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Nationals Qualifiers - Midwestern Sectionals Pt. 2

After the last two days of competition, the following skaters have earned a trip to the US Figure Skating Championships this January, in addition to those that I previously posted about. Posted in order of level and rank - gold, silver, bronze, pewter. Below the cut, as it’s long.

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What Trump’s latest executive order actually means for the protestors at Standing Rock and the building of the pipeline

This would be a huge blow for the people who fought for more than seven years against the project, a transnational pipeline that would extend from Canada to the Gulf Coast. The venture was killed by President Obama in 2015 because it would contribute to climate change and deter American efforts to reach a global deal addressing this issue.

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge encompasses some of Alabama’s last remaining undisturbed coastal barrier habitat. The name Bon Secour is French for “safe harbor,” very appropriate considering the sanctuary it provides for native flora and fauna. This refuge is a natural oasis of wildlands, where wildlife can exist without harm. It may be too cold to go in the water, but even in winter, a walk on the beach can be a beautiful experience. Photo by Stephanie Pluscht, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

To those living in the gulf coast region and are in the path of Hurricane Harvey:

Please prepare as the Hurricane is predicted to make land fall late Friday night!!!

Here are some things off the top of my head that should be done or purchased before Harvey makes landfall.

  • make sure you bring in any furniture that is not weighed down
  • All your animals should have tags on them with phone number or your address on it (fences could possibly be knocked down and animals could get frightened and run off)
  • Purchase candles and matches/lighters
  • Propaine tanks/charcoal/lighter fluid - what ever your grills work with-
  • Body wipes for hygiene and fill up bathtubs so you flush your toilets
  • Make sure your back up generators work properly and do not place them in doors
  • WATERRRRRRRRRR - get water and gas first!!!!!
  • Call your relatives and make sure everyone knows what to prepare for.
  • Check in on any relatives or neighbors that may live alone.
  • Buy a windup radio and a wind up light source ( I can’t remember the brand that we have)
  • Make sure your phones are fully charged

Feel free to add to this post! Stay safe everyone! ❤️

Gulf Coast Gothic
  • “Its a beautiful day” someone tells you. You look up at the blinding sky. You can feel yourself melting. Sweat pours off you both. If it stays this hot you might die. “Yes,” you echo “A beautiful day”
  • You’ve lived in the south for a few years now. One day without warning it possesses you. The “y’all” grabs your tongue and doesn’t let go. You are one of Them now.
  • You and your friends go to the beach. You take pictures for Instagram. “I love the beach” the caption reads. Your eyes are hollow. You do not love the beach. You have no feelings towards the beach.
  • You attend a Mardi Gras Parade. Everyone reaches their hands to the sky, trying to catch something that will complete them. A man in a hoodie comes out of nowhere and snatches something from right in front of you. You feel anger towards this man. You have no idea he was trying to protect you.
  • Every year like a bizarre ritual people begin cutting thick boards to fit their windows. There hasn’t been a hurricane in years. Why do they do this? No one can remember.
  • Your neighbor waves. You take notice that his lack of shirt signifies the plague has affected him. Every overweight man over the age of 60 catches this plague which seems to rid men of their ability to put on a shirt. You smile uncomfortably and wave back but say nothing. No one mentions the plague.
  • “Its not the same since the oil spill.” says your uncle. You’ve scrubbed your kitchen floor until your hands bled but he won’t let your forget that time you dropped a bottle of vegetable oil. “Never again will I let a family member put in a floor for me no matter how little they charge” you think. Your brother hollers from where he’s fixing the roof. Better bring him some more water.
  • You go over a bridge. “Look to see if there’s any dolphins!” the driver tells you. There are never any dolphins. You look anyway.
  • It is blackberry season again. You have your secret spot to find them, and your family wades through the brambles to find as many as possible. Thorns tear at your clothes and skin. You don’t feel the pain, just taste those sweet, sweet blackberries. Later you will make a pie.