the guitar pick thing

a poem about taylor forgetting her guitar pick

Taylor rolls her eyes

it’s really no surprise

her dad has brought along

something he always buys

she turns up her nose

and away she goes

to her oldest’s fans home

ready to give a show

once inside

there she spies

mr cyrus

with glistening eyes

She pulls out a guitar

ready to give a show

however she notices

her guitar pick is a no show

she gives her case a lurk

where she has left it, she’s sure

and when she looks up 

her dad has a smirk

she scrunches her nose

and turns in her toes

she’s far to stubborn

but in her heart she knows

Scott raises a brow

and moves through the crowd

she hands her a pick

she’s smiling big now

Taylor finishes the show

and to the car shes goes

and on the way out 

“HA. It’s a good thing I had my guitar picks!” He is a-glow.

the end.

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Five things you’ll find in my bag

  • wallet
  • makeup bag
  • stickers
  • guitar picks
  • trash

Five things in my bedroom

  • lots of clothes on the floor
  • cat food
  • 4 water bottles (gotta quench that thirst)
  • half read books
  • Baymax

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life?

  • see all of the natural wonders of the world
  • visit all of the continents
  • adopt an animal from the shelter
  • teach English in a different country
  • Take my family travelling

Five things that make me happy

  • mochi :3
  • hanging out with my mom
  • skyping/tcing my friends
  • rollercoasters
  • Min Yoongi

Five things I’m currently into

Five things on my to-do list

  • Go to the gym
  • Order pens for Hilary
  • Call Boulder about my application
  • Call Army ROTC about scheduling my interview
  • Clean my room

Five things people may not know about me.

  • I’m really honest and forward about my feelings, which tends to get people hurt or not like me. 
  • I hate it when people come over to my house
  • I’m really quiet irl, but crazy on the internet
  • I can’t cook to save my life
  • I’m a catfish

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Five things you’ll find in my bag

  • cool rock i found
  • spare eyeliner for Emergencies
  • tea bags - hibiscus, earl grey
  • lighters that are always in the way but disappear when needed
  • guitar picks

Five things in my bedroom

  • a lock of damian’s hair i keep in the engagement ring’s box
  • weird shit stapled to the ceiling
  • an anime poster that has been there for 7 years
  • all manner of musical equipment
  • a large seashell used to hold guitar picks

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life?

  • make music
  • create music
  • make a difference with my music
  • make somebody feel something with my music
  • inspire somebody with my music

Five things that make me happy

  • playing my guitar
  • sound as an artistic medium
  • sound as a science 
  • science as an artistic medium

Five things I’m currently into

  • the concept of springtime
  • silent films
  • pirates
  • the 1700s

Five things on my to-do list

  • marry damian
  • clean something anything
  • make a physical pen and paper reading list
  • suck less at certain difficult chords
  • purchase a large crayfish

Five things people may not know about me.

  • my url is not actually a self reference contrary to popular belief lol, it is a reference to rowland s howard’s album “pop crimes”
  • last year i scored in the top 2% of the country in english and also some other subjects, this is something that i myself forget quite a lot
  • somehow i’m allergic to celery, idk how that’s even possible because it’s like 99% water but yeah it makes my mouth numb
  • i almost drowned a few times
  • i have 10mm of metal wire accidentally in my jaw bone forever

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Alien Face Guitar Pick

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Best friend Michael

I feel like I have a lot of pent up thoughts about this 

being best friends with Michael Clifford would include:

-him randomly showing up at your house whenever

-usually showing up with some kind of food 

-you helping him dye his hair 

-platonic cuddling 

-you stealing his clothes 

-him getting annoyed by it

-him stealing your clothes

-convincing you to dye your hair to match his

-constant screaming 

-playing penis in random places  

-texting each other memes at 3 am

-Michael swearing constantly 

-”Michael! stop swearing there are children here” “shit sorry”

-him coming to you for opinions on his music

-leaving things all around your house e.g clothes, guitar picks, food probably

-both of you showing each other new music

-rocking out to music in your bedroom

-midnight walks

-him getting jealous when you hang out with the other boys

-him being clingy

-knowing everything about him

-him knowing everything about you

-inside jokes

-him opening up to you about everything one morning at 5 am

-calling him kitten


-him calling you kitten

-”you’re a dickhead” “yeah I know”

-people being sure there’s something more going on because of how close you are 

-hanging out with his parents while he’s on tour

-going to concerts together

-movie nights

-him getting angry when you scare him

-”it wasn’t that funny” “you should have seen your face”

-going to amusement parks with the four boys

-him probably developing a crush on you cause it’s Michael like let’s be real here

-buying each other gag gifts 

-buying each other really sentimental gifts

-getting drunk together

-him texting you while he’s drunk about wanting to adopt a kitten

-you going to pick up a drunk Michael

-him teaching you to play the guitar 

-him finding you adorable 

-”why the fuck are you wearing my shirt again!” “I like it!’ “well give it back!” “no! fuck off Michael!”

-deciding his next hair colour/colours

-singing duets

-him being drunk or really tired and kissing you without thinking about it

-you being very confused to say the least


I feel like Scott Swift’s pockets are like Hermione Granger’s hand bag bag. Like it LOOKS small but actually it is never ending inside and can hold like a million things. Like a million guitar picks.

but imagine if Dan played guitar like seriously guys knowing him he’d make an entire video about losing guitar picks and it would be the best thing ever 

“It’s like there’s some weird interdimensional void when you drop a guitar pick. It will either disappear forever or you’ll find it in your fridge the next week this is an actual problem”

Appreciation post for the Swift family

Can we just talk about how amazing Taylor’s family is? They could’ve simply hid away from the attention, be escorted by security all the time to secret locations, not interact with any of us. But they love it all as much as Taylor does. Andrea spends her time walking through THOUSANDS of fans, all of whom are fuelled with adrenaline and excitement, she takes photos with them, talks to them, upgrades some of them to better seats and invites some people to MEET Taylor? Scott loves mingling with everyone and anyone, chatting with them, making sure every thing is good, giving them guitar picks as a token. Austin chats with fans and immerses himself in the crowd, even while studying and doing his own thing.
We are so lucky not only to have an amazing role model, but to have the opportunity to interact with her family.
Andrea, Scott and Austin, we love you so much and we appreciate everything you do ☺️❤️