the guilt of

  • abuser, trying their hardest to guilt trip me: Yeah it's all my fault isn't it! I'm the true evil! I'm the worst person alive! I was the one who did *something they really did* and it's all my fault that you did *something you reacted with to their abuse*! I should be sent to hell for everything I do! I only want others to live in misery! Everything is my fault!
  • me: so finally throwing in some truth into the mix are we

I think its funny how this anime is called Kill la Kill, but our protagonists never actually kill anybody. Ryuko and Satsuki don’t have any blood on their hands, but not from a lack of trying.
Ryuko and Satsuki both want to kill someone more than anything in the world. Ryuko wants to kill Nui for murdering her father, and Satsuki wants to kill Ragyo for killing her father and baby sister (and I’m pretty sure for molesting her for all those years). However, both Ryuko and Satsuki fail at killing their nemesis.

Ryuko goes of the deep end in episode 20, and goes straight for Ragyo and Nui. Ryuko has a fight with Nui and stabs her through the chest. Nui pretends to dramatically die, and Ryuko has a devilish smile on her face. She takes satisfaction in watching her “die”. But then Nui’s all like,“Just kidding”, and Ryuko gets pissed, then gets brainwashed by Junketsu.

Satsuki has a simular situation. She stabs Ragyo in the back and gives a speech she had been preparing her whole life. She chops her head off and has a serious, but satisfied face and only says,“It is done”. But of course, Ragyo can’t be killed so easily. Then Satsuki loses in a fist fight with her, loses Junketsu, and blows up the stadium, and then gets captured.

Then in episode 24, both Ryuko and Satuki slice up Ragyo with the scissor blades. And we all know why that failed. That little armless psychopath decapitates herself.

Despite their burning hate for their enemies, they cannot kill them. At one point, Ryuko even has the chance to kill both Nui and Ragyo. Instead of chopping Nui’s arms off, she could’ve chopped her head off. And when Ragyo fails and is just floating in space, she could’ve charged at her and taken her out, but she actually asks Ragyo to come back to Earth with her. She says,“Yeah Mom. The Earth ain’t gonna turn into a cocoon sphere, and you’re coming back with me”. She forgives her and calls her Mom, which she had refused to do so earlier.
Ryuko rises above that hate and becomes a better person than both Nui and Ragyo.

Those two are so rotten that they wind up taking their own lives. Nui sacrifices herself without question and Ragyo can’t handle her own failure and she rips her heart out then crushes it. Her humanity so so far gone that she couldn’t even bother to stick around to be a good mom to Satsuki and Ryuko. And Nui was never human to begin with. Just a bundle of pure evil.
In the end, they were the only ones with blood on their hands. 

those instagram videos of perfect glossy tiny dogs who blink wide eyed at the camera and dont move….. god we have a dog and hes a walking sack of fur and ticks and he has a daft look in his eyes often. i dont even let him in my room. i mean i love him regardless so its kind of heartless of me to say all this but i cant believe there r dogs out there that arent 100% buffoons

lainetar  asked:

Hi, sorry but quick question: Are you the one who wrote "The Commentary of TOS for KS" at FFnet? Did you ever finish it? Because there's only chapters up to the 18th episode of season 2 at FFnet and I'd really like to read the rest. Are the rest at some other site or did you drop the project?

I am indeed! It hasn’t been dropped, it’s just currently on a really long hiatus for many reasons (mental illness, other commitments, anxiety, ADD, it’s a long story). 

Actually I have over half of the next episode done. I’ve been chipping away at it over time, maybe if I can tell my guilt* to shove off I can get it completed sometime soon.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen my Youtube show The Ship’s Closet, that could give you some more K/S analysis/flail while we all wait for me to get my shit together. =)

Okay. There’s something that has been bothering me for a long time and today I’m gonna try to articulate it. Here I go:

If you are white, you do not get to distance yourself from your whiteness by saying “white people suck” to a person of color. Believe me, they know.

If you are straight, you do not get to distance yourself from your straightness by saying “straight people suck” to a non-straight person. Believe me, we know.

If you are cis, you do not get to distance yourself from your cis-ness by saying “cis people suck” to a trans and/or nonbinary person. Believe me, they know.

I’m white and I caught myself doing this shit the other day while I was working on a race theory essay. I was writing about how white people try to infantilize black people in ads and media and I wrote “they” instead of “we” to refer to white people. Once I’d realized what I’d done—how I’d subconsciously tried to other myself from an oppressive group simply because I was criticizing it—I corrected it to “we.” Because, as a white person, I know that I am part of the problem.

You don’t get to decide that you are one of the “good ones” just because you think racism/homophobia/transphobia/etc. is bad. You’re still a member of the oppressive majority. You still perpetuate racism/homophobia/transphobia/etc.… regardless of whether you’re aware of it or not.

TL; DR: Please spend more time actually listening to minorities and less time assuring them that you’re not like those other bad white/straight/cis people.


But we’re a million worlds apart..

The Zodiac Signs When Being Guilt-Tripped

Falls for it: Cancer, Leo, Libra, Pisces 

Feels guilty but is irritated and doesn’t change their mind: Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Doesn’t fall for it: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Say You

Aries: Care when someone’s crying even if you dont know what to do

Taurus: Don’t want them, and why, before you walk away

Gemini: Are sad when you’re feeling down. Let someone hold you

Cancer: Know you’re right when you are. Don’t let self doubt consume you

Leo: Are sorry when you did something wrong. Don’t let pride overtake you

Virgo. Want someone to love you when you’re isolated. Someone IS there for you

Libra: Are wrong when you are. Don’t constantly blame others for actions that are partially are wholly yours

Scorpio: Want to solve your problems. Don’t let anger affect your relationship

Saggitarius: Are busy instead of running off, hurting others, or you’ll have no one at the end

Capricorn: Don’t like someone when you don’t. Don’t be scared of confrontation. Stand up for yourself

Aquarius: Wanna sleep when you’ve been working too hard. Don’t kill yourself honey

Pisces: Are mad when you are. Don’t bottle up your feelings. People are dumb, people are selfish, let yourself be too sometimes

abusers are afraid of the world where they’re not able to abuse to freely, they’re afraid of the world where their abuse will be called out and condemned, where there will be consequences for their actions, where others will see what they’re doing and stand on the victim’s side, where they’re considered weak, disgusting, hateful and a burden on society they know they are. 

that’s why they’re trying to normalize abuse, trying to convince everyone victims deserved it for being “weak” or a list of other bullshit reasons. they’re scared of being recognized for who they are. they’re scared of being discovered. they’re scared of having to look themselves in the mirror and admit to what they’ve done. they’re scared of what they have to pay.

call their shit out. every single time.