence

Requested by: @homicidalteenagedream

Song: Remember by Jhene Aiko

I should have hated him. Every… every fucking bone in my body should have hated him.. but I didn’t.

Two weeks earlier.

Walking into the club house, all he guys where gathered around the pole. Watching a few croweaters doing what they normally do, be sluts. They seen y/n waved and kissed her cheek. She looked around to see Juice was gone. She walked to the back of the clubhouse to the dorms. He must be using the restroom you thought. “Harder…” she hurd moaning as she walked closer. She opened the door, to see juice having a crow eater bent over. She had her hands on her hips. She turned around, not even saying a word. Juice ran out of the room “Baby!” He yelled. She turned drawing her gun towards him. He stopped dead in his tracks. She walked back past he guys, they seen her put her gun away. “Have a good life..” She said, Happy raised an eyebrow, following her. Him and y/n have been friends since he was in Tacoma. He followed her out of the door, she drew her knife, slicing Juices tires to his motorcycle.

Happy followed her to the home Juice and her shared. He kept an eye on her. He watch her quietly, hoping she was ok. He seen items being thrown all across the house threw the windows. She walked out of the house with two duffel bags. Soon Juice pulled up on a brothers motorcycle. “y/n” he said slowly walking towards her. She drew her gun from her back belt loop. No words where said, she didn’t need to. “You slit my tires…” He said “Your lucky it was not your throat. I imagined it was you and hers. Now move before I put a bullet in your head.” She shoved juice a side. HE grabbed her hand, she grabbed her knife, slicing the top of his hand. “Bye Juice.” She walked to her car, throwing her stuff in the passengers seat. She drove off. Happy watched as Juice went into the house. He ran to follow y/n.

He followed her to the a bar in Lodi. He walked in seeing her, a bottle of Jack in front of her. He sat next to her. “I should of figured…” She said. Happy kissed her head gently. “You disappearing…” “Yeah… he is a bitch ass, pompass ass bitch.” She said laughing slightly with him. “Do not quit being in contact with me..” “I won’t hun..” y/n voice, filled with sadness. “You know.. you killed his baby and injured him..” “He is lucky he is still alive.” y/n stood up, chugging the rest of the Jack. “BE  safe little girl.” Happy said nodding to her.

A few days past. Happy rode into to the club house. “I was terrible… how could I do that to her?”… “Remember, everything she did for you.” Happy said, as he punched his brother across the face. “Ring now!” Juice was stunned on why Happy was acting this way. They were in the ring. “Remember her, remember what you did!..” Happy him in the face with a hook and a cross. Juice fell to the floor. “What the fuck Happy..” Juice said slowly getting up. “She was too damn good for you anyways!” Hap said dropping him again. “She was my best friend. She doesn’t even hate you like she should…” Hap walked up to him looking him in the eyes. “Find a new girl, stay clear of her..”

You sat at Happys house. He offered for you to stay with him for a bit.

Months passed, eventually you moved to Lodi. You missed him.. you missed Juice. But somethings… just need to hurt for a bit.. The pain came and go, all you wanted was for him to remember what he did.. for leaving you hurt like that.. Yet, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?


Request - Joker and Harley’s daughter One Shot imagine

a/n: hiii omg, i recently got this imagine request and i LOVED IT!!! so imma do it ehehhe. and it will be my version of how the joker and harley’s daughter would look and act like :) hope you enjoy babes

characters: joker, harley quinn, reader, some asshole named roy

pairing: reader and the asshole named roy are together, joker x harley as parents

storyline: reader and asshole named roy are in an abusive relationship, roy is abusive. reader’s parents - joker and harley don’t know about it, because y/n is too scared to tell them, not knowing they have control over anything. one day y/n’s parents find out.

warnings: abuse, mention of abuse and abusive relationship, swearing, death

“Please, please, don’t, no.” I whimpered, knowing what he was about to do. His hand raised and collided with my cheek, making tears spill out and my head turn harshly to the side. I gasped, sobbing and holding my face from the pain.

“You are never leaving me!” He yelled. “You understand?!” His hand grabbed my face, pulling me closer. “Do. You. Fucking. Understand?!” My eyes shut closed from his loud voice grazing my ears. “Speak, you little filth!”

“Yes.” I whispered.

“What was that?”

“I will never leave you, Roy.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Now get out before my parents come back!” He yanked me away from him, making me fall on my knees. “Get up, bitch. And remember, nobody knows about this.” His harsh words stabbed me right in every place in my mind and body and I scrambled to my feet. I grabbed my things and with all my energy, I got out of his house and got in my car.

Once I started the engine and got far away from his house, I stopped at the side of the road and cried. I cried and cried, and cried for what felt like hours. When I felt like calming down, I looked at the time. Shit, it was almost curfew. I started the car again and drove home as fast as possible. I hoped I made it in time.

I parked my car in our garage and quickly walked through the front door into the house.

“BABY’S HOME!” I heard mom yell from the dining room. I sighed. Jeez, I really needed them out of the way right now. I just wanted to go to my room and be alone for a while. But I had to greet them, otherwise they would get angry. “I made some dinner, hon.” She said. Her white hair with pink and blue ends was up in a perfect messy bun, her body wrapped in a white silk robe. Dad was sitting next to her, an arm around her waist, probably. He was in a simple white shirt, his green hair perfectly standing out.

I placed my bag on a chair and finally faced her. 

“Oh, honey.” She pouted, seeing my face. I furrowed my eyebrows. “What happened to your make up?”

“W-what do you mean?” I asked. Oh, right, me crying. 

“Your mascara is running down your face, eyeshadow smudged. What happened?” She questioned. Well, should I tell them? I mean, it’s not the best timing since this abuse from Roy has been going on for months. But they need to know, better late than never. Although he told me not to tell anyone. We both know what he would do if I told anybody. But God, I couldn’t take this for any longer. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I ran my fingers over my face and my hair, sighing. I opened my mouth to speak, but only sobs and pants came out. 

“Oh, baby, come here.” Mom urged for me, stretching her arms out to me along with dad. His blue eyes held strong concern. I walked over to them and fell into their arms. I cried into their clothes, their arms wrapped around me, dad’s one hand was soothing my back. “Is it someone at school? Is it Roy?” I nodded my head feverishly. “What did he do? Did he hurt you? God, I always knew there was something wrong about him.”

“Tell us, baby, so we can figure it out together.” Dad said. I looked up at him. “We’re here for you, baby girl. We’ve always been. Whatever it is, you can tell us. Even if you think you can’t, please do.” 

“Just tell us, hon. We will do anything to make you happy.” Mom urged and I slowly calmed myself. And told them everything. How Roy had been abusing me for the past few months and told me to not tell anyone. How I had been using dumb excuses for my bruises and scars every time they had noticed and asked. How I had been too scared to tell anybody.

“Baby, how-” Mom couldn’t even form words.

“Haven’t you got any idea of what we can do?” Dad said.

“What?” I asked.

“Baby, we have all the power.” Mom gave me a wicked smile. “To do anything. Get revenge on someone, get something, destroy the wo-”

“Harley, please.” Dad stopped her. “We could’ve done something so long ago.”

“But I thought you guys were… I didn’t know about your… power.” 

“Now you know.” Mom spoke. “So let’s get him.”

“W-what, I-I just-”

“Don’t say you don’t want to get rid of him.” Dad said. “Harls, get hers and your costume, this Roy will finally meet his ‘girlfriend’s’ parents.” Dad spoke and stood up, walking down the hallway. I turned to mom.

“What? C-costumes? What did he mean?” I asked. Mom only smiled again and took my hand, dragging me upstairs. After a little while, we were both in matching red and black costumes with white and checker-style details. Mom improved my make up situation, making my mint-green hair into a bun like hers.

“Oh, baby, I’m so excited.” She said, putting some lipstick on my lips. “Haven’t gone out this way since you were in me.” Weird. “We’re finally gonna show you bits of our old life. Perhaps later we can teach you how to fight and… well, live.” She spoke, giggling after. Mom took my hand and dragged down to the very basement where I saw things I had never seen in my life. Dozens of guns stocked in different shelfs, all over the place. 

“Wow.” I breathed out, all the sadness gone. 

“I know, hon. Let me just take two.” Mom said. She walked over to a black box and came back with two guns - one was gold, the other white with gold touches. “Alright, now let’s go. J’s probably already waiting for us.” We walked back into the main room, and there was dad standing in a purple suit. It was perfect, no flaws. 

“Well, aren’t my girls looking beautiful?” He smiled, accenting the last word, which made mom giggle. I felt very insecure and uncomfortable in this costume, I never wear tight clothes. “Let’s go now.” 

We got into dad’s lamborghini and soon were at Roy’s place. A big jeep in the driveway gave away that his parents were home. What would we do about them?

We got out, me and mom following dad, and simply came in through the front door. Roy was standing behind his parents, it looked like we interrupted something. I stood behind dad, looking doubtfully over at mom. 

“Don’t worry, hon.” Mom whispered, sending me a wink. I gave her a weak smile, holding onto dad’s hand. 

“Who the hell are you?” Roy’s voice cut through the tense silence. Dad laughed in a way I had never heard before, tilting his head back.

“Oh, boy. Do you really need to be asking the questions here?” Dad spoke in a seductive way.

“How about we ask you a few questions, Roy?” Mom spat his name like poison. The looks on Roy’s family’s faces were ridiculous. 

“For example, Roy’s parents, do you know how my daughter’s and your son’s relationship is going?”

“Y-yes, it’s like a piece of cake.” Roy’s mom said.

“Is that so?” My mom asked. “What do you think, mister?” She pointed her finger at Roy’s dad. 

“I think it’s the same as my wife thinks.”

“Hmm.” Mom narrowed her eyes in doubt.

“You see, we got complains from our daughter here that… their relationship hasn’t been going so well the past few months.” Dad spoke. “She told us Roy here has been abusing our baby doll. Do you know anything about that?” Roy’s parents turned around to him with wide eyes.

“Roy? Is that true?” His mom exclaimed.

“N-no, of c-course not, y-you know I wouldn’t d-do that.” Roy stammered. Pussy. 

“Of course it’s true. Our baby would never lie to us.” Mom said. “Y/N, can you tell them?” I came out in front of my parents with the biggest confidence I had felt in my life.

“Yes. It’s true. Roy has been abusing me for five months. He told me to never tell anyone or it would get worse. But now, knowing what my parents are capable of, I could finally have the courage to tell them.” I said. “I honestly don’t know what you get out of it, Roy. Wait, I know - you’re a pathetic sadist, who’s reputation is made of bad things only.” I spat. 

“Yes, that’s right.” Dad nodded. “That’s the truth. We’ve seen the scars.”

“Roy! I can’t believe this!” His mom exclaimed. 

“Don’t worry, miss.” Mom said with a sarcastic smile.

“You won’t have to deal with him.” Dad spoke.

“We’ll do it for you.” Mom finished. The next things happening were a blur. Loud noises, like shots and Roy’s parents’ bodies falling to the ground. Mom and dad were laughing. I looked at Roy and laughed myself. The boy had pissed himself with the biggest fearful eyes I’d ever seen. 

“Oh my God.” I said between laughs. Mom and dad walked to stand next to me and mom handed me her gun.

“I think you have the honor, baby.” She said with a wicked smile. I took the gun from her and put it up in front of me, aiming at Roy. The actions came practically naturally.

“It’s in her genes.” Dad said with a smirk.

“Y/N, no, please don’t do this. I will be better, I promise, I won’t hurt you again, I know what comes of it, I-”

“Shh.” I said with a smile and pulled the trigger, aiming at his forehead.

Tig Trager - Gun Kink

It was a normal afternoon at Club Reaper. The boys were all over the place and doing whatever it was they were doing. It was a pretty relaxed day. So relaxed actually that Tig was lounging on the couch next to his long time friend, (Y/N).

“Tell me something about you that I don’t know.”

She pipped up randomly as she sat there tapping on her smart phone. Tig raised a brow as he was nursing a beer as he had his arm thrown over the back of the couch. He looked at her in an odd manner before he gave a curious chuckle.

“Like what? I think you know more about me than anyone else I’ve ever met.”

She put her phone down and glanced over at him. Huffing she put the phone in her lap and pushed out her bottom lip a bit trying to think up of something.

“Okay, how about I go first?”

She offered. Tig gave a lazy shake of his head prior to pressing the tip of the bottle to his lips and sipping some

“Let’s see… I know. I’m afraid of guns.”

She said causing Tig to nearly choke on his drink and glanced at her as if she had two heads.


He snapped.

“You hang around a bunch of big bad bikers that run thousands of guns and you’re afraid of them?”

“I work with Bobby in bookkeeping! It’s not like I touch them, jeez!”

She said crossing her arms over her chest and scoffing and shaking her head. Glancing over at Tig she noticed that he had that smirk. It was that smirk that always caused some type of trouble. She knew it all too well.


She asked cautiously. He grinned showing his teeth and leaned over more toward her. She blinked wondering what he was planning. She could feel his hot breath on the shell of her ear that sent shivers down her spine.

“I have a gun kink.”

He said before he took her lobe in between his teeth and tugged lightly.

“Are you – you’re just making fun of mine!”

She yelped, shoving him back and away from her. But he didn’t laugh like he normally done when he was joking with her. She gulped, he couldn’t have been serious? He trailed his hand down her arm and grabbed her hand and went to stand up off the coucj, pulling her with him.

“What are you?”

She asked as she watched him take one more swig of the alcohol before sitting it down on the table at their feet. He didn’t say anything as he pulled her toward the back of the club house. Her mind was buzzing with what he was doing. She wanted to believe that he was taking her into the back to show her guns or something like that, but her heart rate and that little voice in the back of her head screamed differently.

Pushing open the door to the bedroom in the back of the Club he pulled her inside and closed the door behind him. Yelping as her back came in contact with the wall beside her she grabbed onto his kutte and opened her mouth to yell at him for being so rough, but he had other plans for her mouth.

His lips smashed down on top of hers. She gasped and took a deep breath in through her nose as Tig placed his hands on the side of her face, squishing hers against his.

His hands quickly left the sides of her face and trailed down to her pants and undid the button and zipper, pulling them and her underwear down around her ankles. She kicked her street shoes off and knocked her pants and panties off down her legs as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Then suddenly she became still and her eyes snapped open as she looked up at Tig.

 "N-No T-Tig!“

She whispers as he has her body pressed again the wall. Their breathing labored from each other’s lips. She could feel the cold steel against her exposed leg as Tig traveled the gun up the side of her leg and toward the waiting warmth. He looked at her with those bright blue eyes.

"Watch me, baby. Watch me.”

He hushed as her eyes tried to flicker down toward the gun that was between their bodies. She did as she was told and watched Tig intently as her heart continued to speed up the closer he go to her vigina.

She held her breath as she felt the coldness of the gun greeting the first wall as he slid it inside. She gasped out and clung to his kutte, closing her eyes and feeling as he pressed it slowly and deeply inside her.

“Yeah, that’s my girl.”

He hummed as he watched her “oh” face quickly replace the look of fear that she just wore. Of course Tig had made sure that the safety was on prior to pushing it inside her and he kept his finger away from the trigger as he played with her.

He licked his lips as he watched her withering before him and gasping making those sweet noises as he slowly moved the gun in and out of her.

“Tiiiiig – It’s so cold!!”

She moaned out causing him to chuckle. He undid his pants and pushed them down exposing his hardened dick.

“Well, let me warm you up then, baby.”

He said pulling the gun out of her and replacing it with his dick. She gasped and buried her head into his chest. Tig tossed the gun over onto the bed as a reminder to clean it well later so there wouldn’t be anything faulty with it thanks to the juices that were coated with it. Slipping his hands under her ass he raised her up and kept her pinned against the wall and thrusted up into her.

The breathless sounds that came from her we’re better than any sounds that he had heard from the crows that lingered around her. And she felt so damn nice and tight around him. Bobby had always told the guys that “Lady pussy” was different that it was nicer than anything else in the world, and Tig understood what he meant now.

“Fuck, baby.”

Tig groaned as he buried his face into her neck and shoulder as he thrusted into her roughly, making the pictures hanging on the wall around them onto bounce and one or two even fall off onto the floor.

She wrapped her legs and locked them around his waist as he moved faster and faster against her. His grunts mixed with her groans as he slammed into her.

The aftermath was a somewhat glow. She had never had such an amazing type of sex before. Laying down on the bed beside one another she turned her head and looked at Tig, who laid beside her with his eyes closed and one arm behind his head the other resting on her hip as his thumb stroked her naked skin softly.

“So, what other secrets do you have that I don’t know about?”

Tig asked, cracking open an eye and smirking at her slightly playfulness expression.

“I don’t think any others you need to know.”

Tig just belowed a laugh as he pulled her closer to his side and rested his chin on the top of her head, smiling all the while.

“You don’t seem to be all too afraid of guns anymore.”

“Shut up, Tig.”

anonymous asked:

Don't you ever feel like Cas is very under appreciated??? Like don't you ever feel that sam and dean just use him to fix up their messes??? :/

Oh boy.  My short answer to this is yes.  I do sometimes feel like Cas is underappreciated, but I don’t think that Sam and Dean just use him to fix their messes. (I’ve seen Cas-haters argue the exact opposite, that Cas is the one causing problems that the Winchesters have to clean up.^.^)

I think part of the reason Cas seems underappreciated is because so much of what he goes through, he goes through alone and a lot of the time the Winchesters never even hear about it.  So it’s pain that doesn’t even get acknowledged.  Contrary to Sam and Dean going through horrible shit, they always have each other and they’re almost always certain that they’ll have each other’s support.

Cas has known the boys for years now and they’ve been through so much horrible stuff but he STILL feels like he doesn’t belong not really.  He says as much to Mary in 12x3

Mary: After you left heaven, when did it start to feel like…like you fit, like you…belonged here?
Castiel: Well, I’m still not sure I do.

It’s stuff like this that makes Castiel’s mistreatment and torture at the hands of the angels 10xs worse because nearly everything Cas does is for Dean.  And even though Dean has called him family and brother, Cas still doesn’t feel the love.  

I am hoping some of what happened later in s12 helped Cas feel a little bit better about his place with the Winchesters, but as recently as 12x19 he is still feeling like his only value lies in what he can do for them.  He still is trying to play the role of protector or guardian for the Winchesters, prompting Dean to say: “ You’re not our babysitter, Cas, okay? That is not your job.”

I really just need Dean to open his mouth and tell Cas how he really feels. He’s been doing better, but we’ve still got some significant ground to cover.  

For me the worst thing will probably always be Dean kicking Cas out of the bunker with no explanation (though leaving him in the hospital sucked too). It was a horrible thing to do to Cas when he was at his most vulnerable and I’m certain the message he got from it was that without his powers Dean didn’t want him. Which wow, it still hurts. But as hurt as Cas was by this, Dean later explained himself and Cas understood and forgave him. I think that’s really important to remember.  

Even if the conversations between Sam, Cas, and Dean aren’t always shown or when they are it doesn’t seem like ENOUGH to warrant forgiveness, remember that it is enough for them.  All three of them have made mistakes and bad decisions and they know what it’s like to screw up on colossal levels. Even if they don’t say it (well, Cas did!) they do love each other.  And that goes a long way when you’re trying to forgive someone.  

Another part of the issue is the show not including Misha in more episodes. Cas is always off somewhere else and at times it doesn’t make satisfactory sense as to WHY he’s not with the Winchesters. It almost always irks me and I hope Misha gets more episodes moving forward, because if he is so important to Dean I feel like they should be together more. Especially with Dean saying things like “ You, me, and Sam, we’re just better together”  I feel like now, more than ever, they need to stick together.  They did try to make more of an effort with explaining Castiel’s absence this season, but i still don’t know why it took him weeks to talk to Joshua when they plan boiled down to ‘your boyfriend has a powerful gun. Go steal it from him and shoot Kelly and her baby dead.’  I guess we’ll see…


~ Part two ~

Everyone was frozen, nobody knew what to do or what to say, terrified he’d pull the trigger at a moment’s hesitation.

“Lachlan what are you – “ Rebecca said slowly before he turned to her holding the gun to her causing her to sit back in her seat.

“Don’t.” He said through gritted teeth, “I’m in charge here, no one else.”
Aaron had his eyes fixed on Liv who was sat on the other side of the pub near Chas, a look of fear spread on her face that he had never seen before whilst Robert’s was fixed on him, knowing exactly what Lachlan was capable of doing.

“Now,” Lachlan started to explain moving the focus of the gun around the room,

“You,” He stated pointing at Robert, “You,” Aaron, “You,” Rebecca, “You,” Vic,

“You,” Chas, “You,” Belle, “and you.” He finished directing the gun at Liv. “You all stay where you are, we’ve only just got started.” He smiled.

“Lachlan – “ Robert tried to interrupt before being stopped.

“SHUT UP!” Lachlan shouted, his temper raging once again causing everyone to be in shock. “The rest of you are gonna leave, you’re gonna go out through the back door and you’re all gonna go home, like this never happened.” He stated simply, “Oh yeah and if any of you try to do anything, if you ring the police or anything, for every siren I hear, I’ll kill one of this lot.”

As he said this he began letting the few others past him, following them to ensure they left the pub and didn’t try anything, as soon as everyone had left he locked the back door to the pub, barricading it so no one had a chance of escaping.

Whilst he was gone Liv ran over to where Aaron was standing, him embracing her in a hug before forcing her to stand behind him, trying to protect her despite his own fear. Looking up as he heard Lachlan’s footsteps approaching yet again he shared a look with Robert, the same look they had shared once under the water in the car, the look of utter uncertainty and horror.

As he appeared once again from the back he took his place where he had been stood previously, never once letting go of the gun. He took a breath then continued in his instructions,

“Everyone in that corner.” He ordered pointing to where Aaron and Liv were stood, quickly causing everyone to obey what he said, everyone except Rebecca. “Move.” He demanded pointing the gun once again in her direction.

“I can’t, Lachlan the baby – “

“MOVE!” He shouted even louder than before causing her to cry.

“She can’t don’t you see that!” Aaron called earning a stern look from everyone, each person wondering what he was doing.

“Aaron – “ Robert began to say.

“At least let one of us help her.” Aaron pleaded seeing how much stress she was under, knowing there was no way she could move by herself.

“Fine.” Lachlan said, “Only one of you.”

As he said this Aaron moved towards Rebecca slowly, a look in confusion and fear mixed on her face as to why he was helping her. A similar look spread across everyone’s face due to Aaron’s gesture, especially Roberts. Holding her up Aaron helped her walk across to the corner where everyone was stood and grabbed a chair for her helping her sit down safely.

“Lachlan why are you doing this?” Belle uttered quietly, trying not to evoke his temper.

“All my life I’ve been treated like a spare part, no one’s ever wanted me or needed me or loved me – I’ve been on my own. Scared, frightened, helpless all my life and it’s not fair! So now it’s your turn, now you all get a glimpse into what my life is like.” He explained as if it was a reasonable justification.

“Your mum.” Robert began, “She does, she needs you Lachlan, if you go to prison she’ll lose you, do you really want her to go through that again?” He tried to persuade him but unexpectantly received a laugh from him.

“She doesn’t care anymore.” He continued to laugh, almost delusional, “Of course she did once,” His face becoming gradually more relaxed, his laughter dying down, “But I guess after what I did to Grandad about half an hour ago I don’t think she does anymore.”

“What’ve you done?” Rebecca questioned.

“Let’s just say your inheritance will be in your bank account very soon.” He remarked, no emotion in his voice.

At hearing his words Rebecca began to break down into tears, a drunken Vic attempting to comfort her the best she could as everybody else tried to suppress their shock.

“So, what now then? You’re gonna kill us one by one? Is that it?” Chas questioned, anger seeping into her voice, “Because let me tell you this, I’ve known men far more dangerous than you and I’m scared of you.”

“Don’t be stupid you old bitch.” He replied with disgust in his voice, “I’m not gonna kill you,” He paused rethinking his words, “Actually alright technically I’m gonna kill you but we’re gonna play a little game.”

His words stunned everyone as they slowly found themselves moving closer together through fear of the unknown at what was going to happen next.

“I’ll pull the trigger but Aaron’s gonna decide who it’s pointing at when I do…”

Trust me there is a plot to this, let me know what you think and whether I should carry this on or not, thank youuuu x

who cares | 06 (m)

• pairing:  kim taehyung x oc 
genre/warnings: mature material, smut, angst, drama, adultery, dom themes, dirty talk, dom! taehyung 
• words: 6,116
→ summary: what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…?
• note. inspired by Dean’s album 130: trbl. Italic paragraphs indicate flashbacks.

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Shades - Bullet Holes

Originally posted by oscaricaas

Shades Alvarez Song Fic

“The Walls Line the Bullet Holes.” - Time To Dance by PaTD

Shades watched the woman steadying her gun on the edge of the rooftop. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched her taking aim at her target.

“Don’t mess this up now, Y/N. No do-overs.”

She looked at him from the corner of her eye and scoffed. He was wearing that smile again as he looked at her without his shades that normally covered his eyes.

“You forget who you’re talking to Shades?”

Shades only grinned more as she prepared to fire her gun.

“No way, baby girl. Just making small talk.”

Firing she hit her target from two blocks away. Removing her eyes from the sight she started to dissemble her gun. Shade stood there beside her and watched as she worked quickly placing the gun back in it’s home of the holder.

“That’s my girl.”

“Check it out,” Andi grinned while she gestured to the sword she was holding by the pommel, tip of the blade resting in the dirt at her feet. The thing was massive, at a full length of nearly four and a half feet which stood only a foot shy of her full height. However, by the look on her face she was more than proud of the piece. “Life size replica of Andúril from Lord of the Rings, etchin’ and all. Pretty cool, right?”